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You have 10 seconds to prove you deserve to be on /tg/....GO!

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I spent 3 years writing for a gaming magazine doing reviews of wargames.

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I'm bad at mtg

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I have lots of notes for a campaign that I don't think I'll ever get to run.

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Uh, I came for the quest threads and stayed for the stories?

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One time I sat my drink down on an antique mahogany table.

Without using a coaster.

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I like story time and pictures.

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I want nothing more than to run an Eclipse Phase game or play Dresden Files but I'm stuck being a forever player of D&D. And not even the D&Ds I want to try, just Pathfinder and 3.5.

And that's when I can even find a group.

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I ran out of time to respond and got killed by a gazebo.

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I'm working on a homebrew system right now, I GM a weekly game, and I'm volunteering with Crafty Games are Gen Con.

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I have almost 4Go of rulebooks on my hard drive, most of which i have and will probably never play.

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>that punctuation

Welp, failed my SAN roll.

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I masturbated to Tau Quest.

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Every DM has that problem. Hell I have damn near filled up a 3 section Notebook with campaign notes/plans/maps and notes that never get to see the light of day in a campaign.

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I receive many gifts.

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Also I'm gming for my group, but i guess that's secondary

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I oncecalculated how many trees you can hide in a wood elfs vagina. None is the answer unless you're playing FATAL in which case the answer is 26

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What if they're saplings.

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I... know how to cut and paste in MS Paint?

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I made the Whizzard a plot hook outside an Enchanted forest.

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I'm with this guy, we're a package deal.

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Uh uh uh SERGAL uh RUBY QUEST uuuhhh -4 STR, Snake Tits uuuh... shit. OH, Pun-pun!

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I've masturbated to Thri-Keen erotica. Not the drawings, mind you, just the narration.

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hey you know that lamia quest thread you guys all like? yeah i made the original story

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40k's interesting, Warmachine/hordes is okay, Shadowrun, Maid, Nechronica, DH/RT/OW, dorf fort, /tg/station, and other things.

Oh, and fetishes. All the good ones.

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>The good ones
You mean like holding hands?

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Who else is going to run Firefly when it comes out in August?

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Get the fuck out.

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Humm I have 2 armies for Wh40k one is 15000 points of Eldar which includes a Revenant the second is 5000pts of Tyrannids.
I have a huge Eldar fleet for bfg.
I play necromunda and mordheim.
I have 3 armies for WHFB Ogres, Wood Elves and High elves.
I alos have 2 fleets for Firestorm armada.
4 armies for warmachine and hordes: Cygnar, Retribution, Cryx, Convergance and Legion.
I have almost the entire Rackham range.
I am terribad at magic.
I've written and DM-ed over 5 campaigns etc etc.

That feel when my hobby stuff is probably longer than my CV....

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At least have the decency to censor!

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i have very strong opinions regarding your opinions.

specifically, i don't like them and i have reason to believe they are empirically wrong.

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I like inserting inflammatory political views where they don't belong, along with my fetishes.

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His hand kind of moves like a spider at the start. Man, it'd be freaky to go to hold someones hand only for it to turn into a spider and run up your arm.

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i would rather build a campaign in my basement even if it never gets played, more than anything else in life

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I have odd fetishes and spew spaghetti when exposed to sunlight. I also like to glue bits of plastic together with harsh smelling fluids while poring over a three hundred page book of rules on how to play pretend.

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I enjoy pretending to be a short, bearded man with an affinity for strong alcohol and rocks.

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>that fucking filename

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a three hundred page book of rules on how to play pretend
I have been playing D&D for about 20 years now and I didn't realize until that statement why people looked down on the hobby.

I kind of want it on a t-shirt now.

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Now if only there were some way to shorten this into a battle cry...

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I'm awful at Magic

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I like the 40k books and games and you guys are a great community and fun to talk to about lore

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I have odd fetishes and mumble mumble mumble

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I cant wait to tell you that every edition of D&D is actually the worst edition, despite the fact that I have never actually played a single session of Tabletop in my life, nor do I own a non-pirated copy of rules for any game

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That didn't take long

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I fap to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGjIVfUUx_w

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I have a folder dedicated to monster girls

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Old SKUB is best SKUB.

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>this is how I PC background

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>only one

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i run and play multiple rpgs

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>I also like to glue bits of plastic together with harsh smelling fluids
>harsh smelling fluids
>harsh smelling
You don't like the delicious smell of plastic glue?! No, sir, you are not one of us!

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I have a FW venerable dreadnought that I never finished painting packed away at my parent's house and it bugs me a little more each day.

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I RP'd a yandere elf without being That Guy. Uhh, fetishes. Ummm, I enjoy hot glue in a sexual way.

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When told my on-the-spot joke setting sounded like dark sun, I said I didn't say "desert" more than five times

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I hate these threads.

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He meant rugged, intense, MANLY!

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I've been here since the days of Planes n' Merc's. You can't get rid of me now.

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I just like playing games...

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I enjoy the board.

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I love skub.

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I wrote some dwarven kinda-smut a while ago. Plus the whole "liking RPGs" thing

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Honestly, I don't belong here anymore.

This place went from pretty cool PnP with /d/ lite tendencies to the citadel of autismal faggotry. It's like /co/, tumblr, /mlp/, yahoo answers, and leddit gave birth to a cancerous tumor. All this place is anymore is /lgbt/ tier autism like
>"hurr I want to play totally spies in PnP"
>"hurr I'm a strong woman and I play DnD! Fuck off masogymnistxDDD I love cat girlsxD duurrrr"
>fat vaginabeard proceeds to have 50 white knights flock around her and defend her
>"huurrrrr I want to run a powderpuff girls game"
>"hurrrr I want to run a game in equestria with zombies duuurrrrrr"
>"huuuurrrr I'm retsrded fat ass American who just doctored what Chechnya is and found it is in a cool war with Russia! Let's be the ignorat cultureless shitheads that everyone thinks we are and write up a culturally offensive system for it! Duuurrrrr"

This place is the biggest fucking shithole on 4chan but I will say this: Most of you little 12 year old pieces of shit, including OP who made this /v/ tier thread, deserves to be here

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Friendzoned by every woman I have ever met, I could run down the street naked and women I have never known before would "Feel like a sister to me" or "Admire me, for always being there for them".

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I hate skub.

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What *is* that?

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Mah BattleBrothers!

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And yet you're still here.

(That and half of those are made up on the spot.)

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You have ten seconds to demonstrate your own authority to ask the question. Go.

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I meant *besides* that. Is that supposed to be a half-dragon?

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Keep crying bitch nigga.

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I have a sexy techpriest fetish.
I'm terrible at Magic the Gathering.
and I play two DnD 4e games but still bitch about it here.

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I'm absolutely shit at connect the dots.

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I used go partying with the guy who wrote The Erotic Book of Fantasy

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GW took all my money.

[spoilers]And I thanked them while the did it.[/spoilers]

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...Which /tg/ have you been on?

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I name all my WHFB models

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I have read all the horus heresy books

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I end threads.

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For sake of your sanity I do hope you play Ogres.

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>Only I know the true /tg/, this board has been ruined forever!

Conescending, pointless, confrontational and romanticizing a past that never existed. That's the most /tg/ thing written in this thread.

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Meta as fuck.

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I don't play any traditional games any more but I come here to help out people looking for ideas on their campaigns.

And to troll 40k threas.

>> No.25207747

I play, enjoy, and create traditional table-top roleplaying games, and like talking about them.

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Dude. We've always been a citadel of autismal faggotry. Like, right from the very get-go. The banners on the minarets change every once in a while, but the citadel stands strong and autistic retards still frolic within its padded walls.

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I find the smell of new Magic cards absolutely amazing

>> No.25207786

...have you, by any chance, just come from the current vocaroo thread? Because if not then your choice of phrasing is eerie.

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There's a vocaroo thread going on?

>> No.25207811

Yeah, about the time we brace for another summer, endure another wave of uninvited visitors.

>> No.25207815

New magic cards and the plasticy smell of a new video game are among my favorite smells.

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i have an extreme desire to buy a forgeworld reaver titan that i struggle to hold in check every day.

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I think my GM sucks balls.

>> No.25207844

I don't, I'm not white.

I'll be leaving now.

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I just spent more money then I have on trading cards.

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I wonder, are the people saying this aware of the old USENET "September that never ended" reference, or just rediscovering it?

>> No.25207869

Are you at least green?

>> No.25207875

I own and wear a trench coat

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....I too am guilty of this...fuck it I sniff those sweet fuckers at drafts, Call the police cause I don't give a fuck who sees

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Nope, mixed race, neither white.

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I've done statistical analysis of various dice-rolling rules for RPGs to compare them across various DCs and see which ones produce the desired gameplay feel.

>> No.25207912

HOLY SHIT, am I the only one who just realized there is a dreadnought in this picture?

>> No.25207914

I'm a schizophrenic.

And therefore a walking random encounter waiting to happen.

>> No.25207922

I make fitan robots

>> No.25207926

Why in the hell would that matter?

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I deliberately insert love interest sfor players in-game, so I can use the emotional attachment they always seem to form with them to easily railroad them without their noticing and save myself some work.

>> No.25207939

What kinds of results did you get?

>> No.25207943

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...Does that work?

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I read loads of sourcebooks I know I will never use.

>> No.25207993

This got me thinking - would offspring of native American ("red") and Asian ("yellow") be "orange"?

>> No.25207994

Nobody gives a shit princess, take it to your blog you fucking faggot

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Every time.

>> No.25208007

I'm bad at MTG, know the theory of it, but play crappy decks for the fun of it.

I have 4000 points of Tyranids and 1500 points of Tau.

I enjoy pondering the philosophy behind 40k.

>> No.25208012

That seems either way to convoluted, or entirely transparent.

Also, >>25207974
Does that work?

>> No.25208019


Not the guy you're replying to, but a lot more often than I'd like to admit.

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That's assuredly fanart, Hei would never look that happy.

>> No.25208047

I hate all the things you like, and I like all the things you hate.

>> No.25208062

I know that feel well bro

>> No.25208068

What is this bullshit. Hei belongs with Mao dammit.

>> No.25208069

3d20, letting 1s and 20s cancel and leave the third roll, taking 1s if no 20s, and taking the highest roll (including 20) otherwise: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/24790017/#p24795515

Using an average-based system, again having 1s and 20s cancel, and taking any 1 or 20 otherwise: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/24790017/#p24795811

Best of 3, but a 1 cancels the top roll: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/24827644/#p24837742

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No, seriously. If you introduce a magic user or something capable of forcing them to do something or other, then they'll chafe at the bit and start complaining about railroading and start actively fighting every single thing you do.

You've no idea how long I've kept players chuffing cheerily along by, quite literally, going 'Your Princess is in another castle.' and them running off there without a second thought.

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lololol that ending

>> No.25208087

Moot said that was bullshit, our traffic doesn't actually increase over summer. If anything, it's winter that sees an upsurge.

>> No.25208093

It's the second best way of railroading your players.

The first is stealing their stuff.

>> No.25208113

Brb, rewatching.

I'm thinking something along the lines of combining "I want to be the little girl" with something.

"I want to be the lamia!", maybe? How about just default to "For my waifu!"?

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I pretend like I know a lot but I've only actually DMed one game before everyone in the party got too lazy to continue.

I don't deserve to be here at all.

>> No.25208163

What's the anime that everyone is talking about?

>> No.25208167

Don't remind me.
>Welp, the world got copied, but everything else is fine!
Then Glasses flies away in a hovercar. FIN

>> No.25208175

How about "Quest for the Magic Warhammer!"

>> No.25208184


>Players are divided on whether or not to fight the wizard you had planned
>They argue
>NPC love interest chick shows up
>"It's suicide!"
>"But we have to!"
>"And if we die, there's nothing stopping the skeletons!"
>"What are you talking about?"
>"Nothing, because we're not fighting that wizard."
>"WE ARE."
>Argument keeps going
>Let them carry on
>Eventually ask for a Spot check or a Listen check, whichever's higher for the best of the group
>"You notice that the girl is gone. And so is the fighter's sword."

>> No.25208198


Yeah, but even then they go 'Why didn't I get to roll for detecting the pickpocket' or something like that.

They'll happily run to the ends of the earth for that cute dragon girl they met a week back and they don't complain if I spam teleport her around the planet, because she's not their character.

>> No.25208204

As a player, I say it works.
If you have players attached to NPCs, they do literally everything to save them or get them to someplace safe, give them what they need, etc.
I had - as a conscious decision - rescued a little boy and become something of a father for him.
I would have slaughtered the party, boxed Khorne and declared war o the Imperium for that child.
Then I got this awesome picture of him.

>> No.25208205

>traffic doesn't actually increase over summer
That's doesn't mean there can't be change in demographic.
Say that people with some actual life are leaving for summer, spending less time on computer. While school kids suddenly spend whole day on the internet instead of just evenings. Loss/gain in traffic balance out.
Well, it's either that or trolls get more brazen using such idea as an excuse.

>> No.25208220

I'm judgemental and argumentative. The only reason one needs to be on /tg/.

>> No.25208225

I'm pretty good at MTG. And by good I mean bad.

>> No.25208228

I don't min-max in SR

>> No.25208232


>cute dragon girl

I too would run to the ends of the earth for that.

>> No.25208250

Don't forget just killing a bunch of characters cause 'lol america is evil'
It's like they ran out of fucking money and had to end everything early.
>That replay of the same scene of that one girl summoning her sniper rifle everytime
I feel fucking lazy.

>> No.25208261

I thoroughly enjoy roleplaying.

>> No.25208273


Running a Monster Girl Campaign was really easy. Except for one player, who kept freaking out about the fact he got raped by a Centaur and drove the plot of the rails by killing all of them, splitting the party and forcing me to run between two different rooms, where the players had hidden themselves, planning to kill the other party members to defend/kill the monster girls.

>> No.25208276

I'm not from /v/, /mlp/, /s4s/, /b/, /pol/, /r9k/, /a/ or /lgbt/

>> No.25208282

Boku no Pico.

No, not really...

>> No.25208289

I am a forever DM

>> No.25208291


Wait a second, were you the DM for the Kyle game?

>> No.25208294

What show IS this?

>> No.25208307

Are you me?

>> No.25208310

One of the GMs I played with tried to insert an 'attractive badass elf love interest' for my character. She just about sprayed mountain dew everywhere when I described how my character shoved the elf into the lava pit. The conversation went something like:
>"But she likes you!"
"So!? Nobody should like my character!"
>"But she's Charisma 20, attractive, and an elf!"
"And I'm Charisma 5, half-orc barbarian whose idea of a potential mate is also a Strength 20 female barbarian. He shoved her into the lava."

>> No.25208312


Uh, yeah. How the fuck do you know that?

>> No.25208318

So what is it then?

>> No.25208321

Shame on you trying to trick your fellow fa/tg/uy.
It's AIR, anon.

>> No.25208329

OP said /tg/ not /m/

>> No.25208331


Did he really vomit in real life when the centuar girl raped him?

>> No.25208346

A show about a guy whose little pervert sisters wants his dick.
Everyone is mad when he does not marry her...

>> No.25208354

Boku no Black
Only watch the first season

>> No.25208361

I just came back from a LARP this morning.

>> No.25208368


I repeat, how the fuck do you know this? I'm pretty sure it wasn't posted on /tg/.

But yeah, he did. I knew he had equinophobia, but I thought it'd be funny. It was, but I wasn;t expecting that reaction.

>> No.25208373


Don't go /a/, we're better than that.


Darker Than Black, a supernatural action series with a noir twist. Go watch a few episodes, it's pretty good.

>> No.25208374

What does that have to do with America killing main characters?

>> No.25208384

>or /lgbt/

like nobody remembers what /tg/ stands for

>> No.25208389

Oh I've heard of that series. So America is evil for no reason huh? Aaaand panning it.

>> No.25208390


One of the players told us about it on an /a/ monstergirl thread.

>> No.25208399

There was also that fucking dundundundUUUUN sound anytime something even remotely dramatic happened. Fuck, I wished they had just done a spin-off prequel about the MI6 team.

>> No.25208400

Link? Because this sounds awesome.

>> No.25208401

>Get raped by centaur
>Start a genocide movement
That is some fucking beautiful roleplaying.

>> No.25208403



>> No.25208410

I'd hit girls too if I was in a shitty anime.

>> No.25208428

What an asshole. Cunts are more sturdy than that.

>> No.25208432


It's on foolz. Just search 'Kyle' on the /a/ section and you'll find it soon enough.

>> No.25208439

Reason to become evil #182497:
Being in a shitty anime.

>> No.25208440

The distortions on that make me think Giygas.

>> No.25208444

I haven't seen anything like the threads you're describing.

Maybe the Totally Spies one, but there's gonna be a "okay /tg/, how do we turn this into a PnP" thread for every goddamn thing.

>> No.25208451

Are you eating raw noodles at 8 in the morning?
The worst part is when I ask everyone if they want to continue, they're all "Oh yeah anon, that was hella fun!"
"Well do you want to start it up again? This time with a real story, not just a one off adventure?"
"Nahhh, I got uni and stuff..."

>> No.25208454

This, me too.

>> No.25208460


If you guy's are interested, I could type the whole thing up. I've still got my game notes kicking about.

>> No.25208462


>> No.25208468

Kane & Holt?

>> No.25208471


It's more complicated than that. At the end of the second season an American force occupies Tokyo to seize control of a potentially-world-shattering anomaly.

The second season is shit for a lot of other reasons, though. Watch the first season, it's actually good.

>> No.25208472

>Stupid story arc about a little girl no one really has any reason to care for
>Main fellow loses the only cool thing about him- permanently until it's too late if I recall correctly. It's like taking away the samurai in samurai champloo, fucking dumb
>Kill the team mascot 'tragically'
>Side characters everywhere
I could go on, seriously.

>> No.25208476


>> No.25208480

/tg/ has never not been interested in story time. EVER.

>> No.25208491

Please do; start another thread for the story. Sounds fascinating. Like a train wreck is fascinating.

>> No.25208494

I wouldn't, I'd embrace it.

I mean, worst case scenario, you become mind numbingly mediocre and banal, at which point you become the male lead.

Then the plot is yours to subvert.

>magical girl anime becomes harem animu #10293402
>Mecha anime becomes you getting in your suit and then getting drunk with Godzilla
>Romance anime becomes a taught thriller as you start the high school's murder mystery club while simultaneously murdering your fellow students in order to embezzle funds from the principle.
>Hentai becomes animated documentary about soap manufacturing in 1893.

>> No.25208496

Please do good sir!

>> No.25208515

I may. Also, America wouldn't need to "Occupy" Tokyo. The US has, thanks to those treaties from WWII, extensive rights to, and I quote, "Do whatever the fuck we want, Japan. Unless you want everyone to find out what happened in Unit 731." They'd just have the JSDF do it instead, and have the marines on standby.

>> No.25208523

Fuck you, I want to hear it.

>> No.25208529


Then I guess I'll have something up for tommorow.

>> No.25208532

>I do this
>I play Gobbos

>> No.25208536


>> No.25208538

But he's saying that we want to hear it.
Are you illiterate anon?

>> No.25208539

I'm tired of complaining about DTB, feel free.
You sometimes you don't completely understand a post, but you feel like some much thought has gone into it you just can't help but respect it.

>> No.25208544

Is it a general lack of reading comprehension with you or are you just impervious to double negatives?

>> No.25208552


>> No.25208556

Someone clearly doesn't remember how double-negatives work.

>> No.25208566

>Then I guess I'll have something up for tommorow.

Awesome. Would you consider going ahead and making the first post and linking it here? The thread should easily last that long.

>> No.25208568

He didn't say /vg/, get him!

>> No.25208571

Yes, yes I am. I do apologize, 4.15 am and i'm tired. I just got overexcited over the centaur rape and all that.

>> No.25208579

Please do. Need something to do while waiting for THE FUCKING MONSOON OF CASTAMERE

>> No.25208589

The fuck is /vg/?

>> No.25208594


>> No.25208609

I once did this, where the love interest was another one of the players.
And i also gave them RP xp bonuses for acting it out.
And it worked.
And everything was kept at the table, pg13, and nothing bad happened, and their characters truly did have an in-story emotional connection that fuelled their motivations for the campaign. Which i then finished about a year later, the PCs being victorious. Nice in-game happily ever after ending.

>> No.25208636

I have an internet connection and know that 4chan exists.

>> No.25208639


Sure. I've got to get to bed now, but I'll be up early.

>> No.25208641

So... did you make your players kiss or... what?

>> No.25208644


>> No.25208647

I don't

>> No.25208651


>> No.25208662

A lovely place where they talk about Katawa Shoujo all the time.

>> No.25208670

I playtest roleplaying games for FFG, and I have one and a half floor-to-ceiling bookshelves full of RPGs.

>> No.25208672

You see, when I was a kid, th-

-why it's called the German Undulating Helicopter.

Wait, shit, King Crimson's at it again.

>> No.25208684

I love the fantasy genre.
As a kid, I read everything I could get my hands on. Not the fucking teen section shit either, I literally went through the whole fantasy catalog by the time I was 15.

I managed to make a D&D group in high school. We had a jock girl amongst us too, it wasn't just "nerds" it was all of us fantasy fans.

I'm the High Elf player for Warhammer fantasy at my shop, and have a large army with rotating units. I've named all my infantry, have a backstory for the redshirt lords and heroes, and have an old Everqueen who's the jewel of my collection (prior to 8th, she was my archmage of life).

>> No.25208685

People still talk about Katawa Shoujo?

>> No.25208688

It's a pretty good VN

>> No.25208689

This used to happen in our group until my DM was dumped by his GF. After this, about 90% of all females NPCs in our campaigns mysteriously turned into cheating whore slutbags.

>> No.25208714

To make the 10 seconds, I didn't use a pic. But here it is.

>> No.25208717

It was worth a single playthrough. I don't know how in the hell they can pull 500+ threads out of it, though.

>> No.25208718


>> No.25208720

it's a shame that misha's ending is a bad end

>> No.25208730

Last time I heard they were at their 500th thread.

>> No.25208737


>> No.25208744 [DELETED] 

U gay

>> No.25208775

They do... but in their favor they do currently have a Dwarf Fortress General Thread. They can't be all bad. Also not judging its overall quality. I just hated the Shizune route and found I could not play further afterwards.

>> No.25208792

Dann geh halt ins Bett.

And so she spoke, and so she spoke
The lady of horsepussy
But now the rains weep o'er her stall with a soul to hear

>> No.25208793

What a mystery

>> No.25208794

>Game of Thrones S03E09 720p HDTV x264-EVOLVE
My body is ready.

>> No.25208807

I'm from /vg/ and I have no idea what even goes on inside that sort of general.
I shudder to imagine the sort of things that take place there.

>> No.25208815


What the piss?

Ok, I mean, I had fun... but where's the replay value?

I played all the routes and had fun with it, but I can't even imagine that they're still talking about that shit.

Is it actually the game they talk about or is it just fan stuff ad infinitum?

>> No.25208826

IIRC the guy who wrote shizune's rout didn't want to and so he tried to make it retarded as possible.

>> No.25208849

/vg/ so crazy
If you havin girl problems I fell bad for you son, I got 99 problems but Rin's end ain't one

>> No.25208889

So they couldn't have used the almighty power of the internet to find someone else. I mean People we waiting for that shit for YEARS. Well whatever it's over now. Everything has clearly been said, twice.

>> No.25208890


>dat image

>> No.25208893

I'm trying to get into tabletop RPGs.

>> No.25208911

23 years later I can still quote the designs of my battlemechs by memory

>> No.25208912

I run a game shop.

>> No.25208930

>all these people asking for storytime
>/tg/ hates storytime!

Fuck you, motherfucker. /tg/ was built on storytime.

>> No.25208938

I've written entire novels for /tg/.

>> No.25208940

>that feeling when you are into traps

I would ravish that trap most vigorously.

>> No.25208948

They talk about feels.

It's why other boards discourage generals and talking about old things when there's new stuff.
There's nothing to talk about and trying to force discussion just creates circlejerking (only word i can use to describe it).

>reading comprehension

>> No.25208965

I respect both of your opinions, and believe neither of you to be Hitler.

>> No.25208973


>> No.25208978

You are boring.

>> No.25208979

It's the same number of unique posters
but the shitposters that would usually spend less time on the computer because of school is spending more time shitposting

>> No.25208982

>There's nothing to talk about and trying to force discussion just creates circlejerking (only word i can use to describe it).
Too goddamn true.
A general thread should die out when the media it's based on stops creating new content.

>> No.25209002

>> No.25209004


Lots of references, no details.

>> No.25209017


>> No.25209020

What's with all these illiterate people on tonight?

>> No.25209027


>> No.25209029

Get the fuck out you niggerloving liberal commie!
You don't get out of this cheap like that!

>> No.25209035

I have a stack of open sourcebooks next to me on bed from trying to deal with rules query a player just texted me...it is 03:30 in the morning in my timezone

>> No.25209100

Please do share, then?

>> No.25209104

i pay my internet bill on time and don't violate the rules.

>> No.25209107

I'm pretty shit at anecdotes, but I'm gonna try and do it proper-like;
So I was running this crazy superhero-slash-fantasy original setting campaign, in my own crazy homebrew system.

The setting was fairly strange, and based on the idea that magic itself, as well as elves, vampires and crazy half-animal people were the remnants of horrible experiments from a world-consuming hundred year long war on alternate history Earth. And earth had been connected to a strange Other Dimension called the Shadow Zone.
Also, because of a complicated series of events, magic had been "Liberated" in the past, meaning that EVERYONE naturally possessed world-warping magic that essentially imposed your will and logic on the world (waagh style).
And not just a little bit either; A fuckton of it. Magic in this world was basically Rocket Launcher Tag with nuclear warheads. Where the nuclear warheads could be = I crush a mountain and cause a giant rockslide (you know, for example.)
I know this is gonna surprise you, but this had turned out to be a bit problematic.
Long story short, everyone gets their magic taken away at birth with a special seal.

Now there's this shady organization who want to create an omnipotent, omniscient "god" but to do that, they need the souls (more specifically the spritual "magic organ" of the soul) from a shitton of people. So what they do is, they've got this boarding school for troubled youngsters, and they tell everyone "You're part of a secret government experiment where you get Unsealed, and you have to hang out in this school and deal with each other for 6 months with no contact to the outside world."

So all of the kids have serious issues, are from different cultures, etc.
The player characters were essentially a (racially diverse) study group, who had become pretty close friends (against the odds) and were probably the biggest outsiders on the school bar none.

>> No.25209114

I've been modelling minatures for so long that superglue doesn't burn my eyes anymore... it just feels normal.

>> No.25209124


>> No.25209215

A while back, I saw a thread like this on /tg/ (without the "ten seconds" thing), and someone posted the most amazing response: lyrics that scanned (quite well) to the tune of "modern major general" about /tg/. Anyone remember that? Anyone have a copy, or can find one? Anyone want to write one?

>> No.25209222


>> No.25209412

>That feeling when language development has to be done between the age of 2 and 5 for a vocabulary of more than 100 words effectively.
>Knowing that, that feeling when you are prevented from enjoying your fantasy because of science.

>> No.25209449

I don't.
As I've said in a thread just yesterday, I don't even have a board to call my own anymore, but I've been hanging around here for two or so weeks and even got myself a group to play my first RPG.
Love you guys.

>> No.25209494

None of that has happened. At all. I can imagine that might be what you thought you saw if you were completely wasted and you were bad at reading and you weren't really paying attention while scrolling through threads, but /tg/ hasn't become that.

There has been an influx of boring general threads, kickstarter, and some extra terrible quest threads, but the only reason we're not /d/ lite with some pretty cool PnP was because a bunch of hyper-sensitive cockwaffles shit all over the ERP threads and chased off every monster girl thread.

You have no idea just how many creative people that scared away from posting regularly.

>> No.25209498

Part of the game, part of the board.
Part of the game, part of the board.
Part of the game, part of the board.
Part of the game, part of the board.
Part of the game, part of the board.

>> No.25209517

I own a panama/fedora and wear it from time to time.

>> No.25209557


>> No.25209561

I am dm'ing 2 games, I have purchased all the pathfinder rpg books, a 3k tyranid army, a 2k skaven army, the beginnings of a circle of orboros army, like 7 MtG decks, an ass load of dice.

Oh and my neckbeard.

>> No.25209588

Now, (being a complete noob DM at the time) i had already prepared EVERYTHING, and to be as "fair" as i could, i wasn't gonna change ANYTHING about it. I wasn't gonna fudge rolls, I wasn't gonna scale anything down.
The players had to be smart, and they had to get XP at a pretty steep fucking rate, or they'd eventually get crushed by absurd opposition - especially because of what would happen next in the story...

As far as XP rewards went, combat yielded pitiful amounts of XP.
However; completing goals, roleplaying emotions, and planning, were all explicitly rewarded with huge chunks in the scale of 20%-50% of a full level (for everyone, it wasn't divided.)

On the other hand, I genuinely wanted everyone to get through the story (THE WAY I WROTE IT, as you might recall, but nonetheless still) so I was kind of hoping I could stimulate people to play smart. A major part of my DMing was essentially giving people advice.
Things like "Well, mathematically this is more effective if you're gonna go with that tactic" or "well wouldn't it be cool if you found a way to do something like this? I'm sure you could find a way to get more xp rewards"

Out of my five players, my best two players, a girl and a boy, were essentially carrying THE WHOLE THING. The other three were 13-14 years old, and frankly completely daft. Just fucking blank in the head.
Not anyone's fault of course. Didn't hold it against them. But I knew they were not the ones who would secure victory for the party; the other two would have to really step it up.

>> No.25209631

I swallowed a d20 once.

>> No.25209660

>"huuuurrrr I'm retsrded fat ass American who just doctored what Chechnya is and found it is in a cool war with Russia! Let's be the ignorat cultureless shitheads that everyone thinks we are and write up a culturally offensive system for it! Duuurrrrr"

I remember that thread!

Every one in there, to a man, told that guy he was a horrible person and should grow up. /tg/ actually looked pretty good in that thread.

Do you not actually read the threads?

>> No.25209686

Also a collection of Lizardmen, Night Goblins and seriously old Wood Elf and Beastmen models that I've been gifted sitting above my head, a couple of codices/army books, a lot of pirated pdfs and one LARPing experience.

>> No.25209698

What was gonna happen next in the story was this; the teachers (evil cultist people) would incite race/culture-fuelled rioting, and within a short time, they'd turn the whole fucking school into a warzone, because fighting was the best way to mature the spiritual power of the students, whilst also harvesting them safely.
They had set up a giant force field around the school (a 3-dimensional sphere) and when someone's soul was leaving for the after life, it would get caught like butterflies on fly paper, for easy harvesting. No danger to them whatsoever.
In fact, they set up a hospital where they healed and cared for the wounded; if they could keep them in the battle for longer, all the better.

So here's the thing. One was a horrifying half-shark creature who hid his face in a hood and had never had any friends before, and the girl other person was a sort of... Vampire with a heart ... thing.
At one point someone insinuated that the only one who could love "someone like him" was probably her. And at that moment, I just fucking knew; this is how they could do it. This is where they could feasibly milk me for XP and i could just up and give it to them, like i wanted to.
So I very subtly pointed out the XP incentive for emotions, and for general roleplay. And boom! they were on it like Princesses on Disney.

They genuinely played out a full romance subplot with ups and downs, and every movie cliche you could possibly think of. And boy did they get some fucking levels. They went beyond all of my expectations - hell, instead of just taking on all of the problems head on, they really went to the ROOT of them.

I had never really expected them to figure out (by finding some old pre-war "magic books") that, not only were people's souls getting stolen - they were sent to the Shadow Zone...

>> No.25209700

>what is satire?
Really now. Have a little faith.

You are right about that /hopefully/ minority of cockmonglers shitting up threads they hate, though.
The reason we have so little in the way of monstergirl threads is another one in my opinion.
It's the lack of actual content to discuss.
You have people who like them, but no topic for a discussion.

>> No.25209716

I'm making a fallout homebrew

>> No.25209742

>You have 10 seconds to prove you deserve to be on /tg/....GO!

Because fuck you, that's why. What right do YOU have to be here, dickshit?

>> No.25209748

Hey! >>25209700 goes for you as well.

>> No.25209771

Probe I belong on /tg/?

I'll start posting my obscure PDF collections.

>> No.25209779

I'm running Dungeons: the Dragoning campaign. Long-term. IRL. 3 players. Damn, it's already 2 years long.

>> No.25209789


>> No.25209790

That gives new meaning to "critshit".

>> No.25209791

I'm ok with that.
This turn of event doesn't bother me.
I'm perfectly fine with it.

>> No.25209817

Never participated in tabletop because stuck in a third world country, no groups here
Never played WH40k or similar, I don't like painting and shipping itself is expensive and/or slow
Never participated in a RPG of any form myself, not even through forum, or through the Internet itself
Actually, I'm here for the stories made in tabletop RPGs

>> No.25209826

My longest campaign played was almost 3 years, and my longest run was about a year and a half.

Currently having trouble keeping the group together to even get this current campaign off the ground, so kudos to you sir for living the GM's dream.

>> No.25209887

I wrote 5 campaigns for only war. and i haven't gotten furter than the introductionary campaign.

Also DMing path finder.

>> No.25209894

>A general thread should die out when the media it's based on stops creating new content.
But then 40K would be DEEEEEAAAAAD

>> No.25209923

Same, only Magic and PCs here.

Considering trying Roll20 to supply wargaming or whatever.

>> No.25209932

I hope you don't get too attached to those characters, then.

40k is constantly releasing and you can produce tons of own content with their stuff.
Always something to discuss.

>> No.25209943

I disagree. The perfect time to stop is when there's nothing being discussed.

Too many general threads keep on going out of habit, rather than need to have a place to discus their given topic.

>Old one's full and 404 but I'll make a new one anyways!
> _____ General gaiz!
>*lol inside jokes and links!*

>> No.25209983

>40k is constantly releasing

>new content


>> No.25209998

I'm my D&D group's perma-DM. It sucks, a lot.

>> No.25210004

I like to play boardgames with my friends.

Though the one time I tried to roleplay, I went to one session and never came back. There was a that guy involved, but that wasn't why. I just felt a stigma associated with roleplaying. I regret never showing up again.

>> No.25210011

I guess I meant recurring general threads.
Ain't nothin wrong with having some discussion now and then but you don't need a thread up every hour of every day.

I suppose this is a bigger problem on some of the other boards, I haven't been here in a while.

>> No.25210017


It didn't come out whole.

>> No.25210055

They're up on 1d4chan.

Bleeding Out, ROAD TRIP!, and Eternity are their names.

There's a fourth that was completely OC, in a homebrewed fantasy setting, called Travelers and their Tales, but that one wasn't as well-received because I dumped it in the span of a few hours instead of over the course of several days.

>> No.25210057

What? Dude, the thread subject I quoted happened. It wasn't part of a satirical post, and the original thread wasn't satire.

>> No.25210059

jerry is that you?

>> No.25210154

The reason for that being that in the real world, it's impossible to hold on to a soul once they leave the body; they just disintegrate and lose their mojo within minutes.
Want someone's soul destroyed? Put him in a force field and shoot him through the head. Wait five minutes; Bam, utter oblivion.

This was not the case with the shadow world. Souls in the shadow world couldn't disintegrate because of the "magical pressure-level" of the plane. So once they gained enough levels to fly short distances and shoot fireballs that with roughly the same force as a truck at full speed (enough to blow a large hole through a brick wall) they found a way to pool their power together and create portals in space and time.

Now, they didn't JUST go to the shadow world. They also created their own little personal dimensions (my two star players, the others never cared to create ones of their own) with little houses in them. And when you were in there, i ruled, time went very slowly on the outside compared to the inside (a minute per hour)
So their characters would go there to take extended rests and whatnot, but also to just kind of hang out and kick back. And they'd argue about the decor and all sorts of weird things. There was even a scene about them cooking together.

We eventually of ended up with a vibe that
A) That pocket dimension kicked ass, but felt a bit like a creepy doll house (cause the characters weren't that old.)
B) These characters are basically married. Or life partners. Or whatever. Which for some reason was less creepy. Don't ask me why, i guess it was because they were outsiders - them against the world. Fuck if i know, but it worked at the table.

>> No.25210159

I'm not gonna try to prove to you anything. Because I know fucks like you would never be satisfied with any answer you're given. So I'm just gonna kick the shit out of you because that's what we humans do.

>> No.25210177

As for the story...
Well, they took it from "Teens stabbing each other with enchanted knives" and "shark guy biting people's heads off with brute force" to "super heroes shooting fireballs and flying" and it ended up at "basically fucking dragonball"

They went to the shadow world, got to know the people there; dwarves riding giant polar bears and strange fairies that could blow you up with their mind. They got in trouble with them for a while, cause the fairy thingies thought the evil cultist people (the teachers) were minor gods. This is when my players figured out who was truly behind the whole thing.

At that point, they were wiping out armies. There was an actual honest-to-goodness time where the shark dude telekinetically blew up a mountain and destroyed the village at its foot. And to be honest, he had power to spare.

Eventually, they befriended some of the natives, and they pointed out that it was a pretty fucking terrible place and their children were being devoured by evil shadow monsters and the whole damn realm was cursed by one of the three moons, which incidentally was also making it a bitch to leave the place because of magical interference (at this point, i was grasping for straws, i admit. I hadn't planned on them even going in there.)
Now the "cursed moon" wasn't exactly far away. or very big. or really a moon.
At most, it was a very large unusually spherical cursed goddamn asteroid the size of a small country. Granted, still pretty frickin huge.

Their response was to gather enough power in one individual (vampire chick, cause she didn't need to breathe) to fly at supersonic speeds out into space - - and once in range, and super-punch it so hard that it blew up.

They did, then they got out, then they kicked the shit out of all the teachers, re-sealed all the surviving students and blew up the force field.
End of campaign.

Did love save the day? You tell me.

But I'll tell you a surprising thing; it never got weird out-game.

>> No.25210675

I've run several successful Trail of Cthulhu games, have 29 out of 36 games of Warmachine, and I've also wa- ran out of time. Damn 10 seconds.

>> No.25210827

OP here, and to be honest, in true /tg/ fashion without the OP posting back, this thread has gone all over the place. Never change.

>> No.25211828

I like to talk about Traditional Games and /tg/ seemed to fit the bill.

>> No.25212291

Rolled 4, 2 = 6

I'm writing a Karaoke/Drinking Game RPG about superpowered rockstars during the Cold War.

>> No.25214218


Its cold outside and there are wolves!

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