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<!DOCTYPE html>

<h1>Building Adeptus Mechanicus Army</h1>

<p id="demo">A Paragraph.</p>

<a id="myDIV">AD MECH.</div>

<m id="MOD">Modeling.</mod>

<omnissiah id="OMNI">Omnissiah.</omnissiah>
document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML="Hello /tg/";

document.getElementById("myDIV").innerHTML="I'm building an Adeptus Mechanicus army and am unsure of what codex to use, right now considering either C:SM, SM, or Crons.";

document.getElementById("MOD").innerHTML="Are there any good models or conversion out there that I can use and/or fellow?"

document.getElementById(" Omnissiah").innerHTML="Praise the Omnissiah!"


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I presume you want to know about playing/modelling the Mechanicum.

Well, you have to start out with some of these.

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and in a few months you can get yourself a set of these.

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He'e trying to mimic AdMech speak to ask about building a Mechanicus army.

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Oh, very clever; good job OP.
Aren't those usable against only HH armies? I assume OP would want to use his army in a regular game. However, I think the Thallax would make for some epic termies and the Cybernetica could be count as dreadnoughts.

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So all those AdMech fans on /tg/, do you guys usually play the engineer/builder class in video games?

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>Aren't those usable against only HH armies?

It's...awkward. The FAQ regarding HH vs Contemporary says "You technically can, but we have no idea how balanced it will be, since all the HH stuff is balanced to HH, not Contemporary."

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The Mechanicum stuff is so limited that it should be allowed against 40k armies. All it has is the Thallax, Mechanicum Land Raider and Avenger.

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OP nerf now please.

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If the Castellan got rereleased, the other four are following in the Mechanicus book after Calth book. They'll have a lot more, soon.

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The Mars book is not until after Signus, book 7 at the earliest. But Mechanicum stuff will be drip fed in until we have a full list's worth of options.

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They'll be getting a lot more in the next HH, but yeah, it shouldn't cost much to make a Admech army. Hell, the first HH book will be most of the cost.

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How? The Avenger is quite hgood, but not a game breaker like Cron Air.

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Don't forget the Mecha-Snail.

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When IS the next HH rule-book coming out?

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Massacre comes out at Games Day in September.

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Thank you.

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So OP has to wait seven years? Fuck it man, build whatever the fuck you want and add it in once they get an HH book.

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Nope, he can use the current Mechanicum list from Betrayal.

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Hope it helps.

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I have nothing to contribute to this thread but OP's use of Javascript gave me a hard on.

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scriptkiddie detected

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I know nothing bout script so I assumed it was Java.

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