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Horror stories, legends, and more, post them all here.

Also, one more thing. We're making a freeform game of our own, that /tg/ is welcome to participate in. Come in and join.

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On that note, we've got our first native of "That" type.

Name: Medius Perol
Gender: M
Age: 19, Dueling 101(Teacher)
Race: Half-Shadow

Looks: Medius has long, blu-ish black, slightly curly hair that seems to draw the heat out of the air. He has fair skin and his eyes seem to be replaced with a dark void. Medius' mouth isn't usually visible, but it's open and filled with large pointy teeth when it is. He is 6'3" and has lean muscles. Medius is always wearing a black set of clothes; most often, he is wearing a polo and black jeans. In bright light, he blurs and turns into a shadow. Medius carries a large, navy-blue umbrella at all times.

Personality: Although patient and relatively kind as far as helping students goes, Medius takes his lessons seriously and will literally bare teeth at people who don't listen. Medius will usually be kind and friendly, but randomly becomes angry and will scare the hell out of people. He is very tense when watching students fight.

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Bio: Medius was abandoned after birth due to a slight mental problem that caused his personality to become dangerous. He was taken in by a shadow and slowly absorbed some of it's power, eventually becoming half-shadow. This change made him have several of the characteristics of a shadow, including the one that caused him to be sensitive to sunlight. Eventually, he got an umbrella to help block some of the light. His 'parent' eventually sent him to St. Angelica's Boarding School for the Strange, where he graduated his final year with a near-perfect record for the end-of-week fights despite using his umbrella as a weapon.

Shortly before leaving the school, he was asked if he wanted to take up a job as a Dueling 101 instructor....

Clubs: N/A
Other: His umbrella may have been enchanted at one time, which would explain why it bounces spells and doesn't seem to break....

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How do people think this shit is cool?

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I want to vomit now

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Here's another local:

Name: Holt Grayson
Gender: Male
Age: 36, teaches Dueling & Practical Magic
Race: Ghost (Possessing Human)

Personality: A kind and forgiving man, who is also a ghost. Problem is, everyone who he possesses morphs to match his appearance, and generally do not change back once he is done possessing them. So, he is rather fearful of intimacy.
Bio: Holt Grayson, the original, was a stunt-double for the show Magnum P.I., and a good one at that. He lived and worked in San Francisco, content to be mistaken by people everywhere for the real Tom Selleck. One day, after work, he found himself caught in a traffic jam... Suddenly, an Earthquake struck, shaking the jam all up and breaking Holt's spine, killing him instantly. Upon his death, Holt ascended into heaven, where God, apparently a Magnum P.I. fan, granted him ghost powers, with the condition that he never use them for evil.
Clubs: None.
Other: He has a fear of heights, despite already being dead.

Surprisingly. he is a local.

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So what's the deal with this

Like what's the intent

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Sometimes I wish there was an /rp/ board, but then I realize the kind of horror that would be involved and feel really ill.

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I dunno, it would be p. neat. As long as it was RP, not Quest Threads.

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So how do we put these abominations down?

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We blend in for a while and act slightly silly, then we rape-spaghetti everything

At least that's how last time was. This time, though, it might be different, and the loli-elf/russian duo have apparently been switched with a loli-cavegirl/jap duo

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What the fuck is wrong with that guy's helmet? Nobody wears a helmet like that in the military. Is that a fucking LARPer who doesn't have a clue what the military is really like? Because he damn well looks like one.

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Implausible age for his position (alternatively, inexperience), failing to seek psychiatric help for his mental problems, being "half shadow", being adopted by a shadow, having hair that breaks the laws of thermodynamics, use of a fashion accessory as a deadly weapon...

Misrepresenting a deity, possessing "ghost powers", possession of persons, possession in general, making God a Magnum PI fan...

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Play by post is the dumbest thing. It only ends up being a bunch of manchildren screaming over each other. Shit like this either becomes a huge mess or a circlejerk (the first or which is usually thanks to a circlejerk).

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In general, you're right. I know of a Star Wars community that's a complete exception to that rule though. Coherent plots, minimal godplaying or argument, and a fairly decent number of stories.

It helps that the stories have someone who provides an outline and the main plot, and can slap a writer's shit if they do something completely out of line.

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confirmed for ignorant Chechen

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I actually like the Tom Selleck guy. Apparently there's some other guy trying to play as a ghost, of a "Robot Transgender Shapeshifter".

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So what you're telling me is that with even the slightest bit of competent oversight and moderation, things are prevented from becoming shit?

See, that sounds good. The moment a community-wide shaming is placed on stupidity and faggotry, the community becomes a better place. It's better than passively aggressively posting their characters on 4chan to bitch about them.

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This I have got to see.

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I honestly have no idea what the fuck you're saying

Who's bitching, This is hilarious

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Confirmed for ignorant LARPer. Enjoy your visor, fag.

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Judge for yourself, but these guys got me into RP in the first place and I fondly remember writing with them in the past. It's been a while since I checked in, but I can honestly say it never became shit as far as I remember, and only three instances of drama over about as many years.

It's funny, because the characters were all Imperials.

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That's a welding helmet, you retard

>> No.25159275

that helmet is for bomb squads. Stay plebs

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Are you sure because it really looks like a horrible mixture of a welding helmet and a regular helmet

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Its a Russian Riot helmet fuckwit

-love /k/

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Well fuck russia then

Everything there looks so jury-rigged

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>Oh gosh, I have many many many character ideas.

>Would you prefer a psychic starspawn, a sorcerous demon hunter, or a seventh-generation vampire?

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Might sound like bait, but check out >>>/mlp/ . They run several campaigns there, and you have to wonder what led people to sit down, write out that character, and think to themselves that they did really well.

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You're a fucking retard

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Then why is some dumbass thinking he can add it to a military outfit and look realistic?

Do you even read what you write before posting, fuckwit?

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Look at his eyes, it's definitely a kid. So it's probably a LARPer doing some kind of a S.T.A.L.K.E.R LARP, where I guess anything goes.

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No, I'm only fucking a retard

>it's you
>in the ass

>> No.25159546

>Herp derp let's argue about a helmet
On topic,
What the fuck

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>implying 17-18 year olds aren't in the military even in the first world

>implying that me saying that means I think you're wrong

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Classic blunder, OP. Shouldn't have posted a pic more interesting than your topic.

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you clearly have never seen a bomb squad helmet

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That's because the Russian economy has been in the shitter for decades. Their factories are basically shut down and nothing new gets made (not that it really was beyond war materials under communism anyways). So yeah, jury-rigging is the order of the day.

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I agree with your line of reasoning, but his eyes just don't look hard enough. But you do have trips, making you the clear victor in this debate by m00t's decree.

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And guys, slow down with the posting in the forum

The natives get intimidated and that ruins part of the fun, which is taking advantage of their naive nature

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Russian blast helmet. Dude handles explosives. I know it looks off, but compare things like the AK74 and the M4A3. Russian just makes their shit differently.

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Observe, the fanbrat in it's natural habitat.

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welcome to /tg/, you must be new here

>> No.25159744

he could just have a babyface

but he probably is a babby larper

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I'm going to take a wild guess that you got more /b/tards than fa/tg/uys.

Emperor bless your pathetic forum. We'll declare an exterminatus on it soon.

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Referring to?

>> No.25159778

ohh look! it's there. way to fail

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Google image search says both of you are 100% wrong.

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Look at his gloves, dumbass. Those are clearly American.

>> No.25159847

No it isn't, the one you linked has a cap on top, unlike in OP's pic.

>> No.25159856

you are shifting the topic from the helmet to the gloves because you are losing the argument. And I will remind you that noone cared about the gloves.
But nice try

>> No.25159891

it's not on the top. It's on the back

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I can see the thread derailing in slow motion.

>> No.25159974

The point was that he's a LARPer rather than a Russian bomb tech.

>> No.25159981

Four words OP:
Land war in Asia

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he is rather a russian bomb tech who larps than a larper who larps a russian bomb tech

>> No.25160087

anon, do you even

do you even

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How did we go from joking around with freeform games to arguing about a blast helmet?

Can we go back to the former?

>> No.25161104

You should probably start a new thread about this blast helmet so it derails into at topic about freeform

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This wolf guy. Just, holy shit he's like if Sasuke was Twilight.

>He stuffed his hands into the pockets of the trench coat he wore, a wolfish grin on his face. ". . ."
>Touching was much less casual than it was in his culture in comparison, and that was only a minor difference
>he took to insults fiercely, and with his experiences in school bisexual males, not even bringing his short stature into the ordeal, were commonly insulted simply because of the fact that they were bisexual.
>Zee let out a slight chuckle, a very unpleasant sound that one could get used to if enough time were spent with the Werewolf.
>"Well, Saint Angelica, let us see if your school can handle a Clan wolf." He said, more to himself than the saint or school

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Oh boy do I have horror

>> No.25162151

Oh boy do I have horror

>> No.25162207

You want I should maul him?

>> No.25162345

I've seen shitty freeform firsthand, and I don't recall it ever being this bad.

>> No.25162590

The real kicker is that screen shot is at least over five years old, and the person who wrote that post hasn't gotten better at RPing or writing in general.

>> No.25162733

Wish me luck, I am going to search the depths of /mlp/ and report back with any relevant rp/

>> No.25162836

Russian bomb squad.

>> No.25162845

No, that can wait for now. Let him give us a reason to pick a fight.

>> No.25162851

>Google image search

>> No.25163063

The werewolf has taken to giving each of his individual posts a title.


>> No.25163292

Oh, boy. Lemme guess: he has a pithy signature or saying he posts at the beginning or end of every post.

>> No.25163499

Do you mean his forum signature? Because pic related is his forum signature.

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>> No.25164454

Think maybe a loli can convince the werewolf to try and be social?

>> No.25164695

I swear to christ if that motherfucker says "wolfish grin" one more goddamn time...

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>> No.25164913

But does he smell like he sounds

>> No.25165099

So what are our thoughts on the fa/tg/uys's characters?

>> No.25165127

Most don't suck

What are your thoughts on the native characters

>> No.25165139

Who are the natives?

>> No.25165155

Most do suck to put it simply.

>> No.25165165

Most users who have joined before 2013.

>> No.25165350

More importantly, what does everyone think of Jamal?

>> No.25165535

Name: Hank
Gender: Male
Age (if student 8-18) (if teacher 18+ and subject(s)): 16
Race: Owlbear
Join Date Mar 2013

Fa/tg/uys are pretty easy to spot

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Name: Adelheid von Schicksalsbrand XVI
Other: She likes Bananas. Eating large quantities of Bananas increase her strength. She dislikes gasmasks and people with Russian accents.

Holy fuck /tg/ this is great

>> No.25165748

>Disregard Russians, acquire bananas
I like your style, lass.

>> No.25167273

Zee the werewolf, and that Henley Percy Jackson type character.

We don't have many natives, but that's fine; /tg/ is fun to play with.

>> No.25167361

Woah woah wait.

We're doing this again? With the same academy even? I loved what happened last time, but the ending...

>> No.25167391

We're running this with the hope that /tg/ can control itself this time, at least for longer than the last game.

>> No.25167405


I swear, if we end ina a spaghetti tsunami again...

>> No.25167463

Wait, what happened last time? There was a last time?

>> No.25167481

Guys, we have self-proclaimed good guy who draws power from the Necronomicon.

How does that even work?

>> No.25167508


Behold, the tale of /tg/'s first magical academy. This link will give you all you need to know, and a mediafire link where you can download the tale as it was.

>> No.25167515


We did this same game, same setting in another forum (can't remember the name but it was animal themed).

If I remember correctly a dwarf dropped his spaghetti so hard it caused a tsunami, only Ivan the loli impaler was able to save the day.

>> No.25167519

It doesn't; the Necronomicon is evil and corrupting in nature.

>> No.25167546

Woot. /tg/ the animu gets a season 2?

>> No.25167558

So, then we'll need a team of students crazy and dumb enough to steal and destroy it.

>> No.25167606


>Dat flamberge

C'mon man, don't do this to me, I almost finish no fap May.

>> No.25167886

This better be a reference to the last time we did this.

>> No.25168413

Oh, it most certainly is.

>> No.25168444

That's a moth

>> No.25168661

>Fantastic Beats

Gets me every time.

>> No.25169171

im' really bad at roleplaying but if I joined a magic academy roleplay my character would be name Wolphram Lupernthal and he would have absolutely no powers related to wolves besides encyclopediac knowledge of wolves.

he would teach wolf history 101 and try to turn every conversation he is in to talking about wolves

he will reduce students to tears when they turn in a project about dingos


>> No.25169230


Best thing about this is that there's a werewolf player.

Godspeed, Lupernthal.

>> No.25169283

This is so tempting to become engaged in but I don't know if my soul can take the punishment

It's too worn and battered from shit like this as it stands

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Name: Hadrian Crow

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Race: Sorcerer (Human)

Personality: Hadrian is an exceptionally easy-going and friendly person. He is quick to warm up to people and has a welcoming presence. While he has a perfectly normal sense of humor, he tends to play something like the straight-man, usually reaction to goings-on around him with either distress or exasperation. However, Hadrian possesses an extremely strong sense of justice, and an equally strict moral code. To violate either of these things is unforgivable in his mind, and he is more than willing to dole out punishment. Like any true hunter, Hadrian has mastered the power of hate; in his case to hate the monstrous and unjust.

Bio: The latest descendant in a long line of magic-wielding demon-hunters, Hadrian has quite a lot to live up to. The Crow Clan has been scraping away at the shadows since the days of King Arthur, so needless to say his family has rather great expectations for him. Especially so, considering that Hadrian evidently possesses the "Gift of Omnimancy" (one of only a scant few in his family to do so), which allows him to bond to and draw power from any magical grimoire, regardless of its magical wavelength. For that reason, Hadrian was granted access to the most legendary of grimoires in his family's possession: the Book of Dead Laws, Necronomicon.

>> No.25171354

The fall of the Masquerade came as a major blow to the Crow Clan, as they had been fighting to uphold it for nearly a millennium. The formation of St. Angelica's was met with great suspicion by the Hunter Clans of the world, and the Crow Clan was no exception. To more or less have a "man on the inside", Hadrian was sent to attend the Academy to keep a watchful eye on its goings-on, and report back to the Hunter Clans if anything there was a matter of concern.

Classes: English, Science, World History, Computer Science, Herbology, Dueling 101, PE, Workshop

Clubs: Study Club, Athletics Club, Boxing Club

Other: In addition to the Necronomicon, Hadrian is in possession of a number of magical artifacts that he can summon in most instances, including the automatic pistol Cthugha, the revolver Ithaqua, the Scimitar of Barzai, and the shields Timaeus and Critias.

>> No.25171639


Might as well have posted his character portraits.

>> No.25171649


>> No.25171687


>> No.25171821

Also, you'll notice the cast has changed to an equivalency:

>Ivan = Hachi
>Anna = Aaki
>Urist = Jamal
>Squirgzl = Squirgzl
>Grozzbit = Araghast
>Roy Mustang = Tom Selleck

>> No.25172005

What the hell is a Magius

It's either Magi or Magus, not Magius

>> No.25173181

Maybe it doesn't belong in this RP (already a lot of us there) but I always wanted to play as a werewolf who acts like a real IRL wolf. You know, highly social, monogamous, with a great respect for authority. It would piss off all these lolsoedgy fags who play "bad boy" weres in everything.

>> No.25174165

If you join it, Wolphram will hover around your character constantly trying to be the "cool teacher" in the hopes he will be accepted into the pack as an honorary wolf.

Wolphram's been accepted also, i hope i do enough good job portraying him

>> No.25174413

Also we have an IRC, it's on suptg.


>> No.25175188


Man, now I feel like I HAVE to make a librarian based on Nyarlathotep or someone else also blatantly based on Demonbane, just to continually call him out on this stuff.

Well, or go with a better idea of being The Janitor. Hang around with a mop, clean stuff up, listen politely to people, be otherwise unobtrusive.

>> No.25175252

Regarding the helmet, if it hasn't been said before, its a STSH-81 SPHERA, they have those attachments if I'm not mistaken.

>> No.25175713

>Well, or go with a better idea of being The Janitor. Hang around with a mop, clean stuff up, listen politely to people, be otherwise unobtrusive.

I think that's a brilliant idea. You should join.

>> No.25176347


>> No.25176521

>Demon hunter
>Uses nothing but dangerous Lovecraftian world-ending artifacts

Glad to see his concern for the fate of the world comes into play with his character.

>> No.25177071

>Bee samurai just started yelling at Percy Jackson.
>Bees filling the room

Shit's about to go down.

>> No.25177518

These weren't me, but I saved them the last time they were posted by based anon.

>> No.25177541


>> No.25177548


>> No.25177568


>> No.25177580


>> No.25177590


>> No.25177598


>> No.25177627


Here's the last one. These are all individual events, not one long one by the way.

>> No.25177662

You're missing one.

>> No.25177710

>". . .Forgive my rudeness, but I don't handle noises well. All this shouting is making me very...annoyed." His eyes remained dark, almost black at this point, and his previous grin was replaced by a very odd looking smirk; one which left his teeth bared. ". . .I'm afraid that if the noise level isn't lowered I will be forced to leave the class, or risk permanent harm to my peers." His eyes slowly brightened, extremely noticeable.

>He clamped his eyes shut, hands over his ears, and moved as a blur into the far corner of the room, dragging a desk there to sit cross-legged atop it, breathing quite heavily as he began to wish for silence himself. "...Breathe, Lukoi, you can do this..." He muttered to himself.

Nigga can't handle loud noises. How can a creature that howls at the fucking moon not handle loud noises?

>> No.25177751

>"communing with his spirit animal", which is just a euphemism for drinking lots of herbal tea and thinking about how cool it would be a wolf.

Crag, you wonderful bastard.

>> No.25177928

I know a loli who got social with a werewolf.

>> No.25178073

Why does that look familiar?

>> No.25178080

She also got social with a bunch of giant bugs and filled to bursting point with eggs.

>> No.25178166


>> No.25178308

Do a search for Hitomaru on the Sankaku booru or Gelbooru.

Anyway, the biggest issue with FF bullshit is that a FFRP is not a pissing contest or a fight, it's about playing someone other than yourself. I've had more fun playing a blind pinoy girl than some faggot would have playing his half-demon.

I actually had to make a character who could invert the power scale between him and his foe in one game to keep shit in check ICly. Of course, people cried OVERPOWERED which I still find fucking ironic.

>> No.25178524


Thank you. I was in the threads where these were originally posted and was trying to RP on Omegle myself with slightly less hilarious results. As far as I'm concerned these should be regarded as /tg/ classics. Maybe I'm the only one though....

>> No.25178604


>> No.25178707

Somebody faps to it.
It might even be you.

>> No.25178777


I know it's disgusting and if it were real I'd be horrified, but as long as it is only drawing and/or written I can happily fap to it.

>> No.25178783


There's usually a thread or two up about that sort of thing on /d/.

>> No.25179116

It's that shit that let's me know I'm still d-lite instead of full /d/, no thanks.

>> No.25179388

If I was playing, I'd totally just make a new student whose entire goal is to break any weapon he finds with his head. That's all he does. He sees a baseball bat? Headbutts it in half. He sees a sword? He puts it over some sort of sturdy surface and headbutts one half to the point it bends and is rendered useless

He's also a violent masturbator.

>> No.25179496

That sounds rather niche.

>> No.25179514

He probably gives good head

>> No.25181706

I'm surprised that the Half-Blood didn't just go and look up parallelism. Even lazier than I thought.

>> No.25182338

Is wolfguy going to grin wolfishly in every post?

>> No.25182408


>> No.25183186


I love how he's giving his posts their own titles.

>> No.25183212

>Zee grinned wolfishly

He's also an LGBT Trans guy

>> No.25184068

Check your privileged, feline scum.

>> No.25187439

Bumping with some Freeform why

>> No.25187588

Ah, the venom-drooling mpreg elves. Yeesh.

>> No.25187613


Gotta love special snowflake races with a side order of parasitic mpreg.

>> No.25189249

Posting my favorite scene from ChickenSmoothie.

>> No.25189575

She ate the raw potato. W-what. Is this from the mediafire download on 1d4chan?

>> No.25189639

Yep, the whole thread is with all its pages is in the file.

>> No.25189708

I love freeform. I've had good experiences and bad experiences. The best part being the bad experiences make hilarious stories and the good experiences always leave you with a good feeling.

Also I'm horrifically boring so I usually just Touhou.

>> No.25190161

About how long is it? I've forum RPed before so I know how long something like this would go on in pages.

>> No.25190225

It's 76 pages. It may seem a bit long, but most posts are pretty short.
Also the thread was used for both IC and OOC stuff.

>> No.25190482

More importantly, a lot of the posts are good.

>> No.25190565

How many of the people in the RP were fa/tg/uys and how many were natives? I read on 1d4chan that the OP was a native that was in on it, so only list natives as the ones clueless from the start.

>> No.25190654

There were very natives. Those that played were violated.

>> No.25190703

About 90% were fa/tg/uys. It's the same with the current game.
Natives are fun, but this is mostly just us joking around on a game with other fa/tg/uys.

>> No.25190787

I used to help moderate one based in the Mass Effect universe until interest petered out.
The policy of the site is that Mods had to have a character who was a sidelines person so there was no Mod-Powergame bullshit.
I was a Quarian who ran a space bar that catered mostly to Krogan and anyone else who wanted to beat the shit out of each other in a bar, so long as lethal weapons weren't pulled out

>> No.25190836

I'd think half the fun would be from watching natives being natives and using that as a jumping point for dumb fun.

Like I'm joining this friend of mine's RP. Except he doesn't know it's me because it's on some pokemon website he hasn't told me about. I'm throwing in young man Henderson into the company of a my friends super awful self insert, a false albino, super feminine self insert, and an Irish Iop(a different friend that told me about the site. I was given the "Emerald Wood Axe" which is supposed to be the best healing role. Gonna take that, and grow plants, plants, plants.

>> No.25190890

People-watching has yet to fall out of style. This is effectively what these freeform discussions are about nowadays: people-watching.

>> No.25191011

It's half the reason to go on sites like RPguild. It's not just people watching, it's like that petting zoo of people watching.

Pic is an experience a friend and I had while trying to RP on RPguild, and why actually trying to role play there is a shit idea.

>> No.25191038

Forgot the fucking pic

>> No.25191039

>People-watching has yet to fall out of style
You seem to be implying it will ever fall out of style.
People are most interesting than fucking television if they don't realize you're watching/judging/being amused by them

>> No.25191307

Bit of a mess to read, but yeah, that's pretty typical short-sighted powergamer bullcrap.

>> No.25196516

>Zee stopped smiling
>Blood was in the air, and he could smell it above all else. It was a familiar smell

>> No.25197054

But no one's even bleeding.

>> No.25197079


>> No.25197155

He was my favourite character.
I'm starting a quest to go find him.

>> No.25197216

Urist is not in fact Jamal.
I am a completely new person.

>> No.25197478

It's June, anon. You may fap at will.

>> No.25197586


Why are helmets that protect the face and the eyes so out of fashion? What's the big downside?

I'm no /k/ockmongler but I imagine it to be kinda useful. No one wants a grenade splinter to the face.

>> No.25198180

Lack of peripheral vision, being heavy, I'm sure there are more reasons but those are all I could think of off the top of my head.

>> No.25198254


Oh well, I'm pretty sure there are designs that could find their way arround a significant decrease in peripheral vision. And it would not have to be heavy, would it? Even a small piece of chainmal could do (and actually did in WW2).

>> No.25198580

chainmail fragments when hit with bullets

congrats instead of one piece of metal going into you you now have 70

>> No.25198670


Yeah because that even matters anymore when I get a bullet to the fucking face...think again, please.

>> No.25199035

>"And I am Hachi Okotta! This is most excellent." the samurai stated, and looked at the sky. "Father will be so proud to learn I've found a fitting bride."

Ivan you glorious bastard.

>> No.25199093

Will a second thread be made if this one 404s? I fuckin' love people watching.

>> No.25199139

That's what you think.

>> No.25199709


Probably. You could always just bookmark the forum thread.

>> No.25200336

yes, it fucking does. why wear something that will make a shitload of noise and slow you down if it doesn't actually help in any way.

>> No.25200540

Important question. In this universe, is all magic "Wizard" magic in the fact that it has to be studied well and then executed perfectly, or are there "Sorcerer" types, where people with talent can still just cast spells through force of will and training even without the proper books.

>> No.25200746

It's a typical freeform mess, it's whatever you want. Could have a super studious wizard, or someone with magic in their bloodline.

>> No.25200830

When /tg/ decides to jump into a freeform RP site to fuck around, do they talk about somewhere first? It's too far along for me to jump in but I'd like to join in with shenanigans if it ever happens again.

>> No.25201133


Are you fucking trolling, you can't be this dumb. Gett off the TV and read some books.

A small patch of chainmail won't make 'a shitload of noise'...this is no bugs bunny cartoon. Apart from that chainmal was just the most archaic example of a material that actually did work in the past, we could produce much better stuff now. The point was 'even chainmail did its job, why not produce something more advanced in modern times after the same design'. Your reading comprehension sucks

You know why they wear helmets?Because they deflect bullets? No, you fucking moron, because they protect from grenade splinters and dropping rocks. More soldiers get killed by this stuff than actual bullets.

>> No.25202096

It isn't too late until page 30. This is a law of RP

>> No.25202146

We're doing this again? I was here for the first one, I think I was the Commissar Fuklaw-esque cooking teacher.

Will there be spaghetti necrophilia rape like last time?

>> No.25202333

I mean too late personally, too much shit has happened for me to competently slip in.

>> No.25202384

>think again, please.
you think again pls
>modern day helmets
pick one
even if you'd find a material that could 'close' your helmets, without slowing the wearer down, It would probably be too expensive to give it to the GI.

>> No.25202554

It's spelled "knave."
That's why the conversation partner left.

>> No.25202845

Made an account hours ago... Still no email or posting permissions...

>> No.25202951


Just made my account, I feel like I'm going to die from the waiting.

>> No.25202974

You will.

>> No.25203057

Fuck it. I just made a different account. Got it instantly. Don't know why.

>> No.25203233

You just weren't in touch with the Jewish Masteries enough when you made your first account.

Does anyone know if we are able to post in other threads immediately after the whole "introduce yourself" thing?

>> No.25203355

Yeah. I tried it and it went through.

>> No.25203370

Really,/tg/?Cmon,i thought a decent number of you go on /k/.

Its not a LARPist.

>> No.25203477

I didn't have to wait to post.
I also ignored the "Introduce yourself" thing.

Such is the way of nigga magic.

>> No.25203587


Oh good.

Do we have a cooking teacher yet?

>> No.25203612

Not yet.

>> No.25203621


>> No.25203634

People are idiots.

>> No.25203635

This guy knows his shit.I'd listen to him.


>> No.25203731

The brits tested chainmail during the great war. It shatters, horribly. Makes bad wounds even worse.

Wearing steel plate would be much safer for shrapnel.

>> No.25203931

Always count a native to ask for a summary... Of something that's less than eleven pages long.

And where a summary is unnecessary.

>> No.25203954

I noticed that as well. Not really a big deal, I guess.

>> No.25204037


Cool video. How about I shoot you in the face and you pull out the bullet with a smile.

>> No.25204048

Time to check if my old account works, want to be the History or Government teacher.

>> No.25204098

>Signed too late to get in the Chickensmoothie thread, the spaghetti ragnarok had begun by the time my account was approved.

If nothing explodes before now, this might be my second chance.

Is there a human history or science teacher already?

>> No.25204107

Nope, time to use my ruse account email

>> No.25204112

Its a ricochet.But yeah,I wont smile.I'd most likely piss myself.Not because of pain,just fear.

>> No.25204133

History yes, science no

>> No.25204196


Dualist should make a list of what spots are taken already.

>> No.25204792

Finally, a chance to go cooking and hunt commies.

>> No.25205185

Some people from my high school made one back in the day. Not too far in, there was a rift between members about the direction the plot should be moving in and which of the admin/mods had rights to do whatever. It ended up splitting into two sites that both failed, rather unfortunately.

>> No.25205224

Hank, if you're reading this, post some more.

Also, Gant, you too.

In fact, every neckbeard that has signed up should post something.

>> No.25205636

So, what are the bets Henley actually decides to talk to another player at some point?

>> No.25205692


Also, shipping chart:

Hachi x Adelheid
Hachi x Aaki
Hachi x Henley
Hachi x Every Female
Tom Selleck x Half-Shadow
Tom Selleck x MR. BONES
Zee x Araghast
Zee x Hank
Jamal x Aaki
Jamal x Adelheid
Jamal x Henley
Everybody x Everybody


>> No.25206389


Hadelheid is the OTP, suck it up Haakifags

>> No.25206442

I ship Hachley

And Zeenk

And Jamaki

And Tom Selleckeveryone

>> No.25207222

>Implying Henley has the honor and bravery Hachi would respect

>> No.25207243


I still ship the others though

>> No.25207270


>Implying marrying the blood of Neptune wouldn't bring great honor to his house.

A trophy wife doesn't need to be brave.

>> No.25207318

"Elder Brain, if only I Disguise bonus like yours."


>> No.25207419


What a comedian, that Mindflayer.

>> No.25207451

>She straightened her white seamen uniform

You're making it so fucking obvious and I love you for it /tg/.

>> No.25208268

Is there room for another teacher at Fantasy Academy? Thinking about making a mage/wizard dude who's teaching math because he's waiting for a teaching permit or license to research or something to get approved. Nice enough guy, but you can tell that he'd much rather be doing something else than going over proofs or slopes.

Or a being who is a sapient mass of crystals who teaches Intro to Magitech or Applied Magic. Very friendly, but constantly emits an electric buzzing noise, and can only speak in a monotone "voice" that ranges from loud to explosive.

>> No.25208339


Guess it'll have to be the crystal mass, since the math teacher is a drider.

>> No.25208422

Say, I wanted to join this.

As a completely nonmagical janitor, who just walks around the place with a mop and bucket cleaning up the place.

Would that be acceptable here?

>> No.25208461

It would be more welcome then any kind of edgy wolfman.
Personally I like the idea.

>> No.25208980

Wet T-shirt contest in progress.

>> No.25209877


Well. That escalated quickly!

>> No.25209886

Rolled 48


>> No.25209992

I've played it before in a thread, it's an alright system, though I didn't care for the perks. There's a couple of ongoing plots as of the last time I checked in. So long as you don't take it too seriously, you can have some fun with it.

>> No.25210149

>Aaki lay on the ground, sopping wet, gasping

Not very subtle

>> No.25210178

Damn, that went right over my head.

>> No.25210510

>Moist cavegirl

>> No.25210557

This is too entertaining.

>> No.25210658

I got to sub for dueling. What the fuck...

>> No.25210714

It too late to sign up for this?

>> No.25210757

PFFFTHAHAHAHA. 3000+ posts and that is still the average? Jesus.

>> No.25210797

It is never to late to team up with /tg/.

>> No.25210853

>Taking in a deep breath, Stallman brought out a very important disk. Placing it into the tray of his computer, he let the disk slide into the computer, pressing a button on the keyboard. "Boot from CD" was selected from the Bios. It was his favorite time of the year. He was going to install Gentoo on every single computer in his room. His students were in for a wild ride. They would learn how to protect their freedoms, and become masters of computer science all at the same time. The very thought made him giddy. He was beyond excited. "Be free, children." he muttered to himself under his breath.


>> No.25210899


>> No.25210943

So, is this like Chickensmoothie, where you had to post somewhere to introduct yourself and wait for a mod to approve your post before being able to do anything, or can I hop right in?

>> No.25210944

You're welcome.

>> No.25210984

You fucker. You glorious mother fucker.

>> No.25211110

Nope. Just do the character. Never did the intro.

>> No.25211136

I gotta ask, since this is my second PbP and I left the first one because it was shit, are they all this slow?

>> No.25211170

I'd guess. I hope someone posts soon, kinda want this to continue.

>> No.25211856

Name"Frederich "Dusty" McGregor
Occupation:Academy Janitor/Groundskeeper

Looks:Often seen wearing faded blue overalls with a red flannel shirt along with a pair of old boots. Wild shock of gray hair with an unkempt beard, along with a sort of wild-eyed look that you might find bumming change on some seedy street corner. Wheels around his mop and bucket so much it's practically considered part of his look. Kind of short with tanned skin.

Personality:Tending to ramble about some of the oddest things, Dusty's main concern is the upkeep of School grounds. Surprisingly laid-back, so long as students/faculty don't muck up the place, he doesn't care what they do. Often goes on about the oddest things or dispenses sage pieces of wisdom.

Bio: Fred McGregor is, oddly enough, completely nonmagical. When looking for a groundskeeper, St. Angelica's realized that a vanilla human could get the job done just as well as any lycanthrope or wizard could. Was in 'Nam back in the day so that's Sergeant Dusty to you, private. After the war, he came back to the states to find work. Thanks to the PTSD though, finding work was hard, so Dusty traveled around the US doing odd jobs. When the school opened, the faculty needed somebody who wouldn't mind doing menial labor, but was hardy enough to withstand whatever crazy shenanigans that would come from taking care of a boarding school full of magic-wielding half-human children. Dusty was this somebody.

God help me.

>> No.25211960


>> No.25211996


>> No.25212032



>> No.25212102


You made the native jelly, well done.

>> No.25213886

>Malakor is alive

>> No.25213895

Kinda died down at this point.

So, bump in hopes of another bump over there.

>> No.25215364

It's really late on all the players' ends; we'll get back to work tomorrow afternoon. I have a surprise planned for soon as well.

>> No.25218446

>Other: There are several things you need to know about Key, 1. she steals a lot of small shiny objects, 2. she can fly, 3. she always wears her gauntlet, only taking it off to sleep. It is a gauntlet of Magic stealing. 4. the Spikes on her tail and wings are removable and grow back in seconds, they are filled with a Paralyzing toxin that stops all conscious muscle control, so don't prick yourself with one unless you want to be a potato for 3-4 hours.

Dear god what am I reading

>> No.25218565

A subspecies of venomous winged kender

>> No.25218603

I think I've found Jamal.


>> No.25218645

And look at their sig

>I played dodgeball with live grenades, openly expressed my opinion on 4chan, made Charlie Sheen sober, battled Stephen Hawking in a game of chess, sealed Cthulhu back into the city of R'lyeh, got in a shootout against Alucard from Hellsing (awesome series, watch the OVA's) and Revy from Black Lagoon (another awesome series), had a fist fight with Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee , brought down the Nazi army, took an arrow to the knee and continue to adventure at the same time.

This is why we don't let /mlp/ RP.

>> No.25218780


This fucking character. Even for a native Jesus chri-

>Pony signature

Oh, that would explain it.

>> No.25218855

>The flickering monitors illuminated the dark room, but something about them seemed... odd. This OS, well, something seemed unnatural about it. Lucky that Joe carried around a Windows ME installation disc then, in case he ever needed to over write Commie OS. Joe happily set about installing it, whistling the 1992 Master Chef theme tune as he went.

It's on now.

>> No.25218868


Words cannot express how awesome this is.


I am disgusted yet thrilled by the idea of more natives to fuck up.


>openly expressed my opinion on 4chan
What a badass!

>> No.25219159


It's all for a good cause.

>> No.25219490

>Jeb slung the rifle over his shoulder, then walked back into the hallway. Perhaps he'd just head to the classroom and see. He drew out another cigarette and lit it, wondering what type of dueling they taught here. He knew a bit of magic, but did his dueling with lead.

As he walked down the hall, he heard a commotion coming from the Wolf History room. He took a puff from his smoke, then peered inside.

"Hey.... what's going on in here? Skipping class?"

He glanced around, wondering if anyone heard him. Jeb then pulled his rifle down from his shoulder.

"Anyone here?"

He feared skinwalkers had already infiltrated the school.

Damn it, guys

>> No.25220750


>> No.25220826

Damn, I really should get back into those shenanigans.

Been gone for too long. And don't think I don't know who is behind this idea, guys.

>> No.25220843


Haha, time for nightmares.


For bonus points:

>> No.25220875

Does anyone know what subject is next after Maths?

>> No.25220881





so much marysue it hurts

>> No.25221165

I thought that the various Eldritch gods/entities (except Nyarlathotep) don't give a single fuck about us earthlings.
Does this means they are neutral in aligment?

>> No.25221627

They aren't neutral so much as so far beyond our understanding that we don't know what alignment they are.

And that's assuming they even have an alignment corresponding to ours.

>> No.25221751

Welp, my monster-girl fetish is back now.

Fucking spiders.

>> No.25221845

The IRC is on Suptg. Channel is #beegeneral.

Good to have you back.

>> No.25221883


Link in case some people are too lazy:

>> No.25223474

Haha, time for gym class!

>> No.25223577

And Dusty has his first appearance.

God have mercy on my soul.

>> No.25224331

Whoever submitted Kzzrt...
>Teaches: Fantastic Beasts and Races; the study of.

Beasts? Really? You suck. Everyone hates you. You BEEFED IT

>> No.25224366


I'm sorry; should I retract it and go with something else?

>> No.25224379

Change beasts to beats as it was written, you fool.

>> No.25224398


I think I'll just request another class.

>> No.25224414

Teach cooking.

First day: You cook spaghetti.

We all know where it leads...

>> No.25224437

>Malakor and his tentacle beast disappear after their sudden entrance.
>Jamal and that bearded kid start discussing other things
>a couple of teachers investigate the place and leave
>Suddenly new characters appear and start attacking the tentacle beast that hasn't been there for a day.

These guys...

>> No.25224468

TBH I was confused too

You guys ought to fucking slow down.

I mean we lost a potential native to make fun of because of the speed

>Captcha: lewd caveslril
Yes the Caveslril is lewd

>> No.25224504

You dare steal Joe's class and you will know pain reserved only for Commie Agents.

>> No.25224512

N-no, please no.

>> No.25224553

Is this a serious thing or is this pointing out the outrageous natives and innuendo?

>> No.25224658



>> No.25224673


Good idea to join the chat to coordinate? Or do we just do our own thing?

>> No.25224692

Chat is a good idea.

>> No.25225205

I'm a retard and can't find the channel on the list, how do I skip the channel list and directly connect?

>> No.25225250

/join #beegeneral

>> No.25225251

When you're connected, just type '/join beegeneral'

>> No.25225499

>Aaki returned to her seat, coughing up unhealthy amounts of live sea creatures. The lobster especially surprised Aaki, that something so large could fit down such a small throat. Amazing, human biology.

>> No.25225519

Also, she was soaking wet... And her clothes are unmodest...

>> No.25225628

And she's an 8 year old.

>> No.25226258

So she's a loli? Even better.

>> No.25226286

Just add Russian.

>> No.25226331

Interestingly, same player.

>> No.25226482

Wait, Vlad playing Aaki, or do you mean Anna playing Aaki?

>> No.25226517


Ivan is playing bee samurai.

>Jamal found it quite hard to talk, as spaghetti kept falling out of his pockets. He was pretty sure that wasn't real.

Oh boy...

>> No.25226530


>> No.25226547




Anna is

>> No.25226590


>> No.25226625


>> No.25226693



>> No.25226737


>> No.25226917


>> No.25226939


Too late for that, I'm afraid.

>> No.25227074

Too dumb, not dumb enough, too short?

Name: Buddy Zevon
Gender: Male
Race: Centaur
Looks: Unlike most Centaurs, Buddy comes from a Canadian breed which has the lower bodies of moose. His human section has a strong athletic build of one hoping to play the greatest sport on Earth. He has shaggy dark brown hair, and moose ears in place of human ones. Buddy's nose is noticeably misshapen, healed wrong from many a time slipping on ice and tumbling forward onto his face. Currently he wears jerseys of the Detroit Redwings.
Personality: Buddy is a happy and optimistic fellow like most from his homeland of Canada. He is very proud of his Canadian heritage, and most of all it's glorious sport Hockey. He only wears Hockey Jerseys, but never the Pittsburgh Penguins because they are the worst. His greatest sorrow in life is that as a Centaur he'll never be able to truly play Hockey.
Bio: From the Canadian hamlet of Big Beaver, Gordie is a stranger to highly populated areas and would consider even small town to be densely populated. Joining the Academy is his first break into a bigger world, one outside the emptiness of the beautiful Canadian countryside.
Clubs: Athletics
Other: Carries a hockey stick where ever he goes.
Classes: English, World Religion, Music, PE, Computer Science, Workshop, Herbology

>> No.25227124

P. Good actually.

Wait, he was born in big beaver by the borderline? Started playing Hockey by the time he was nine?

Why isn't his last name Greene

>> No.25227364

Originally it was going to be Gordie, but I wanted to throw in that extra call out to Warren Zevon because he's a damn good song writer.

>> No.25227430

Mention the fact that he frequently feels the urge to "Hit somebody".

>> No.25227472

Will do

>> No.25227530

And he just wants one damn goal.

>> No.25227611

Also you mentioned
He's gordie in one part

Fix that

>> No.25227778



>> No.25227798


>> No.25227857


>No insane scream


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