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I just went through a terrible break-up, and I don't have anyone or anything to cheer me up /tg/.

Post any funny 40k pics or anything to cheer me up?

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Hey OP, it's me, your old friend Liquor.

You know I'll always be there for you...

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Time for Eisenhorn feels?

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I don't have anything funny , because in the grimdark future of WH40k there's only war. Have this cute bear dancing.

It's shitty observation, but whatever state you're right now, it will pass. The Emprah ordains it so

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Don't worry bro, go out tonight and do something to take your mind of it. E.g Go out with friends, go to the cinema, go to a club, just get out man.

Or talk to us about it.

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i think talking to us about it hasent worked

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/tg/ are generally friendlier than this...

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Times have changed m8

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he shouldent have saved a thumbnail if he wanted our love.

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We dated for a year, and she broke up with me saying that she only SAID she loved me the whole time, and was cheating during the time we dated.

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Wow, what a bitch.

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kill her and wear her skin.

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Yeah good point. WTF you doing saving a thumbnail OP?
What a bitch she wasn't worth your time and she needs to know you have no feeling for her left, because you shouldn't, she betrayed you horribly, and I know betrayal.

Collect the skull of her boy on the side and fuck it in front of her?

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Good Lord.
Praise teh Emprah! Mate, i know you're suffering, but just think! You could be still living in the lie.

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Kill yourself. Come on, you know you want to. Just do it.

You'll like it in Hell. I've got a nice place waiting for you here. Beachfront property on the Lake of Fire, with free wi-fi and a pretty young succubus eager to meet you.

So go on and take the easy way out. All your troubles will be behind you.

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Begone wretch

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Wow, that's awful.

If you hurry up and kill her quickly, you might be able to say it was a "crime of passion" and get off easy on sentencing.

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Ah, you always know how to cheer a guy up, Kharn.

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Feel better OP

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Sorry, man. I wish I could help you out with some funny pics, but I'm unfortunately not at my computer right now. I'll see what I have.

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This is the most heretical thing I have ever seen.

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Look at this from my point of view. You are an alright guy, cappable of love. You have the possibility of find someone like you. You could be happy.

A lot of people (Like your ex-gf) are such bastards, incappable of true love, of genuine good felings, who never know about the happiness of feel love, o feel being loved. At best theyll have some kind of "I want this now". Even if they find anyone great, a cappable of love, like you, they cant have that happiness (your relation is a good example). That doomed existance... that is sad. Yours? You just proved you are a functional human being who can feel, love, and experience happiness, and you have the posibility of doing it in the future. Its a lot, specially knowing a lot of people would never feel that. You, at least, have a chance, they are doomed in their path. You are a lucky person.

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All hail the emperor.

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Aren't the pilot and his daughter black?

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never before have i seen such heresy

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Get better soon OP.

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That sucks dude. At least you can rest assured you're no longer dating a complete and utter bitch. You're better off without her cheating ass.

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I think so

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I've always liked this guys drawing but for some weird reason I always thought he was a racist

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Have fun.

Good old Paul Bonner's goofy Orks.

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The fecalgrav two seat opentoped ShitSpeeder.

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>three chaos titans
Zog me.

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Rogue Trader was such a fun era.

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>>chaos Titans
Nope, but newfag spotted.

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OPs pic

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Seriously, Rogue Trader's era ShokkAttakkGunz were so kool.

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Oh noes, a newfag. Fuck off you elitist cunt.

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Result 11 - 6...
It always gets me.

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Gundam fans should get it.

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It's the only funny thing I have that's 40k related... Be warned, the are cartoon equines involved...

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tell me it's not shinji.

Anyway man, life is much bigger then love,
go watch 500 days of summer, it's about a broken relationship.

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To OP go watch Science spirit 12 on youtube.

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another classical one.

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That salamander is racist as fuck

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And after that planet was purged the most Honest of Chapter was established.
Here's hoping I don't get banned.

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What he fuck is going on in the second panel

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for those that dont get it

the text says "This guy says he is a terminator...says he is from future"

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Creed hid a titan under a rock

Tactical genius after all

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Read creeds page on 1d4chan

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It was really poorly depicted.

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tactical genius

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I know what Creed is but it looks like a titan with a pointy leg is stepping on the chaos marine's discarded magazine

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Good old Papa Nurgle enjoying a good match.

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Welcome to 4chan.

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It's just obviously racist is what I'm saying

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that one has BASE

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So what?

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Found a few more, non equine 40k pics.

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Ahh, I love Rhythm Heaven.

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Enjoy your bans.

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I'm reminded of these Butthurt Templates, it's like Nurgle arrived with a polarizing topic and watches the shitstorm.

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Yeah, sometimes.

These are awful, are you trying to make OP end it all?

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Wonder what it would take to run this as an RP

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>what the fuck is wheat?

i cant stop laughing

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A classic

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Clearly he is a high ranking space marine indeed to have pauldrons that size

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HURKDADURKDURK dey haz vehicul look liek criossant

This is terrible and you should feel terrible.

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why yu so med?


le aminomouse guy

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Honestly calling the Necron flyer a croissant is pretty overdone though, and wasn't especially funny in the first place. Then you add an elaborate setup featuring a bad breakfast pun and I mean come ON.

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warhammer is serious business for you...

your autism is showing

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>Disliking bad jokes
>Saying they are bad


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OP, you need to keep her in your life if you can.
Act like you still want to be friends, and get really chummy with her. Try to do this in a non pathetic way, it's possible, but it's a case by case basis so there is really no advice for it.

And then what you need to do is bake. Bake a fuck ton. Bake so well you become primarch for the baking marines, with Paula Dean as one of your top commanders. And once you've established yourself as a good baker, bake for her. But you need to do the lazy thing in baking and just pack everything with butter and sugar for it to taste good. This is where it gets hard, because too much will make it taste like shit and will give away your plans. But not enough, and the plan won't come into motion fast enough. Though since you are now lord Bakerus Imperialus, you should know exactly how to make things taste delicious whilst being 5 times the calories they normally would.
Finally, you need to start giving all of your delicious baked treats to this dumb cheating cunt. Just fucking drop something off for breakfast and dessert. Croissants and pies are a wonderful tool for revenge. She'll start to gain wait over the weeks you do this, getting fatter and more disgusting as time goes on. If you do it right, it'll be fast enough to encourage tons of stretch marks. She may blame your baking on this, but you need to have some bullshit healthy recipes and faux trendy diet facts to support why you're actually helping her. And then this is when you can start to fill everything with as much calories as you possibly can, since she will trust your baking.

Very soon she will become engorged, and so fat, not even fat fetishists will want to touch her, less they be consumed the gravitational pull she has on her surroundings.
Even if she looses weight, she'll had been fat enough to look like a deflated balloon, and thus still disgusting.
No one will love her, no one will want her. She will die alone.
Then you will have won.

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goddamn ants shitting up my /tg/ !

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The magazine provided cover.

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Be happy, anon, it's not the end of the world.
Plenty of people on here to play pretend if you need 'em.

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If OP dedicated this much time to revenge he will be the loser. Forget about the bitch and move on.

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This doesn't make any sense when you realize Necrons are Ward's favorite army.[/spoilers]

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>implying Necron's aren't ancient Ultramarines

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Bullshit. He'll have harnessed his hate into some serious baking skills. That way his REVENGE has practical benefits.

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>I've got a nice place waiting for you here. Beachfront property on the Lake of Fire, with free wi-fi and a pretty young succubus eager to meet you.
That's a nice deal you got there, Satan.

I don't suppose something like that's on the table for me too?

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>>this Salamander looks badass and cool
>>display typical African features
>>doing the talking
>>towering Arny Schwartzenniger and afraid of nothing

I think it actually is a cool rendition, not rayssist, just cliché but fun.

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