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So, I have given it some thought and want to run a quest thread, and have decided to do one about the noble Knights Inductor AKA the Reasonable Marines. Considering I wanted to write something about them anyways, this is a perfect fit for me.

In this thread I will be laying out the basic idea for the quest and answering questions and taking suggestions.

Let's get this ball rolling.

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Forgot my nametag

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The basic concept of the Quest is that the Munitorum has finally gotten around to realizing the Aprior Sector exists and has called upon it to send out a Guard force to serve the Emperor.

The Knights of course, take this very seriously, and choose to deploy not only a guard regiment, but a large Joint Task Force made up of Guardsmen, Knights, and specialists from their chapter allies to carry forward the ideals of the chapter and battle the enemies of the Imperium at large.

You are a newly minted Knight Officer being assigned to your first command. As you have shown great promise in your training and field experience, you are placed in command of the JTF, you must now form your task force, and then lead it into battle for the Imperium.

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step 1: make plot armor
step 2: use said plot armor the stop the inquisition nuking us

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The only reason the Inquisition hasn't nuked Aprior to hell and back is because the Inquisitor from the stories has given them her vague seal of approval, and the Inquisition knows that trying to shift the Knights and their thousand allies from their home space would be a meat grinder of incalculable proportions, not worth it.

So they will sit and wait, and observe how the JTF acts before they pass their judgement.

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Here is the basics for the Knights Inductor, for those of you who don't know.

Basically, in order to make a chapter resistant to warp shenanigans, a geneseed was altered to make those who bore it very calm and not prone to outbursts of violent emotion.

However they succeeded a little to well, and created a chapter of very calm levelheaded marines, who had little to no hatred at all.

After struggling to find their path for some time, the Knights Inductor took inspiration from the Salamanders, and dedicated themselves to fighting to protect the defenseless civilians of the Imperium.

They would often descend upon a world wrought with turmoil and civil war, restore peace with minimal force, negotiate a peaceful settlement, and then solve the root of the original issue, leaving the world better than they found it.

They continued until their voyage took them to the Aprior Sector, where they were trapped by warp storms for centuries.

Here the Knights put down roots, and proceeded to shape a sector headed by a representative elected government, with large personal freedoms and freedom of information, and living mostly at peace with the local xenos, while still considering themselves imperial citizens.

But now the warp storms have faded, and it is time for the Aprior Sector to pay its dues to the Imperium.

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The Aprior JTF is the first military force of its kind ever attempted, a military force formed not only from marines and human guardsmen, but representing the Knights chapter allies and non human citizens of the Aprior sector.

The composition of the JTF will be customizable, and this is how it breaks down.

Basic Troops.

These are everything that an Imperial Guard Regiment is supposed to have, infantry, Chimera APC''s, a few sentinels, all the generally accepted kit a Guard force brings to battle. This force will be included in the JTF regardless of player choices, it is your basic fighting force.

Also included are Three (3) squads of Knights Inductor Space Marines, with the standard kit SM's usually carry into battle, bolters and knives, as well as nonlethal options for subduing a rowdy populace. Again, this is the core of the JTF, and will always be available, this includes 3 Rino APC's outfitted with bolters and water canons.

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The JTF from here on out will be formed with player input, using a 'slot' system.

The players will be given options for slots such as 'air units' 'heavy infantry' and 'special operations', and given a number of choices, then they must pick a limited number of these choices.

As the game progresses, they will be given more points to spend to buy options they initially passed over, and new options will be added as I see fit, based on my own imagination or player decision as the game progresses.

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I'm going to go for a while, maybe someone will have commented when I get back...

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I love the idea.

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Alright OP. Sounds pretty cool. I'm a fan of the Reasonable Marines in a big way, so I'm all for it. Bump.

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Let's keep this going, time to discuss the actual unit choices a little.

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And what enemy we are fighting. Also, we should discuss fleet choices.

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These are the Special Operations Unit choices.

SpecOps units are your stealthy commando units, not Solid-Snake level infiltrators, but subtle units for swift strikes behind enemy lines to eliminate key targets with maximum efficiency.

1; Ranger squad.

As repayment for their stalwart defense of an Eldar Exodite colony from Dark Eldar reavers, a craftworld has tentatively agreed to alow a team of five Eldar Rangers to join the JTF if requested. Masters of stealth and long range marksmanship, these sharpshooters would be a great asset to the JTF

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I'd throw in the largest other /tg/ chapters for the fun of it. Your strike force is forced to work with the Angry Marines to put down a Dark Eldar force, do you try to rein them in or do you let them be a loud distraction from your mission? The Adeptus Mafiosi's aid is needed to secure critical supplies, you have to appease their Godfather. So on and so forth.

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Fleet choice will be largely unavailable to start, but over time you may gain access to cruisers, orbital support ships, and fighter carriers.

As for enemies, that will change over time, you will be shipped from warzone to warzone, so sometimes you may be fighting nids, other times chaos, other times tau.

>captcha says oppression nightsve

You want them to fight Night Lords...

I'll think about it.

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I would rather not, a large part of the quest will be how the Knights (one of the more grounded /tg/ chapters) interact with a mostly 'canon' 40K universe.

good idea, but not in this quest, maybe do something like that at a later date.

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Those look interesting. We should probably wait on the rest before deciding though

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2: Ork Kommando team

Over time, the Freebootas of Kaptain Feegul's crew, largely Kommandos and Storm Boys, have grown closer to the humies of the Aprior sector.

Now trained and outfitted by the Aprior sector military. Part Kommando, part Storm Boy, these Orks are clad in carapace armor, don jump packs and camouflage, and carry the fight to the enemy.

With the combination of the jump packs mobility and their natural affinity for stealth, they are a rapid attack force almost without peer, they are armed with Aprior pattern Bolters, and heavy machine guns modified to be used as combat rifles.

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Wouldn't Orks be completely out of place in the Knight's world as well as completely put off by the Kinght's viewpoint?

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3: Genestealer combat team.

With the assistance of the freed Norn Queen Adelind, Aprior sector healers have been able to return to normal functioning, while not being slaves to the hive mind.

To show their thanks, many of these individuals have joined the Aprior military, where they excel in small unit combat. While they do not posses a true brood mind, and retain their individuality, they do share a psychic connection, what one is aware of they are all aware of, allowing them to instantly react to threats, and communicate in situations where a normal vox would be unable to operate.

A squad contains roughly a dozen members, most appear human, though many are reinforced with chitin under their normal armor, a few are obviously hybrids, with extra limbs and strange dimensions, and the squad is lead by a purestrain.

The smaller hybrids are armed with lasguns, the larger hybrids and the purestrain carry bolters.

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whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa hold the fuck up there dude. Fucking good guy genestealers?! Really? I knew the whole Reasonable Marine shit was mary sue idiocy, but I didn't know it was THIS degenerate.

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That one is new actually. But I vote Eldar anyway.

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Normal Orks would, but these Orks hail from an unusually sneaky and disciplined group of Freebootas, and had a longstanding relationship with the Knights.

As this quest takes place after the previously written stories, some Orks have decided to actually join the Knights and their forces in a more official capacity, through this is very much an experiment.

As they see it, they are being chauffeured from great fight to great fight, on a really nice ship, with really stompy allies, and given really nice guns.

They have been trained to focus their aggression into a razor edged weapon and guided right into the enemy's most vulnerable spot, their Orkish fury tempered into a precise weapon of war.

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I think the norn queen accidentally absorbed blank genes which caused her change dramatically.

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>Freed Tyranids

... you're gonna do what?!

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I think of it as a mockery of 40k's grimderp. Which is why they are my favorite chapter.

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That's retarded. Absolutely, irredemably retarded.

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>In the grim darkness of the 41st millenium there are Reasonable Marines
Well Call Me a Faggot, but idea of subverting core premise of 40k sounds very appealing. Good luck to the players on their quest to balance their dedication to The Emperor with avoiding glare of puritan Inquisitors (radical ones should have no problem with exotic servants as long as they get shit done, right?)

Ave Imperator.

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The genestealers seen here are some of the only ones in existence, and do not represent the general population of Aprior, they remain a small minority.

However, the JTF is both a fighting force and a showroom for the Knight's ideals, though they need to keep is subtle, so the people they are helping would probably never know about the 'stealers unless it was a dire emergency.

As for being overpowered, they are physically standard 'stealer hybrids in flak armor with one purestrain, how is that overpowered?

Believe me, the enemies you will eventually fight will call on all your assets to fight effectively.

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It's not a mockery, it's an abomination. And it's well on the way to turn into that fanfic where some guy finds the Bible in 40k and converts everyone to Christianity and defeats the forces of chaos.

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Apparently the norn queen decided that incorporating blank genes into her swarm was a smart idea. I'd think that it would just result in the synapse severing and everything going feral, but in this case it apparently freed her from her hunger.

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It's not so much about them being overpowered as it is about them raping the canon 6 ways to Sunday. If that shit's in, I'm out.

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Basically a Norn queen absorbed the blank gene and got cut off from the hive mind, careful therapy from Aprior psykers helped her develop an independent mind, and with her help the psykers were able to treat the mental issues facing the 'stealers.

In the previously written stories they were trying to help the hybrids recover, and hoping Adelind could help them, as this takes place later, they succeeded here.

I am largely trying to extrapolate off of the previously written stories about the chapter.

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Well now it sounds like Star Trek crossover. Don't forget to add Necrons For Coexistence.

I don't mind

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You have now learned why I find it hilarious. Now can the haters please step outside?

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The non-sentient nids did go feral, but 'stealers have their own inteligence, and were eventually able to recover.

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basically the only faction they have not negotiated with are the necrons, as well as the more insane chaos groups.

They were originally described as the Picard Marines, they will negotiate with anyone, but when you cross the line they will take you down swiftly and efficiently, so angering them is not wise.

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Even the Emperor?


>> No.25069022

But that is the point of the quest.

If anyone finds out about this, the Inquisition will react accordingly, at least the Puritan factions will.

You cannot just barge into the governors palace with a purestrain at the head of your honor guard and not expect consequences, but they are an asset you can call upon.

The entire point is that this is insane and unheard of, from the Imperial point of view, and you must be able to act accordingly to avoid conflict with your own side.

They each present their own opportunities, and their own problems.

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It's nice to see that this has sparked such a, lively debate.

Those were all the ideas I had for SpecOps units off the top of my head, anyone else have a suggestion?

>> No.25069068

I vote eldar. They are the most sneaky, and will likely result in shenanigans when other Eldar start fucking with things.

>> No.25069091

I wasn't going to play yet, maybe today if there is enough enthusiasm about it.

How many choices do you feel the players should be allowed? if we added a couple more options I would allow multiple choices per category.

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>Sir, we're ready to begin our mission against the cultists in sector Gamma. But there's a... problem. Company of Gay Knights sent to assist us have discovered forward camp of our Ork allies. They are preparing to "start a purge". Do we...
>[ ] Hail the Grey Knight brother-captain, I shall reason with them.
>[ ] Jam their communications. We will take them out from behind as they charge in.
>[ ] Signal our Ork friends to disperse into the woods for extraction after the Knights are gone. We are sacrificing the outpost.
>[ ] Other

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I assume you are going to put the firewarriors in somewhere else? Also, damn I forgot all about my Apriori navy project. I'll have to start that up again soon.

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>Unlike the Orks, who the Reasonable Marines take a more laid back approach to dealing with, Tyranids are a considered a top-tier threat. No holds barred- shoot to kill.

How have we allowed the Ward to corrupt us so, brothers!?

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Knights Not! terminators
Any appropriate reasonable sisters
Knock off assasins
tau elite
list of Apriori army lists:
http://1d4chan.org/wiki/User:Voidsman (Internal security)
http://1d4chan.org/wiki/User:Blackjack217 (Navy)
http://1d4chan.org/wiki/User:Remoon101#Next_Big_Project:_Knights_Inductor (Knights)

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>fire warriors

Almost forgot about them.

Over time, the number of Tau in the Aprior sector has increased, both due to captures and defections, and a new generation of children born to those already living there.

Whilst not legally bound by the old caste system, these Tau are still the product of centuries of genetic manipulation, and still cherish their old culture.

those children of the Fire caste have long pushed to be admitted to the Aprior military, feeling the call to no trade but war. After a long debate, the Aprior government approved their request, and now a small, but not miniscule portion of the Aprior guard, and by extension the JTF, are comprised of Tau.

These forces usually wear face concealing balaclavas and tinted goggles when fighting alongside other imperial forces, so as not to cause a panic.

>> No.25069201

Uh, okay so working with Eldar I can understand but come on, genestealers?
And even Orks are NOT something you would want to rely on for much. Sure, give them guns and point them in a general direction to add carnage but be prepared to fight them yourself once they grow bored and want some more fun.

>> No.25069208


I wonder what idea would a faithful soldier find more terrifying - that his battle-brother is a spess wolf - or tau...

anyway, what about regular abhumans, i.e. squats, skaven, catfolk and ogryn?

>> No.25069213

Yes, that is my terrible navy project. I'm sure it is horribly unbalanced.

>> No.25069214

Normal 'Nids, which you will fight, are a top tier shoot to kill thread, this is an absurdly tiny fraction of them which you can actually deal with.

Please relax everybody, this will never get anywhere if all we do is scream about how crazy it is, if you dont want to play then dont play, but some people actually want to make this work, so lets give them a chance.

>> No.25069231 [DELETED] 

Then lets just never take them

>> No.25069253

There are no other abhumans present in the Aprior sector.

Not an option, they are a part of the Aprior military force, and Aprior laws against discrimination do not allow you to leave them behind.

Either Tau guard, or no guard, and as this is a guard force, as far as the munitorum is concerned, that is not an option.

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So, what do we discuss next?

Heavy vehicles, air support, infantry support, special units?

>> No.25069288

I actually meant to quote >>25069201
was referring to leaving the genestealers behind.

>> No.25069297

heavy vehicles.

>> No.25069314

I see.

>> No.25069317


>> No.25069350

These I have given less thought to, just be aware that all the standard light vehicles, such as chimeras and sentinels and rhinos are already being brought, this section applies to more excessive vehicles, such as land raiders, and main battle tanks.

>> No.25069360


>mfw random encounter
>mfw Blood Ravens accept some "gifts" from the aprior marines
>mfw Inquisition finds tainted xeno tech in possession of Blood Ravens

>> No.25069425

Figured as such. We have the option for pretty much everything in the Imperiums inventory (guard, marine and SOB alike) plus whatever eldar and tau tech we have

>> No.25069441

Wasn't there some sort of experimental tank cannon being worked on in one of the stories?

>> No.25069499

yes, but I feel hesitant to give you the doom cannon right off the bat, its still a prototype.

I'm thinking that we include tank groups, rocket artillery, or a land raider as options, as you only have the one troop ship right now, so no facilities for super heavy vehicles, but a raider is sort of on the smaller side of the massively overpowered vehicle chart.

As for alien vehicles, not to start with, you have some alien's in your population and some reverse engineered alien tech, but your vehicles are coming out of Aprior factories and are decidedly human, if a bit exotic in manufacture.

>> No.25069520

Also, I was thinking to include a small team of tau stealth suit operators into the SpecOps options, and I want one or two more options, but I cant think of anything else, suggestions?

>> No.25069581

Knock off assassins: Weaker than the mainline assassin variants, these are the best the apriori can produce. Still worth a bolter round to the face if anyone finds out.

Revenants: The result of a tech trade with the Ghosts of retribution, these marines are expert infiltraitors, though their tech is of questionable origin.

>> No.25069599


>Implying Blood Ravens haven't stolen worse than that without the Inquisition finding out

>> No.25069612


fair point

>> No.25069648

Maybe an elite team of Apriori internal security?
Or some sort of Sisters of reason team?

>> No.25069675

I thought the idea behind the Reasonable Marines was a Marine chapter that used logical tactics. This sounds more like every single faction gathering under a single banner in a way that doesn't really feel organic.

>> No.25069704

Eh, ok, I'll sign off on it in small groups joining in an opportunistic mercenary term. Just not wholesale tribes joining up on a permanent basis.

But Genestealers? No. Just no.

>> No.25069719

Oh, they do that to. Also required reading:

>> No.25069736

Look you don't like them? Then ignore them. It's not like we have to take them with us.

>> No.25069745


They would be under infantry support

>> No.25069747


So it would seem. And as the upstart chapter grew in power, its enemies and competing species have found that it is logical to ally themselves with them.

>> No.25069763


I have decided not to participate in this quest for this reason. I humbly suggest other anons who feel the same leave the thread as well and leave these people to their circlejerk. There's no point trying to revert or retcon the changes from the core concept, it's just become a cesspit that doesn't take criticism or responds to challenge. It's Harem Knights all over again. Requiescat im pace, Reasonable Marines. I used to think you were kind of neat.

>> No.25069766

OP must go now, an old friend i havent seen in years is over, and I have to go, I will be back later to answer any questions, and hopefully actually get this game rolling sometime.

thank you for all of your input, I will be back later to get this off the ground.

>> No.25069806

I appreciate your honesty, but to allay your worries, everything you have said I am well aware of.

What they are doing is unheard of, and beyond crazy, it is an experiment, and many people fully expect the JTF to fail horribly, but they are still willing to take the risk, the eyes of the galaxy, and more importantly the Inquisition will be upon you.

The challenges the leader of such an operation would face are many and come from many sides, and their unusual allies would be a large source of them, but they really have no choice, they must act.

Again, I appreciate your honesty, but be aware that I will not allow this to devolve into a pointless mary-sue curbstomp, there will be great challenges ahead.

With that, I sign off.

>> No.25069809


Really mate? Really?

>Doesn't take criticism or responds to challenge

When the OP just spent the whole thread explaining how this sort of thing might be interesting.
It's all well and good to not like fluff rape, admirable even, but saying that this is circlejerky?
That's leaping over the line.

>> No.25069842

I agree. This is fun.

>> No.25069857


>> No.25069864

Then you clearly have been paying no attention to the reasonable marines. The Knights Inductor, which we are playing, are a toned down form of the Reasonable Marines. The original Reasonable Marines were more crazy then these guys are.

>> No.25069936

Most of these guys are going
>Muh Grimdark
there is no hope for them.

>> No.25069978


You people have a reformed Norn Queen sending her Genestealers to fight for the Imperium. If you don't understand what's wrong with this, there's no hope for you.

Hint: It's not the "grimdark".

>> No.25070045

Remember when people enjoyed making fun of 40k? Good times.

>> No.25070071

Ah, those were the days. People are much more tightassed about things now.

>> No.25070086


Where's the fun here? It's just raping canon for the sake of raping canon. Everything is treated in a serious fashion, like OP repeatedly stating that you have to hide the heretical shit from inquisitors. You can't have your cake and eat it too - you don't get to claim you're taking the piss and then turn around and do a completely serious story out of it. This shit just smacks of Mary Sue, especially if you get away with hiding this stuff from the Imperium during the quest. And if not, it'll just become Renegade Chapter Quest II, only with less Skargan fucking players over with retarded, spiteful GM wank and with more Mary Sue "let's collect all the xenos and win 40k forever" shit.

>> No.25070094


then again, there are various kinds of fun. Don't let disagreements over definition breed needless hostility.

>> No.25070112

Is it that we are not taking things seriously enough and making a mockery of 40k canon? I mean, I think the 'nids bit is a little stupid, but that doesn't mean that I don't enjoy the idea behind the Knights Inductor.

>> No.25070163

As nofun as this guy sounds, he has a good point.

There is a line where we go from hilarious parody and what ifs right into mary sue fanfiction territory.

>> No.25070171

I don't invade normal 40k threads and make old jokes about how stupid 40k is. Is it to much to expect reciprocal courtesy when I get the chance to do this?
Not that I disagree with anything that has been said about Skargan mind you.

>> No.25070182

That's why I've been a proponent of "Never use the genestealers and ignore their existence"

>> No.25070184

For this reason, someone mentioned a Norn Queen fighting for the Imperium? I can put a spin on this without it being stupid.

Norn queen gets tampered by Ordos Xenos. Cannot register Humans as Biomatter to be digested, So the Norn Queen and her creations ignore humans as if they are not there.

shenanigans ensue as they rampage across a sector destroyed and devouring worlds leaving puzzled and terrified survivors.

>> No.25070208


so the nids leave humans sitting on worlds as they drink up the atmosphere? ... that is a funny as hell mental image.

>> No.25070218

I the fine line is getting closer and closer to being crossed every tg OC.

Xeno is pretty grounded in the lore, eccentric Necrons and all that.

Blue Grot works too with Orks, they can be rather open about things and they adapt to any differences well if it suits them.

But Tyranids helping anyone.. Tyranids even THINKING like a human would to me is utterly retarded and a dark path we should not walk down on.

>> No.25070240


Even better when you consider them moving around ripping open tanks and defence lines.

And then ignoring the humans within.

>> No.25070241


Please pay attention to what this awesome quest did. The QM gave more weight to strategy and preparation for a fight than he did to dice rolls, and he let the players have a cool management system that let them RP the fun interaction bits.

>> No.25070243

Look, everyone please read the Knights Inductor fluff before talking shit about it? Okay?

>> No.25070284

Whatever happened to Spess Muhreen Quest? It was much more fun than chapter master quest, on account of OP not being a prick.

>> No.25070345

What's wrong with Chapter Master Quest?

>> No.25070378

There is always a new crisis and never a chance to complete or even start player plans. Also, he tends to really enjoy it when people screw up.

>> No.25070422

Well, to be honest I haven't been around for all that long, but aside from suddenly Chaos Space Marines invading, which was handled 100% terribly by the players, nearly everything has been the player's fault.

>> No.25070440

>always a new crisis
Sounds about right for a sector of space in 40k that could collapse into anarchy in the near future.

>complete or start player plans
Failure of players to get things done with delegation isn't a GM's fault. [usually]

Let's try to keep this thread on track for Storm Raven, though. Hopefully he finds this meager comment helpful in his own planning.

>> No.25070442

Did you also throw a bitch fit over Heretical Love Quest?

>> No.25070452

I don't know, I quit in disgust a long time ago. Both with the player base and with the GM

>> No.25070486

Not really, 40k's warfare is usually really slow paced. Which is why SM's horrid recruitment practices don't kill them all off. Honestly the worst part is how a single bad roll could immediately irreparably screw everything to hell.

>> No.25070575

As I see them, the heavy vehicle choices should be, one formation of Leaman Russ tanks, one group of precision rocket artillery, one Land Raider, outfitted for general transport and riot suppression.

>> No.25070595

>Honestly the worst part is how a single bad roll could immediately irreparably screw everything to hell.
Perhaps that's why he invented the "Get out free card"

>> No.25070609

I vote tanks.

>> No.25070664


>> No.25070665

Wouldn't Reasonable Marines heavy vehicles (particularly the combat ones) be designed differently? I.e. not with WWI asthetics? The lower the profile the better. An Abhrams tank is not much higher than a tall man can reach, as opposed to the large cottage-sized Laid Raider

>> No.25070697


How about a Looted Devilfish

pic unrelated.

>> No.25070724

It has a sleeker more intelligent design, but has basically the same function and payload, it is considered a bit overkill by the Knights, but sometimes thats what you need.

It is worth noting that the Aprior guard makes us of Land Raiders as well as the knights themselves.

>> No.25070777

Precisely, the Mass Effect vehicles were spot-on

I am still a little fuzzy on whether we are trying to make the RMs reasonable (see what I did there?) rules-wise or just Mary Sue-ing them in all ways? If the former, denying them the use of LRs is a good power ding as well as making sense in a 'fluffy' way.

>> No.25070802

We are basing them off the fluff on the knights inductor http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Knights_Inductor

>> No.25070855

Honestly I'm just going to dump Apriori PSA's until people stop.

>> No.25070871

he so-called Gods of Chaos are more accurately described as emergent phenomena: the collective embodiment of every sentient being's instinctive drives, as these emotions influence the Warp, as opposed to the God-Emperor, who is a single extremely powerful psychic individual. This sort of embodiment is drawn to and empowered by activities which tap its particular emotion, especially if they are ritualized. The 'Chaos' part is very accurate; if we were to act on our impulses at all times, civilized society could not exist.

Slaanesh's name literally translates to 'Prince of Pleasure,' but a more accurate name would be 'Prince of Excess.' His or her followers engage in activities steeped in decadence and sensation, and the more extreme, the better. Slaaneshi cults sometimes masquerade as clubs or amusement centers.

Khorne, the Blood God, is the most obvious of the Chaos Gods; he feeds on hatred and battle-lust, and he demands blood, and lots of it, whether it comes from his worshipers or their enemies; indeed, our hatred and wars serve as well as those of any self-proclaimed cultist. It is said that Khorne does not care whose blood flows; only that it does.

Tzeentch is called 'The Changer of Ways' for his focus on ambition and change, but his domain also includes hope, magic, and knowledge. As with all things, these are good in moderation, but constant change and mutation do more harm than good. The known plans of his followers are convoluted but nearly airtight, and we can only assume that the unknown plans of Tzeentch himself are even more so, but for all of their knowledge, it seems that the ambition of Teentchian cultists and daemons means that their plans generally interfere with each other and lead to their collective downfall.

Nurgle is fueled by despair, and his domain includes disease and decay. His followers refer to him as 'Grandfather,' as he is apparently loving and welcoming to all, although his idea of 'gifts' is rather morbid.

>> No.25070884

Got it. Focus, are these Marines supposed to just be better than everyone else and win 40k forever? Or should they not have some things (like doofy vehicles and close combat troops) to compensate for all the neat other toys they get?

>> No.25070886

The Aprior Sector Armed Forces and Internal Security Services are actively engaged in destroying cults and undoing their work; such a task is risky at best, and extremely dangerous to individuals without proper training. However, there are some ways that every citizen can help. The easiest is to live life in moderation and balance, to help avoid empowering the gods. The other way to help is to be on the lookout for cults. In general, if members of the cult are unwilling to describe their rituals to outsiders, or are expected to cut all ties from society, or return to society with drastic personality changes, you should be suspicious and report them to Internal Security; we will investigate, and determine if they are a threat. However, bear in mind that not all members are wholly responsible for what their cult does; Chaos is known to have mind-altering effects, especially when daemons are involved. With counseling, support from friends and family, and faith in the God-Emperor, recovery is possible.

If you should find yourself confronted by the forces of Chaos, do not panic. Instead, try to discern their goal. If their goal is violent, such as using you for a sacrifice, attempt to disengage; running to a populated, well-lit area will most likely suffice. As Chaos cults prefer to stay under the radar until they can build a critical mass, they will typically not pursue. If you can get away, inform the authorities immediately, as a Chaos cult will only seek sacrifices when they are on the brink of taking action.

A more likely reason for an encounter with Chaos is that they are seeking new followers.

>> No.25070971

Hated By Mars: essentially mars does not like the apriori Admech, so they don't give them shiny toys. No new suits of Terminator armor, or heavy warship designs, artificer armor is scarce, and definitely no baneblades or titan legions in the entire sector. To compensate the Apriori have the Cruisader pattern power armor, which is just a shitty baneblade.
Distrusted by the high lords: Don't expect the high lords to offer any support, no assassins or the like for you!
Hated by puritins: Expect the puritin factions of the =][= to do their best to sabotage anything you try.

>> No.25070998

shitty terminator armor, my bad.

>> No.25071010

If this is the case, gently but firmly refuse them – this may be made difficult by warp-magics, but always be aware that, however tempting their offer may be, the Ruinous Powers do not care about you, and their followers will betray you at the drop of a hat should they feel it advantageous to do so; only the Imperium and the God-Emperor have humanity's best interests at heart. Once the situation is defused, report your encounter to a trusted authority, and consider getting a medical examination, as close contact with Chaos can result in minor corruption.

>> No.25071030

So, troops next?

>> No.25071071


It has been said multiple times that their unorthodox tactics put them in danger of being confronted by a puritan inquisitor.

Furthermore, the diversity among their crew might spark internal tensions. I don't follow this particular writefaggotry so I'm unsure how big deal their loyalty and camaraderie is in an actual fight compared as opposed to back-shooting commisariat or fanatical herpaderp devotion to the uplifting primer of regular companies/chapters.

Their more complex weaponry and catering to assortment of species might incur logistic issues, as opposed to leaving your lasgun charge in the sun as is case with regular infantry.

I also imagine their numbers are limited compared to regular guardsmen. Hell, they may play more like combined arms Eldar than either human army...

Finally, I don't think this is a case of dichotomy as in Mary Sue My Immortal Faction versus NPC Faction If You Want An Extra Feat, You Must Cut Off A Leg.

Besides, wasn't there a canon world, Merika or something, that had PDF on par with space marines?

>> No.25071294

Ehhhh, I dunno if those drawbacks are actually drawbacks though. Hatred/Mars doesn't rule out anything really, and Hatred/Puritans certainly doesn't. The only thing you are missing is Assassins, which Marines don't get normally anyways. Balance-wise (and strictly balance-wise, as fluff-wise you can have anything you want to Sueify yourself to have) you have to give up Marine toys to get other races toys. Not saying Feat/Leg, but Feat/Finger perhaps rather than the Extra Set of Cyber Arms/Cut Off Someone Else's Leg

>> No.25071305

Merika, lol + awesome

>> No.25071319

But its not a table top army. It doesn't have to be balanced at the micro level if it has macro disadvantages.

>> No.25071356

This is a point. In table top terms it simply has battle brother with the Eldar, Tau and SOB, presumably in return for a point uptick on artificer armor and terminator gear.

>> No.25071396

Also has the Valkyrie Avenger instead of the Stormraven. Presumably the Avenger is worse.

>> No.25071447

That makes a little more sense than including units in the 'main list' but might be ultimately more powerful as it would allow access to any unit in the other codex.

If going this route the 'penalty' should be more severe than if including watered-down versions in the main list.

>> No.25071492

Well, we aren't playing table top, so its not like it matters at all. Where is OP BTW?

>> No.25071507

Dear OP, I like your ideas, yes including the genestealer one, but maybe you're going a bit too fast here. Keep the Eldar, keep the orks. Yes those are fine, but perhaps you should the more controversial and exotic ideas in the bag until you get the quest up and running for a while. Then you spring them in, once you have a willing bunch of questers. That way they (and you) will have something new to play with and the ensuing shitstorm will attract more people in. Shit, GW does it why not you OP?

>> No.25071558

Different ally chart
Cannot ally: Chaos Demons, Chaos, Nids
Unholy alliance: Black Templar, Dark Eldar, Grey Knights, Necron
Grudging allies: SM, Space Wolves, Blood angels
Brothers in arms: Tau, IG SOB, Eldar, SM (Salamander list)

>> No.25071633

standard troops are the regular Aprior Guardsmen, with three squads of Knights Inductor marines

>> No.25071649

I will simply give them the option, they dont want to bring the 'stealer commandos they dont have to.

>> No.25071659

OP is entertaining guests IRL and cannot comment regularly, but will chime in where possible.

>> No.25071672

Lets go with Air support when you next have a chance. I vote for Valkyrie Avenger's personally.

>> No.25071783

>Gets along better with filthy aliens than fellow Space Marines
>Battle Sisters have no problem with this

>> No.25071853

Technically, its only a single organization of the SOB, the sisters of reason. Any other branch of that organization is Unholy Alliance.

>> No.25071922

i think some one needs to redo that pic. it could be pretty fun to redo it and put it as "canon"

>> No.25071931


I'm sure we can come to a mutually beneficial agreement, your most holy imperial majesty. How about we don't mention your own fascination with ginger-haired Eldar maidens in return?

>> No.25071999

he may be half elf. but its the good half that let him become a space marine

>> No.25072052


Obviously. Had he not inherited his father's psykical abilities, he would've ended up in PDF at best.

>> No.25073089

I actually had an idea for a part of the "Aprior Sector Crusade" story (basically, a Puritan decides that the Knights Inductor are too much like the Astral Claws and Badab Sector for his liking, and that they need to be taught a lesson) where the Blood Ravens show up to lend assistance...using some prototype technology that the KI techmarines had not yet released for general production. Questions of where they got this technology are answered with evasion and shuffling of feet.

Internal tensions are definitely going to be an issue. The Tau Empire is a recurring adversary for the Aprior Sector (think Cold War), so there is a lot of grief over the Tau living in the Sector, especially among the veterans of border conflicts and their immediate families and descendents.

As far as logistics go, I've got a fluff segment that might illustrate the dangers of over-reliance on customized patterns (next post).

>> No.25073181

Fenris Battle Tank: The Adeptus Mechanicus guilds working in the Aprior Sector keep track of every maintenance report generated when their products are brought in for repair. That way, they can identify patterns of problems and improve future production runs. One of the workshops contracted to build Leman Russ Battle Tanks for the sector's Imperial Guard regiments, Staalus Armorworks, found themselves needing to make too many compromises when they tried to modify the Russ in response to post-battle reports, and decided to make a bold gamble. They spent years testing designs and retooling their production lines to create a novel battle tank that addressed every identified shortcoming. The result was the Fenris Battle Tank, a lower, sleeker vehicle that resembled a miniature Baneblade with some features of the Predator Tank. It was a marvel of engineering, superior to the Russ in almost every respect, but it was also more expensive to produce, required a much longer training program for crews to master it completely, and only shared a few common components with the Russ. For ease of maintenance and interoperability with other Imperial Guard regiments, the Apriori regiments stuck with the dependable Leman Russ. Staalus was able to retain some of their Leman Russ production lines, and thus retained some of its contracts, but their gamble cost them a great deal of Russ production capacity, which forced them to surrender many of their contracts to other workshops. As for the Fenris, only Staalus's own Skitarii and their world's PDF chose to use it; the production lines lie cold and the majority of Fenrises produced wait in storage.

(On the table, the Fenris would count as a Leman Russ, but looking more like a modern MBT. Unfortunately for Apriori tech-priests with entrepreneurial spirit, new ideas don't always pan out.)

>> No.25073208


>> No.25073715

Ah, the great writer graces us with his presence, also OP IS BACK, my guests have departed and I am ready to fully commit to this work.

I believe air support was called for next.

>> No.25073763

I like it.

As a prototype military operation meant to showcase Aprior ingenuity, the Fenris could possibly be deployed with the Aprior JTF.

>> No.25073858

1:Valkyrie Avenger

A variant Valkyrie dropship meant to be used by the Knights Inductor rather than the guard, this aircraft is used similarly to the US military's 'little bird' helicopter, delivering a combat team of Knights rapidly to the target zone with a low profile vehicle meant to get in low and fast and be able to provide air support to the team on the ground.

Option includes 4 Avengers, able to carry 6 marines each.

>> No.25073986

2: Shrike air-space superiority fighter.

Another creation of the Aprior Adeptus, the Shrike is an extremely fast and maneuverable air dominance fighter capable of operating in and out of atmosphere, and reaching orbit from a ground launch. It is capable of being launched from a spacegoing vessel, or from the ground, with or without an airstrip, using vertical take off and landing (VTOL) engines.

It is armed with air-to-air missiles and a multilaser, and can also carry precision air-to-ground missiles and bombs for limited strikes.

Option is a flight of 5 Shrike fighters.

>> No.25074069

3: Balmoral Bomber.

Another VTOL air-space craft, this purpose built bomber, the Balmoral carries heavy ordinance for anti-ground operations. capable of deploying massive amounts of bombs and anti ground missiles, the Balmoral can devastate enemy holdings from well outside their striking range.

For space combat, it can be loaded with anti-ship torpedoes.

>> No.25074096

forgot to say, option is a flight of 3 bombers

>> No.25074163

Shrikes I think. It seems the most flexible of the three.

>> No.25074213

No need to pick now, we will play soon, I think I may actually start this tonight, though it will be mostly intro stuff, setting the scene, and revealing the JTF to the players.

I think all that remains are the infantry, and the special units.

Won't that be fun, believe me, you have no idea the rage that is about to hit.

>> No.25074355

This is the heavy specialized infantry which goes above and beyond the standard guardsmen.

Note, this does not include the standard 2 squads of Knights inductor which are accompanying the JTF.

1: Sisters of Battle.

Hailing from the Order of Reason's Light, these battle sisters are more level-headed than their usual imperial counterparts, but their faith in the Emperor is every bit as unshakable.

Bearing bolters and clad in powered armor, these sisters are a formidable foe in a frontal assault.

includes 2 squads of sisters.

Anyone know how many SoB to a squad?

>> No.25074426

Not sure. Is there going to be a seraphim or dominion option? Those are what SOB are good at after all.

>> No.25074492

Not at present, you simply receive 2, additional squads of power armored bolter wielding soldiers for the fight.

It should also be said that seeing the SoB in battle can help the men's spirits.

If you are looking for fast moving jetpacking CQC experts, go back to the Kommando entry.

It is possible that they could receive jump packs in the future, unless there is a great call for Seraphim right now.

>> No.25074545

Nah, its just that standard bolter bitches are horrific on table top. While seraphim and dominion are actually quite good.

>> No.25074567

We are not following tabletop rules, and BBs will be quite effective here, not OP, but quite good.

>> No.25074681

2:Terminator squad.

Whilst normally seen as complete overkill, the Knights Inductor do indeed field terminator armored units.

These suits have been equipped with active camouflage systems taken reverse engineered from Tau stealth suits, and are capable of becoming invisible for a short amount of time.

However, prolonged use of the stealth system will cause the cloaker to melt down and become useless, and it does not mask sound, meaning that its effectiveness is limited.

Option includes squad of 5 terminator marines.

>> No.25074738


>> No.25074788

3: Storm Troopers

Comprised of the best of the best of the Aprior guard, the storm trooper squads are called upon when regular guardsmen are just not enough. armed with a multitude of heavy weapons, and wearing the 'trooper' powered skeleton in addition to carapace armor, these elite troopers can easily be counted upon to carry the battle.

Includes 4 squads of storm troopers.

>> No.25074935

4: battlesuit team

As the number of former Tau nationals in the Aprior sector, particularly the R&D sections, grew, they brought many of their design philosophies with them to their new home.

An offshoot of their power armor research project, a Tau weapons tech led the push to design a new generation of battlesuits for Aprior use.

The project has yielded results, with the new battlesuits ready to be deployed, though they have yet to see major military service, they have proven somewhat effective in batting tyranid encroachment.

Each suits armament varies, but they can deploy storm bolters, multilasers, lascanon, plasma guns, and missile launchers, in some combination.

>> No.25074955

Option includes a total of ten battlesuits

>> No.25075072

5:bike team.

Another product of the Aprior forges, the Timber Wolf combat bike bears lasguns, guided missiles, and can be upgraded to feature plasma guns, or even a multilaser.

The bikes are extremely fast, and able to operate on almost any terrain, with fire control being handled by the onboard cogitator, while the pilot directs the fire via his helmet vox, leaving the operator free to focus on driving.

Option includes 15 Timber Wolf combat cycles, and the dashing guardsmen who ride them.

>> No.25075146

is anyone even still here?

>> No.25075171


>> No.25075192

yup. I'd vote for SOB, but we aren't voting yet

>> No.25075205

Yup. Keep going i'm liking it.

>> No.25075219

nice to know im not talking at a wall. Now time for the special units.


>> No.25075473

That image's got the hand backwards...

>> No.25075599

These are the rare specialist units which do not fall under any other category, they are powerful but rare.

1:Brother's of Silence squad

With the Aprior sector being home to an unusual number of blanks, it was inevitable that they would find their way into the ranks of the Knights Inductor.

While they do not posses the offensive capabilities of psykers, they are immune to psychic attacks, and powerful combatants in their own right.

They are immune to any form of psychic eavesdropping or scrying, and their mere presence causes great trauma to psykers, and can harm and even banish daemons within a short radius.

includes 6 Brothers of Silence

>> No.25075615


Details, details. Nagas and Lamias also look differently in myths than portrayed in fiction. As do Angels.

>> No.25075632


Eldar allies must love them.

>> No.25075655

They are also immune to eldar foresight. You now see why they play nice with this group of mon'kiegh

>> No.25075692

it has become standard practice in the Aprior sector to include a brother of silence in all major planning meetings to prevent any form of psychic surveillance, including eldar foresight.

>> No.25075852

2: Battle Magos

A Magos of the Aprior sector Adeptus Mechanicus, the Magos is not himself a front line combatant. Rather, it is his construction and deployment of combat drones which make him an asset.

Whilst legally servitors, these creations are more robotic than techno-organic, and come in multiple varieties, including tracked vehicles with heavy weapons to support individual squads, to airborne vehicles of varying sizes to carry out reconnaissance and airstrikes.

Includes 1 Battle Magos, and several assistants and drone operators.

>> No.25075899

While all units chosen can and will impact the story, the special units do so the most.

this can range from issues which they bring to you and ask for your help to solve, to potential crisies they avert.

>your planning meeting with the governor was being spied upon, thank goodness the Silencers were able to block the intrusion.

>The launch bay door is blasted shut, you cannot launch any aircraft, good news your Magos is on the job to get it working again.

that sort of thing, but rest assured that not taking one specific unit will not result in a complete catastrophe.

And you can always come back to get more units as the Quest progresses.

>> No.25076083

interesting. Are these the only two options?

>> No.25076121

3: Confessor.

The Imperial church is alive and well in the Aprior sector, irregardless of what some inquisitors might believe, and there are factions of the ecclesiarchy who wish to travel the stars with the JTF, to spread the Aprior message of peace, mercy, reason, and universal brotherhood.

This preacher calms and strengthens the men, raising morale all around, both of the JTF and the regular defenders and citizens of whatever world they defend, and also stands ready to give the official seal of approval to any actions which the natives may deem heretical, as he likely outranks any other ecclesiarchy official present.

>> No.25076166

Any suggestions, I want at least one or two more before we get to the big one.

The foreshadowing is eclipsing the sun at this point isn't it?

>> No.25076194

no, as you can now see, there will be more options for special units, I just used those two as examples.

>> No.25076204

>And you can always come back to get more units as the Quest progresses.
Actually, isn't re-supply one of the things that's really iffy for regiments? This could be an aspect of the quest too. Some ideas:
0. Leave it in the Emperor's hands. It's good enough for other Regiments, after all.
1. You might be just another cog to the Administratum, but the Sector isn't going to leave you in the lurch; you can get supplies from them (good for fixing/replacing custom bits or getting special units), but depending on where you're deployed (especially how far away you are, or if there's e.g. a Shadow in the Warp where you are), shipments may be lost or delayed, and requests can be garbled ("Oh, you wanted Sisters of SILENCE...sorry, you'll have to make due with these Battle Sisters."). Might also inspire jealousy from other Regiments (though maybe you can pacify them if you get some goodies for them...be careful about this, because I'm pretty sure the Uplifting Primer says that getting equipment by non-Munitorum channels is some kind of heresy).
2. Since you have a detachment of Space Marines, you can be more forceful in "requisitioning" equipment, though this will attract unwelcome interest from the higher echelons.
3. If you absolutely must get a particular item, you could send your ship to fetch it -- since they're also your guys, there is no possibility of mixing up what it is you want. Of course, this leaves you substantially reduced in orbital support until they get back.

>> No.25076206

Farseer. Some sort of Tau farsight type. Ork Warboss with the ability to krump smaller orks into line.

>> No.25076212

Also, you WILL have multiple choices per category, probably two separate choices per category, so don't feel restricted to just one.

>> No.25076275


All of those should be rather available to be called upon under specific circumstances rather than having them ready for deployment. Having a high-ranking xeno in a role of staff member is something a rogue trader might get away with, but a task force commander? I doubt that.

>> No.25076286

SOB Cannoness.

>> No.25076290

I was considering a warboss, but a farseer would not at present join the Knights the aforementioned Eldar are the limit they are willing to allow, and a Tau comander would also work...

give me a minute.

>> No.25076339

Task force commander with the firm backing of an entire sector.

>> No.25076439

More ridiculous faggotry in the "I am so super smart"?

Look, the only way Astartes make sense in 40k verse is if most of the high end showings are canon. Not quute Movie Marines but close.

Which means we have to re-evaluate what reasonable would actually mean, not to mention psychological effects of deployed Astartes.

Although among the main things you would want to change is a simple addition. Everybody gets Iron Halo like shield devices.

Other than that, most of the issue is with how Astartes are deployed. In the Crusade Era, most Legions were a Combined Arms unit with Baneblades and Stormbirds out the ass. Which is frankly an extreme amount of fire power. Any single Astartes Legion would be fully capable of conquering and crushing all strategic residtance on modern Earth in under a day. Not to mention having a much smaller logistical footprint for an ewual combat value of mortal men and the fact that Astartes remain a combat effective unit for much longer than their equal.


So eith that in mind, also keep in mind that Marine Chapters are only allowed roughly a thousand Marines and that this is considered excessive for a single world with few, and noted, exceptions.

So deploying them for rapid shock actions and then re deploying them is actually perfectly reasonable.

>> No.25076440

This would be in-between warzones, and not always a certainty, but you will have a chance to take more special unit choices, as well as all the other missed options, as time goes on.

>> No.25076458

are you lost?

You dont seem to be replying to anything in specific here, please explain your intent.

>> No.25076523

4: Ork Warboss

While not a true warboss in the traditional sense, this Ork has proven himself a capable leader and a fearsome combatant, able to lead from the front, providing the functions of both a command unit and a heavy weapons squad at once.

While Orks respond best to his command strategy, he is also capable of leading members of other races into battle, although this can present a few problems.

Not the least of which is the units attempt to keep up with their charging commander.

>> No.25076551

Yeah no, these are heretical Marines. Shitty ones too.

An I.quisitor will get pissy and these retard marines will die horribly.

Going around and magically solving complex political issues? That shit takes decades to work out and has literally nothing to do eith the Astartes.mission statement. There is so much wrong with this its unbeleivable. Literally wasting years upon years just meddling in political affairs and then WORKING WITH XENOS?!?!?

Your job is to fight xenos and the enemies of mankind. Knights Inductor are massive goddamn failures. As silly as the Angry Marines are, they are far closer to what Astartes are fucking for. Especially since they are apparently Black Templars simply taken to an extreme.

>> No.25076606

5: Tau Commander

Unwilling to allow his unit to commit suicide at the orders of an Etherial, this Tau officer defected to the Aprior sector along with his entire command, bringing his combat experience and martial abilities to his new home.

Possessed of a calm tactical mind and caring greatly for the welfare of his men, this Commander is often well liked by the troops under his command.

He enters battle in his old battlesuit, this individual is both a gifted commander, and a fearsome personal combatant.

>> No.25076619

Okay, I thought we were past the 40kids crashing the quest. GO AWAY.

>> No.25076632

Thank you for your input, I will consider it carefully.

Now if all you came here to do is yell and scream at people doing something which literally cannot ever affect you, allow me to show you the door.

>> No.25076656

Unfortunately, the Order of Reason's Light is somewhat small, and cannot spare a Cannoness at this time.

Later is an entirely different matter.

>> No.25076682


>> No.25076691

I don't understand the point of the reasonable marines

It's like you took the IGs only interesting aspect (the capacity to be reasonable humans) and stapled it to the least reasonable (for good reason) characters in 40k.

Why not write about eldar marines, human marines, hell, marine like tyranid creatures. It would certainly be a more challenging creative writing exercise

>> No.25076714

Did you not see the Genestealer commandos?

>> No.25076775

A lot of people, especially sci fi fans, do not like associating something that could stomp Modern Earths shit in while simultaneosly not sharing Liberal values.

And a lot of other people love to jack off to thr tablrtop representation of Astartes eithout realizing the flaws of that assumption, and also love using "realism" as a cover for cherry picking the weakest possible example.

Astartes bring.lumbering brutes whose armor would be threatened by a RPG7 is for example, a favorite.

And they definiately cant stand the idea of melee combat having value again, nevermind that the closer you are, the more dangerous it is to bring truly heavy firepower to bear.

Its really a lot of issues at once, but suffice to say, Movie Marines who can sprint and maintain 90mph and have the marksmanship and reaction time to shoot down the barrel of a tank cannon or optimally place a Bolter round in the middle of a squad to maximize casualties from both the explosion and the passing of the round.

The same idiots who think stairs would do anything other than provoke the Astartes to level the fucking building, manually if necessary.

Either Space Marines are superhuman badasses that could reasonably stomp the fucking shit out of a Modern Day Mechanized Division with merely 100 Astartes and the proper weapons, or quite frankly, they make zero sense at all and are nothing more than propaganda pieces. Of course, they would take casualties while doing so.


>> No.25076818

Because I think its and interesting idea and watching people rage about people having fun is always amusing?

>> No.25076851

Hhmmmm, while a Astartes would have his armor penetrated by a RPG7, beyond a headshot/heartshot/spine, I doubt it would do anything other than floor his ass.

>> No.25076854

>they make zero sense at all


But they are not propaganda pieces. 40k is a nonsensical setting where cavalry charges devastate the armies of the most advanced force in the galaxy, space marines are on occasion hunted for sport by necrons/dark eldar and on occasion solo a daemonic invasion.

>> No.25076886

Nice Mary Sue stupidity.

>> No.25076892


Hah, good one.

Here, sir. I present you with a kryptonite. Drop in a thread of "Space marine vs. a setting, who wins?"

Although... now that I think of it, are femmarines still such a rage inducing issue with the "canon observant"?

>> No.25076909


>> No.25076918

Landraiders are for bigass Astartes. Baneblades were.also originally meant for Astartes.

Both of them should be able tonlaugh off 120mm, but alas, Forgeworld.

>> No.25076926


People with pariah gene are canon.

And while on topic of "mary sue", so are Kaldor Draigo and your spiritual liege.

>> No.25076948

Femmarines with Demhips and Titty plate is just plain fucking stupid.

>> No.25076984

Not really.
FemMarines would only exist for breeding purposes.

>> No.25076989

n entire chapter immune to foresight? Lolno.

Oh and nice assumptions brah.

>> No.25077007


Yes, you read that right, stop blinking, and if you don't like it, keep it polite please.

Ever since first encountering Ardi, a surprisingly levelheaded daemonette like creature, the Knights Inductor have remained curious about the possibility of more reasonable warp creatures existing. After years of debate and study, a project to summon a few such creatures was undertaken.

With the utmost care, a special installation on an uninhabited planetoid was constructed, and several squads of Silencers were placed on standby just outside the summoning chamber.

After numerous failures, and a few near disasters, the project yielded results when a conjured being did not attempt to break its bonds and kill everyone in the room.

Further study on such creatures shows that they are still divided by the four principle chaos deities, but are simply 'formed' from less negative emotions as the daemons usually seen.

Bound into specially prepared hosts grown brain-dead in cloning vats, a tiny few of these beings have been persuaded to assist the Aprior authorities in various matters.

Such a being in the JTF would be bound to its host body and posses only a fraction of its original power, but this is still a considerable amount of power.

Each of the 4 types of daemon has differing powers and capabilities, and I will go into each as soon as the thread calms down.

>interlaces fingers


>> No.25077017

Wow. There are so.many problems with this both in verse and out that I cant even.list them all.

>> No.25077030

But even the rage is cheap and unoriginal

How about this, Khorne marines. They're berzerkers who sneak into enemy HQs and vital enemy positions and then challenge high ranking officers to gentlemans duels, after which they proceed to go berserk and kill everyone

>> No.25077032

If you were to choose the Silencers, you would only get 6 such marines, please go read the thread before you attempt to correct people.

>> No.25077060

Interesting. Probably not what we want, but interesting.

>> No.25077079

I'm glad you found it interesting, this would be a single very powerful combat unit with some special properties, in stead of a leader who can help an entire field, I just want to provide the option to the players.

>> No.25077081

Emperor's own mercy, woman, if we have to go through this song-and-dance once more time...


>> No.25077115


>Hello, would you like to sign a petition?

>> No.25077123

Are there going to be additional Spec OPs choices when we actually make our choice?

>> No.25077137


Yes, sir!

>> No.25077165

I added Tau stealth suits, and will a add Aprior Sector Internal Security task force, basically a mini-Inquisitor and his retinue, pulled from various races and walks of live.

I will also probably add a Kroot team.

And yes, you will get multiple choices per category, not just one, the more possible choices, the more you can choose to take with you.

>> No.25077170

>Forget her, sign mine, it involves blueberries.

>> No.25077184

that probably actually happens.

>> No.25077261

Where is my Eldar witch?

>> No.25077301

Subverting some of the grimdark is fine.
Freed Tyranids?
Next we'll be seeing Chakats.

Purge this heresy here and now before it is too late.
Exterminatus is the only option.

>> No.25077420

Honestly, I think the 'Nids thing is stupid too, so lets just grab other spec ops troops and ignore them okay?

>> No.25077465

Okay, so here's how it breaks down by chaos alignment.

Khorne: Direct melee combatants, fearsome warriors in personal combat, but their only psychic ability is to inspire confidence and courage in their allies.

Tzeentch: Powerful sorcerers and planners, able to turn the tide of battle with psychic power, and turn the tide of wars with their foresight and planning, their powers are many and varied, often taking the form of 'crowd control' rather than dealing with a single large target.

Nurgle: Masters of the very stuff of life itself, these daemons turn their talents to healing injured allies, as well as augmenting the strength and health of those yet fighting. They can engage with numerous biological attacks, but these are seldom used by the Knights, and these daemons lack any other direct combat power.

Slaanesh: Able to sooth the minds of thousands with its psychic powers, this entity serves the JTF by strengthening the resole of the soldiers and civilians of the battle zone, as well as aiding in the recovery of traumatized individuals, however, it lacks almost all combat power, having only its abilities as a large and dangerous melee fighter to aid it.

>> No.25077588


Fuck no, end of story.

You see, a lot of people here don't seem to get the point.

Let's all agree on this, 40k is ridiculous, it is. Very very cool, but ridiculous, with space templars waving swords at space elves while giant carnivorous insects try to eat the entire galaxy.

This is no more crazy than any of the actual 40k canon.

The point of this quest is to have a tiny spark of absurd Noblebright charging into the vast sea of equally absurd Grimdark, with everyone on all sides fully expecting you to fail.

Please, all of you, stop trying to derail this, some people just want to enjoy what they think is a cool idea, and you are sure as hell not going to make me run off and pout, so either constructively criticize or politely leave.

>> No.25077648

My personal favorites are:
Spec ops: Eldar, ASIS task force
Heavy vehicle: Fenris, Rocket Artillery
Air support: Valkyrie avenger, Shrike
Infantry support: SOB, battlesuit team
Special units: Confessor, Tau commander

>> No.25077650


Consorting with demons of any form is a bad idea and you are bad for even considering and should feel bad.

Even a notion of this would send even the most liberal of inquisitors after us like a hound and set purgation of the entire sector fairly high on list of administratum's priorities.

Warp demons are not some impersonal forces that lend their boon to whoever asks and for whatever uses. This is especially case with Tzeentch. I could almost see him unilaterally supporting the "Reasonable" marines just to sow a dangerous seed of discord within the imperium. House divided and all that.

>> No.25077655

why are they helping the marines again?

>> No.25077733

these daemons are bound to their specially prepared clone hosts, with a binding ritual which allows them to enter and exit their host at will, although doing so constantly can be tiring. this greatly limits their powers, but allows them to remain in the materium indefinitely.

If they choose to leave their host, they regain their true form and full power, but will eventually lose their grip on the real world and slip into the warp, from which they must be summoned again.

They can avoid this by returning to their host before they are pulled back.

Aaaaand, That's all I've got. Now that we have finished all the preliminary work, I am ready to start the quest, I will answer any lingering questions now, and we can get started tonight, for at least a little while, I have work in the morning, but I really want to get this started.

>> No.25077736


Because they are Reasonable daemonettes and/or wish to manipulate the strangely receptive marines to their own ends. There's a plot hook for you.

>> No.25077770

Maybe they want to help the Marines win more so that demons like them become more prevalent, increasing their power in the chaos power games.

>> No.25077799

every daemon is formed from a 'base' of a single emotion, which dries the core of their personality. in the daemons we usually see, these are 'bad' emotions like lust and hatred, but every emotion impacts the sea of souls, not just the bad ones.

If the JTF were to include a Khornate daemon, it would act like a knight errant of sorts, and its 'core' would have been formed by the courage of Imperial Guardsmen laying down their lives in forlorn hopes across the galaxy, their psychic energies impacting the warp and eventually giving birth to a new daemon.

They are helping because that particular daemon has a desire to help in its nature, and the Aprior summoners were able to convince it to join up.

the specific motivations differ somewhat from one to another.

>> No.25077803

Cool. Is it time to vote on our troop choices?

>> No.25077804

Their own ends are better marine-daemon relations

>> No.25077820

There's nothing reasonable about those daemonettes who forsake their god for no reason so there better be some mass rape at the end of this.

>> No.25077823

No, I am going to start a new thread for the actual quest, do some intro story, and then we vote later if I have time, otherwise we will pick up tomorrow afternoon.

>> No.25077839


>> No.25077864

One idea I've been kicking around for a story involving Ardi is that "reasonable daemons" are capable of tapping all powers normally available to their kind (outside of warded zones, the vicinity of Silencers and Sisters of Silence, and the like). However, they start to align themselves more with the dominant (negative) aspects of their god by doing so, especially if they use the flashy or destructive ones.

Another idea I've had is a scene where Ardi helps interrogate a captured Dark Eldar. Part of her technique is to imply that, if he won't supply them with information, she gets to eat his soul and gain some favor with Slaanesh. That's not really her style (though she's not above pretending that it is), but it's certainly possible for some daemons to have a rather mercenary outlook.

>> No.25077865

good wow or bad wow?

>> No.25077932

Thread is archived, we are ready to go, we are begining now, If anyone has anything to say, do so now, in five minutes I am starting the first quest thread.

Thanks for all the input, I will be sure to keep it in mind as we move forwards.

>> No.25077971

I'd say it's possible for some warp creatures to have a mercenary outlook, but to call any of them khornate or slaneesh etc., would attach them to the ruinous powers which are, by nature, ruinous. Even in WFB where they aren't quite as horrible, they're still pretty antimortal

>> No.25077988

And here's the problem. We went from reasonable marines to noblebright marines. They were never noblebright marines. They were ruthless when needed, compassionate when it suited them. Pragmatism rather than excessive optimism was their byline.

It was a reasonable potential faction that came out of the warp and the only real deviation from canon was the fact that they didn't seem to be infected by the derp that infects 40k

I really enjoyed reasonable marines when it came out and I will continue to enjoy them as long as they go in that direction.

You've gone from a well resourced, logistically rational approach to warfare to a bunch of most likely ludicrously expensive space labs and experiments that anyone reasonable would not do given the cost-benefits, and the chance of their entire sector being destroyed by the imperium - is this reasonable research to do given the cost-benefit - maybe extra combat support at the cost of near guaranteed annihilation.

As said I'm not going to stop it but if we let any idea that people propose be canon the collective project will always be moving in the direction of more craziness.

>> No.25078003

they do not serve those powers, but they are still broken up by general theme, and that was the easiest way to categorize them.

>> No.25078017

They could also be allied to the other warp powers. I always found the idea of a fragment of one of the other eldar gods to be an interesting idea.
Have you ever read the fluff of the reasonable marines?

>> No.25078033

tl:dr what amount of xenos support should the reasonable marines have? A "reasonable" amount

>> No.25078047

what if they raided civil outposts for the reasources needed to fund their ludicrously expensive space labs and experiments. That would make they reasonably unreasonable and grimbrightdark all at once!

>> No.25078049

again, re-read the return of the reasonable marines.

>> No.25078056

Believe me, it will be pragmatic and brutal, there will be no skipping through daises and rainbows here, just a slightly brighter vision of the future.

Also, the space labs for the summoning weren't very expensive, consisting of a summoning chamber and an anteroom with a lot of twitchy marines standing by.

Anyway, here we go, I am making the official quest thread now.

>> No.25078283


Here we go people.

>> No.25078376


>not putting quest into the title
>starting at the time when most of page 1 are quests

brace for shitstorm. But regardless, good luck and hearty soul, OP. You're gonna need both.

>> No.25078931

0/10 this thread is bad, and you should feel ashamed of yourself.

why this would not work :
Khornate warlord expects blood and battle INSTANTLY, NO PANSY WANSY NEGOTIATIONS, and he plows his craft/squad into the opposing forces, screaming, "Blood for the Blood God!!!".
Others freak out and start shooting.
The orks sneak up on the other leaders and slit their throats, and are promptly caught after the act and disposed of.
Chaos sorcerers are pissed that they cant use their abilities around the Tyranids (some of the warp shadow remains), and one of the minor sorceror bursts apart under warp pressure (im making the word up, tell me a better word).
Enraged, they try to eradicate the Tyranids, and the Guardsmen, seeing their once chance of defeating their hated enemy, open fire.

The poor Tau and Eldar, leaderless and caught in the cross-fire, have no chance at survival amongst the melee.

All that activity catches the eye of the Imperium, and they send a team to investigate.

The horrified team looks as the mustering planet (for the RM + allied forces) turns into a free for all. The also particularly note that the RM are actually trying to stop the fighting, and using heretical methods to do so.

They report their findings to their higher-ups, and it is deemed that the RMs have gone down too far the path of Chaos. They are declared Hereticus Extremis, and a Crusade is put together to cleanse their home sector with bolter, chainsaw, faith and fire.

>so long for your "reasonable marines".

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