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a setting with no elves, dwarves, not even humans (there is only one and its the king of goblins)

gritty, dark, and full of scary creatures.

Which inspiration should i get to make some more setting?

should i add any race besides goblin?

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>should i add any race besides goblin?
Well, I guess it depends on how loosely one defines "goblins"

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small savage and ugly people

also i think i'd need some fairer race, some kind of nymphs, fae, nayade or similar, to play the magic casters. Which is yor favourite, tg?

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I think little wizened gobliny things would be fine for magical types if you don't want to add in prettier creatures. That said, if you do decide to put them in, I think you're on the right track making them aquatic and prone to drowning things. They should definitely be murderous and bloodthirsty. Also, redcaps.

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Look up Brian Froud, he has several such creatures in his lore, as he is the one who made the goblins in the Labyrinth. Also, perhaps you can make different KINDS of goblins much like the movie portrayed. With the hairless kind, the taller kind with bears, the ones with machines, those strange bird ones that can remove their heads. You have a lot of material to go off of in that. Dark Crystal will also offer a lot of non-human options with those creepy as fuck bird people. Look to Alien for something a little more insidious (perhaps the big baddy that threatens your world from the underdark?) Or simply make some shit up, it is just an RP world v.v

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like nixes or ondines, yes!

i want to add them as a pc class, to detect players who like Magical Girls.

the third race closes it! which should it be? maybe one going in the fighter direction

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thinking of a generic "furry" race, that can be allowed horns, fangs or claws as weapons.

also the thrill of using Humans as foes, being all evil warlocks, like roaming trolls who want to become goblin chieftains

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Hmmm... Well, redcaps have been mentioned, but they're basically just another kind of goblin... Goblins in general are pretty nasty, in fact.

Maybe we're thinking about this the wrong way. Maybe instead of there being three races separated along Elder Scrolls combat/magic/stealth lines, there should be four races divided along elemental lines? Nixies are watery guys like undines and goblins are kinda like gnomes. That'd leave sylphs and salamanders.

Then again, maybe that's not a good direction to go. Fire and air creatures tend to be pretty exotic and may have powers that aren't in line with what the others can do.

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Does anyone else remember that Bruce Coville book about goblins from back when Bruce Coville was a thing?

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Not to sound Weeaboo, but am I the only one who's read the manga off shoot that sets the Labyrinth as just a small corner of that particular world?

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I'd say you could have flat bonuses and subtype bonuses that add up to a full racial bonus. That way you could have all the fair races and gobbos you need. Just make ure they fit those two archetypes.

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There actually is a Dark Crystal manga. It's not very good.

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>Hey guys, this setting is completely free from tropes. Should I add some tropes?

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OP here, i meant PC classes, available to players, when i asked lol

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No gods, no kings, only elves.

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Dud, Jareth is not a human. Is an elf. Or an alien. Or something. Is motherfucking David Bowie, thats not human.

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Hmmm... what's more fearsome than a goblin, though?

Hobgoblins? No, they're friendly, like brownies and piskies but more mischievous.

Maybe a bugbear or bugaboo? They're basically just goblins, though, right?

Trolls I guess. They're different from goblins. They're awfully big, though. Same deal with ogres.

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He defies all feeble attempts at penetrating the mystery of the man attached to the bulge.

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>Hey guys, this setting is completely free from tropes

Except it isn't?

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You should add crotch-people. They are just gian crotches, always demanding to be the centre of attention and should be dressed in sparkly spandex. Because that's all i remember of the film David Bowie's Crotch.

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I'd be way into a game like this. I'd get to play a goblin, goblining around in the goblin world, hiding from the bigger, more dangerous creatures that inhabit it, doing the bidding of my goblin king. Every so often I might get to brave the lands of men and do mischief there and steal children away. That'd be awesome.

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They are the gods, allmighty rulers of this world.
By the power of their protruding genitalia!

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Defying tropes is a trope.

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>no elves
Are there no elves at all or are they just not playable. Can there be elves as an enemy faction to the goblins?

Then again, goblins are sort of like a type of elf, so I don't really know if there'd be much point to that.

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the very concept of the elves surpasses my idea of setting completely. Tolkien/DnD elves at least.

I'd like to make this around children's fairytales than around known big trilogies and that.

then add it swords! and high level spells available from level 1

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Ondines: x2 Charisma; +1 to magic/level; must be female.
Goblins x2 Speed; +1 sneak/level
Furry Monsters X2 Strength; +1 to racial weapons/level.

Something like that would be cool?

>MFW Im making this setting all by heart, i know that i'll never get my players to play it

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Oh, I didn't mean like D&D elves where they're basically like really elegant humans. I meant like some kind of Seelie counterpart to the goblins. You know, less Tolkien elves and more Santa's elves or Keebler elves. Or like David the gnome or something. I think those things might be a little too goblin-like for the setting, though, you know? It's like, why have two different races of little magical monster dude?

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Sure you won't.
A setting around small ugly things, elemental water spirits and furbait just doesn't sound any good.
That's all over the place and does not feel like a coherent setting in the least.
Just like your syntax.
Either you have players who come from dominant races, you have them come from lesser races or you have them be elemental spirits.
Going for one arbitrary kind of each doesn't cut it.

Also elemental spirits and small goblins work better as NPCs. Then they can be shy, mysterious and inhuman.
As soon as you make them PCs, they will stop having such an effect.
They will be an adventuring party and behave largely like humans.

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I'd play it. I want to be a goblin.

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Misusing the word trope is a trope.

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Gargoyles. Very territorial, with thick stony skin. Though they're not likely to bother you if you don't intrude on whatever they've decided to protect.

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Goblins can work, but their status as small folk is kinda annulled if you cut out every important race bigger than them.
Goblins, as most races, get their character in relation to the races around them.
In a setting with only dwarves, their size and character doesn't come into play a lot. It stops mattering as they shape their world around them.
If you have only goblins, their chaotic and feeble nature don't really matter anymore as the order and strength of others provide no contrast in their absence.

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Gargoyles! Of course! Brilliant!

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There was that small muppet guy who rode a sheepdog for a steed. I'd imagine there would be a race of those little weasel-fox things.

Little british worm that could turn into little british butterfly fairies.

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I remember a lot of Bruce Coville books and I remember all of them poorly. You'd have to be more specific.

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just make the setting about the random gobo dummies trying to simply survive in the labyrinth. the whole thing is a mindfuck and you 'win' by reaching adulthood (then you understand the environment enough to not see it as threatening).

each year takes x days. adulthood is reached at x years. you could even add in generational functions like your character is obviously not going to make it to the 'win' condition so he teaches alittle to his offspring (ability gained close to adulthood) and that character tries. the game could be played with a solo character or in a group. you could have Jareth be like he was when he was in the Obliete, a mysterious cloaked dude that just fucked with everyone.

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thinking about this i find that thats what i intended to do in the first place

Here, Goblins are the new humans. But that doesnt make them, you know, like humans. You got the goblin feeling!


gargoyles, thats it! they Have to be there, as a playable race. They're awesome!

Strong, stubborn, stony, winged, and ugly... its accepted that gargoyles turn to stone during the day? or maybe when they're not on a mission?

any known weaknesses?

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Is it ever day in Goblin Land? Maybe the rules are different there.

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always an ambiguous eternal sunset

fuck, thats cool

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I think it was Goblins in the Castle. It was about this kid who lives in a creepy castle and all this spooky stuff starts happening and he finds out there are goblins and at first he thinks that the goblins are evil but in the end it turns out they're not or something? There was definitely a character called Granny Pinchbottom.

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