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My body is ready.

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This is probably gonna make me seem like a faggot, but anyone working on scans?

>My body is ready
Oh, it most certainly is not.

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I'm ready.

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The body is never ready.

Thats how she who thirsts likes it.

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scans plox

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It's still early for scans, but here's hoping. The sooner the better.

I'm particularly excited for noise-related things.

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Pls no
It still hurts from last time ;_;

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Indeed. We shall get loud now!

Or at least when the scan shows up.

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I damn hope so, I've always wanted to play a noise marine. Or at least a Slaaneshi/Tzeentchian one at the same time.

>Chaos is fun, wouldn't you agree?
>It makes you so good at ripping someone apart slowly. Both in the flesh, and in the mind.

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A list of the content list page would be nice to have. Or some info about the new archetypes. Im getting mine in a week, best case scenario.

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I used to play a noise marine. It was quite fun.

It was possible since by the time I phased out my first char for another, the exp range was high enough for one.

Then he suffered from mass possession fighting genestealers in a space hulk. Ended up with about T 21 and WP in the 30's. Good times.

Eager to see how they're getting standardized by the devs.

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I hope this isn't all noise marines, I want some things that my speedfreak jump-pack death world renegade warlord can take advantage of.

Gotta go faster!

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I shall eagerly await the scans.

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It's sad when a Slaanesh general book is out and people are still derping on about noise Marines.

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Shouldn't be! Khorne and Tzeentch had a lot of goodies, this one will probably follow the trend. The horde minion preview was really nice.

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Hey, could anyone be so kind as to up the other two god (Tzeentch and Khorne) books in pdf for me? I checked /rs/ and TPB but didn't find anything in either place.

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My only issue is that it is all gonna be based around the current Slaanesh stuff.

Oh for this to have been released when the Diaz Daemonettes were still a thing.

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Most of it isn't noise marine stuff actually. The new 6d10 heavy sonic "flamer" is ridiculous though.

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Nice lying, broseidon. They are both available on both TPB and /rs/. Improve your google fu to even know the fucking name of the books.

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You need to brush up your /rs/ing.



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There's nothing wrong with liking them.

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So only the Nurgle book left to go.

If there aren't any rules for engineering plagues and poisons in Nurgle's book, I will be most unhappy.

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When's the PDF out?

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Officially? It usually takes a couple weeks.

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Crap, thanks anyways.

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I hope there are some cool combat drugs.

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Three down. Now only my lord Grandpa awaits.

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Rather that than people misinterpreting Daemonettes.

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Atleas get your sonic discomfort right. This is Noise Marines:


The later tune is even named Ultra Marine Blues

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What about Malal?

When will we get his book, ha?

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He tattooed it onto the back of your eye sockets.

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He's already had his Dreadaxe or what not mentioned in the Khorne book. His fluff has been broken apart and used as hints here and there all over different published materials.

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jesus christ how horrifying

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Gradpa along with Iron Warriors.

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>My only issue is that it is all gonna be based around the current Slaanesh stuff.
You mean it's based on the original and proper Slaanesh stuff?

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As a Black Legion fella, I'm really crossing my fingers for an undivided/unaligned book. Let us hope.

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Tome of Undecided

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Did someone say noise marines?

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Really what page?

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Yeah. Yeah. I know. These things can't be explained, man.

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P. 40

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Thank you TIDF, you're useful for once.

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TIDF and the Shas'o are two different people.

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page 40 in ToB.

"Dreadaxes are frightening weapons that contain bitter resentful Daemons. They hunger for the chance to destroy not only mortal souls, but also the essences of other daemonic beings."

an old Malal classic given a nod and being reused.

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It sure wouldn't hurt.

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Yes. Yes it would. It'd be a GOOD PAIN, however.

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Yes. I want them minion and social rules suggestions for my not-at-all-alfa-legion!

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You already got a special class in Tome of Fate.

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>Foul Xeno's

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Hahah fair point.

If the source book is just the Liber Chaotica book of slaanesh without the horrible john blanche artwork that's a good thing.

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>horrible john blanche artwork

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I love when he does things like spaceships, his artwork for Gothic was awesome, I just can't stand when he does figures, especially in that "red and brass splashed everywhere" style.

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>You already got a special class..
Yes, so? I don't get your point. ToE should have expanded minions and social systems, exactly what my character is about.

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Oh yeah, I definitely agree with you. It's just a controversial thing around these parts, heh.

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Taking bets on what Legion will be represented other than the Emperor's Children.
There's always one.

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No, enjoy paying more xp and being weaker than all aligned characters, indecisive scum!

Seriously though, I agree, undivided needs some major love.

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I don't really have one besides "I'm sick to death of alphafags", which really isn't fair to you. So...never mind me.

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Undivided characters actually pay less XP in the long run. You do not know pain until you try to upgrade your Tzeentch psyker's close combat skills because you're sick of being raped in melee and want more damage.

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Buboes, phlegm, blood and guts! Boils, bogeys, rot and pus! Blisters, fevers, weeping sores! From your wounds the fester pours!

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>Implying I don't know that pain.
>Implying I didn't try playing a Nurgle Psyker.

You want Forbidden Lore? FUCK YOU!
You want psyniscience? FUCK YOU!
You want any psyker-related talents? FUCK YOU WITH A CRYSTALLINE STAFF!

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Enjoy not having Exalted psychic powers, fag.

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Most of the exalted psychic powers aren't that great.

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Exalted psy powers are basically "I win forever."

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I'm going to come over to your house and rape you.

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With unaligned characters you can cut the bullshit and get exactly what you need, when you need, and end up well-rounded in stats/skills/talents. Plus the strongest psyker abilities are unaligned-only.

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Except the ones that are.

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Word Bearers.

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>Eliphas Wannabe
>David Bowie
>Haemonculus Lite

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We already knew it would be word bearers (also, it wa spretty obvious is a great fit for "minions and social").

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Ok, so you don't want any more screen shots like that? Ok...

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Like that, no. The entire book, yes.

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Ignore him.

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I don't have the ability to scan. And seeing as though you don't want more pictures, I guess you can be the one that ruins it for everyone else.


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Nope. It's still all on your shoulders.

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No-one's going to suck your cock. Post it or don't, your choice.

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So I see you are new here.

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Look how entitled you all are! AHAHAHAHA!

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I don't follow.

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Where is that in the book?

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I guess the the nuances of human behaviour is beyond you.

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Cocaine is a helluva drug...

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Or maybe you're just a prick. Sage goes in every field.

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I can almost say 100% certainty that harlequins will appear what with being foes of slaanesh, but I wonder will we see stats for a solitaire?, for a slaaneshi champion it would be a choice kill for slaanesh.
Also no doubt Sikari's pleasure-lodge will play a part possibly as the adventure?

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Tastes like soot.

*Cookie for the reference.

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Got photo's of the new classes/weapons?

>> No.25163877

What planets are featured?

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Can I see the art for the new archetypes?

>> No.25164052

We have...

Ghibelline - The land of Daemon Engines (Helldrake, Decimator, Subjugator, Soul Grinder)
Maligna - Slaaneshi Death world. Airborne drug atmosphere (for reals!). The Dark Eldar love this place.
Contrition - Lots of Daemons (Fiends, Keepers, Steeds, Chariots like the Hellflayer).
Melancholia - Where the Flesh Shapers come from. Leaving the planet is difficult.
Mammon - War World.
Forbidden Portal - Here be Harliquins!
Gates of Moment - A moon that teleports around, appears in different places at once, and sends legions of Warp Talons and other things at planets as raiding forces.
Ragged Helix - Asteroid empire of space pirates!!! The armoury has a new minion that's like a bunch of different Helix-based assassins.

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>> No.25164126

Stay frosty!

>> No.25164136


More Intel on Melancholia is needed when there is time.

>> No.25164145

Can you share the Noise Marine/Dark Apostle crunch?

>> No.25164153


Seconding this.


>"Sweep cannot be used to cure an addiction to Sweep."

>> No.25164155


Planet Space Brazil, top tourist spot in the Totally-Not-Eye-Of-Terror.

>> No.25164259

A Slaneeshi kinda deal, for sure.

>> No.25164293

It's a bad place to be. They're cursed, so they can't/don't/won't build anything other than their patch-work animal skin huts. It's constantly raining. It's constantly windy. It's Vancouver!

Anyone who shows too much emotion is basically exiled from town until they calm the fuck down, and even leaving the planet is an emotional drain (people who land there just kinda get stuck in all the sadness and never bother leaving).

But there's this other group of people called the Evoked, who want to rise about the crapsack world they live in, so they dot he only thing one can do in a situation like this - start tearing off their own flesh and sewing on other bits of flesh. Naturally!

Part of this group are the Flesh Shapers, and they're scary. Very scary. You can play as one! :)

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Can you explain this? I havent kept up with chaos plot

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The book isn't all Noise Marines. Noise Marines are in there, sure, but it's not just "OHLOLz! Slaanesh = Noize Mareeenzz! DERP!".

Anyway... who wants some GUNS!

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No one is saying that. Why is being interested in seeing the noise marine page worse than being interested in seeing the planets or the drugs?

>> No.25164401

Nothing's wrong with wanting to see the Noise Marines.

>> No.25164408


>Gibe Shrieking Pistol
>Gibe Howler Rifle


>> No.25164427

>noise marines are in there
>book is not all noise marines
oh shit, cause I mean
I woulda paid hard cash to get Slaanesh Noise Marines.
And I woulda paid hard cash to get Slaanesh stuff.
Getting both in one book? Thank you, you have sold me.

>> No.25164436


Art, my man! Show us the art for the Archetypes!

>> No.25164460

Can you show us what talent is that? I don't remember seeing it in the main book.

>> No.25164466


>Force everyone in 50m to test vs stuff

Okay, two things.

1) Force: Does this mean normally fearless enemies must make fear?
2) Everyone: Party members as well?

>> No.25164474

>Ectoplasm cannon
Is that what they're calling it today?

>> No.25164479


It lets you copy voices and actions.

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>> No.25164486

>Chaos caring about collateral damage

>> No.25164490

>6d10 with Pen 6
>same Availibility as a regular Melta Gun


It's in the core book.

>> No.25164499

Thanks fellas. I remember that now.

>> No.25164519


1. It means everyone must make a Test. Then you check the people making the Test. Someone fearless wouldn't be automatically assumed to pass a Fear Test, so they wouldn't be affected.
2. Everyone. It's a big sonic boom. It doesn't have IFF.

>> No.25164549

>Someone fearless wouldn't be automatically assumed to pass a Fear Test, so they wouldn't be affected.

Wow. That was a horrible fucking sentence. Sorry about that.

What I meant was someone who is fearless would be automatically assumed to pass a Fear Test, and therefore wouldn't be affected.

>> No.25164633

Oh yeah, I found the Overcharge rule so that the guns make sense.

>> No.25164657

A rifle so sonic-y it makes your ears bleed!

>> No.25164706

Hey, can we get any information about the pirate princes?

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>> No.25164781

Well, it's got my money already.

here's hoping my group likes it better than Rogue Trader; one guy did already go past Full Heretic

>> No.25164801

>Space Cocaine finally statted

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>> No.25164998

MOAR... drugs?


>> No.25165052


Pirate Prince?

>> No.25165089

>imagining a Chem-Hunter on Barrage


>> No.25165136

Here ya go you little princeling! (/Gimli)

>> No.25165143

>Small puppet noises

>> No.25165198

Sir, all that's left is the Dark Apostle. Could you please deliver?

Also, the artwork for the archetypes would be great.

>> No.25165206


He gets a voidship at starting? Absolutely wonderful. This is fantastic!

Can we see the Dark Apostle? We might as well.

>> No.25165223


Your favorite picture in the book? Ilove FFG's art talent.

>> No.25165334


art pls

>> No.25165344

The weapon he has is non-possessed. The armoury has the full possessed Daemon Weapon version.

>> No.25165448


he's shit

>> No.25165487

You're shit.

>> No.25165523


He's no good at one on one social interactions and his superpower isn't helpful at all. He's Night Lords archetype bad.

>> No.25165543

Whips and chains!

>> No.25165547


Barrage is the new Slam.

>> No.25165573

>can whip up a crowd into a religious frenzy
I bet you think DH Clerics are useless.

>> No.25165574

Who wants a shotgun that fires LSD?

>> No.25165589

What about a sonic shotgun?

>> No.25165590 [DELETED] 


Black Crusade doesn't work that way though.
The closer you get to Apotheosis, the more you align with one of the four over others.

You can stay unaligned, but it gimps your character.

>> No.25165603

Odd that he doesn't start with Hatred (Ultramarines).
Word Bearers haet Ultramarines.

>> No.25165619


>Spend a Fate Point to build a shrine to chaos

"Gentlemen, behold! A Shrine!"
"Dude, that's a shack."
"Of Chaos!"
"You taped it together in ten minutes..."
"Of veneration!"
"It's made of plywood!!"
"Truly the Dark Gods are pleased!"

>> No.25165623

"Word Bearers" are not a homogeneous group. And Calth was a long time ago, I'm sure they've forgotten about it by now. (/Han Solo)

>> No.25165625

This is why I love shotguns.
There are so goddamn many different ammo types for them.

>> No.25165639

It does say that you can spend much more time and effort on it if you want.

>> No.25165645

Does anyone else find it odd the it's the slaanesh book that introduces thunder hammers? puts me in mind of the old Phil Kelly slaanesh champion who ran around with a bull-head and twin power mauls crushing people, but spilling as little blood as possible.

>> No.25165650

>Chaos Marines
>EVER dropping a grudge
toppest of the lels

>> No.25165679

does ANYONE have PDFs of black crusade books? /r/ is doing nothing but porn request tonight, so i don't think i'll have much luck there.

>> No.25165692

Look forward to seeing this book, since I didn't have time to get in on playtesting it, so it'll be brand new for me.

>> No.25165706

That's unusual for you. Don't you play test everything?

>> No.25165712

One of my players basically played David Bowie way back when.

It was fucking awesome.

>> No.25165715

How 'bout some upgrades!

>> No.25165729

And some more upgrades!

>> No.25165734


Can we please get some art?

>> No.25165736


Yeah, I know. I'm just saying.

Just arrived on an Imperial World fresh for the corrupting? Grab your toolbox and some cardboard boxes, spend a fate point, and build a Shack of Chaos.

Everyone has to start somewhere.

>> No.25165751


You basically make a Campfire of Chaos and can use that to summon some wonderful daemon buddies.

>> No.25165772

I'm Doctor Rockso, The Noise Marine Clown!


>> No.25165807


Cardboard Bumshack of Chaos for those Word Bearers down on their luck.

>> No.25165810

I have this feeling that Satrophine is basically Warp Heroin. Ick!

>> No.25165821


or spray an eight pointed star and make a Dumpster of Chaos behind the Arbites HQ

>> No.25165837


"Kaos is Kool" on a wall in the underhive with a seven-pointed star and a drawing of a dick.

>> No.25165843

Holy shit, the Howler Rifle is a fucking amazing sniper rifle!

>> No.25165849

Fuck it, let's just go full on JSRF and spray the eight pointed star directly on the head judge.

>> No.25165868

Requesting a shop of that 4chan manga banner were the nerds kick the guy out of their virgin club for being an 'un-virgin'

''Get out of here you un-heretic!''

>> No.25165885

Get a used van, spray the eight-pointed star and spiky designs on it, call it the Heresy Machine, gather four cultists and a dog, go around foiling Arbites plans.

>> No.25165912

>Barkweed Juice
>Space Speed

>Space PCP

Holy fuck, this is awesome!

>> No.25165928


You'd need a Flesh Hound of Khorne, a Word Bearer, a Heretek, a David Bowie, and a Forsaken for it to work.

>> No.25165978

Nah, occasionally I'm already playtesting a couple of books already, or (as I believe is the case with this book), I was doing exams in relation to my actual full-time job at the time.

But yea, it is unusual, as I usually do try to test most of the books.

>> No.25165981

If noize kud werk in spess, dat wud be sum real gud dakka. Amazing stats on those.

Though once the weapon's all legacy and shit, you can probably ignore the whole issue and have it fire sound in the winds of spess, or just warp-induced vibration damage at the target point, or even just spitting out concussive chunks of high energy gas.

Wait no forget that last one they'd rape it for being plasma

>> No.25165983


>> No.25166003


>> No.25166004

Fund it!

>> No.25166013



This book is fucking amazing.

>> No.25166019


You're already looking at a gun that can rival the Exitus Rifle. You trade off Pen for the debuffs.

>> No.25166042

>Needle of Desire

Killing with The D

>> No.25166086

Would that help a whip?

>>>Captcha: Has camVan

Can I has camvan?

>> No.25166089

minus the range bit...
but... a variant pattern could handle that.

>> No.25166098

Drugs, drugs, drugs, drugs...

>> No.25166117

Does it matter?

>> No.25166123


Whips have a range. That means they can do the Normal / Long / Extreme / Ballsout brackets, which is normally 0/-10/-20/-40 or some shit.

Gyrostabilized means no matter how far your target, max penalty is -10.

You can reach out and touch someone with the whip at 24m for only a -10 penalty.

>> No.25166143

Ok that actually is pretty cool.

>> No.25166151

Or stick a telescopic sight on it, then you have no long/extreme range modifiers. It'd be an amazing marksman's rifle, rather than a full-on sniper.

>> No.25166155


Dude, can we get art?

>> No.25166165


If only you could put a scope on the whip...

>> No.25166181


>> No.25166189


>> No.25166236


>> No.25166239


>> No.25166264



>> No.25166267


>> No.25166286

This book is EVERYTHING I need to turn a group of 2edgy4u Heretics into the glorious glam 80's band I wish for them to become. Now I need Warband names that are references to glam, speed metal, and acid rock bands
>Erebus Priest
>Aphex Sibling
>The Portals
>Twisted Kin

>> No.25166297


I'm not sure, these might be more Death Metal for your liking.

>> No.25166311

*uses Dark Mirror*
Taunt away. You'll only be taunting yourself. :)

>> No.25166316

somehow "Ultramen of Nexus" comes to mind...

>> No.25166361

>Epic Dragons of Hyperchaos

One Warband Leader, 99 Heldrakes

>> No.25166396

So, Warp Voodoo is a thing now?

This book gets better and better.

>> No.25166461


>> No.25166481


>> No.25166495

>roasted marine progenoid glands

>> No.25166521

> 99 Red Heldrakes

I'd listen to that song.

>> No.25166533

just like my LGS

>> No.25166554

Post artwork for archetypes pls

>> No.25166585

What kind of wine goes with progenoid glands?

>> No.25166610

But how will you see the artwork when you are surrounded by darkness!!!

>> No.25166627

Well, it depends on the chapter, Traditionally, I go with a white whine with White scars, but this is largely up to taste.

>> No.25166632

Well humans are similar to pork but the guideline is Red Wine for dark meat, White Wine for white meat and Rosette for pork

>> No.25166637

Funny you should ask...

>> No.25166649

anon pls

>> No.25166696

You won't have time to view the artwork as you'll be too busy hiding from the terrors I unleash upon your mind!!!

>> No.25166755

>Put Pain Vents on Best Quality weapons
>Achieve Terror

>> No.25166780

What new interesting, funky and heretic psykers powers are featured?

>> No.25166840

No new psychic powers. That was the Tzeentch book it seems (it had new Slaanesh and Nurgle powers in it).

>> No.25166844

This book has everything.

>> No.25166895

I'm so fucking stoked for this book I can't even wait.

>> No.25166962

Hell yes.

>> No.25166997

Even has a gun that shoots shurikens and lightning.

>> No.25167319

Last one for now...

>> No.25167433


*Does mental math with the Horde Minion talent and the basics of early game acquisition tests*

An army you say? Slavishly devoted to me you say? Let the galaxy burn with my brilliance you say?

I was going to buy this as a PDF today. It cannot come out fast enough now.

>> No.25167640

This just proves that berserkers are way smarter than anyone gives them credit for, because they figure out who goes in what formation of multiples of eight to run at the enemy while screaming bloody murder and roaring about skulls in eight seconds

>> No.25167790

I want to make a gluttonous nobleman now whose goal in life is to eat one of every kind of meat, especially the flesh of sentient creatures.

>> No.25167860

There's a minion to help you with that: An Alcian Saboteur from the Gulan Cloister.

>> No.25167911

Oh hell yes. Now I shall embark on my quest to figure out what spices go best with roast Eldar.

>> No.25168005

What wine goes best with Emperor Jerky?

>> No.25168017

did that with a halfling in whfrp, follower of the maw. just ended that campaign last night with a halfling uprising against the abusive longshanks and a an exodus to the boarder princes.

>> No.25168350

Bumping before going to bed. Keep this thread alive, fellas.

Death to the false emperor.

>> No.25169183

Bump for scan,
also, does anyone have a better version of Tome of Fate?

>> No.25169612

Someone to serve you...

>> No.25169684

Stop teasing me you bastard.

>> No.25170496

>Noise Marines
Finally, I can play as a Spess Maroon Rob Halford!

>> No.25170815

And that's why you buy those before fully converting to Nurgle

>> No.25170910

Something tells me the next campaign in the Tiji sector may involve Brazilian noise marines....

>> No.25171044

Holy fuck, dat Sweetmeats. That shit sounds like something a Slaneeshi party would go on a planetary campaign for in order to acquire enough for a banquet.

>> No.25171059

>Not playing Only War
>Not playing as Commissar Halford

>> No.25171681


>> No.25172014

Bump fore moar

>> No.25172055

slaaneshi dark apostles ?

>> No.25172200

You see the phrase, "Must be Word Bearers" anywhere on this? >>25165344

>> No.25172403

did i mention word bearors?

>> No.25172693

What porn?

>> No.25172721

>Makes you more agile, perceptive and storng

You don't know much about drugs do you?

>> No.25172870

Hey i was thinking about hosting Black Crusade for some friends soon, is it easy to learn or will i have to take a long time to learn and help my friends learn?

>> No.25173060

finish your current dark heresy game first, then think about other systems

>> No.25173090



>> No.25173092

I haven't played Dark Heresy. Why would you assume i have?

>> No.25173198



>> No.25173231


>> No.25173259



>> No.25173264

excess thread?

>> No.25173285

excess thread it is

>> No.25173296

A Tau guy that I think no longer posts here, I may be wrong. He was a major Tau fan who basicly did propaganda for the Empire.

>> No.25173319

dont mention the unmentionables... at least spoiler it

>> No.25173325


An incoherent drunkard, also was banned at some point.

>> No.25173335



>> No.25173337

>wakes up
>256 replies

am proud

>> No.25173368

Well can you answer this?
Several of these friends of mine also haven't done much RPing before, which might be a barrier.

>> No.25173377


>> No.25173390



>> No.25173414


our is the song of victory

>> No.25173422

It's not particularly hard or anything. I started with Black Crusade after a decade-long RP hiatus.

DMing it may be rough initially, but that goes for any game where you're supposed to DM without any playing experience.

In short: go for it.

>> No.25173429

Well i guess i have nothing to fear, nothing can be as bad as GURPs. Now i just have to figure out what power level they want to start at. Hopefully cultists.

>> No.25173509

Black Crusade's power level is designed for humans and marines in the same group, believe it or not.

>> No.25173594

Fiendishly fiendish Fiends!

>> No.25173643

I... what?
Well that allows for a lot of freedom i guess. Though it wouldn't work for my dream of them being sneaky cultists on an Imperium controlled world doing sneaky things and avoiding the inquisition.

>> No.25173657

artwork pls

You can juggle CSM and Cultists within the same group. Try to start low, as well.

>> No.25173667

So let me get this straight, Pirate Princes in BC are, for all intents and purposes, evil/(er) Rogue Traders?

>> No.25173669

How well-versed are they in 40k? because Black Crusade is deffo not for people new to it.

>> No.25173677

They can do an all-cultist group if they want to.

>> No.25173695

Yeah, guess i will see what they want to do. No point running a game nobody wants to play.
One is well versed, one is medium versed and one is... oblivious but is very open to bigotry and xenophobia so i feel it is the greatest possible setting for him.

>> No.25173713

Honestly though, I suggest starting with a party of either this or that at first. Humans and marines in the same party more often than not leads to frustration with the differing power levels.

>> No.25173719

"Differing power levels" is part of why i don't want to run DH or Rogue Trader with them.

>> No.25173739

I always thought Black Crusades rulebook had the best introduction to the setting, like right from the basics, on page 20 onwards. Really got into the nuts and bolts of how the Imperium operates and presents it without all the usual propagandistic touches. The reality is anyone today would be by the standards of 40k a heretic, so Black Crusade offers the best vision of it for people today personally. We'd see the Imperium as an evil to be destroyed rather then some great thing like the inhabitants do and that's how Black Crusade explains it all.

>> No.25173740

Only saying cause explaining the Imperium and then Chaos and the differences for a newbie may be a bit more than one can swallow at once. And because Black Crusade may sound very That Guyish to the unitiated.

>> No.25173751

They can leave their friends behind.

>> No.25173771

I didn't find the power level all that different in my previous campaign.

Sure, CSM are much harder to kill, but a low level Marine can still be forced to burn infamy by a single lascannon shot (it's just an analogy). Renegades in particular can do some very high damage, they're just easier to kill within melee range.

Even with the difference, a more or less decent DM is able to tackle it without much of an issue.

>> No.25173786

What's the point of playing as a Human? The Legionnaires get all the cool shit.

>> No.25173798

The difficulty is more on the GM than the players. Foes that provide a reasonable encounter for human heretics are just background noise for a marine, and enemies with armaments that mean an actual threat to a Marine are ludicrously deadly for humans.

>> No.25173828

Legionnaires can't be hereteks, start off as weaker psykers, cannot blend in and infiltrate anywhere, such things.

>> No.25173854

>start off as weaker psykers
Oh jeez what a shame.

>> No.25173861 [DELETED] 

>Legionnaires can't be hereteks


>> No.25173870

>Legionnaires can't be hereteks


>cannot blend in and infiltrate anywhere


>> No.25173876

They may be worse psykers than the human psykers, but they're still as strong as any marine.

>> No.25173895

Oh you meant the legionnaire psyker was weaker, my mistake.

>> No.25173985

Start off, yes. This can be easily fixed.
The other two is laughable. Wait for Iron Warriors.

>> No.25174006

Well, human heretics still have their bigger balls of steel going for them. It's easy to be badass when you are an angel of death, but when a squishy human becomes a champion of Chaos, now THAT'S something!

>> No.25174031

>Going up against the might of the Imperium of Man
>Making pacts with the unpredictable Chaos Gods
>Not already having the biggest balls of steel by definition

Doesn't matter who you are that takes some balls. All that geneseed and whatnot only helps so much, especially when an astrates can get spawn'd just as easily as a mere mortal.

>> No.25174044

Well, that's specifically a roleplay thing. I was talking about strictly game mechanics.
Legionnaries are just BETTER.

>> No.25174055

Do squishy humans ever become Chaos champions or Daemonic princes? I feel like the traitor Astartes hog that position. Unless your one Tzeentch psykers.

>> No.25174091

Normal humans can become Daemon princes
Not sure about champions

>> No.25174109

>What is Doombreed?

>> No.25174170

I doubt Doombreed could become a prince in 40k. I mean, in his ancient times, he was hot shit. He conquered Asia and killed millions. But in the year 40,000, that isn't enough. Now you have to conquer planets and kill trillions if you want to be a daemon prince.

>> No.25174227

Considering how (pardon me for using the word) random the gods tend to be in their choices sometimes, not really. And besides, a fallen Rogue Trader or Lord General could pull something like that off, I think.

>> No.25174265

Probably for the champions.

Of course, any Chaos Champion worth his salt is going to have got himself a suit of power armour, and have a lot of dangerous mutations.
There comes a point where the difference between a human champion and a marine champion is just nominal.

>> No.25174628


>> No.25174651

A bitch who got his shit slapped by Mephiston.

>> No.25176125

>tfw bump limit

New thread:

>> No.25176466


Thanks for the pic.

>> No.25176922

No problemo. It's one of my favorites.

>> No.25177563





>> No.25177643


new thread nigga

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