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The box drops from your hands and onto Kyuubey's desk with a damp squelch. The stench of blood immediately wafting from it as its gruesome contents bounces up to knock the lid loose.

The Incubator blinks at this, then up at you. Its expression managing to depict mild annoyance despite its unchanging features.

"...You will, of course, explain to me why you've just dumped a severed head on top of my paperwork, Matsuda."

You don't need to fucking explain anything, you growl at him. All he needs is to look inside the goddamn box and connect the dots himself.

Another blink, another moment of silence. And it's then that he obliges you.


Ah. That's all he says? 'Ah'?

"...I'd say something about not--"

--Not losing your head, but he feels that it's not the right thing to say right now, right? That's what he was going to say, isn't it?

"...No. No, I wasn't."

You tell the Incubator that he is a liar and a fraud. More than that...head puns? Really? You thought he was better than that.

"Simply trying to lighten the situation, Matsuda. Although, seeing as it's not working, I may as well quit while I'm--"

Your trademark glare cuts him off, and he averts his eyes from you after a moment.

"Yes. Er. Well. Hmm." Kyuubey looks back down at the package. "This is quite serious, then. Very serious. Much too serious for puns."

Damn right.

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You are a Magical Girl, and it's been a long day. A very long day that isn't over yet.

It started off well enough. You managed to reach a civil agreement with Miki Sayaka without either of you trying to stab each other in the face. You managed to delegate this week's high-profile missions and make some important decisions without embarrassing yourself too much. You got your new office on the way to being straightened out. You managed to cheer up a bedridden Callidus, and even cleared the air - mostly - with an idol without too much drama.

You managed to do all those things without pulling a gun or someone. Some - including yourself - would say that this is the closest thing to you not resorting to that one-size-fits-all solution for a span of time longer than ten minutes.

And it was going all so well, too. You'd very nearly gone a day being...responsible. Being diplomatic. You were beginning to think that this Warmaster thing wouldn't be so bad.

Now this. While having a drink with one of your subordinates, you received a strange package out of nowhere. A box, all taped up nice and tight, with your name written on it. Generally cautious with this sort of thing, you opened it while stopping time in its tracks - Pinky looking over your shoulder as you did, being the same insane eldritchian nightmare she usually is.

And surprising no one, it's a head. A severed human head of a girl, mutilated beyond recognition. Five words painfully familiar to you carved crudely into its forehead. Eyes torn out, revealing hollow pockets of blood and gouged flesh. A challenge, maybe? A warning? Or just someone fucking with you?


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In any case, you brought it back here, with Kumatora being none the wiser but wise enough, at least, not to ask any questions about it. Kyuubey, however, was proving to be an inquisitive little mutant cat. Well, you can understand where he's coming from, somewhat, but this would really go down much more smoothly if he didn't start with the fucking puns.

It's then that he looks up at you, again. "I...well. I suppose I'd ask you what your opinion of this is, but I have the strangest feeling I already do. You believe this is some sort of warning, some sort of threat, I gather? Someone who wants Tomoe Mami killed? And you'd want to have security detail on her at all times, as well as a strategy meeting with the current rank leaders?"

You open your mouth to snap at him, before blinking.

That's...yes. That's what you were about to say. All of it.

...What the hell? Is he reading your mind?! Is he fucking around inside your head, the little bastard mutant cat?!

"No. No, put your gun away, Matsuda. Nothing so crass." To his credit, Kyuubey didn't even flinch when you stepped forward. "Mind reading is a gross violation of privacy, and I've never taken that kind of liberty with you or anyone in my payroll, although it would certainly be a much more efficient way of extracting information. But no, certain things must be done right, or not at all." It's then that he shakes his head. "Although, if I may say so, it does feel like we've been through this before, and we're just merely repeating things."

He's getting that too, huh? And you thought it was just you, for a second.

"Is that so?" Kyuubey tilts its head to the side. "Fascinating. Quite fascinating."

A moment of awkward silence stretches between you, before you apologize about pulling a gun on him. It's...it's been a long day.


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I hate you and your fanbase. Just wanted to let you know real quick.

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"Hmm? Oh, I've forgotten about it already. Put it out of your mind, Matsuda." The Incubator shakes his head. "Right. Well. Before we proceed, I'd like to ask if there's anything you'd like to tell me first. This...warning. The threat to Tomoe Mami's life. From your reaction earlier, I see that you feel quite strongly about this theory of yours. Certainly, the evidence is much to your favor. But what makes you so sure, I wonder? Is there something you're keeping from me?"

. . .

"Ever since Tomoe Mami rescued you from that barrier, you've always been a difficult one to deal with. You killed me, twice, before I could even get a word in edgeways. You've been a source of frustration and worry, both to me, Tomoe Mami, and even Sakura Kyoko. Malal had always hid it, but there's little you can hide from an Incubator, even when you wear a Culexus Helmet every waking hour."

Kyuubey sighs. "You are Warmaster now, Matsuda, and I'd like to take this opportunity to ask if there is anything you are hiding from me. Convince me that my decision to make you Warmaster is the right one."

It seems that the mutant cat wants you to spill the beans about Pinky.

[]Tell him.

>[Voting ends in 20 minutes. Only [x] marked votes will be counted.]

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>merely repeating things

>[X]Tell him.

>> No.25195472

>[X]Tell him.

Welcome back!

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>[x] Show him.


>> No.25195474

>[X]Tell him.

Thanks for adopting some of the suggestions of the last thread, should streamline things a bit for the betterment of the quest and everyone's enjoyment

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>[X]Tell him.
A shitstorm be brewin'

Cmon Coobs, head puns? really? I thought better of you. I can't believe you would even head in that direction.

>> No.25195489

must we go over why that was such an abysmally poor idea again?

>> No.25195490


[x] Tell, NOT show

Unless telling involves showing then LIE AWAY

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[x] Tell him
Ahhh, deja vu.

>> No.25195502

[x] tell him
Start with the bar encounter as our first actual recollection of seeing her

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[x]Lie like a rug.
It might be hard to hate the mutant cat like we used to if he insists on being so damn reasonable all the time, but we must maintain at least 0.5 Shadowruns of paranoia and never ever trust it.

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[x] Tell him.

>> No.25195525

> it does feel like we've been through this before, and we're just merely repeating things.


>[x] Tell Koobs

>> No.25195532

>[X]Tell him.


>> No.25195534

Oh, cut it out. I voted for show last time as well, but now that we *know* it's a horrendously bad idea, we really don't need to repeat it. It's one thing to gamble on something working out, it's quite another to deliberately do the wrong thing.
[x] Tell him.

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>[x] Tell him

If he asks for a demonstration say that the god in our head will likely tear us both to shreds.

Captcha: McCOlen Head
You too captcha?

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Are you retarded? I'm just against retcons, because open that box once and you will never close it again.

>> No.25195542

>[x]Tell him.

>> No.25195545

[x] Tell him.


Whether this be a gift from Decu or a redo from timestop because we died, We shouldn't waste this chance.

>> No.25195548

This isn't just a retcon because we fucked up, though, it was an actual miscount of votes.

>> No.25195555


>[x]Tell him.

"The person you promised to keep me alive. Did this person have black eyes, pink hair and black ribbons"

>> No.25195556

[x] Tell him.

>> No.25195558

I reckon we could have managed that situation. We just had to make Pinky think we were doing it for her. Tell her we really wanted to get the golden weapons for her, but the only way to get the mutant cat to help was to prove our sources to him. Perhaps throwing a 'Honey', sweetie' or other entering term in there to shock her into being calmer and hopefully doing little more than pouting at us.

[X]Tell him.

We're not going to get very far lying.

>> No.25195559

But the box is already open. It had Mami's head in it.

>> No.25195560

>[X]Tell him.

Thank you for the redo, based Deculture.

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Now let us never again attain resonance derp frequency at HerpHz

>> No.25195578

>[x]Tell him.

We obviously time warped, I'm wondering if we should show him Pinky again. But if she brought us back she probably wont show herself a second time to him or will be ready for us.

I think we should not stop time with him this time. He will probably just take our word for it anyway. Considering he HAS seen it first hand even if the memories of the event are somewhat wiped.

>> No.25195580

Threadly reminder that the updated Ebook can be found at http://pastebin.com/kbGzcbDb
Ebook will be updated at the end of the thread
[X]Tell him.
and Vetoing any "show him."

>> No.25195585

We may possibly, at some point in the future, need to bring the two together. But we need to warn both of them well in advance, not just spring a surprise on the batshit insane eldritch abomination.

>> No.25195588

is that over 9000 on the HerpHz range?

>> No.25195610

that bit was retconned, not because of how we fucked up, but because of a big miscount of the votes that was only realised at the end of last thread

>> No.25195616

Oh? I'm sorry then. I only read the last thread in Deculture-mode. Wasn't there when it was live.

I take everything back! I'm wrong here!

>> No.25195630

"You now that evil eldrich pink-haired witch-goddess that's passing out the Golden Weapons, driving Magical Girls crazy and that turned Kilgore into a demon?"

"Yeah. She's, uh..."

"She kinda lives in the place I go when I stop time. And she was in the witch-barrier in Siberia. I think Midori worked with her to get me out."

"I also think she's my girlfriend."

>> No.25195633

If you want a rather in-depth analysis of what happened check the discussion at the end of the last thread in the archives

moving on
>[x]Tell him.

>> No.25195638


Yeh I saw the after thread posts. Time warp is a way to justify a retcon in world. I'm going to assume if we did the same thing we did last time, something different would happen.

>> No.25195642


You need only praise Based Decu for running MGNQ to show your intent to repent!

>> No.25195647

>I think Midori worked with her to get me out.
>I also think she's my girlfriend.
Ah, the wonders of ambiguous pronoun referents.

>> No.25195650

>Only [x] marked posts will be counted

>> No.25195658

>she raises her left hand, and a replica of your shield - sans the gash on the center gem, of course - manifests in a purple flash of light onto her forearm. All three orbs trailing black smoke. "Well, just for once, I can switch sides. I can help the protagonist a few times, since this predicament you've clumsily stumbled into rather spoils the ending a bit, if you die here." The shield clacks into position, and she draws a golden Desert Eagle from it. "I'll help you, Homura-chan, and in the way you'd appreciate more. And don't worry - consider this a freebie. You won't owe me anything."

This something to consider.
I think

>> No.25195673 [DELETED] 

this is a good Idea, and to make it count ima alter it

>[x]Other: "You now that evil eldrich pink-haired witch-goddess that's passing out the Golden Weapons, driving Magical Girls crazy and that turned Kilgore into a demon?"

"Yeah. She's, uh..."

"She kinda lives in the place I go when I stop time. And she was in the witch-barrier in Siberia. I think Midori worked with her to get me out."

"I also think she's my girlfriend."

>> No.25195681

[x]Tell him but don`t tell him Everything.

"Akemi Homura seems to have had some sort of connection to the being you call Faust. But since I don`t know the Details about what their Relationship was nor what Faust is plotting this will have to suffice for now."

Why would we ever choose to reveal everything we know to him. Seriously.

>> No.25195685

[x]Tell him. "...Long story short, I'm from another timeline. Something horrible happened involving an incredibly powerful magical girl from my past, neither of which I really remember. She followed me here, and has gone completely batshit insane, and has been haunting me like a very violent ghost whenever I use my magic. While she's the direct cause of the appearance of the golden weapons, she hasn't acted as much more than a provider, not seeming to have any real plan or direction other than to torment me. She doesn't account for what anyone really does when they're given a golden weapon, such as some immediately losing theirs to outside forces such as Kilgore. Confronting her is impossible, but sometimes from her madness and cluttered brain, I can glean some hints about things that are going on. One such hint has been that someone known as a "Prophet" is after Mami. And judging from the writing on this head, it's someone who knows about the golden weapons, and possibly is merely a vehicle for a vendetta against me, or possibly but less likely, the Officio.

So yeah. I've got a little pink bird on my shoulder. One named Faust."

>> No.25195687

Is that from one of the first threads or something?

>> No.25195695


From when Pinky was breaking us out of Midori's illusion.

>> No.25195713

>Telling him everything

>> No.25195715

I'm of the opinion that we really, really need to not try and introduce Pinky to others. She may hate Kyuubey now, but there's no guarantee she's going to really hate anyone else that much less once they intrude in her "Special Place" with Homura.

I know Pinky can be really moe at times but we really need to be prepared for the possibility that she may be undeniably insane in unpredictable ways, and we may straight up get someone murdered if we're not careful.

>> No.25195727

Sadly we don't actually know everything
As far back as we know was the first encounter at Charles bar

>> No.25195738

If we must do the introductions, then first we fill her up with pancakes. Butter her up so to say.

>> No.25195741

If you want something better, do your own write-in.

>> No.25195747

>the possibility that she may be undeniably insane

This isn't a possibility, this is precisely what's going on here.

>> No.25195756

It doesn't actually have anything Homura couldn't already guess from context clues. Pinky makes it very obvious they have some kind of mutual history.

>> No.25195758


>> No.25195760

We should ask her first. Stop time and say we WANT to introduce her to the rest of our social circle so that our friends can be her friends too. If she's ok with that, and promises to play nice with anyone who isn't us, then we pull more people in and have a Timestop Pinky Pancake Party,

>> No.25195766

I'd agree
Introducing her to people is overall a bad idea
Bringing her gifts like mamicakes? Good

>> No.25195768


We could always ask first.

The previous thread she didnt seem toooo dismissive of meeting others. And she did call midori, midorin. Thats some affection there, no matter how little.

>> No.25195769

I know, but I figure some people might confuse her for the moe-moe easily-pacified kind of insane.

>> No.25195772


>tfw Mami will be in mortal peril and we have to stop time to save her
>tfw we get her killed by Pinky when we drag her into timestopland with us

>> No.25195774


Problem with that, it only works if they're in physical contact with us.

Kinda hard to have a "party" when everyone's touching you.

Unless, you know, it's THAT kind of party.

>> No.25195775


No. That's "Fuck you."-levels of retarded.

>> No.25195778

Wait, won't that lead to Pinky plotting to steal our Mami and keep her for herself?

>> No.25195785

They weren't dismissive because most people thought they didn't need to say anything

It is a fucking terrible idea and stop trying to push it now

>> No.25195791

No it's not. It makes perfect sense. If she says no it goes no further.
At least she'll be safe. Pinky would go apeshit if her pancake supply became threatened.

>> No.25195809


I'm sorry, what? I was talking about pinky, not quest goers. Check her dialogue immediately after chiaki spoke to iori. Pinky difnt shoot it down immediately and seemed to consider it.

>> No.25195815

Fuck you, it is a terrible idea kindly go jump in front of a speeding train

That entire chain of thought leads to nothing but death and bad end

Midori was a one off, we can't go "oh pinky plays nice with people" based on a random occurrence of his insane whims

>> No.25195817

As we've so amply proved, her affections are not really a desirable thing in their current state.

>> No.25195823

She might have a slight soft spot for Midori because she went on an adventure with her and probably knows that she helped save Chiaki(if Sane Madoka has any lingering influence, it may be there as well), but other than that.. Being a romantic rival is a wildcard. It might provide a few points, but at the same time we should be careful that trying to push them together might make Pinky renege on the whole "letting her live so I can win fairly" deal.

>> No.25195829

She also said "I'll be waiting" or somesuch similar when we said we'd get her some pancakes.

>> No.25195831

Like the Watermelon End kind of party, if you know what I mean.

>> No.25195857


The thing is that its not that easy to tell how she would react.

Maybe she will go "Buh special place" on the other hand she did kind of react to Chiaki telling her that she wanted to introduce her to some friends tonight.

I think it might be okay if its Mami and/or Midori.

That said, the main thing is, do we really trust or friends enough to tell them about our connection to Pinky and do we really want to drag them into this mess.
The only people who know of her so far and are involved are Katerina and Midori.

I believe that we may be able to keep her sanity in check if we show her that we don`t ignore her, as in, bringing Midori or someone else along. Remember that she isn`t able to fully interact with the physical world so she probably doesn`t get much visitors.

Other than Crazy Worshippers, that is.

>> No.25195895

[X]Tell him.

This feels familiar...

>> No.25195913

Uh, voting was only twenty minutes long, remember? Sorry.

>> No.25195917


Hence why try need to get to know each other better. If midori keeps as she keeps doing, pinky wont be inclined to just off her so easily.

>> No.25195937

This one

>> No.25195957

>Doesn't get much visitors
>Other than Crazy Worshippers, that is.

I highly doubt they can access timestop space.
And if they can then we're fucked.

>> No.25195964

We're not bringing anybody in unless Pinky explictly allows it. And even then, it's a bad idea because she can flip to FoFA at any time during the meeting.

>> No.25195975

Not timestops, but they can interact with Pinky. Like Kharn or the chick who pulled a golden weapon on Pinky.

Timestops are just for her and us.

>> No.25195978


This may be something to consider long-term. Though Pinky says she'll compete fairly with Midori for Chiaki's affections, that doesn't mean that she won't go back on that if she gets super-jealous AND if we keep treating Pinky as an exposition NPC. Though attempting to obviously play Pinky and Midori's affections simultaneously could also backfire if not handled carefully.

>> No.25195982

Is this a retcon?
Was taking QB into timestop land so bad?

>> No.25195989

At least tell him to turn on the anti-scrying or whatever measures before telling him. Do we know if pinky can hear us while we're outside the timestop?

>> No.25195993

you idiot

>> No.25195998

Well... it was a bad idea, but also there was a miscount with the votes.

>> No.25195999

It was a vote miscount that enraged a lot of people cause it went Full Retard in events. So Deculture gave us a do-over.

>> No.25196003

It wasn't that it was bad but that it was actually outvoted 2 to 1 by tell him

>> No.25196004

read the discussion at the end of the last thread in the archive

>> No.25196007

I think it was mostly the Holy Shitstorm it caused.

>> No.25196013

Given Pinky's strength, are we sure that turning on the anti-scry will stop her from listening in?

She must be biting her hankerchief every time we interact with anybody. At this rate, we might need to buy a waifu special from the cafeteria to placate her.

>> No.25196018

That depends.
Do you consider pissing off a Yandere god in full blown witch mode bad?

>> No.25196028

Honestly I would have liked to see a [X] Bad End and time warp back to the start of this

It might have been interesting

Also it could have had cool little reality warping side effects and next time we saw pinky there could be a huge amount of dead person lying about

>> No.25196036

What's this? Did the OP decide to actually retcon a WHOLE thread?

>> No.25196042


>no one remembers the insane ramblings

>> No.25196043

>we might need to buy a waifu special from the cafeteria to placate her.
I... actually like this idea.

We could buy her lunch and share it in our private office.

>> No.25196046

That said, while it was right to want a retcon, a lot of people took it too far and took to shouting at Decu over Twitter.

>> No.25196049

One choice.
Which was practically the only choice we made that thread.

>> No.25196057


Nah, pancakes better.

Feed her pancakes,
lick honey off her.

>> No.25196060

What's this? Are you incapable of reading the last thing we talked about?

>> No.25196068

Just read the last archived thread
Poor Decu
Have some June Brides

>> No.25196079

That's not worthy of a retcon. That's actually more worthy of discarding the whole game in disgust at the entitlement of people.

>> No.25196082


Or Chiaki making her pancakes from scratch. It'd be horrible and inedible and would make the flesh of fallen angels look like a five-star meal, but the thought might count for something. Right?

Or have another, better meal that wasn't kitbashed together by Chiaki ready just in case.

>> No.25196085

Oh, yeah, I totally agree. I was in the last thread advocating for "Guys just fucking trust Decu to handle this correctly".

Didn't we already discuss why licking sticky substances off another person is a bad idea? Do we really want to suddenly walk out of our office covered in something sticky and looking dishevelled?

Yes. Yes we do.

>> No.25196086

Please. When Kyoko gets married, she'll be in a tux.

>> No.25196091

If by "entire thread" you mean "One choice at the end due to vote miscount", then you'd be a bit more correct.

>> No.25196101


Off the corner of her mouth after feeding her, I meant.

Not during snoo snoo.

>> No.25196104

'Kay. Thanks for sharing.

>> No.25196105

that one choice happened to be the very first choice of the thread IIRC

but can we please stop talking about this and move on?

>> No.25196110

But Kyoko is a GIRL

>> No.25196111

Chiaki's an alcoholic, leaving while mysteriously sticky and disheveled is something she's probably already known for.

>> No.25196112

>adult Kriemhild Gretchen
>dat insane grin
>dat outfit
Being so turned on by Magical Girl is suffering.

>> No.25196113

> took to shouting at Decu over Twitter

Summer guys.

Summer is here in full swing.

>> No.25196118

Decu's favorite meguca is Kyoko, focus more on her if you want to cheer him up.

>> No.25196122


>> No.25196137

Guys, what's done is done and Deculture has handled the situation

Yes people got pissed, no they did not yell at him over twitter yes people were assholes in thread but some actually stuck around and sorted things out and made suggestions which Deculture took on board

Let's not derail this to autosage asking and discussing the same thing over and over, if someone is really that stupid as to ask while we have been discussing if there was a retcon leave them to figure it out

>> No.25196142


>> No.25196148

Someone has good taste.

>> No.25196152

Funny thing, I'm pretty sure Sayaka is the man of the relationship.

She still wears the dress though, and Kyoko wears the suit..

>> No.25196158

>a lot of people took it too far and took to shouting at Decu over Twitter.
Confirmed for not reading Decu's twitter on the matter.
Drop this shit and let's move the fuck on.

>> No.25196161

Red/Blue ship is fine too?

>> No.25196162


>> No.25196165


Was there shouting on twitter?

I don;t think so, mate.

>> No.25196176

Please don't say you are LAZY
Hontou wa ni wa CRAZY....

>> No.25196188

She's messing up the *watermelon* end!

Get her!

>> No.25196191


>> No.25196202


>> No.25196219


>> No.25196233

>> No.25196234

> took to shouting at Decu over Twitter

Do we follow the same guy on twitter? Because I saw people rather trying to cheer him up than shouting at him.

>> No.25196243

Homura has got SWAG hat

>> No.25196266

Even while casual, Mami <3 teacups

>> No.25196290

Homura always has a swag hat.

>> No.25196296

The picture dump is nice but please, we are already well over 100 posts and autosage is 300
We don't want this falling off early

>> No.25196300

>Homu fedora

Of course.

>> No.25196305

I would rather her saucers if you know what I mean.

>> No.25196340

There will never be a MGNQ video game.

>> No.25196357

At this point, Kyuubey has proved himself to be far more reliable (for a given measure of it) than his canon counterpart.

>[X] Tell him.

I'd cough up money just to see that, but would it be VN-style or along the lines of Max Payne-esque shooters?

>> No.25196376

Why not both?! With the latter you could add a few extra things you couldn't do with a VN though, like having Miracle Midori manga hidden on every level, with a bonus for collecting them all!

>> No.25196384

It would play like Hotline Miami.

>> No.25196386

Someone in a thread a while back mentioned wanting to make a MGNQ fighting game, though I don't think that ended up going anywhere, sadly.

>> No.25196392

With romance options.

>> No.25196393

>>25195460 >>25195472 >>25195474 >>25195486

You decide to tell him, finally, about Pinky. About Faust.

You don't tell him, everything, of course, but just enough to stress just how much fucked up your situation is with her. About how she doesn't just appear in your dreams - she's actively there, every single time you've stopped time using your shield.

About how she seems to know a horrific lot about you, and how she's been handing out the Golden Weapons to try and get you into some sort of game with them and their users. Like some sort of tournament or deathmatch, except all the participants have a penchant of going stark raving mad during halftime.

You also give him the reason why you know that someone, somewhere, wants Tomoe Mami dead - she's all but warned you about it, but in a much more oblique way. About how a prophet needing to die, or else Mami will be the one doing the dying.

You've told most of this to him before, already, back when you had your debriefing after Kirika's retirement. The warning, of course, is a new one.

You don't tell him about your suspicions, though. About how she may have helped Midori with pulling you out of that barrier.

He doesn't need to know that. The Incubator may be a damn sight better than most of his brothers, but you know how the little mutant cat bastard's mind works.

"I see. So your association with Faust isn't as minor as you'd lead me to believe, then, Matsuda." Despite his unchanging expression, Kyuubey almost looks...disappointed, somewhat. "Still. I'm glad you came forward with this information." He taps at the keyboard on his desk, and the entire room darkens as the wall screens come alive - each one blinking before displaying a portion of Faust's grief seed hovering behind the moon.

The surface is...much more cracked than you remember. Like the surface of an egg just about to hatch. Towering, barbed spikes of steel and stone jutting out from where the fissures converge.


>> No.25196398

I'd pay up for an open world RPG.

>> No.25196402


"As you can see, the surface has become much more volatile. We believe something may happen soon enough, although we're not sure what. Some are saying that it will give birth to a Witch stronger than anything we've encountered before. Others are saying that a 'Blessed Lady' will rise and bring the world into the heaven it deserves to be. Lots of scenarios, none of them proven or attractive." the Incubator turns briefly to look at the display, before swiveling back to face you. "In any case, we're still observing it closely."

...Can't you just blast it out of space, then? If it's posing that kind of threat?

"I knew you'd suggest that. Predictably, violence is your first recourse to anything, isn't it, Matsuda?" Kyuubey seems to smirk, here. "Of course, a few of my brothers share your sentiment. The Eighth in particular was very vocal about having it destroyed, as well as the Seventh - strangely enough. Of course, we outvoted them. It seems like such a waste, and it warrants further study."

Even if you already know that it's the Grief Seed of a Witch that's haunting Magical Girls and leaving them dead?

"The attrition rate isn't that high, admittedly. There's been a marked decrease of reported sightings or deaths related to those sightings."

But still--

It's then that Kyuubey's eyes narrow at you. "Let's not turn this into a discussion of morality, Matsuda. The First believes - and I am forced to agree, myself - that if we manage to find a way to leverage the energy that Faust's Grief Seed contains, then we will have enough resources to stave off this universe's heat death for millennia."


>> No.25196409

So like GTA, Farcry, ect with side missions and things to do between the story line stuff? That I would play the shit out of.

>> No.25196413


...Well. You're relieved that he's still the cold, unfeeling businessman you remember.

"I'll consider that a comment made under duress of adjusting to your new rank, Matsuda." Kyuubey replies archly, before tapping at his keyboard again. The display fades, and the room is flooded in white light once more.

"Very well, I've alerted the Rank Leaders, as well as our last remaining Culexus. They'll convene in your office in ten minutes. As for the security detail, I will have a squad of Eversors and Vindicares shadowing Tomoe Mami whenever she's outdoors." He looks up at you. "Is there anything else you'd like to add or ask? As you can see, Matsuda, I have paperwork to take care of - right before you went ahead and interrupted me."

Mouthy little bastard cat.

How do you respond?

>> No.25196430

And Plot!

Going full Murderface on people is fun and all, but I'd like to see Chiaki run around doing things. The VN portions would probably be mini-games or summat.

>> No.25196439

Shoot him.

>> No.25196444

I think that's all we got.
>[x]Go to office and wait

>> No.25196447

That is all thank you boss

>> No.25196451

Don't think we have much more to say. Lets acknowledge and go.

>> No.25196453

"I need a forensics team on who this girl was.
"Also, has there been any movement from the 10th? I think he still has it out for me, and he may be a complication in future missions."

>> No.25196462


Out of curiosity, would using 'that energy' kill her?

And what now, now that you know of our relationship.

>> No.25196467



What about the Prophet, though?

>> No.25196469

Remar that better be more careful of powerful toys.
You never know when they are going to shoot you in the face.

Aaaaaand leave

>> No.25196471


Might as well ask for information on any girls who might fit the profile for "Prophet". Foresight, precognition, visions, future sight, or any related powers.

>> No.25196473

[x] Ask to have the dead girl identified and if Jyuubei has been making any motions.

>> No.25196474

>[x] Get whatever department handles that sort of thing to find out who'se head this is.

>> No.25196478

I think we should mention Wendy and her haunting our dreams. Could bring up vital info.

>> No.25196486

Ask about the prophet. Then thank him for his time and take our leave.

>> No.25196487

Did we want to tell him about the media suppression that we wanted for Iori? Or would that be something to be discussed with the various heads that are going to be assembled at the meeting?

>> No.25196497

[x] Get forensics done on the head, ask if Jyuubei has made a move against the Officio, and ask if anyone in our database matches the Prophet.

>> No.25196498

[x]Get a forensics team on the head, yeah. Might be some lingering clues. ...Also identifying her and burying her would be cool.

Don't forget your [x]s for votes, people, new rules at play.

>> No.25196502


Nah, lets not.


No harm asking this. Has the dynamic changed? Why did he sound disappointed? Shadowruns are in full effect.

>> No.25196508

No shooting the boss. We agreed on that.
But then, for the outside world, QB is mascot of his own company - they sure make some sort of plushies to his image. Let's get a crate for target practice.

>> No.25196513


Media suppression we can check with Mami or ask the rank leaders on who is the head.

No need to let the boss know of this.

>> No.25196525 [DELETED] 


[X] This.

[X] And, also, if worse comes to worse, do we have the firepower to actually destroy Faust's Grief Seed? Might be worth knowing.

>> No.25196529

'That will be adequate."

"Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a War to plan."

>> No.25196532

>QB is mascot of his own company - they sure make some sort of plushies to his image. Let's get a crate for target practice.

We should stop at a toy store on the way home later.

>> No.25196538

>"Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a War to master."

>> No.25196541

But he made a head joke.
[x]Get the head identified.

>> No.25196543


If I had to pick, I'd take these:
[x] Get forensics done on the head, ask if Jyuubei has made a move against the Officio, and ask if anyone in our database matches the Prophet.


[X] Ask Kyuubey for Media suppression on our fiasco the meet with Iori.


[X] Thank Kyuubey.

>> No.25196555

Run forensics on the head, get the media machine rolling to cover our Iori spaghetti, and make an offhand remark that Faust won't be as easily chained as the thing in Siberia.

>> No.25196564

I like it, but let's save it for a bigger moment.

>> No.25196574

I think coobs is disappointed we lied to him.

>hurt by lies

What fresh hell is this?

>> No.25196588

He's hurt that someone else thought of it. Or possibly that we directly lied rather than following in our sensei's footsteps of omission, half-truths and false implications.

>> No.25196592

[X] What do you know about the Pleiades Saints?

>> No.25196601

This is also the Kyubey that, instead of being a lazy bastard prone to lying by omission just for the sake of having his delicious emotions, decided to go professional and make a corporation out of letting girls sell their souls.

I'd say he's a step-up from his canon-self. As an aside, do you think Coob's MG's get any benefits?

>> No.25196618


It was mentioned in an earlier thread that the Officio payed for the education of any girl that felt inclined to continue studying. And he has some sort of retirement plan, if Kharn is any indication. So no witching out even if you're no longer in active combat and collecting Grief Seeds.

>> No.25196621

IIRC he went over a list of some that they get when he was contracting Yuma, but I don't remember others there were other than schooling and a place to stay if needed.

>> No.25196625

Well since we have a med bay we get private health care for a start.

>> No.25196642

>no witching out even if you're no longer in active combat and collecting Grief Seeds.

Considering how little witch hunting we do I suspect QB is already geting them from somewhere else. Probably Walpurgis.

>> No.25196656

I always wondered how coobs gets all the grief seeds to do that. There can't be that many witches roaming about to support everyone. Does he just take the despair right out of them and send them back or something?

>> No.25196666


"Become a Magical Girl and receive numerous benefits! Including a lovely retirement plan!"

>1/2 Shadowruns

Would it be too much of a stretch to say Kyuubey had a hand in Chiaki being haunted by Pinky 24/7?

>> No.25196667


It was also mentioned that Chiaki annihilated an entire office building taken over by witches. Think it was Midori who mentioned that, so it might be rumor-mill exaggeration. Point is, Witch hunting gets done, but it's just not the sort of assignment we've encountered a lot.

There are over one thousand girls in the Ninth. Sure there are plenty on the streets hunting Witches right now.

>> No.25196702

But that would imply that some stretches of Japan are absolute breeding grounds for Witches, if that many number of Magical Girls can go hunting and not run out of them pretty damn quick.

>> No.25196716

There is the thing in Siberia which we are pretty sure is a grief seed factory

>> No.25196727


Or there's a Familiar farming scheme going on.

Or there are more Incubators like Jyubey who aren't above forcing girls wot Witch out.

Or Faust's Grief Seed is influencing things more than people imagined.

Or a good mental health care plan is not part of the contract.

Or the world is more crapsack than we've encountered so far.

>> No.25196735

Confirmation would be nice, though.

This. We going full Shadowrun now.

>> No.25196762


[X] Get a forensics team on the head, yeah. Might be some lingering clues. ...Also identifying her and burying her would be cool.

[X] Ask about any information on this Prophet.

Professional. Chucklefucks can die in a fire.

>> No.25196866

Oh, goodie, retcon.

You know, I bet you Pinky is still going to be cranky.

Or at least needle us over it when we go back with everyone.

>> No.25196877


Well, she IS a god.

>> No.25196894


No matter which way we put it, we're still screwed. What we can pick is how Pinky will fuck us.

>> No.25196913

When you phrase it like that it doesn't sound too bad.

>> No.25196940

>>25196543 >>25196462 >>25196471 >>25196473

Since he asked, you'd like the identity of the girl who had her head get used as the proverbial brick thrown through the window in this case. Surely Kyuubey has people that can take care of something like that? See if they can find out anything - fingerprints, hair, the usual kind of forensic stuff that can clue you in as to who sent the package.

"Yes, of course. I'll have the remains properly disposed afterwards, as well." Kyuubey looks down at the package once more, shaking his head, before placing the lid back and patting it gently. "I can say for sure, though, that this was an uncontracted civilian. Always the pity, reallly, whenever innocent bystanders get involved."

...Well. You'd also like to have media suppression on anything that may be about your meeting with Iori, earlier. It...didn't really go as planned, and you'd like to spare her the embarrassment of it having to be seen on the news.

"...Are you saying, Matsuda, that you've already caused an incident worthy of a news blackout, and you've been Warmaster for only a day or so?"

Yes. That's what you're saying.

"I see." Kyuubey nods. "Well, you might be disappointed to know that Kharn managed to do the same thing an hour after being formally declared Warmaster. So you didn't break that record of hers, if that was your aim. If it wasn't, though, then consider me quite relieved that my new Warmaster is turning out to be an improvement over the last."

An hour? God...God dammit, Kharn.

Anyway, besides that, the thing about the Prophet--

"Yes, yes, I'm ahea--er, I considered that in advance. I'm having our staff compile a list of any Magical Girl with abilities that match that of a prophet - precognition and its many forms. I'll have it sent directly to you as soon as it's done."

Right. Well. That's...that's it, really. You've nothing else to say.

...Has there anything changed, though? Now that you've told him the truth about you and Pinky?


>> No.25196947

>What we can pick is how Pinky will fuck us.

>> No.25196957

>implying gods can't be bitches

>> No.25196958


"Hmm?" Kyuubey looks up at you, seemingly in the middle of reorganizing his papers. "Besides the initial disappointment, Matsuda, nothing else has changed. I'd have liked you to have been more forthcoming the first time I asked you, but what's done is done. I only hope that you'll be just as honest the next time I need information from you."

You'll...try your best.

"That seems to be the most I can hope for. Very well, Matsuda, you're excused. Don't let me detain you."

You nod, and leave the Incubator to his work. The double doors closing behind you with a click as you walk through them, and back to the elevator.

What do you do now?

[]Go directly to your office and wait.
[]Call Mami to make sure she's okay.

>> No.25196962

>[]Call Mami to make sure she's okay.
>To our office

>> No.25196966

>[X]Go directly to your office and wait.

>> No.25196968

>[]Go directly to your office and wait.

>> No.25196976


[X] Call Mami to make sure she's okay
[X] Go to your office

>> No.25196977

>[X]Call Mami to make sure she's okay.

We know she was with Sayaka, but what the hell, why not. Also
>Well, you might be disappointed to know that Kharn managed to do the same thing an hour after being formally declared Warmaster

Top lel. I wonder how.

>> No.25196982

>[X] Call Mumi
>[X] To office

>> No.25196986


[X] Go directly to your office and wait.

And while we're getting there:
[X] Call Mami to make sure she's okay.
[X] Ask about our personal file, we have some reading to do.

>> No.25196987

[x] call Mami to make sure nothing has gone wrong.
[x] go to our office and wait

>> No.25196994

[x] Go directly to Mami. Do not pass go, do not collect adorable kohai.
Chiaki needs hugs badly.

>> No.25196995

>I wonder how.

>wearing the hat
>pic related

>> No.25196997

>[x]Call Mami to make sure she's okay.
>[x]Go directly to your office and wait.

It might be worth seeing if Oriko is up to no good. Even if she hasn't contracted, she might be using some connections that her father had to pull some strings and make bad stuff happen. She also has ample reason to hate Matsuda.

>> No.25196999


Knowing Kharn, it probably involved murder or lewdness

>> No.25197010

Probably both.
No, certainly both.

>> No.25197020

[X] Call Mami
[X] heading to our office

Don't sugar coat it to her either, while breaking a great mood by talking to her is the last thing we want to do she needs to know how serious this is

>> No.25197024


Damn it all, is Kharn turned on by snuff porn?

>> No.25197031

>[x]Call Mami to make sure she's okay.

>> No.25197034

>[x]Go directly to your office and wait.

[x] Call Mami en route.

>> No.25197040

[x] Call Mami to make sure she's okay
Have we actually given her a "someone might be out to kill you" warning at any point since we got back? I don't think we have...
Also, is voting going to default to 20 minutes from post for now on? There wasn't a time limit at the end of this one...

>Captcha: congress erebaonN
Now now, captcha, there'll be plenty of time for... congress... with Midori later. We have work to do.

>> No.25197072

Well I think it is mainly the fact that there isn't much that Kharn ISN'T turned on by more than she is turned on by that

Deculture always did sort of have a 20 minute limit for voting because he would wait and then start writing after 20m passed with the consensus he could see

>> No.25197075

[x]Give Mumi a quick call, then wait in the office.

Glad to see things are going smoothly again. Loved the OP, decupyon.

>> No.25197084

Yes, but in the previous decision post it was officially "voting stops right then" rather than "voting stops at the vague time Decu starts writing, which we can't tell from in-thread"

>> No.25197112

>[x]Call Mami to make sure she's okay.

Make it short, we have a few other calls to make as well. First is down to the infirmary, see if Midori is awake. If she is, have here wheeled up for this(insist on the wheelchair.) She should be here, but she isn't fully rested yet.

Are Sayaka and Kyoko going to be there as well? They probably should be. If they can't make it in the time allotted they can listen in over an intercom.

>> No.25197141


Maybe not Kyouko, she's with Midori right now. Either at the apartment or going over mission details. Sayaka probably. She was mentioned as the most likely candidate for our Eversor Rank Leader so she'd probably get called in for such a meeting.

>> No.25197172


I mean they need to be here as our aides.

>> No.25197191

That can wait until after working hours. They're still on the clock.

>> No.25197198

Was referring to this guy:

My bad.

>> No.25197207

MG Noir: The VN

>> No.25197215


Also, I'm assuming it's still the day before they needed to start on their mission, sometime in the afternoon if not nighttime. Thus Midori should still be bedridden.

>> No.25197222


I love you so much

>> No.25197226

Obvious reference aside, shouldn't it be "bow" instead? Since that's her weapon.

>> No.25197244

Perhaps it's a metaphorical sword.

>> No.25197250


>> No.25197258

Like... like her dick?

>> No.25197262

This seems like it would be fucking awesome if not for being physically impossible.

>> No.25197266

Either that or she has a dick.

>> No.25197271

But that's not metaphorical.

>> No.25197280

I did it both to make sure the reference wasn't lost on people, and also because Pinky is insane.

>> No.25197281


Tends to reduce your oxygen supply to insufficient levels after the first twenty seconds or so. Less fun than it looks.

>> No.25197482

>>25196962 >>25196966 >>25196968 >>25196977

You make your way back to your office just as you take out your smartphone and dial in Mami's number. The blonde answers after the second ring, and she seems to be in a rather populated area, from the buzz in the background. She also sounds like she was in the middle of talking to someone just before she answered.

"Take care, Sayaka-chan! Ah, please don't run!" You hear something that sounds slightly like someone snarling 'FUCK MURDERFACE' underneath her breath, and Mami tut-tutting directly afterward. "Sayaka-chan, please watch your language! ...Um, anyway, yes, Chiaki-san? Can I help you with anything? I'm just having tea in the cafeteria at the moment." A giggle. "I heard you caused quite the commotion here, earlier. Something about buying a Waifu Special for somebody? And acting really cool about it?"

...You have no comment to that.

"Really, now?" Another giggle. "All kidding aside, Chiaki-san, you should be more careful about how people might see you. You're Warmaster now, and while I know you don't particularly care about how anyone may think of you...you need to start taking care of your reputation." You can hear the smile in her voice. "And I might get jealous of who you bought that lunch for - whoever it was."

Uh. Um. Well. Er. You have no reply to that, other than the silent noises you're making, your jaw working up and down, trying to form words.

That hat, seriously. You should ask Kharn about it when you get the chance.

"Um, Chiaki-san? Are you still there? ...Chiaki-san?"

You reply to the affirmative. You're still on the line. And you were calling to...to see if she's okay.

"Well, of course I'm okay, Chiaki-san. Why would you ask?" A pause. "Is...is everything alright? Is there something I should know, Chiaki-san?"

Do you tell Mami about the threat to her life?

[]Tell her.
[]Don't tell her.

>> No.25197507

>[X]Tell her.

>> No.25197516

>[X]Tell her.

>> No.25197524


>[]Tell her.

She deserves the truth.

>> No.25197525


Well fuck you too Mickey. If you weren't Kyokbro's girlfriend I'd have killed you by now.

>> No.25197526

[x]Don't tell her YET. But do tell her something unpleasant has happened.

>> No.25197532

[X] tell her and request her presence at the meeting to coordinate a response

While we only have a solid threat against Mami for the time being we need to treat need to treat this as a threat to the entire officio as well, Mami knows the organization, the people and most importantly the weaknesses it may have

>> No.25197535

[x]Tell her.

We would gain nothing from not telling her, she's a professional. She's not going to shit a ribbon-brick.

>> No.25197544

[x]tell her
"I'm worried that someone will try to get at the Warmaster, by going after the people she cares about. Please be careful, Mami."

>> No.25197553

>[X]Tell her.

>> No.25197561

>[]Tell her

>> No.25197566

>[]Tell her.

>> No.25197573

>[X]Tell her.


>> No.25197575


[X]Tell her.

>> No.25197591

[x]Tell her.

She's going to find out eventually anyway when several squads of magical girls start to shadow her every move. But right now is when she is most vulnerable before the girls are assigned to Mami detail and most of the Officios top magical girls are stuck in a meeting. The Prophet was probably expecting this to happen... shit, they are probably going to make a move right now.

>> No.25197602

[x]Tell her!

Sure, we want Mami to keep smiling, but we can hardly risk the possibility of never getting to see her smile ever again.

>> No.25197610

>Mami in a public place
>Sayaka just left
She's vulnerable. OH FUCK.

>> No.25197629


She's in the cafeteria. That's in the building.

Probably not THAT vulnerable.

>> No.25197634

She's also in a Cafeteria full of Magical Girls.


>> No.25197639


she's in the cafeteria, having tea

>> No.25197644

She's in the MG cafeteria.

[x]Tell her, but try and awkwardly fail to soften the blow.

>> No.25197650

Hurp. Misread that as at a cafe. My bad guys, we can panic slightly less.

>> No.25197651

Unless The lunch lady is behind it all. DUN DUN DUN!

>> No.25197667


>> No.25197670


>> No.25197673

Where's that MGNQ/Shadowrun pic? I haven't saved it yet.

>> No.25197682

Pick up a Waifu Special for Pinky later?

>> No.25197684


When we gave Midori the job description for contractees of the Ninth Officio the list included assassination, extortion, kidnapping, among others.

Mami's worked at this longer than we have.

There is nothing to soften here.

>> No.25197704


>[X]Tell her

we can do it in person, and subtly get the waifu special for pinky on the way out

>> No.25197705


>> No.25197718


We know the 10th has people on the inside of The Officio because of the conversation we had with him in Siberia. I think it's safe to assume every incubator has spys on every other incubator. I don't think the entire caff is going to turn in Mamis direction as Sayaka leaves the room. But I wouldn't doubt that one person just got up from their seat and is going to casually walk by her with a gun or a poisoned dagger.

>> No.25197726

>Mami's the prophet
>Pinky's warning was a roundabout, Incubator-esque way of saying Mami is doomed to die either at our hand, or by her own folly in the war for the Golden Weapons
>The head wasn't a threat against Mami, it was a warning about her

>> No.25197745

>tfw paranoid

>> No.25197752


[X] Tell her.

Mami needs to know.

>> No.25197771

>Don`t tell her.

Are you people really that shortsighted? Are you guys really that dense?

It was implied that she takes her privacy seriously and now you outright tell her that there will be people around her at all the times because we got freaked out.

Instead, the alternative would have been, like QB implied, some Megucas following her silently nad protecting her from the shadows.

Great fucking job at being subtle about anything, guys.

>> No.25197789

there's already one for PSP

In one of the endings sayakalives happily ever after with kyokountil walmart night shows up

>> No.25197804

[X]Tell her.

>> No.25197810


Also yes! Please tell her while she is having a lunch with Sayaka and/or someoine else that someone carved up some poor girl into her liking. That will surely make her day! You guys should totally do that do!

>> No.25197812

You're seriously proposing we don't tell her that there's a likely-immediate threat on her life?

I don't say this kind of thing very often, but are you retarded?

If she has a problem with the guards we're assigning her she can arrange them how she likes because she's a high-ranking officer in the Officio and a big girl that can deal with problems.

>> No.25197824

We are telling her about the threat not the fucking security you retard

>> No.25197828


This is chiaka we are talking about. We would do anything to keep Mami safe and destroy the world to kill anyone who harms her. I think we should just move her down the the sealed weapons vault and keep her safe there. We can even move in with her.

Jokes aside, its only temporary until we take out The Prophet.

>> No.25197830


I want the chucklefucks to leave

>> No.25197834

What if one or more of the girls QB picks to protect her is a spy?

>> No.25197850

But anon, didn't you know? We were the spy the entire time.

>> No.25197862


QB can skim surface thoughts and, it has been implied, get considerably more if he feels like it.

It seems unlikely if he picks the spies himself.

>> No.25197867

That's why we have no memories. We're a brain washed sleeper agent waiting to be activated.

>> No.25197868

After this phone call, we might want to get a waifu special for Mami too. If she doesn't stop flirting with us, we may think we actually have a chance with her.

>> No.25197881


>> No.25197885

>Being subtle and choosing the right place & time to do that
>Being a chucklefuck

Please tell me that you are just trolling and that you don`t seriously believe that.

>> No.25197889


I'm pretty sure he is going to pick the most well vetted magical girls for this job. He considers her an important enough asset that he didn't have us killed at her request after all.

>> No.25197912

[x] Tell her
This is the whole reason we called her.

>> No.25197916

>"Joking" about moving in with Mami
This could be our foot in the door.

>> No.25197925


This. Mami is too big an asset for Kyuubey to lose. Good secretaries are hard to find.

>> No.25197927

>Mami actually wants us
>That's why Pinky got so mad about us being nice to her
>But we're convinced she's way out of our league
>Mami looks on sadly as the only girl she's ever had romantic feelings for hooks up with Midori
>Mami goes full FotFA out of angst over not having us

>We buy Mami a lunchbox
>Pinky mad
>So mad
>Advances Golden Weapons plan faster
>Goodbye Mami Tomoe

>> No.25197979

im still for Midori

>> No.25197983

>[X]Tell her.

Need to know basis.

She needs to know.

>> No.25197999

Amen brother. Look at these fools falling over Mami when she only started flirting when we were made warmaster. Midori accepted us when we were a failure.

>> No.25198002

[X] Tell her

>> No.25198007

Alternately alternately:
>Pinky already knows Mami's a big romantic rival who we fuss over even more than Midorin
>Unlike Midorin Pinky has no lingering feelings regarding Mami
>Pinky's thus already set a plan into motion to get the shit murdered out of Mami and have it not look like her fault

>> No.25198026

PInky you are of genius.

>> No.25198051

i get the feeling that this flirting is just her way if teasing us because this whole Warmaster thing is all her idea in the first place. and as warmaster, she has the most powerful person in the officio in the palm of her hands. remember, she is very good at manipulation.

>> No.25198058

Don't forget the part where she has a golden musket too.

>mumi goes crazy

>> No.25198063


>Putting someone's feeling over their safety

You're joking right?

>> No.25198078


Mami is not a delicate little flower; she was Warmaster before Kharn. Mami's tougher than she looks, she can take the bad news that someone has made a threat on her life.

>> No.25198104


You're being too harsh on Mami. She stood by us even after we disappointed her one time after the other. She was there all the times Chiaki got amnesia'd and always took her in as a friend.

Mumi's a saint.


Probably not the first time someone's threatened to kill her. She's been in the assassination business longer than us and if her flashback was any indication, she was damn good at it too.

>> No.25198108

>she was Warmaster before Kharn


>> No.25198124


After Kharn.

She was acting as interim Warmaster when Kharn was exiled to Siberia.

>> No.25198139

She was psuedo-warmaster after Kharn left, not before.

>> No.25198201

>Mami as the gently manipulative upperclassman benignly taking advantage of the hearts of others is even hotter than normal Mami for some reason.

>> No.25198205

See this is why I'm weary of her. I don't think she's going to do us harm or anything, but people seem to foget she isn't really all smiles and sunshine.

>> No.25198247

i know how u feel man. i think we all know how u feel

>> No.25198249

Pretty sure this is how Malal ran the place, albeit with a different kind of manipulation, and it worked out great.

>> No.25198261

She's a benign puppetmaster, so we might as well not tug the strings too hard. Especially since she was the first confirmed FoFA case we know of.

>> No.25198271

>implying that Mami isn't stupid as fuck too

Did you guys forget that she was the one that tipped Kirika that Murderface was ordered to kill her?

>> No.25198281

Kirika was her best friend before she got the sword and started to become unstable

>> No.25198284

I am okay with this

>> No.25198297

...Quick, anons. Think of something yellow that can be related to watermelons.

>> No.25198308

mami's head sticking up out of the sand

>> No.25198326

Pineappple salad

>> No.25198335

That was a special case. Remember, Kirika was a friend and another who had partaken of the Flesh. Was probably thinking Kirika could be salvaged like she was. Without Midorin and Misaka as stabilizing influences, we'd be next, in her eyes. Then that'd put undue pressure on her as a tainted one, and we all know how Mami gets under duress.

>> No.25198340


>> No.25198344

You bastard.

>> No.25198348


Bad anon! Bad!

No treat for you!

>> No.25198354

i dont get it

>> No.25198362

I hate you anon. I hate you the most.

I laughed though.

>> No.25198367

Well canary melons are yellow with green flesh.....

Also some breeds of watermelon can have yellow stripes

>> No.25198380

neither do i, someone care to explain?

>> No.25198388

It's a reference to Macross. One of the characters, despite being mortally wounded, uses his sheer manlyness to hide his injury long enough to make it to his girlfriend's house, who had promissed to make him her pineapple salad.
He died before he could take a bite ;_;

>> No.25198410


It's a joke from Macross. Explained in detail in Maximum Christmas #3. Just search for pineapple salad.

It's a death flag, basically.

>> No.25198411

I'm sorry, I couldn't help it, I just had to say it.
Wait, where did my name go?

>> No.25198417

Stupid thing was he would have lived had he not gone to his fucking girlfriends house and got some goddamned medical treatment instead

>> No.25198418

No matter what her intelligence level, it's still possible to sometimes make a mistake, especially an emotionally fueled one when she didn't have all the facts about the specific circumstances. Hell, Kirika probably didn't kill three squad's worth of magical girls like we did.

>> No.25198420


There are watermelons with yellow interior flesh. They tend to be sweeter than red watermelons, and a lot better IMO.

>> No.25198435

Well yeah, but I was just giving the simple version.

>> No.25198436

Pears? Bananas?

>> No.25198448

I'm not understanding this 'Watermelon end' business, someone wanna clue me in?

>> No.25198465

But there's now no Pink. I guess we can't have a harem either way.

>> No.25198467

Still needs to be pink, though...But you still need a kitchen knife, so it mostly works.

Watermelon end is the end that's green and pink - Midori and Pinky waifu end. We're...we're all nerds.

>> No.25198472

Well, that's surely a sign from god at what our ideal ultimate end would involve.

>> No.25198484

Midori is green. Pinky is pink. Watermelons are green and pink. Come on, anon. You can figure this one out. I believe in you.

>> No.25198489


>> No.25198493

The Pink is our internal organs, now external for us having the audacity to look at another girl with anything but murderous intent.

>> No.25198497


>> No.25198506

Midori is taller than Chiaki?

>> No.25198507


>> No.25198515

>still need a kitchen knife

Are you implying what I think you're implying?

>> No.25198537

You can't even see where PInky's other hand is. You think Chiaki's expression is from a double kiss?

>> No.25198541


>> No.25198549


needs a pineapple salad end version...

only happier.

>> No.25198551

wow that is hot.

>> No.25198556

Yeah, a bit

>> No.25198585

>>Midori is taller than Chiaki?

Homura is super short. Chiaki is super short. In Midori's arc, she confirmed that she was taller than Chiaki.

>>You're...being carried by Chiaki. While you were sleeping, she'd picked you up and hauled you onto her back, piggyback style. Even when you were a couple of inches taller than her, and...well, just a bit heavier (although you'll be quick to correct anyone who implies anything bad that it's just because you've a healthier diet than cigarettes and whisky).

>> No.25198590

Chiaki's short, though. I think Homura is...5'2? Chiaki's a bit older but she's still not going to come up much higher.

>> No.25198622

okay we filled this thread up pretty quickly, we don't even need to argue to do it!

>> No.25198632

I love the way you think

>> No.25198646


Warmaster hat makes us taller.

>> No.25198654


Homura's height range is given as 155~158 cm. Chiaki's probably a bit taller, but not by much.

No idea what that would be in imperial though.

>> No.25198656

we need a full body shot of this pic

>> No.25198682

~5'1 to 5'2.

>> No.25198689

we still have to give the girl back her undies (that ended up in Kharn's collection for some reason)

>> No.25198705

o, we know the reason

>> No.25198765

Chiaki was taller when she shot Midori's legs off.

But yeah, Midori's got some height on her. Homura's not the most vertically gifted person, and Midori was based appearance-wise on Shion Sonozaki, who is a bit of a Tall Schoolgirl.

>> No.25198771

did decu draw this or someone else?

>> No.25198802

>>25197507 >>25197516 >>25197524 >>25197535 >>25197561

You decide to tell her about the threat to her life, and you do so, but without going into the...specifics of the thing. Basically, you leave out the thing about the head, about the writing on the head, and what the head was made to look like. You just tell her that you're sure that someone wants to take her out, and was confident enough in their ability to do so that they personally sent YOU, the Warmaster, a warning.

Mami goes silent at this, not asking questions, merely asking you to continue as you pause every couple of sentences. The warmth in her voice replaced with a calm and collected professionality. You idly wonder if this is how she talks to the people she's about to kill - after all, Mami may be nice and everything, but you do know that to even be considered Warmaster, you need to be involved with quite a lot of missions. And Mami, if anything, was involved in a rather large number.

"I see. And...you're to meet with the rank leaders in a little bit, to discuss strategy in case of an attack?" You reply to the affirmative, and she makes a rather pleased noise. "Well, that's good, Chiaki-san. I was prepared to give you a primer on what to do as Warmaster in cases such as these, but...you're adapting to your position quite quickly. I may not have to give you that primer after all!"

Well, maybe...maybe you still need it. You're just reacting to the situation as you find it prudent.

...For someone who's just been told that someone's gunning for her, Mami sure sounds calm, though.

"Oh? Ahah, well, of course it's not something I wanted to hear, Chiaki-san," The blonde tells you in a chiding tone. "...but you might say I'm used to it. Remember, I was acting Warmaster for a time, and I was just about to get elected. I've received no less than four death threats during that time, most of which really came up nothing even after we investigated them."



>> No.25198808

Looks like his work.

>> No.25198813

style seems like decu in any case

+Rough, Thick Lines
+Distinctive Face

>> No.25198818


"Mmhmm. Of course, there was also that one time during a joint mission with the Third's Eversors...but a good friend of mine handled it quite well, if a bit excessively." She giggles, again. "That's why I'm not worried - because that good friend is telling me about this one right now, and she's doing a good job of handling it, too."

...Ah. Well. Um. Yes.

Mami does have this effect on you. You really can't understand why.

"Is there anything else, Chiaki-san? Only, um, there's suddenly a few people wanting to ask me about things. I suppose this is the security detail Kyuubey-san is talking about, hee."

...No. No, there's nothing else. Will...will she still be coming over? For your file and your haircut?

"I wouldn't miss it for the world, Chiaki-san, security detail or no." The tone in Mami's voice would have sweetened the most bitter cup of Duncan Hills Coffee money could buy. You spend a few moments blushing in silence before exchanging goodbyes, and the call ends.

You find yourself in front of your office. The door is wide open. You blink at this, and step inside, seeing four Magical Girls already loitering around. Two of them you don't recognize. One of them is leaning against the wall, wearing a Culexus hardsuit, helmet secured and visor down. The last one is Sayaka Miki, who seems to be the only one bothering to stand at formal attention when you stepped in.

"Warmaster in the premises!" Sayaka barks irritably. "For fuck's sake, Ashford, stop messing about! That's the Warmaster's throne!"


>> No.25198840

Wendy writefag posted this in his twitter. Pretty sure that's the origin of that pic.

>> No.25198858


"...I merely wanted to see what it felt like to use." The addressed girl - a rather short one, just a few inches taller than Misaka, with blonde pigtails and thick-framed glasses - murmurs in a calm monotone. She slides off of Kharn's throne, wincing in pain as she rubs her posterior with a gloved hand. On her back, you see what looks to be a strange, bulky handcannon, rather blocky and unorthodox in design, with blue stripes all over. "There was no need to shout."

"Ah, that's Sayaka-chan for you, always the high-strung one." The second of the unfamiliar girls say, stepping away from the bookcase. This one looks a bit...unorthodox too, wearing something akin to a kimono reserved for royalty and suchlike. Her long black hair very nearly touching the ground, the bangs cut in a severe line just above her half-hooded, sleepy eyes. She nods at you with a bedroom smile curling her lips.

"Warmaster. You summoned us, here we are." Her hand, covered by her kimono's overly-long sleeve, gestures to everyone else in the office. "The Rank Leaders of the Eversors, the Callidus, and the Vindicares. And I see that our one remaining Culexus is here, too."

The Culexus doesn't react to this, merely giving the merest inclination of her helm as acknowledgement. "Our esteemed Incubator was unfortunately sparse on the details as to why we've been called here, so I hope you would offer enlightenment regarding that."

...Yes. Well. There's a good reason, but...it hasn't even been ten minutes, is it?

"Punctuality is important," The one called Ashford murmurs, her amber eyes glowing behind her glasses. "It's not everyday that we get called into the Warmaster's office for a meeting."


>> No.25198868


"...Oh, that's right, Ashford. You were made Rank Leader after Kharn left." The girl in the kimono glances towards the door leading to the Warmaster's Quarters. "So many things happened in this office. Quite...quite a lot." A pink tinge colors her pale cheeks.

Yes. Well. You don't need to know about them.

"Well, Warmaster, we're all here. What do you wish of us?"

[]Tell them about the threat to Mami's life.
[]Ask them about themselves, first. You'd like to get to know them better as Warmaster.
[]Ask them what underwear they're wearing.

>> No.25198889

>[X]Tell them about the threat to Mami's life.

>> No.25198897

[X]Tell them about the threat to Mami's life.

Welcome to the new Murderface. Killing with professionalism.

>> No.25198899

>That third option

Why do you do this Decu, why must you tempt us?

>> No.25198900

>[X]Ask them what underwear they're wearing.

inb4 they aren't, as they are on their way to siberia via cargo plane

>> No.25198908

>[X]Ask them about themselves, first. You'd like to get to know them better as Warmaster.

>what underwear they're wearing.

>> No.25198917

>Tell them about the threat to Mami's life.
> Ask them about themselves, afterwards, You'd like to get to know them better as Warmaster.

>> No.25198918


>[]Ask them about themselves, first. You'd like to get to know them better as Warmaster.
>[]Tell them about the threat to Mami's life.

we can find out what kind of underwear they might be wearing if they are in Kharns collection.

>> No.25198925

>[x] Ask them to state their name and rank. For posterity's sake.

Also we don't know who the hell these people are aside from Sayaka.

>[x]Tell them about the threat to Mami's life.

>> No.25198926

>[X]Ask them what underwear they're wearing.

Make sure we are wearing the hat.

>> No.25198928

>[x]Ask them about themselves, first. You'd like to get to know them better as Warmaster.
>[x]Tell them about the threat to Mami's life.
In this order.

>> No.25198930


[X] Tell them about the threat to Mami's life.

Professionalism first. We can do the "Warmaster meets the middle management" bit later.

>> No.25198935

>>[X] Tell them that you want to meet them more informally and get to know your Rank Leaders once your current mission line-up is clear.
>>[X] Tell them about the threat to Mami's life.

>> No.25198938

>[X]Tell them about the threat to Mami's life.

We should brief them further on the Golden Weapons, too, since this is kinda serious shit.

We need to emphasise that anyone who's capable of carrying through on aid threat is a threat to the entire Officio.

>> No.25198941

>[x]Ask them what underwear they're wearing.
We should have a database that scans faces and matches panties from the collection

>> No.25198950

[x]Tell them about the threat to Mami's life.
[x]Ask them about themselves, first. You'd like to get to know them better as Warmaster.
We're a professional now.

>> No.25198953

Decu drew it, though I don't think he posted it in many places? Wendyfag posted it on twitter though, yes.

[x] Ask them about themselves. Get to know them a bit.

We can take a minute to do this. This is our First Impression with most of them and all.

>> No.25198955

>[x]Tell them about the threat to Mami's life.
>[x]Ask them about themselves, second. You'd like to get to know them better as Warmaster.

>> No.25198962

>Also we don't know who the hell these people are aside from Sayaka.

They already said their names and ranks what more do you want?

>> No.25198966

>"So many things happened in this office. Quite...quite a lot." A pink tinge colors her pale cheeks.

When Kumatora sends us the panty pictures we should check for this girls name.

>> No.25198978


[X] Ask them about themselves, first. You'd like to get to know them better as Warmaster.

Nothing long, just a brief introduction since we'll be working with them more often. After that:

[X] Tell them about the threat to Mami's life.

>> No.25198984

>[X]Ask them about themselves, first. You'd like to get to know them better as Warmaster.

First, introductions, then business. Let's try to be courteous and say some suitable platitute or other before we begin the serious talk.

>> No.25199050

[x]Ask them about themselves, first. You'd like to get to know them better as Warmaster.

For our meet with the Division Heads I think we should go over 4 main points. After everyone gets here of course.

#1: Introductions. Name, rank, designation, and skills. This is our first formal meeting with them, we need to know about them and get this formality out of the way. This includes who we are and our 3 aides.

#2: Brief them on the situation. Someone wants Mami dead. Tell them about the severed head. It was either to goad us on or for some other purpose, probably both. This is most likely related to the Golden weapons. Mami is already being taken care of.

#3: Their mission. First priority, finding The Prophet. Second priority, finding Golden weapons. If they do find something it is to be reported immediately to us. We will decide how they proceed from there. The Golden Weapon users we have fought almost killed us every time and required serious backup. Tell them how dangerous the weapon is by itself even if they manage to disarm a hostile Golden Weapon user. We say 'user' instead of magical girl because anyone can use them, magical girls are just the ones who start with them. The only reason we can use them is because of a top secret surgery that almost killed us.

#4: Q&A.

Also note that we aren't telling them to entirely drop their current assignments for this. Just to put out some feelers. Part of this meetings is to decide who gets the job of devoting her entire time to The Prophet. She will report to QB after this meeting to sync up with his plans.

>> No.25199056

>[x]Ask them about themselves, first. You'd like to get to know them better as Warmaster.

Basic stuff, how long they've been here, interests, likes and dislikes, how many times did Kharn fuck them that sort of thing.

>> No.25199066

Changing my vote to
[x] Pretty much this.

>> No.25199082


>> No.25199096

[x]Ask them what underwear they're wearing.

I don't have a reason, but still

>> No.25199097


[x] This looks good.

>> No.25199105

[X] Votin for this.

>> No.25199120

[x] Ask them about themselves, then brief them
Only linked post says it much better than I can.

>> No.25199129

I thought Mami was Vindicare rank leader? Interdasting.

>> No.25199145

We've got a list of names and panties, don't we? We can check them against that later.

>> No.25199166

Kumatora has to send it all to us first since it's on her phone, but yes.

>> No.25199170


She was, but then she was Warmaster-in-training, then she found Chiaki, and then she retired.

>> No.25199176

If we can get Yuma to fix the skull thing we can probably have it do that.

>> No.25199215

It wouldn't surprise me if Kharn already had it programmed to do that to help her remember everyone she's ever slept with.

>> No.25199239


It probably took videos.

>> No.25199242

and schedule future appointments

>> No.25199251

I dread to think what we'll find o this thing.

>> No.25199324

>[x]This right here if possible.

>> No.25199357


>> No.25199363

We're gonna need popcorn.

>> No.25199404

I wonder if we'll have problems with Yuma. She hated Kharn for sure, but we tagged along, maybe we too earned some of her scorn. That would be problematic.

>> No.25199448

On the other hand we are bros with Kyoko

>> No.25199454

[x]Ask them if Kharn fucked the blonde one too, or just the one in the kimono.

>> No.25199455

I thought her dislike of Kharn stemmed from Kharn's seemingly-offhand treatment of Malal? If so we should be ok, since we seemed to get along well with Malal previously; hell, she's the one who taught Chiaki how to drink.

>> No.25199463


Yuma looked up to Malal though and she didn't hate her for her close association to Kharn.

The events are still fuzzy but Souji says that the event that got Kharn exiled was our fault and got all the Culexus killed. Yuma, presumably, hates Kharn because of this unspecified event. It might be that she hates us for it too, or it might be that she blames it solely on Kharn.

Whatever the case, Yuma's cut off contact with both Kyouko and Sayaka, so that's probably the most worrisome thing about her right now.

Kid is isolating herself.

>> No.25199465

we need to find out what happened

>> No.25199487


We should ask her to say behind, no need to get others involved with the skull yet...

Well maybe Blueberry.

>> No.25199493

>[x]Ask them about themselves, first. You'd like to get to know them better as Warmaster.
>[x]Tell them about the threat to Mami's life.

>[]Ask them what underwear they're wearing.
Why must you tempt us?

>> No.25199516

Alright, pausing for now. Thread to continue tomorrow night!

Thank you for your participation, and feedback is always appreciated! I'll also begin the next thread with the most voted action, meaning this one. >>25199050

I don't believe there's a writeup imminent, so questions answered before I go to bed!

>> No.25199535


Thank you for the thread!

>> No.25199549

Will we ever see giant mechs in MGNQ?

>> No.25199553

How is the new vote counting system working out for you?

>> No.25199586

What kind of panties are they wearing?

>> No.25199588


Ah, that's...a possibility? Totally Awesome Sweet Alabama Liquid Snake has one, and it has a large US flag for a cape.


It's working out fine! I'm glad everyone seems to be adjusting well!

>> No.25199599

So just for fun can you tell us what underwear they were wearing?

>> No.25199626

I think this went much smoother, with the explicit and definitive instructions regarding voting for options.

>> No.25199628

I told you before Decu. Madoka Titus. You know you want to.

>> No.25199643

It might have been said and I just wasn't paying attention, but is Yuma the last Culexus in the world? Or just in the Nineth?

>> No.25199656


... I kinda want to draw Pinky with some sinister Gundam arms now, but I've never seen any Gundam before...

>> No.25199660

Thanks for the thread!
I'm currently spellchecking and grammerchecking all of MGNQ, so it might take me a bit to update the ebook. I might just wait for the next thread.

Oh, as for Q and A, How does Kyubey and the other officios get enough Grief Seeds to support all of their magical girls? Do the coobs just suck the despair out and reuse the same grief seeds, or are there just that many witches running around to kill? Is it just one officio that mainly focuses on killing witches and they sell excess Grief Seeds to other Incubators?

>> No.25199661

Forget everyone else's questions, I want to know what underwear MAMI is wearing.

>> No.25199677

Was Midori and Kyoko assigned to the meeting as well or was it just Sayaka.

>> No.25199680

Black and lacey. Always black and lacey.

>> No.25199688

I don't suppose I could convince you to draw Murderface and Kyoko as Batman and Robin?

>> No.25199726



>> No.25199774

Any hints you can offer towards avoiding getting stuck with a Midori ending?

>> No.25199791

That's chiaki's final weapon once we repair the shield.

>> No.25199856


Hahaha, well, one of them is going commando. That's all I'm telling!

Thank you!

In the Ninth, yes.

Part of the answer is secret, but I'll tell you what I can.

The part about recycling grief seeds is correct, but there are witches all over the world to fight, yes. There's also the deal with Officios having an active duty roster - at any one time, only a fraction of the Magical Girls in an Officio are using their Soul Gems. The rest are going about their daily lives, untransformed and not accruing any 'despair' but still earning money by doing other mundane assignments (such as research, clerk work, or even community service). There is also one Officio that is dedicated completely to hunting witches, but we'll get to that soon.

Only Sayaka.

>> No.25199892

>one of them is going commando

>yfw when it's sayaka

>> No.25199898

>Hahaha, well, one of them is going commando. That's all I'm telling!

What the hell. Did Kharn take her only underwear pair? We are now obliged to look for her name in the register.

>inb4 there are no panties, just the name

>> No.25199911

>Hahaha, well, one of them is going commando. That's all I'm telling!

I KNEW IT. I knew she was blushing because her only pair of panties are in Kharn's collection!

>> No.25199927


It's the one that blushed. It has to be.

>> No.25199941

>one of them is going commando

>> No.25199961


Why did I laugh so much

>> No.25199980

>implying Kyoko's panties aren't in Sayaka's pocket,

>> No.25200012

It's probably less that Kharn took them, and more that it's "tradition" to go commando when wearing kimonos. Also to eliminate inelegant underwear lines.

It could still also be partially because she's lewd.

>> No.25200068

If we have the Hat on, we have a reason to ask.

>> No.25200071

That, or it's tradition to go commando when coming to meet Kharn. Saves you having to buy a new pair of panties afterwards.

>> No.25200104


"I was merely encouraging it to be showing respect to traditional Japanese culture! Do you not believe me?"

>> No.25200254

Went ahead and archived the thread.


>> No.25200292

99 already. I have high expectations for thread 100.

>> No.25200456


We get to see Chiaki acting like a respectable Warmaster hopefully. Her reputation probably really precedes her and thus the Division Heads aren't going to take this too seriously at first.

What I want to know is how is she going to introduce herself. As Warmaster Chiaki "Murderface" Matsuda. Or as just Warmaster Chiaki Matsuda.

I think Murderface should be in there. Respect for Kharn. We have our own name now, but too many people know us as Murderface to not include it in our working title. Want to avoid people going, "Warmaster Matsuda? Wasn't Murderface supposed to be the new Warmaster."

>> No.25200519

Well, she was with Mami when we suddenly recalled her, so...

>> No.25200549

>not sure if serious.jpg

>> No.25200574


Uh, Guys...

If Sallaka is right now eating with Mami how come she is in our office?

Time to Shadowrun softly?

>> No.25200577


I don't doubt it for a single second. This is Kharn we are talking about, and she had the hat on.

>> No.25200634


Sayaka was running to our office as we were walking there from the Incubators office.

I am quite curious as to how they all got here before us though. I thought the Incubators office was like right next to ours. Or at most one floor away.

>> No.25200645

>>...Yes. Well. There's a good reason, but...it hasn't even been ten minutes, is it?
>>"Punctuality is important," The one called Ashford murmurs.

There was a 10 minute span between when we walked out of Kyubey's Office after calling for the meeting and we got to our own.

Sayaka went from the cafeteria to the Warmaster's Office in those 10 minutes.

Anon, please calm down. Drink some water, take a walk, play with some kitties and puppies.

Love life.

>> No.25200654

We heard Mami's security detail turn up in the cafeteria while we were on the phone with her. Or at least... we heard *someone* turn up in the cafeteria.

>> No.25200749


If you're implying that the security detail is made up of traitors and Mami just got taken in the middle of a busy day in the cafeteria, then Kyuubey has more serious things to worry about rather than hiring out his Warmaster as security for a concert.

>> No.25200809


As long as they don't try to remove Mami from the building she is in minimal danger. I'm sure QB is keeping a close eye on them with security cameras. If it wasn't the security he had assigned he would have done something about it by now. If he isn't, well he is a real fucking dumb ass and is going to have to migrate to a new body when we finish filling his current one with holes.

>> No.25200862


Seriously. If Mami is kidnapped anytime before we set off for our mission, we can declare that mission officially canceled.

>> No.25200949

Guys, it was a joke. Just playing on the "ohgod paranoia time" that seems to crop up every now and again.

>> No.25200960

It could still be at trick! What if there is Meguca than can make a Body-Double and they are both disguised as Sallaka and one is with us while the other is with Mami!

Fucking body doubles, man!

>> No.25201086

No anon. We are the body double.

>> No.25201089

So you're saying we need to check 'em?

>> No.25201353

The only sure way to identify a body double is to look at their underwear, clearly.

>> No.25201399

Challenge the Sallaka in our office to a pushup contest. If she can do more than 4 she's a fake

>> No.25201792


Actually the fact that she didn't say something like, "What took you so fucking long?" When we first came in is proof she is a body double, shoot her. Compounded by the fact that she stood at attention the moment we came in. What the fuck. Her behavior is abnormal.

>> No.25202866

Five bucks says it's the one who looks like Kaguya.

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