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You are a creature of darkness and shadows. Stripped of your memory, you seek to learn your true nature and find your place in the world.

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Events Summary:

You continued to follow Adavan's trail. After walking through Tarun Gakth for some time, you were set upon by a large group of orcs, led by an old orc mage named Rogul. Rogul denied you passage across his land, but, inspired by Flint's plea, a human with Rogul's group named Kirt offered to vouch for the party while they were in orc territory.

You've spent the day recuperating, then sparring with Flint and Kirt, who is an incredibly skilled swordsman himself.

You found a Shadow mana pool hidden below refuge in the upper levels of the Timorian Deep. You fought a powerful Shadow Elemental and consumed it, earning a Shard of True Darkness...though you don't yet know its purpose.

In the early morning, you finally resolved Flint and Auriel's relationship. Flint has openly declared his affections for her, and, for now, has put his old pains firmly behind him. Satisfied, you took some time to reflect.

You met with the Sage, Taremtis, who answered one question from each member of your party. You learned that Kirt is in fact Obis Vin, the rightful king of Kan Abar. He has decided to assist you on your journey, but remains undecided on whether he wishes to return home and face his brother.

You managed to resummon the succubus, Annette - and learned her true name, Xella. Using your Shard of True Darkness, and with a little help from Joey, you managed to convince Xella that indiscriminately devouring humans is not a good thing. She has promised not to question you again, at least on that.

You've made it through the Rock Worm nesting ground, but Adavan chose a dubious exit - the tunnel left behind by a huge worm. You fought and delayed a smaller rock worm from, but the battle collapsed the cavern entrance behind you.

The party continued through the cavern, and barely escaped an ambush set by the Vog - vicious, burrowing creatures with interlinked minds and powerful earth magic.

>> No.25178712

Ability Tree

GREEN abilities have been unlocked and learned.

BLUE abilties are unlocked, but are not yet purchased.

RED abilities are revealed, but locked due to prerequisites.

UNDERLINED abilities are active-use, as opposed to passive. Not all active abilities require mana.

Unlocked Ability Descriptions:


Books the Main Character has read:


Active (intent-use abilities that don't require mana)

Consume - Devour the latent energy of enemies and magical artifacts to add to your own power and restore your health.

Glide - Your aura allows you to glide, dropping safely from large heights or covering large distances if starting from a high position. Gliding is always stealthier than flying.

Flight - Spread wings of darkness to soar through the air. Carrying capacity is based on physical strength.

Supersonic - Fly at supersonic speeds. You'll move extremely fast, but suffer a large penalty to stealth and magic stealth. Takes 1 turn to activate.

Mimic - Take on the vague form of things you've seen. Won't stand up to close examination, but works well in the dark.

Snuff - You shadow can put out the lights it touches.

Blink - Sight-range teleportation. (Cannot blink through walls, through the ground, into places you can't see, etc. 5-turn cooldown in battle. Auto-cooldown if battle ends. You can only Blink yourself and inanimate objects on your person. Max range 1/4 mile or 0.4 kilometers)

Focus - With a burst of concentration, you can significantly improve your detection of both the mundane and magical, but you also drastically increase the risk of giving yourself away. (think sonic ping)

Berserk - Ignore your defenses and strike all around you in a vicious physical assault. Difficult to determine friend from foe.

>> No.25178726

Spells (and other abilities that DO use mana)

Shadow Strike - Strike the foe with needles of darkness. (base power 2. Costs 2 mana)

Shadow Assault - Launch a flurry of shadowy projectiles at the enemy. (base power 4. Costs 4 mana. Can hit multiple enemies)

Nightflare - Disrupt target spell or enchantment. (costs 2 mana)

Shade - Create an illusory projection of yourself to confuse enemies. (dodge buff. Costs 1 mana)

Spirit Whip - Lash the enemy with a whip of spirit magic. (base power 2. Costs 2 mana)

Bind - Trap an enemy in ropes of spirit magic. May spend 0 to 10 mana (determines strength).

Water Strike - A pressurized blast of water imbued with magical force. (2 base power. Costs 2 mana)

Heal - Spend either 2, 4, or 6 mana to heal a target 4, 7, or 10 HP, respectively.

Purify - Spend 3 Mana: 100% chance to heal 1 ailment on target. Spend 6 mana: 85% chance to heal all target's ailments. Spend 9 mana: heal all of a target's ailments and the ailments of all those you are physically touching.


Wisp - A shadowy wisp from the Nether. (2 base shadow attack). Costs 1 mana to summon, 1 mana per action. Never breaks your control; if you run out of mana, it will merely vanish. [Level 0, Shadow]

>> No.25178750

>sexy succubutt waifu

10/10, would derail quest to obsess over.

>> No.25178774

Current Statistics:

>note: some HP recovered from regeneration between last thread and now

HP: 25/37
Mana: 2/20
EXP: 4
Humanity: 105
Temerity: 54
Shards of True Darkness: 1

Party Members:

Sir Donovan Flint - A knight of Dobshire, the capital of Arland. Fourth son of the lord and ruler of Arland. Wears iron armor and wields a two-handed longsword. 29 years old.

Joey - A young boy from Jacob's Field, now Sir Flint's squire. No particular magical talent. Wields a shortsword. 16 years old.

Angel Auriel - Formerly a powerful angel of the Ringed City, now traveling with you, ostensibly to protect Sir Flint and Joey from you. Wears heavy plate steel and wields a one-handed sword and a wide, round buckler. 732 years old.

Obis Vin - The exiled Prince of Kan Abar. He wears steel-adamantium plate armor and wields a Ram-headed shield and a one-handed sword. 32 years old.

Xella - A succubus firmly bent to your will. She has agreed without condition to obey your commands - when they're important, at least. She commands powerful fire and shadow magic. ??? years old


Wisp (1 mana per order, does not break control, stealths with you)


Utility belt with purse


Shadow Sword Shard x 2
Fancy Sun-Moon Key
Mind-Scribing Pen
Succubus Reagents x 1
Jen Fang's Diary (Abigail's father)
Golem Power Core

Current Location:

The plains between Tarun Gakth and the Valendrak Peaks

>> No.25178791

You focus your energy into Flint's leg.

The rock is drawn out of the wound. There's a spurt of blood as his heart beats - but then the vein begins to seal itself. You push harder on the water within the blood, and you manage to shove some of the blood back in.

The muscle around the vein wavers, then grows back around it. You feel the strain building on your body as you continue the flow of mana. When you're done, the wound is still exposed - barely scabbed - but it's sealed, and most of the color has returned to Flint's face.

Auriel is lying on top of him, shivering. She cries into his chest. She murmurs something - in a language you've never heard before. But you feel the Translation unravel in your mind. "Please don't die."

Flint's hand moves. It brushes the back of her head. "...huh."

Auriel draws her head back. Her eyes are red and puffy. "...Donovan?"

"An angel fell out of the sky to save me," Flint mutters. He closes his eyes and sighs. Auriel cries harder.

"Shadow," Obis says. He's spent the last few moments with Joey, tying some bandages on the nastier scratches. "We need to keep moving. The Vog might catch up if we don't get enough distance."

<Yes.> You spread your senses thin, and - without any trouble at all - you find the next sigil.

It floats into the air, rotates...and points along the curve of the mountain range, almost due east.


>> No.25178849

<Xella,> you say. <Carry Joey and Obis. I'll take Auriel and Flint.>

Without a word, the succubus moves to collect the young boy. Joey hasn't said much. He's pale, and his eyes are wet. Clearly, he's in a bit over his head.

Obis accepts the demon's embrace stoically. She takes off with both of them in a firm grip.


Auriel doesn't voice a complaint as you wrap a tendril around her waist. She does, however, look back to Flint. "Be careful when you move him. You might reopen the wound."

You nod to her, then gingerly cup Flint under your form. You unfurl your shadowy wings and take off into the skies, gliding up next to Xella.

You fly for a short time, land, and repeat, heading in the direction of the mountains.

After another hour, the sun is almost gone, but you've made good time. The painted cliffs of Tarun Gakth have almost faded down into the horizon. You reason that the Vog probably won't follow you this far from the underground.

You make camp. There are no horses to water, anymore, but thanks to the loss of the horses, and their saddlebags, the party is dreadfully short on food. You manage to hunt down a few rabbits, which make a good enough meal for one evening.

The fire burns low. Eveyone is quiet, contemplating what amounted to a very close brush with death. Auriel sits next to Flint, tending his wound with heated water and a soft strip of cloth. Xella patrols the skies around the camp.

What do you do?

>talk to Obis
>talk to Joey
>talk to Auriel
>talk to Flint
>talk to Xella
>something else

(write-in if you want to talk)

>> No.25178961


Dammit SM, I wasn't expecting you to use those pictures from last thread.

>something else


>> No.25178997

Did we lose our items that were in the saddlebags?

>> No.25179013

A very good question.

>> No.25179016


Yes, the summoning books you borrowed from the Duke are buried back in the cavern.

>> No.25179028

Also supporting this

>> No.25179094

It's quiet today. Only the truly hardcore arrive on demand.

>+stealth pics

That's good, because it's been a while since shit has truly hit the fan.


You've decided to meditate a bit. Writing.

>> No.25179114

Haven't quit on you since the graveyard.

>> No.25179148

I think out of the 28 threads we have had so far I've only been late to one of them and that was because I wasn't anywhere near a internet capable device for a whole day.

>> No.25179200

The mood around the campfire doesn't lend itself to conversation, serious or otherwise. You decide that the best thing to do is let everyone work it out for themselves.

You meditate quietly.

You slip into something...a feeling you've had before. Wide, dark space. Tiny pinpricks of light blink at you here, there, everywhere, like a map of stars.

Two of the lights feel different than the rest.

You try to pick them out...discern something about them...but it doesn't come to you. They feel familiar, but you have no power in this strange world you see when you meditate.

When you draw yourself back from the present, it's dawn. Auriel is sitting with her legs crossed, arms resting gently on her knees. The rest are asleep. Xella still scouts the perimeter, keeping strictly to your command.

You turn toward the angel. <Are you awake, Auriel?>

She opens her eyes and nods.

<How is Flint?>

"...not well," she says. "But I've spent the night gathering mana. I should be able to help his injury along over the next few days. My. powers...are not what they were." Her brow bends deep. On her face rests a mixture of frustration and sadness. "...a few weeks past, he would already be completely healed. A few weeks past and we wouldn't even have had that fight."

What do you do?

>write in a response
>remain silent
>something else

>> No.25179220


I usually only find these threads when they're halfway done. This is a nice treat for me.

>> No.25179375

I think we should keep it short.
<I have faith in your ability.>
And go back to remaining silent as the mood is quite heavy at the moment. Been awhile since we have had a real life or death situation.

>> No.25179406

Maybe we can think on the morality of our companions? Maybe even our own after this incident.

>> No.25179459

do what you can. and doesn't he have some healing ability as well? i admit i do not know the exact mechanics others magic.

>> No.25179500

While things are fairly serious, I think we should ask her how she gathers mana.
It's something we still haven't been able to do, and if we could we would be able to heal teammates without worrying about having to eat a mage or find a mana pool, along with being less restricted with all out other mana abilities. (Though framing the question in the context of healing would be the most diplomatic)

>> No.25179556


<How do you regain mana? I would help, though I know not how to gather mana other than directly from a source>

>> No.25179667

<I have faith in your ability,> you say. <You distraction helped us escape the Vog...whereas my magic collapsed the ceiling.>

Auriel waves a hand. "They had us surrounded and on the run. The collapse might have been the very thing that gave us a chance to escape...though, it -was- lucky that no one died."

<Perhaps.> You turn away. You should probably do some early-morning hunting.



"...I'm not an angel anymore. My name works just fine."

<What is it, Auriel?>

"When the rocks were about to hit...I saw what you did. If not for that...we wouldn't be here."

<...it was more a reaction, than anything.>

"A good instinct to have." She looks away. "...thank you, for helping me," she says. "And for...me...with Flint."

<...you are welcome.>

You start away. The early morning dew on the grass rolls off your body as you use your senses to locate a new rabbit hole. The plains seem full of them. One piece of good news, at least.

...maybe, just maybe...Auriel is slowly starting to change her mind about you.

But you find yourself changing your mind about Xella. If she truly is as she is, there will be no changing her...unless you fundamentally alter the spell that -is- her existence. As she is now, she could explode as soon as your vigilance wavers.

You are glad to know that Obis can be relied upon. He went back for Flint, and he seems to be a good man in general. But you wonder if he has it in him to return to the position he once held.

Breakfast is a simple affair. Obis was able to save some of the hard biscuits, so the party isn't limited to just pure protein. Auriel uses her gathered mana to work on Flint's wound. The scab improves significantly, and he's able to walk along without problems. You lend him your support as you move forward.

Your party continues to trek across the plains.


>> No.25179682


Will ask during travels


>> No.25179737

A good question.

>> No.25179840

<A question, Auriel.>

She glances at you from Flint's opposite side. "Yes?"

<How to you gather mana? I have been unable to do so without a more direct...source.>

She shrugs. "Gathering mana is the most basic of magical skills. Latent energy lingers in the world around us; it merely takes time to collect. Can't you feel it?"

<...yes...but to my perspective, it is immovable.>

She shrugs. "Frankly, I don't know what to tell you. How you can cast spells without first gathering mana is beyond me."

You feel disappointed. Perhaps that ability is within the purview of humans...but not elementals?

"Hey, Shadow," Flint says.

<Sir Flint.>

"Thank you, my friend. You saved my life."

<You would do the same for me.>

Flint smiles, and nods. He glances up at you. "...about Geb...and whatever power lies beneath Jacob's Field...are you sure you want to continue toward those goals?"

<I've never been sure in the first place. It just seems like the right thing to do. Whatever was under the village was in pain. It was crying for help.> You speak so only he can hear. <And...as you know...it called me Erebus. Perhaps, whatever it is, it has answers for me.>

Flint nods. "Answers are well and good...but what about Geb? The Empire keeps people from trespassing on the waste where he dwells. Not that anyone in their right mind would go there anyway - but so it is. Freeing him - ally of the shadow or not - would really stir the pot. The world is unstable enough as it is."

<...I will consider your words.>

Flint nods. "Good."

You continue onward...


>> No.25179926

Obis glances up. He cocks his head. "...anyone else hear that?"

You focus your senses. Something is coming up the plains from behind you. <I sense something.>

"I as well," Auriel says. You stop, and turn.

Rolling up the grass of the plains is a small, steel box. It feels like Earth magic...mixed with quite a bit of Spirit. But it's not a soul...closer to the power core still in your satchel.

What in the world could it be?

What do you do?

>destroy it outright
>wait carefully
>use Focus
>something else

>> No.25179945

>use Focus
perhaps Adavan has sent a messenger.

>> No.25179958

move away from the group. use focus. tell them that if it proves hostile you will try and lead it away.

>> No.25179971

I like it!

>> No.25179986

Use Focus

>> No.25180168



>> No.25180198

probably should do this quickly, and be ready to run back and help carry the injured if the thing keeps going after the group instead of us

>> No.25180217

Using focus while away from the group and trying to communicate seems like a good idea.
Not too far though, if it turns hostile or actually responds, we don't want to be totally separated.

>> No.25180238

<Ready yourselves,> you say. <Auriel, take Flint.>

You hand off your friend her. "Be careful," she says.

You move to the front of the party. Xella lands just behind you, tense. Obis draws his sword and readies his shield, and stays back next to Joey and Flint.

You slink out to the right, away from the party. The steel box follows you. You use Focus.

A small core of Earth and Spirit powers the center of the box. You can detect hints of all the elements working in harmonic concert. Surprising...but then, you realize that they are carefully compartmentalized. Separated. Opposites are set far away from one another.

You still have no idea what the thing actually is.

<Xella. What is this?>

"I am unfamiliar," she says. "I think it can move faster than that, though. It isn't using its full power."

You have the sense she's correct. The core isn't really pushing itself...if it even is a "self".

What do you do?

>destroy the box
>continue to wait, ready
>something else

>> No.25180257

>continue to wait, ready
Curious thing. If its not moving at full power perhaps its friendly.

>> No.25180275


Attempt some form of interaction.

>> No.25180278

Continue to wait. Let's not make any enemies we don't have to.

>> No.25180285

>continue to wait, ready
and try giving it an impression

>> No.25180300

>continue to wait, ready

>> No.25180305


An Impression of what?

>> No.25180333


Question Mark?

>> No.25180335

haddnt thought that far yet. i am leaning toward hopeful warrieness but i will bow to a better option

>> No.25180354

Maybe of greeting and curiosity?

>> No.25180361


Without objection, we'll begin with an impression of curiosity.

>> No.25180396

You Impress the box with a mixed feeling of greetings and curiosity.

The steel box rolls up a few yards in front of you, then stops.


It opens up...then begins to unfold. Slowly at first, and then more of the unfolding pieces begin to unfold themselves. It continues to grow, as if assembling itself - and assemble it does. Green lines of energy connect larger portions of green-grey metal. An incredibly large amount of material was packed extremely tight within that simple box.


>> No.25180425

ohh damn. its the older transforming brother of the mechs from earlier. they are after our power cores!

>> No.25180451

When the box finishes assembling, before you stands a steel construct - but one more humanoid than any you have seen before.

"Greetings," says the robot in a metallic, echoing voice. "I am unit 234.X4-B, from City 001. I have been programmed with updated linguistics for means of emergency communication as per the most recent interpretation of Derivative 29.3.1. I am here to investigate the recent disturbance in Shadow energy as conjoined with my mission to retrieve extant wild power cores."

>...run that by me one more time?
>got a name besides 234.X4-B?
>write in
>something else

>> No.25180458


no one takes our power core! we need that for glorious science!

>> No.25180496

Hey all, sorry to cut out a bit early but I'm going out for a couple of hours.

I'll continue the thread once I return! In the meantime, you can decide how you want to respond to this latest development...

>> No.25180499

Where is City 001?

>> No.25180511

>...run that by me one more time?
can you tell me what derivative 29.3.1 is? and define extant wild power core.

>> No.25180519

>got a name besides 234.X4-B?

Captcha: She
No, I don't think it has a gender.

>> No.25180530

You called it.

I think this is a good question to ask.

...When you return.

>> No.25180534

<I am not a wild power core. Though I have been attacked by one. May I know more about City 1?>

>> No.25180543

This question I meant.

>> No.25180687

I'll post on twitter when I get back as well. Probably a good 2-3 hours

>> No.25180842

Who gave you the mission to retrieve power ores and the mission to investigate the disturbance?

>> No.25180880


>> No.25181841

"The recent disturbance would probably be me. I must ask, how have you managed to get power cores of so many elements to cooperate? I am intrigued."

>> No.25181880

Rolled 8, 6, 43, 2, 7 = 66

Typical dorf engineering

>> No.25181921

Well YOU are forbidden from rolling. 5d100s and not a single # above 50, shit man.

>> No.25181951

Rolled 8, 96, 85, 32, 11 = 232

Ive had several 100s so far

>> No.25181967

Rolled 94, 46, 33, 12, 90 = 275

Let's try for atypical dorf engineering then.

>> No.25181991

Rolled 44, 25, 69, 26, 9 = 173

you kinda suck at rolling...
lets see if I can do better

>> No.25182005

Rolled 64, 6, 4, 10, 72 = 156

Seems that this is catching

>> No.25182052

Rolled 29, 55, 10, 84, 99 = 277

You guys wanna discuss whats going on? Maybe a little meta?

>> No.25182092

Can we make a drinking game for this pls?

>> No.25182131

Rolled 11, 73, 67, 90, 78 = 319

for every minute shadow master is gone we take a drink or are you referring to the dice?

>> No.25182152

Rolled 36, 22, 39, 33, 25 = 155

How about everyone below 20 or above 80 take a drink

>> No.25182164

I think we should meditate more often. Perhaps direct ourselves in how to meditate and what exactly to think about. It's interesting.

0-5 is ten gallons,
6 to 70 is fifteen cups.
71 to 100 is a shot.
All 96% proof vodka.

>> No.25182184

>for every minute shadow master is gone we take a drink
how about we don't all die from alcohol poisoning?

>> No.25182194

What are ya a three beer queer?

>> No.25182200

Rolled 60, 66, 88, 31, 2 = 247

We just play >>25182164s

>> No.25182217

no I'm more of a 14 beer kinda guy

>> No.25182228

Ten gallons 45 cups & one shot. GL HF.

>> No.25182247

Rolled 35, 35, 11, 59, 21 = 161

Shit, I don't think i have that much vodka.

>> No.25182257

Erry time Flint drops the spaghetti, take a drink
Erry time Odis laughs, take a drink
Erry time we debate the nature of evil, read the entire post while downing the drink, can't put it down until you've read the whole post.
If someone chews a doorknob, finish your drink and grab another, drink it to halfway down.

>> No.25182302

Rolled 80, 12, 57, 43, 70 = 262

100 drinks for a nat 1

>> No.25182928

Rolled 16, 60, 11, 77, 60 = 224

Thread is dead

>> No.25183092

You glance at Xella. She eyes you sidelong, then shrugs.

You look back to the construct. You see no reason to be aggressive - this robot seems a bit more open to conversation than the last you came across - so you decide on a straightforward explanation. <The recent disturbance was likely...me. I am a Shadow elemental. I was traveling through Tarun Gakth with my companions.> You gesture to Xella, and your party behind you. <I did not mean to disturb you, or yours, however...though I am unfamiliar with City 1.>

"I see. Once again, I am 234.X4-B. May I inquire as to your name?"

<Shadow will do. This is Xella,> you say, indicating the demon. Xella smiles and curtsies. Do you have a...simpler name?>

The construct pauses for a moment. "Steward 2, Mobile Form. -Steward- is acceptable."

<Well, Steward,> you say. <We're in a hurry. So if you have business with me...>

"The Shadow is aligned with the Earth," the construct says. "I am glad to see that the power core has fallen into good hands. However, I request that it be returned to us. Many outmoded constructs were, unfortunately, unstable, and had to be put down. Retrieving their energy cores is an important task."

<On who's authority do you act?> you ask. <What is this City 1?>

"City 1 is the semi-permanent residence of the Constructs, Golems, and Processor-Engines as designated by Derivative 4.5.1. Its exact location is classified, as directed by Derivative 4.5.4. I act on my own authority."

<...what I meant was, who is your leader? Who gives the orders?>

"I am the mobile thought-copy of Processor-Engine 234.X4-A, known as Steward. I am the leader of City 1. However, I do not give orders. City 1 is comprised of 23,546 individual mind-states, which first come to consensus, and then act as one body."

You feel stunned. Before you stands the leader of a race of Constructs that you didn't even know existed until just a few moments ago.


>> No.25183147

"Quite frankly, I'm more interested in the knowledge about how these cores work than about any particular core. Would you consider a trade along those lines? Any information you have about the cores, in exchange for the peaceful return of one? I would point out that the construct in question attacked me, and thus taking the core to incapacitate it seemed entirely justified."

>> No.25183152

<I don't understand. I thought the dwarves were wiped out in the Elementomachy. How did you come to survive?>

"I see the line of your logic," Steward says. "However, such information is ultimately irrelevant, and classified."

<You just said I was an ally.>

"In element, in theory - yes," Steward says. "But times change, and so do allegiances."

You ponder that for a moment, then look back to him. <What do you need the power core for?>

"We do not have the means to create more such power cores," Steward says. "The construction of their housing is unknown to us. Therefore, we ask that you return it."

What is your response?

>Alrighty! Here you go! (give him the power core)
>Well...what's in it for me?
>I don't mean any offense, Steward, but I'm holding on to the power core for now.
>write in something else
>some other strategy

>> No.25183185


not worth starting a war with what could prove to be useful allies at a later date. Return the core to them. Also, ask if they have seen a Spirit Mage or two pass though the area recently. You never know, it might have seen Adavan and could give us an estimate on how far behind them we are...

>> No.25183197

Return the core to them, I'd rather not anger a whole city of constructs, and it hardly seems fair to take it from them.

>> No.25183201

I'm all for returning the core, but I'd like to try to get something out of it. If not knowledge of cores, then some other useful information.

>> No.25183225

Ultimately useless classified information for an irreplicable, irreplaceable power core doesnt sound like too bad a trade

>> No.25183247

Return the core and ask if he has seen a spirit mage and a little girl pass by this way. Also, if he is looking for power cores maybe he could travel with us in search for them? I mean we are going to do a lot of traveling and no doubt we will run into more contructs along the way. If he comes with us he might be able to help with the rampaging ones so they don't have to be destroyed or if they do at least he can make sure that the power core remains undamaged.

>> No.25183256

>write in something else
>"We do not have the means to create more such power cores," Steward says. "The construction of their housing is unknown to us. Therefore, we ask that you return it."
<I had held on to this core with the intent to look into the methods of their construction, but I would be unable to do so without a specimen to observe. I believe that I may be in a unique position to begin to understand what allows these dynamos to take form.>

<If you and yours would be content to remain allies, I would be willing to share the fruits of my research upon its completion.>

>> No.25183280

I like this

>> No.25183297

Probably should return the core, and ask for what more information we can on Adavan and Abagail.
Though, if no one else minds, we could tell him that we are researching how to duplicate....
And you just said it was I was typing.
Just make sure to keep out any references to the duke.

>> No.25183329

This seems like a fairly intelligent response that keeps our options open and baits him for more information.

>> No.25183377

><I had held on to this core with the intent to look into the methods of their construction, but I would be unable to do so without a specimen to observe. I believe that I may be in a unique position to begin to understand what allows these dynamos to take form.>
><If you and yours would be content to remain allies, I would be willing to share the fruits of my research upon its completion.>

I like this! We need to figure out how they work, and we need some way to research them. Pose that to him as our negotiating constraints.

>> No.25183392

<I would point out that the -wild- construct in question attacked me, and thus taking the core to incapacitate it seemed justified.>

"I see," Steward says. He gives a mechanical nod. "You did what was necessary to defend yourself. We are attempting to deal with this problem in a methodical manner, but Tarun Gakth is not of insignificant size.>

<Indeed. However, to reaffirm what I believe should be friendship between Earth and Shadow, I will return this to you.>

Steward's lips turn upward with a click. "Excellent."

<But before I do...>


You heft the power core in a Shadow fist. Earth magic swirls in its depths. <I held onto the core with the intent to look into the methods of their construction - doing so without a specimen would be rather difficult. I believe, as an elemental, I am in a unique position and possess unique perspective to understand what allows these cores to take form.>

"I see. The idea has merit."

<If you and yours would be content to remain allies with myself, I would be willing to share the fruits of my research upon its completion. Of course, that would be easier if this one remained in my possession...>

"I see." Steward gives a mechanical nod. "One moment."

A spout of spirit shoots out from Steward's back. It flies off, then dissipates.

Roll 1d100

>> No.25183427

Rolled 1

If they have one made of Shadow, that'd be even easier for us to look into.

>> No.25183437

Rolled 62


>> No.25183441

Rolled 36, 69, 11, 85, 11 = 212


>> No.25183443


>> No.25183446


>> No.25183450

You are... the problem. Don't delete your roll either, that makes things worse.

>> No.25183452

Rolled 5

welp. Rolling saving 1d20 pre-emptively.

>> No.25183460

Ok, one thing failed miserably.

Roll 1d20

>> No.25183465

We are really bad at diplomancing constructs...

>> No.25183473

Rolled 5


>> No.25183480

Rolled 20

inb4 1

>> No.25183485

Rolled 6

I got a bad feeling aboot this.

>> No.25183487

Rolled 16

I wouldn't dare.

redeeming myself...

>> No.25183497

Nicely done! Hopefully the best possible thing failed miserably.

>> No.25183500



>> No.25183505

Rolled 15


>> No.25183510


>> No.25183526

So far I have rolled one 100 and one 20 in all quests I have participated in, and they were both in shadow quest. Huzzah!

>> No.25183528

Well, there goes that plan, I guess.

No idea what this is going to do, but I'm looking forward to seeing how this thing is going to play out.

>> No.25183544


>> No.25183591

I remember SM saying a while back that saving throws are for allies to come in a save the day.
So presumably someone in the party is going to step in and scoop up our spaghetti.

>> No.25183598

hopefully this is just going to be a 'NOPE!' thing rather than a 'Screw You' thing...

either way, let them have the Core. We can always find another...

>> No.25183617

No we can't always find another. That's the primary problem here.

>> No.25183626

A long, quiet moment passes. You look back at the party. They make a bunch of faces at you. You send them an impression of patience, and hopefulness.

A line of Spirit suddenly shoots back into Steward. He looks at you. "The collective has decided to seek the return of the power core, immediately."

<...I see.>

"However," Steward says, "an alliance with forces of Shadow is thought to be potentially fruitful. And yet, it has been long since Earth and Shadow fought together." Steward looks at you directly. "If you will permit me, I will observe your affairs on behalf of the Constructs, and on this basis, we shall judge whether to open formal diplomacy with you. I will not interfere in your affairs - to help, or to harm. Merely observe. If there truly exists an opportunity to discover a method to create more power cores, as you claim, then it will arise during the course of my observation."

<...as potential allies, could you give me a bit more information about the Constructs, and City 1?> you ask.

"No," Steward says simply.

What is your response?

>Ok, sounds good (hand him the power core)
>I'll give you the core, but I don't want you bothering me.
>I'm keeping the core, but you're free to observe.
>No...the ring is mine!
>something else

>> No.25183666

Oh man how does that count as a saving throw that's like, even worse than complete denial.
Also, keep it. Our precious.

>> No.25183682

>Ok, sounds good (hand him the power core)

"Very well. It was worth asking.

If I may ask, are any of the power cores in the Constructs' possession made of Shadow, or have you ever encountered such a core?"

>> No.25183685

>Ok, sounds good (hand him the power core)

Though ask a teeny tiny question of if he has seen a girl and a lich pass by here.

>> No.25183687


>implying your 20 didn't save your negotiations from devolving into violent conflict

>> No.25183690

<Very well.>
Lets continue on our journey.

>> No.25183709

>If I may ask, are any of the power cores in the Constructs' possession made of Shadow, or have you ever encountered such a core?"
>Though ask a teeny tiny question of if he has seen a girl and a lich pass by here.

Both of these.

>> No.25183715

A construct couldn't possibly try deceiving us, right?

>> No.25183720

Yes, inquire about shadow cores.

>> No.25183757


adding my vote to these

>> No.25183798

>I'm keeping the core, but you're free to observe.
<I will return the core to you upon the conclusion of your observation. I imagine that it will remain safe while we are under your supervision.>

<I suspect you can see the reasoning behind not wanting to hand over an object of such interest when you have told me outright that it still remains to be seen whether you will choose to part with us on amiable terms.>

>> No.25183816

<Those terms are acceptable,> you say. You raise the power core, and Steward holds out a hand. You hesitate, and look him in the eye. <The Shadows do not take betrayal kindly.>

"This is noted." Steward takes the core. "Neither does the Earth."

<Have you ever seen constructs of Shadow, or cores made of Shadow?> you ask. <Creating such a one might be easier for me.>

Steward pauses for a moment. "...yes, but they were all lost in the Elementomachy. It is thought that cores of any element are possible."

<And, as to my current goal,> you ask, <have you noticed a young girl with a spirit mage pass through your lands? They are both strong in Spirit magic.>

"Not two days past," Steward says. "That was within the canyons, on the other side of the worm-made cavern. After that, I know not what became of them."

You're only two days behind. Just two days! You feel a budding sense of excitement.

You glance at Steward.

What, if anything, do you tell Steward about your current goals?


>> No.25183842

>Ok, sounds good (hand him the power core)


>> No.25183848

Nothing. Move on, and live without the core. We weren't doing much to study it yet anyway. We'll find another way.

>> No.25183863

A fallen angel with authority issues, a runaway prince pretending to be a knight, a succubus, a lamb, a dishonored prince, and a robot walk into a bar.
What happen.

>> No.25183870


<Thank you for the information. Let us be on our way. Time waits for no elements.>

inform the others of our new friend and continue our adventure!

Steward can take whichever form he wishes. We do not hold preference or judge.

>> No.25183873


Nothing at all, agreed.

>> No.25183891

Let's continue and explain the steward to our party.

>> No.25183896

Seems like a good mix. Maybe add if he has any questions on the journey feel free to ask. He may be an observer, but that doesn't mean he has to be a stranger!

>> No.25183914

Look at him, and ask how exactly he plans to be subtle in his observations. Giant robots don't really do "subtle".

>> No.25183921

...He is not a giant robot anon.

>> No.25183961

Really not sure why people were so eager to give the core back to this guy immediately. He told us that he is going to be following around and observing us anyway, so there's really no reason WE can't be the one carrying it instead of him.

That, and keeping it in our possession until we part ways gives him a greater incentive to deem us worthy of diplomacy since telling us that we're not worth bothering with has the potential to make us try and keep the core for ourselves, which goes against what the collective has deemed an urgent priority.

Oh well, too late now.

>What, if anything, do you tell Steward about your current goals?
Just the short-term; reuniting with two companions who have been traveling alone for some time now.

He folds up into a little box, as we saw when he first approached us.

>> No.25183981

>Really not sure why people were so eager to give the core back to this guy immediately. He told us that he is going to be following around and observing us anyway, so there's really no reason WE can't be the one carrying it instead of him.

We tried. Then I rolled a 1. Sorry about that, but it pretty much derailed any plan that would have let us do that.

>> No.25183990

I dunno. People feel like in a giving mood, it's kinda weird. The next thing that'll happen is people suggesting the giving of the shadowy D.

>> No.25184009

<Let us be off. If you have questions, let me know.>


Steward follows behind, remaining in his "unfolded" humanoid state. <Why were you in that smaller form?>

"My compact size if for stealth, energy conservation, and faster linear movement," it says.

<I see.>

You get back to your party. It takes you a moment to explain all the particulars. You carefully avoid mentioning around Auriel that the duke is investigating power cores to undermine the empire's monopoly on airship maintenance and repair.

Flint just smiles. "Well, the more the merrier, I suppose. We've got a living shadow, why not a construct?"

"Forgive me my skepticism," Auriel mutters dryly.

"I'm with Flint," Obis says. "Hell. Leftover constructs from the dwaves? Imagine the secrets they're holding onto!"

"Unfortunately, that information is classified," Steward says.

"Ah, you'll come around. The Shadow's a friend worth having, let me tell you."

"That remains to be seen," Steward says neutrally. "Unfortunately, your testimony is biased through previous interaction."

Obis raises an eyebrow. "How...logical."

Joey's eyes are like saucers. "A talking golem." He looks at Flint and points at Steward. "A talking golem!!" Joey sidles up to the construct.

"Joey, stay away from that thing!" Auriel calls.

"Hey, did the dwarves really make you?" the boy asks.

"No. I was made in City 1. The dwarves created my thought-copy-template, Steward 1."

"So...you're like, the grandson."

Steward cocks his head. "A crude metaphor, but not inaccurate."

"Cool!" Joey says.

Auriel sighs. Flint smiles a murmurs something to her, but she doesn't seem very appeased.

The party continues onward...


>> No.25184031

Joey is so going to be the one to get him to trip up and say something classified.

>> No.25184043

"Steward, what do you know of Geb?"

I wonder if City 1 and Geb are related? Perhaps City One is *inside* Geb.

>> No.25184053

Nah, too predictable. SM will probably make it so the robot gets Joey to say something classified.

>> No.25184062


>> No.25184063


and yet another reason why Joey is secretly important! He is the powerless every-man... boy... caught up in extra-ordinary adventures!

>> No.25184064

Rolled 9, 5, 3, 6, 6, 1, 9, 5, 10, 1 = 55

oh god, gebs female

>> No.25184075

we are going to turn joey into a protagonist if it kills us. and the angel

>> No.25184080

Alright, time for a traveling song!

>> No.25184082

This, and if he says that Geb is classified, mention casually that both Geb and City One are classified, isn't that funny?

>> No.25184098

His survival probability is worse than... lvl 0 Usopp. I'm amazed he's made it this far, even though it's just because of the help of the rest of the party.

>> No.25184101

Rolled 85, 73, 90, 84, 16 = 348

lets break him with logic!

>> No.25184103


>> No.25184142

I think Joey just made a new friend.

>> No.25184143



Joey continues to talk Steward's ear off. Steward answers the hundred questions plainly, and without much embellishment - but you notice he avoids giving away any information of serious import. The best you can gather is that City 1 is located either in Tarun Gakth, or in the Timorian Deep underneath it. Since it's gone this long without discovery, and the dwarves also lived underground, you'd put your money on the Timorian Deep. If you had money. And if you had any inclination to gamble.

To travel faster, you and Xella continue to fly the party. Stewart can run fast enough on the ground to keep up if you fly at a medium pace.

Auriel focuses on healing Flint's leg. It's getting much better - he says he could put up a fight, now.

The parasite has been quiet for some time. You hope it stays that way. He could use a break.

You find several more sigils, and they paint a straight line in the ground.

It's getting colder. You remark upon this to Auriel, who says it's because the plains leading up to the Valendraks actually slope up quite steeply. You're gaining altitude. That, and fall is really starting to set in.

By the time you reach a river that your party declares the Palorian, you've traveled for three days. You hope you've made up some time on your friends.

The next sigil points you north, upriver. Auriel is rather certain, from having sailed the river several times in her long experience, that Palthair, a vast mining town, is only a day or two north.

What do you do?

>speak with one or more of your companions (write-in)
>timeskip to Palthair

>> No.25184156


>timeskip to Palthair

>> No.25184176


>> No.25184183

Time skip.
Thank god we chose a traveling form.

>> No.25184186

>speak with one or more of your companions (write-in)

Offer Flint a bit more healing to supplement Auriel's.

Talk to Xella, and impress upon her the importance of behaving herself in Palthair.

And talk to Auriel a bit as well. Just see how she's doing.

>> No.25184190

Rolled 65, 78, 27, 52, 50 = 272

Skip that time

>> No.25184196

Timeskip is good. we have nothing of import to discuss at this time...

>> No.25184199

Why are we not helping Auriel with Flint?

And take advantage of that to talk to Auriel more about mana absorption and see if we can learn something.

>> No.25184201

Plot... FORWARD!

>> No.25184204

Rolled 23, 22, 12, 37, 53 = 147

No, if we use all our mana, Xella gets loose

>> No.25184210

>And take advantage of that to talk to Auriel more about mana absorption and see if we can learn something.

Good point, she talked about it before but we were too busy.

>> No.25184216

We can't use our deep end mana reserves because of the contract.

>> No.25184226

I'd second this, if it weren't going to do nothing now that skipping has been majorly elected.

>> No.25184247

Nthing this as well, and that doesn't seem to be decided yet.

Also, talk to Xella; we're no longer critically in need of her, and she seems rather irredeemably dangerous right now until we have the ability to resummon her differently. And we already got all the information she has to share.

>> No.25184271

Talk to Auriel about mana and about healing Flint; see if we can learn how to do the former so we can help with the latter.

And talk to Xella, and if that conversation doesn't go exactly the way it ought to, she's gone now that we don't need her to save our friends' asses anymore.

>> No.25184287

Ugh, between that and her actions back at the cave...

Talk to Auriel about Xella. Tell her she might be right, and tell her what Xella said and what we actually did instead.

>> No.25184290

>timeskip to Palthair

>> No.25184313

>Talk to Auriel about Xella. Tell her she might be right, and tell her what Xella said and what we actually did instead.

This would be worth it just for the look on Auriel's face when Shadow says she might have been right about something. That just because we don't want beings of Shadow seen as evil just because they're Shadow doesn't mean there aren't evil Shadows out there, just as there are evil Light beings out there.

>> No.25184323

And asking about mana.

>> No.25184326

>talk to Auriel more about mana absorption and see if we can learn something

Flint is stabilized right now, and we can't use all our mana, but this.

>> No.25184333

Well that's just too in character to pass up. Seconding.

>> No.25184352

This seems so very much like Shadow.

>> No.25184365

This, but have Xella wander off somewhere first, if we don't just dismiss her first. No sense letting Shadow have a spaghetti moment talking about her in front of her.

>> No.25184374

A living shadow, a paladin, a fallen angel, a prince-in-exile, a lich, a little girl, a succubus, a living construct and Joey walk into a bar...

>> No.25184381

And they all say "ow" and try not to do that again.

>> No.25184389

The bartender is Geb.

>> No.25184396

Joey complains about them not warning him about the bar

>> No.25184401


>> No.25184410 [DELETED] 

We already asked about this upthread.

>> No.25184427

After a night spent in rest, you're pretty sure Flint is back to 100%. He's been quiet the past few days, but now his wounds are totally gone, and he's back to his normal self. Auriel's mood improves exponentially with his health. A few times, you're pretty sure she event forgets you're the Shadow she's supposed to hate.

When Steward is not patiently speaking to Joey in his mechanical monotone, you can feel his eyes on you. He's said nothing regarding his observations. You wonder what he's looking for.

It begins to snow.

Soon enough, you arrive outside Palthair. The sun has an hour or so in the sky; a dusting of snow covers everything. The town is nestled in the crook of the mountains, continuing lengthwise for some ways up and down the slopes. At the head of the many creeks that converge to form the Palorian, it boasts impressive architecture.

"The city is an important city," Auriel says to the party, mostly to you and Joey, as it comes into view. "Over 60% of the empire's mineral resources come from the vast mines here, which are funneled down the Palorian and out for trade at Port Vanta. Tin, Iron, Copper, Silver, and even Adamantium. That's one reason it's protected by Gaphold at one end, and Wallfront at the other." She glances at you. "Before the elementomachy...Paloir was a country. Rich, prosperous. Peaceful. It was where the Black Hand first struck, after consolidating Temerland, to region north of the Valendraks. It became the meeting ground of many armies, and the war shattered the Frontier into constant chaos." She looks back to the town. "Eventually, the Empire joined Ulund in reestablishing Palthair, and it has since slowly healed into what it is today."

<I see,> you say.
"I see,> Steward says.

You glance at each other, nod, then look away. Auriel fingers her temples. "...anyway. The last sigil clearly pointed to the town.What's the plan?"


>> No.25184428

We did, but we didn't get much of an answer. We could take a little more time and get her introspecting about how she manages it herself, and we could look closely at the process with our own abilities and try to learn something.

>> No.25184437

Ah, k. I guess it would have to be something related to our skill tree then.

>> No.25184438

I was really hoping that was going to be a cameo.

That would be the best thing ever.

>> No.25184440

What do you do?

>scout inside alone
>choose another person to scout
>head on in with the party, making sure to keep a low profile
>some other strategy

>> No.25184457

Oh my god.

Steward is like a proto us.


>> No.25184462

>head on in with the party, making sure to keep a low profile

Head on in, stay in someone's shadow for now, and meanwhile talk to Auriel about Xella as

>> No.25184474

It would, wouldn't it?

>> No.25184491

split up and search

>> No.25184500

Scout alone.

>> No.25184505

Somebody who is following Tavern Quest should link here and suggest it.

>> No.25184507

We're the only one that can see the sigils, but we shouldn't wander off alone. Bring the party along.

Either hide in Auriel's shadow or just practice our non-imposing humanoid form.

>> No.25184509

alright. we probably have to go in since we find the symboles. and we cant take steward with us or it will cause a ruckus. humm. now i wonder if we could just cover him with us and we look like a normal person. he doenst exactly need to breath. if that one works then head in with the party, making sure to keep a low profile. though before that we might ask steward if he has some way of going unnoticed.

>> No.25184525

By our powers combined...

>> No.25184540

I agree with making sure Steward can keep a low profile. But he does need to stick with us and observe.

>head on in with the party, making sure to keep a low profile

Go in as a group.

>> No.25184545

Probably just head on in with the party. We can take unconspicuous form now, so things should be good.
Steward is a bit of a problem though.

>> No.25184562


This has been noted. You'll speak with Auriel when you have a chance.

So, are you hiding in someone's shadow, or entering in your travel form?


You glance at Steward. <Do you have a means of blending in with...humans, perhaps?>

"Indeed." Steward seems to pause a moment. A bit of the shadow and spirit him in flares slightly. The green energy panels on his outsides glow. A moment later, he takes the form of a nondescript man with brown hair, brown eyes, and dressed in normal traveling clothes. You wouldn't glance twice at him. "Is this acceptable?"


>> No.25184581

>So, are you hiding in someone's shadow, or entering in your travel form?

Our travel form is unconspicuous to any normal person, and anyone magical can see us easily enough in someone's shadow too.

Go in as a person for a change.

>> No.25184587

i say run our travel form through its paces. traning. remember stuff like "humans dont stretch their arm when trying to grab something far away."

>> No.25184591

>This has been noted. You'll speak with Auriel when you have a chance.

*not* that we're doing it for that reason, far from it, but do make sure that Steward is around for that conversation.

>> No.25184599

Entering in travel form, I suppose.

That's pretty much the point of it, isn't it?

Anyway, we should find a tavern or a bar and ask if an old guy and a small girl have been seen around. Probably look like they've come a really long way.

>> No.25184604

I can so see Shadow forgetting and doing that, yeah.

Time to practice being human. This should be good.

>> No.25184606

Is that a reference? Please tell me that's a reference.
It isn't a reference, is it? :(

>> No.25184615

Travel form, and:

"OK, everyone, this is my first time trying to pass as human, so I'd appreciate a warning if I'm failing particularly badly at it."

>> No.25184617

We don't really have to ask around for that stuff, we just need to follow the sigils.

>> No.25184618

>head on in with the party, making sure to keep a low profile

Also, I get the feeling we share something special with Steward since we are both in a way learning about the world.

>> No.25184625

>A bit of the shadow and spirit him in flares slightly.

Uh? Earth and spirit, surely?

>> No.25184635

Yup, we don't need to draw attention to ourselves, though I suspect some of the others would welcome a comfortable place to sleep.

>"OK, everyone, this is my first time trying to pass as human, so I'd appreciate a warning if I'm failing particularly badly at it."


>> No.25184640

no. he has all of the elements in that chassi of his. and shadow and spirit are illusion. so they would be used to make him look normal

>> No.25184653

It appeared to us before that he had a little of everything.

>> No.25184689

But he said he had not seen Shadow cores, so how?

>> No.25184711

right. and i dont think he has actual cores. we might have run into a syntax problem in that he has something smaller that is not called a core. something that allows him to use that kind of magic.

>> No.25184728

Maybe he can't safely open himself up to look at his insides?

>> No.25184745

Travel Form, though we might want to smooth it down a bit.

also this >>25184615

>> No.25184761


We could hold him/her/it up as a perfect example of the elements in balance.

>> No.25184773

You morph into your human form. <Let's get moving.>

You walk into the town, keeping to the main road. It's relatively quiet. The party leaves a trail of footprints behind them. You inch up towards your truest and most loyal companion, Sir Flint. <Flint. A word.>


<Well...acting human...is...new, in a sense. I will require guidance.>

Flint grins and slaps you on the back. "I've got you. Might want to try talking out loud, though."

You create a passage through which to speak normally. "...how do I sound?"

"A little deeper than I'd expect," Flint says, "but normal enough. Just don't sprout an extra arm or something dumb like that."

<Right. Proportion is everything.> You frown slightly. You're quite used to bending and warping every which way as it's convenient. Now, you'll actually have to -turn- to reach something. How...restricting.

You enter the town. It's quiet. Lights burn in many houses, but the streets are empty but for a few passerby crunching through the snow. You receive some curious looks, but nothing more.

Auriel seems confused.

"What is it?" you ask her, to practice your new voice.

"...it's quiet," she says. "I just finished telling you how important this town is. It doesn't just stop during the snow. They're used to it." She glances at you. "I just realized something. On our way up, I didn't see a single boat going downriver. There's usually more boats than water." She frowns deeply. "Something's up."

"I will stay alert." You glance at Xella, who should merely appear as a normal human to any that see the party. "Xella. Stay modest, and subdued. We don't want attention."

"As you say," she says simply.

She's been giving you one-word answers for a while, now. Obviously, there's a disconnect there.

<Auriel,> you say, <I am speaking so that only you can hear.>

Auriel looks at you, but, taking the hint, says nothing.


>> No.25184791

Compartmentalized and sterilized into a golem for purposes related most likely to warfare. Great example King George.

>> No.25184798

><Auriel,> you say, <I am speaking so that only you can hear.>

Oh well, guess we don't get any credit for this with Steward.

>> No.25184832

We don't know that he can't hear us actually...
He could have dog^10000 hearing.

>> No.25184840

Doesn't mean he can hear telepathy.

>> No.25184848

Our impression telepathy turned into word telepathy?

>> No.25184863

What else are we doing when we <talk like this>?

>> No.25184869

Obviously the eyes and mouths don't come out to play unless something royally pisses us off.

>> No.25184883


we can only 'speak' due to Ink in conjunction with communicate.

Communicate itself is 'ethereal words into their minds'

>> No.25184890

This really is amazing. Looks like a character out of a western.

Hopefully not a spaghetti western.

>> No.25184902

We've always talked like that since we got communication.
SM, has this been word telepathy?

>> No.25184906

<I believe...we need to rid ourselves of Xella, as soon as possible. She is unstable, and cannot be trusted.>

Auriel goes blank. She walks over to you, and you both hang back slightly, away from the others.

Slowly, her eyebrow raises to the top of her face. "Are you saying I'm right?" she whispers.

<...you were absolutely correct. If a demon is based in magic, there is no changing a demon.>

Auriel nods. "Then we should do it tonight. Desummoning is simple; just a matter of -willing- it, so I understand. We can support you, in that."

<...tell me. If Xella is unable to change, because of what she is...is that why you believe I cannot change?>

Auriel says nothing, but her expression speaks volumes.

<I am not like her,> you say firmly.

"You don't know that," Auriel says. "You have no memories. You admitted as much."

<But look at my actions. Have they not spoken for me, as even you said they would?>

"Unless you..." Auriel stops, then starts again. "Unless, the act of gaining trust is completely intentional...and betrayal comes only when it is unexpected. How are you to know you aren't merely the summoned creature of a powerful mage? How are you to know that you yourself aren't being controlled right this moment? Your nature hides any insight into your being and form. I've...I admit I've tried to discern that, many times. But I cannot. That is why I can't trust you, Shadow. You can't even trust yourself." She leans forward. "What if you -were- made? What if, at the worst possible moment, you are forced beyond your control to attack us? What if - " She lowers her voice even further. "You were sent to ensure Flint did not rid himself of that parasite? Why is it you can see it, and no one else...nothing else but a demon?"

What is your response?


>> No.25184907

>Communicate itself is 'ethereal words into their minds'

Right, and there's little chance of Steward hearing that.

>> No.25184921

Ah, alright. Was confuzzled with the terms. Thanks.

>> No.25184927

>"A little deeper than I'd expected."
And now I don't know whether to continue with Neil Gaiman voicing Shadow...

>> No.25184932



<This is telepathy. It has the same range as a normal voice, but can be sent to one particular person.>

"This is normal speech. Ink+communication gave you this."

>> No.25184956

Oh damn did her IQ raise like ten points?

>> No.25184961

huh, Auriel's cold shoulder makes a lot more sense now, maybe giving her some impressions of our early days would help?

>> No.25184983


<I know not why it is I can see the parasite, Though I would expect no less Justice done upon me as done upon anyone who betrayed their friends. I trust that you would find yourself willing to end me should that be the case?>

<Either way, We seem to be getting catching up to them, Then we shall see exactly what this thing upon Flints soul is...?>

>> No.25184989

Sweet. Thanks for the clarification.

>> No.25185020

<If that is the case, then there is little I can do about it. I have no choice but to proceed as if it isn't, and do everything in my power to be a force for good and justice, and not for evil. If there is some way of finding more about my nature, I wish to do so, and it seems you do as well. I could just as easily wonder if your downtrodden "fallen angel" bit is an act to investigate me further and gain my confidence, but I do not believe it so; you seem genuine.

I know only that I do not believe myself evil, and if I am summoned by some force other than myself, I will do everything I can to break free. If I am ever in a position where I cannot, and I'm fighting against my friends, please do whatever it takes to stop me.>

>> No.25185021

"Oh..." and sent Auriel the vague impression of an existential crisis. Also, still not understanding the Xella hate. With minimal precautions we have an additional loyal caster/flyer in our party. Remind me, without her help in the cave in wouldn't someone have died?

>> No.25185043

<If I was there to prevent Flint from ridding himself of this parasite I would not have attempted to eat it. Then when that failed encouraged him to seek out others who could rid himself of it. I wouldn't have even brought it to his attention.>

>> No.25185044

I agree with sending Auriel a feeling of genuine concern for her words.

This, especially the last bit. <But don't be *too* eager for the opportunity, please.>

>> No.25185050

<If we operate on that assumption, then what is to stop us from believing that everyone and everything is simply a magical construct which is adhering to it's programming? How would I know that you are not simply a cleverly disguised demon sent to stop me?

No, I refuse to accept that such a thing is possible. I'm not a pawn, you're not a pawn. Flint, Obis, Adavan, Abigal, Joey... None of them are pawns. I gave Xella a chance. I wanted her to not be a pawn, as well... But, as much as I am loathe to admit it, I don't think she is capable of breaking her nature. I was wrong. Not everything can be defined by Who rather than What. Not everything.>

>> No.25185058

Agreed, explain our logic.

>> No.25185065

My will is my own. if anything i would call that my defining feature. but you cannot trust a suspected lair if they tell you they only tell the truth. if it would help i would be willing to let you see my memories until i reached flint. but even that would not be enough. there is no thing i could tell you that could not be construed as me tellinging you what my "summoner" wanted me to tell you. so i will simply say. i did not think i would survive my first battle in jacobs field. you can see that. if my goal was to hurt flint, then my own survival would be a higher objective. self sacrifice does not work well with someone trying to gain trust. if and only if the sacrificer does not know if he will live though it

>sorry rambled and got a little wordy

>> No.25185068

Obis can throw all the fireballs she could have, but he does lack the handy flight ability.

>> No.25185074

I seen that on Hollow Quest. Nice to know I'm not the only one participating in both...

>> No.25185077

It's more of the whole high potential threat when our mana reserves are depleted. And since mana reducing anti-magic is a thing is this setting it's quite the possibility. I'd like to keep her for more utility but frankly she's dangerous.

>> No.25185080

>Also, still not understanding the Xella hate.
The only thing keeping her loyal to our cause is our control over her. And she's clearly not enamoured with us judging from how she's gotten snippy with us.

If we lose control over her by running out of mana she'll most likely turn on us, or worse escape and harm innocents. She's a ticking time bomb.

>> No.25185089

>Why is it you can see it, and no one else...nothing else but a demon?
I mean, the crazy seer guy seemed to know about it just fine, and Auriel was quite awed by the means he was using to do his scrying, so I'd imagine it's legit.

>> No.25185106

>"You were sent to ensure Flint did not rid himself of that parasite? Why is it you can see it, and no one else...nothing else but a demon?"

<If that is the case, I would not have told him of it, so he could know the nature of what he is fighting against, and so he could strengthen his resolve against it. But I remain concerned by what you say; I was worried about my own nature as well, and now I am even more so.>

Tell her about the voice that called us Erebus. Trade a little information for her confidence; we have no reason to tell her that if we're evil, unless we don't know that ourselves, and in that case there's nothing we can do about it, so

>> No.25185108

>mana reducing anti-magic
Well I forgot about that. Yikes.

>> No.25185115

Good point.

>Tell her about the voice that called us Erebus. Trade a little information for her confidence; we have no reason to tell her that if we're evil, unless we don't know that ourselves, and in that case there's nothing we can do about it, so

Good idea.

>> No.25185130

>do everything in my power to be a force for good and justice

Maybe not quite that superman, yet.

>Tell her about the voice that called us Erebus.

That's a pretty serious step right there.

Let me hear some opinions on this.

>> No.25185133

Oh yes, definitely mention that the Seer understood it as well.

>> No.25185166

Yeah, I get the feeling that its due to how we see the world interfering with its ability to hide itself more than anything else.

I mean its not like we have eyes. Normally.

>> No.25185167

i say mention the seer, but not erebus. there is not way for her to not take that wrong. really there isnt. it isnt worth it right now

>> No.25185171

I'm not sure about telling her what the voice said, she's already been specifically cherry-picking her observations to look for reasons that can be used to draw conclusions on us in a negative light.

>> No.25185198

>Maybe not quite that superman, yet.

Tone it down a bit, then; I was just going for "nobody's going to *make* me evil, I'm going to fight that and be what I'm trying to be".

<If I'm secretly evil and trying to gain your confidence, nothing I say can convince you otherwise. I'd point out that the seer did not see it, and that I would not have been trying to help Flint know of the parasite and fight it, but that aside, I am concerned as well. If it is possible for a summoned creature to not know its own nature, that worries me, but I can do nothing about it, so I will proceed as if that is not the case and try to be better than that.>

>> No.25185199

And giving her more fuel, while honest, is not necessary.

>> No.25185212

That's the point; if we're knowingly evil and being secret about it, then there'd be no reason for us to tell her that. So that would downgrade it to, at most, "evil but don't know it ourselves and trying to fight it".

>> No.25185216


Alright, it's going to take me a bit of time to compile these.


>> No.25185228

>>Tell her about the voice that called us Erebus.
>That's a pretty serious step right there.
>Let me hear some opinions on this.

She's starting to trust us more. If it ever comes out without us telling her, we ruin any future chance of that. If we tell her now, that's a sign of trust. And we can make it very clear that we don't know *what* we are, but that we don't want to be the evil she thinks we are.

>> No.25185241

>>Tell her about the voice that called us Erebus.
>That's a pretty serious step right there.
>Let me hear some opinions on this.

While we're not ready to tell her about the Duke and the orbs, since that's not our secret to tell, I think we should tell her this bit if we have any hope of ever getting her to believe we're not evil.

>> No.25185254

It's a risk, and not a small one, but I think it's one that Shadow should be willing to take at this point.

>> No.25185256

humm. just realized that we would not only be saying that we were called erebus by a voice, but we would have to explain the spirit elemental underneath jacob's field. she does not know about that. she only knows about adivan

>> No.25185274

remember that we would also have to explain why we take this voice calling us erebus seriously

>> No.25185286

I'm OK with that.

>> No.25185310

Wasn't it because of Abigails nickname? The Nice Lady?

>> No.25185318

we would have to explain that we think the elemental lords are not dead. at least not all of them. spirit still lives in a vault. water is the keyston of atlantis. geb is bound.

>> No.25185325

I agree with the idea of not keeping secrets from the rest of our party at this point.

>> No.25185337

We don't have to go into that much detail for her to believe us. And we don't know that it's the spirit elemental lord; it was a voice from a vault with the general feel of spirit, that's it.

>> No.25185357

You are entirely okay with telling Auriel that the elemental lord(lady) of spirit is lying and wait? And you will assume that she couldn't derive out intentions to free it considering we talked of freeing Geb? This seems a very... interesting choice.

>> No.25185378

*We* don't even know that that's what's in the vault.

>> No.25185382

I'd second obscuring the likely truth with that, since we don't actually know for sure.

>> No.25185397

Likewise; we're telling her our observations, not our conclusions. Similarly, we don't know if we're Erebus or not right now, we're just telling her what we know.

>> No.25185406


>> No.25185422

alright. i was trying to get everyone to understand exactly what we are telling her. and note that i do not support telling her. at all. it will bite us. but i will bow to the majority as long as yall understand the risks

>> No.25185437

i also vote not telling her about being called erebus. She HATES Erebus for his decision not to interfere in the war.

>> No.25185438

What is she going to do to us, exactly? We could eat her at any time if we wanted to, and she knows that. Instead we've done everything in our power to be exactly what she thinks Shadow isn't.

>> No.25185457

Not like we're going to make the same mistake.

>> No.25185463

You send Auriel an impression of worry, and concern. But that concern swiftly hardens into determination.

<If I'm secretly evil and trying to gain your confidence, nothing I say can convince you otherwise,> you begin. <I am worried by the prospect that a summoned creature might not realize its own nature, but the seer was able to see the parasite just fine, and he seemed to have confidence enough in my presence with Flint. But even if it were the case that I am being controlled,> you say, <I can't do anything about it. I've no choice to proceed as if I'm not. If we operate on your assumption, then what is to stop us from believing that everyone and everything is simply a magical construct adhering to its programming? How do I know you are not a cleverly disguised demon sent to stop me?>

"That's ridiculous," Auriel hisses.

<Is is possible for summons to be of the light element?>

"I'm telling you that is - "

<Is it possible?>

"...they can be of any element. But Shadow and Spirit are many times more common, as some component of them is required in summoning magic."

<There you are. I could just as easily wonder if your downtrodden angel act is just that - an act put on to investigate me and gain my trust, for some purpose I do not yet understand.>

"...you don't actually believe that." She gives you a sober look. "Do you?"

<Of course not,> you say. <It's obviously a stupid idea. So, perhaps, you could admit the same, and grant me at least the fact that I'm in control of my own sensibilities.>

"But - "

<If I were sent to look after the parasite, I would not have brought it to his attention in the first place. I would not have tried to harm it. Surely my -programming- would have stopped those sorts of things.>

"...a fair point," Auriel admits. "...I suppose...that either way, it is what it is."

<More importantly, we need to get rid of a known unstable variable - Xella.>

"...alright. We do it tonight."


>> No.25185465

she could go infultrator on us. just go along with it, let us think she has looked past it. then as soon as possible she can sent a message to the other angels. we arnt around her all the time.

>> No.25185481

But we're not Erebus.

Used to be Erebus, possibly, but now we're just Mr Shadow.

>> No.25185484

If we *are* Erebus, we're sure as hell not going to be a bystander again. We're in this, now, and we're going to stay in it.

>> No.25185510

You know what I realized? We probably don't age.

We'll watch Flints grandchildren die if he has them.

>> No.25185524

Why the fuck did you say that.

>> No.25185527

well, unless we avatar him. It'd replace his light affinity but he wouldn't die.

>> No.25185535

>We'll watch Flints grandchildren die if he has them.

That's the morbid side of things. We'll also be around when they're growing up.

(And who knows, we might find a way for everyone to live forever. Take *that* people who think Shadow is evil.)

>> No.25185538

err I meant make him a servant.

>> No.25185551

Making people live forever? A good thing?

>> No.25185562

>We'll watch Flints grandchildren die if he has them.
And we'll also be around to watch over his grandchildren's children. And their children. And so on and so forth.

Well, unless we can work out how to make our Servants immortal.

>> No.25185583

<Angel,> you say. You stop, and begin again. <Auriel.>


<Two things,> you say. <If...it comes to it. If I am being controlled.> You look at her with your human eyes. <I will rely on you to do what is necessary.>

Auriel nods grimly.

<Just try not to be too eager.>

You're not entirely comfortable with the smile that grows on her lips. "Just be sure to keep in line." Her face goes serious again. "And the second thing?"

<It's...about Jacob's Field. During the battle, I - >

"Are you two arguing -again-?" Flint says. He comes over and rests and arm around Auriel, all smiles. "You can pontificate about the meaning of the universe another time. We're here."

<Where's here?>

Flint points. You glance up at the sign for a tavern. It's a large, three-story building with plenty of noise tumbling out onto the snow-covered street. Engrossed in your conversation, you've hardly noticed the crowded buildings.

Flint starts talking to Auriel, and guides her in the door. You don't get a chance to tell her about the voice. But then...perhaps you should think about that carefully.

Either way, you'll be seeing her later tonight.


>> No.25185608

>perhaps you should think about that carefully
Had a feeling there was even more to it.

>> No.25185679

The bar is relatively crowded. It gets noticeably quiet as the patrons take your large party in, and then the noise starts up again, glasses clinking, the sound of taps snapping open and closed, mugs thumping on wood.

Flint and Obis deal with the tavern keeper and arrange for enough space to keep the party comfortable. Yourself, Xella, and Steward will share a room. Neither you nor Steward mind the arrangement, but Xella seems frustrated watching Flint and Auriel take their own quarters.

Auriel throws Xella a pointed look, and flips her the bird as she and the knight walk up the stairs.

For a moment, you see an ugly rage flash over Xella's face. And then the next moment, she's calm as could be.

You make your way to your rooms. Xella twiddles her thumbs and sighs impatiently. You and Steward sit at a table in silence.

Something comes to mind. <Where's the power core?>

Steward taps his chest. A break in his illusion shows a metal plate. It snaps open, revealing a storage compartment, wherein rests the core. He taps the plate again, and it seals itself back up.

<How are your observations?> you ask.

"They are as they are," Steward answers cryptically.

What do you do now?

>go to Auriel; it's time to prepare for a desummoning (you will have a chance to change your mind after this)
>say something else to Steward or Xella
>invite Steward to observe
>do something else

>> No.25185710

>go to Auriel, desummon prep.

>> No.25185723

Let's ask how Obis is doing? Also perhaps use this opportunity to thank him for assisting Flint.

>> No.25185740


>invite Steward to observe

i would like to give xella a chance. i kind of want to know what she would do if we relased her. 1 last chance. warn the others. then if possible release the bindings on her. if possible without her knowing that we are prepared to shut her down hard. but that is extreamly dangerous and seems like a lot worse idea now that i write it down

>> No.25185751

She'll run away and massacre people.

She's been saying this every step of the way.

>> No.25185758

Considering we've gone this far with it with the intention of making at smooth as possible, your suggestion seems the most entertaining and also possible the most horrendously dangerous thing so far suggest this thread.

>> No.25185767

that is kinda why i realized it was a bad idea.

>> No.25185768

11pm Grammar, every damn time.

>> No.25185777

This is an amazingly terrible idea and we should not even consider it.

Especially when we're, y'know, IN A BLOODY MAJOR POPULATION CENTER.

>> No.25185794

Invite steward to observe.

Somehow I think he would be able to find out what happened if we invited him or not so at least this way he can observe our actions in...well...action.

>> No.25185815

Rolled 93

Might also make us appear more like an ally, as opposed to excluding him.
Also, awww yeeeaaah.

>> No.25185830

We might also ask if he has heard of a way to alter the template of demons.

>> No.25185850

I would like to ask steward sometime about the earth elemental, since his dialouge says he is aligned with the earth element.

>> No.25185856


Saving Xella from her nature is something we want to do. If he has no idea, then we can banish her without guilt.

>> No.25185859

He should also explain why we want to change the template when/if we ask. I'm sure he could understand us wanting to give them what I guess you could say is "Free Will"

>> No.25185869


I think if we find out a way to actually free her from her nature as a demon, then we can summon her later and do that. Right now she's too much of a liability.

>> No.25185911

<Steward,> you say. <You wanted to observe me. In that case, follow me.> Wordlessly, Steward stands from the table. You head out of the room. <Xella stay here.>

Xella sighs loudly.

<Is that understood?>

"Yes, mast - Shadow."

<Good.> You exit the room with Steward behind you and walk to Auriel and Flint's room. You open the door.

Flint and Auriel are standing in the back of the room. Their mouths are locked onto each other. Flint's hand is working its way down Auriel's back.

<Auriel, have you informed Flint as to our plan?>

They both jump what seems to be a few feet in the air. Flint grins and rubs the back of his head, but Auriel blushes deep red. "Dammit, Shadow, you -knock- on people's doors!"

<Ah, yes. I forgot. Well?>

"...I was getting to it." Auriel clears her throat. "Flint. The Shadow has admitted I'm right about the demon, and that it needs to be banished as soon as possible - that is, tonight. Speaking of, where is it?"

<In my room, ordered to stay put.>

"Good. That'll do as well as anything. We can pin her there and have this done quickly."

Flint frowns. "...Shadow...not to argue in favor of keeping a demon around...but..."

"But what?" Auriel says. She folds her arms. "Sounds like you're going to say something along exactly those lines."

"Well," Flint says, "she's been pretty valuable. In battle, guarding camp. That sort of thing."

"She could go off at any moment," Auriel says. "Or maybe you've developed a fondness for her, is that it?"

"N-no!" Flint says. "Why would I - "

"That's what I thought," Auriel says.


...what do you do?

>it's time. Let's grab Obis and get this done quickly.
>well...maybe Flint has a point. Let's sit on it for now.
>something else

>> No.25185939

ask steward if he has any knowledge of demons. because i would like to not have to banish her until she actually does something we dont like. instead of asking about it. but the problem with that is it means that she has already managed to damage something at that point

>> No.25185951

>I'm sure he could understand us wanting to give them what I guess you could say is "Free Will"
I'm not entirely sure he would.

>City 1 is comprised of 23,546 individual mind-states, which first come to consensus, and then act as one body."

The concept of free will seems to run completely counter to the way he and his associates in City 1 operate, and if it were to suddenly be forcibly introduced to HIS society, would likely lead to a breakdown in efficient handling of matters of state.

>> No.25185957


I think the risk outweighs the benefit in this case. If it proves otherwise we can always resummon her.

>> No.25185963

Ask steward for advice/opinion, if we don't get any vital or important information, then BANISH!!!

>> No.25185983

Remind Flint that we can resummon her if we know we're going to get into something dangerous beforehand. Its best to use her as what she is.

>> No.25185989

Rolled 47

Whatever the hell you players choose, I'll be ready.

>> No.25185991

In the sense they aren't "mindless" machines that maybe can never change.

Ask Steward's opinion and if he has any insights.

>> No.25186005

>>it's time. Let's grab Obis and get this done quickly.

"Flint as much as I fight for the belief that everyone needs a chance to prove themselves, Xella told me hat I should consume Auriel while she was unconscious. Thats when I realized Xella in her current template is forced to be as she and all demons are. I might try to save her some other time, when your life's aren't on the line and I don't have to worry about her attacking you when I'm not looking.

>> No.25186015

Seconding this dialogue.

>> No.25186035

+1 shadow justice point.

>> No.25186052

Regardless of what else we end up doing here:
>something else
<I would appreciate it if you would not continue to browbeat Sir Flint by leveraging your mutual attraction. It hardly seems productive to suppress what might be logical arguments while we are trying to arrive at a course of action in an objective manner.>

C'mon, Auriel. We get that you two are a thing, but you really have to stop using it as a weapon.

>> No.25186053

this does sound good

>> No.25186083

Too many... posts to... second... chirp on without me.

>> No.25186084

<Do you have an opinion, Steward?>

"You would be foolish to trust any demon, but a subdued demon makes a useful tool," Steward says. "The choice, ultimately, is yours. I - we - are not experts on the subject of demonology."

You think for a moment.

And you come to your decision.

It's too risky. Until you can alter the summoning spell itself, you judge it flawed.

<She poses too great a danger to the rest of you,> you say. <It's time to be done with this.>

When you go to retrieve Obis, you find him already set to go. Joey has fallen asleep on the bed. You explain the situation, and he nods and follows you back toward your room.

"She'll suspect something immediately," Auriel tells you. "Desummoning is a contest of wills. Catch her by surprise after you open the door, and force her back."

You nod, and place your hand on the door.

Roll 1d100

>> No.25186093

This point also needs to be made. Also, embarassing auriel is always fun.

>> No.25186101

Rolled 22



>> No.25186105

Rolled 13


>> No.25186109

Rolled 59


>> No.25186114


Yeah, consider this canon. Roll to keep things moving.


I'll keep that on the backburner.

>> No.25186120

Rolled 79

Here comes a 1...

>> No.25186127


Well shit, that's a fine way to start this out.

>> No.25186129


apparently not

>> No.25186149

Rolled 62

and the curse strikes again
<i will call you again. when i learn to turn stone to water>

>> No.25186159

Rolled 95

Time to save the day! Or ruin it.

>> No.25186187

You guys should really let a professional like me handle these things, y'know? Ah well. All's fair to the first responders!

>> No.25186225

You burst in through the door.

Xella is standing in the middle of the room - and she's ready for you.

You shove your will at her. She buckles to one knee. The glow of a summoning sigil appears under her. Despite her readiness, you're winning.

She looks up at you. "...I...could feel you all...I hate you..." She stares at you. "...naive...idiotic...ignoring your own power for bags of flesh and blood...I hate you...I HATE YOU!"

Her will pushes back on yours, hard. She forces her existence into this reality, and it's working. Her emotions are raging into you like hammers.

Roll 1d100

>> No.25186230

Rolled 40


Welp we made the right decision at least.

>> No.25186239

Rolled 64

Uh ohs.

>> No.25186253

Rolled 65

Possible crit pls?

>> No.25186277

Rolled 41


>> No.25186284

Rolled 34


>> No.25186306

Rolled 27

<im sorry. but i will protect my friends.>

>> No.25186313

Hmm, I was wondering if pls was puppeting another name.

>> No.25186316

><[perhaps I will call upon you] again. when i learn to turn stone to water>
I do like saying this to her before banishing her, for what it's worth.

I always love callbacks to prior conversations.

>> No.25186333


We're fucked.

>> No.25186357

You realize something.

Pushing Humanity onto this thing is a wasted exercise. That's what you've been doing - wielding your humanity as a weapon. And she's ignored it - because she's flawed. She has no Humanity.

But she does have Temerity.

You slam her with it. She crumples to the floor. You grab that part of you - cold. Callus. Calculating. Forceful. There is no good, or evil. Only Justice, and the power to carry it out.

Xella tries to claw back to her feet -

- and Aurel's sword meets her torso straight on. Auriel grunts, and rips her blade out through Xella's flank. She steps back as the succubus flails and screams.

And slowly, the dark hole starts to swallow her up. She begins to disintegrate - magic, forced back into the nether, back to raw, uncarved energy. You feel her resistance fade to nothing. You've won.

And then it stops. Her disintegration begins to undo itself.

Something is wrong.

Roll 1d20

>> No.25186375

Rolled 5


>> No.25186379

Rolled 12

A professional at work!

>> No.25186385

Rolled 6

god damn it

>> No.25186386

Only if the DC was over 64, which I doubt given all the help we have. Still, we probably should have picked up Summoning I before trying this.

>> No.25186389

Rolled 11


>> No.25186390

Rolled 2

Till we meet again

>> No.25186393

Rolled 18

I rolled the first nat 20 of the thread, lets go 2 for 2.

>> No.25186404

Rolled 3


>> No.25186405

Rolled 2


>> No.25186415


>> No.25186417


>> No.25186431


>> No.25186440


>> No.25186452

Don't do it man, don't do it, don't do it you motherfucker!

>> No.25186474


Oh god please no no no no

>> No.25186480

Rolled 12


>> No.25186497

Now we get to see what would've happened if our mana depleted and we failed the rolls to control her...

>> No.25186516

That is not a positive thing anon. THIS IS NOT GOOD. THERE IS NO GOOD SIDE TO THIS.

>> No.25186539

Meanwhile, downstairs...
>"Hey, do you hear that racket up there? Those newcomers should really be more considerate."

>"Betcha anything it's those two lovebirds knocking boots."

>"Hah, oh, to be young and in love. Still doesn't explain the pained shrieking, though."

>"Dunno, maybe he's one of those weirdoes who likes that sort of thing."

>"I'd bet. Seriously, the company in this town has REALLY been going to hell lately."


>> No.25186579

Her form begins to regenerate.

"Take her right!" Auriel says. She nimbly heads left. "Shadow, stay center!"


Flint and Obis surround the writhing form in the center of the room from the other side. You stand around it, watching. You try to press your will at it.

You're met with something that isn't Xella.

Something huge.

Something terrifying.

A thousand eyes stare back at you.

A chill is cast over the room. Your three companions flinch backward. Even Steward crouches low, just at your shoulder.

H̵́e̵̵͘l͠͠l̵o̧..̡͜.͏E̢re̴͟b̨u̶̕s͞.̛<wbr> ́͝H̸̛ow̨͘̕ ͘҉h͢a̶͡v̸̡̀e̷ ͞͞y̸̡͟o͡ų ̡͜b͏e̡͢é̵͢n͢͏̵?̸̨̕

<...what? What are you?!>

The thing picks itself off the ground. The flesh is rotted and warped. A eyeball grows at the end of what was once Xella's arm.

D̨ơn̛'t̸ y͜o̵u̸ ̕rec̵ogni҉ze ̕yo̶ưŕ ҉o͡ld̸ fr͏iend?́ Y͘o̶ur old a̢r͜b͏it͞e̷r o̡f th̀a̴t͡ si̶ll͏y͞ th̕in̨g ̷you cal͜l just̀i̧cé?́


The thing laughs. You feel as though you've been dipped in icewater. And you feel fear.

You̢ don'͞t ̷rememb̧er͏ ̵a th̨i͘ng.̧ B̕u̸t͢..̴.̢yo͠u ar͞e͏n҉'t͢ Er͡e͟b̷u̸s̶, ̨a͢re ͏yo͘ư. ̨Not͘ re͡ally̢. How ͡p̡at҉he̕t͡ic.

<What are you talking about?> You let your illusion drop. <Explain yourself!>


>> No.25186632

god damn it. we didnt get a chance to tell her we were called erebus before this. this is going to be bad

>> No.25186634

Well... shit.

>> No.25186636



>> No.25186640

>Hello... Erebus. How have you been?
C'mon, eldritch horror. We were JUST talking about how we were trying to keep this under wraps!

>> No.25186659

We also never had it confirmed that the being calling us that knew what it was talking about until now...but yeah, Auri's gonna try killing us now.

>> No.25186674


>> No.25186685

...and the eldrich horror is peeved at us. Not seeing your point here?

>> No.25186688


Ęxpl̡ai̵n͏ m͟ysel͜f? The thing laughs again. You͟, de̵m̷a̷n̨d҉i͠ng̷ aņyth͠ing̸, ́o͠f ̨m͝e̷? Y̶ou,̛ ͜a͠ ͝shar͠d ơf͝ a śh̢a̕rd o͞f̷ S͜hadow? You a͢re͏n't̴ ̵Ér̸e͢b̴us.̸ ̧Y҉o̶u̧'r҉e͏ ̕n̷o͠t͝h̶i͢ǹg. ̧S̨h̷am̴e͠ ̀on ̧me ́fo̷r ̸t̛h͏i͞nki͏n͏g̢ o̕t҉h͘e͘rw̕ise҉.̷

T́h̷is ͜f͞o͠rm ͡įś d̛ęl̸iça̵te̶,̶ ̡bu̡t̨ ͟it͞ ̴wi͝l͢l ͜dǫ. Fe͡a͘r͝ m͝e̷,͟ ̕Sha̡d̕ow...̨f́oŕ a̵l͜l e͢lem͏e͢n̵ts ͝fear̀ ͠me̢.͢ ͝Anḑ y̸o͠u͜ w̛įl͠l͡ kn҉o͏w̛ m̶e ͠-̨ ̛f҉or̢ I͡ am ͘Le͟gi̕o͝n.̢

It raises a hand.

I͜ t͘h҉ín͠k̵ ̵I'll͟ eras͠e̡ ̴you, f̷i͞rst..͘.an͝d̡ ̶t̢he͏n, ҉tò ̡bus̶in̵es̶s.

What do you do?!

>something more complex

>> No.25186694


>> No.25186706


>> No.25186717

I... what... WHAT DO WE DO? We're out of magic!

>> No.25186740

Guys let's come up with something complex that covers our bases and using any insight advantage into this situation that we have.

>> No.25186744


>> No.25186754

Dodge and attack like our life depends of it...again.

>> No.25186761

Dodge dammit!
Preferably not past any of our friends, in the all-to-possible event that it begins to shoot eye lasers.

We got two mana left, were gonna have to make it count.

>> No.25186764

why the fuck does this keep happening

>> No.25186767

We REALLY should have waited until our mana refilled, or we had help to desummon. to late for that now though. He said he is fragile, so have auriel shoot magicky things at it.

>> No.25186770

>This is still our summon, if Temerity won't work use both at once
<No, it is you that should fear me>

>> No.25186773

I kinda get the feeling that the old Erebus had a whole justice = vengeance thing going on, judging from this dude.

>> No.25186805


>confirmed for Erebus shattered into dozens of tiny Erebits during climactic final and scattered throughout the land. We need to eat more shards of true darkness

Also. Attack. Best defense, they say

>> No.25186807

Not necessarily.
>But... you aren't Erebus- are you. Not really.
Depends on how this conversation continues, I'd imagine.

>This form is delicate, but it will do.
This means it's probably going to be a matter of destroying it before it destroys us. Blocking is likely not going to be efficient, since it seems pretty confidant in its abilities to kick our ass.

We know WE might be able to dodge this thing, seeing as we've got Ink on our side, but we're in an inn room, basically, and there are three targets that CAN'T change their form to try and dodge.

We need to try and take him down as quickly as possible.

>> No.25186811

Roll 1d100 to dodge and counterattack

>> No.25186812

Also here is my thought on what was just said: That thing that they did to destroy Erebus? All it did was shatter him and all his pieces are scattered. We are a shard that might be his mind or something like that and we have already recovered his loneliness.

>> No.25186830

Rolled 38


>> No.25186832

Rolled 58

Oh hell...

>> No.25186835

Rolled 13


>> No.25186836

Rolled 67


>> No.25186838

Rolled 97


here goes

>> No.25186839

Rolled 95


>> No.25186847

Rolled 60

to live

>> No.25186849

dodge... might have failed.
counterattack... great success.

>> No.25186850

Rolled 19

Not good.

>> No.25186853

Rolled 20

Let the professional do it! C'mon peepers.

>> No.25186855

Rolled 74


>> No.25186868

Perhaps we could use Blink to get behind this thing, then grapple it, then Supersonic it to the maximum altitude we can safely reach.

If it can't fly, hover, or otherwise slow its descent, the impact from its fall might kill it. The Sky-Sever might also attack it, if it's in the air long enough.

However, this plan involves us grappling a horrible demon monstrosity, so I doubt we can expect to keep our HP.

>> No.25186898

You just rolled worse than two thirds of the people you were complaining at. Where are these professionals you speeks of

>> No.25186909

dude, his first roll was 95

>> No.25186912


>> No.25186914

Rolled 1

Hearh Dearh.

>> No.25186920

>and i'm questioning dice atheism

>> No.25186923

Boy am I glad I didn't link that, heh. Well. Time for me to stop rolling.

>> No.25186929

Thank the absence of God that wasn't linked

>> No.25186930

Rolled 59

Thank the dice gods you weren't linked to the right post

>> No.25186932

my gods

>> No.25186933

Well THAT'S amusing, at least. The Dice Force seems to have a sense of humor, at least.

Would've been less amusing had it been linked to SM, though.

>> No.25186960

pls, enough pls.

>> No.25186970

You leap to the side as a ray of black escapes the thing's hand. It catches you on the side. You feel a searing pain.

>you've lost 6 HP (total: 18/37)

It's darker than dark. You can see into the dark - it holds no fear for you. But this isn't darkness. It's emptiness.

What the ray strikes, it strips away, -unmaking- it as it touches things. Steward barely ducks away as it blasts through the door, widening into the cone that continues straight through the building and on.

But though you took a hit, you're in perfect position to attack. It's arm is out, and its leaning forward. It begins to turn toward you...

And your limbs rip up into it, chopping off the arm in an instant. It shrieks and stumbles backward. Even as you watch, the limb begins to rapidly grow back. It steps back toward the window -

- but Obis's shield catches it right on the side. It tumbles backward, and Auriel lands a nasty slice all the way down its leg.

You have initiative.

What do you do?

>use magic
>something else

>> No.25186993


>> No.25187002

attack. im pretty sure we will have to have a consume battle with this thing after weakening it. but i really want to get this thing out of the area.

>> No.25187003

>being that reckless

>> No.25187007

Don't let up! Attack attack attack!

>> No.25187013


>dem balls of steel

>> No.25187021

Attack! Attack! Attack!

>> No.25187022


Separate it into pieces, have everyone else focus on the pieces that fall off, no consuming the eldrich horror either.

>> No.25187025


Not sure if we want to eat that ... thing.

>> No.25187033

No relenting! Attack until there is nothing left.

>> No.25187036

<I fear not your emptiness, not here or before>

>> No.25187048

Rolled 76

After all the rolls we've gotten so far, you still think we can get away with being that ballsy.


>> No.25187049


>> No.25187052

Keep it pinned down to the best of our abilities.

We are almost certainly better in melee/grappling combat than whatever this thing is, especially so since it has admitted that it has taken a notably frail physical form by virtue of being stuck with the decaying remains of a succubus.

>> No.25187057

Roll for an all-out assault!


>> No.25187062

We don't have iron stomach. FUCKING ABORT!

>> No.25187064

Rolled 2

Well it's not like I could roll two nat 1's in a row so I may as well try try again!

>> No.25187067

Not now, but we "might" be able to.

>> No.25187071

Rolled 27


>> No.25187072

Rolled 83


>> No.25187074

Rolled 79


>> No.25187077

Rolled 24

Great, more failure...

>> No.25187085

C'mon, man. We JUST got through proving that the Dice Force operates off of irony.

>> No.25187086

Oh my holy
fucking god

>> No.25187088

Rolled 36

Whelp. That's that.

>> No.25187094


You should know better.

>> No.25187096

Rolled 65

Jesus, the dice are trying to tell you something, I think.

>> No.25187105

Rolled 15


>> No.25187106

Unbanned. Yay. Have a crappy pic of Adavan.

>> No.25187108

nat 100s?

>> No.25187117

Rolled 77

I can fix this!

>> No.25187123

And Flint.

Didn't get to post them before the last 404d

>> No.25187124

Rolled 31


>> No.25187143

Rolled 90


>> No.25187146

I feel that ban feeling, trying to help people always winds up getting me banned because 4chan hates every link forever

>> No.25187193

>you gain 2 HP from regeneration (20/37)

You lunge toward the creature.

It wildly waves a hand up over its body, shooting another black ray. It catches you almost straight-on.

>you've taken 7 damage (13/37)

The ray eats through the roof of the tavern, and through half the floor. The room cracks in two.

But your companions aren't deterred. They swarm the creature even as you fall back, hacking off its limbs, smashing it into the wood.

The room groans heavily.

The thing still struggles, still alive.

What do you do?

>assist your friends - end this with another attack
>magical attack
>grab your friends and abandon ship!
>something else

>> No.25187221


>> No.25187226

>>assist your friends - end this with another attack

>> No.25187230

CONSUME Its the only way.

>> No.25187231

I wonder if we can consume it yet...

>> No.25187234


>> No.25187243

Rolled 91

>assist your friends - end this!

>> No.25187245

Spirit whip?

>> No.25187252

Rolled 52

If you guys go for consuming I'm pretty sure it's best if I abstain from rolling. Aww.

>> No.25187255

>assist your friends - end this with another attack

We need to make sure it dies and doesn't regenerate. also no consuming.

>> No.25187259


>you have 4 EXP
>could buy Iron Stomach
>just Saiyan

>> No.25187262

please quit wasting the good rolls

>> No.25187263


>> No.25187267


>> No.25187268


>> No.25187271

... do it. Buy Iron Stomach.

>> No.25187273

Oh. Heh, well. Could we? Right now? And then consume!

>> No.25187274

QM's subtle note
this means we have to buy it

>> No.25187279

guys, nothingness might be bad for our digestive system

>> No.25187283

>That hint


>> No.25187289

Nah it doesn't mean we have to do it, it's just a good idea if we plan on consuming-which we do-so it's just QM's subtle note that means we have to buy it.

>> No.25187291

buy iron stomach. then assist you friends. i want it mostly dead before consumption.

>> No.25187295


I have mastered the art of herding cats.

>> No.25187296

time to eat
>with Iron stomach

>> No.25187307

still vote for assist, but yeah iron stomach

>> No.25187310

yes, yes you have. Until we decide to do something stupid again anyway despite your hints.

>> No.25187313

>that feeling the quest could be over this thread

>> No.25187320


haha oh you. look how easily thay dance to your song.

>> No.25187324

Rolled 98

I smell a trap, and not the good kind.

>> No.25187332

subtle, who was it threads ago that said you were surprised we'd avoided it so long and was gonna lower exp cost?
>Shadow Master that's who

>> No.25187342

quit rolling please

>> No.25187344


>you purchased Iron Stomach
>EXP: 0


Vote 1:

Vote 2:

>> No.25187347

>Iron stomach.
>Not experience burning for magical assault.

>> No.25187349



>> No.25187350


>> No.25187353


>> No.25187354


Then the story can start up again from Abigail's point of view, maybe.

>> No.25187359


>> No.25187360


>> No.25187367


>> No.25187368


Supply and demand, my friend.

>> No.25187369


>> No.25187370


I don't think devouring an eldritch horror of void is a good idea even with iron stomach.


>> No.25187375

1 then 2

>> No.25187380


>> No.25187382

>implying we don't want to know how eldritch horror tastes


>> No.25187383


>> No.25187385

that feeling happens like twice a thread

>> No.25187387

Or from another shard of Erebus.

>> No.25187388

no reason to risk pissing everyone off including Flint.

>> No.25187406

Let's put dat iron Stomach to work


>> No.25187408



>> No.25187415

1 to weaken then comsume

>> No.25187420

I'm a little worried that we're in the middle of a tavern, and anyone within a reasonable distance is probably running to see what the hell is going on.

And the room has a huge, gaping hole in the side, and the floor is critically damaged. With all of us and the abomination, as well as whatever furniture is in the room.

I really don't think we want to be seen eating this monstrosity by all the people gawking at the spectacle on the off-chance the floor gives out.

That said, the fact that we bought Iron Stomach kind of commits us.

Joey is a very heavy sleeper, and will stagger out sleepily any moment now going "Hi, guys. What're you all doing up at this hour? And where did the roof go?

>> No.25187424

Cutting off votes so I can count.

>> No.25187434


>> No.25187436

I can never pick these scary options.

>> No.25187444

>implying Joey doesn't pull a Nevil Longbottom on the horror

>> No.25187465


I count

Attack: 7 votes
Consume: 8 votes

Attack THEN consume: 2 votes

>> No.25187469


>attack: 9

>consume: 10

Someone double check

>> No.25187473

attack: 9

if i'm not mistaken

>> No.25187484

All kindsa numbahs!

>> No.25187488


Yeah, those are the same then, I just added the ones to the others.



>> No.25187490

Rolled 81


>> No.25187496

Rolled 58

I lied.

>> No.25187499

Rolled 91


>> No.25187500

Rolled 33


>> No.25187502

Rolled 71

For Shadow

>> No.25187504

Rolled 84


>> No.25187506


>> No.25187507

yay good rolls on consumption

>> No.25187512


>> No.25187513


>> No.25187515


>> No.25187516


>> No.25187518

not bad

>> No.25187519

Rolled 51

It has been willed

>> No.25187529

Oh thank Jesus some good rolls for once.

I'm not even going to contribute, with my luck I'd be the one gets a nat 1.

>> No.25187536


>> No.25187537


Didn't agree with it but I guess the dice gods did. unless the dc for this was 98 or somethin1

>> No.25187539

Rolled 42

cthulu bites for dinner!

>> No.25187553

Shadow Quest: Where Spaghootti flows free, we almost dye every other thread, and only get good rolls on Friendship and CONSUME

>> No.25187558

Rolled 39

But nat 1's dun't happen y'know?

>> No.25187564




>> No.25187576

Rolled 64

Whhhhyy noooot?

>> No.25187589


You have no right to talk. I'm still convinced you've angered the dice gods.

>> No.25187591

Rolled 48


What, you trying to do this?

>> No.25187595

I suspect it was not an easy DC, but we beat DC80 and 75 Avg, both of which would be pretty reasonable "high" DCs to set.

>> No.25187602

Rolled 37

Dammit I couldn't crit for good or ill. Ah well.

>> No.25187620

True, and the iron stomach we just purchased probably gave us some bonus.

>> No.25187625

We still got it baby

>> No.25187634


>> No.25187643

Iron Stomach just negates negative side-effects; if we wanted a bonus to consume rolls, we'd have to work our way up to Gaping Maw, IIRC.

>> No.25187654

(feels vindicated about all the CONSUME arguments we've had)

>> No.25187667


I still think this is a bad idea, good rolls or no.

>> No.25187669

We got fairly high consume rolls, so the logical problem we would have after confirming the hit would be keeping it down as far as I can tell.

>> No.25187683


>> No.25187689

>you gain 2 hp from regeneration (15/37)

You sprint forward and dive at the creature.

You roil over its limbs.

And just like anything else...


As its body disintegrates into your form, briefly, you feel a flood of power...

...and then, it's shut off like a tap. But not before you CONSUME a substantial portion of it.

>you gain 20 EXP
>you gain 13 health (28/37)
>you gain 14 Temerity (68)


Roll 1d20

Don't get -3- or less in the first three rolls...

>> No.25187699

Rolled 20


>> No.25187701

Rolled 18


>> No.25187703

Rolled 20

ohh god damn it

>> No.25187706

Rolled 12


>> No.25187713

Well then.

>> No.25187715

Rolled 5

should be eez

>> No.25187717

what does two crits give us?

>> No.25187718


>> No.25187719

the fuck?

>> No.25187724



>> No.25187725


>> No.25187728

double 20's in the first three rolls

>> No.25187734


>> No.25187737

Rolled 18


>> No.25187738

Rolled 4


>> No.25187740

based dice gods

>> No.25187753


Holy fucking shit

>> No.25187758

>are you ready?

>> No.25187769


>> No.25187776

So, instead of Flint stopping Auriel from killing us, and it ruining their relationship, Auriel decides that there's no freaking way we're the lost Lord of Shadow and that the demon was simply trying to set the group against itself?

>> No.25187790

So, uhm.


Let the argument commence!

>> No.25187794


>> No.25187796

We did good.

>> No.25187798


Man I'm so happy I didn't decide to go to bed early tonight.

>> No.25187813

Why does Ron Paul look like a manic grim reaper in all these damn pics?

>> No.25187815


>> No.25187820


I vote for sinking some of that into Summoning now.

>> No.25187823


>> No.25187824


>> No.25187840

Nah. Mighty strength for group carrying and Diamond Barrier to be a lightning bruiser shadow force.

>> No.25187841

alright we have 20 xp. I vote
Summoning 1.

>> No.25187853

Was that a save or die?

>> No.25187859

observe: 17
Poison: 15
Soundless: 12
shadow Mask: 9
Fog: 6
twisting gloom: 3
and i got nothing left

>> No.25187864

I vote;
Mighty Strength

>> No.25187866

liking the first two how about mighty strength too

>> No.25187869


>> No.25187872

I think we should spend it on a bunch of the lower level abilities, like fear, observe, mighty strength, Shadow control, multishade, and the summoning branch

>> No.25187877

wait, shadow control: 0

>> No.25187883

Alright guys, we've been putting shattenkrieg off for too long, it would have made the vog cave last thread a joke, so can we has?

>> No.25187886

I like this list.

>> No.25187894

shadow mash >17
Summoning >15
Mighty Stregth >10
Deep Focus >6
Soundless >3
Multishade >0

>> No.25187905

The house continues to lean.

You friends lose their balance and slide to the wall. You tumble down with them. Steward buries a hand in the wood and hangs on.

Support beams crack like dry twigs as the third story of the tavern collapses sideways like a deck of cards.

D̢i̴d͠ yo̶u ̶get͟ ̢a ͜l͝i͘tt̕le̴ ̶pòw͞er back͠ fr͝o͝m ̴tha̸t?̶ ́I̷t͘ ͡d̶oe͡s̵n͢'͞t ͘m̶àt͏t͡e͘r̴, lit͞tle Shad͟oẃ. B͘eca̴use ͝y̛o͡u'͟ll ҉f͞i͏nd͝ ̸th͡a͝t̢ I ͜k̵e͢e̸p̀ ͝c͘om̨in̶g͏ ̀b͘a҉c̛k.́.̴.̧

And̛ ͟ag̶ai̸n̶.̨.́.

A̢̛̠̹̤͓͔̤n҉͇̰͎̖͙̻͙̝͈d̸̕͏̣̺̗̺̱͔ ̰̣̬̩́͡a̩̲̹̞͡g̴̷̙̬̻͉̥a̢͓̖̖͓̹̟̩͟i̶̤͍n̹̥͜.̶̢͓̀.͎͢.̱̘͕̪̻͎͚

Ä̵̴̗͓͉̘͈̬̣̻̼͚̖̣͖̠͋ͨ̈́̃͊̎̋̉̋̓ͦͧ̽͠N̶̛͖̭͚̺̼̓͒̾̉̉͘͠͝Ḑ̱̟̩͔͎̭͙̻̫͎̟͕̹͕͎̯̣̝ͩ̏́͑̀̒̾̊ͮ̅͂ͤͣ̈ͫ̚̕̕͟ ͭ͛̂̋̒̚͞҉̪̩̟̲͈̠̻͟A̲̬̖̖̮͚̪͔̿͑ͭͭͯͫ̊̌ͪ̽͐́̈́ͬ̏̏͂͡͠G̸̵̓̑ͪ̎̅͋̽́̍͆ͤͤ̄ͧ҉̪̳̱̩̫͚̺̭̬̯ͅĂ̸̵ͥ̅͏̴͖̰̺̰͕̭̯͞I̭̤̪̮͙̣̩̮͚̩̻̞̻̳ͭͬ͑̔̂͑ͯ͋͊̕͢N͊̊̀͊ͬ͌̈͢͏̨͙̝̰̯̲̤̲̣̗̩̦̹̝
The house crashes to the ground. You desperately ride it out as wood flies around you.


>> No.25187911

think you meant *Mask but ill second

>> No.25187914

I really want mighty strength but I think I'll change my votes to this list. It takes care of quite a lot.

>> No.25187917

Mighty Strength DOES seem like one of the most important things to take here, since we're now down one flying pack mule succubus, and our horses are being devoured by fiends from the Timorian Deep.

The extra carrying capacity is going to be very useful, not to mention combat applications.

>> No.25187919

like this

>> No.25187927

Oh damn it's not actually over.

>> No.25187928

Higher levels of magic power unlocks mana regen.

So let's buy magic abilities in the hopes of uncovering another magic power.

Summoning is cool, but what about shadow beam/bomb/blast? They're all much more powerful than shadow assault and shadow assault absolutely wrecks shit.

>> No.25187930

>guise pla

>> No.25187944

I want the basics covered first before that. So we always have something to fall back on.

>> No.25187949

Rolled 19

I'm thinking:
Mighty Strength

A lovely medley of offensive and defensive buffs with a bit of VERY useful stealth thrown in for garnish.

>> No.25187954

Man, it looks like we just released another BBEG.

>> No.25187957

agree need more magic
change soundless and multi shade to either shadow bomb or nightblaze

>> No.25187959

Stop trying to spread shadow so thinnnn.
We're fast, tough, and strong. Lets work on this. Lets work on getting our asses closer to hydra.
Strength and diamond skin are a must. Of we keep picking up every rogue power that pops up on the tree, we're going to end up brittle

>> No.25187983

This. We get to low HP way too quickly from everything, it would be great to not only be a fast dodger but also be near-immune to physical damage.

>> No.25188005


Yeah, SM already warned us of trying to generalize in too many different things.

I think we need to pin down what direction we want to take Shadow in first then decide what contributes the most to that single build. That might be asking for too much consensus from the threat though.

>> No.25188008

Or we could go for spirit siphon. That would be 15xp to get it.

iirc it lets leeches mana from things we hit with it.

We could actually get it and shadow beam/blast

>> No.25188009

Everything is quiet. You poke your way out of the timber. The night sky is cloudy. The snow continues to steadily fall.

The echo of the voice fades, and this time, you think its presence is gone for good.

At least, for now - if its threat holds true.

Noise makes you jerk in surprise. Auriel and Flint emerge from the wood like divers coming up for breath. They glance at each other, then at you.

Obis and Steward are next.

"...everyone ok?" Obis asks.

"Yeah," Flint says.

"Totally fine," Auriel answers.

"Well. That was lucky."

"You know, Shadow," Obis says, as he extracts himself from the "you really come in hand some times. I wasn't sure how we were going to kill that thing. Whatever it was."

<It seemed to think I was something I'm not,> you say.

"It called you Erebus," Auriel said.


Auriel looks at you.


>> No.25188036


We've got some 'splainin to do.

>> No.25188052

<It also said I was not Erebus>

>> No.25188054

We got some 20's a bloo bloo.

>> No.25188070

We sort of - kind of tried to tell her earlier...
that's gotta count for something, right?

>> No.25188082

Umm. Steward? I'm sure he just got an interesting little show. Wonder how this works into his opinion of us.

>> No.25188085

>get back from shower
>dese rolls
>my face
I'd say definitely get siphon we NEED a way to regen mana, after that I'll of course advocate Ghoul or Ghost

>> No.25188086

<Auriel, if I could bring up what I was trying to tell you earlier about Jacob's Field...>

>> No.25188092

This looks like a good time to sufdenly have diamond barrier, don't you think?

>> No.25188094

This is gonna be interesting.

>> No.25188114

It would be better to cover what we're already good at first though, to get them over with. Strength/defense/stealth etc.

>> No.25188115

btw SM I can't find spirit siphon in the pastebin. Not sure what's up with that, but ctrl+f doesn't work.

Maybe I'm just doing something retarded

>> No.25188121

Might as well get this over with.

>> No.25188150

"...you, Erebus."

<It seemed confused about that, really,> you say nervously. <I don't - >

Auriel starts laughing. She slaps a piece of wood and bends over double. "You - you, Erebus?! You've got to be kidding me!"

<...it isn't that funny...is it?>

"You're a blob of Shadow. How could you be Erebus?" Auriel addresses you in a tone reserved for 5-year olds. "I've SEEN Erebus. You realize this? If you were him, I think I'd know it. Hell, I'd feel it. We all would." She waved a hand. "Maybe when you ate that dynamo, you sort of reminded me of him...in the way a cloud remind you of a thunderstorm. Whatever that thing was, its mind was corrupted beyond belief."

Well, at least that problem is solved, one way or another.

"...hey, guys?" calls Joey. You all look up. Standing on a tiny platform still supported by one beam is Joey, his hair still messed from bed. "...uh...what happened?"

"It demands rather in-depth explanation," Steward says.

Obis chuckles. "Yeah...that's one way of putting it."

"People," Flint says, "We have company."

You realize people are starting to surround the tavern. A lot of people.


>> No.25188184

We can't pay for this shit.

>> No.25188188


I would say pay them for the mess, but I'm pretty sure we don't have that much gold on us right now.

>> No.25188207


>> No.25188212

We heard a commotion, it seems someone was dealing in demons. They attacked and we defended.


>> No.25188213

I'd be good with replacing a summon with Mighty strength

Gotta push summoning though it's in my job description

>> No.25188236


If we're going to dabbling around in turning rocks into water though, it might be a good idea to sink some points into.

>> No.25188249

Ah, /tg/ born adventurers we are

Also did Auriel just laugh at us? We need to file this away so we can rub her face in our all encompassing power later

>> No.25188257

need stronk farst
odderwise we onlu mildy gewd at evrtink

>> No.25188289

Then let's buy mighty strength, see what it unlocks, then argue about our next purchase after that?

>> No.25188293

Anyway, I think as a free action we should pick our choices.

>> No.25188305

yes anon, fall right into my advertising like a good goy

also how are we gonna explain the fact that we just got half a tavern melted out of existence?

>> No.25188316

Oh be patient Captain. We're not tied to the harbor pier yet.

That sounds nice.

>> No.25188324

For what it's worth, we should probably be purchasing the "expensive" things we want now, while we have all the XP we need to buy them.

We can backfill earlier bits of the tree with smaller chunks of XP, but there's no way we are going to have the patience to save up enough small battles worth of XP to build up to Diamond Barrier again. Which means we'll have to fight something scary enough that it'll give us a pile of XP again so that we can afford Diamond Barrier.

But we'll probably be better served if we HAVE Diamond Barrier already while fighting said scary thing.

Would suggest Mighty Strength/Diamond Barrier for sure, and then use the 4 remaining XP on littler things, or maybe just save it again.

>> No.25188325

...and something's off about them.

You can't quite place it.

You quickly adapt your normal form and join your companions. Joey nervously ducks back into a half-collapsed nook.

"Uh," Flint says.

"Real eloquent, there," Obis mutters. "I'll handle this." He steps up in front. "Good people. An explanation is at hand, if you'll lend me your ears."

"None will be required," comes a dry, rattling voice.

You stiffen. That sounded like Adavan.

"No torches," Auriel says. She glances around. "None of them have torches. It's practically pitch black."

You realize she's right.

A man in dark robes steps forward from the crowd. He draws back his cowl.


>> No.25188333

Support. Anyone oppose?

>> No.25188336

I'm with Tsunny on this one!

>> No.25188348

Strong, Fast, Tough, Lightning Bruiser indeed.

>> No.25188354


Sure, why not. I'm here more for typing up cool monologues rather than arguing about stat builds.

>> No.25188360

Oh boy

>> No.25188362

I prefer to get observe and poison on top of mighty strength.

>> No.25188365

De he fucking zombify the populace?

>> No.25188368

sounds good

>> No.25188377

We are a stupid, stupid shadow. We jump at the chance to get crushed and battered by rocks and golems every time they even so much as look at us funny. I'm voting mighty strength, diamond, and summoning 1

>> No.25188383

Okay, this is a very good point.

>> No.25188392

im not sure if i want it to be adivan. if it is then he has gone back to his zombifying ways. if not then how did these zombies get here

>> No.25188393

Oh god this is turning into CoC, isn't it. They're all cultists for eldritch abominations, aren't they?

>> No.25188395

Or we could save the xp to shadow angelify someone

Like that will ever happen.

>> No.25188403

<Adavan. I hope you haven't been starting up your old tricks of building up for a war again.>

>> No.25188406

Looks like. Or, you know, mind controlled them. Pretty sure he isn't holding a personal grudge against these guys. Just against Auriel.

>> No.25188412

I mostly want strength and defense because consuming things means getting into close range, touching/encapsulating, and having them would make the decision to consume things easier.

>> No.25188434

They also both raise HP. So that's a thing.

>> No.25188449

The problem is we need a shadow mana pool to use that ability, and if we don't have one available it takes 30xp to make one. So right now we'd have to fly someone back to a pool we're already aware of. A bit problematic, no?

>> No.25188456

so why not get might strength, shadow eater, and gaping maw?

>> No.25188471

Because shrugging off mook level attacks and being resistant to, say, cave ins, sounds incredibly advantageous.

>> No.25188473


We need to work on solidifying our power base. Then if we ever get a permanent place to work from, we can think about creating a mana pool there and starting to recruit some people.

That's a very long term thing though.

>> No.25188474

<I sincerely hope this isn't what i think it is Adavan>

Also If we're not gonna get Spirit Siphon I'd say mighty strength and Diamond barriar

>> No.25188509

Or get powerful enough to displace the vampire queen. But yeah, we're gonna be globe trod ding for awhile yet.

>> No.25188519


Because we still roll shit, and getting stabbed/beaten sucks balls. Maybe strength/diamond/shadow eater?

>> No.25188526

Maybe we could get twisting gloom to finish that thing off nicely. Even more defense and an advantage against surprises. And we do seem to get surprised a lot.

>> No.25188558

Auriel's eyes widen. Her mouth drops open. "...Magnock."

"...I know your face," the lich says. "...Auriel."

"...you can't be alive. You should be dead!"

Magnock chuckles long and slow. He drags a new breath through rotting teeth. "Dead? How can you kill something that's already died, I wonder?" He slowly casts his gaze on Flint, you, and Obis. "...hmm...Adavan's friends, no doubt." Magnock raises a hand. The tip of his staff glows. The people of the town begin to shuffle forward.

In the distance, you hear a slow, even rumbling. After your battles, you know that sound well - the footsteps of a golem. Or several golems.

"He'll be happy to see you," Magnock says. "I've almost broken him. And after he's done with...the girl, and the rest of you." Magnock grins. "What a joy to have my old nemesis as my personal slave. I'll have plenty of fun with you, Angel."

Auriel tightens her grip on her sword. "You're old, you rotting sack. Weak."

"And I've been busy rebuilding." Magnock's grin grows larger. "But it looks like you're the pot calling the kettle black, my lovely -Highest-." He licks his decayed lips with a tongue that's just a bit too long. "I'm looking forward to seeing how every part of you tastes."

You glance at Flint, and you see a look on his face you've never seen before - a murderous rage, barely restrained.

Your party backs itself into a circle as the enslaved townspeople draw closer. Magnock laughs again.



So, how are we spending that EXP?

meta, etc

>> No.25188573

My shadow senses are tingling

>> No.25188585


>> No.25188590

Get strength before anything else to see the next thing it unlocks.

>> No.25188597

a tweest. a lovely, lovely twist

My votes:
Mighty Strength

>> No.25188606


>> No.25188611

Votin for:
Diamond Barrier; Mighty Strength.

Also you are a fucking bastard SM, a right fucking bastard. Looking deeply forward to the next thread.

>> No.25188617

>I've almost broken him. And after he's done with...the girl, and the rest of you."
Oh he is going to get his teeth kicked in so badly

>> No.25188623

This is a good idea, seeing as it appears to be a general consesnus that everyone wants it

>> No.25188628

he dies. painfully. right now. HE JUST THREATENED ABIGAIL!
he will bleed. end him in pain and terror and confusion

>> No.25188644

>Shadow mask >17
>Summoning >15
>Mighty Strength >10
>Deep Focus >6
>Nightblaze >0

>> No.25188647

Personally I'd like Spirit Siphon and Ghoul. but it seems it's not meant to be so.

I'll be voting for Diamond Barrier and Mighty Strength

>> No.25188650


>> No.25188659


Buy spirit resistance since we're fighting a lich now.

>> No.25188662

Mighty strength and diamond barrier are a must

>> No.25188663

Seconding this because we're now going to be dealing with lots of attackers and a mage at low HP.
Also voting for shadow eater.

>> No.25188675


well nice knowing our friend isn't changed, bad knowing we are gonna have to possibly slaughter random people before we can give Magnock's head to Auriel as a gift.

also I have been thinking about it, but how are we gonna breach the topic that one of Flint's brothers(the one that got the girl he liked most likely) was actively trying to feed off his success and life force possibly.

>> No.25188677

This seems perfectly fine, though I really can't see there being something unlocked that would make me not also want to purchase Diamond Barrier.

If we had a bunch of mana stored up, I'd suggest we buy Nightblaze as a metagame call to mass break the new bad guy's mind control, but that's neither here nor there.

>> No.25188686

This fucking this

>> No.25188700


Well it's nice to have something to fight that gets the whole party well and truly riled up. We're going to enjoy kicking his shit in.

>> No.25188708

>bad knowing we are gonna have to possibly slaughter random people
Well'p, guess we should've kept Xella around for one last hurrah, eh?

hue hue hue

>> No.25188710

Oh god this guy is such an asshole

I mean, like, he is the biggest asshole.

The scale on which he is going to die is almost inconceivable. He's going to die so hard that death is going to look around and say "FUCK ME! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!?"

>> No.25188712

>Also you are a fucking bastard SM, a right fucking bastard.


Buying Mighty Strength first

>> No.25188731

Mighty Strength & Diamond Barrier. It's kinda like this situation was made for them.

I have also changed my ways dice godians, praise the dice lords.

>> No.25188742

next nightblaze
>help counter any magic

>> No.25188756

we have no mana.

>> No.25188759

>The scale on which he is going to die is almost inconceivable. He's going to die so hard that death is going to look around and say "FUCK ME! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!?"

>> No.25188765

using meta to buy resistances mid combat is explicitly disallowed

>> No.25188787

Mighty Strength 5
Diamond Barrier 11
Shadow Eater 3

Physical Buffs a-plenty and a renewable health source.

>> No.25188788

yup, its a pity, but makes sense.

>> No.25188790

Man, it's rare that I feel such a visceral anger at a villain.

This guy is just the most gigantic asshole in all of the worst ways.

>> No.25188796

Are we technically in combat right now? He didn't swing at us. He just had his goons kinda shamble at us.

>> No.25188806

Xom is amused.

Nightblaze costs mana. Mana that we don't have.

It'd be terribly useful here, but since its effectiveness scales with mana spent, up to 10 (which is a fucking lot), there's no way we'd be able to scrape the effect we want it for out of what little mana we have remaining.

>> No.25188811

Oh shit man, we could totally eat ALL of these villagers shadows couldn't we? Without even hurting them too.

>> No.25188819

Rolled 7


What he said.

I vote Diamond Barrier next. We can't afford to get nickel and dimed by the zombie horde considering we're worth an army via Shiva, anyways.

Note: We should make eating this dude a priority, no mercy.

>> No.25188821

>The scale on which he is going to die is almost inconceivable. He's going to die so hard that death is going to look around and say "FUCK ME! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!?"
dude what

>> No.25188826

If mighty strength is selected as an option, can we please buy it first so we can see what it unlocks?

>> No.25188829

So much this

>> No.25188832

Get Mighty Strength and Diamond Barrier.

Burn the rest of the XP on mana. For fucks sake, remember that we have that ability. We need to use it, RIGHT NOW.

Then we can nightflare and take out his army in a single round.

>> No.25188839


I think it's a perfect storm of

A.) threatening Abigail
B.) having a bad history with Auriel
and C.) infuriating Flint


>> No.25188843

no, no wasting mana on mana burn

>> No.25188853

err wastng xp

>> No.25188859

you mean exp, and dude 1 exp for 4 mana?
I'd second using 1-2 exp

>> No.25188871


Experience Burn.

We really need to use Nightflare here.

>> No.25188874

We're also going to eat him if we can. And we're going to do it in the most temerity heightening WAY we can. Only because he deserves it.

>> No.25188875


>> No.25188892


>> No.25188897

night blaze destroys spells, night flare disables temp.

>> No.25188930


New Tree


Juggernaut - Your arms pulverize rock and flesh. Even magical barriers tremble under the strength of your physical blows.

HP: 31/40
Mana: 2/20
EXP: 15

>> No.25188936

It's a perfect storm of
1) Threatening Abigal
2) Implying that he's been torturing Adavan (Which just confirms that he has actually been true to his word)
3) Threatening to rape Auriel, especially since we know her backstory
4) Making Flint mad
5) Enslaving all these villagers

>> No.25188938

Rolled 14


K, but remember, Nightflare will also prevent our party from using any magic too.

That probably includes any heroics from Flint or Obis, and Auriel's already out of juice from bringing Flint back up to 100%.

Just some considerations.

>> No.25188944

Nightflare is single-target, and temporary.

So unless we magically pick the one random peon he has mind controlled that's happens to be a secret archmage, it's not exactly going to help.

That, and if you look, NightBLAZE also has a single-target mode that costs 10 mana. One would assume that we'd need to use something on THAT scale to counteract whatever this guy is blasting into Adavan.

Think he's doing this already.

>> No.25188947

I wouldn't. Not when that "measly" amount of xp can turn us into a shadow-eating mega healer DIAMOND TANK OF MIGHTY STRENGTH!

>> No.25188951

huh i just had an idea. it is very stupid but it might just work. we can use 10 mana mightblaze to attempt to cancle any 1 spell in our sight range. what about his spell of undeath on himself?

>> No.25188956


I can't wait to see the in-character monologue write-in that will go with that scene.

>> No.25188967

Still want Poison and Observe

>> No.25188976

Buy juggernaut.

Next thread:
>Tell everyone to watch out
>Activate bersek
>Fuck everything.

>> No.25188983

Diamond Barrier, and shadow eater now that I've noticed one of the more interesting strategies.

>> No.25188984

>what about his spell of undeath on himself?

I think he'll have a few more safeguards on something like that than what we can disrupt with our own abilities right now.

>> No.25188985

Gotta get dat JUGGERNAUT. I want to be able to punch that lich so hard he can't have enough barriers to block it

>> No.25188986

We really need the mana. If we can disrupt his enchantment, then we don't need to waste any villagers and he loses most of his advantage.

Buy Diamond Barrier, burn 4xp to get 16 mana back.

>> No.25189002

No we don't. We can take down all of them with shiva, and we could probably blunt the Whip-Tentacles if they are still alive.
Strength for damage, Diamond for being able to ignore the villagers attacks and more hp, and shadow eater for healing.
We will still have 1 exp left over, and if we absolutely have to during the fight we can burn it reflexively.

Still going for Diamond Barrier and Shadow eater, both move us toward things that we want.

>> No.25189008

night blaze
exp burn2 for 8 mana

>> No.25189012

we need abilities more then we need mana. downvoting

>> No.25189016

Diamond barrier to stem all the measly attacks.

>> No.25189022

By the way, tsun tsun, I think I did forget to put Spirit Siphon on the pastebin. I'll correct that.

>> No.25189030

Rolled 12


Don't know whether his lichdom is active or passive in this setting.

Could be that his state of undeath isn't an active spell per se and Night-whatever wouldn't disactivate.

>> No.25189033

diamond barrier pls

>> No.25189037

buy diamond barrier. wait to see what to do with the last 4

>> No.25189049

I vote for diamond barier and shadow eater

>> No.25189055


>> No.25189058

Three extra health?
Juggernaut must be beautiful. still, I'm sticking with diamond for now

>> No.25189061

Poison is practically useless except for the fact that it unlocks more of the tree. A 5% chance to trigger is waaaay low, and even ignoring that, it's not like the enemy we're facing down right now is going to be terribly frightened by the prospect of getting poisoned anyway.

Not to mention what I talked about here.

Still think Diamond Barrier is the most practical choice for now.

>> No.25189085

I'll switch to diamond barrier.

>> No.25189100

don't we already have the bonus from fangs and crunch to bring up the chance?

>> No.25189124

Really tempted to just get Juggernaut, tell everyone else to hold off the thralls, and then berserking and beating the everloving fuck out of Magnock. I mean seriously just fuck everything and go to town. Clock him in his withered undead dick so hard that a rift is torn through space and a gate is opened to the elemental plane of punch, that he may be subject to being punched in the junk for all eternity in a single instant.

>> No.25189130

yes we do.

>> No.25189172

Would prefer invulnerability to small attacks first. It would completely nullify the number advantage he has.

>> No.25189182


>> No.25189194

no wait thats for claws that increases the chance the other two increase the chance of disease

>> No.25189196


>> No.25189205


I would love to do that but I have a feeling the dice would fuck us over.

>> No.25189207

>Clock him in his withered undead dick so hard that a rift is torn through space and a gate is opened to the elemental plane of punch, that he may be subject to being punched in the junk for all eternity in a single instant.

>> No.25189209

Those two both say that they affect the chance of triggering Viral, which says it's disease (-regen, -phys. atk.)

Assumed that they Poison and Disease were distinct things, what with Poison (presumably damage over time?) and Viral being in different branches of the tree.

SM can correct me if I'm wrong on the point, though.

>> No.25189211

ok, just how this is phrased makes me kind of want to switch to jugernaught over diamond barrier. in fact i put in my vote for jugernaught

>> No.25189213

Now that I think about it...our Lich friend really held to his side of the bargain and if this is anything to go by it go him being tortured in the end.

If anyone deserves the be gifted as a servant I think it's him for his service to us.

>> No.25189218

aren't we already pretty damn tough? I remember barely taking any damage from Rocks Fall.. Everyone Dies.

>> No.25189220


>> No.25189252

It's to be tougher. Nigh invulnerable to mook-level antics. Being able to shrug them off and protect our friends more easily if we need to cover them.

>> No.25189269


>> No.25189275

Yeah, but this means we're allowed to be EVEN MORE SUICIDALLY HEROIC, RIGHT GUISE?

shadow, buddy, you're not a protagonist in one of my chinese cartoons. you can cool it on the hot-bloodedness every now and again.

>> No.25189290

"repelling all but the most crushing of physical attacks with ease"
Can be used for a hell of a lot more than just facing down numbers mooks.

>> No.25189294

>not constantly hot blooded
for a bunch of neckbeards we got a lot of fighting spirit

>> No.25189308


That's exactly correct.


Ok, so I have to get to sleep here people. Let's get this straightened out.

Vote 1:
>Diamond Barrier

Vote 2:

>> No.25189309

We're not "your outer layers can become as hard as diamond" tough.

Think about that. Becoming the hardest metal known to man.

>> No.25189322

>implying my blood isn't the magma that ignites my soul

>> No.25189323


/co/mrade here, it's why I fucking love this board. You guys culture an enthusiasm that's hard to find elsewhere.

>> No.25189325


>> No.25189339


>> No.25189344



>> No.25189353


>> No.25189355


>> No.25189357

Even a man of faith must rely on the solid and consistent.

>> No.25189359


>> No.25189371


Punching this lich in the dick has become priority #1.

>> No.25189373

>im the juggernaut

>> No.25189378


>> No.25189380

>Vote 2:

>> No.25189390

I really wanna punch the lich in the dick


>> No.25189391


>> No.25189392

>diamond is nice, but we NEED to better our blows against mages

>> No.25189393

I mean, when it works, it feels FUCKING NICE.

But the tendency for quest participants to go full YIPPEE KI-YAY MOTHERFUCKER even when it is plainly a very, very bad idea can get a little grating every now and again.

But it can't be THAT bad, right? SM hasn't killed us off QUITE yet. pls.

Vote 1.

>> No.25189397


>> No.25189398


>> No.25189412

I wasn't sure, but the thought of berserk juggernaut shadow punching Magnock in the dick at a million miles an hour has convinced me.


>> No.25189439


>> No.25189445

It's been five minutes, so cutting off the vote for counting.

>> No.25189451

I want boooooth!

>> No.25189453


The crowd probably isn't going to be doing much damage anyway, meaning the faster we can beat Magnock into a fine powder, the faster we can save Abigal and Adavan.

>> No.25189458

becoming the juggernaut?

yes please


>> No.25189475

Rolled 20



>> No.25189476

1: 9
2: 10

>> No.25189479

Diamonds: 9

Jugg: 10

My count.

>> No.25189485

>supersonic into lich

>> No.25189493

Independent confirmation.

>> No.25189496

I count 9 for Diamond Barrier and 10 for Juggernaut.

So I guess operation dickpunch is go.

>> No.25189499

As much as I'd prefer diamond defense my count says Jugg is higher as well.

>> No.25189505

more people prefer Juggs to Diamonds
>story of my life

>> No.25189516

Rolled 20


Dicks, I think Diamond Barrier lost.

Going berserk in a crowd full of zombies is a great way to achieve nothing and ignore the actual thread, being the lich.

We don't exactly have the ability to strategically target MagCock while berserking, guise.

>> No.25189529

That lich had better cherish what little time he has left with his mummified genitals.

Because he's about to enter a whole new universe of pain.

>> No.25189535

assuming we aren't just going to take out the source with the first blow

>> No.25189537

It's already set in, complaining afterwards won't do much.

>> No.25189545


>> No.25189547

Rolled 19


Oh, unless we blink INTO his shadow and THEN active berserk.

That could do it, I dunno.

>> No.25189555


We need to inform the rest of our party of this plan as soon as possible.

It would be unfair to leave Auriel and Flint out of the dickpunching, they have just as much claim to it.

>> No.25189557

we juggernaut independently of berserk
>why would we berserk when juggernaut is passive?

>> No.25189580

True, but eliminating most of the horde would allow -our- allies to help us go after him in our support.

>> No.25189581

Rolled 14


Oh, that's a good point.

>we can now strategically target mummy dick

Game on then dudes.

>> No.25189592

Fuck that noise, we left them plenty of other parts of the lich to punch.

We called dibs.

>> No.25189594

I don't think you fully appreciate just how punched this lich dick is about to get.

>> No.25189597

To increase the intensity of the punching of Magnock's dick.

I'm against berserking, to be honest. >>25189555 makes a good point.

>> No.25189607

We don't have to go berserk at the start, we could leap-fly at him, >>25189547 do this, or a dozen other things.

>> No.25189610

still say we supersonic into a giga shadow fist right at Magcock

>> No.25189611

I wonder if we'll actually do that next thread.
That we get so furious we actually go for the destruction of the copulation area.

>> No.25189624


Auriel has already fought him once we should let her get a few good stabs in at least.

>> No.25189640

<I'm gonna punch him in the dick
"does he even have a dick"
<I'll punch him so hard HE'LL GROW ONE.


>> No.25189644

right now i am looking forward to us flipping our shit at the start of the next thread.
fury flows off our form in waves
<do not get in my way>
and then we go shadow-sayain

>> No.25189660

>running away just to punch lich dick harder


>> No.25189667

New Tree

New Stats:

HP: 35/44
Mana: 2/20
EXP: 6

On a related note, Strength is now tied with Ailment resistance as your strongest stat.

>almost completing that physical strength tree

Alright, let the mad debate begin for whatever you want to spend 6 more EXP on.

I'm going to bed in 9 minutes, so if there's no consensus by then, we'll take it up next time.

>> No.25189669

We'll punch him so hard in the dick he'll feel it back in time before he was lich.

>> No.25189711

Voting for Twisting Gloom and Shadow Eater.

>> No.25189713

shadow mask
burn last exp for mana

>> No.25189723

Save it.

>> No.25189728

Okay guys, is there anything we can spend it on that will increase our ability to punch this asshole in the dick?

>> No.25189740

i say we buy shadow control. because i can picure this guy running away. and us simply grabbing his shadow and pulling it back

>> No.25189764

>All these people wanting to punch the lich, fuck consequences

>So much shit yet to hit the fan

It's gonna be...BIBLICAL.

>> No.25189765

Actually nvm. Shadow eater.

>> No.25189768

After our entire party gets done gaping at our decision to use our thousand shadowy fists of fury to the 'nads:

<I read in my books that this is the body part that gives humans the most pleasure during life. I assumed that destruction of that region would communicate most efficiently our collective feelings toward Magnock.>

<Did I do good?>

>> No.25189774

Robust immunity and Observe

>> No.25189798


>> No.25189799

Save that line.

>> No.25189801



>> No.25189802

Shadow eater and twisting gloom are nice

>> No.25189809


We're not going to go for the dickpunching straight out the gate, that would be silly.

We need to manuever into place and set up circumstances to achieve maximum dick-punching success first.

>> No.25189813

our seething blood will determine what will be
>time of next thread?

>> No.25189824


>> No.25189828

Shadow Eater I suppose. On the fly healing when we need it that isn't mana based sound pretty cool.

>> No.25189844

Shadow Control seems neat.

It will provide one extra fist with which to punch Magnock in the dick.

>> No.25189855

If no one else 3rds robust immunity, switching to observe and poison.

>> No.25189862

Shadow eater, save the remaining 3 in case we need to buy something mid fight or burn for emergency mana. No need to spend it now when we can do so in reaction.

We just got a massive powerup, if we can get shadow eater, we can heal to near or at full, and if things go bad we have the strength and speed to grab everyone and fly the hell out of here. We should be good.

Of course we will probably roll nothing but ones.

>> No.25189864

supersonic into dick punch
>his body isn't ready

>> No.25189884

>Introduce a villain as vile as Magnock
>Surprised when the entire playerbase votes to punch him in the dick with all our fury

>> No.25189896

shadow eater and shadow control.

>> No.25189914

Shadow eater and control has my support

>> No.25189916

Shadow Eater pls.

>> No.25189923

will vote for whatever, as long as we burn at least 1 exp for mana

>> No.25189950


Surprised? No. I anticipate your attempts to destroy him...with great relish.

But don't think it's going to go easily...


Sounds like there's a lot of favor toward Shadow Eater, with some scattered votes for Shadow Control. So I'll buy Shadow Eater, and we can save 3 EXP for next time.

>> No.25189968

Kind of curious as to what "physical shadow power" means in the context of Shadow Control, as this is the only ability that mentions it with this wording.

>> No.25189971

SM, did you roll for the mana we would get during consumption? Weren't demons supposed to be good eats for mana or was this guy really that icky?

>> No.25189984

yeah, wondering this too

>> No.25190008

Boo. I've been wanting Shadow Control for the evers. I just KNOW the ability after it is fuckawesome. It's pretty radical itself.

>> No.25190010

>But don't think it's going to go easily...

I don't think we ever expected it to.

But it will make the payoff even sweeter if we do succeed.

>> No.25190023

>next time.
And a general estimation for that would be?

>> No.25190032


New Tree

Unlocked for Purchase - Gaping Maw


HP: 35/44
Mana: 2/20
EXP: 3
Humanity: 105
Temerity: 68
Shards of True Darkness: 1


Next Thread...

...tomorrow night!! Not until a little later at night, however. Maybe 9-10pm.

>> No.25190038

The strength of our shadow when wielded as a physical weapon. Remember shadow spears? Like that

>> No.25190052

One question, how much weight can we carry now? House-tier levels? Eighteen Wheeler levels? Etc?

>> No.25190080


I'm afraid I can't answer that, Dave.

Also, thread is archived.


>> No.25190081

We're pretty tough, and we -probably- can retreat with everyone else if we fuck up not too badly.

One bit of good news is that from the little we know of Magnock (His speech, eclipse vision), we know he's an arrogant asshole who wants to enslave us, so he won't be coming at us with full-annihilation spells. Hopefully.

We will get it eventually, It's on the path building toward the Heart of Darkness.

>> No.25190086


Awesome, time to pass out because holy shit it's late over here.

looking forward to Operation Dick Punch tomorrow.

>> No.25190094

I can see it now, us looking like a skinny mage with a hat. we pool our shadows into a giant drill/fist as e build our shadows and supersonic faster than he can react.

>> No.25190116

>One question, how much weight can we carry now? House-tier levels? Eighteen Wheeler levels? Etc?


You could tip a car without trouble. Shove a boulder aside. That sort of thing. Carrying 5-10 people would be possible (ten would slow you down a lot, though)

>> No.25190117

unless the lich from eclipse vision was the ruler of Archon

>> No.25190130

Neato. Thanks for the answers and see you tomorrow for the punchathon.

>> No.25190150


Oh, WAIT, that was Mighty Strength level.

Now you can pick up and throw cars and boulders. And smash them into pieces.

And, lesse...probably carry as many people as you could hold, really. I mean, within reason. You only have so much mass.

>> No.25190152

>shapeshift into a carriage thing with seats
>Sprout wings
Hello, welcome to Air Shadow!

>> No.25190172

we... probably could do this.

>> No.25190179


>> No.25190187

replicate/imagine car
fly around world and help people like night rider
<Get in.>

>> No.25190193

Each individual shiva tendril, or we gotta put our whole form into it?

>> No.25190198


Yeah, actually, I've been wanting that to happen for a while, the plot just hasn't opened up an opportunity for it yet.

Well, at some point, I'm sure.

Anyway, good night for real this time

>> No.25190216


That's your whole form devoted to 1 task.

>> No.25190218

Cost of admission includes allowing us to eat your shadows in order to mitigate the damage from fighting the Skysever.

>> No.25190256


>> No.25190272

And if we save up for and get diamond shell, we might be able to resist the sky sever damage to some extent.

>> No.25190313

Y'know what?

Let's save that 3xp for use towards diamond.

Just get that, then darkness within and we just need to figure out what unlocks mighty regen.

Hydra here we come!

>> No.25190351

>emergency 3 exp for mana if need be

>> No.25190352

Munching the lich should fund a nice chunk of it.

>> No.25190354

I'm thinking we're going to be burning those 3 XP for 12 mana, taking us to 14/20, and probably using that for either healing or damage.

>> No.25190361


>> No.25190373

I wanna know whatever the hell hydra and pure darkness leads to. I simply can't imagine it.

>> No.25190383

Hydra Is my one true love <3

>> No.25190386

dude seriously, stop.
if we get in a bind magic may be our only hope
>like nightflare to disrupt the lich/zombies

>> No.25190391

And then THAT leads to wahtever's in that swirly spot.

The darkest grey yet revealed, in the shape of a swirly storm.

Bet it's brutal. Body of Erebus or some shit.

>> No.25190396

No seriously. Stop with the mana burn. We don't get enough xp to waste it like that.

>> No.25190400

>Form of Shadow

>> No.25190411

Please, be even more laconic.

Explain, don't just contradict. What could we buy that would help us in *this* battle more than 12 mana?

>> No.25190421

We just got 20. We're about to get more by fighting this army raised against us.

>> No.25190426

at 1 exp for 4 mana, even just using 1 exp would improve our chances for damage/healing

>> No.25190448

Yeah, we can save it and burn it one XP at a time when we need it.

>> No.25190464

This may be crazy shit, but does anyone else wonder how much XP we could get for a successful consumption of Geb?

>> No.25190469

It seems that OPERATION: HYDRA just kicking into FUCKING OVERDRIVE!

SM knows he made a good villain when the "middle of the road" guy some to join in with the "PUNCH HIM TO DEATH" crowd.

>> No.25190498

a metric fuck ton honestly, but I'd rather not even consider that til we get massively closer to that quest even being possible

>> No.25190504

I'm against burning XP, especially when our build is almost purely physical. Magic isn't our strong suit and yes its useful, but not useful enough to waste XP on just for a couple spells. I'd rather spend XP to strengthen us further.

>> No.25190513

We may need to mana burn at some point, but only as a last resort and never preemptively.
If things get really rough, -during the fight- we can burn one or two, but there is no reason to do so beforehand.

We probably wouldn't get EXP, that would be too base for eating the soul of a pseudo-god. We would probably get something like a shard of true darkness, but exponentially more powerful.

>> No.25190515

Consuming the literal embodiment of one of the eight elemental forces?

*all of it*.

But we won't be doing that to Geb. The light spirit, on the other hand, might deserve it by the time we're as powerful as the Erebus of old.

>> No.25190561

so by your logic
buying one weak ability>giving potential 12 mana for 3 Shadow Assaults, several heals, or nightflares against magic powered undead

>> No.25190562

>We may need to mana burn at some point, but only as a last resort and never preemptively.
>If things get really rough, -during the fight- we can burn one or two, but there is no reason to do so beforehand.

Agreed, we should do it as needed to stay alive.

>We probably wouldn't get EXP, that would be too base for eating the soul of a pseudo-god. We would probably get something like a shard of true darkness, but exponentially more powerful.

And a metric buttload of temerity.

(Conversion between metric and imperial buttloads left as an exercise for the reader, who can figure out what old king's butt they used as the basis of the imperial one.)

>> No.25190573

Can't we all leave this for when we actually get to the fightan'?

>> No.25190576

Or we could run away so we aren't in combat anymore, buy spirit resist, and then come back.

>> No.25190599

>On a related note, Strength is now tied with Ailment resistance as your strongest stat.
we pretty good on protect from the elements

>> No.25190603

And leave our friends?

But we could grab them all and get away, sure. Not a crazy plan.

>> No.25190620

buying 1 ability or passive that will last us the rest of our existence is much better then a couple shots of magic. Plus magic fails. We have wasted magic on poor rolls in the past, and I have no doubt we will do so in the future.

>> No.25190644

Doesn't mean we should hesitate to do it if we desperately need healing. But yeah, we shouldn't do it preemptively, and we should save it if at all possible.

Personally, I'm kinda surprised that XP burn is so expensive; it ought to be something like 1XP = 10MP.

>> No.25190648

>Fighting lich who enslaved other lich
We're about to have industrial vats full of spirit magic shat all over us.

>> No.25190662

Huh. Just realized that failing to desummon the succubus was actually a positive thing in the end. Weird, that. I can imagine it could've gone a lot worse though.

>> No.25190691

i agree that normally yes the long term is far superior in this case, as I have backed you up before, but when surrounded by literally an entire mining town of undead, a lich with an about to be giga punched dick and our friends locked up sometimes immediate needs (like surviving to rescue said friends) call for sacrifice

>> No.25190756

That's why Joey is here.

>> No.25190874

no eating our pet human anon

>> No.25190895

is lamb
lamb chops
yum yum

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