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I'm running a Rogue Trader game.

They'll be facing an Inquisitor so I'm looking a base line for Inquisitorial Strom Troopers. Any idea where I could find something along those lines.

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Only War Stormtroopers?

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You could try running a quick regiment creation in Only War and generating a statline for stormtroopers that way

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Well I'm downloading Only War now. I had totally forgotten about that game.

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Question is there some kind of 40k rpg wiki with stats and stuff, like the ones from D&D

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Yes, heresypedia, I think it's called. Though I think it only has custom made statlines actually on the site, but I know it has pagenumbers and stuff for things in the actual books.

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>all those people pulling the gun to reload

Do they not have motors in the 41st Millennium?

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Nope. but they do apparently have space-gravity.

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that's always bothered me. I know the mechanicus is ass-backwards, and I know it's meant to evoke a mood, but seriously. They can't automate that?

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You could try finding the Broken Chains -premade adventure from Fantasy Flight itself. I'm sure you can find it from their homepage

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ah yes, here you go


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>humans in 40k understanding technology
>there is probably a button that does reloading
>it had a loose wire
>daring novice tech priest sees it and attempts to fix
>wires start glowing

such is life in 40k

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The fact it's never been described anywhere (far as I've seen) that the Imperium of Man has artificial gravity (not even rotating segments on their ships), yet apparently they have gravity in space?

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Probably this.

I find it hard to believe that an Emperor whose only motivation was an unrivaled love of humanity would design a ship that requires the torturing of countless thousands to accomplish the most menial of tasks.

But then again, every time I've seen a ship in 40k it looks like it was designed for just that.

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Is it possible to have a Rogue Trader dynasty be more fucked?

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Having slaves pull it is cheaper.


How big are those bullets?

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They walk and run around in their ships, this would seem to imply artificial gravity.

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Alternatively, some of those ships are really damn old. Maybe they stopped making those parts.

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Really big. According to Rogue Trader a Mar-Pattern Macro Cannon fires Kilo-ton ordinance

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Official story is they forgot how to make the part, and just replaced it with more mans, because mans are easily replaceable.

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Ok, so if your warship is a few thousand years old, that kinda makes sense.

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Why don't they just make a gun that shoots mans?

They do have the numerical advantage, right?

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I think it's more likely slave armies are cheaper.
Nothing is as cheap (for rich people) in the Imperium of Man as armies of slaves.

I doubt they stopped making it, it seems to me that the Admech hasn't actually lost all that much Tech since the Schism of Mars; save for the occasion when a Forge World gets blown up and it decided it was too cool to share its nifty shit.
Looking at you Tigrus.

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They do.

They're called Boarding Torpedos.

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Mans don't make as big of a bang as kilo-ton bombs

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Are you talking about facing an Inquisitor, her Storm Troopers and her high ranking Acolytes?

Yah they can, they also piss of an Ork Freeboot Kaptain and a powerful rival Rogue Trader. On the bright side they all hate each other so it is going to be a nice free for all.

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What if you strap bombs to the mans and then fill >>25090990 with them?

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Who says they don't?

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>imply artificial gravity.
Therein lies the problem. If they do, then in theory it could be shut-off, and shit like 'haul big ass cannon back' wouldn't be difficult as it wouldn't have weight, only mass. If there is AG, they're exceptionally retarded about it's universal application. Sure it's 'implied'... but it's also, like every 'implied' thing in 40k, pants on head retarded.

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>Implying Rogue Traders care

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>What if you strap bombs to the mans and then fill >>25090990 with them?

They do. They're called boarding torpedoes.

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I always thought that it was a lazy way to have everyone with a work.

With human population count higher than the stars them self. All the Gothic and ridiculous amount of decoration even on fringing bullets. Having stupid jobs like painting bullets and pulling a giant cannon.

Could make sense inside the 40k universe

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>Admech hasn't lost that much tech since the Schism of Mars
well some fluff suggests otherwise, and plenty of ships predate the schism.
and of course there were space factories for making ship parts that they could use to fix/build ships, but they didn't know how to fix/build those factories so when those broke down you ran out of replacement parts.

but you are correct, man power is the cheapest form of power in 40k

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Ever play dwarf fortress and have more dorfs than you needed to run the place?
Welcome to "engrave stone" duty.

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Enjoy your invasions attracted by high fortress wealth.

Not that I didn't do the same thing. Once upon a time there was a fortress with a lot of lead, so I decided to pave my roads with lead, when that was done I paved the entire courtyard with lead.
I'm not yet done with paving the entire map with lead but I'm getting there. If I still had the drive to play DF

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So the entire culture and industry of the Imperium of Man is part of a galaxy-wide stimulus package that's meant to tackle crippling unemployment in the face of overpopulation?

That's genius.

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Is the only thing that makes sense in my opinion.

In the end everything is about Economics

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See, that's why the dwarves not on detail duty got pump treadmill duty.
Just have em work pumps all day and you'll have a fortress of little Dwayne Johnsons before you know it.

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That macro canon design looks awkard and fuck hard to aim.

Why not make a ship that uses nothing but laser weaponry turrets?

-No ammo needed

-Much wider fields of fire, instead of relying on broadsides

-Hits targets near instantly, making it much easier to aim

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They're called lance cannons.

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>Laser in 40kh
>not using ammo
I have some bad news for you

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They're called lances and these are about as long as the ships themselves which is why they're only firing straight ahead or a slight angles.

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a fucking crane that can be operated by a dumbass is way cheaper than feeding and housing 1000+ people.

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>about as long as the SHORTER ships

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not lancers, but actual laser weaponry turrets.

you know, basically scaled up versions of las canons.

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> Sure it's 'implied'
>implying it's implied
Seriously though they don't make a big song and dance over it for the same reason Star Trek, Star Wars, Firefly et al don't- artificial gravity is just a sci-fi staple.

Now, of course, they could turn off/on plates to manipulate heavy loads and reload things and so on, but the whole point is nobody understands the technology properly (apart from a few high-ranking techpriests who don't really care about the application). It's all just thematics, and that lets you do some fun things like in one of the Calpurnia books IIRC where the grav-plating is unreliable and gravity rolls and swells like a ship at sea.

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The techpriests needed to maintain that crane are worth more than 1000+ people
Those use charge pack anon and do need to be reloaded.

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energy weapons on a ship are powered from the fusion reactor.

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Does not even begin to describe how imperial ships are built.

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'Aint logistics a bitch?

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>-Much wider fields of fire, instead of relying on broadsides
Because 40k space combat is supposed to evoke historical naval combat, so even the lasers (which, according to RT, are what the majority of Imperial Navy ships are equipped with- Sunsear-pattern Laser Macrocannon) have to fit that theme.

Also, you sort of failed at realism there- when engagement distances are in the orders of tens of thousands of kilometers and the parties are moving at thousands of km per second, light doesn't hit anything like instantly- you're still going to have to lead your target.

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In which case, things like guided weaponry and torpedoes make a lot more sense.
Are weapon guidance systems a thing in 40k? I actually can't remember.

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The WD that appeared in was one of the first ones I read. Good times.

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40k is pretty much a Space Opera.

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Yes, torpedoes are guided but only weakly; obviously, to have Macross-esque missile behaviour would go against the thematics, and 40k is driven by thematics.

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They have torpedos and ground forces can get heat-seekers, so yes.

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And there you have it.
Having hundreds of poor souls turn the aiming gear for a single cannon doesn't make much sense, but it makes a nice impact when you go to the sub-decks to inspect the batteries and thousands of ratings are singing "Look Down" from Les Miserables.

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Well if we're going by the rules layed out in Rogue Trader the fastest ships move at a speed of maybe up to 15 void units per combat turn (that's assuming a raider with base speed 10 and some bonuses from maneuvering and whatever). Engagement distances are usually less then 15 VU simply because of maximum weapon range.

15 void units at 10000km per void unit gives us 150 000km per turn.
Something moving at the speed of light travels that distance in half a second so roughly 3600 times faster.
In half a second a (fast) voidship would move 41 kilometers. Given that Voidships are usually between 1 and 10 kilometers in size that is a significant distance.

>Conclusion:You would indeed have to lead when firing a laser or other weapon traveling at the speed of light to hit a moving voidship.

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>Thanks Obama

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40k Les Miserables in Space!

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>Conclusion:You would indeed have to lead when firing a laser or other weapon traveling at the speed of light to hit a moving voidship.

Thankfully, given the distances involved, at least you don't have to lead them by much, relatively speaking. Leading them by 30+km is rather small given the scale of the though.

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>Leading them by 30+km is rather small given the scale of the though.
It is, however, 10x the size of the ship, so even a tiny error can miss entirely.

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Well yes. Initially I was quite sure that you wouldn't have to lead with something moving at the speed of light simply because how ludicrously fast photons are however I actually did the math (well, at least approximately) and was amazed how fast void ships actually move.
The fast raider used in my example (speed 15) would travel at 186411 miles per hour. Even without anything fancy a raider (speed 10) can maintain a speed of ~124000 miles per hour.

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>And I am Inquisitor Javert. Do not forget my name! Do not forget me, heretic 24601!

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Exactly. At the range where you'd have to lead them by 30km, you're talking about pegging a fly across the room. Doable, with the right equipment and aim, but tough.

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Someone fund this.

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>implying Commissar Javert wasn't included in my Les Miserables inspired penal legion in Only War

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We need a slightly different ending though. Can't have the heretic dieing in peace while the righteous inquisitor offs himself due to moral issues.

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The heretic finds redemption in the God Emperor and passes away, and the Inquisitor, having fulfilled his final mission, throws himself into the war to die.

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What if the inquisitor is radical though? (And, unfortunately, not in the 80s way?)

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He is a puritan, but due to the actions of the prisoner, starts to have radical thoughts. He realises this, and kills himself before he falls to radicalism and heresy.

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Alright, I think we're ready to start shooting.
See you all on-set next week.

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I have based an entire Dark Heresy game around Les Miserables.

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>not knowing that humans are the pinnacle of creation, and that human toil is the greatest sacrifice
>not knowing that a humble torpedo that was produced, loaded and fired by the grace of human blood and sweat hits the hated Xeno harder than any laser or macro-melta would
>not knowing that Imperium has plenty of automated loaders in smaller spacecraft and aircraft
>not knowing that the only reason for this is that regrettably, they couldn't fit a human loader inside.

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Or CAN they?

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Artificial Gravity is discussed a little bit in Rogue Trader. When components become unpowered through damage, they also lose gravity.

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Wrong wrong wrong.

Las Macro Batteries exist. They're in one of the core books. It's called a Sunsear Laser Battery. Range 9. It's hot shit.

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Everything in 40k is a thing. It's just a matter of how common it is. 40k is big enough to have everything.

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Yeah, there are guided weapons in 40k. They just slap a rudimentary machine-spirit in it and call it good if I'm remembering correctly.

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>tfw 29 hours work week

Thanks Obama.

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>According to Rogue Trader a Mar-Pattern Macro Cannon fires Kilo-ton ordinance

There's an illustration of a macro-cannon shell on pg 55 of the BRB alongside other weapons (the shell is about as large as an entire heavy bolter) and the profile for a macro-cannon on the following page:

>72" S7 AP4 Heavy 2 Large Blast

BRB is top-tier canon and supersedes anything by FFG or older books like 2e.

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