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Funny Thread

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LARP: the dorama?

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Someone really should make a Yoshihiko Quest thread on here.

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Dragon Quest

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More specifically, The Hero Yoshihiko and the Demon King's Castle.. An intentionally low-budget homage/parody to Dragon Quest and other RPGs like it, with a meta as fuck (and yet extremely enjoyable) plotline.

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>implying that wasn't my plan all along

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It's a japanese movie parodying JRPGs. I've been meaning to watch it, actually. Source is>>25219856's filename.

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Oh god, I wish I could actually get this right now, so bad.

Fucking hate this place.

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So Yoshihiko Thread?

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>tfw no qt stlkr gf

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This one never gets old

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That is not the image I posted.

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My kind of hero

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holy fuck, that is amazing. i need some coffee now.

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cock head flips between scenes. Nice editing.

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Is this supposed to animate or something? I'm not seeing the connection to civilization.

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Posting bug. Sometimes if two images are posted at the exact same time the can get swapped or lost.

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Allow me to encourage people to post.

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A classic.

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Apparently, the universe is really keen to remind me that I need to read KnK.

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ok, new reaction image

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Goddamn right he did, good man.

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loved that one.

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Still not entirely sure why the anon didn't just but him the sword himself.

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Seriously, when?

Not really fun, but still worth it.

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I don't even know what that means!

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I don't think I've been more hyped for a game in my entire life.

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Indeed, I hope you enjoy it.

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I know I've posted a lot of Dragon's Crown, but hey, fun is fun.

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Holy fuck.

You have seriously injured me.

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Now going into my reaction folder. Enjoy.

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>Captcha: Jack utmendo

What are you implying here, Sundowner?

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>Not playing as Rome, Greece or Spain

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I've got some

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I'm proud of my heritage.

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God the full comic is so depressing.

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I can just picture some dude getting REEEAAAAALY pissed off and ranting and raving at this other guy as he pulls out a bottle, explaining the kind of poison that's in it as he uncorks the bottle and chugs it, glaring daggers at the other person as he does so. Then the guy who chugged the poison just continues glaring at the other guy

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The trick is to release your anger onto others.


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now some rea /tg/ game

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So... Projectile vomit the poison you drank?

Would that be a ranged touch attack or what?

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We Carnival of Chaos now?

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You better have that other comic, cause I sure don't.

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Aaaand, last one from me. Hope you enjoyed.

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I dunno, I'm still partial to the angry guy what chugs poison and vomits it at people

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I didn't mean to spoiler it, oh well.

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Oh wait, I can actually contribute holy shit

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BAHAHAHA my god. I have seen this play out.

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Thank you /vg/.

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That's not funny. It's true and fucking tragic

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Holy shit I would give various and sundry body parts to be part of this group

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Anyone know where the ones with the coffee drinkinig gaurd are from?

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Please tell me there's more of these. I just started playing only war, and i find these hilarious.

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oh my god, the chick tracts.

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Unacceptable. We must become happier.

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No, fuck you.
I want to be a sad little girl.

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This is true and worst of all two of my best friends always drag me allong to watch this kind of shit, and then they get pissy when they notice that i feel bored and say that i should start apreciating the IDEAS behind these pieces of "art" Like, someone hung up a mirror there, and called it art. He didn't make one he just bought a cheap mirror and they thought it was good enough to hang on the wall.

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But I'm happy with being sad...

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What's this from?

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I remember a story of one guy who saw a display of a sheet of metal in a high school. Like, that was it. Just a metal sheet hung up in a glass case. It was titled, "What do you want from me?"

You could almost imagine the desperation of the person behind it. Doing all kinds of work, constantly getting rejected, until finally they just turn in a plain, unworked sheet of metal, and exasperatedly ask their teacher, "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?"

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By the way- what do you call it when a turian gets killed by a horrible spiky monster?

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Enjoy the read.
I came for the boobs, stayed for the plot.

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and then the teacher hung it up on a wall, gave the student an A++ and now everyone gets to look at that fine piece of high class 2deep4u "art"

I really fucking hate "art" Now those people working on movies and games, that's what i call artists

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I'm a pretty big weeaboo and I'm just shivering at this.

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In my mind, he's saying "An open mind is like a castle with its gates unbarred and unguarded"

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Where the fuck do you think the nipples go?

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Friendly fire.
How many humans does it take to activate a beacon?

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christ, fuck interpretive art.

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I really like this one. Nice roleplaying from the Dwarf, too.

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I have a couple.

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Did those guys ever reverse engineer the rules?

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I think this is the right picture.

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So Elegan/tg/entleman

saw this guy on /sci/ so what would be his alignment? Seen like the first good chaotic neutral


Used his pic, looks nice

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Every time I look at this I laugh my ass off.

I just try and imagine what the techpriest is doing and I giggle.

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Shit posted in wrong tab....

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>"At least,officially. png"

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Fuck, that one gets me every time.

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I have no idea what that means.

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ive seen the real one of that...i cant remember the name though

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Pretty sure most of /tg/'s seen the original by now.

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My friend is a long time GM who started in High School with Advanced DnD I think. His group was made up of highschoolers. It showed.

In one instance, the party is gearing up to go adventuring and they are deciding on food. They have the brilliant idea of buying live chickens. They are cheap and won't spoil. They buy 500.

The group buys 500 live chickens.

So my friends asks the group how the hell they plan to carry that many chickens. They have a plan.

"We just tie them together in a long line and lead them behind us."

My friend just shrugs and says 'sure'.

The group goes into a dungeon trailing 500 chickens. About halfway in, the GM says, "You hear a great deal of squawking and otherworldly noises in the room you just came from."

The fighter says, "I yank on the chicken rope!"

The idiots had attracted every single monster in the dungeon with their line of easy food and the Fighter had just tried to yank the food away from them. The ensuing combat did not last long.

And the idiots complained! Naturally, my friend was too busy laughing to give a shit.

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thread over

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Technically Gimli asked for the hair.

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Friendly fire

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That's brilliant. That is genuinely brilliant. Read it in their voices everything, the style was down to a T.

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Yeah that happened to me one time. I was trying to ask advice for painting my mini, and got Pinkie Pie, I think.

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That's honestly better.

>Everyone is being handed magical elven shit.
>Gimli looks at his finely crafted dwarven gear.
>"Gimme some hair"

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Ahm gunna knirt me an elf-'air fleshlight.
Dwarven craftmanship, elven elegance.

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An internet gremlin was trying to get you driven out with burning pitchforks.

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>66-100 is almost the largest age category?

Verily I say, we must endeavor to labor and toil ceaselessly, until that graph says /tg/ is probably written by a 66-100 year old!

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Why don't you give the bums on the street food instead of a cash?

>> No.25222190

But I do, when they ask for it.

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They're torrent sites. pirate bay kickasstorrents and sumotorrents respectively

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But hanging on walls is what mirrors are for.

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My city is full of interpretive art.
One being the main street, it had 3 installations in the pedestrian, polished granite, takes up most of the 3 major intersections, in the center they are set with a steel emblem resemble an Eye, a set of Lips and a third anatomical part of similar design:
In summer the plates become mini-fountains and the polished granite a slip n-slide.

Total cost to city... 22Million, the artist begin generous cut 9 million of the price because he needed the work.

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It's ultimately the difference between "art", that is, a skilled piece of creative effort understandable within your cultural context, and "Art", which is pseudointellectual wankery.

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That's not old people, that's hipsters.

>> No.25222940

you are completely right

>> No.25222952

More like broken hipsters, am I right?

>> No.25222980

not in an art gallery, you know the place where your supposed to hang up art on the walls not a fucking mirror and then call it art, it's just a godamn mirror who gives a shit what kind of "meaning" it has it has no place there.

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nipples go in all fields

>> No.25222999

Yeah, if the artist needs to explain it, they fail at the expression.

>> No.25223018

that's almost criminal
all that money could have been spent on science, or the homeless or whatever.

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But anyone who looks at themselves is a work of art. You are all beautiful!

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Can I release my anger by drinking fire and becoming a FIRE BREATHING MONSTER?

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But it was all worth it, they are now the third most cultural city.

We also had a statue that's so ugly end expensive we have to hide it underground with en elevator to avoid people destroying it
A fountain that's been blown up twice for being ugly
And another fountain that was so ugly they had to put it up in front of the police station to ensure it's safety, see there were people that stood model for the sculptures on it, what the artist didn't tell them was that he'd "interpret" them.
They look like they came straight outta "Freaks"

>> No.25223112


You can't drink fire. Use lava, lava is a liquid.

>> No.25223113

fuck that, get that motherfucking mirror out of my sight hang a portrait on there or something, something that took TIME and EFFORT end SEVERAL YEARS OF TRYING TO LEARN THAT SHIT

>> No.25223125

I'm pretty sure fire can be a liquid too if you condense it enough.

>> No.25223134

arg stop tormenting me with you art talk

>> No.25223152


If you're in an environment where fire can be condensed enough to become and stay a liquid, you've probably got bigger concerns than the ability to drink fire.

>> No.25223162

Or the Ballet house that cost 122Million to build, and then only tourists, the royal family and schools with free tickets ever saw any productions?

>> No.25223188

You could, like, drink a highly flammable substance. You could set it on fire before or after drinking it, for fire breathing purposes either would work.

>> No.25223256

Still nothing on the rail line for "estimated" $68 billion (meaning it will actually be higher) with literally no advantage for any consumer over air travel and no possibility for fiscal solvency unless it runs at greater efficiency than the current most efficient rail line in the world, which it won't because there's no reason for anyone to use it other than novelty.

>> No.25223313


i beg you

>> No.25223329

I want that model now, just to feel the rage of manchildren in my local store.

>> No.25223336

Yeah.... I GET the idea of railways in a say 50-100-mile hub around major cities, but beyond that...

Greyhounds do better.

>> No.25223461

My sides are needed in the medbay

>> No.25223493


This man knows what's up. There is nothing worse than a mis-aligned dick, ESPECIALLY when you get hard. And the worst part is, attempting to fix it in public is a prosecutable offense. I was at a Barnes & Noble, once, and I got one of those random, literally no dried grapes boner, and it was stuck down one of my pant legs instead of symmetrically pushing upward into my briefs (feels boss). So I head for a quieter section of the store and duck into an aisle. From the outside of my pants (I'm not a savage) I begin to manipulate my still firm member form it's compromising position. I look up with an expression of relief and see a lady who walked into the aisle, and she is giving me the dirtiest look, and the good dirty. Nearly had a spaghetti-induced heart-attack.

>> No.25223510

*NOT the good dirty

>> No.25223542

The only comparable thing for women is a front-wedgie.

And even then they are spared the agony of sitting down fast and having jeans squeezing a nut

>> No.25223589

this one is awesome, saved

>> No.25223616

Image limit is reached. Sorry, anon.

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>create water

That guy didn't pick one!

>> No.25224540

It gets better, the rest of the guys start getting bugged by it and can't do anything, either.

>> No.25225448

>Krod rolls to pocket the doors

God damnit.

>> No.25225689

Why would he coat his knife in poison, instead of venom?

Was he planning on buttering his enemies' bread with it?

>> No.25225726

those eyes scared the weaboo out of me

>> No.25226058

Why are we saging?

>> No.25226263

If thread is alive when my wife comes home I'll ask her which website we streamed it from.

>> No.25226390

It's a tv series, actually, not a movie.

Here you go.

>> No.25226669

Now i'm imagining him wiping the knife on a slice of bread with the most sinister look on his face.

>> No.25227636

Well, that's officially the weirdest thing I've read all day.

>> No.25228624

oh shit, i wanna play with the luetece twins.

>> No.25228636

Which one?

>> No.25229602

The settlers of cataan one, since autorepeat is being a fag.

>> No.25229706

>they are now the third most cultural city.
What is this fucking Civilization?
How do people measure the "culture" of a city?

>> No.25229730

>How do people measure the "culture" of a city?
That's what humanitarian dregree graduates do.
I mean other than selling fries.

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elf plz
I'm sorry I didn't download as much porn of you as I did Amazon and Sorceress. Plz.

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