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Dear /teegee/ in yesterdays quest thread I voiced my desire to DM a commissar themed quest starting you (for indeed the character have no name yet) out as a roughly 12 standard year old lad in the scholia, to then put is through the harrowing journey from a weak lil kid to the awesome fearless leader we where born to become!
(or die horrible, which ever comes first)
Last thread we discussed a lot of things, from him being openly gay to how to deal with numbers, and when they would be appropriate.

Interest was decently high in that thread - so I'd like to gourge it again here, see if people would be up for playing it in effekt - and possible get some more feedback on what TG would like, or indeed not like seeing
(sadly, being a dick of a GM I would not care either way, probably, possible, we are not fucking SoB)

As of now established is that the generating will be quite roll based - we will in the first thread deal a bit with your (rather short) past, apperance and possible future looks(to a degree - things like taking bonuses to physical builds, or a certain inherent skill for math, etc)

Also, there will probably be a few things based on stats - I called it "Strenght" "Charisma" "Blam" in the last thread, I'd love to hear more opinions outside of these joke ones about suitable "stats" to keep track off.

I also mentioned I might look into keeping track of more menial stats - say, hunger - sleepyness and if you need to take a leak or not, opinions about these stats where mixed overall from what I gathered, would like some more opinions about these.

>really need more commisssar pictures.

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I'd be interested in this. Keep the stats to minimum, perhaps not telling anything about them to us?

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Hrm, could work - just keeping things in the background, and inform you about things as it comes along, say "Your belly's rumbling" or, "Dude, we really need to take a leak"

How about primary stats? Like strenght and the likes, I could keep those on say a seperate thing, just to allow you to see him grow?

There is also the possibility of keeping track of things like insanity and heresy, possible even moral - or at least a general indication of it, since well, your a commissar.

Most of the moments will not involve combat anyway - being in the imperial guard is a waiting game, you spend years in transit only to fight for a week, rinse repeat - and a commissars job is moral - especially outside of combat.

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I would love to play a Commissar Quest, its something that has not been done before and I think there is a lot of potential.

As for things like stats, in a situation like this I don't think they should be incredibly important.

As a Commissar, We should be martially competent and well trained, with the standard starting kit of our profession, laspistol and chainsword.

The primary things to be kept track of would be our gear and our reputation, and how much blood we are currently in possession of. Things like tiredness should be kept track of, but remember that human beings are capable of remarkable feats of endurance when put in danger.

All in all, I think this is a great idea, and you shouldn't worry too much about the minutia of stats, the only one I've seen that kept track was Iron Quest, and the minutia was the whole point of the quest.

Pic related, he should be our persona icon.

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Also, as for the SoB, in Cain's Last Stand, Cain is working alongside a retired SoB at the scholia, who becomes involved with one of the other teachers there. The narrator mentions that most SoB orders do not make their members take vows of celibacy.

So it is entirely possible.

If not probably wise.

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Do we really need to play out regularly spaced lunch breaks and bathroom visits, though? Wouldn't it be better to just focus on the more interesting bits, like character interaction and story events?

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Oh, I'll be sure to give you a laspistol, If you pass basic training like I said, the first few threads would be about us as juveniles - training in the scholia learning what it means to be the personification of "They shalt know no fear"

And yes, gear is important - so is reputation once we get to it, especially since you'll be dealing with a lot of politics - we are political officers to a large degree.

As for tone? Its probably going to be a bit more Cain then Gaunt in that I don't mind tossing in some humor here and there will still keeping it grimderp. (its warhammer after all)

Keeping an eye on the regiment we are assigned to will be a must, simple as that - I think I might best let the stats we want grow over time? Say, I'll add them as people request to see them perhaps?

Besides, its not going to be a thing where if you don't put 23 points in your swimming skill you'll combust when seeing water or something equally silly.

Personality and the way we roll with that is still up for debate however.

>captcha: havana defeatme who are you havana!?

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I'm monitoring this

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Well, yeah - like I said in the last thread, sure - if we want to sex up an Engiseer and oil up her parts, fine - I'll write it, but it will never be the core focus of the story, and if you get to romantically involved there are sure to be... impacts.


Well, I was thinking of letting these things come into affect while running missions - say how hungry we are, or how much ammo we've got, and the general feel of the men, we can presume that the guy knows how to handle himself on a starship well enough not to force me to write three toilet visits per day - but during fighting and the likes it might be an interesting thing to keep track off?

Honestly just tossing ideas about - I know some people enjoy this sort of "in depth" RP, after all.

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Yes! Keep track of the things that could heavily affect how the story plays out. E.G. one needs to be careful not to rack up too much heresy, lest they're made an example of

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>havana defeatme

It is obvious OP, we're going to be fighting space Cubans.

Also, I now have a terrible desire to play a Commissar who is secretly a genestealer, thanks for that OP.

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I personally wouldn't focus too much on the hunger, sleepiness, need to take a leakosity.

I mean if it's relevant and important, sure. If we're in the middle of a siege and haven't gotten fresh rations for a week, more importantly the recaf supplies were set on fire, and every time we sleep we're bombarded by fucking artillery and green bastards screaming "WAAAAGH" damn right our sleep levels and hunger levels ought to be noted and our irritability levels ought to be through the fucking roof. But if we're at a time when we can get regular sleep, meals, and bathroom breaks just make them part of the background, or say it's time for lunch every once in a while, don't make a big deal out of them until they're not available any more.

For primary stats we should have at least a general idea about them. We would know how smart we are, how strong and tough we are, if we're a good swordsman or marksman. You don't necessarily need to say we have Strength 17, Marksmanship 25 and Yelling 30, you could easily phrase that information as us being fit, but a bit scrawny, a talented shot but not sniper level, and having a voice that can carry over a mountain range.

And much of our job will be dealing with stir-crazy guardsmen, keeping morale up, and possibly even bashing our head against walls of red tape that are fucking up resupply and command logistics.

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Oh I remeber Hormissar Gaunt. It was fun until the gig ran stale stopped being original

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While I really like the idea of dealing with off-duty guardsmen, something we rarely see in canon material, I think that there should be a better ration of off-duty/combat than week/several years.

If we are looking for something closer to Cain than GRIMDARK, transit between warzones seems to take a few weeks, not a few years.

Some battle excitement is always nice and possibly long-running intrigue would help tie the whole thing together.

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Mmm, sexy techpriest babes. Shacking up with one could lead to a dick shaking contest between the local guard and the local Mechanicus, her superiors yelling at her about weaknesses of the flesh, or it could lead to increased techpriest support and maintenance on our armored regiments depending on her position and how we work it out, might be worth a shot. Or they might just not give a fuck about what she does in her limited off time.

Similar with a SoB chick, we could end up pissing off the Ecclesiarchy, might end up with some Bolter Bitches saving our bacon, or the girl just spends some of her limited not-praying time with us and then goes back to burning heretics.

This being said trying for anything romantic has a lot of risks, and we'll have to prioritize our work over fun as should they, service to the Emprah and all that.

And part of my brain is locked into a debate between fit amazonian musclegirls with flamers and nerdy tech-girls, I can't decide between them.

Also, would it be heretical if when we made the sign of the Aquila we flapped the 'wings' and made cawing noises?

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I'm giving it a strong 4/10 heresy

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Well that was somewhat what I was aiming for a bit - its not going to be a major thing that's constantly pooping up in your face al'a sim style but more things that directly influence you as it becomes an issue - I will only start keeping track of it during times when we can't readily get it.

As for strength and the likes - we'll probably not keep a number system that you can see per say, I'll probably keep one for simplicity sake, but since we are training him from day 1 in the scholia being able to let you focus on various things during your upbringing and therefor obtaining them - say, we are actually training to become a sniper commissar, you'd know about it because well, we trained him.

For new players I'll just write things like: "Resting your hand casually on your chainsword, its bulky form pressing against your calf strangely reassuring in a way, you survey the crowd for any indication that its time to unleash the emperors swift justice through your well trained swings, for indeed should this parade go wrong, it will be your head on the line..."

>Captcha: the mmtarys, martyrs? Whelp.

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Dude, that's not the first time you've brought up an enginseer lover interest. Do you have a thing for robot girls~?

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Here's the thing though: if you keep mentioning such things as bathroom breaks, odds are it's going to devolve into trolling, gloryholes. Don't even give that idea to people is what I'm saying.

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How high up on the heresy meter do you need to go for a blamming? Though since we're the one doing the blamming who'd blam us? Who blams the blammers anon, who blams the blammers?

Does anyone not have a thing for cute robot girls?

It sounds like you have a pretty strong handle on things. I'm looking forward to it.

Here's hoping for an expert chainsword fencer with the snazziest hat this side of a Rogue Trader.

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Actually, I made it to see if anyone would remember it from the last thread, geez I feel special now - besides, its probably the most off-putting of the available things, considering her bottom is sure to be well, mechanical. (Don't fist androids guys)


Blam worthy


Probably something more akin to that to be fair - I mean, fighting is awesome, but so is dealing with the between fighting things, and when I say it might take years between transit that's extreme cases - I'll try and pace the threads out between fighting in the glorious name of the emperor, and dealing with the less then glorious dispersing drug stores and sudden influx of overdoses las-men, besides its not like we can't combine it.

Trooper! Get a grip, we are about to be overrun by Xenos, stop starring into the sky drool- is that a needle trooper? Get your hands of troopers Emaliks posterior or I will shoot you!

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>robot girls

I'm just stating the fact, Commissar Cain HERO OF THE IMPERIUM, did in fact shack up with a techpriestess at one point.

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I'm going to say a light 7 for execution.

Knowing the way luck goes, executed by your rival, the head of class at the Scholia

>> No.25050607

You say that as if robutts are a bad thing.

Also that girl is adorable.

>> No.25050611


He's augmented, it's not the same.

He's be like gary but three times worse.

>> No.25050615

He's like Gary if he won.
And fancier.

>> No.25050621


Going to be like* Geeze, can't spell tonight.

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Regardless, at the moment I am currently looking at making this something that will take place during weekends, probably lazy afternoons - or later evenings during the weekends, I've not quite established a "time" for it yet, since my schedules are changing a little bit coming up, but I'll probably be rather punctual once I get it going.

On the subject of getting it going however: How interested are you guys in stating exactly what he's suppose to say? I mentioned this in the other thread but would you like to directly state what he wants - or just generally indicate how he wants to react to a given circumstance?

>> No.25050879

we'll just deal with that as it comes, we'll try to communicate our desires as we go forward.

>> No.25050905

I like to lean towards stating what he wants,

but it can be a bit slow going to figure out the most well-liked choice.

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Well, it seems to be the general consent aye - well then, I think I got a basic idea about what I want to do and how to do it, and more importantly how people would like me to do it(For it is about allowing a great deal of people to have fun after all)

As off today the first thread is still up for debate as for the time, but we are looking at next saturday at the earliest, so there's no panic - feel free to contact me at; [email protected] If you have any questions about the quest thread at all - or well, poke this thread while its still around, I'll be sure to monitor it untill it drops off the board.

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Include beefcake dudes in your quest, please.

>> No.25052465


Well, we did talk about making him openly gay. So, yeah - have fun with that while we roll him up.
Do note I'd rather him not turn into "the gay commissar", its a character trait, but not his defining one.

>> No.25053415

Would prefer if not completely gay, as most of the players probably aren't.

But since we're starting at 12 years old that is not yet established either way. We will shape his character from a very young age, so we'll see how it goes.

Nice to hear that you aren't just saying NO to every suggestion that seems a bit outlandish.

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Well quite, his sexuality is not a fact yet, neither is most things about him and his persona - exactly why we are forming him from such a young age - I'll lead the threads through everyday and major things in his life, we can expect about four threads a year perhaps? Maybe more, maybe less, perhaps longer threads and represent an entire year.

I honestly don't mind either way he turns out - I don't mind things that are a "bit out there" I am fine giving them a through and a look over, I might still veto it as "No" but at least I can promise to look at it.

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