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Barbarian and Fighter thread? Barbarian and Fighter thread. Art, stories, screencaps, and other reasons why despite pointy hats and holy magic there is no problem that cannot be solved by a sharp enough stick and yelling loudly enough.

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This is my kind of thread.

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What about martial paladins?

Because god may or may not exist, but they smite evil anyhoo.

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Go ahead. Hell, we have enough art. People start dumping stories.

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Does anyone have any Darksun related images that also relate to the OP?

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for years fighter/barbarians who dual weilded bastard swords were all i played

penalty? fuck you

since then i like to make it even more fucked up by weilding a large dagger in the mainhand and something unweilding in the offhand

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just get a SR item and a magebane greatsword

i once rolled an insane (literally) goblin paladin of freedom/bard gestalt that spent all his starting cash on a magebane greatsword and went about ending arcane spellcasters. shouldve taken it further and specialized in murdering them favored enemy or something

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A friendly drawfag drew this for my barbarian character, some time back. I really like it.

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This thread is WORTHY OF CROM

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Once, playing my Dwarven fighter we were in a town hunting a vampire when we stumbled upon one Baron Von Skypeguard who said he could help us become vampires.

The party a Human paladin, a wood elf ranger, a human cleric and a fireborn sorcerer and me followed the man to his house. The intelligence of such an act may be questionable except for our silver weapons and prominent holy symbols to stop the vampire from touching us.

Now as we wait in an antechamber the Baron horribly suspicious comes in and says the first person must come in without their holy symbol, me being intelligent, quickly acceded to the request and goes into the next room. Whereupon vampire domination commences.

Why Dwarf is a bit lacking in Will saves with a puny +2 and a fail would probably end with my low level party being hacked to bits by me as I was currently the sink of all the expensive loot, the dominate happened and I rolled...

Nat 20. Going off the high my dwarf with 8 in charisma then decides to bluff that he was successfully dominated, again nat 20. My dwarf is then commanded to go into the next room and kill my friends, leave room fight vampire, burn the fucking house to the ground. Level 3 Dwarf fighters forever!

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Is that Guts?

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Look, I'm not going to claim that Pathfinder is balanced. It carries over a lot of the problems from D&D 3.5, and Paizo refused to slaughter a lot of the sacred cows that desperately needed to be made into delicious steak.

But a few sessions ago, the paladin did over 100 damage in a single hit to an undead enemy. As it turns out, combining Smite Evil with Power Attack, Improved Vital Strike, and a critical hit with a x3 critical multiplier weapon against an undead enemy results in a lot of damage.

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Whos this character?

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...Agrigas from FF Tactics...

...Shit...Imma nerd...(I also used her all the time)

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Agrias from Final Fantasy Tactics

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Drop the ellipses, it makes you look retarded.
Also, you're on the /tg/ board of 4chan, of course you're a nerd.

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Why even include the first sentence? Now you just look like a tool and have thrown the thread off topic.

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Anyone have anything of warriors in armour thats skintight/second skin?

that could fluff-wise come out of a magic ring or something, looking for inspiration for one of my players new armours

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You guys got any halfling or gnome barbarians? I need some art for a character i'm fleshing out.

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Because it does look retarded.

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I prefer staves and wands because fuck conformism.

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Can do.

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Can we get some guys with big ass swords?

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I need a tiny little angry fuck. Kinda like the Wee Free Men from Terry Pratchett novels.

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That's all I got, sorry.
Try deviantart or the booru.

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I need 100% brutally insane. As in, kill the world, grinning and having a fun time crazy. Preferably with axes.

Can you help me?

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Have my fighter folder, it has my barbarians in there too.

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>Kind of That DM starting new game, asks for players
>Wants gritty, low magic dudes
>Play a kobold miner kicked out of mine due to dwarven mining rights scheme and lawyers
>Play him as irish immigrantish as possible
>Get into barfights with dorfs constantly
>Fight juggling between pick, short sword, hammer
>Tack up tripwires and explosives
>Manage to wreck boss fight with giant mutated ankheg by blowing up structural wall in dungeon, correctly predicting no collapse other than that room with mining skill
>DM gloats about lack of treasure, it was in the back
>note there's plenty of wood for braces and we don't have anything better to do, and need bits of the creature for proof anyway
>spend three days with rest of party helping to excavate back to treasure and boss
>Use socialising skills on sheet to argue for better reward
>DM tells me he's done DMing, friend calls me and says DM randomly decided to have Nipwick Tarvit "fall off a cliff into a pit of dicks"
>All players disappear soon after

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I'm working on a barbarian who makes a bargain with a Sarkudrak in a temple on Norskavia during the 19 Year War. The barbarian decided to use the 19 Year War to delve into the darker sides of sorcery and merge sorcery with shamanism.

The barbarian plans to journey from Norskavia to Kursakov, where his former employer, the Warlord of Kursakov, is initiating a slavetrade on the Vaik of Norskavia. The barbarian's decision to free the Vaik is rooted in a desire to put the reptile-folk into his debt. He wants to learn how to craft a binding staff to evoke elementals on command.

The Warlord of Norskavia wants to obliterate the evoker staffs before they become widespread. To the Warlord, the staff is a dangerous weapon; by evoking the unseen beings that maintain the world's structure, the world slowly experiences more and more natural disasters. This is sort of like the idea of global warming, I guess.

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