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Images of giant mean things > 50m
Or just an AdEvangelion general.

may it be glorious as the last one

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so buildings count too?

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too small
and not inland
tokyo 3 will not have trouble dealing with you

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I'm more a traditionalsit on tokyo defense

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>that fucking video
>"We have no idea how to move the rock blocks!"

/x/ pls

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Actually, I'd like to see an Angel encounter where the Angel is fairly small but is in a hard to reach spot that the Evas can't easily get to.

For instance, the Flaahgra in >>25071520 could wind up sprouting in some hydroponics test site in an underground bunker. Or the Angel is actually the spores from a previously defeated Angel, that covered the Evas and entered the NERV site that way. You never really think about all that gore that the Evas get covered in during a battle, do you?

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Spirit Science is the best AdEva setting

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But anon! They are cut with lasers to the one electron! And weigh million tons each!

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One Piece time?

One Piece time.

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this is the worst you will ever met as an Angel

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you call that big?
I have something bigger
An this is not even my final form

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fuck my OP folder is on another disc.

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That's a robot. Give me something ALIVE and we are talking.

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that guy in the corner looks like the Boys of Silence.

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Oh crap, this is great, I can use this. Thanks!

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chicks dig giant robots

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he is this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUJzYSswcj0 big in his final form.
and he is alive due to spiral energy

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What is that thing?
an EVA?

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Technically the ship is about the size of a human cell, but it's all relative.

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What would be a good idea to do in AdEva for downtime? I see the system proposes 2 non-combat sessions for each combat session. So what the heck are the players supposed to do? Roleplaying everyday-school-life sounds boring, and it doesn't really sound appropriate for teenagers with their hands full of emotional problems to play undercover agents to discover whatever Seele is up to.

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Make Seele agents pop up at school trying to extract info from kids or to abduct them.
Make some scientist be friends with them, then he invites them to home, where terrible Eva secret is revealed.
make them interact with the destruction their last fight caused, dead people friends, destroyrd homes ecc.

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Appreciate the advice, I already like the idea of seeing the consequences of their fights to add to the mood of despair and slow erosion of the sanity

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i don't understand the fun

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Yes, they put a weapon here.

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A fucking Titan ladder...

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look at the file names

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some pointless symbolism is always good for a AdEva thread

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well okay then

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a bit less of symblosilm please?

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this is the best angel ever

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Watching this video is like throwing Neon Genesis Evangelion together with Conan the Barbarian and a bit of Lovecraft, and then calling it history.

It's fucking great

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It looks like one that's been stripped of it's armor/restraints

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so an eva has an angel core?

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what does the pic rapresents?

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Yeah they do. After Unit-01 goes berserk and defeats the possessed Unit-03, it rips open Unit-03's front plate and proceeds to smash the core inside before consuming the corpse.

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forgot pic

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dat filename 10/10

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i see what he did there

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Is Borderline better than 2.5 at making everything that isn't an AT Tactician useful? The Pointman seems kind of useless right now.

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the eva 01 core is shown in the zeruel fight and i am sure a couple of other times

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Has there been any words on the 3rd edition that was supposedly in the works? I haven't heard anything new in a while.

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One of the playtesters popped up in a thread a while back.
I don't remember much from that, just that it's dropping the DH rules.

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I looks like a tree of life.

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The Sephirot is a recurring symbol in Evangelion, so that makes sense.

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Evangelion unit 01 in the nude.

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Does having a lot of conspiracies in background in a AdEva game a good thing?
Does players even notice those?

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>dropping the DH rules

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I'm writing a screenplay for a short film called GAMMAZON: QUEEN OF DESTRUCTION.

As you can tell by the title it's going to involve a 20m tall amazon wrecking shit up. I have two important plot points I haven't worked out yet.

1.) How many tits does she have? 1 or 2? Irradiated sets of multi-tits are out of the question.

2.) What should fight her at the end? The dashing scientist protag who also turned himself huge to save the day, or a giant robot?

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I have a few picture of big monsters. I'll post them if y'all like

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Hmmm... I'd probably go with two just for ease of casting and makeup, but it I guess it might depend on her background. You say she's an amazon? Like, an actual mythological amazon somehow transported to modern times (or at least the 1950s)? If that's the case, one or none would be fine.

Knowing nothing else about it, I'd say the robot. A giant dashing scientist seems to me like he might steal the focus from where it rightly belongs.

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surely I do.

giant robot is give more variety

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I was never sure, is this guy legit or just spinning an enjoyable story?

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You're right that one boob is harder. But I realised it could easily be done by just using an actor with a small chest and making the single boob prosthetic. Story wise though, she's just a tribal woman in the amazon jungle.

That's a fair point about stealing the focus

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I like these dudes.

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>tribal woman in the amazon jungle
In that case I'd go with two for the sake of convenience. Unless you just think having one is really cool and just want to do it as a specific aesthetic choice or for the challenge.

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I love watching these monsters having such a good time.

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I seriously don't know what those Science Patrol dudes think they're going to do with those pistols. They've never managed to hurt anything with them.

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I've got a few more Ultraman monsters, which I can post if someone asks, but I think I'll see what else I can find. I can't promise much, though, because of my terrible filing ability.

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It totally looks like Ultraman is bullying that one monster and playing his head like a bongos while the others cheer him on.

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I'd love to see more

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I'll post the rest in a bit, then. The only other gigantic things I'm finding in my TV folder are either overtly robotic, which isn't relevant to this thread, or else actual pictures of EVAs. I'll look under monsters, although most of my monster pictures are unfiled.

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Oh, and this.

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Found a couple of Godzillas

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Whatever the Hell this is.

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Here we go.

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Ok, back to Ultramonsters for a bit.

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Oops. Image limit.

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There we go. That's the last of them.

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I like it.

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I had a bit more but image limit is reached

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Yeah, sorry about that. We could start a new thread or I could delete some of my Ultraman pictures. If people are interested, that is.

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now i want to run an AdEva campaign

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I'm intrested in a new thread, but i have little to contribute

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I'll see if I can throw together enough pictures to justify creating a new thread.

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the video? it's legit, to the extent they believe it's true.

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Doesn't make it any less fucking stupid, though.

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Did i miss the new thread?

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No, I haven't made one and neither has anyone else as far as I know. I've been distracted on other threads and haven't found many images of giant monsters. I have more than enough for a more general monster thread, but I feel like that might be too generic. I don't want to clutter the board.

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