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Dear /teegee/ in yesterdays quest thread I voiced my desire to DM a commissar themed quest starting you (for indeed the character have no name yet) out as a roughly 12 standard year old lad in the scholia, to then put is through the harrowing journey from a weak lil kid to the awesome fearless leader we where born to become!
[Spoiler](or die horrible, which ever comes first)[/spoiler] Last thread we discussed a lot of things, from him being openly gay to how to deal with numbers, and when they would be appropriate.

Interest was decently high in that thread - so I'd like to gauge it again here, see if people would be up for playing it in effect - and possible get some more feedback on what TG would like, or indeed not like seeing
[Spoiler](sadly, being a dick of a GM I would not care either way, probably, possible, we are not fucking SoB)[/Spoiler]

As of now established is that the generating will be quite roll based - we will in the first thread deal a bit with your (rather short) past, appearance and possible future looks(to a degree - things like taking bonuses to physical builds, or a certain inherent skill for math, etc)

Also, there will probably be a few things based on stats - I called it "Strength" "Charisma" "Blam" in the last thread, I'd love to hear more opinions outside of these joke ones about suitable "stats" to keep track off.

I also mentioned I might look into keeping track of more menial stats - say, hunger - sleepiness and if you need to take a leak or not, opinions about these stats where mixed overall from what I gathered, would like some more opinions about these.

>really need more commissar pictures.

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