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Right /tg/ its time, after a week of me doing silly prepping here it is in all its (awkward) glory: Commissar quest!

You are as of now an unnamed brat of a future Commissar, bunkered down inside a large imperial vessel en-route for the Schola Progenium you have (by the grace of the emperor) been assigned to.

Roll rules:

Highest of first three rolls for things the character is skilled at doing.
Median of first three rolls for things the character is "capable" at.
Lowest of first three rolls for things the character is utterly shit at.

Tough of the day: The strongest steel is not sturdier then the bolts securing it.

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"...You ginerly place your hand ontop of the reinforced glass, its surface vibrating under your fingertips in unison with the constant throbb of the massive ships engines - You can't see it yet, ofcourse: There would still be the better part of a day before you'd see anything, the ship - the massive Imperial munitorum transport ship you had called your home for the better part of four months was still deselerating, Homing in - or so you where told - on the planet of "Besvir", the planet that would become your new home... It lingers on your tounge for a moment... Besvir...

Pulling away from your reveries you give the the murky depth on the other side of the reinfoced veiwing glass a last look - the shutters where still slowly opening up, as if the massive ship where stretching its limb after slumbeirng through the immaterium.

You click your tounge, the sight was unerving in a way - exposing itself like that - you where used to it by now, but warp travel always left you...."

>Time to roll for your past!

Where to you hail from? Give me a 1d100

>0-20 Hive world -Officer parents
>20-40 Void born -Officer parents
>40-60 Deathworld -"Aquired"
>60-80 Parents found wanting, executed.
>80-100 You never knew your parents, you where born while heading towards the Schola.

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"...You gingerly place your hand on top of the reinforced glass, its surface vibrating under your fingertips in unison with the constant throb of the massive ships engines - You can't see it yet, of course: There would still be the better part of a day before you'd see anything, the ship - the massive Imperial munitorum transport ship you had called your home for the better part of four months was still decelerating, Homing in - or so you where told - on the planet of "Besvir", the planet that would become your new home... It lingers on your tongue for a moment... Besvir...

Pulling away from your reveries you give the murky depth on the other side of the reinforced viewing glass a last look - the shutters where still slowly opening up, as if the massive ship where stretching its limb after slumbering through the immaterium.

You take a deep breath, the sight was unnerving in a way - exposing itself like that - you where used to it by now, but warp travel always left you...."

>Time to roll for your past!

Where to you hail from? Give me a 1d100

>0-20 Hive world -Officer parents
>20-40 Void born -Officer parents
>40-60 Deathworld -"Aquired"
>60-80 Parents found wanting, executed.
>80-100 You never knew your parents, you where born while heading towards the Schola.

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Rolled 82

Color me intruigued. Make it good, OP.

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Rolled 87


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Rolled 63


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well aren't we a son of a heretek

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Indeed, it should be interesting to see how this plays out.

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But it seems that we never knew them so we'll be raised with all proper loyalty and veneration of the God Emperor.

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"Warp travel always left you... uneasy, you'd only been on a handful of ships before this one, before but it was all the same, the dry static air that seemed to crawl, the sudden and inexplicable change in temperature or lurching of the massive ships superstructure always managed to suck the air out of you.

Still, it was not that which was leaving you uneasy. Warp travel was still natural, you compensated, what was worrying was the way you kept getting closer, you had already left the Rangers Talent behind... to get onboard this one, you missed Uncle Eric and aunt Juliana.. Still they had told you, they had told:

>Time to get a name lads! We'll vote on forward! Last name and first name please!

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Illithor Goldenguts

>> No.25177884

Maelcum Gringlewold.

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Uhh... Piere Lafayette. Fuck man I dunno.

>> No.25177949

Severus Almos

>> No.25177956

Celestina Bellhouse

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Uh, what gender are we?

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Random DM roll, gooooo!

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Pick a name, we'll roll for gender afterwards.

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The first thing that popped out of my name generator was Otto Schulte.

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I'll second it, has a ring to it.

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"They had told you they had told Otto Schulte: "Don't you worry, the schola will be a good place" honestly you where terrified of it, you had overheard two of the adepts chatting away about how much the place you where heading too, this "schola" was dangerous.Perhaps, you mused, Uncle Eric had gotten the whole thing wrong?

You did not care for that notion one bit.

At least, this ship was not filled up with foul smelling liquids like the last one, three times you had changed ships already! But at least you where almost there now.

And you didn't like it one bit, how could you live on a planet for so long? It felt so weird...

At least, there where other kids your age around, but..."

>Roll for initial personality!

0-10 timid.
10-20 Outgoing
20-30 Quick Tempered
30-40 Lazy/uncommitted.
40-50 Frigid-distant
50-60 Naive/bubbly
70-80 Rational,logical - emotionally distant.
80-90 Cocky
90-100 Cowardly

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Rolled 74

Cooome on 70-80, sweet spot baby.

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>> No.25178222

Rolled 26


>> No.25178253

Rolled 60


>> No.25178254

I actually don't have that saved.

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Fuck yeah!

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"but - they always where so, simple - it was hard to strike up a conversation with someone your age, most of them just ran about playing with that infernal ball of theirs, why could they not simply sit down and enjoy a talk?

Besides, they all acted so illogical at times, like when one, the big one - Nik-er, nik-orm? The name eluded you had been telling the younger ones about demons in the warp... scaring them up

When you tried to explain the gellar fields and why there was no danger of the immaterium hitting you - just like Aunt Juliana had told you - you got into a fight!

Your face had since healed, but you never quite talked to anyone on the ship since, preferring spots like this.. far away from others.

Regardless, it was about time to move - you had already begun striding away from the viewing port, heading with easy steps towards the looming doors that lead into the depths of the ship proper. There was nearly a ten minute walk back to your "room" - or rather, the holding bay that had been sectioned in with wire and blankets.

Still, you'd better put on that.... "

>Roll for gender!

>0-50 Male.
>50-100 Female

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Rolled 91


>> No.25178422

Rolled 82


>> No.25178429

Female it is

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She'll end up as a really burly commissar.

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"Yes, guardsman - these bullets will no doubt puncture you to death, however - statistically, the chances of these cultists missing is a "wooping" 20.5235%, and my chance of missing with my bolt-pistol is approximately, 0.525% - I'd suggest you charge that hill.

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Yesss. We must be the manliest woman.

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Don't know why I thought of this.

>> No.25178561

Hmm, I don't really like the name Otto for a woman. We might need to alter that a bit.

>> No.25178563

Rolled 81

>Woman named Otto
I sense that someone in Administratum or hospital fucked up the documents.

>> No.25178575

hahaha, probably should have done name after gender

>> No.25178587

It's perfect.

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Capcha: commanding ichgulf

>> No.25178597


We go by O, or perhaps Otta?

>> No.25178619

That might explain it. We'll go by something similar to Otto.

Otylia Schulte, Otylia is the feminine version of Otto. We'll probably get balled Oty by any friends, haha friends, we manage to acquire, somehow.

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sounds good

>> No.25178637

Nah, let's roll with it.

>Guards, today new commissar will be attached to our unit. His name is Otto Schulte and for God sake listen to him.

Guards face when 'he' arrives.

>> No.25178638

We are Commissar Cadet Schulte, or just Schulte to our friends. Anyone who refers to us by our first name is insubordinate and potentially heretical.

>> No.25178656


I'm game.

>> No.25178663

The O is for the hole we put in people who utter our first name.

>> No.25178666


"Still you'd better put on that dress uncle Eric fussed so much about getting you, you wondered if there was even a need to dress up, logically the chances where rather high you'd be given clothing there, I mean - it was a standard schola, right?

But you still lingered, what if only the guys got it...

Besides, you did promise uncle Eric to wear it...

There was a slight wobble bellow you as the deck shuddered in protest, the grayed metal surrounding you on all side letting out a faint groan in agony, "I wonder what's for dinner..." you muse out load while rounding another corner, it was no dark in the hallways yet - there would be another hour or so before the lights began to dim into a nigh cycle and the open hallways would be closed.

Before that you'd better fetch your dinner, but there was also the issue of turning in your papers for review - last moment checks you'd pushed up to avoid the crowded checking central... There was also going to be shots... Viral boosters probably."

>What do you do? Food or turning in your transit papers for review, and getting your shoots?

>> No.25178672

we are distant emotionally. Part of this could be from being named a supposedly guys name.

Goal: Do such bad ass heroics in this quest that the name Otto becomes a feminine name and little girls all want to be known as otto

>> No.25178682

But for some occasions we may be required to use a full name, such as if there are multiple Schultes or any of our instructors wish to use our full name, and the name Otto could lead to confusion.

Confusion ought to be avoided wherever possible so we must alter our name in order for our gender to be clear from our name instead of it being unclear.

>> No.25178690

Paperwork and shots first, we can always eat later.

>> No.25178715


Quite so, your offical papers states you as a "Otto Schulte" nobody ever dared calling you that twice.

>> No.25178722


Seconded. All business. Also, there might be people eating food, and we should avoid that.

>> No.25178734


>> No.25178737

Papers and shots first.

Got to make sure we have everything squared away before we eat.

>> No.25178747


I'd imagen "Commissar" might do the trick? Besides, names can be fun to mess around with they create expectations, and if its an issue - you could always try and get the minitorum to change it later on.

>> No.25178748


But burly women need some energy to do all the annoying paperwork first...

>> No.25178753

Duty first.

>> No.25178789

paper work and shots

>> No.25178813

as do I...

>> No.25178857


We are twelve, and neither burly nor a woman, yet.

>> No.25178901

Or the stress will overtake her and she will develop an eating habit.

>> No.25178904


Riiiiight... We have to plan for the future!

>> No.25178936

>Also, there might be people eating food, and we should avoid that.
Dont make this Hpquest 2 Angstlectric Boogaloo. Please.

>> No.25178969


Don't read Hpquest, but we rolled emotionally distant.

>> No.25178978

NEIN! Ketzer abschaum!

>> No.25179047

Emotionally distant is entirely different from being antisocial to the point of fearing other people. I already know we will end up sexing up a Sororitas at some point, but I really don't want this to be a quest about a little girl crying every time two or more people talk to her at once.

>> No.25179083

We're Spock, not a pussy.

>> No.25179084

Go for the paperwork first.

I think that we might be the kind of person who enjoys paperwork.

>> No.25179104

I'm intrigued at what I am reading here...

Carry on

>> No.25179152

"Viral boosters and papers you muse, that should be sorted quickly - hopefully there will be no-one left in the medica station and the entire proccses will be swift...

The trip towards the staion is largely uneventfull - a few crew members hauling a delict servitor out of a somewhat-to-small doorway the only thing interupting your travel.

Before long you tapper down the last set of stairs and round the corner, your feet filling the metal hallways with a constant "patter-patter", almost as if the massive vessle was haralding your arrival to any that would listen.

The door to the medica station is left open, secured in a rather crude fashon that way with what appears to be a metal bar.

The tech-priests would be furious if they saw that!

Still, you peer inside from the doorway, trying to locate anyone, be it patient of doctor - but before anything you notice your own relfection in one of the polished and down-powered cognitator screens hanging from the roof... you

>Roll for body, you pervs! First rolls are for first roll table, etc, etc.

DM roll: You are 12 years old.

>0-20: Blond
>20-40: Redhead
>40-60 jetblack
>60-80 Brownhead.
>80-95 White/gray
>95-100 Exotic color(You decide)(Possible mutation)

Skin color:

>0-20 Sickly white.
>20-40 fair
>40-60 Olive
>60-80 Brown/dark tanned
>80-100 Black.


>0-33 Short (for your age)
>33-66 Average (for your age)
>66-99 Tall(For your age)
>99-100 Increadibly sized(Abhuman)

General body strucutre(Note: No puberty yet):

0-20 Underweight(For your age)
20-40 Average(for your age)
40-60 Overweight/chubby(Nomnomnom For your age)
60-80 Fit(For your age - once again)
80-95 Buff(Well trained! - for your age)
95-100 Mutated, random table roll.

>> No.25179174

Rolled 21, 31, 62, 75 = 189


This better end good.

>> No.25179176

Rolled 1, 8, 28 = 37


>> No.25179182

Rolled 57, 25, 96, 72 = 250


As you command

>> No.25179185

Rolled 96, 73, 77, 15 = 261

Lets see

>> No.25179195

Rolled 72, 53, 93, 73 = 291


>> No.25179207

>Tall and fit, fair skinned redhead
Not bad. Kinda uninteresting, but at least we get to go highlander on anyone who tries to contest our authority.

>> No.25179213

Rolled 60, 13, 22, 19 = 114

Redheaded, black, abhuman, fit

>> No.25179233


> Not Gaelic

>> No.25179240

Rolled 62, 21, 21, 73 = 177

If only we were Tall, we're average height. So close to tall, I wish we were tall and buff instead of just fit and average.

>> No.25179250

Might change during puberity however - its still all "for your age."

>> No.25179291


>> No.25179298

I'm hoping we end up with a physique resembling a barrel. Shame we din't get short.

>> No.25179300

Fitness is bound to go up due to the natural of the job, height we can't do jack about..

>> No.25179325

I dunno, we might find some Adeptus Biologis who are willing to help out at some point.

>> No.25179335

We're average height for our age, and we haven't hit puberty. We might end up tall.

>> No.25179341

Rolled 45, 84, 44, 93 = 266


>Commissar ends up having big tits instead of height.

>> No.25179409


Jesus fuck, that's a bit far, no?

>> No.25179413

what if we amazonian commissar?

>> No.25179493

Agreed. It's suspiciously close to Slaaneshi heresy.

>> No.25179546


I mean, our physical appearance is really not that big of deal, it was rolled for, let's move on. Dwelling on it is autistic, and worse, likely heretical.

>> No.25179559

Not necessarily. You want to set an imposing figure so as to instill loyalty and faith in your guardsmen. They wont respect a weedy little runt.

>> No.25179560

We should stop this line of thought before this thread becomes more perverse than it needs to be. We're already a little girl and going downhill from there will only be stupidly easy

>> No.25179583


Peering back at you is your face, nothing out of the ordinary with the neat well combed red hair that falls about your neck, and fair skin that's gotten a somewhat yellow tinge from the slowly dimming light, you'd better hurry this up.

Running a hand through your hair you step inside, feeling a twinge of disappointment as your fingers find your necks end naked. What-ever hair you had before bellow your neck was cut, rather forcefully three days ago in some manner of "preparation"

Still, you muse if that's what it takes to "fit" in then so be it...

Looking around the medica station you raise your voice calling out "Excuse me, is the doctor still around?" taking the time to get your bearings, the hall appears mostly empty and rectangular, the longer two walls crowded with empty beds - in one end is a large group of medical machines pushed against the wall, in the other a singular door nestled in between two larger cabinets used for storage no doubt.

Moments later there is a sound coming out from one the side door as someone answers "Just a moment! If you are here for the shots, just have a seat over by the beds and don't touch anything!"

>What do you do?

>> No.25179602

Have a seat over by the beds and don't touch shit.

>> No.25179619


Seconded. This really isnt the kind of thing that requires our input.

>> No.25179620

Have a seat, don't touch anything, but look at everything in the room and try to determine what it is, what it's for, why it's there.

>> No.25179624

Resist the urge to listen to our own heartbeat through a stethoscope.
Sit down and don't touch jack.

>> No.25179639

+1 to this. Also carefully inspect the room for signs of heresy.

>> No.25179673

I feel like this should be a roll
>roll to resist acting like a 12 year old

>> No.25179696

That would be highest of three rolls.

>> No.25179697

Oooh, good idea.

>> No.25179709


Oh god, this sounds such a bad idea but so genius at the same time.

>> No.25179714

I like it! What would the DC on that be?

>> No.25179725

12, on a d12

>> No.25179735

Rolled 10


>> No.25179753

So we start looking through the cabinets don't we.

>> No.25179756


and then we begin messing with the chair and manage to remove the height adjustment lever...

>> No.25179765

Not sure if genius or retarded

>> No.25179767

Looks like we're going to spin around in that little Doctor's stool every office has.

>> No.25179831

the doc is going to come out and we will have every lollipop in the place stuff in our mouth

>> No.25179876

Lets see how OP responds.

>> No.25179888

How lewd

>> No.25179956

Make zooming noises like you're riding a gravtank while you're at it.

>> No.25179992


Shrugging your shoulders you turn around on your heels heading towards the closest of the cots.

Peering over the medica station you'd imagine there would be space for, about what - twenty people judging by the "bed" spaces.

Still, resisting the urge to peer into the rather alluring cabinets(Think of all the things that might be in there!) you decide to act like an adult - its expected of you!

Still, you let your gaze linger at the machine collection instead, its at least three of them, almost impossible to tell them apart in the state they are in, one appears to be some manner of cutting apparatus that makes you feel rather queasy, the other have at least three arms, all topped in long, sharp looking needles.

The final one appears to be part servitor, a human skull interwoven with a large black screen....

Tearing your eyes away from it for a moment you notice something on the ground... Its a singular syringe... Surly such a thing is dangerous to have on the ground you ponder...


Logically the doctor would probably be happy with you putting it away, inside his cabinet - so he won't have to worry about it.

You'd better do just that, you nod to yourself.

Moments later you are standing before the looming doors, reaching out for it slowly at first but after a deep breath with review vigor, you are doing a good deed ofcourse!

Pushing it open, you are greeted with the sight of a hundreds of bottles, all stacked up lazily among the shelf... Some green, others red - one in particular appears to be shifting colors another looks like it has a dead animal in it.

You can't seem to find a place for the syringe!

>What do you do?

>> No.25180001

What if 12yearoldmind overload? We can't decide what stupid thing to do so our brain ends up freezing.

>> No.25180006

Also, spatulas have uncanny resemblance to chainswords, wave some around like they do in holovids.

>> No.25180032

Check out the cool preserved animal instead!

>> No.25180033

Place it on a table where noone could accidentally step on it.

>> No.25180046

Put it on the table and check out the dead animal. Dead things are cool

>> No.25180061

Oooh, we need to pester the doctor with questions about his color shifting bottle.

>> No.25180078

Use it

>> No.25180105

Yes! Also this >>25180033, we gotta be responsible.

>> No.25180111

At least we aren't a Nigger

>> No.25180240

Scratch that, we have to pester the doctor about ALL the bottles. 'What does that do? What about that? Or that? Or...'

>> No.25180253

There always has to be that guy...

>> No.25180268


>> No.25180270

Quickly examine the animal bottle more closely, try to identify it.

>> No.25180295

This as well, when we actually see him. Knowledge is a weapon. And, of course, he might have something heretical.

>> No.25180296

Teehee he said nigger

I heard that niggers dont like to be called niggers but he said it anyway so funny

>> No.25180399


You gingerly turn around, reaching out to the nearby table - or, trolley? You can't seem to remember what the doctors call those weird tables with wheels.

Regardless, previous commitments forgotten you reason that the doctor(after you helped him out) would not worry about.. looking at the vials, right?

Smiling slightly to yourself, you lean forwards to inspect the yellow:ish bottle - inside, unmoving as if the bottle is filled with pudding of some sort(your stomach lets out a grumbling, at this thought - painfully aware you've ignored dinner so far) its sort of like a rat - but, bigger and less hairy, with three legs and a spaded tail.

Now that you think about it, you can't really recall what a rat looks like, you only saw one ages ago when Uncle Eric took you to a planet-market.

The other bottle to catch your attention is the slowly color shifting one, its mesmerizing, and you can't for the love of you figure out how it does it... every time you try to follow it the bottle seems to shift its patterns, perhaps you could ask the doctor for some of it...

Reaching out to give the bottle a gentle poke to look for any reaction you are suddenly interrupted by a voice calling out "Ye havin' fun lass?"

Nearly hitting your head in the shelf above the one you lingered in you knock over a bottle or two in surprise before turning around, face to face with a tall thinly-bearded man, he looks to be in his forties - and is currently tilting his head at you.

You can feel your cheeks going red in embarrassment.

>What do you do?

>> No.25180421

Ask what manner of foul xeno beast it is.

>> No.25180431

Offer up the syringe we found stating we were trying to find somewhere to put it.

>> No.25180443

Sit back down on the bed.

"I'm sorry doctor, you said not to touch things, but there was a syringe on the floor, so I opened this cabinet to put it away, but there wasn't room so I put it on the table. But the cabinet was open and there were vials and my natural curiosity overcame my rational sense.

I apologize.

If you don't mind me asking what is in these vials? In specific the one with shifting colors and the one with the weird rat-like creature in it."

>> No.25180455

Explain that we were merely checking the bottles for heresy. No need to be alarmed!

>> No.25180457

Stick yourself with the syringe then infect it into blood stream and say, "What do you think!"

>> No.25180460


>> No.25180532

If you substitute 'foul xenos abomination' for 'weird rat-like creature' I'm in.

>> No.25180587

Please don't do this, we're 12 not retarded.

>> No.25180595

I dunno, a little girl trying to act like a commissar as if to pull rank on the doctor could be kinda cute.

>> No.25180604

It sounds like something /tg/ would say, ergo its perfect for a 12 year old.

>> No.25180621

Yeah, we saw a foul xenos abomination and that's our story!

>> No.25180628


This. THIS

>> No.25180652


Tilting your head upwards towards the man you quickly and formally state:
"I was returning the syringe I found on the floor" - puffing out your chest slightly to appear more formal as you do so.

"Well, ain't ye eh wee saint?" the thinly-bearded medic states, turning around to push the doors closed while looking at you expectantly.

Continuing this trail of acting - hoping to earn some information you continue: What was in that color bottle? Oh, and that rat, thing - with a spaded tail, what was that?

The doctor scoffs slightly and gestures at a bed "Nethin' ye be havin' tae worry 'bout lass, now sit down, do ye have the papers with yah?"

>The papers are still where you left them, on the bed.

>What do you do?

>> No.25180670

Give him the papers, he clearly knows what he is doing

>> No.25180677


I'd do it, but we are not a commissar yet, nor even a studen (Hell we don't even really know what it is quite yet, the only education we've had was on the minitorum ships we traveled with (all our lives))

>> No.25180680

On our bed, or on a bed in the medical thingamajig?

>> No.25180686

"Of course I have the papers with me, I followed proper regulation."

Give him the papers and sit down.

>> No.25180693

Note that he's acting evasive about the xenos specimen, then hand him the papers. Remain on your guard, he may be a cowardly and cunning xenos infiltrator.

We'll need to report him to someone in a position of authority as soon as we can.

>> No.25180698

We forgot our paperwork what is wrong with us. No we always come preparedquick check our emergency spare stash. If its not there then maybe its in the backup stash or the hidden one...gotta have a spare copy somewhere.

>> No.25180706

Well, give him the papers.
Exactly, all you know about Commissars is hearsay and second hand rumors, such that you would act like a caricature of an actual commissar and call everything heresy and foul xenos and generally act like /tg/. But I understand where you're coming from.

>> No.25180731

>forget paperwork
>spaghetti out of pockets
>fucking medicae employees

>> No.25180747

This, we're a precocious brat that tries to look adult way too hard
>everything is heresy.jpg

>> No.25180846

What if we hold onto our silly child-like curiosity as an adult?

Could be fun having to roll to resist acting like a curious little kid when staring at some xeno corpse.

>> No.25180865

And then when we get caught, we act all official and uptight.

>> No.25180876

>God damn it, I really want to poke that with a stick.
>Fuck, my troops are watching.
>Now no one can stop me from poking it...

>> No.25180878


>> No.25180891

I'm all for poking xeno corpses with a stick.

>> No.25180916

Medical thingamajig


You turn away from the man, hurrying over towards the cot where you left the papers "Of course I have the papers with me" you say, "I followed proper regulations" - the last uttered with a slight twinge of pride, you had after all been among the first to get these papers filled in.

Papers exchange hands, and the medic beings to quickly read through them, allowing you a moments breathing space..

The medic or doctor, you are not quite sure actually, he could be either - or neither, soon looks up from the documents you handed him with a quick nod: "Everything seems to be in order but..."

>Medical history!

0-50 healthy!
50-65 poor eyesight.
65-85 Dental corrections needed.
85-90 Allergy to common painkillers
90-99 Asthma
99-100 Random (small) mutation.

>AC's stopped to work, MFW

>> No.25180931

That would kinda go against our logical/rational personality, though. The child-like part, anyway.

>> No.25180934

Rolled 20

Come ooon 99-100!

>> No.25180951

Rolled 62


>> No.25180964

Rolled 35


>> No.25180967

Thank you anon. We've been doing pretty well in the chargen.

>> No.25180988

Being pure Spock wouldn't be as fun as having occasional fun acting like a little kid

>> No.25180993

We are a perfectly healthy human being.
woe is me, i wanted our character to have cat ears.

>> No.25181016

I was hoping for glasses. Shit would be adorable.

>> No.25181020


That was just our initial personality - given reason, it might change or adapt, you guys are responsibile for shaping her under the coming years.

Oh god.


Healthy it is.

>> No.25181058

>Oh god.

>> No.25181084

I wanted little head nubs. Not full on horns, just little nubs that she hides under her commissar hat.

>> No.25181086

Seconded, little commissar with glasses trying to act all serious would've been the cutest.

>> No.25181096

Are we going to be doing a Fallout 3-esque timeskip thing through our formative years (choosing specialty and all that) and then get down to being a Commissar, or are we going to go through the whole Schola?

>> No.25181097

This is what you get for putting /tg/ in charge of raising a little girl

>> No.25181166

Can we fiat the glasses anyways? Because now I want glasses that we can fiddle with and fasten to look more professional whenever we get caught doing something childish.

>> No.25181219

We'll raise her to be a boy?

>> No.25181245


But kids kinda dislike glasses, don't they?

>> No.25181252


"However, I see you've not gotten your anti-virals and imuno-boosters for the shore-landing, I'll get those properly sorted, there is also the issue of this laceration to your left cheek.

I do have to report that fight to the authorities you know, right?

You remember his name now, that oaf Nikobar - you had gotten to blows with him, he got of a nasty fist to your face that you returned with a kick to his chest - left you both sprawling before the adults came to break it up.

Coming off as a fighter might not be a good idea, but do you have much choice in the matter? As he turns around trotting down the chamber to poke about on of the cabinets(sadly not the same one, you where really curious about that color stuff) you ponder your options.. Do you take the shots and leave, or try and convince him to leave out the rapport?

>What do you do?

>> No.25181278


You might find a sudden change in your eye structure come puberty - either glasses or bulky agumentations.

>> No.25181285

Take the shots and leave. There's no fucking with the imperial buecracy.

>> No.25181288

Reverse-trap/Tomboy Commisar?

My interest is peaking, op!

>> No.25181319

She'll also probably be a lesbian.

You've been warned OP

>> No.25181321


Fuck timeskips, we are RP'ing this DAY FOR DAY
Alright, fine - we might do some limited timeskips, but there will probably be quite a few threads per "year" of the scholia.

Lets see what people want to happen, we are still very much learning the character, and I am trying to master the whole QD thing, its my first attempt.

>> No.25181358

Let's not have a lesbian MC for a change, shall we?

>> No.25181372

No complaints so far.

Take the shots and leave. Maybe people learning about your fight with Nikobar will keep them from messing with you in the future.

>> No.25181373

Don't try to convince him to leave out the rapport, but tell him that proper procedure is to get a comment from both perpetrators and that Nikobar totally deserved it.

>> No.25181380

I concur, I'd rather be married to the job damn it.

>> No.25181402

Id rather not even bother with romance. Just get a pet servo skull that we pour out any grievances to over a bottle of amasec or keep a squig that you bludgeoned into submission or something.

>> No.25181442

It's 'report' btw, rapport means 'relate well to someone'.

>> No.25181467

>pet servo skull
>pet pet servo skull
That's too cute, let's get one today!

>> No.25181502

I was just using the QMs own words/spelling so as to avoid confusion or in case he meant it in such a manner. Chill out that Grammar Nazi Boner.

>> No.25181571


Wait, I figured she'd be friend-zoning the entire schola including the teachers?


As the man turns around with the shot, you present your arm without question - now is not the time to be thinking about that oaf Nikobar.

The medic grabs you by the wrist, fishing out a cotton already wetted with something - (what-ever it is it smells horrible you muse) as he appears to be cleaning your arm, why you can only guess.

Soon he brings up the syringe, lifts it in the air and gives it a snap of his fingers.

"Ready lass?" He asks, and you only nod, bitting the lower part of your lip in anticipation of the sting, you still hate needles.

The injection soon over, the medic presents you a singular wad of cotton, stating: "Jist push this 'ere until' ye stop bleedin'", pointing towards the small bubble of blood pouring out of your arm, before ushering you out the door rather quickly.

Standing alone in the abandoned hallway, you ponder your actions, your arm throbbing slightly still after the needle prick, but you didn't cry!

Uncle Eric would be proud, you smile to yourself while thinking of your next options:

Try to fetch some food before they close the mess? Its already getting dimmer, or just head to your "chambers" - the primary holding deck.

>> No.25181592

QM really should check his writing for typos, it makes it look shoddier. There's a built-in spellcheck for a reason...

>> No.25181606

>Try to fetch some food before they close the mess?

>> No.25181614

We require sustenance in order to better serve the Emperor and the Imperium.

>> No.25181621

find a servo skull.

>> No.25181625

The hour is late, and we must feed.

>> No.25181726


Sorry mates, I usually put a disclaimer that my English is rather shit, I do use a spell checker but it lets a few words through like the report/rapport thing I suffer from Dysgraphia, its the primary reason I got into RP in the first place, trying to practice my spelling - I do appreciate getting these notes, but don't clutter the thread with it: Just poke my email, I made one especially for TG

Sorry about not having the disclaimer, I completely understand how annoying miss-spelling can be, since well, I do it all the time, and it pisses me off quite royally.

>> No.25181754

It happens. I submit that spelling/grammar mistakes that are noticed be stated in a post, but only one that also contributes to the Quest.

>> No.25181768

Understood, carry on.

>> No.25182001


Your belly rumbling is the final straw - food it is, you conclude without giving the idea of sleeping on an empty stomach another thought.
Gathering yourself up a bit, you being to stride along the hallway - if you remember right the mess hall should be up three levels and following the large hallway that also leads through the holding spaces where you've been assigned to live.

Rushing slightly, the spring in your step forced by the rumbling of your belly you ascend the old stairs, humming without knowing it to the ever constant low rumbling of the ships circulation systems - ever recycling the air they breath for the benefit of its human inhabitants without question.

Still - that's not what's on your mind right now, no - you are more worried about the constantly dimming lights, if the ship locks over into night mode the mess hall will close! Deciding not to take any chances you get into a light sprint, nearly toppling and falling on the ground by a way-ward power cable.

Still, as you turn around the final corner you find much to your appeasement that the ship have yet to close the mess, as the smell of foodstuff and the light coming out of the mess hall makes quite clear.

Deciding not to waste another moment you trot inside, greeted by the sight of a dead and empty local, save for a single table - where a lone figure is eating...

What do you do?

>> No.25182025


ps: Should I arcive this or something? Doubt it will be needed?

>> No.25182058

Acquire food from wherever the food is from, sit down with the lone figure.

>> No.25182118

Sit near the lone figure. He may have information on the the Xeno-sympathizer medicae.

>> No.25182128


Get food. sit alone. Enjoy food. hurry back to our sleeping area lest we get locked in the mess...

Archive either near when you finish for the evening, or if the thread auto-sages and reaches page 7...

>> No.25182147

Archive it, quests require proper archives.

Also, procure some food and sit with the loner

>> No.25182170

Get food, sit near the lone figure and watch him for signs of chaos and heresy. Sitting alone is suspicious!

>> No.25182178

Get food. Sit by person. Probe with questions.

>> No.25182328


Shuffling forward towards the food dispensers you do just that - dispense the food, procuring a dish to serve it on you load your plate with a average amount of what appears to be some manner of nutrient paste - you took the green one, the purple one never sat well with you. To spicy.

Seeing as company is always enjoyable while having a meal - and you are rather bored you decide to hone in on the lone figures table, up closer the man- or rather, boy before you looks to be a few years older then you, he's dressed in the local naval sherfs uniform, meaning he belongs to the ship staff, curious he would be eating here as opposed to their own private mess halls.

Sitting down next to him you offer a curt "Good evening" to which he looks up from his half-finished food, and stummers out a "G-good evening"

What do you do?

>> No.25182374

"Why are you here? Are you a heretic?"

>> No.25182381

'Why are you eating here instead of your own mess hall? What business do you have here? Explain yourself!' Pull yourself as tall as you can and look stern.

>> No.25182392

Oh god he's a pedofile, isn't he?

>> No.25182411

"What is it like working on the ship? Why are you eating here?"

Start munching through our food.

>> No.25182442


>> No.25182453


say nothing. there is only Noms.

>> No.25182509

He's only a few years older than you.

I'd agree with asking why they were there.

>> No.25182553 [DELETED] 



You continue with the conversation -while trying to look stern, and pulling yourself as high in your stool as you are able to, pointing at the man with your spork while asking: "Why are you here serf" stopping for a moment to munch on some of the paste before continiuing "Don't you crew have your own messhalls?"

The man looks a bit taken back by your sudden interigation like questioning and simply blinks at you, blanky staring at you before stating matter of factly: "I was in charge of food tonight" , he turns his shoulder to you, indicating a white strap along his upper sleeve "See? Nutriment crew - I was just catching a meal before I close down shop, more importantly - you do know we are closing in just a minute or two?"

The man points at your foodpile, clearing indicating that if you where trying to eat all that, you'd better hurry.

>What do we do?

>> No.25182565

Quickly shovel as much as we can into our mouth.

>> No.25182567

Eat as fast as our 12 year old mouth can eat without choking

>> No.25182572

The "Are you a heretic?" part is just too good to pass up on it

>> No.25182576



You continue with the conversation -while trying to look stern, and pulling yourself as high in your stool as you are able to, pointing at the man with your spork while asking: "Why are you here serf" stopping for a moment to munch on some of the paste before continiuing "Don't you crew have your own messhalls?"

The man looks a bit taken back by your sudden interigation like questioning and simply blinks at you, blanky staring at you before stating matter of factly: "I was in charge of food tonight" , he turns his shoulder to you, indicating a white strap along his upper sleeve "See? Nutriment crew - I was just catching a meal before I close down shop, more importantly - you do know we are closing in just a minute or two?"

The man points at your foodpile, clearing indicating that if you where trying to eat all that, you'd better hurry.

>What do we do?

>> No.25182585

I stick with >>25182567

>> No.25182597

Nom it as fast as possible. Screw dignity, we are hungry and are 12.

>> No.25182606


>> No.25182609

I suppose you are right.
But tell me of your life Serf, I wish to know of your exploits.
And eat and eat.

>> No.25182626

Rolled 90

He seems like somebody we might be able intimidate. Order him to let us finish our meal at our own frakking pace.

>> No.25182658

I think we should learn of what's around us a little more.
Lets ask him about the place.

>> No.25182661


You blink, peering blankly at the man -" What are you some kind of heretic!?" You burst out at the top of your lungs, using one of the curses the elderly men sometimes used while loosing at that one card game, feeling it to be appropriate in this situation,

Ignoring the look he gives you the spork is already shuffling food down your mouth, you hate rushing like this but going hungry is even worse!

While you are shoveling away the man leans back slightly with a chuckle "Names Johnatius, and if you are going to eat like that - you'll end up puking, why are you so late anyway?"

>What do you do?

>> No.25182671

Ask him about his life, and this place

>> No.25182692

Had to get shots

>> No.25182716

Shots. <while munching, no stopping to talk>

>> No.25182730

"Shots." Keep on eating. "Medical stuff." Shovel some more in. "More important than food."

>> No.25182739


"Needed to go to the medicate for shots, don't like crowds so I went late."

>> No.25182754

Medical check up.
And why were you chosen for tonight then?

>> No.25182774

Tell him that that it's none of his business. Ask about his daily routine so we can check for any suspicious activity in it.

>> No.25182794

'Shots, headshots' We gotta get the feel for blamming early on, after all.

>> No.25182950


remember the golden rule. it was cut for time not content

>> No.25183003


You continue to eat at a frantic pace, managing to get across among chews and more spork feeding "Had to get shots" nearly choking for a moment you grab the water vial and downs half of it with a long drawn out "Aah~~" looking up at the serf, giving of a slight sheepish grin before continuing: "So, how long have you been around here Johnatius, on the ship I mean?"

He seems to ponder for a moment before answering " 'bout, say what now - seven years? I transferred from another ship with my family, they all live here to, we are voidborn the lot of us -most people onboard are, you are from the Rangers Talent right? The ship we docked with a few weeks ago?

You not in agreement before continuing to stuff your face - this paste is surprisingly hard to chew in larger quantities.

"Its a good ship you know? Crew call her Solid Merta - it's a nickname for her real name "The Sacred Mertaliam" named after some saint I heard, he adds as an after thought.

>You've managed to clear up the plate, leaning back in your chair for a moment to let it the food sink in.

>What do we do? Continue the talk or head to our "chambers", alternatively you could explore, but the ship is about to enter nightcycle and everything is restricted during that time. You do not know why.

>> No.25183005

is OP kill?

>> No.25183031

I vote we go to our chambers

>Also, nicknames are heresy

>> No.25183034

Go back to our chambers and train.

>> No.25183056

Inquire about the medicae. Subtly ask whether he's done anything heretical.

"Is the medicae a heretic? He seems like a heretic."

>> No.25183123

back to our chambers

>> No.25183171

Lets not be too stupid, he seems fine.

>> No.25183203

>Also, nicknames are heresy
Agreed, we should call everything by their correct names, anything else makes the baby Emperor cry.

>> No.25183205

I died the moment I decided to become an fa/tg/uys

A very good point, I'll have to look into this at a later date - still experimenting.


You offer the serf another quick nod before scrambling out of your chair, stretching your arms in the air as you do so. Your chamber awaits. Leaving the content of the dish in the larger machine standing in a corner giving of a sound that reminds you of sleeping next to the water tanks in a transporter.

Soon you are out the door, making sure to answer Johnatius wave - not doing so would after all, be bad manners. And manners are important, or so aunt juliana kept telling you.

The trip following the main access corridor is largely uneventful, the only thing of note is that, indeed you don't encounter anyway until you step into the holding area - and only then its the passengers that mostly don't spare you a second glance as you make your way through the increasingly thick group of people that are crowding around the edges of the improvised "rooms" - wires and sheets of cloth used to separate them....

>And that my dear friends is going to be that for tonight, you arrive at your "chambers" looking to sleep for the evening.

Like the anon said this might have dragged on a bit to long. I will try and bend the time window a bit more, perhaps I'll make some pre-written sequences that I can just edit to save some time - I'd love some feedback and options btw!

>>MFW AC's still broken fuck.

>> No.25183206

Rolled 91

Head back to our chambers to excercise and train before sleep.

>> No.25183305

It's cool and I like the concept.

>> No.25183327

it's good

>> No.25183388


Hrm, fair enough - think I'll be returning with this quest tomorow - possible, it will run during weeknds only, when I've got the time.

Would you guys like me to make them more compressed and quicker? I am not a very fast typer especially when I try and worry about spell mistakes, but I could try and speed that up, or are you fine with these longer threads? Perhaps even longer? That could be arranged.

On the subject however: What is something you'd love/hate to see happen? - Also, anything that stack out tonight as "bad"? Or "very good"? I'd love to hear about that aswell.

>> No.25183394

You should really, really focus on writing some scenes beforehand. The concept is good but we didn't actually manage to do anything in this episode so your pacing is way off.

>> No.25183454

i say take your time and go long but pre-write your stuff.
that's all i really care about.

>> No.25183479

I'm actually quite comfortable with the pace myself, but that might be because I'm generally a very slow GM too.

>> No.25183543

A kindered spirit!? We should hook up.


I got a sense of this aswell - well, now things are rolled it should be a bit easier to write some scenes before we sit down to chat away.

How long does Quest Threads usually last?

>> No.25183553

I like the concept and so far it looks to be quite an interesting quest.

As this was the Character creation thread I think it can be forgiven for being a bit on the slow side, but hopefully the passing will pick up.

One way is to make things routine after we have done a certain task so we don't have to vote on it again. Kinda like how we were curious about the doctor's stuff and now you don't have to ask us if we want to look at something due to our curious nature.

Maybe keep the

>> No.25183567

Until the objective is cleared.

>> No.25183568

Pace is okay to me too. Everything that happened seemed okay, but I'm not sure rolling for personality was a good idea. We got a result that everyone liked, but it seems like that could have worked out badly.

>> No.25183698


I am a bit of a dice person, I decided to use the power of random to ensure there is no drama on that front - still, we've got years to form her persona more appropriate - already we've established she's very curious - something which ties well in with logical thinking - wanting to understand things.

Which is all well and good until she dismantles a bolter and gets executed

Fair enough - I was aiming for about 4-5 hours, its usually the time I take for a DnD "session"

Indeed, as a character she will grow, letting me - and more importantly you all understand how she'll react under certain circumstances - besides scenery things I can always write with no connection to your decisions - the corridor is still a corridor regardless of your mood.

>> No.25183897

Grand. Also, I like the dice system (even if we haven't had to use it) and I would recommend an anti-tripcode rule like in Harrock quest, since that seems to work well.

>> No.25184051

Just got here a little late but I wanted to say this is definitely one of the more enjoyable quests on /tg/. I like that you arent too full of yourself to go a little silly, like rolling to not be a child.

>> No.25184099

I felt the pace was fine, though we might have to do it like FO3 where our childhood is comprised of a few key events instead of following it day by day. Or hell, just have it be a Schola Quest since that in itself will be good fun.
I'm actually glad we rolled. If you let /tg/ choose, then we usually end up with a minmaxed little shit who people think is the absolute coolest motherfucker ever.

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