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Hey, I recently have been getting into 40k, and I bought a couple models as tests. I bought a dreadnought, 2 space marines, and a bike. I'm happy with how I can paint, and really gonna get into the hobby now, but what should I do with these models? I'm going to switch to chaos (homebrew army)
Pic related, its the space marines and dreadnought.
>inb4 thin paints
>inb4 shit paintjob

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Strip them, practice with them about three more times, thin your paints. You're not terrible, but you could definitely benefit from more practice.

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why inb4? you really do need to thin your paints

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Strip the paint, repaint them as White Scars, give the dreadnought autocannons

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You got the first step of staying within the lines down pat. I'd suggest thinning your paints, just put some paint from the pot onto a plate or something, then adding water till it's about the consistency of whole milk, and paint in 2-4 thin layers. Then practice washing (might not be entirely necessary if that's the color scheme you're using) and highlighting (a must for your color scheme)

This guy has it right.

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Quick question (Not OP), if I'm going to be painting/stripping/repeat my models, should I base coat them? I heard some base coats "stick" to the plastic and make the other paint stick as well. Wouldn't that disrupt my stripping step? Also, what's a good stripping agent, I have used Detol and it works for the most part.

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Depends on what you are using to base it with. If you're using something like an artists basecoat, it will stick very well. If you're using regular acrylic paint, then it should strip fine.

Detol is actually what we recommend for UK/Aus/NZ.

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> I'm happy with how I can paint
You shouldn't be.

>inb4 thin paints
Why would you even post a thread?

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I'm using all GW products (spray base, colors, washes, etc) how do they hold up with the paint-n-strip?

I know, do you use pure Detol or a mix of Detol to water?

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Well, sorry, but I am happy with it. I thought it would come out with the look of "Emrah, halp, my face... eet iz melting!"

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>You got the first step of staying within the lines down pat.

No he didn't. Check the bottom-most red portion of the dreadnought sacrophagus and the marine lenses.

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All GW should be fine, they use acrylics for everything and don't make different mixes for basecoats other than opacity.

Unmixed detol works fine, soak the models for a while and use a toothbrush and toothpick to scrub off the paint.

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Not trying to be a dick, but 2 really thick colors does not really make something look good, at leas in my mind. To me it looks just like they were primed black and had a waaaaaaay heavy basecoat of red foundation added to bits and pieces.

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Well it's good that OP is happy with them. But he posted them and now I have to look at them, and frankly, I am far from happy with having to look at this.

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OP, ignore these haters. I think you've done well considering that thin your fucking paints you arsehole

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Finished my first model with a face, how is it guys?

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I mixed dirt with my paint to make the paint look betta!

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That's not a paint job, that's priming a model black and putting a few red highlights and a bit of gun metal onto it. My first White Scars looked like that except I used white primer, of course.
If you really MUST paint your first models black, find a tutorial for painting black. It's next to white one of the hardest colors to work with. I've been painting for years and still struggle with them.

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Did someone glue together cheeseballs or something?

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Lord Of Death

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