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In the past i have developed a huge boner for Nurgle and his cult.

Games arent cutting it anymore so i come asking about books.
What books have any Nurgleites making an appearance?

I know that the Flight of the Eisenstein has some but it focuses more on the loyalist from what ive heard (ive yet to read it, its in my backlog).

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Here, anon, read of the Traveller's errances in the name of our Grandfather...

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Its 130 blank pages...
Dunno if this was a joke or not...

Anyone care to contribute?
Id really like to read up on some Nurgle stuff.

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I can read it just fine

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What the...??? Wait, going to upload that PDF somewhere else and post the link!

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Here, try these two links:



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Many thanks, i shall get to reading these post haste.
They also seem to have good reviews.

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The Soul Drinkers Omnibus has them invading a whole Nurgle planet, though it mostly takes place on one island. Lots of cool descriptions in there, like how the Nurgle Marines get around in these 'boats' that are actually whales with the tops cut off of them, and their intestines and stuff are the floor, kept alive by Nurglemagic. The whole sky is a blanket of flies, lots of shit like that.

It's not a great story, but it's got what you're looking for, if only for like, half of one book.

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Nurgle is easily my favorite chaos god, since he actually doesn't mean any harm. Unlike almost any other entity in the multiverse, Nurgle doesn't want to cause you pain, death or worse, he just want you to be part of his big family. To feel love in a cruel universe. To feel no pain.

Hell, it's definitely worth the decay, I think.

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Check out the Liber Chaotica. It's really something every Chaos follower should check out.
> http://thepiratebay.sx/torrent/4514899/Liber.Chaotica.by.Goshi

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Will look into it, sounds magnificent

Exactly, even his followers are so twisted by agony and pain that they think they are probably making friends with their enemies when they send them diseases.

And the sheer durability that his worshipers are presented with, i dunno i just like something that can withstand the ages irelevant of how it looks in the end.

When i go to the Nurlge part, on the first page in the lower left corner there is some text that looks like its been moved too much to the side.

Is this intentional to the style of Chaos or is my Adobe being a faget?

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It's intentional, as the entire collection of books is made to look as somebody is revisiting the eldritch writings of a madman for their Lord.
The writings for Nurgle are often to the side and barely readable due to his essence corrupting the very pages. The book of Tzeentch even has the character writing the same sentences over and over again, as he loses his sanity. The last page is written in the mirror and some phrases are turned around to confuse the reader even more - fitting for the Lord of Change.

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I do hope the majority of Nurgles pages arent "warped".
That would be funny and sad at the same time...

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Nah, they're readable. The notes are the only part that seems a bit moved out of place, but you can read them just fine.

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K thanks again, to everyone.
Off to get a cold then get to reading these.

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