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Have you considered the possibility that there might be a lot more to Cultist than is readily apparent? She acts retarded, talks retarded and yet she manages to get in everywhere and get a lot of things done.

I propose that "Cultist" is actually a loyal imperial Inquisitor or Sister of Battle who has undergone full genetic surgery and special infiltration training to nestle her way in to find out the secrets of KHAY-OSS.

Or I guess she could be a disguised eldar farseer.

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Well, to do that she'd need to be some kind of Tactical Genius.

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She's a genestealer.

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Or maybe she's a disguised chaos god.
Or maybe she's disguised Morgan Freeman.

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No need to overcomplicate Cultist, she's fine the way she is.

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Or maybe you are a fucking retard who looks for deeper meaning where there is none.

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Well we know Creed is good enough to disguise himself as a daemonette to go around the Eye of terror, so why not

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Pretty sure she's just a cultist.

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Oh god a Creed deamonete.

I can now imagine buff,square chested old creed running around in a skimpy torn bikini acting like a massive slut.

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>I can now imagine buff,square chested old creed running around in a skimpy torn bikini acting like a massive slut.

Actually you don't even see him coming cuz his costumes are so good.

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Chomping a cigar, and saying, "Yeah, I'm totally down with this chaos kookiness, chums!"

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>be rewarded by Slaanesh
>given a deaonette waifu
>she's Creed in disguise

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A Chaos warband is pillaging an Imperial world. At some point the warband splits into a civil war with the Imperials in the cross fire. Creed is present. The Changeling is present. The Chaos warband is the Alpha Legion.

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Creed and the Changeling end up falling in love in their respective disguises, marry and live on a paradise world somewhere

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She takes retarded because her teeth are filed into points.

If you look at the words she "messes up" you'll find they're consistent with ones that require your tongue to get really close to your teeth.

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Wow now I'm talking retarded, I always knew morning posting was worst posting.

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She was loyal, once

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feels bad man

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I warned you about tactical genius, bro.
I told you dog.

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Well damn

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There's been art of that for ages. Namely a Slaaneshi marine fucking a daemonette and realizing that it's Creed. Namely from the grin and the cigar.

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>fighting the forces of Chaos with your IG brothers
>you overrun their trenches
>about to bayonet a cultist
>suddenly chaos lord appears
>you shit your pants
>chaos lord pulls off mask, reveals he's Creed and his chaos forces are loyalists
>you're relieved
>he pulls off your mask revealing you were cultist-chan all along and your "Guard" were all traitors

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John Stalvern waited. The lights above him blinked and sparked out of the air. There were daemons in the hive city. He didn't see them, but had expected them now for years. His warnings to Lord Catsellan Creed were not listenend to and now it was too late. Far too late for now, anyway.
John was a Imperial Guardsman for fourteen years. When he was young he watched the spaceships and he said to dad "I want to be on the ships daddy."
There was a time when he believed him. Then as he got oldered he stopped. But now in the hive city base of the Guard he knew there were daemons.
"This is Creed" the radio crackered. "You must fight the daemons!"
So John gotted his lasrifle and blew up the wall.
"HE IS GOING TO KILL US" said the daemons
"I will shoot at him" said the greater daemon and he fired the mind bullets. John lazered at him and tried to blew him up. But then the ceiling fell and they were trapped and not able to kill.
"No! I must kill the daemons" he shouted
The radio said "No, John. You are the demons"
And then John was Cultist-chan.

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Post it

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In one of the comic series cultist is competent because she's an age-regressed version of one of the greatest chaos leaders.

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>be Inquisitor
>confronting Creed over his suspicious behavior
>you accuse him of heresy and pull your boltgun
>He just smiles at you and puffs his cigar
>your gun is gone from your hand
>you try to pull your sword
>Creed walks over and tugs your mask off
>you scream in protest but it turns out you're a female eldar
>Creed laughs and pops the top button of your jacket open
>suddenly big bouncy cleavage
>you blush and curse, trying to cover up
>suddenly you're naked, on your back in a big soft bed
>some Vindicare is railing you
>as you try vainly to escape you see a note on the bedstand
>"Just as planned - <3 Creed"

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no, cultist is just a common gobshite

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A) wasn't there a version of this with a giant dick?

B) Why is she banana yellow?

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everyone knows that Cultist will rise to become the greatest of the chaos champions

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everything is better with delicious curves

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>Not Kay-Oss
doing cultist chan wrong.

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Culexus already wrote her backstory and apparently its SAD as fuck, so I dont bother with that pretentious piece of shit.

Other than that, shes just a practical joke of the warp.

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So cultist becomes Abaddon?

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Impossible, she still has her arms in that pic.

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Naga is in your heart, anon.

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Yeah, "fine"

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>Cultist transformation porn

Damn, right in my fetish.

Is there any art of it?

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Fuck off with your waifu shit

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Oh damn, I thought she was just a retard who loves chaos

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Me too, but Culexus fancies himself some kinda arteest or something, so he has to give all of his joke characters some kinda SO SAD backstory. Like Cuddles.

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where is that? link?

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She has my vote.

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>you will never lick the soles of Cultist Chan's feet.

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Just lick a slice of smoked bacon to get an impression.

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OK, was there a mini conversion for that?

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Maybe on his DA page, I just saw it on /tg/ one day and nearly lost an eye from rolling it too hard.

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Man, this is like /tg/ from a couple years back.

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Have you considered the possibility that gives a fuck about a piece of shit like her? She's a shitty LE EPIC MEME XD OC with no character that tasteless 40kids manage to spam everywhere.

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Don't you dare to call ma waifu that!

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quiet you, cultistchan is one of the few 40k things that are funny around here

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It's a link to the past. If she can come back everything could come back! The elves-are-asians, the mastercrafted-bastard-swords, the namefags with their armies of surglefags, gnoll bards and nurse veritys! The board could turn into hell!

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Mo' like BuzzKILL, amirite? Guys?

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Goodness I didn't think the namefags would come trolling quite so soon.

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gnoll bard sounds fucking rad

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But Cultist has always been around, she just doesnt get many threads anymore. With good reason, seeing as she is a one trick pony who lost her luster long ago.

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Are you ready for the consequences of that happening?

Because I really don't want to see "Nazimod 2: Le Extreme Purging Returns" going live!

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If Nazimod devoted himself to quests and only quests, the assravaging would be glorious.

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To be fair, if it came to it, I would be one of the first to dedicate shrines to our vengeful overlord. Sometimes salvation through annihilation is the best course.

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Seriously, stop whining about badwrongfun. There's more than enough fucking room on /tg/ for everything, stop being asspained because someone is doing something you don't like.

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Im just saying, questfag annihilation would be hilarious. Quit whinging about my badwrongfun impinging on your badwrongfun.

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And then jump into a dumpster full of used syringes, that'll be about the same as the real thing

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B-but I stuck it in her vagoo...

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When did Kuhlteest start wearing shoes? She was always barefoot in the old art, like the actual DoW cultists

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Someone realized the potential for hooker boots.

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has any body got the "You can't make me hve fun" cell?

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thank you

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Hooker boots are ugly. Barefoot is where it's at

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Are there more of those?

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u guise

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I once had a pic from a drawthread of a dude putting on a cultist-chan guise of the thespian.

I won't lie, I think it was pretty hot.

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I've got way too many of these things. I spent way too much of my youth on /tg/ back in the day. I guess the only consolation is I didn't turn into a brony or something.

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At least you still have pictures to show for your waste time. I lost the vast majority of mine to corrupted hard drives and the like.

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Well, something, yeah.

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I prefer /tg/'s other waifus.

The blueberry ones mostly. Xeno isn't blueberry she's too metallic

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I remember one drawthread where somebody requested an ork from the Scraplootas, so some other anon took it as an excuse to rant on and on about his personal crusade against all things blueberry. Shit was weird.

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The Ragathol in his larvael form, before he went onto a career in drawing hardcore Touhou porn.


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Ragathol, before he went on to a career in drawing hardcore Toohoo porn

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I don't even associate the two, Scraplootas are a funny, fun ork creation, Blue is a great waifu (better than most others I find as she has more character).

The thing that gets me most of all about when /tg/ gets autistic about blueberries is that /tg/ pretty much created them. Tau elsewhere don't have any of that stuff, they're ugly and look like the men, but here they're a unique sort of creature.

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I immediately knew the artist before even reading your description. I need to lay off the hentai.

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The best part of /tg/ drawfagging is what it says about ourselves.

Or is that the worst part?

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Does anyone have the rest of this?

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Is there of point of him posting on futaba? I just always think of him as that bakagaijin-guy.

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Nobody got the rest of this? Fugg

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>Cultist drawn by RADIOHEAD
Oh shit.
>Cultist drawn by Golden Tube
But whee phee vrom zhere!

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found the source

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>The thing that gets me most of all about when /tg/ gets autistic about blueberries is that /tg/ pretty much created them.
I said it before and I say it again, /tg/ eventually hates everything it creates.

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This is the creator's page, should be under "Dranon the Professional"

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Yay! I love Heinrich.

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have you got the Cyrus version?

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the what now?

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Someone made a LCB version with Cyrus having Taldeer in his sights, not LIIVI

he shoots her anyway

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Eversor x Tomby Daemonette OTP

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File: 1.68 MB, 1000x1000, Eversor x Daemonette.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Eversor x Tomboy Daemonette OTP

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Don't have it, sorry hoss.

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ah, no problem.

You've dumped enough to earn a bro status anyhow

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Everything does, I suppose. Apart from /sp/.

Anyway, just like Waifus for what they are, glorified pin-up girls in a setting you like.

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Huh, never seen that version.

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There were several. Jax drew a few pieces of /tg/ fanart before people discovered she made fursuits for a living, and since this was 2008, and thus still cool to absolutely lose your shit over furries, she was run out.

>> No.25204910

You act like its not still cool. Just look at what happened to Glitterglue - I mean Weaver.

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Man, but I remember multiple front page threads just goin AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and everyone else going AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and then it autosaged and they made a new one.

Its subsided in recent years as the Bronies schisimed off from the furries and a weird "enemy of my enemy" thing arose.

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