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Post some BBEG pictures.

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But seriously, folks

>Avatar of an Aztec god

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>Leader of an obscene tech cult

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I don't have a picture of my Rogue Trader group, but our GM through out the BBEG after our Dark Eldar turned into a haemonculi.

The rape train has no breaks

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Tsundere BBEG?
She's still trying to coat the world in darkness and murder any one who gets in her army of darkness' way.
But she gets really flustered when you turn up.
Sadly, her version of the Tsun attack is a spray of magic missiles.

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just about anything could be a bbeg in the right campaign

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You know, being tsundere totally explains Shodan when you think about it. Her programmer must've been some Japanese otaku or something.

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My GM used this guy as a God-King of the flame

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Kinda shows the actual benefits of being Tsundere.

He won't actually like you.

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"Oh, bugger all. Alright, before you take me in, I have to know. How'd you get past the biomechanical vagina?"

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I always prefer to make my players hate themselves for having to destroy their adversary.

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so deep, you should write for video games

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Murder her, dump her in a ditch.

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I can scream thief faster than you can scream rapist

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What is this from?
Google does nothing

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go ahead. the police can't unrape you

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I already posted James Carville 3 times.

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Don't know why laughed so hard at this

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Think me weak...

Think me harmless...


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batman should just come out of the closet. It would boost sales, everybody would be happier.

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how bout dis?

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Somebody order a chaos pizza? Extra nurgle sauce?

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Right in the feels.

One of the most believable BBEGs in an animated series, ever.

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fukken fey

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you know you want to

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dats fukkin' tommy lee jones!

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Literally clicked the google link above the image and clicked the first result.

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How and when the shit was tommy lee in a whatever that is.

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10/10 would sleep with my sister in order to fight

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Reverse Image Search

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troll-summoning ranger?

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he'd be one hell of a Boss fight.

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I am actually using this as the inspiration for my group's current BBEG

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daaamn denver...you scary

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Once you get above level 15 your BBEGs tend to get ridiculous.

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>Danger 5

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the statue in Denver actually killed it's creator.

thing is pure evil.

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...for reals?

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You do not fuck with The Manager.

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Nice pic, I see you reddit

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"We only pissed it off!"

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>Mustang, by New Mexico artist Luis Jiménez, was one of the earliest public art commissions for Denver International Airport in 1993. Standing at 32 feet (9.8 m) tall and weighing 9,000 pounds (4,100 kg), "Mustang" is a blue cast-fiberglass sculpture with red shining eyes located between the inbound and outbound lanes of Peña Boulevard.[10] Jiménez died in 2006 while creating the sculpture when the head of it fell on him and severed an artery in his leg.

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Dread Lord Rormammu

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.....That fucking airport....

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What the fuck is that?

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how would you know that unless you go on reddit too?

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Is... Is that a face coat?

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Muh bad

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I may be wrong, but I think it's a cloud of volcanic ash that generated lightning inside of it.

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an elder god?

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>Remember that little thing you guys tried to beat up when you were level 1, and you couldn't kill him so he ran away? Well.....

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Morning Turner!

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It has a face! It has smoke and sparks! Clearly is some god damn angry elemental lord or something far worse.

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What will you do against such a foul creature?

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she looks fuckable for some reason.

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i have a few ideas

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>rave Miku
>foul creature
You shut your whore mouth!

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Wait, so that's a coffee commercial?

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You heard me
It's ironic cause that's exactly what I did

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It sure is
Boss coffee

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"Butter. Lots of Butter."

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My body is ready.

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The party battles and defeats the nazis only to discover the kitten is the BBEG

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Those Nazi's and their kittens.

they're just as goofy as those Russians and their butterflies.

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What if I give her monopoly money?

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god why do I rofl?

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Ah yes, the insane furry cult. The perfect foes to cause dismay to the furry-obsessed That Guy.

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Lil' Gideon is that you?

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the baddest bbeg.
the cuteness will obliterate the universe.

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>that handkerchief
Completely tasteless. Would not become minion of.

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Do you remember Dungeon Keeper?

The BBEG in my campaign is the giant floating hand used as a pointer in the game.
Main henchmen: The Iron Maiden and Horny obviously.

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Troll exterminating ranger.

They are pests you know.

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This may or may not have been a recurring backstory villains in a game I ran. Players fucking loved when she showed up until she got serious and insane.

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The best BBEG of any setting, any system.

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CN Insulter with max ranks in Craft:Fucking Delicious.

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>not belt-fed
>ridiculously low magazine capacity for a machinegun
>magazine on top because cannot into springs
>laterally displaced sights
>bipod not shaped to form a comfortable hand grip when folded

2/10, would not mow down Russians with.

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bitch please, my grandpa held back a couple hundred japs in PNG with a bren and a couple squaddies

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Stop misusing them, you fucking inbred cunt.

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The vicious foes of the Aquanaughts. These bastards can't be trusted.

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While any other nation would consider being outnumbered by two to one by Russians an easy victory, the Japanese couldn't even win against Russians despite having greater numbers.

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Beat me to it.

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The most interesting BBEG, in the world.

..I can work with that.

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Russians got beaten retarded in the Russo-Japanese war with somewhere between 1.4 and 2 to 1 odds in Russia's favor.

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Situation has been mitigated.
Though they are still out there.

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Be that as it may, in the Russo-Japanese conflict during WWII, the Japs brought more men, had more casualties, lost and had the remainder of their force captured.

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The russians in charge of that could have been out performed as a military leaders by a bag of soggy dicks.

Russian history is hilarious.

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>Russian history is hilarious.

Yup. Can you believe that they named the guy in charge during the depicted conflict "the great"?

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You can't be trying to say that Khalkhin Gol was decisive. The Japs were, to them, at the end of the fucking world while Russia was fighting in their own back yard with a hell of a lot more equipment.

I'll give it to you though, the Japanese Army was never all that good at anything except humiliating China.

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I really need to start reading this Nextwave thing. No random image has failed to amuse and/or confuse me.

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Foolish westerners haven't yet realized that next to victory for the motherland any loss of life is as nothing!

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Honestly my favorite but of it was that what were they, chechen regiment who during the whole revolutionary period stole a train, slapped some guns and metal to it, and went pillaging across russia in order to get to the americas, in order to get shipped across the continent and atlantic, in order to rejoin the world war.

If I remember correctly they ended up capturing some really important white or green army officers and ransoming them for tsarist gold to finance their trip.

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Russians were half a world away from their center of power, Japs were within swimming distance of theirs.

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I think this war says more about Sweden than Russia.

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Khalkin Gol was decisive, it resulted in the Japanese army being terrified of the Soviet Union.

Also the Far East is not "russia's backyard", especially not compared to something that's a fucking island hop away from the Japanese mainland.

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The Swedes are hardly the only ones to have done well against Russian forces with superior numbers.

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I'm sorry, I had to.

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Denver International isn't that bad. There's a place in concourse B that sells some pretty good cheesesteak.

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Pretty sure she'd be fine with Canadian Dollars. The exchange rate is close to 1:1 lately.

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Russians are basically subject to "Ninja rule" in this regard - if there are dozens of them, they are incompetent mooks, but if there is just a single one, he's force not to be messed with. Especially if sober.

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Now anon, Finns are just east Swedes.

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This guy woudl make wonderful BBEG. He was a relative of Elizabeth Batory and Vlad tepulus and he once won a war against Tsar Ivan The Terrible

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Wife is the BBEG and the husband is just a poor mafia boss that is in way over his head and is desperately protecting the BBEG from herself

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makes me think of a crusader that somehow acquired time travel and now delivers god's message throughout the timestream
... that could work as a PC or a BBEG

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>Poltava mysteriously absent

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With her underwear down, who would believe you?

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Going to be basing my next BBEG after Jack White.
He's going to be a sort of southern gentleman devil type.

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Dr. McNinja pls go

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no, go play a good game

did no one post armstrong yet?

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i remember i had an idea for a story that involved yog-sothoth making a deal with satan and becoming the true BBEG

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y u hatin on Far Cry

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that's cool as hell

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this is awesome

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What could she possibly do.

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Date someone and result in the collapse of the group.

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