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Which Chapter is your favorite, /tg/? And why?

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Are /tg/ homebrews allowed?

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Sons of Medusa.


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Space Sharks.


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Pre-Wardian Ultramarines.
> Loyal
> Poster Marines
> Defined the Space Marines Codex
> MacRagge!

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I like the ones that worship the chaos gods

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This, because muh Grecian assault terminators

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I like a lot of them, but off the top of my head these guys come to mind first

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Why what did Ward turned them to?

Not a WH40K fan, so I really wouldn't know.

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Me personally? Blood Angels. Grew up playing first edition Space Hulk with Termies painted in the BA colours.

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Loyal Poster Boys that define the Space Marine Codex.

Salamanders or Minotaurs.

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Knights Inductor.

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I was about to say that, I love those guys.

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They were manlier.

They failed and gathered the strength to rise up again. Now they just sit still and everyone wants to suck their cock cuz they're the awesomest ever.

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You're threading a very, very dangerous path here, Pilgrim.

Anyway... Matt Ward - some geek - was hired by GW and ordered with "making things better". And he did. He added plenty of homoerotic fluff, made everyone and their dog wear even more armor, and turned Ultramarines into pretty much uber-Chapter, its Boss, Ruboute, was elevated so high, that the Emperor himself seems like a mere underling compared to His Ruboutic Glory.

So, we started to hate them.

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Black Templars, full stop.

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>turned Ultramarines into pretty much uber-Chapter
But he didn't write for GW in the 90's

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Not the Chapter per se, but Adeptus Custodes would be my choice.

What? I like overkill and take no chances if i don't have to.

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Yes, it was quite tasty.

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Look, i'm giving you something to hate and for a good reason.

Don't ruin it with obsolete logic.
Open mind is like an unguarded tower after all.

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Chapter 17. SO much stuff went on, and the confrontation between the hero and his mentor was really well writte- Oh wait. More 40K...

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As far as I can tell, the Ultramarines are exactly the same as they've always been, but some people that don't like Ward are cherry-picking the in-universe propaganda quotes to make them look like douchebags.

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Ultramarines, anyone who says otherwise is trying to be edgy.

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They've always been douchebags too. Comes in the realm of Space Rome.

>But Lord Sicarius, the Necrons have us outnumbered. I don't think we can wi-

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The Little Sisters of Purification.

This is my next project.

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>chapter 17
full pleb

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Just an honest question, did you know there was a Knights Inductor quest going on now?

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Oh fuck you, Chapter 22 is overrated.

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Salamanders, because I like a little Noblebright.
Black Templars, because such PURGE

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I like them on the grounds that they make perfect candidates for Slaanesh corruption. They are now almost what the Emperors Children were. The best, the uncorrectable and the infallible (in their own eyes).

The Roman style fits in rather well with Slaanesh too. Thinking to paint up my warband in Praetors of Orpheus colours. Have them as pirates under the sway of a Daemonette from the circle of greed.

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Why not?

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I wonder how many man-child tears I'll collect from this army? Enough to fill a pool?

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>perfect candidates for Slaanesh corruption
Actually i can not imagine any Marine falling to Slaanesh. They are somewhat chemically and physically castrated.
Khorne? Yep. Tzeentch? By all means. Nurgle? I don't understand why someone should pick his stinkin' ass, but ok. Slaanesh? Nope. Not even close.

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>only repair functionality on their power armour
>each battle scar is annotated with where and when it happened
>look like they've been through all of the shit

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I fail to follow the logical leap from
>Cato Sicarius is an overconfident gloryhound
>all Ultramarines are douchebags

We could really use more Ultramarine stories and art that aren't about the 2nd Company.

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Then I go with the Knights Inductor, reasonable marines, I just love the juxtaposition against the rest of the setting.

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yup. I'm a bit iffy on the whole genestealers thing, but the idea that since the warp is the reflection of people's emotions there has to be at least a few who aren't complete pricks makes sense to me.

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>They are somewhat chemically and physically castrated.
Except that's fanfluff.
And it will always be fanfluff.
Because GW will never say anything on the matter.

Relic on the other hand.

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Blood Angels have that thing about striving for perfection and everything. Most of them do arts & crafts in their spare time.

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>Although this is a female Chapter, there are no differences in external armor design

Checkmate, atheists.

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Other then that, I don't care for Adeptus Astartes.
If Adepta Sororitas or Adeptus Mechanicus ever get a full release on the other hand...

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That's something that always seemed to make sense to me, it's just part of my worldview I guess.

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>He added plenty of homoerotic fluff

Are we talking 'Top Gun' or 'yaoi-fanfic'?

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Strive for perfection to make up for their weakness. What weakness? THE weakness.
Least thats what I remember last time I checked.

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I've been playing II Company Ultramarines since 1994. And you know what? You can all go fuck yourselves if you have a problem with it.

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Except it's only logic. Marines are beyond simple, animal-driven pleasures. They don't need sexual organs at all.

Of course the over-manliness of WH40k would suffer great because of that, so it won't ever become officially announced.

That's Tzeentchs domain. You embrace change to become better, right? Slaanesh is about lust.

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Top gun

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You're now aware that the reason Ultramarines 2nd company has more awards is because they start every quest first, leaving the others at home doing nothing

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Heavy case of Mary-Suism. You know. You write things that you have wet dreams about, and masturbate furiously every other phrase.

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Anyone know where I could get that studded pauldron design and Beakie helmets en masse?

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...are they talking about the Space Marine video game? Or was that Vigil, not Relic?

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When you have an A-Team that gets shit done, why send anyone else?

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Holy shit this scenario is amazing. Stop a bunch of space monkeys, led by a space vampire disguised as a space monkey, from fucking up an ancient space station and wrecking a star system? I wish all this shit was still canon.

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No, fuck you, we do not say that name here.

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Wasn't Vigil the axed Warhammer 40,000: Dark Millennium Online Offline game that now Sega is looking at possibly finishing?

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Are you joking?

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No. What's wrong with Ventris?

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Yeah, that is something that always made sense to me, just my personal worldview I guess.

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If I remember correctly, Ventris was the retard that fucked up everything he was ever involved in.
He was the one who released the Nightbribger out of his prison/sleeping chamber.

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Ultramarines, if only because Captain Titus is one smooth badass.
That said I'm just getting into the fluff beyond what I've learned from playing Relic's games starring the Bloody Magpies.

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Vigil was owned by THQ, which went bankrupt. The publisher's assets were auctioned off, most got bought by Sega. Darksiders and Space Marine vanished, I think.

Dark Millenium was supposed to be an MMO that was then re-tooled into a squad-based third-person shooter/RPG. Basically they made it into Mass Effect. I'm not sure what happened with it since then, I hope it died too.

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I've always liked the Ravens.
Partly because they have a decent level of professionalism and still give a shit about those that they're supposed to be protecting.
I also like their Alpha Legion/Thousand Son style fluff tactics.
The fact that they're the greatest tealeaves in the galaxy also make me like them.

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He is the biggest fucking Mary Sue ever penned and exists as nothing other than McNeill's wet dream. He ruins fluff, he makes for shitty stories, and he fucking gets put back into the Ultramarines after getting exiled. He's a joke and we don't talk about him.

And then saved a whole planet from Tyranids by himself by beating an Tyranid Fleet's Hive-Queen in hand-to-hand combat. And then was exiled and brought to to a planet owned by the Iron Warriors, by a fucking daemon no less, where he proceeded to fuck up the whole planet and kill like, everyone. Most of the time without any armor on. I believe towards the end he gets shot like, 10 times, but they don't hurt him because 'lol he's too close to the bolters so the rounds just go through him and don't have time to detonate inside his body'.

Then somehow he's picked up by the Grey Knights and found not corrupted and brought back to Macragge.

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It says there's a setup plan for the map, anyone has that?

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Ahriman's Prodigal Sons.
They are basically the personal guard of the most awesome character in 40K. And they are all sorcerers - no normalfag plebs allowed.

Aside from that, the last time they went off to duke it out for the library, the Eldar had to call the Magpies in because they were getting their teeth kicked in.

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Read the Libra Slaanesh. Slaanesh is about more than just getting your dick wet.

The circle of Avidity plays upon the interloper's greed. The circle of Gluttony is next; it plays upon the intruders desire for lavish foods and wines. The third circle is the circle of Carnality, where the perfect desires of the heart reside; testing to the extreme the individuals desires. The fourth circle is the circle of Paramountcy, where the traveller is greeted by roars of adulation, here the intruder is tempted with absolute power over others. The penultimate circle is the circle of Vainglory. The traveller is presented with his ideal self-image, and if he feels but an ounce of pride, for eternity will this circle be his prison. The last circle is the most perilous, it is a heavenly place, within which resides a seemingly perfect environment. Every second that passes fills the intruder with bliss, but to rest and enjoy the pleasure for a single moment results in falling into a coma, and eventually dying in idle bliss. One may walk the circles for centuries, but cannot for a second give into his ultimate desires for he will fall.

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Excorsists. Bow down to my superior tastes GK fags.

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>Ultramarines, if only because Captain Titus is one smooth badass.


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I wish people would clarify if it was the content they found disagreeable or the way it was written.

Or are you being obtuse so you're more likely to get a reply

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But that's nothing compared to what Lysander did. Iron Warriors can't into prisons it seems.

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I remember reading that the activities of those who follow Slaanesh become more debased as they become "jaded" with their current "limit" and push that to get a better thrill from their debauchery.

>> No.25196215

>That's Tzeentchs domain. You embrace change to become better, right? Slaanesh is about lust.

I think you just dont know much about the Chaos gods, so Ill just say this: Nononononono. Slaanesh is about excess. Striving for perfection is one of the most common causes why you would fall to him, many of his most prominent minions had this as their falling, for example Lucius.

Tzeentch wouldnt want you to strive for perfection, he would want you to strive for a hundred different things every day. And then tear down your advancements

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Titus is the best goddamn Ultramarine. Sidonus is a close second.

>> No.25196232

>I wish people would clarify if it was the content they found disagreeable

A. That anyone liked that game, and pretends anything in it is actual lore or fluff

B. That you don't read up on the REAL Captain. PROTIP: It's not some chode named Titus.

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Pretty much. Following Slaanesh is pretty shit (as with all Chaos gods), you can never be satisfied, never be content. You get numb to the pleasures and perversions, excess every day becomes ordinary, thus not excess anymore, but you NEED excess for you are a slaaneshi cultist.

fucking sucks.

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>Titus is the best goddamn Ultramarine.

I'm on /v/, aren't I?

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Blood Angels or Salamanders.

>> No.25196244


for fucks sake, not you again.
piss off.

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Not chapter, legion.

Iron within, iron without!

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I'm sorry Space Marine was your favorite video game and you use it in place of a Codex.

But you can go fuck yourself.

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>Ventris is a shit
Well dammit, it looks like I bought the wrong McNeill book. It's not a complete waste though right?

There is a faction on /tg/ that openly hates the Space Marine game since Relic seems to have disregarded the majority of fluff written, and these same people seem to think that ignoring the lore of a universe about zombie Atheismo-worshipping zealots, fungi goblinoids, and CHAOSSSSS is a bad thing.

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Iron without what?

>> No.25196274

Find me a better Ultramarine, then.

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no, this shit is getting ridiculous.

In literally every fucking thread it gets mentioned, you're shitposting like a flash.

Every fucking time, recycling the exact same strawmen and long debunked arguments, cherry picking the exact same points and blowing them out of proportion every goddamn time.

We all know it's you, you never vary your style at all and you get called out in every thread.

Save yourself the embarrassment and fuck off before you get humiliated.

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> Read the Libra Slaanesh.
Been there, done that. Really, the Marines are so inhumane, that those things aren't attractive for them. Spending hundred-years worth life as walking robocop integrated with his armor changes a man.

Oh, so Chaos gods are very much ordered now, and they follow strict path? What an unexpected twist of story!

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The Lamenters. they're just so unlucky it's kinda of funny.

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I think it would be more of a slow crawl towards dissatisfaction.
At first the very thought would make you orgasm out of pleasure, but eventually that same level makes you feel very little, causing you to extend a little further to get the same effect as before. The cycle then repeats itself until whatever you're doing is so vulgar and debased it resembles a fraction of what it once was.

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Oh fuck, yes!
I'd love to see such comic book.

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Relic did not did not ignore a majority of the fluff. The game was near-perfect, fluffwise.

The only full-retard part was Leandros, at the end. Going full-retard.

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chaos in 40k isnt chaotic in the sense you think. They have own domains and rule in and out who they want to take into their midsd rigidly.

You uneducated swine.

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True but it's not about the end goal with Chaos. It's generally about starting the journey.

You might end up being little more than an insane spawn-animal, or a blind numb Noise Marine who is little more than comatose unless he has powerful stimuli to react to, but at the start you were just trying to become a better warrior and let his pride get the better of him.

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Dude, it's a shit game. /tg/ is a small board. I'm allowed to say why I don't like the game. Get over it.

> recycling the exact same strawmen and long debunked arguments
What exactly is "long debunked" about the fact that the game ignores all lore, and just assumes no one will pay attention to the fact that they did? No, seriously, I have no idea what you mean by this sentence.

The only response I've ever heard is "Well I don't mind it, so it's ok."

>Save yourself the embarrassment and fuck off before you get humiliated.
Nigga, I don't even know who you are, but you have some massive superiority complex going on. You sound like you're waiting for a flood of people to back you up and say how right you are.

>> No.25196312

these guys.

>> No.25196318

>Relic did not did not ignore a majority of the fluff.

They were on an Ad-Mech world. With a Titan. Where exactly where the Mechanicus forces defending the fuck out of one of the most valuable and priceless pieces of technology in the galaxy?

>> No.25196322

> chaos in 40k isnt chaotic in the sense you think
But of course, you, oh great Librarian know everything what it's possible about Chaos and its ways.

Dude, are you even into insanity?

>> No.25196325

my favorite Chapter is Iron hands, because of the bionics, and the refusal of weakness. also in the books I've been reading about them they seem like giant dicks. which I find hilarious.

>> No.25196328

Dude. Every single fucking thread, whenever its mentioned, you shitpost.

And we know its you, because its always fucking you, and nobody else.

Yes, I can accept that they may have been a bit lose on the fluff, but you know why? Because the game actually made you feel like a god damn Space Marine.

>> No.25196331

Slaanesh is not all about sex, you silly anon.

>> No.25196334

No, he's right, you are a faggot.

>> No.25196341


You're both talking about 40k like it's a good setting so as far as I'm concerned you're both gigantic faggots, Space Marine video game or not

>> No.25196342

Khorne takes no psychers. Never.

Very chaotic.

they are almost never too chaotic

>> No.25196346


Cool guys who kill it with fire

Only topped by wolves on the bro-factor

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>> No.25196355

Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons
And Blood Ravens

>> No.25196358

So let me get this straight.

The reason you hate it, is not because it was bad, or because it was lose on the fluff, but because it was based in the war hammer universe.

Lemme guess, you're butthurt over the fact that every other tie in game for most other /tg/ related subjects is generally shit (sees: Warmachine game)

>> No.25196361

It's funny how much Ferrus Manus disliked bionics and when he died the legion just went bionics crazy.

>> No.25196362


But, admittedly, on this board, that aspect of Slaanesh is over-emphasized.

>> No.25196365


They're probably one and the same

>> No.25196367

It was said earlier, silly anon: Slaanesh domain is unattractive to Space Marines because of their training and both inner and external enhancements.


>> No.25196369


>> No.25196372

The game was rushed from production, right? They didn't have enough resources to put Admech in.

>> No.25196379

No just no.

Lore rape at it's worst.

>> No.25196385

Yeah no shit

>> No.25196387

Space Marines are depicted as being more human than you think. They have flaws and weaknesses and egos. If they didn't have flaws and weaknesses and egos the Horus Heresy would never have happened.

Celestial Lions dared to question the Inquisition for what they considered the pointless exterminatus of innocent people.
The Lamenters and Salamanders have gone against the odds in attempts to safe guard human life, rather than just coldly dealing with the tactical threats.
Of course there are other Chapters who are the opposite.

This is the thing with 40ks background lore. You can read into in a lot of different ways. You cherry pick the lore that fits into your story and then play a few games and roll a few dice to see how your story plays out. The canon is there to give you a loose framework.

>> No.25196390

I generally intepret it as psykers being allowed in provided they don't use their powers offensively. We never saw Kyras using his powers when he could have easily wiped the floor with everyone if he had done.

If not, they're pretty much fucked when it comes to warp travel and communications.

>> No.25196404

Knowledge is power, hide it well

>> No.25196405

40k is a great setting, though. It's built so that you can do whatever the fuck you want.

>> No.25196411

The Imperial Fists subject themselves to the pain glove. White Scars are really into the whole speed thing. Blood Angels can get pretty obsessed with perfection. It's probably easier for marines to fall to Slaanesh than it is for them to fall to Tzeentch.

>> No.25196418

>Space Marines are depicted as being more human than you think.
Great, fucking, armored hulk.
Come on...

>> No.25196425

>I know nothing of the setting, and act condescending around the people who do!

>> No.25196437

There have been hints of Luna Wold and alpha legion ancestry as well, despite the vast majority being Thousand son hints.

I'm just looking forward to when Abaddon Alpharius+Omegon and magnus come to claim them as their own, and have a punch up to decide who gets them.

in the confusion, the Ravens steal Magnus' spellbook and Abaddon's arms.

>> No.25196442

Can I have a Grey Knights army with Chaos Daemon allies?

>> No.25196446

>Alpha Legion
>Abaddon's arms

Am I being coaxed into a snafu here?

>> No.25196460

What kind of hints?

>> No.25196465

Yep. Draigo is currently riding Slaanesh's cock. So it's possible.

>> No.25196470

I've never truly decided. Chapters I like:

Space Wolves: Tainted geneseed, renegades, but genuine heroes loved throughout the Imperium. Prefer the "Nordic Barbarians in Space" aspect of them, to the "Wolf Wolf Wolf Wolfy Wolf of the Wolf Wolf" take on them that Phil Kelly did.

Imperial Fists: Gritty chapter of marines with less perfect codex drilling than the Ultramarines, but twice the balls. Wear bright yellow, camo is for the weak. Masters of fortification, siege, urban warfare. Torture themselves to build up mental fortitude.

Iron Knights: Imperial Fists successor chapter. Their champion won the Feast of Blades twice in a row. Basically the Black Templars except more light hearted and capable of smarter tactics.

Black Templars: The real diehard chapter. No major flaws, no following the codex, charge to glory all day erryday.

Minotaurs: Have a Greco-Roman look about them, even more than the Ultramarines, utterly merciless and terrifying. Clad in shining bronze, kill stuff with spears. Crush rebellions for the High Lords of Terra in exchange for all the equipment they'll even need. Probably descended from World Eater geneseed: even if they aren't, they basically act like the World Eaters did before turning traitor.

>> No.25196477

>What are possessed?

>> No.25196481

it's blink and you'll miss it, but the games point out that Blood Raven tactics and chapter assembly are almost identical to Loyalist Alpha Legion ones.

I hasten to add that it's pretty much guaranteed to be a ruse to confuse the blatant Thousand Son origin

>> No.25196501

>it's blink and you'll miss it, but the games point out that Blood Raven tactics and chapter assembly are almost identical to Loyalist Alpha Legion ones.
Heavy use of psykers is 1k Sons, you dolt

>> No.25196519

They use their psykers to aid in their tactics and scout out the enemy, not to mind lazer them.

kind of like the Eldar use their seers.

>> No.25196531

Yeah, you're a fag.

>> No.25196549

You guys do know it was set in m42 not m41 right?

A lot of shit happens in a millenium.

Also, from what i have read it is not fluffrape

>> No.25196558

But what kind of Luna Wolves hints?

The Alfa Legion used a lot of psykers too, legionary and humans. However, the Thousand Sons are uncrowned psyker-kings.

>> No.25196570

Reasonable Marines/Knights Inductor. Whichever we call them now.

>> No.25196584

What do you mean "and"?

>> No.25196585

It's mainly that Abbadon has a raging hateboner for the Ravens, and considers them to be his, in body and soul.

I generally interpret it as Abaddon believing all traitor legions belong to him by right, but it might be that he's hunting them because he hates the idea of loyalist Lunar Wolves being around. Especially considering how far he's gone to erase the origins of the legion from memory.

It's probably a red herring.

>> No.25196612

Uriel Ventris.
He said, fuck da police, I am gonna slay that Hive Queen with this band of expendables.
And some Leandros bitch bitched about the Codex.
So he had to went and came back from THE FUCKING EYE OF TERROR.

>> No.25196659

>Celestial Lions dared to question the Inquisition
Sadly they had to fight against that new clan of ork snipers, such a pitty.
Ordo Xenos is still perplexed about that orkish behaviour.

>> No.25196661

Salamanders. Highest bro-tier AND they burn shit? Fuck yeah.

>> No.25196670

He sounds like a pretty cool guy.

What's a hive queen?

>> No.25196677

Dark Angels.
Why? It's a secret.

>> No.25196683

What does it sound like, genius?

>> No.25196688

I like Space Wolves, I don't care who knows it.

>> No.25196699

A monarch with an unfortunate skin condition?

>> No.25196706

I think he means Norn-queen.

>> No.25196707

Raven Guard

>> No.25196712

Loyalists: Ultramarines, 'classical' influence, their own Empire which is the nearest 40k has to a high science-fiction society. Beautifully intriguing.

Heretics: Iron Warriors. The bitterness at being overlooked and the joy of establishing your superiority on the ruins of those who look down on you.

>> No.25196748

technically two separate chapters, although the Knights Inductor are simply another take on the reasonable marine. Sort of like the Desert Fangs/angry marines.

The Knights Inductor are really what happens when you let a hardline Recongregationist/Xenos Hybrist marine chapter have a 1000 years to remake a sector in their influence without any real interference due to warpstorm.

>> No.25196758

Did we not serve you well enough, Father?
Did not our sacrifices and bravery win the day for you every time we were thrust into battle for the glory of your name?
Were we not loyal enough for you to even acknowledge us?
Father, why did you just leave us as our brothers were praised and sent onto greater glory?
Did you not love us Father?

>> No.25196787

Hmm. Could get a little weird- I wouldn't mind squeezing the Reasonable Marines under the umbrella term Knights Inductor since it takes away the more comedic connotations. Only catch is the two 1d4chan articles kind of splinter at points, since I mostly run the Reasonable Marine one.

>> No.25196795

Nice to see these guys being mentioned again.

Yeah, the Knights Inductor are a more 'realistic' take on the Reasonable Marines, still willing to negotiate with various factions and very open minded when it comes to xenos, but not able to make everyone everywhere play nice all the time, and willing to shoot to kill if you don't give them another option.

>> No.25196804


>> No.25196809


A small beacon of hope in a doomed galaxy.

>> No.25196824

Hello, Matthew. I didn't know you were around these parts.
How did that massive masturbating session end? The one after the last GK codex.
Could you tell me where did you get that "Sororitas red" lotion?

>> No.25196846

Technically the Knights have a minor Xanthism influences, but they are very, very picky about it.

>> No.25196849



Ward added more battles, both wins and losses to their record.
If anything he made them more active.

If anyone did the Ultramarines a disservice it's Graham McNeill.
Uriel Ventris and his amputee buttbuddy gallivant around the galaxy on a daemonic oompa-loompa train rescuing mutants and heretics.

>> No.25196914

Okay yeah, I'll agree to that.

I can't wait for the to run into some of the cannon factions. The marines malevolent will be an epic clusterfuck, the slamanders will result in "look at what I can do daddy" and the black templars will either be be really interested in the silencers or really pissed at everything else they are doing.

>> No.25197108

Very perplex

>> No.25197130


>> No.25197186


To those talking about the reasonable marines/Knights Inductor, the next part of reasonable marine quest is up now if you waned to stop on by.

I dont want to feel like I'm breaking in, but since you were talking about them I thought you might want to check it out.

>> No.25197555

I really like those guys who go around, learning from and teaching other chapters/Legions and then come home to add it to their "BIG BOOK OF BATTLE SECRETS"

Shame I can't remember their name

>> No.25197632

The Mentors?

>> No.25197855


not filling a hole is like not correcting the bullet stooping functionality of the armour.

>> No.25197879

That's the ones, thanks

>> No.25198027


>> No.25198521

objectively, it is the Golden Aquilas

>> No.25198823


They are 'iron' on the inside ('within') and 'iron' on the outside ('without'). It's not MENSA-level stuff

>> No.25198898

Rainbow Warriors. I just love Aztecs meet Warhammer 40,000

I get a lot of compliments for playing them from older warhammer40k players, the newers are mostly put off by the term rainbow in anything 40k related.

>> No.25198967

Where the fuck are my fellow Bearers of The Word?

>> No.25199031

So was buying this a bad call?

>> No.25199092

Rainbows are badass. One word: Valhalla.

>> No.25199253

It's not good but it's not Goto levels of bad.

(Assuming this isn't the book with the Slaaneshi marines using a pink cloud as a hover platform. I can't remember which book that was, or who wrote it, and i'm a little tiny bit afraid that if I accidentally read it again i'll get AIDs.)

>> No.25199319

I bought it from the understanding that McNeill is a cool guy. Of course it wasn't a work that made pic related but 1d4chan sings his praises. Still you're right, I could be reading plenty worse. Also looking at the Space Marine Battles series, although honestly I should read actual good fiction.

>> No.25199481

Sons of Antaeus. Marines so tough they can shrug off anything but a melta to the chest. And strongly implied to be from loyalist Death Guard geneseed. Whats not to like?

>> No.25199537

It's ok. McNeill IS one of the better BL writers, but Ultramarines is nothing special unless you're, well, an Ultramarine fan.

>> No.25199624


Or an Iron Warriors fan, or a Storm of Iron fan, or a Chaos fan.

And on top of that its still more interesting than Abnetts constant lack of character development and botched endings.

>> No.25199655


I did that.

The problem is once you start reading good scifi/fantasy it is nigh on impossible to go back to black library stuff. At least that's what I found, the writing styles are just so bad.

>> No.25199691

Abnett is very hit and miss IMO. Inquisition novels are pretty good with shitty endings, Ghosts vary but are mostly good and his HH books range from good to wtf is this shit.

>> No.25199768

How botched are Eisenhorn/Ravenor? I'm on book three of Gaunt's Ghosts and don't plan on continuing after. I stuck with R.A. Salvatore's staples long enough to learn to never do that again.

They make for short reads though, and there certainly isn't anything wrong with just having something fun to digest now and again. I'm doing my best to avoid the more reviled authors, so I'm mainly picking up big names works like Abnett or specific recommended novels. In high school I read anything with Forgotten Realms emblazoned on the cover, only to discover years later all of those wasted hours after college taught me the wonders of Dick and Heilein, so I'm trying to avoid making the same mistake.

>> No.25200064


Nah, it's worse if you're an Ultramarine fan.

The main character is too edgy for his own chapter and the Codex Astartes is depicted as being completely ass-backwards retarded.

>> No.25200344


>> No.25203031

This thread needs more Space Wolves, because they are my favorite.

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