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>DM uses his game to soapbox his political beliefs in a manner where any dissenter is evil and ultimately wrong

I'd prefer fetishes.

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>DM does weird/asshole/perverted shit on a constant basis
>still plays

I will never understand this.

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That's a rough line to define.
Sometimes, it's not all that terrible to have a little bit of an agenda in a game.

My DM works at a plant conservatory and really pushes an environmental agenda into her plot, but her setting is filled with all sorts of interesting plants that make you actually want to preserve them.

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>Villain always female
>Always misunderstood by society and actually perfect
>Always unbeatable down to nuking site from orbit
>Always turns into lol, turn against your superiors and fight for women's rights
>Even when said magic pretty princess kills thousands for no fucking reason

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I just wanted to fight some zombies and slay a dragon, I don't care about how socialism is destroying this country, we're adventurers, we'll just leave.

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It's called giving people a chance, usually a chance to redeem themselves.

Forgiving a person for past mistakes is part of what makes us human, even if they end up repeating that same mistake.

It's that notion that maybe, just maybe, they'll have matured a bit by now.

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>DM wants to write a novel but is too lazy/incompetent so he has a needlessly complex setting/NPC list and the campaign mixes too many themes and makes no sense.

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This is why I generally hate playing with "very experienced" DMs. Once a DM is very comfortable with doing what they do, they fall into a "style", which often includes implementing their own agendas, opinions, biases, etc.

It's too bad because it's hard enough to find good DMs, and all the really experienced ones tend to be this way.

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Playing glorious socialist workers who plan to overthrow the evul Imperium

Last time I played with those Antifa retards

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They were Pinko Tau, right?

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>still having faith in humanity

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>tyrannical Lawful Evil country
>"martial weapons are illegal, simple weapons have to be registered with the government."

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>simple weapons
>having to register clubs, daggers and slings

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>browse these threads and spend hours worrying that whenever I add something to a game that I think is cool the players think of it like this.
>they never complain ever
>oh god do they even like me oh jesus help

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>no sticks or kitchen knives allowed

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Just workers, freed from the capitalist yoke.

Also no aliens, chaos, heresy, nothing.
Sure a great way to play Dark Heresy.

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Blamboo, which is basically a fast growing tall pipebomb that violently explodes when placed in a fire (it's seeds are released by pyriscence).

Rising Roses, air-buoyant flowers that can hold aloft about a pound, and are harvested for use in lightening loads and supplying lift for small prototype-aircraft.

And my favorite, rumbleweeds.
>two-story tall tumbleweeds that rumble across the landscape, flattening anything in their path

We've been using them as gerbil-ball/tanks.

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This is surely the work of the Witch Fienstone!

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lol'd hard.

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I would start burning down forests

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>loaded magazine
>safety off
>finger on trigger


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Is your GM called Ben?

Did he make you play this in WoD?

Because I've seen this. I've seen this so badly, friend.

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It could be worse. Your DM could use his game to soapbox why his fetish isn't creepy by making a society devoted to it.

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>shakes from age

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>I'd prefer fetishes.
I don't get it. What's wrong with anything if it's fun?

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Yep. Welcome to Sling Control.

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>DM puts both his political agendas AND his fetishes in every game

And that's why I stopped playing with homosexuals.

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>Be gay
>mfw when I've never done this
I can't see how people can do that. When I want to play Gay D&D, I'll make a group for it.

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>Gay D&D
You mean F.A.T.A.L?

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My DM is putting in more and more liberals into my games (thankfully as a joke)

Pirates robbing us are defended because "this is their lifestyle"

My paladin has been asked to check his privilage 5 times

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>DM reads a book
>next setting he creates borrows so heavily from said book it might as well be fanfiction

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Dildoes and Dingleberries.

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My DM had a group of elves that worshipped a Dragon and frequently fed it live sacrifices.

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>every woman in the world is cursed to look like this

Does your party:
1:Remove the curse
2:Do nothing
3:Slap the GM

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Your GM's puns amuse me.

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most DMs do this to some level
It can be bad if:
It's something really bad (50 shades of grey meets LOTR)
or if the DM does it w/o any creativity to make it their own

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ERP hard.

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I do this, but my players are all illiterate cretins and I only use secondhand 80's high fantasy books, so I will never be discovered.

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I get ye flask.

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With the quickest glance my mind formed this as 'Dingos and Didgeridoos'.

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yeah, that happens. sorry.

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>Australian D&D
Just make your own monsters for Kingdom Death and youre halfway there.

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Slap the GM.
Bimboification/breast expansion is a terrible fetish.

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>had to change my character background because the GM was a communist

That was fun.

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>not knowing about Thy Dungeonman 2.
Im surrounded by plebes. And this guy >>25177039, who is my nigga.

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those are excellent, and your GM should feel excellent

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I fucking hate the ideology behind The Moon is A Harsh Mistress, but I ran a Black Crusade game about moon miners loosely based on it and it fucking ruled.

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I have more of a problem with the damn mary sues and ancient evils

>Ancient shapeshifting creature that is so powerful that dragons fear them and they can summon angels and demons and make them fight along side each other

Seriously our game fell apart because we refused to follow the DM's plot hooks
>He asked us why
>You sent a god like creature to hunt us down and kill us and we have no way of figuring out who he is.

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I lol'd

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Life is an ongoing anxiety attack.

Pls, how do I DM without caring about every tiny thing?

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Originality is just another word for knowing how to hide your sources.

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Best naming scheme ever.

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That's a staple of fantasy...

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Blissful ignorance.

If you have a group composed of decent people, they'll let you know if something you do bugs 'em.

Or you could just ask them.

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Develop sociopathy and stop caring.

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I do, they say they enjoy it.

The terror does not subside.

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>having a communist GM
Care to elaborate? What did he want changed?

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>Ancient shapeshifting creature that is so powerful that dragons fear them and they can summon angels and demons and make them fight along side each other
What's strange? Any wizard can do that

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My last GM did that.

I'd greatly prefer fetish fuel.

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If your players seem like they are having fun, they probably are. Most people are not going to act like they are having a good time every session if they aren't. If you're really worried about it, ask for additional feedback. Most people won't outright tell you they hate something, but especially if you encourage feedback, they will usually provide clear hints about things that bother them.

Now you may just have an anxiety disorder, and I can't help you much with that, but maybe maybe my advice could help you feel at least a little bit better.

Also, are these people your friends outside of D&D? If they are chances are they like basically everything your doing.

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>It's called giving people a chance, usually a chance to redeem themselves.
And occasionally it could be thought of THAT DM as having a monopoly on gaming groups. "No gaming is better than bad gaming" is a pretty common saying here, but would it need to be said if people automatically heeded it?

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>Named CaDzilla

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Well there were several potential nations our characters could come from including one that was portrayed as borderline fascist which I declined to be from. I then found out my background of car mechanic was verboten since only that right wing nation allowed private road transportation.

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>"No gaming is better than bad gaming"
Actually I've only ever heard it the other way around.

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>DM rolls randomly for items...
>Girdle of masculinity and feminity put it on.
>Hide boner all night long.

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I think this board leaves people with an exaggerated impression. Most games aren't noteworthy unless they are really bad or really good, you know what I mean?

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At least they didnt have to incubate her eggs inside them.

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I had a piece of paper that had "PRIVILEGES A MAN IS ENTITLED TO" on it. Listing sandwiches, an open beer, blowjobs, and so on. If a feminist tells me to check it, I pulled it out and recited the list.

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And it can be executed in a very fetishy manner.

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ITT: Fanatical liberals ruin games and their delusions of the world don't even fit fantasy

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Sure that'll lead to a peaceful life.

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>goblins as a failing tribal collective
>empire is imperialism
>dwarves are neoliberal scum
>elves are french
>Lich is metaphor for american working conditions
>drow are a clever riff on patriarchical society
I don't know what you guys are talking about, this is the shit

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No, he's correct. That's a pretty old phrase, I remember seeing it on RPGnet in like '06.

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>not having everyone with your personal beliefs being a megalomaniacal supervillain who exists to do some horrendous shit then be murdered by the PCs
Do you even self insert?

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>implying elf games weren't invented by hippies

>> No.25177342

Mate, I fully support women's rights.

Unfortunately, feminists are womyn

>> No.25177343

>We remember the good times and we remember the bad times, but we forget that most times are neither good nor bad; they just are.

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Fuck off already, /d/, you have your own goddamn board for fucks sake.

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vorefags pls go

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>dwarves are neoliberal

>> No.25177374 [DELETED] 

>implying /d/ isn't /tg/'s true waifu
mind the spoiler

>> No.25177376

I think vore is fucking disgusting, I'm just saying that if your DM is trying to make dragons eating people sexy then you have yourself a problem.

>> No.25177378

>he think's /tg/ and /d/ are separate

>> No.25177382

>tfw that is my fetish

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Using people who disagree with you as strawman enemies in games? This is a new level of pathetic.

>> No.25177388


It's not like people actually asked to check their privilege in real life.

>> No.25177395

Thatcher and Reagan
>Average american education

>> No.25177402

Neo-Liberalism is like... free market, no government involvement in companies.

Think Reagan.

>> No.25177403

That's almost as bad as implying neoconservative Republicans are even remotely conservative.

>> No.25177409

You're fine, then. If you're -really- worried, do like >>25177231
says and ask for feedback.
>Contrary to all the That Guy and That GM stories, most players/GMs aren't going to lie to your face about that kind of thing.

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Ah yes, the /d/DF comes out to play whenever they feel their rampant shitposting is threatened.

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it's only scary because it's cut

>> No.25177440

>'Dingos and Didgeridoos'

I'd play that.

>> No.25177445

Ah. Well then.

Well pardon me, my major is not in a political field. All I know is that "neo" means "new" and that can mean any number of things.

>> No.25177449

So then he didn't actually do that and he's masturbating online about his fantasies of showing the liberuhals who's boss? I think that's even sadder.

>> No.25177451

D&D set in a australia themed deathworld?

>> No.25177452

Where did someone say that his/her DM was making dragon vore?

It's just been said that an elf population offered live sacrifices, the idea is not fetishy per se.

>> No.25177462

It's totally capaitalist!
... You just need to be a high enough member of society that you won't be shot by a roving police squad because it was more convenient than ignoring you.

>> No.25177467

B-but Dante and Michelangelo did that too

>> No.25177468

Can I guess that you're in engineering?
for real though, I meant it more as a condemnation of the american public school system

>> No.25177482

>tasty redhead barmaid dickgirl.

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>> No.25177484

Database management, actually, but I do like to dabble with that sort of thing on the side.

>> No.25177488

Fuck yeah. What system should it run on?

>> No.25177492

He was responding to someone talking about a GM making a society based around their fetish, implying he found the dragon sacrifice situation somehow fetishy.

>> No.25177496

>tfw your paladin will never win the love of a trapping inn"maid"

>> No.25177509

Nah, your reasoning is totally solid mate.

But yeah, Neo-Liberalism is all about leaving companies the fuck alone and letting them do what they want as long as they don't break any real laws.

On the plus side, it leads to economic growth, on the down side, it kinda lead to the economic collapse of recent years, what with banks going unregulated and doing a shitty job of making sensible investments.

Fit Dwarves because they're known to be greedy and men of trades.

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Only War

>> No.25177513

But thats wrong. Its a crossdresser.

>> No.25177515

something with elaborate poisoning rules, I can tell you that much

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>> No.25177523

It's in a skirt, it's a girl. It only starts being gay once you get her out of it.

>> No.25177530

Puritan cultures gonna Puritan.

>> No.25177531

>implying that should matter
Look I have the butter ready, it's habbening with "her"

>> No.25177537

Not gay if its a girls dick

>> No.25177538


Check your privilege.

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>> No.25177546

Finding an idea fetishy doesn't mean that the DM was putting his fetish in the game. Without details on the execution, the only thing we know is that communities sacrificing victims to a dragon is nothing new in fantasy. Even if the sacrifice involves virgin girls

>> No.25177550


I think that the problem wasn't so much that your GM was a commie, but more that he was a dumbfuck.

>> No.25177551

New setting idea: All dwarves and their political allies have their noses cut off at birth "because it's easier to clean". Anyone heard complaining about this practice is considered an anti-nanite and shunned from polite society.

>> No.25177553

best arugment of the day

>> No.25177558

Implying Australia isn't already a deathworld

>> No.25177560

don't forget the privatization of things that probably shouldn't be privatized
I'm dming a game where the ultra-capitalist dwarven guilds are destroying dwarven culture

>> No.25177564

>being this dense

>> No.25177569

No, it's a qt trap.

>> No.25177600

I demand stoyrteim

>> No.25177603

Man, your life sure is rough. Good thing you have a game with which to mock your female and tranny oppressors.

>> No.25177610

>Thread derailed by men who like penises.

God dammit, /teeg/, there's /lgbt/ for you to talk about those kinds of backdoor shenanigans!

>> No.25177612

Dante isn't.... Oh well.

>> No.25177623

>Not being a bus mechanic

>> No.25177628

Ok your libretardation aside
Where did trannies come into it?

>> No.25177631

No. Latest was a 4E game where pretty elvish princess of sitting-on-piles-of-resources-and-not-using-them-and-not-selling-them-and-not-letting-anyone-else-use-them-either-land got invaded through a neutral nation, and we were part of the invading army that was supposed to go rogue.
When we didn't, she used ancient fey artifact of doom to make the entire army go insane and attack each other and the neutral nation as well.
DM threw a screaming fit when we called that 'pretty much pure chaotic evil' and tried to rally the neutral nation and another nation on the other side into continuing the attack.

>> No.25177633

>expecting anything less of /t/otally /g/ay

>> No.25177657

I instead decided I would be a military vehicle mechanic.

>> No.25177664

>leaving companies the fuck alone

Unless they are big companies who can offer you a cushy position after you retire. Then neoliberalism means throwing as much money as them that you think you can get away with.

>> No.25177672

Goddamn privatized culture.

>> No.25177682

I mean leaving them alone as in no trade limits, little to no regulization etc.

Neo-Liberal politicians and CEOs are often Gold buddies, so they'll always be homies.

>> No.25177693

>being this retarded

>> No.25177696

This is why I play Only War. There is no room for politics in the empire and the only time sex is even mentioned is when fighting legions of Slaaneshi FutaDaemonette

>> No.25177711

>thread of fantasies about crushing strawmen if people who disagree with you
And nothing of value was lost

>> No.25177712

>/d/ faggots come in to prove they arent disruptive
>by disrupting the thread
I wish /d/ was a bannable offense.

>> No.25177716

>legions of Slaaneshi FutaDaemonette
Lemme just grab my french flag and a tub of vaseline.

>> No.25177725

...I'd rather have some fade-to-black intercourse with professionals between missions

>> No.25177726

Been there.
>Fucking nazi paladins
>"Hey, its ok raping the prisioner, after all she's evil"
>"Yeah, genocide is ok, they're all evil"
>"We are stronger ergo we are better and god loves us more"

>> No.25177732

It's hard to be banned for a noun. That's usually the purview of verbs.

>> No.25177741


>> No.25177750

Not if you decide to join the totally in the right and only defending against the oppressive Imperium freedom fighters who only want equality, peace, and freedom to worship what you want. like the DM planned you to.
I can take so much, but when the DM describes Sisters of Battle and Khornate cultist peacefully coexisting alongside Dark Eldar and Orks, that's too much

>> No.25177766


>> No.25177771


>> No.25177780

>Implying evil people have rights
>Implying there's any room for deniability when 1 in 10 people has magical evil-sensing radar

>> No.25177789

Kill them anon, Its the only way

>> No.25177797


>> No.25177809

Basically they're running it like early 20th century robber barons. They even got Prohibition going on.
Half the dwarves are falling in line with the dark gods who are juggalos, the other half has been corrupted by capitalism by the same juggalos and the dwarf king doesn't have a successor.
None of my players are dwarves.

>> No.25177810

>> No.25177811

You better post the rest nigger.

>> No.25177813

Oh god, kiss.

>> No.25177819

>Soul Drinkers: The Game

>> No.25177825

Be patient.

>> No.25177826

Think that is bad?
The GM made a 10 minute OOC speech about tolerance after the last session.

>> No.25177839

>> No.25177848

>I can take so much, but when the DM describes Sisters of Battle and Khornate cultist peacefully coexisting alongside Dark Eldar and Orks, that's too much
Sounds like that Reasonable Marines quest.

>> No.25177849

And this is why I almost never crib from other sources nor place any of my beliefs into a game. It leads to naught but retardation.

>> No.25177852


>> No.25177858

I hope you don't play with them anymore. Clearly they have either no clue about the setting or are just fucking retards

>> No.25177862

And so peace and understanding was achieved.

>> No.25177872

Look, it's easy to touch upon those themes and shit but I don't think tolerance is part of the 40k vocabulary

>> No.25177882

I refuse to believe this. I just have to.

>> No.25177894

Lesbians gain a +10 to diplomacy with each other.

Real talk.

>> No.25177899

And Islam is on top, the way it should be.
Praise be unto him

>> No.25177909

Other highlights include Khaine worshiping Ork Mekboyz, Dark Eldar who prayed to Big E to protect their souls from Slaanesh, Slaaneshi cultists publicly apologizing to Dark Eldar (probably to evoke white guilt in us), Tau praising the Omnissiah, and all evil Imperial Guardsmen who were send to kill us specifially defecting when they found this Utopian planet

>> No.25177922

>implying jesus isn't a power bottom
Turning the other cheek, mon. Did you think he meant the face?

>> No.25177931

I don't even like or play in any 40k universes and I find that disgusting.

>> No.25177938

Thats actually a perk in Fallout New Vegas.

>> No.25177945

Real talk?

>> No.25177959

Its not about their rights its about your actions.
Killing an evil person stops them from doing evil, raping them doesn't and is just you being evil yourself.

>> No.25177961

>Other highlights include Khaine worshiping Ork Mekboyz

> Dark Eldar who prayed to Big E to protect their souls from Slaanesh
Slightly understandable but dumb

> Slaaneshi cultists publicly apologizing to Dark Eldar
Potentially hilarious

>Tau praising the Omnissiah
I could see this happening, actually

> all evil Imperial Guardsmen who were send to kill us specifially defecting when they found this Utopian planet
Ordinary guard as seen by heretics.

Purge your GM at once.

>> No.25177979

Cherchez La Femme
“In combat, you do +10% damage against female opponents. Outside of combat, you'll sometimes have access to unique dialogue options when dealing with the same sex.”

>> No.25177980

Depending on the fetish I would also prefer it... and by prefer I mean "I will be less inclined to punch him in the face before leaving". Because I wouldn't play with either thatdm

>> No.25177990

>muslim scum

>> No.25177998

Isn't that just Ladykiller for Lesbians?

>> No.25178012

Tau are staunchly atheist and think the Admech are hooting retards, so not likely.

>> No.25178022

They have a gay option too and you can be a bisexual of the wastes
So New Vegas was the best game of this generation

>> No.25178026


This is why I only use Glorantha as a setting and make all PC:s celtic viking storm barbarians.

If somebody gets pissed I accuse them of disrespecting other cultures.

>> No.25178030

Yep. They had one for gay dudes, too. It also opened up some unique dialogue with a lesbian/gay character where you got to hit on them and then they turn you down.

>> No.25178032

>She rich! She no share! she gREED!
>Lets steal her money
>She use magic in self defense! it drive our army mad!
>That is chaotic evil
What? basic self defense here.

>> No.25178041

Guy who wrote that seemed aware that a village sacrificing a member to a dragon every now and then was a common play.
He also had reason to feel it was more fetishy than it normally is seen as.

>> No.25178042

>They have a gay option too and you can be a bisexual of the wastes
You mean "I-I'm totally not gay, guys!"

>> No.25178059

>implying bisexual isn't a thing
Yo as a guy who sucks dick and eats pussy I'm inclined to disagree

>> No.25178085

You're just too much of a coward to admit that you are a homo.

>> No.25178105

>A game about raping women
>A game where almost every spell can only be used by a rapist with a penis on a female victim
>Gay DnD
son, you went full retard

>> No.25178106

>So New Vegas was the best game of this generation

Because of the fact you can be gay in it?
Go away Jenifer Hepler and ruin another artform by forcing your horrible tastes and fanfic into games

>> No.25178117

That is not how it works, you neanderthal

>> No.25178118

Don't you mean blessed?

>> No.25178127

Dude, that post is an hour old. That anon is probably long gone.

>> No.25178138


>> No.25178141

i see what you did there :)

>> No.25178148

>implying it wasn't the best
Stay salted nerd

>> No.25178176

So neo-liberalism is classic liberalism?

>> No.25178183

No no no, think of it as "Okay, while I was going to kill you before, I hate you now. Seriously, that was pretty fucked up."

>> No.25178194

It was the best because the design document stated that the game should be beatable even if the player had a perpetually firing flamethrower attached to their face.

Thought and heart went into the game.

>> No.25178203

>Guy calls out the horrible idea that games NEED to have sexual minorities represented to be a good game.

>Retorted by being called a nerd
>on /tg/

See this is why that one horrible game about cross-dressing and racial-gender representation got shut down. No one liked it. No one funded it

>> No.25178207

>Paladin of jesus
>Paladin of allah
>have homosexual relationship with each other
mfw both get stoned

>> No.25178209

Yes it was the best

>> No.25178230

Yeah it's pretty shitty

>> No.25178239

>game does gay relationships in videogames right and has gay characters that are not steryotypes and shoehorned in to please the GLBT crowed

Fuck off back to /pol/

>> No.25178251

>literally everybody in the world is a straight white person and I refuse to believe any evidence to the contrary
Again, stay salted

>> No.25178269

well, yeah, may as well smoke a bowl after the rampant buttsex.

>> No.25178271


>> No.25178272

>implying the GLBT crowd's shoe horning wasn't responsible along with women like Hamburger Helper's horrible ideas

Hope you are trolling

>> No.25178275

Holy lesbian munchies.

>> No.25178287

Ok, keep comparing FO:NV to Mass Effect's shit everything, you just look like an even bigger idiot

>> No.25178288

Dammit, now I want a BLT.

>> No.25178291

>A game where almost every spell has a chance to misfire and summon a trio of "randy gay ogres", actual quote

>> No.25178292

>say a stupid thing
>boy that sure was stupid

>> No.25178303

>Because everyone is differant I HAVE to shoehorn minorites into setting where they don't make any sense to appeal to the communites

Just like the retarded dyke who make the LOTR characters black and female.

>> No.25178320

Why are you blaming capitalist bullshit on gays
>average American poster

>> No.25178336

>Fuck off back to /pol/
No you fool! The more incensed you are-the more incensed you 'seem'- the stronger he becomes!

>> No.25178337

A gay BLT?

>> No.25178342

Damn I don't even want to think about my early high school experiments of RPGs with my friend who upon further inspection was the worst DM I could have ever had

I think it was something like two furry spotlight hogging DMPCs and his weirdo weeaboo friend with some kind of angel wings fetish who kind of made themselves the most important people in the world every time and they were always trying to overthrow some evil kingdom

Oh yeah dude didn't allow evil characters in his campaigns, evil was like anathema to that guy

>> No.25178345

>Nothing better to say
>Hur American capitalist
Ok I see your are playing the part of the "super liberal", European lesbian

7/10 kept me going but suspected

>> No.25178352

Okay you're seriously mad because I'm your world of wee men, elves, dragons and liches one person might wanna kiss boys AND girls

>> No.25178353

Bisexual Lesbian Trannie?

>> No.25178360

Hey man, I'm from America. Don't associate me with that uncouth scum.

>> No.25178374

Oh wow, that's pretty cool, most games just go with "OMG PROTAG YOU'RE SO HAWT LET ME FUCK U".

Nice to have a bit of a flip on that.

>> No.25178376

>I am not from america
It is pretty funny how often people are accused of being "american retards" when they aren't.
It is especially funny in youtube comments because it takes 2 clicks to see on someone's profile where they are actually from

>> No.25178388


Bacon, Lettuce, and testacles.
I'm not even that anon, I just found it amusing.

>> No.25178389

>game does gay relationships in videogames right





You really believe this?

This is the opinion you hold, the belief you subscribe to, the concept you are willing to back?

I don't know if I could possibly be any more incredulous, but I know I have to at least try, because you just said something that is the third dumbest thing I've ever heard in my entire life, to a degree that I earnestly hope you are just trolling.

I mean, you've got to be. Otherwise, you really are the lowest of the low, the bottom of the barrel, one of the WORST people ever to live, to a degree where if you had any decency (you obviously don't) you'd jump off a bridge in a truck carrying your parents, your siblings, your grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and second-cousins just to make sure that your level of dumb never happens again.

>> No.25178408

Yeah, that was pretty neat.

>> No.25178409

Wow, you just said a mouthful without actually saying anything at all! Did all that verbal diarrhea have a point?

>> No.25178419

no, a literal gay sandwich

>> No.25178432

Well I for one am glad that some games contain queer characters, and I enjoy playing as one. It feels good to be represented. You can't understand because you've probably never seen a work of fiction with NO straight people in it. Seriously, name one. That's privilege.

>> No.25178436

>find a character that won't sleep with me
>leave their head on a bookshelf

>> No.25178444

No, he's just angling for responses.

You should probably cease giving them to him.

>> No.25178452

>stack nukacola bottles
>go bowling with their head

>> No.25178464

Dragon Age 2

>> No.25178492

i thought it didn't get funded because it had a mess of a setting, terrible game design, and was actually a scam perpetrated my someone trying to steal money from the lgbt community

or did i hear wrong

>> No.25178502

>Yep. They had one for gay dudes, too. It also opened up some unique dialogue with a lesbian/gay character where you got to hit on them and then they turn you down.
IIRC if you were straight you could hit on women and then THEY turned you down.
its a tradition in fallout games to play a virgin, nobody ever puts out for you.

>> No.25178535

I vaguely recall the woman in a vault giftshop putting out in new vegas.

>> No.25178538

>tfw my GM is a japanese immigrant and all our games are pro-fascism

>> No.25178541

There was that prostitute in FO3, if you felt like getting wasteland aids.

Everyone that turned me down got mindfucked, put in the sexy sleepwear then sold into slavery. I had a mod that placed slave NPCs in that big empty slavepen at paradise falls since slaves randomly vanish from the game because of lazy coding.

>> No.25178545

There is about 10-12 in the internet and a lot more on paper and pen. Also.

>Fallout new vegas
>Anywhere near above average game.

This is the cancer that is killing video games. Peoples standards have dropped so low I could make a game of a bunch of dudes spray painting doungs everywhere and it would get top ratings.

>> No.25178548

Okay, how about
>video game presents gay characters as equally complex and well written as the straight ones
>the shitty writing EA gets away with and calls "progressive"
Ultimately, New Vegas would probably have still had said characters but EA is just jumping on the bandwagon because they're making money like a mad cunt

>> No.25178603

Thank god, I know RPGs are all basically power fantasies but it's nice when they try to be subtle in their pandering.

>> No.25178625

My party got turned into ferrets briefly because we upset the grand magus talking about how the local villagers' deforesting was bad. Then we fought a group of horrible rats and rats, then got changed back to normal.

>> No.25178646

Was it fun?

>> No.25178661

Nah, that's just a REALLY fucked-up deamon world you found yourself on.
Although I have to admit, as far as daemon worlds go, this one is really frightening.

>> No.25178669


>> No.25178679


>This is the cancer that is killing video games.




This is the first time I can say, with honesty, fuck off to /v/.

>> No.25178686

Did you launch Exterminatus?

>> No.25178687

>talking about vidya on /v/

You funny guy

>> No.25178695

Stop it. You're making me hard.

>> No.25178699

>video game presents gay characters as equally complex and well written as the straight ones
>fallout new vegas

No. Unless you mean every character is written flat so they are equal in how flat they are then maybe?

>> No.25178728

Yes, also shut up.
Especially compared to the tokenism in Mass Effect.

>> No.25178730

>slaves occasionally vanish from the cell
>It's "lazy coding"
Weee're the slavers! Who don't sell anyone...

>> No.25178731

They didn't drop any loot and we didn't really do much other than clear out a mage's garden of small wildlife. Shit's sorta disheartening when your giga fireball is essentially a firecracker when you're a tiny weasel.

>> No.25178741

Could be read as "There is no gaming better than bad gaming," I guess.

>> No.25178754

fuck off. when someone is unwittingly co-opting a group into their fetishes so they can jerk off under the table, that's going to be uncomfortable to anyone.

>> No.25178762

Breast expansion is okay.

>> No.25178782

I think you mean that the slaves don't even appear in the cell.

They're the slavers that manage to sell the ones you send them, but nobody else.

>> No.25178802

Nah mate.

There's no way to resolve it erotically within an image.

See, after a fashion they stop looking like breasts anymore, at which point, what's the point.

Might as well masturbate to women with footballs under their shirts.

It's just silly.

>> No.25178829

Doesn't mean he didn't say what everyone else was thinking.

>> No.25178832

>mad max the RPG

>> No.25178833

And the dude I was responding to seemed perplexed by the idea.

>> No.25178847

But sir, footballs are egg-shaped while soccer balls are round.

>> No.25178906


To an American, yes. I'm not an American.

Regardless, it's a rather moot point, as most of the artists can't even draw breast that well and they end up pointed like an American Football anyway.

>> No.25178943

>Curvy women with DD
>Breast expansion
That isn't breast expansion, its just big boobs.
Breast expansion is breasts actually expanding... and typically ends with boobs bigger then the rest of her body.

>> No.25178957

It's all dependant on preference really.

It doesn't have to end at that. It can end at any size.

>> No.25178965

>A ball you carry by hand and may not touch with the feet with the except of the rare penalty kick
Doing it wrong.
Should be calling it a hand ball.

>> No.25178996

Its not even that, its once you enslave someone who is not related to the slavery sidequest, they removed from the game entirely. Even respawning raider enemies you enslave will disappear, meaning you can cleanse the DC Wastes of criminals. Through slavery.

>> No.25178999


>> No.25179019

Main issue I have with games like that is most have a habit of going.

"Hey guys like I'm Bi/Homo/Dog/house sexual!!" Then never actually using it in the characters. Why should I care what they fuck? Then right after that is is never really used in anything at all and just hangs in the background. Making the word count used to write that pointless and better used furthering the storyline in someway.

If your going to make a character trait in tabletop, Video game, Movie, Book anything that is just dumb make the trait relevant or don't make it at all.

Seen stranger fetishes. Like trees so I just shake my head and say whatever to fetishes I don't share at this point.

>> No.25179076

I'm the same, I don't get it, as long as it's not visually or morally abhorrent to me I generally just don't give a shit.

The only exception is when people are really pushy with their fetishes and act like people who don't share it are weird.

Foot fetishists and furies are the worst for that, stricting according to my experiences of course.

>> No.25179077

Hey man, trees are sexy.

>> No.25179078

Breast expansion is a fine fetish, though sadly it's usually taken to absurd levels with western artists.

I really like it when flat girls get suddenly endowed, but when a girl with already large breasts (or goes from flat and keeps going) has breasts the size of a house, it's just silly.

>> No.25179081

So being an orc revolutionary leader is bad?

>> No.25179127

All depends on the execution.

>> No.25179194

I would like to be in the middle of a gay sandwitch

>> No.25179219

Yea I hate the "hey look at me" mentality. They want to appear modern by including them but can't write for shit.
I liked how dumbledoor was gay and yet you could read the books without realizing it.


>> No.25179237

As long as you don't preach how perfect the belief system is or try to make him unrealistically invulnerable. It is fine.

>> No.25179243

>I liked how dumbledoor was gay and yet you could read the books without realizing it.
Until it got to the first chapter describing him and Grindelwald

>> No.25179270

Eh, I thought they were just best friends until it was pointed out to me. Then I reread it and realized they were lovers.

>> No.25179275

with hidsight, it was a little obvious

>> No.25179313

>I liked how dumbledoor was gay and yet you could read the books without realizing it.

But, he wasn't gay.
Rowling described him as becoming asexual as he got older, which is something completely different from gay.

See, notice this.
>Young dumbledore is gay
>Wants evil wizard dick in his asshole
>Because he is a faggot, has insane and evil ideas about controlling the world

>Older dumbledore is no longer gay
>A noble saint who teaches people about love not requiring you to butt-hump each other
>Savior of the world

Ta-dah. A perfect symbol of how being queer is detrimental to society.

>> No.25179318

Historically, most weapon control has been undertaken for the purpose of repression, IE the tokugawa shogunates restriction of armaments for the peasantry. Although gun control may not necessarily be evil, A lawful evil country would certainly make a point of disarming the citizenry.

>> No.25179347


Ah no, just some freedom and teach them some agriculture just to not famish

>> No.25179352

Oh wow...

>> No.25179362

The trick with reading HP books is replacing every instance of "wand" with "wang".

>> No.25179382

That sounds fine. As long as he isn't gary stuing then it isn't a DM on a podium.

>> No.25179433

Eh, I like my orcs to be stubborn and proud to the point of taking over vassal races to farm for them, like goblins or some such. Either that Mongolify them and have them really like hunting. Regardless, theres nothing wrong with orc farmers.

>> No.25179460

She's not just rich and not sharing, she's not even spending. That's wasteful. Haven't you ever heard the story of the dog who guarded the hay?

>> No.25179477

... showing them the wonders of soap so they don't start a black orcish plage is gary stuing them?

>> No.25179481

>dat Midna
Damn my ponytail fetish

>> No.25179502

Innocents, mainly.

>> No.25179537

No, he was just saying dont make Mr. Che Guevorca into some model citizen with absolutely zero flaws who has nothing but good ideas, wants only the best for everyone - even his enemies, and is a consummate gentleman.

Actually, I don't know why I'm bothering, if you don't understand how to not make a Mary Sue, nothing I can say can help you.

>> No.25179555

Here's a list of works with predominantly gay casts with token straight characters taking the roles of fujoshi and homophobic strawmen.

>> No.25179557

I am the guy you are replying to and no, I was explicitly saying that is fine.

Gary stuing is when he captures the party and preaches them about communism, and when they try to kill him he has invinciple plot armor, and then he goes on to unit all the races under him in glorious communism, etc.

>> No.25179581

Oh, my mistake, misreaded then for them.

>> No.25179594

>Linking TvTrannies

Fucking seriously?

>> No.25179679


I don't have a reaction imagen involving orcs to express my repulsion.

I was thinking something being the mixture of every primitive democracies and some laws that in resume are "Dude. Seriously, don't be a dick. Dude. I really mean it" I think it would work in a small territory, don't you think?

>> No.25179727

>I don't have a reaction imagen involving orcs to express my repulsion.
Have this one, if you dont mind the 40K

>> No.25179755

>asked for an example of fiction that uses a specific trope
>link to a site that exists to list exactly that
>hurr durr tvtropes is bad because 4chan told me so

>> No.25179781


>> No.25179839

To be fair, TVTropes often manipulates information or jumps through a bunch of mental hoops to justify X as Y. The place is as opinionated and biased as 4chan, except it puts on airs of neutrality, which is something I find particularly despicable.

>> No.25179880

>9/10 +1 bonus point for librarian vibe.
Will sex.

>> No.25179889


>> No.25179913

amusingly TV trope expressly forbids "thread mode" where people reply to each other. Bullets are only to be used for listings.

>> No.25179916

I like this one, myself.

>> No.25179924

I particularly like when their moderators decided to go pants on head moralfag and removed everything to do with lolis, including every article on any work of fiction that has a character that could be considered a loli.

>> No.25179929

It's still not evil.

>> No.25179954

And those listings are all intensely biased.

>> No.25179959

its still not evil of her, she still only engaged in self defense against violent thieves.

>> No.25180085

Oh sure, 70% of the stuff explicitly doesn't fit the trope...
My least favorite is "straw feminist" trope... (which boils down to: extreme misandrists DO NOT EXIST in real life and any work that mentions them is done by a chauvinist pig trying to discredit feminism)

>> No.25180366

I feel downright insulted by the claim in the discussion that 'just about everyone in the West is a feminist'.

>> No.25180470

I honestly despise the idea that any woman confiming to traditional gender roles is somehow doing something wrong.

I just want to provide and protect something beautiful and fragile.

>> No.25180541

Unfortunately many feminists are hypocritical in that respect and only approve of females choosing how to lead their own lives if they choose something they agree with. Which is why you get feminists who tell women they cannot be strippers or housewives.

>> No.25180929



>> No.25180960


>> No.25181046

Varric is in love with a crossbow, that doesnt count.

>> No.25181095

Apocalypse World.

>> No.25181235

A glorious dream, my friend. Truly glorious.

>> No.25181376

My next DW character is gonna be an Orc "Barbarian" flavored as a wandering samyrai from the distant Orc empire. Still very battle focused but utterly perplexed by human "civilization".

>> No.25181464

>not having an intelligent, poetic, pedrast samurai

>> No.25181533

Fucking auto-correct.
Meant Aveline.

>> No.25181558

Who says he's not?
Other than pederaty. Historical accuracy can take a flying leap on the one.

>> No.25181897

>Playing characters who don't diddle little boys
For shame.

>> No.25182059

Your shame maybe.
Anyone can diddle boys.
A true warrior diddles MEN.
Now, show me your honor.

Your other honor

>> No.25182300

This is the most /tg/ post in this entire thread.

>> No.25182362

Counter-Strike: Source is already a game.

>> No.25182721

She made an army attack the entire neutral-aligned nation it was supposed to be fighting for.
There's self defense, then there's "slaughter everyone who might disagree with me."

>> No.25183024

As is TF2.

>> No.25183235

Self defense against an army is a lot of people to defend yourself against.

>> No.25183595


>> No.25184090

>Not knowing I'm the goddamn Batman.

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