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Why would Japan ever write replays of D&D 4e?

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Replays, or, storytimes, are as huge in Japan as they are on /tg/. People love a good story.

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How did that become a thing in Japan but not in other countries where tabletop games are more common?

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But why D&D 4e and not better games?

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It was huge in the West back during the 80s. Dragon Magazine often ran replays of game sessions.

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The next time you ask yourself - "Why is X more popular in country Y?" think about the following questions:
-How is the hobby perceived? Have their been particular moral panics or religious issues that might have given the hobby a certain stigma in the past?

-How is the industry behind the hobby structured? Is it easier for niche interests to get started, or is there a lot of red tape to go through?

-What's the population density like? A dense population cuts down on delivery costs and thus allows you to make a living doing much more fringe activities, because your customer base is more concentrated and you don't have to ship product long distances (which is expensive).

I guarantee you'll find the answer in one or more of those lines of inquiry.

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wait a sec I see you trying to ruse me

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Of course he is.

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AD&D: Lodoss
4e: Generic moeblob shit of the 2010s

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because of that elf. I mean, do you see that wrack!?

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i mean rack.

I think I should go to bed.

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We didn't call it moeblob shit in the 90s, but it was moeblob shit all the same.

You can find archived discussions from the early 80s on rec.arts servers about how "kawaii is killing the industry."

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It must wrack you to see a dragonborn.

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In fact, replays are one of the main methods of system propagation in Japan.

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Guys sat around a table, played an RPG, and determined that they had had fun, liked their characters, and had memorable adventures. Being Japanese, they decided to share.

This time, the system they were using was D&D 4e. They may never know that some foreigner is having a panic attack that they were not having fun with one of the "approved" systems, and probably will never care.

Does that answer your question?

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