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>I was playing Mass Effect the other day
> all through it I felt that something was wrong
>Get to sex scene with blue alien
>realize why
> Too many Xenos, not enough bullets

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I totally agree. ME had the completely wrong flavor of blueberry.

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cut cut cut

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I just realised the Salarians are basically the Tau. Highly industrious, made huge technological strides in a short time. Ruled by an enigmatic group not seen off their homeworlds. Hints of control through pheromones/willing servitude. No close combat capability

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Its a very generic alien archetype. The whole point of Mass Effect was to take all the generic space opera tropes and give them a semi-scientific explanation. The whole first game was basically a love letter to Roddenberry.

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Blueberry thread?

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How hilarious! How original!
Well, not really...

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That's fucking great, kid.

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>playing Mass Effect

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>tfw you can't be a Captain Kirk in 40k.

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There already is one, and his name is Carlos McConnell. He was so great at what he did that he got a planet full of catgirls named after him.

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Please don't talk about Mass Effect 1 and what it did right. It's just too painful.

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You have literally infinite ammo. How can you be short on bullets?

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Clearly he is a faggot and was thus playing ME3.

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