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So /tg/, how would 40k-verse fare if the BETA invaded?

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Here's some information on the classes of currently confirmed BETA.
TSF are the mecha you see on the left of the original image.

At 3 meters tall, 1.2 meters long and 1.6 meters wide, the Laser-class BETA are some of the smaller anti-TSF units the BETA field, and are lightly armored to the extent where they can be easily taken down with 36mm cannons. Their giant eyes fire lasers that are effective against targets of up to 10 kilometers high and 30 kilometers from the where the Laser-class stands.
With the capability to track targets from 38 kilometers away, 12 seconds in-between each shot, and a perfect record of never hitting allied BETA strains in a crossfire, the Laser-class played an instrumental role in shutting down mankind's air superiority on the field of battle and continues to be a deadly anti-air force to this day.

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uhhh that's like tuesday for the imperium.

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Beta males are the only people who play 40k so I'd say the betas have already invaded the 40k universe

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Towering over the Laser-class at 21 meters tall (excluding the cooling wings), 15 meters long and 11 meters wide, the Heavy Laser-class is a larger strain with firepower to match. Their large size affords them some protection against 36mm cannon fire, necessitating the use of 120mm cannons for quicker kills. Their giant eyes fire lasers and are effective against targets of up to a mere 500 meters high, and a spectacular range of over 100 kilometers with 36 seconds in-between shots. Likewise with the Laser-class, the Heavy Laser-class shares the distinction of never hitting allies in the crossfire and requiring some time for its laser to reach maximum output.

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Pretty well, I'd imagine. The Imperium is used to dealing with giant, sanity breaking demons and flesh-eating bugs on a daily basis. They would just keep launching dropships until everything that wasn't human was dead.

And if that didn't work... EXTERMINATUS!

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Full name is Beings of the Extra Terrestrial origin which is Adversary of human race.

The Grappler-class measures 12 meters tall, 19 meters long and 28 meters wide with its claws spread, and is armed with two extremely tough forearms, with hardness 15 on the Mohs scale, which they use to batter enemies to death, and can also act as shields against poorly-aimed weapons fire. Because of this, it is recommended that pilots attack from the sides to minimize exposure to danger, or to take advantage of its relatively unarmored body with precise shots and good tactical judgment.
While not particularly fast, the Grappler-class is considerably mobile and nimble in combat. It is the main BETA unit in battles against mechanized infantry and TSFs; in a group with the Grappler-, Destroyer- and Fort-class BETA, the Grappler-class usually numbers 60% of the total force. Despite its looks, the head-like appendage on its body is only a sensory organ; it is key to take this into account when engaging the Grappler-class, as just destroying the appendage will not kill it.

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yeah they're just shitty tyrannids.

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>And if that didn't work... EXTERMINATUS!
Tell me, where do the Exterminatus fleets sit?
In orbit?
And what exactly do they drop?

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Why don't we avoid making this into another imperium vs whatever where the fanboys will crawl out of the woodwork.

Tell us about this BETA thing. What in the fresh WTF is this.

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At 16 meters tall, 18 meters long and 17 meters wide, the Destroyer-class is the second main strain used by the BETA against mankind's mechanized forces. They have extremely tough frontal armor in the form of a partial body carapace, with hardness 15 on the Mohs scale in front. Underneath that covering are two small heads.
Due to that front carapace, it takes a ridiculously large amount of ammunition to break through from the front, well beyond what is acceptable for a single TSF to expend during an engagement on just a single target. In addition, their armor boasts a regeneration ability described as "phenomenal"; while not viable during the heat of combat, this means that a Destroyer-class left alive will someday return to plague its opponents again. The patterns on its shell are scars caused by tissue regeneration; a new Destroyer-class typically has an unblemished green front.

The armor on their foreheads is used as a weapon when they ram into enemies, and such attacks are more powerful than the Grappler-class' arms as the Ruitare can reach running speeds of up to 170km/h. However, their speed prevents them from turning quickly, giving pilots who manage to maneuver out of the way an easy kill; even 36mm cannons work if the Destroyer-class is shot at from behind.

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Sometimes it's a virus that kills all organic life, sometimes they just set the atmosphere on fire.

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Beta as fuck.

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It's a visual novel where you can fuck a mecha pilot and your girlfriend is a quantum robot that you can also fuck.

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It's from a Visual Novel called Muvluv.
This is a stage 6 Hive.
The monument is 1 kilometer tall. The main shaft extends 4 kilometers downwards from ground level, and the drifts extend for 100 kilometers around the Hive.

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This is an example of BETA hives on earth.

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>Full name is Beings of the Extra Terrestrial origin which is Adversary of human race.

So: B.o.t.E.T.O.W.i.A.oH.R?

we can strip out "of the" from the first bit, making them BETOWiAoHR, hell "beings" is kinda unecessary, since we're just alking about Extra-Terrestrials... their Origin is implied by the extra-terrestrial bit, "which is" is just bad grammar, it should be "that are" and "adversary of human race" is more gratuitous, it should just be "the enemy."

Extra Terrestrials That Are The Enemy: ETTATE.

Hell, just call 'em The Enemy, and we're done here.


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Towering above most things on the battlefield, the Fort-class, at 66 meters tall, 52 meters long and 37 meters wide, is the largest of the seven main strains; because of their large size, a TSF would require 120mm cannons or close-combat weapons to cut these behemoths down to size, with great care given to specifically target its joints or other weak points for maximum stopping power. Otherwise, the next option would be artillery, or battleship cannons. Their attacks with their ten legs are extremely powerful, and can easily stab through or bash a TSF into pieces with one hit. Each Fort-class also has a 50-meter long tentacle attached to its rear end, with a Mohs 15 stinger on the end which secretes an extremely strong acid; the stinger, which has been known to destroy naval warships, can be launched as a projectile for a short distance or even swung around with a fairly high degree of control - a Fort-class is capable of accurately attacking targets to the side or even behind itself without hitting its own legs or body segments. They can also carry several smaller BETA of varying strains inside them; pilots should pay extra attention when around the corpse of a Fort-class (especially during the messy aftermaths of a large battle), as its occupants might be alive and well, waiting for a chance to strike.

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>So: B.o.t.E.T.O.W.i.A.oH.R?
Shortened to BETA.
Blame Japan for the naming.

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Are these things from something? A video game or an anime?

Or is it just some Japanese guy's blog?

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See: >>25071803
It's got a small series.

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It's from a dating sim. I shit you not.

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shorten it further and call 'em Scrotes. One syllable, explains how they look.

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Christ, what a stupid acronym.

Just shorten it to "Beings of Extra Terrestrial Adversary."

Makes about as much sense, and it's a much cleaner acronym.

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Standing at 2.3 meters tall, 1.2 meters long and 1.4 meters wide, the Soldier-class is the smallest strain of BETA encountered on Earth. First spotted at 1995, the Soldier-class is solely anti-personnel and ineffective against both TSFs and mechanized infantry; its main aspect is its arm strength, which is several times that of an average human's. In contrast, its speed is less than stellar. However this rarely seems to be an issue as they are deployed en-masse, utilising swarm tactics to leave no avenue of escape for their prey.
It has been confirmed that they are made from recycled organic materials (i.e.- humans who were captured or eaten), but it is not specified if that applies to just this strain or to all BETA.

Well, it's rather hard to get sales in Japan when you're just starting out in the Visual Novel business.
Although, they've turned away from that these days since they've gained enough popularity.

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>Dating sim
Fuck this gay Earth.

They can have it.

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The Tank-class BETA is the third smallest strain, measuring at 2.8 meters tall, 4.4 meters long and 1.9 meters wide.[6] Infantry weapons are effective against them, but while it is lightly armored and classified as an anti-infantry unit, the Tank-class has gained notoriety as the smallest anti-TSF the BETA have; their physical strength and jumping abilities are prodigous and their powerful jaws can bite through even super-carbon, allowing it to easily catch and demolish vehicles and TSFs. In fact this species kills more eishi, than any other.
The Tank-class rarely travels alone; encounters usually number in hundreds if not thousands, and more if they are part of a major BETA force, where they can make up to a massive 40% of the entire swarm. They carry a distinctive smell of sulphur, are able to reach speeds of up to 80km/h, and can quickly cover a short distance by jumping onto a target; unless out of options, great care should be taken to minimize melee contact with the Tank-class, as they have a tendecy to latch on unless killed, and it is entirely possible for it to have bitten through a major TSF component by then.

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How many of these are they ?
because they're not a threat unless your bugs possess more than a thousand worlds or they can fight in space.

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they BETA as fuck...

you tell me

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>Giant vagina.

This is stupid. If the Imperium doesn't purge these dumb fucks I'll be super pissed.

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There is a muvluv quest on /tg/ recently.

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BETA don't really pose a threat to the Imperium, because the Imperium has spaceships. Alternative America is able to intercept Hives well enough, doing the same would be child's play for the Imperium. They would only really pose a threat to under-defended border worlds.

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Total number of everything is unknown
However, overall the estimated number of BETA throughout the universe, is something along the lines of.
10^37+10^37x7^10 to 10^37+10^37x9^10 BETA.

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Is that a vagina?

>> No.25071961

I was on /a/ recently, and I remember them saying 10^38 or some shit like that.

So in truth, there's a lot.

If we say that the planet in question is Holy Terra, so Exterminatus is out of the question, how do we far then?

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>Billions of lasguns

We're fine, Ave Imperator

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Although with the introduction of the Laser Fort that can fire into Orbit, as well as the fact you could consider the BETA invasion of Earth merely a scouting party.
I believe that they may be able to shift some things in the 40k universe.

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I'd imagine that it's probably way less clunky in the original Japanese.

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I don't think you understand the scale of this BETA stuff.

It's like the entire Tyranid hive descending on one planet.

Plus, BETA are significantly stronger than Tyranids.

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For those of you not familiar, i will summarize:

The BETA are a bunch of cheating bullshit monsters made to be the bad-guy in a mecha-pilot dating sim from japan. Their primary abilities are as follows:

>Testicle Monster: Foot soldier. Eats people.
>Nose-Beast. Other foot soldier. Eats people.
>Walking Shield Wall: Indestructible. Destroys fortifications.
>HNNNNG - Crab: Less indestructible. Tears things apart.
>Red dork-over-mouth mini-crab: Tears crap apart.
>Ginormous Eyeball: Shoots Laser.
>Mini-peepers: Shoots two lasers.
>MYNAMEISHUGE: Does exactly what you think it does.

For the record: all the BETA are either so numerous that they ablate without concern, or so tough that the direct application of a nuclear weapon is incapalbe of denting them.

The Giant Robots are... ready for this? Fast Enough To Dodge Lasers. That's why they are used to fight the buggers.

And: PLOT TWIST! The BETA aren't a military force, or self aware, or a real threat. They're some kinda adaptable mining machine created by a hyperadvanced alien race who never show up.

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Sorry to disapoint you but there's NO WAY they can get to Terra. Or Mars for that matter.

However, exterminatus can be out of the question for other reasons, that would make things funnier.
What we need is the ratio of big bugs / small bugs. those 3m vagina things doesn't seem like they would be too much of a problem for a space marine.

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Holy Terra has a network of defense satellites placed shoulder-to-shoulder, hundreds of kilometers from bottom to top.

Pick another target.

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Space Marines would most probably fall to the Tank class spam.
Lasguns are pretty pathetic overall, and would easily be decimated in long range by BETA laser class.
Psykers, I must admit are most probably the largest threat, aside from Titans deployed en masse.
Tanks, tanks are far too slow to be of ANY use, aside from perhaps Baneblades backing up defensive positions.
Titans, are most probably the largest threat, however, from what I've seen of Imperial Titans they don't seem to be built around fighting small targets, in which case it would be swarmed by fucktons of Tank class which would chomp through it.

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Scrin as fuck.

>> No.25072101

You know that a lasgun pack the equivalent of a .50 BMG in term of power?

And that is one of the weakest weapons around 40K.

In the VN they still are stuck with 120mm.
I'm sure a lascannon beat that.

Not to mention things like:
Volcano cannons
Plasma guns
Vortex grenades
So on and so forth.

It will be messy, thre will be a lot of deaths but the Imperium should come on top.

>> No.25072103

These came before Scin.
Scin were probably inspired by these things.

>> No.25072108

As someone trying to get through Muv-Luv Extra to get to Unlimited, please tell me this mechs-fighting-aliens stuff is worth it.
Otherwise I'll just put a bullet in my skull to escape this slice-of-life dating-sim inanity.

>> No.25072109


They can, because their whole premise is "Your weapons don't work at all, and nothing you say or do can prevent this."

It's very childish. Imagine if Krieg was destroyed by Tyranids because Jervis said so. Sucks for the Kriegers but there's nothing you can do because word on high says so.

>> No.25072118

Problem you're having here is that the Imperium works as a combined-arms force. You've got a single Titan, but it's got tanks and elite Skitarii infantry supporting it, along with air support, so you can't say that a single type of bug would counter them, because the Imperium's counter to that single bug will be present, which forces the bugs to also use combined-arms, and suddenly we're just fighting more Tyranids.

>> No.25072121

you think those big things could be possessed by deamons ? that could be fun

>> No.25072126

Yes, most easily in fact.

>> No.25072127


Titans tend to have the advantage with dealing with small targets of 'Plasma Destructors are an AOE weapon'

Mind you, there is a serious issue that 'Which universes physics take priority'? Because lasers are rather different things in each setting. In one, a laser simply does not miss and downs all aircraft with ease. Not so much in the other, where you can dodge lasers.

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The emperor's and Terra's plot armors are WAY bigger. Try again

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BETA aren't stronger than tyranids. Hell, a big part of the plot is that the buggers can't hit a target that's 18 meters tall.


Here's what would more likely happen:

The BETA would pick a planet, and the Imperium would throw wave after wave after wave after wave after wave after wave after wave after wave after wave at it, until eventually the BETA run out of energy because the planet's been completely depleted and they've had to waste all the resources they were supposed to be gathering just defending their resource allocation methods.

>> No.25072152

>Biological deep space mining equipment
>A serious threat to 40k
>Or any space-faring race that had its shit together

>> No.25072160

>Plus, BETA are significantly stronger than Tyranids.
Excuse me while I raise an eyebrow at this.
I'm pretty sure BattleTech could deal with this shit handily, let alone the IoM.

>> No.25072169

Or the Inquisition might just send a WAAAAGH at it, and let the Orks loot BETA into it's own demise.

>> No.25072189

>The BETA would pick a planet, and the Imperium would throw wave after wave after wave after wave after wave after wave after wave after wave after wave at it, until eventually the BETA run out of energy because the planet's been completely depleted and they've had to waste all the resources they were supposed to be gathering just defending their resource allocation methods.
No, here's what would happen.

The BETA would infest a planet.

The Imperium would vaporize all the hives with lance cannons from orbit, and then mop up the directionless BETA remnants with ease because they need the fucking central computer thing to do anything.

>> No.25072211

Oh hey, it's like shittier Tyranids. Welcome to fuckin Tuesday in 40k.

>> No.25072213


Whoever has the eye of the developers has the plot armor. Holy Terra could one day fall apart if the designers willed it.

It happened to the Squats. It happened to the Sisters. If your faction falls out of favor, that's it.

>> No.25072217

>You've got a single Titan, but it's got tanks and elite Skitarii infantry supporting it, along with air support
Infantry are simply not effective against Tank Class BETA, they'll also be out numbered around 500 to 1.
Air support would most probably be gunned down by Laser Class.
And the Titan would get swarmed.

>> No.25072226

Yeah, this guy's right. In a spacefaring setting, without a space navy of your own, you're doomed.

>> No.25072230

More along the lines of
Beta infest world
imperium arrive

>> No.25072231

Honestly, if you're not finding it stomachable now, you probably won't enjoy Unlimited and Alternative terribly much, and might be better off sticking to things like TSFIA and Chicken Divers if you still want anything to do with the franchise.

>> No.25072245

>mop up the directionless BETA remnants with ease because they need the fucking central computer thing to do anything

Actually it would be even easier than that. BETA shutdown after a day or so if they don't have a hive to recharge at.

>> No.25072261

Skitarii are hyper-augmented battle servitors, essentially the best the Adeptus Mechanicus can provide. I'm not sure about their armaments, but I think that a common choice is an Assault Cannon on each arm.

Yes, the gatling cannon that can take out tanks. Two of those. On an infantryman.


The Titan also has a massive AoE plasma destructor. And the Imperium understands that they need to hunt down anti-air before calling in air support.

>> No.25072264

You don't even need an Exterminatus. The situation isn't that out of control.

You just blow up the hives with weaponry that makes the not-Nadesico's gravity cannon look like a peashooter, and then you've just got a minor xeno infestation to worry about. Certainly not as bad as orks.

Keep going. Feel free to skip up to just past the lacrosse/sports match arc if you're really suffering, since thats where things get relevant. Unlimited/Alternative have wildly different tones to Extra...but don't expect much action in Unlimited.

Also keep an eye on Yuuko.

>> No.25072272

>out numbered around 500 to 1

>Imperial Guard
>Implying Special Weapon Squads
>Implying Krak grenades
>Implying Tactical Genius

>> No.25072285

Well boom there you go.

If you've got orbital weaponry capable of precision strikes that can destroy the Hives, then the BETA are just not a threat. They're not even MEANT to be a threat in the first place since the only reason they're attacking people is because the designers were lazy/uncreative.

>> No.25072297

It took me about six months of of playing on and off to drag myself through Extra, and then I burned through Unlimited and Alternative in about a week. It does get better, but holy fuck Extra is bad.

>> No.25072315

...Although to be fair, its understandable why they didn't think of including bio-life in the definitions. Its like humanity creating a bunch of automated deep space mining drones that accidentally come across Cybertron.

>> No.25072324

IoM does not consist of faggot crybabbies in small robots and is also "used" to dealing with lasershit.
Those critters would get fucked up so hard it would not even give enough material for 2 lines in the history notes.

>> No.25072330

I'm not finding it all that bad, some parts are actually pretty funny.

>Also keep an eye on Yuuko.
You mean with her theory of branching universes, etc.?
I saw that when I played through Sumika's route (doing Meiya's now). The way it was worded made it seem important.

Thanks for the commiseration.

>> No.25072344

>Yes, the gatling cannon that can take out tanks. Two of those. On an infantryman.
See: >>25071912
They're going to be facing these in melee, deployed as much as Tyranids deploy Gaunts in major combat situations.

Backed up by >>25071680 and >>25071668
Fighting with >>25071892 who will have about triple the numbers
And with one to five of >>25071838
With perhaps 100-200 of these >>25071742
And 100 or so of >>25071699

>> No.25072347

>out numbered around 500 to 1

>The Imperial Guard

See, now i know you don't into 40k. The Imperial Guard is Russia in WWII: The solution to any problem is MORE MEN.

The Imperial Guard has so many soldiers they could effortlessly repopulate entire planetary systems, and still have boots to put on the ground in every other conflict. The Imperial Guard has the authority to Tithe entire planets into service if the situation is dire enough. There are several cannon worlds whose entire citizenry ARE BORN, LIVE, AND DIE IN THE DEFENSE OF OUR IMPERIUM.

The guard has superior numbers.

>> No.25072350

They're bio-machines. So yeah they could.

>> No.25072381

Now that...
That is a threat.

>> No.25072384

Actually, I think those are heavy combat servitors. Skitarii usually just have hellguns or bolters iirc. They do still have heavy weapons teams and all sorts of other admech goodies thouugh.

>> No.25072391

And the guard will send more men. More men than the pseudo-hive could produce in a hundred years of operation. more men than the population of some agri-worlds. more men than the total of men who have died on earth to this date. The imperium will send that many more men.

And Cain will probably be there. And it will be discovered that Jurgen's Null field breaks the BETA's CPU connection.

>> No.25072421

>You mean with her theory of branching universes, etc.?
>(doing Meiya's now)
Feel free to just control-skip through to the ending, which is the only good part of Extra that isn't the Marimo end.

>> No.25072424

>Lasguns are pretty pathetic overall, and would easily be decimated in long range by BETA laser class.
That's the thing I never get about versus threads- People say a X-wing from Star Wars could absorb a full broadside from any Tau spaceship because of the ridiculously high wattage that is being pumped into its shields... Despite whenever they get destroyed in the movies, they produce a (conventional fire-orange) fireball about as big as the ship was.
What makes the BETA's lasers better?

>> No.25072471

Because I'm a hopeless completionist, is there an easy way to get the Marimo end?

> And it will be discovered that Jurgen's Null field breaks the BETA's CPU connection.
And then Cain gets more glory he neither wants nor deserves! Everybody wins!

>> No.25072478

And the fact about that, is that even if they lose one planet over so many years.
There'd be another that's been infested ten times as worse.
See: >>25071803
In just 43 years there was a stage 9 BETA hive on mars, three levels higher than the one shown in that image, and it's complimented by another hundred or so lower class hives.
Meanwhile at the same time, the moon was also infested.
Now take in mind this is also a SCOUT MINING FORCE.
Imagine what the full brunt of their mining force would be like?

>> No.25072487

Just look up a walkthrough.

And prepare your anus.

>> No.25072499

>You know that a lasgun pack the equivalent of a .50 BMG in term of power?

So does this mean a human with a sword can also hit as hard as a .50 BMG? Or that autoguns fire .50 BMG rounds? Or that human beings are tough enough to have a decent chance of surviving said .50 BMG shells?

>> No.25072513

So it's a scout for a hive fleet splinter.

>> No.25072529

Well, yes.

>> No.25072540

I don't think you know how small a km is in the 40k universe. They have planet sized ships.
A km hive is not even a large habblock in some random ass hive city

>> No.25072554

40k Universe vs The whole Bydo Empire

>> No.25072557

Fuck your bugs.

Dinochrome brigade up in this shit!

>> No.25072559


And other times it's a gigantic cannon shell that literally cracks the planet apart.
Other times they just lance strike the planet repeatedly and bombard it from orbit with macrocannons.

Exterminatus is a very varied and complex task.

>> No.25072575

Man, that's not even fair.
A single XXXIII could probably whup these fuckers.

>> No.25072584

Consider the amount of time I'm talking about here though.
How long does it take for a distress signal from a small Agriplanet in a sub-sector no one has heard of?
And how long does that take to go through all the necessary shit in the Imperium?
And finally how long does it take for the Imperium to actually arrive?
I'm willing to bet it's far more than 50 years, I'm willing to bet it's enough for the BETA to have been there, and gone.

>> No.25072586

It's future armor I don't have to explain shit.

speaking of lasgun power though, has there ever canonically been any regular unarmored human in 40k that has been blasted with a lasgun? Think I saw something somewhere about lasguns having the power to tear a mans arm clean off.

>> No.25072594

So, we're just throwing settings at this thread?

>> No.25072598


>> No.25072600


Stop right there.
We're discussing fluff here, don't start anylizing the board game.

>> No.25072605

Well, if it's the Gigantic Cannon shell, seeing how the Laser class work, couldn't it just be shot down?
Same with the Lance strikes, the laser fort shown here >>25071995 can fire into Orbit.

Too overpowered.

>> No.25072619


>> No.25072625

I read it in his voice.

>> No.25072626


>> No.25072629

What about the Orks?

The only thing I know for sure is that it'd be a LOT more fun to watch the Orks fight the BETA.

>> No.25072640

> far more than 50 years

Dude, they can travel through the warp. Do you even read the lore ?

>> No.25072649

>Exterminatus is a very varied and complex task.
but fun!

If its just a small agriplanet the imperium won't care.

Seriously, 40k is built on fuckhueg, unless you get to TTGL levels of absurdity its probably the only thing that shits on other universes if you compare it by that.

>> No.25072652

>The only thing I know for sure is that it'd be a LOT more fun to watch the Orks -LOOT- the BETA

>> No.25072656

And Warp travel is rather unreliable time-wise isn't it?

>> No.25072659

Is that some Total Annihilation?

>> No.25072662

>How long does it take for a distress signal from a small Agriplanet in a sub-sector no one has heard of?
It is instantaneous. And yes, the administratum is legendarily slow. But the IoM loses more planets to clerical error than the BETA would ever be able to kill.

>> No.25072669

I've never played Muv Luv, although it's on my backlog.

But I have this picture for some reason. Anyone know the context?

>> No.25072671

You're the one to talk.

>> No.25072686

It's the growth I'm thinking of, rather than anything else.
Imagine it, they could infest entire subsectors in a hundred years.
A thousand, and entire sectors could be taken.

>> No.25072689

The Bydo has the capability of fucking up with someone's mind.
Is both physical and a wave (whatever it means)
It also possess technology but it is not a demon so hexagrammic wards aren't that useful.
Don't know the numbers.
From R-Type Final it says that the battleship's main cannon in stage 3 (or 4, i can't remember) can kill a planet and that the Wave Cannon allows a fighter to carry the power of a Battleship (though it is never told what kind of battleship they meant so is not quite useful as a measure)

I think it could be a interesting battle, though i'd think that the IoM still has somewhat a numerical (and possibily technological) advantage.

We need more informations

>> No.25072698

I actually am an ARM player, but I acknowledge that the cold embrace of machinery is a superior choice in the long term.

If only they could have worked out their differences.

>> No.25072730

...You do know the 'Nids already do that shit, but faster and more killy, right?
Really for time-until-intercept to matter, you need to have TA/SC-tier exponential growh.

>> No.25072736

No, Supreme Commander.

>> No.25072750

Again, the scale and tactics of the Tyranids have proven to be different.

>> No.25072763

In a way, they have done just that.
There exists a stasis.

Although it is one that wreaks havoc on all other living creatures they may come across, and causes untold damages to each new world they trundle upon.
But still.

>> No.25072782

Hyped for Planetary Annihilation?

>> No.25072795

So this is their mining machine, a non militarized device designed solely for the purpose of mining? Ok maybe then the race who built them could fight the imperium.

>> No.25072798

A UEF, Cybran, Aeon and Seraphim ACUs are dropped on a planet infested to the brim with BETAs.

They are allied.
4 Mass Points each
1 Hydrocarbon deposit each
2 Minutes prep-time, Forts start appearing at minute 5 (7 including the prep-time)

Open ground, a better defendable hill is 1 minute walk from the starting point


>> No.25072811

Well yeah. I did say the were faster and more killy.
But you are right. I don't think the BETA bother with things like Genestealer cults or other clever underhanded shit that make 'nids such a pain-in-the-ass to deal with.

>> No.25072814

Honestly, I'd have to say BETA, or Stalemate until Experimental spam.

>> No.25072826

fighting the imperium isn't fun anyway. Let's send them into the eye of terror and see what happens.

>> No.25072834

>Hell, just call 'em The Enemy, and we're done here.
Nonterrestrial Mineral Extractors

>> No.25072852

Yeah, it's looking pretty neat. Maybe I'll even be able to run it on this old clunker of mine.

>> No.25072862

The thing is, that the ACU forces will not stop building and developing.
Seven minutes in, and they've mostly set up their infrastructure, until they can develop that safely.
Also shields, shields are something that will make a difference against the BETA forces.

Yes. They aim for awesome.

But in all honesty, it can be anything. I'll have a look, and hopefully find it fun.

>> No.25072867


Am I the only one who thinks these are some of the dumbest-looking monsters ever? I'm sorry but the BETA make it impossible for me to like Muv-Luv, which is a shame because I do rather like some of the mecha design.

I mean, look at them. The look like.... Giant Turds and Hairballs and what is with anime monster design always using flat, human-like teeth rather than sharp teeth for creatures that eat other things.

>> No.25072878

You're just a faggot.

>> No.25072891

Actually, this thing right here is what made me stop playing muv-luv.

We're told, flat out: the eye-thingies only look at the horizon. the BETA are vulnerable only from DIRECTLY OVERHEAD.

So human plan is really simple: Drop a bomb from DIRECTLY OVERHEAD straight down into the core.

And so what happens? The BETA MAGICALLY evolve this thing BEFORE the plan is ever used. Yeah, brand new laser-fort, from nothing. made BETA too bullshit for me to continue playing.

>> No.25072892


>> No.25072899


>> No.25072903

>Like their mecha
They just seem like uninspired generic japmechs to me.

>> No.25072906

>Tank-class is deployed in units measured in thousands
>comparable to gaunts

>> No.25072909

because these aren't creatures: they are mining equipment. The flat teeth are chisels, for rending rock and earth. Not canines or fangs for rending flesh.

>> No.25072911

>Also shields, shields are something that will make a difference against the BETA forces.

Only against laser class and only if they stay outside the bubble.
Walls would be a safest bet against the early assault.

>> No.25072913


Because the Beta are just a metaphor. For sex. Just like all the monsters in Silent Hill

>> No.25072918

Yes, I'll have to disagree with you.
The BETA is the only thing I like about the series. Mecha just don't bite it for me, especially the sort they're using.

>> No.25072925

Tank-Class are also the size of tanks.

>> No.25072926

That'd be the conflict in the weeks immediately following the BETA's landing on Earth, before mankind got ass raped due to lasers.

>> No.25072928

No kidding. I'd imagine that the nids would also get some nifty goodies out of assimilating these things.

>> No.25072929


This. They spam Meltas, problem solved.

>> No.25072935

I'm actually of the opposite opinion. The monster design is most of why I'm interested in Muv-Luv.
I prefer the human-like teeth because it's more unsettling and less like what you'd expect.
Plus what >>25072909 said.

>> No.25072943

It also has the ability to turn any matter to more Bydo.

>> No.25072965

So they are basically just Tib?

>> No.25072980

Both would be utilized, but the amount and wide variety of appliances done with shields will be of paramount importance.
For instance, a UEF heavy carrier can an enormous amount of T1 to bombard the BETA from above.
Personal shields and moving factories can help spearhead counterattacks.

Though you're right, the most prominent enemies can get through the bubbles. Unsure of how effective point defense is against them.

>> No.25072987


>> No.25072988

>For instance, a UEF heavy carrier can an enormous amount of T1 to bombard the BETA from above.
But Laser class.

>> No.25073005

Huh. Cool. I also saw some pictures of a battle on the moon, is that the same conflict?

>> No.25073025

How do hairs and giant vaginas help with mining?

>> No.25073045

Hair for feeling.
Vagina for digestion and to help analyze.

>> No.25073047

Exactly! The UEF T3 Heavy Air Transport is equipped with a shield, four Flayer SAM launchers, two heavy plasma cannons and enough room for 28 T1 units.

>> No.25073055

Hairs feel for surroundings in zero-visibility conditions (see star-nosed moles, whiskers, etc.)

and giant vaginas are actually carrying containers for collected resources.

>> No.25073059

No, that was ~5 years earlier, before the BETA made landfall on Earth.

>> No.25073063

I honestly doubt they'd be able to survive a hundred or so laser class.

>> No.25073070


>> No.25073087

The planet buster wave cannon was also said to be 100 million times more powerful that the standard wave cannon mounted on an R-9, which puts those in about the same energy range as the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs.

>> No.25073088

muv-luv fans just need to understand that their scrotum-monsters aren't the ultimate galaxy destroyers/conquerors.

>> No.25073098

The thing I never liked about muv-luv or the BETA is the complete shit justification that mankind can't fight back.
The race is solely created to give an enemy that mankind has no hope surviving.
Artillery?Nukes?Long Range?Aircraft?
laserz laserz laserz laserz laserz.

>> No.25073100


I would literally kill for that T-72 and HIND image without text.

>> No.25073111

But then there's the fact that you've got a hundred or so T3 air transports. Each carrying their payload of sheer fuckery.

>> No.25073118

Which is why you deploy a hundred or so of the UEFs

Anyhow. Humanity wins anyway, through the power of love, in the last visual novel in the series.

>> No.25073122

gonna need to waste more sexy high schoolers

>> No.25073126

Don't forget that the only UEF carrier is the Atlantis, a Experimental.

P.S. For comparison: the small laser class is equivalent to a T1 AA, the Big laser is the equivalent of a T3 AA.
Damage to ground scaled accordingly (Air units and AA weapons received a unholy buff [that balanced itself out] because people kept shotting down CZARs with tac missiles so a interceptor has more or less the same HP of a tank)

>> No.25073134

Build tanks covered with mirror shields

>> No.25073139

So do I, yes, they'd most likely only fall on top of them as signed wrecks, if they can even get that far.

But since when has losing one been a problem?

>> No.25073144

>implying that there wouldn't be 100 t3 heavy air transports with 28000 units by the time the beta made 100 laser class

Do you even matter-energy-matter conversion?

>> No.25073145

Melee class BETA would just rape.

>> No.25073161

See: >>25072798
It's a super-infested planet.
They should have phrase 9 hives everywhere.
The real question here, is how would they assault the hives?

>> No.25073166

Break a mirror and that's seven years of bad luck!

>> No.25073170

Oh no, not lasers.
Please, anything but lasers.

>> No.25073180

OK airplanes with mirror shield
Ground forces drop smoke or something to distrupt lasers
Good now?

>> No.25073183

So, this is an enemy that takes decades to colonize an enemy planet if there's no resistance, lacks space forces, and is vulnerable on the ground to conventional weaponry? They're fucked unbelievably hard. The Imperium doesn't even have to worry about ground battles, they can just nuke/lance/virus bomb everything from orbit.

>> No.25073204

>It's a super-infested planet.

Oh, so the beta get to start already developed, and in complete control, while the UEF start by throwing a single commander in the planet?

What is this, the final mission in a 90s rts?

>> No.25073207

>So, this is an enemy that takes decades to colonize an enemy planet if there's no resistance,
To a certain standard yes, and that standard is several kilometer deep bases with artillery/orbital/airforce laser defenses.

>> No.25073215

They get 2 minutes of prep time.
And forts begin appearing at 5 minutes.

>> No.25073225

That's my main problem with them. They're not really an interesting enemy. They're just creepy-looking blobs that are only dangerous because for some reason they can shoot laser beams from their eyeballs with perfect accuracy.

>> No.25073234

Yes, and?
You seem to misunder stand the amount of bullshit involved in W40k conflicts

>> No.25073246

>several kilometer deep bases with artillery/orbital/airforce laser defenses.

You do realize that is, pretty much, a bellow average 40k fort, right? Except instead of lasers, they use other kinds of weaponry. Fuck, 40k has fortress PLANETS, and those get taken down by one faction or another all the time.

>> No.25073253

Thing is that the Imperium has its own hives of a comparable scale to these, and that in the galaxy it has thousands of these worlds, as well as less densely populated (but still very densely populated by our standards) Forgeworlds and Industrial worlds.

>> No.25073258

Mass nukes, mass tac missiles, mass T3 Arty, Mavor, Scathis, Yolona Oss, Percivals, Sniper Bots, Bricks, Monkeylords, Fatboys, Galactic Colossi, Ythothas, Megaliths, Awhassas...

Or a single Paragon.

>> No.25073259

BEHOLD! the ultimate anti-BETA weapon!
>lower if from orbit slowly.
>Laser-fort will repeatedly zap it.
>lasers just bounce off harmlessly.
>tank class can't jump high enough to get it.
>reflected lasers destroy all the ground-based BETA.
>Eventually, mirror ball lands and explodes, because it's a gigantic super-secret humanity fuck Yeah bomb!

>> No.25073260

And the giant masses of tank-sized monsters that can bite through "Super-Carbon"

Again, that's in 30 years time.
Imagine what it'd be like in 100, 200.

>> No.25073263

Supreme Commander is the best way to tell a setting 'No, fuck you.'

>> No.25073283

I press "enter" and type "power overwhelming" "operation cwal" "something for nothing" and "show me the money"

>> No.25073292

Reminds me of Metal Marines... another mecha RTS. You were given 5 squares on an island to build the force necessary to invade a a massive 60x60 enemy base with overlapping anti-air and anti-ground turrets.

It was impossible.

>> No.25073299

Tyranids strip a planet bare in weeks, and the only reason they don't get caught is their ability to jam psychic communication.

Virus Bombs to kill everything on the surface, followed by extensive lance and physical munition bombardment to eradicate dug in positions. Anti-air fire will only help spread the life-eater virus.

Face it, the biggest threat the BETA pose to the Imperium is accidentally powering up the 'nids or Chaos.

>> No.25073304

Thank you so much for that image. I've been trying to figure out how everything scales to a normal person since the game came out.

>> No.25073306

And of course humans forget all about the wars they fought before those were options. Put the railguns in cheap concrete pillboxes? No, just put them on the billion-dollar experimental robot.

>> No.25073308

Lorewise, Total Annihilation is even more overpowered
Things get built faster, instead of armor units have some sort of supermolecolar cohesion, "basic infantry" shoot SMALL SUNS at the enemy.

>> No.25073318

Concrete is useless against BETA though.

>> No.25073330


Holy Terra has now starved to death because no one can get past the giant dyson sphere of X-boxes welded together. Pick a new Imperium.

>> No.25073342

>Imagine what it'd be like in 100, 200.
but they would never get that much time. Warp travel is slow, but not that slow, unless a freak accident happens. After assuming they take over a badly defended agriworld super fast, they'd only have about 1-5 years before reinforcements started arriving.

And that's if we're talking about the imperium. They'd be utterly fucked if they landed in the middle of a demon world.

>> No.25073344

They don't get hundreds of years to grow. They'll get a few at most. Once their approach vector into the galaxy is determined, the response time will get even faster.

If the BETA are lucky in the opening few conflicts, they may warrant the creation of a chapter of Space Marines or the formation of an inquisitorial conclave to watch for them.

>> No.25073367

> Metal Marines

fuck me, I tried to play that game so many times. It was just so confusing and hard.

>> No.25073369

>Imagine what it'd be like in 100, 200.
That is if they last that long. Two out of the three major Tyranid invasions have been shattered, with only small splinter fleets remaining, both of them having only a couple of years before they were shattered as a major threat.

>> No.25073370

if the layzors can't see you, they don't shoot you.

See, that's what we're talking about: BETA are just not a good adversary. they aren't interesting as anything other than a power-wank, and, well, that gets old fast.

>> No.25073374

Well, fact is, is that they don't settle down in once place.
In those 30 years on earth they colonized, Mars, the moon and began on earth.
In a place with no resistance at all, and confirmed planets throughout the subsector...

>> No.25073379

Not if you shoot them before they get to it.

>> No.25073384

>Warp travel is slow
No, not really.
It may be unreliable, but it is not slow.

>> No.25073386

Given basic BETA infantry looks I guess they'll call this ipotetical SM Chapter "The Cuntpunchers"

>> No.25073393

Confusing? It's about as basic an RTS as you can get: build missile launchers on your island, launch missiles at enemy island. Build anti-missile missiles to defend. Build giant mecha to invade. build turrets to prevent giant mecha.

Really straightforward.

>> No.25073400

Yes. That is also how Tyranids work, but they have fortress-tier shit up in weeks, not years.

>> No.25073403

>>Warp travel is slow
>No, not really.
>It may be unreliable, but it is not slow.

Periodically, it gets people there before they left...

>> No.25073409

>Warp travel is slow, but not that slow, unless a freak accident happens
And if a freak accident happens then it might even go faster.
Heck, it might go so fast that it arrive before it entred the warp.

Fuck causality! I've got a techpriest!

>> No.25073419

And this is on the most mass-produced "we come in fleets" fighter in the earth forces.

Personally my favorite's the Hyperdrive Wave Cannon, which uses the thing's, well, hyperdrive, to generate and machinegun a fucking torrent of shots of just that level for about ten seconds at a time.

Their numbers are massive. They reproduce quickly, regenerate and assimilate.

The Bydo's biggest weakness isn't just 'themselves', but actually that, as was shown in Operation Bitter Chocolate: they're actually trying, blind and utterly incapable [due to the assimilation process kind of getting in the way] of communicating, to protect their creators [whom they cannot find].

Once they're done annihilating... and REPLACING any and all military strength and the majority of your ecosystem's original flora and fauna, they'll gladly just turn around and leave, leaving what they've done to defend the planet should "threats" come for your world.

A very 'human' takeover, just like they were created, but also something no human population will stand for long without fighting to the last or attempting to rebel. We can't stand the thought that something would just... be in charge of our safety like that. We'll never accept it.

And the Bydo can't stop until they've done it.

>> No.25073420


This is the same lore where they routinely take centuries to reach a planet under attack by orks.

>> No.25073433

Well, it was confusing to me, since I played a japanese version

>> No.25073434

There's no place in the Imperium where a planet can be considered "undefended." They might manage to seize a lightly defended system before the navy comes through, but then they're fucked.

They're hilarously fucked if they encounter a splinter fleet, try to land on a tomb world, or fuck with a maiden world.

>> No.25073454

>Operation Bitter Chocolate

Do you have a english version?
Please tell me thereis a english translation!

>> No.25073459

and the same lore where they arrive before they left, from time to time.

but ON AVERAGE, they don't take that long.

>> No.25073467


>> No.25073471

There are currently 137 222 456 122 199 188 212 221 358 450 123 542 110 650 778 BETA hives in the universe. Not even the Tyranids can top that.

>> No.25073473

BETA Vs. Necrons
>BETA kills necron warriors
>Necron Warrior corpses phase out.
>BETA yield no resources from the conflict.

Yeah, Necrons would fuck BETA up twice as fast, because they cannot be used as resources. Even the Lazers Lasers Lasers would get overrun and gaus-flayed down to nothing by the cold living metal hands.

>> No.25073476

Those are the exceptions. Most issues are dealt with in a timely manner. The Imperium has a million worlds. It loses them all the time.

>> No.25073480


>> No.25073505

>Force incapable of completely overwhelming earth pre-interstellar flight.
Imperium stomps them to dust, Necrons blow them away, tyrannids overwhelm, Orks are happy to have someone new to fight, Eldar act like dicks, Deldar and Chaos live in different dimension.
When you have one force willing and able to just blow up a planet, your opponent needs to be of a similar scale.

The Tau might MIGHT be an interesting fight vs the BETA, but even the Tau have blown up suns because they were curious what would happen.

>> No.25073515

How do you know?
We have absolutely no idea of the true size of the tyranid fleet.

>> No.25073517

Got any more? Also sauce?

>> No.25073520

Is still a mistery for me from where the hell the Brick shoots it's laser

>> No.25073522

Maybe. Tyranids are the only extra-galactic player in 40k. They might have already consumed the vast majority of the universe. Some of the fluff hints that they're actually running from something else.

>> No.25073523

We honestly have no idea if they can. They are an extragalactic threat, and the IoM cannot send scouts outside the galaxy.

>> No.25073528

knowing what the fuck was going on involved asking friends that know the language, the occasional bit of figuring out what it meant after running words through a translator, and, of course, the lore of previous games.

A fucking headache, but I loved it just that badly.

If only a group would do to it what they did to mhp3rd...

>> No.25073542

Except they're not capable of bringing these numbers to bear, at all. Otherwise they would just have completely overwhelmed their earth instantly.

>> No.25073545

So few?

Look at this map, closely.

See the big white tendrillous things? that are much larger than the galaxy in the center?


not movement of hive fleets. those are the whole thing. Every last millimeter of it is packed with living biomass-consuming tyranids.

>> No.25073551

Honestly, and technologically advanced threat would be able to mop up the BETA fairly easily considering that Laser class BETA don't usually show up until a Hive enters a certain stage.
Really, had it not been the midst of the Cold War and China and Russia wanted to get a drop on the pig disgusting West with delicious Alien Candy by seizing the landing unit, it wouldn't have even been a problem then.
Especially considering that BETA don't normally fire at things in Orbit until they've gotten very close to a hive.

>> No.25073553

They are running from the BETA.

>> No.25073556

The Hell.

I'd make a "Death Star" joke but shit nigga, that is more unsettling that Ramiel

>> No.25073577


>> No.25073585

>not sure if trolling or stupid

>> No.25073587

You forgot to mention that each one of those BETA hives has, on average, 1.3x10 to the 99343 BETA life forms. The one on earth is still a baby.

>> No.25073595

Downstreamers vs beta

>> No.25073597

I think that it's supossed to be the original Core that brought the Bydo to the other dimension ,it is the final boss of the game.

>> No.25073602

.... wat

that can not be accurate

even in this setting a threat as dangerous as tyranids can simply not be that numerous, as it would overrun EVERYTHING

hell, the shadow in the warp phenomena would black out the entire fucking galaxy

>> No.25073625


>> No.25073627

And all of those life-forms are completely worthless in the naval battle. Face it, without a means to contest the gravity well, the BETA are fucked.

>inb4 "a handful have lasers"
Virus Bombs, nigga,

>> No.25073641

Shadow in the warp is just a localized effect caused by the "white noise" of tyranid comms.
And yes they are that numerous. The hive fleets are only scouts.

>> No.25073650

The main reason that the tyrannids have not already overrun everything is simple: they move at a glacial pace.

Small tyranid hive-ships can zip around a bit faster, but the big things *crawl* through the warp and realspace.

They are the inevitable doom of the universe.

Provided the Orks don't get their shit together, of course.

>> No.25073653

They mentioned, somewhere, that the Beta have an equal number of individual units on each of those hives and, unlike the Tyranids, they have an indefinite expiration date because they are made out of magical space silicon rather than carbon.

Those fleets are huge, but the bulk of their forces are still bio-juice while being transported. The BETA are always active. And, at their best, they grow huge enough to fire star-destroying lasers.

>> No.25073665

The entire BETA shown in Muvluv are tiny mining operation scouts.

>> No.25073671

I don't think you realise how large the galaxy is, and how big the hive fleet has to be in order to actually appear in a galaxy map. And when I say "fleet" I mean those are SHIPS, carrying billions of smaller lifeforms.

Frankly, this is one of those things I don't like in 40k, but since beta are just as retarded, whatever.

>> No.25073677

>Star-destroying lasers.

The BETA confirmed for being able to destroy the eye of terror.

>> No.25073685

>actually writing out the number down to single decimal place.
I can't tell what would be more sad.
If you made that up to try to impress us, or if in the canon of this setting they actually bother to give you that number.

>> No.25073693

>star destroying lasers.

yeah. There was a point where i was willing to argue this, but at this point, it's running on pixie-wings and space-cocane. The BETA still lose this fight, because they are impossible, not just "sufficiently advanced" impossible, but flat out "this is too stupid" impossible.

>> No.25073696

There isn't a decimal place in there.

>> No.25073698

W40k has the Ultramarines

>> No.25073699

>star-destroying lasers.
>Firing coherent light at a star
>to destroy it

>> No.25073735

It uses those nasty as fuck nanotech bee fighter things to change things into bydo, or to disable or reprogram bydo as it sees fit.

This time-travelling, dimension-jumping [just like the Bydo] ship thing, even after the Bydo destroyed it, had implications so scary and depressing that BYDO, the entire fucking fleet, just up and committed suicide into the sun. They were all "fuck this, this is too fucking horrible, STAR DEATH."

>> No.25073738

you wrote it out down to the individual "8" hives.

How would anyone, or any thing know this? That is granular detail so small, so minute, that it is utterly irrelevant. It's the kind of thing that someone writes when it's absolute bullshit.

"There were 7,426,958 individual bricks used in the construction of this house!"

See? It reeks of bullshit.

>> No.25073740

BETA are mining equipment, why you folks would want to compare them to things whose main motivational factor is kill everything else I don't know.

>> No.25073749

>Star-destroying laser
>Surely this flamethrower will help against large house-fires

>> No.25073752

Exactly. They are advanced enough to defy logic. That's why nobody in the Muv Luv universe has any idea how to fight them. They are just non-sensical. Too advanced to comprehend.

And the funny part, just like how the Hive Fleets are just scouts, these guys are just MINING DRONES.

>> No.25073757

Can Shiki kill space marines?

>> No.25073768

>And, at their best, they grow huge enough to fire star-destroying lasers.
There's literally no mention of that in anything canon.

Anyway, at minimum there are 10^38 BETA in the universe.

>> No.25073775

The beta loses the number game, because they provided an actual number.

while this image essentially means that the tyranids have uncountable numbers. Like, literally, you cannot count them. There is no number large enough to count a mass of beings big enough to show up in a galaxy map.

>> No.25073777

Tyranids win - there's a bit of fluff that states "Tyranids have devoured a thousand galaxies."
Therefore - no numbers top nids, they'd absorb enough biomass that they copy, out-evolve, and nom on the beta. Useful addition though.

>> No.25073783

No. No they are not advanced enough to defy logic. They are bullshit. It's not a fine line of differentiation. They work on pure narritivum. They are not adversaries, they are plot devices.

>> No.25073827

Tyranids have uncountable numbers, and the laser-eye boys have a cooldown time measured in minutes. In the time it takes for them to fire a second shot, the tyranids are allready at their front lines, eating their tanks, and devoring their eyeballs.

>> No.25073830

Can shiki even kill a single regular human with a machinegun who is 50m away from him?

I mean, yeah, obviously he can kill one, since he can kill anything, but can he move faster then bullets, in order to get close to whatever he has to kill?

>> No.25073831

Stars are pretty good at absorbing energy that comes their way, it's just that normally they give off a lot more energy. The mechanism would work if the laser has a much greater power output than the star it's aimed at.

>> No.25073833

Good to know we're on the same page then.

>> No.25073843


I don't think you can just shoot big things at the eye of terror to destroy it

>> No.25073845

>Calls other race stupidly overpowered when your own stupidly overpowered race can't beat it.

>> No.25073859

Which would require extracting more base energy from a planet than you would have in a star...

Let me see: colossal nuclear furnace that has a life expectancy measured in time-frames inconceivable to common man... or a tiny rock orbiting it that's a few billion years old?

>> No.25073868

You can if you have Enuff Dakka

>> No.25073877

I thought that the commander got depressed and tired to save the humans by crashing his infected fleet

>> No.25073881

The difference here is that 40k races at least try to be plausible. Yes, they're grossly overpowered and over-the-top, but they still pretend to work within the universal laws as we understand them.

>> No.25073882

bad plot devises, because they went to far and removed all tension.
"horrible aliens invading, will humanity survive?!"
"Nope, because we spoiled that the aliens are so much bigger better and more than anyone else that humanity loses and so does everyone else ever"
unless your going for lovecraftian horror, everything in your story is pointless.
and since you bothered to give all those detailed stats of everything, you fail at lovecraftian horror.

The more I learn about this setting the stupider I find it.

>> No.25073883

They say the same thing about greater demons, and a large enough concentration of lasguns can still kill them.

To kill the eye of terror, the Imperium should order all Imperial Guardmen all over the Imperial Sector to aim their lasguns at the Eye of Terror and shoot.

>> No.25073888

>isn't willing to admit that their own stupidly overpowered race is insufficiently stupidly overpowered to win against another stupidly overpowered race.

>> No.25073901

>"There were 7,426,958 individual bricks used in the construction of this house!"
But that's actually something you need to keep a count of, and you can.

Though I doubt anyone would make such a statement if they didn't have the documentations to prove it.

>> No.25073904

Obviously it wouldn't just be from one planet.

>> No.25073914

I mean Captain

>> No.25073917

You know, I am not actually an imperiumwanking fanboy. I enjoy the fluff, yes, but I can and will admit when something can just plain beat the IoM or sections therof. The Culture, TA/SC, Bolos, or even Elemental BA would be more than enough to give the Imperium, its ships, or a lone marine a solid ass-whuppin', or at least be on an equal level.
But if you want your shit to win, you have to work for it. And that? that is not.

>> No.25073927

Note that given how close it was to the actual sun's corona, that shadow isn't "blocking it out because its much closer"

The Solar Envoy is, far as anyone can tell, the original planetoid container they built to house the original bydo generation while they were finishing it up.

Which they really, really should've done the IFF on them first...

Then again what do you expect when they only built that shit because they were facing something so horrible that Bydo were suddenly a good idea in comparison.

Which, as it turns out, is because a bydo fleet that got whacked by a dimensional anomaly ended up being shot at by their scout forces in the future, fought back, and took the fight straight to their homeworld, razing their defense fleet and headquarters, then just turning around and leaving.

The same one built from the human fleet chasing them when it got caught by their core's conversion process.

>> No.25073932

Isn't that statement from the Inquisition? I fucking loved the 4th edition codex being in character pretty much the whole time.

>> No.25073937

but they don't travel between planets other than to set up more mining scouts. so where are they getting extraplanetary power supplies from? Giant extension cords run from mars to venus?

point is moot anyhow: the Tyranid hive fleets use exploding stars as their primary means of propulsion, riding the shockwaves towards our galaxy...

>> No.25073945

The way I see it is that humans aren't the first civilization to come along, and at some point in their history every species ends up creating their own version of the Bydo. It's kind of like the idea of the singularity if you believe that the singluarity would suck for everyone involved.

>> No.25073954

>Race that can make axes shoot bullets by believing hard enough that it's a gun and kill a greater demon by throwing a huge rock at it.
>Space Elves that shoot lightning out of nowhere from their fingers.
>What amounts to the BETA.
>The entirety of Chaos.


>> No.25073963

I'd say the difference is that there are multiple forces in 40k that all work at the same absurd power level, so there is actual interest in the conflict.
BETA fucks up by only have 1 and putting everything into "more powerful than everything else ever"

>> No.25073976

This sort of comparison doesn't work at all because of the scale differences.

The Imperium is spread across millions of worlds in an entire galaxy.

The BETA encounter in MuvLuv is humanity's first contact with aliens that occurs in the 1950s. One planet, with all the nations still divided by the Cold War and not even packing solid state electronics.

>> No.25074005

The 'nids probably did something logical, like dumped a shitload of useless heavy elements into the stars to make them go supernova. Elements they would have in abundance because they eat planets nearly whole. Instead of "we used lasers powered by fairy farts and bullshit"

>> No.25074035

Because the entire Muv Luv storyline revolves around a losing battle which humans have no chance at all of winning.

And they don't. They all get eaten to the point of near extinction before the main character goes back in time to fix it again. And fails again.

>> No.25074055

Could Saber conquer Terra?

>> No.25074056

I thought it revolved around harem shit.

>> No.25074060

fair point. Let me try again:

"There are approximately 10^83 molecules in the universe that we can observe."

THAT is how you write unreasonably large and cumbersome numbers.

Not: "There are 10 052 548 215 715 198 187 ... (some time later) ...8 675 309 molecules in the universe"

>> No.25074063


Yes. Plausible. Because the warp exists in the 40k universe. Hence Gods are a thing, and magic is a thing.

>> No.25074070

Oh Takeru.

>> No.25074091

He converted it.
This is the amount of Beta there are, estimated to be throughout the universe.

>> No.25074103

I thought it was 10^37 Superiors each with countless BETA under their command?

>> No.25074117

so it's trying for some sort of cosmic horror story and failing so hard failblog refused to talk about it because it would make all the other fail seem so small in comparison

>> No.25074126

And Muv Luv exists in a world where Giant Robots don't collapse due to their own weight thanks to fiction physics and the main character travels through time thanks to a comatose woman's psychic powers. What makes Star-Destroying lasers so hard to swallow?

>> No.25074137

As it is now?
Fuck no.
As it was during the time Big E lived?
Eh, maybe. But she would probably just end up the queen of one of the neo-feudal tribes that dotted old Terra.

>> No.25074142

>losing battle
except it lacks tension. Since we have all those numbers, that prove beyond a doubt that humanity is already completely fucked, and every single new plan an effort ends up completely thwarted (therefore preventing the reader from ever thinking the humans have a chance).

>> No.25074145

since obviously the imperium/tyranids win, let's try with something else.
BETA vs Alpha Legion ?

>> No.25074160

Perhaps with Infinite Mana and Avalon?
As well as all her former Noble Phantasms?

>> No.25074161

Alpha Legion infiltrates BETA?

I... no... i can't see it working.

>> No.25074177


>> No.25074181

>What makes Star-Destroying lasers so hard to swallow?
The fact that there's literally nothing in Canon to support it.

>> No.25074194

Going on a tangent here.

The original point was "BETA fucks up the 40K universe" and that stil stands because the BETA are stupidly overpowered.

Quality of writing is a topic for /a/.


It was, but the writer hated that, so he made it into a Zerg vs Mecha War with violence and grimdark in the sequels.

>> No.25074195


Because there's nothing to back it up. You can't create energy from nothing, that's just stupid. 40k gives an explanation for all the weird stuff

>> No.25074202

>really should've done the IFF on them first
The weird thing is there are at least two cases where they realised their enemies were human and stopped fighting. It would have been interesting if the captain at the end of Tactics surrendered to the human fleet instead of running.

>> No.25074208

Well, starting an infinite mana combo is pretty easy...

>> No.25074215

Infinite Prana, sorry.

>> No.25074224

Other than the axes shooting bullets thing, which isn't even part of the lore, those things make sense within the universe. Lightning comes from channeling the warp or whatever, tyranids fight using biological weaponry and are very much killable, etc.

In the 40k universe, blunt force trauma kills stuff, bullets make holes in things, and big squishy bugs get hurt when shot. It makes much more sense than eye lasers and unbreakable materials.

>> No.25074231

E is still an Alpha+ psyker, millions of years old, the gestalt of all of earth's shamans, and probably was King Arthur at one point.
So nah.

>> No.25074250

Different fleet, actually.

Okay. Spoilers Time:
RTT1: The admiral's fleet chasing down the bydo fleet eventually gets absorbed by the Ebon Eye... And you eventually awaken again, and start heading home. Your scouts and sensors feel enemies about, and you defend yourself all the way. The closer you get to earth the more the fighting intensifies, until, upon laying waste to their headquarters, you realize what happened. No, Admiral, this is earth, you were the Bydo. And then you turn off your guns, and leave, still being shot at, and head off to Jupiter, in case enemies ever come for earth.

RTT2: Late in the fight between the EAF and Granzera, a bydo fleet from the outer system shows up. They're in a fucking hurry. In fact they're.... RUNNING from something? WHAT THE SHIT? Well fuckit, bydo, gotta kill, right?

Shit gets worse from there. After victory and taking over the enemy forces/tech, you eventually assault their death-star ball of amalgamated ships... Only to, yourself, get caught by the Amber Core, and converted by the Solar Envoy.

Not nearly as 'smart' this time, far more degraded in cognition than your predecessor, you can only try to hunt for the light, you need to get to the light.

But when you get to it, all that is left is that fucking giant star of doom, waiting to rewrite you.

You'd never felt fear before.[/spoilers]

>> No.25074251

He's dying on the golden throne.
Which is why it's current Terra.

>> No.25074262

There are ways to stall them, which is what the climax amounts to. At the end, humanity bought itself a few thousand years and the possibility of contacting the Makers, to ask them to stop their BETA from eating them.

It's slightly better thought out than you think. Play it and see what you think, but I have no guarantees you will like it.

>> No.25074289

Take what these guys do:


And magnify it.

>> No.25074298

Fuck this
Oinkbane vs the BETA

>> No.25074305

>Not what amounts to a 5th warp god
Looks like someone needs to re-read Jax's interactions with Big E.

>> No.25074307

Oh please, this is TOO SUBTLE.

>> No.25074312

That's why literally everything Kouki has written after ML/A has been a harem right?

>> No.25074326

It's the only thing that gives it enough sales to allow the series to even float.

>> No.25074330

a good eitor knows when to beat the crap out of a rogue writer.

>> No.25074335

He couldn't.
They couldn't.
Thinking about Bydo too much while you're around them can eventually lead to your conversion. They could pick up on your brain waves and hitch a ride into your skull. Psychics and black magic [literally so, apparently] were both used in their creation. Their DNA is ours.

Opening comm channels is the same as getting hit by some of their little sperm bullets or the ghosts that some shoot out or all that other shit.

That's the biggest problem both sides have: They CAN'T, literally, physically or otherwise, interact with each-other in any manner that isn't violent or BAD END.

Even when they stopped and turned around, half of that fleet got wavecannoned on its way out the atmosphere.

Its only hinted that, possibly, the admiral's diary may have been left behind, maybe.

But whether its even readable or whether he was just deludedly thinking he was writing it and not, like, spiting acid at a rock or something, we never got to know.

>> No.25074342

Talking about Muv Luv here, not whatever it is you are talking about.

>> No.25074435

It almost feels like half the people thinking the BETA even stand a chance haven't read Muv-Luv/Alternative.

>> No.25074603

40k vs Japan shit?
Japan shit usually wins, they have random shit like time travel, little girls and fuck physics so it's no fun fighting with them.

>> No.25074647

to be fair, plenty of western shit ALSO has time travel, little girls and fucks physics.

kind of a staple of sci-fi across the board.

>> No.25074660

40k too has time travel and "fuck physics" is both an enemy and a weapon
There are also little girls but 90% of the time they are demons instead

>> No.25074735

Or Genestealer Hybrids
Or rogue psykers that haven't YET been posessed [won't be long now]
Or a Callidus in disguise
Or a Squat
Or Deffwotch Gretchins/Diggas
Or something wired by an inquisitor to either explode or get you to spit out all your heresies
Or a trap.

>> No.25074832

The BETA spent the last half century trying to invade Earth and took several decades to build an interplanetary hive on unoccupied Mars. A Tyranid fleet invades an earth-sized planet from start to finish in 20-100 days and leaves with more than 10% of the planetary mass.

>laser classes are OP

The BETA don't start making laser classes in the first years of an invasion because they haven't mined the necessary G elements, so not even "they'd laser the exterminatus bombs" floats. That's why the united states were able to nuke the fuck out of the North American hive after it landed.

By 40k standards BETA are a relatively dangerous xenos species that might require special attention if the local sector administration forgets about them for too many decades/centuries and planets start to go missing. The imperium The Imperium have been dealing with similar things for thousands of years.

>> No.25074868

Umm, the vast majority of the thread has been repeated examples of why the BETA lose. Their numbers don't mean shit. They initially appear in numbers small enough for cold war era Earth to at least mount a token resistance. IoM fucks them up.

>> No.25074872

>Dat view
Man, that's pretty beautiful.

>> No.25074931

Sure is.
While i never read the VN because the BETA seem like a boringly OP enemy in the setting, i never understood why Muvluv fans thought they were OP compared to Tyranids for example, or Zerg for that matter.

>> No.25074990

Tyranids 100% seamlessly absorb the Zerg and the BETA.
What happens in 40k?

>> No.25075092

Zerg are already 'Nids by another name, so not much happens there. Maybe bits of Zerg anatomy is incorporated into 'Nid strains for a small boost in efficiency. BETA gives them lasers, but still there's not much the 'Nids haven't seen before.

>> No.25075124

They incorporate whatever dna makes up the laser class and probably ignore the rest of it.

Really depends if the magical unobtainium G elements exist in 40k for the nids to harvest while grabbing everything else.

>> No.25075126

> the possibility of contacting the Makers, to ask them to stop their BETA from eating them.
this manages to be both "you just pulled that out of your ass" bullshit and "WTF how is that supposed to work" bullshit.
That's impressively bullshit.

So, tensionless battles because they spoiled they've given us the facts that humans could never win, NOPE pulled shit out of my ass that makes you go WTF how is that suppose to help.

>> No.25075139

They put up a slightly longer resistance when what was chasing them arrives.


>> No.25075179

BETA don't land on Mars because Master Therion and his Martian army destroy them before they manage to do anything.

>> No.25075185

Thiima wakes up, sees the state of the warp and decides the fastest way to get things back under control is to kill everything that isn't Tau or Necron. Can they do it?

>> No.25075292

Look, it's been established since 6th edition that the Tyrands are running from a swarm of planet-eating void whales.

In 40k void whales > everything

>> No.25075322

In the end the BETA are nothing more than an other xeno race like the Vrakk ...

>> No.25075387

Sounds like 40k.

>> No.25075477

Less regard to physics, less argue is posible

>> No.25075608

How did this thread ever get off the ground? BETA are really, really smalltime on the general scale of sci-fi, let alone WH40k. The reason they have trouble against the BETA in their own story is because humanity's tech level isn't particularly high and they're forced to resort to poorly-understood captured BETA materials. Which the BETA don't even really weaponize themselves because they're not fighters.

>> No.25075925

The BETA aren't really the point tho, Muv Luv is about interpersonal drama, the context of that drama is a doomed humanity, but the drama comes from personal relationships.

>> No.25076000

No, Muv-Luv is about playing with robots based on planes. The interpersonal drama is mind-numbingly terrible.

>> No.25076838

But they don't even resemble the planes they are based on. They're just named after them.

>> No.25077202

see those two nobby things on its legs? i think the laser is formed between them somehow.

>> No.25077326

this is why i like nids, because no matter how over the top, WTF, bullshit cheese they are, their fluff still tries to be 'plausible'

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