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The other day someone made a "what are some good non-fetish ideas for a world where everyone wears a fully-covering suit" type thread.

What about the reverse? Some good reasons for a world where everyone wears little to no clothing? Armor would still exist when appropriate but in daily life people would go around scantily clad.

Let's hear it, folks

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Everything is tropical islands.

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Everything is savannas.

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Everything is World of Gor.

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heat, humidity, no hostile bugs
there we go
people still wear glove/footwear if the terrain is bad, but that's about it

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Really hot? Low availability of metal? Lots of leather-eating parasites? No silkworms? Weaving a lost art?

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look up backstory for Kingdom Death: Monster

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Everything is my fetish.

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Extreme Vitamin D Deficiency present in human life, requires them to have as much skin on show as possible to soak up sunlight at all times. Kind of like the big solar power farms in Arizona

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An island. Any place with really high heat and humidity could make wearing armor all day at best uncomfortable and at worst lethal.

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He who controls the sunblock and tanning oils controls the universe.

The lighter your skin is the more noble you come across.

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hi /d/,
how are things? got any new fetish to share? sorry for not visiting as much as we used to, being a bit busy with leaking /pol/ lately

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Heat is a reason to wear MORE clothes.

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dry heat

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Played that h-game. All for girls though. Pretty ok. Protag got Regular clothes for sex at one point which was a funny twist

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Well for a setting where everyone wears full body suits?
Sci-fi setting.

Most alien life breathes fluorine and as such all humans wear miniaturised space suits.

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That's from an h-game?

Sure doesn't look like the usual h-game graphics.

Source please.

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We already had that thread, it went on for days

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Sunlight is a powerful natural resource that can be stored up and used to improve a person's strength/toughness/agility/magic. The less clothes people wear the quicker they absorb sunlight.

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Not the picture the idea. Multiple endings too

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Well okay...

Still wouldn't mind a name though.

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So what H-Game is the idea from?

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You and me both brother.

If you modify biology there's a lot of ways you could go about doing it.

On a culture basis you could expand the cultural pressure against hiding your face. In most societies people will be uncomfortable if you hide your face with a mask or helmet for no reason, this could extend to almost all clothing in your setting. Wearing clothing would be indicative of being highly uncomfortable with someone, attempting to conceal your identity, etc.

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Nah, the h-game where normal is little clothes. Lots of clothes is lewd, and microbikini is formal.
I forget the VN name, but the MC got transported into an alternate reality at the start, then if I remember correctly four endings

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Maybe every weapon or magic is barely stopped by armor so extra freedom of movement is just worth the slight extra risk.

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>If you modify biology there's a lot of ways you could go about doing it.
.ereth iah hO

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Cultural. Prevalence of hidden weapons and assorted backstabbing dickery in distant, tumultous past made people distrustful of anyone in clothing that could mask something dangerous.

Over time, the custom of showing one's body to send a message of friendly intent - similar to real-world handshake - evolved into not wearing much at all unless needed. Going fully dressed without a reason is considered rude, offensive, and vaguely threatening though most people are not aware of the tradition's roots.

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>I forget the VN name
Then why did you have to bring it up? Seriously, now we're gonna have to spend forever trying to find the damn thing.

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Damn, and my clumsy attempts at googling it via vague terms are turning up nothing.

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Can you give a setting? I might have played it or seen it.

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At least 5, and smaller ends too. Harem and 4 girls. Its like fetish academy or something.

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Cosplay Fetish Academy (Seiai Gakuen Fechika) sounds like it, from a quick search on vndb.

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MC passes out at a shrine, wakes up in a world full of girls dressed in full-on fetish gear?
Cosplay Fetish Academy.

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Yes! Thats the one. I liked it, still need more endings in sagara family though, ive not nearly enough.

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I played that a while ago, pretty fun game, although some of the character art was a bit bad in places.

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Yeah, that's the one. It was nice.
Though my favourite one so far has been Fate/Stay Night or Swan Song.
Fell in love with Saber and Swan Song was just that good.
saging for off-topic

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Ah, Swan Song, the only vn I've played where I refused to ever get another bad end after getting one for the first time.

They're just too damned depressing to watch.

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The "best ending" is bad and I feel bad for getting it.
I preferred the "good ending", the one you get after finishing it the first time.
But then again it's been the same for all VNs I play, preferring the first (not-bad) ending I get, like Katawa Shoujo's ending with Lilly when you Lie to her once.

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At least it wasn't the Rin route.

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School days is pretty bad ends abound i heard. I got one so far, and, fuck man...

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You might be interested in the following games...
>captcah: owen washer

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What's wrong with UBW?

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That's why everyone is specifying the humidity as well

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low resources
high heat
druids rule
I like the last one because then their are death squads of druids running around kicking the teeth in of anyone who wears to much clothing

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Like the reverse of extremist mufti's? I like it

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He was talking about the Rin route in Katawa Shoujo.
Not Unlimited Blade Works.

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Dark Sun. alternatively, Kingdom Death.

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except they can turn into bears and shit

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On the world of Klar'aan (or Fuck-Ass Hot, as it is known by the human colonists) the natives wear very little, just enough to cover their modesty, due to the near constant tropical warmth. It rarely rains on Klar, but the air hangs heavy with moisture at all times. The aggressive jungle plant forms greedily soak up any and all water they can, the humans and the natives are in a constant battle with the Great Sprawl (the native's name for the worlds spanning jungle)just to stay hydrated. It has been 50 years since the human colony ship crash landed on Klar, and they came into contact with the Kin, the native inhabitants. Resembling humans in most ways, the Kin have deep green skin, and enlarged tusk like teeth in the bottom jaws ( read: orcs ), with a very strength oriented tribal culture. The burliest and strongest members are respected, and those clever enough to live long enough to become big and strong most often merit the respect. Men and women alike are judged by the strength of their arm.

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Can we not just have space orcs? That seems hella lazy.

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Oh hey Blanka. Didn't know there was a whole planet of you.

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>What are good non-fetish way to have a world which revolves around a fetish
Does not compute.

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Misread that as "everyONE is tropical islands.


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There's a horrific skin disease going around, maybe a zombie skin disease or a curse that spells out magic letters on you, and people need to prove that they're clean.

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To cast magic, one must release mana from themselves then shape it. Clothing tends to cause problems, spells become harder to perform, take longer and are more taxing the more dressed you are.
Everyone has some magic capability and magic is used in everyday lives; to the point that forgoing magic completely is like going vegan or becoming an Amish.

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No christian, muslim or jewish values about exposed flesh being sinful.


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Those values predate the religions in question, thanks to millions of years of having to wear clothes because of the weather

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plus all the other cultures who wear clothes... which is pretty much all of them. (hindus, buddhists, etc)

The only exception are those who live in rainforests where it is always hot AND raining. Clothes soak up the rain and become a PITA to carry around. Even they often have minimal loinclothes or equivalent (penis sheath)

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They could have tougher skin (harder to damage, less need for everyday protective wear), and be resilient to the elements. People normally wear clothing for 3 reasons: protections from the elements (cold for example), protection from everyday accidents(I spill coffee on my jacket instead of burning my skin), and to preserve their modesty(oh teh noes them chicks gonna see muh dick).

Also consider that according to christians(i have no clue if you or your group are), modesty was not a thing until adam ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

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Oh! wearing heavier (or any) clothing could be seen as a sign of battle readiness - you are armoring yourself for combat. As it is a sign of aggression most people wear much to show that they are not intending to cause you harm.

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Guess there's no more interest in this thread.

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It got a good selection of responses at least. I've been considering it myself for a game for /d/ that I've been working on.

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why would you do that

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I enjoy game designing as a hobby.

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/d/ games don't need rules

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Ancient Caveman Times.

Primitive people often didn't have an acquired sense of indecency, "had" thicker skin, and usually didn't 'need' clothes unless it esd cold as tits.

Besides like- a bone or a hammock for your genitals or something, since it doesn't matter how many thousands of years you go back.. it's still pretty tender.

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You need a few things.

First of all, the environment has to be tolerable without clothes. This can mean warm or hot for humans, though if you throw aliens or magic into it you could go past that.

Second, you need a reason. I'd imagine a cultural reason is best. Maybe it's a religious thing to go around in your underwear or naked? Perhaps sunlight provides a direct benefit on bare skin, like enhanced energy or a euphoric feeling?

Third, the near nudity or nudity needs to be accepted and played as the norm. You'll want to rejigger various cultural expectations to accommodate this.

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What what? I was just going to include a culture which wears sexually revealing clothing cause it's my fetish.

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fucking hot as shit place
not sunlight that'll burn your skin
just hot
maybe really humid, clothes get moldy and shit
live in the tropics, you won't want to go out in anything more than shorts and sandals

make that global

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The problem with making little clothing into a "logical" setting is that you have to justify why wearing little clothing is the social norm instead of...well, instead of just being naked all the time.

If you look at tribal cultures in our own history, most of the tribes out there today wear little to no clothing at all. It's too damn hot and there's no reason to waste time and resources making them. You may as well just go all the way and completely nudify your people.

From where I'm sitting that's your biggest hurdle:

If everything is acceptable and commonplace but the swimsuit area, why is the swimsuit area taboo?

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Because >muh fetish obviously

>> No.25041610

He said good reason.

>> No.25041627

Tropical islands tends to be good for this, yeah. Between the heat and the salty ocean conditions, enduring clothes just usually were not a priority.

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Have you ever tried running around and/or doing something athletic naked? All that flopping around is potentially going to hurt, a lot. For both genders.

>> No.25041651

because you still need to protect it

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Everyone wears nothing but codpieces

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Stop encouraging him. Those poor buggers in the SCA already need to deal with those bloody Gor larpers on a yearly basis. They don't need more of the bastards.

>> No.25041818

Fair enough. I just get a chuckle out of that line.

>> No.25041904

>Gor larpers

I shudder to think.

>> No.25042051

They're real. They're real AND THEY COME IN PACKS. Dear lord, if you've had the terrible misfortune to see their vast camp sites... The fires glittering like stars in the sky.... Horny, fetishistic stars wrapped in leather...

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Magic in the setting works through a field of aether particles which are interspersed in the atmosphere. Mages are people born with specialized cellular mechanisms which can capture the particles and convert them to mana for spells. However, this means that for maximum mana regeneration, you need to have as much skin exposed to open air as possible, so mages generally avoid clothing and armor. Mages live in windy areas for the same reason.

Or if you don't like the shitty magical mitochondria explanation just say that magic is tied to the soul and thus you have to actually expose your body to the air.

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And people who wear clothes around town are dark and 'tragic' 2edgy7nudity fags that want people to think they're ready to fight at any time.

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>Caeman didn't have a sense of indecency, and did not wear clothes.

Do we have anything to actually base this on? Shame and the desire to cover your tiny junk seems to one of man kinds oldest instincts, according to one text.

>> No.25042655

Something like that, that "magic is absorbed through the skin and unnatural coverings inhibit the process".

Or, of course, magic is more Force-like, life that flows through everything.

Or that it is Destiny, the stuff that powers heroes, and allows them to perform their uncanny feats.

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Shame and covering your junk are not always synonymous

>> No.25043950

Apparently not enough of a problem for tribesmen to deal with.

That said, have you ever seen the whole tribal dick sling set up? It's not even really clothing, just a belt with a stick you tie your dick to so it doesn't flop around.

As for breasts, read a national geographic.

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>ever done athletics naked
>the Olympics

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Just look at the places where it happens/happened in real life. The African savannah, Polynesian islands, some Native American tribes.
What they had in common is that they weren't really in situations where clothing would benefit them; they all have dark skin, so they're less likely to burn/develop skin cancer (or if you're going back a couple centuries, had lifespans so short it didn't matter if they did).
Materials for making cloth was fairly rare and they didn't have the industry to produce it in large quantities.
Then, of course, what everyone else is saying: it's hot. Heck, even in a present-day Mediterranean climate you can watch as people switch to their tank tops and shorts as Memorial Day passes.

I'll refer you to A Wizard of Earthsea.

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Ooh, I like the second one. That's clever.

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Um...maybe a race that evolved from squids, and communicates partially by changing the color and pattern of their skin. They don't wear much clothing since it makes talking difficult.

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So, the ones out West in Exalted. What were their names again?

>> No.25044913

What is Europe under the germanic tribes?

>> No.25044937

The sun is farther away on this planet, so Vitamin D deficiency is more common and the body has adapted to make it pleasurable to have sun on your bare skin. People cover the important shit for religious reasons (they are for boning after all), and if someone is wearing clothes in the middle of the day, something's off with them, with combat armor and athletic/work clothes being the exception.

Much of the culture would take place inside, people would likely only have bedrooms and kitchens in their houses due to the fact that nobody really likes being inside.

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>> No.25044962

By the way, like 12% of this is my own original thought, the rest was adapted from the thread or elsewhere.

>> No.25044973

Dude. Exalted has absolutely everything in it. Whether you like it or not.

>> No.25045015

I don't recall squid people being a race so much as -
> Deep Sage — a skin color pattern language based on the Changing Coloration mutation, used by Deep Sages.
Okay, someone know who the Deep Sages were?

>> No.25045027

The commoners have a farmers tans, from working in clothes.
The upper class have deep, even tans.
The aristocracy don't need sunlight,a s they can afford Vitamin D supplements and lounge inside/ in the shade.

Fuck yeah, got my Ganguro and my Goth in the same world.

>> No.25045101


Awww....I got really excited there for a moment. I've kind of got a thing for squids and squid people. So much so that I managed to cajole the DM of my first D&D game to let me play an Illithid.

Hrm...any other squidlike races out there?

>> No.25045105

Clothed in furs, it gets cold as fuck for a large chunk of the year.

>> No.25045168

Get revved back up again; I'm sure some Lunar sired/birthed a people of Squidfolk out West. [That's probably what Deep Sages are, though I don't actually know.]

Incidentally, check Eclipse Phase, you can probably be an octopedal frame with optic skin cruising the stars in that.

>> No.25045228

Thanks. Another cultural reason I came up with relates to the arabic (I'm probably butchering the cultural context here sorry) and western traditions wherein a woman or male only shows themselves sexually to their closest partners.

You could flip this around saying an individual will only clothe themselves sexually in the presence of individuals they consider below themselves or their great enemies. It would be like saying, "I'm wearing clothes because there is no way I could ever consider being sexually involved with someone as low or despicable as you. Or in general I do not respect you." To do so otherwise is a great insult to an individual and etc.

>> No.25045298

And to avoid offending anyone, all work clothes and armor must be as skimpy as possible?

This shit writes itself.

>> No.25045366

Yep culture is illogical in the first place so you can chalk almost anything up to culture and make it work. I find if you tie it in somehow to contemporary culture at the same time it can be satisfying.

Though on the armor I would probably keep it practical outside of say parade armor. Culture will bow to reason at times.

>> No.25045412

Unless it's against the code of war to wear anything too covering, but that might be stretching it a little.

>> No.25045429

It's warm. People don't get sun burns.

>> No.25045444

Or have war be ritualistic, if you aren't supposed to kill each other anyway there's no need for functional armour.

>> No.25045591

Shit, I just realized that this would also require a large Greenhouse effect to avoid freezing everybody. I'm gonna say that there's a lot of water vapor in the atmosphere because 90% of the land is covered in water, which catches a lot of rays, and high winds keep it from condensing quickly enough to block the sun in most parts of the world.

>> No.25046601

The dominant culture arose in a region where there were dangerous terrestrial predators but not aquatic ones. People wear little to no clothing because they had always been expected to bug out and swim for their lives at a moment's notice.

>> No.25046730

Check out the Barsoom novels. You know, Edgar Rice Burrough's John Carter of Mars series.

The average temperature of the planet, even at night, is warm (but not hot), so no one wears ANY clothes.
Also, the ground is almost entirely covered in a reddish, moss-like plant, so no one even has to wear shoes.

>> No.25046810

Wouldn't the windchill effect wrap it back around to being cold, though?

>> No.25046872

Blacksmithing. Farming. Tailoring. Carpenting.

Long ago, the 4 major guilds lived in harmony. But everything changed when the tailoring guild went on strike...

>> No.25046876

I think at some point we may just want to take a step back and say 'fuckin' magic', if you want this 'life giving sun resource drives near nudity' thing.

Because if it's overcast, windy, and moist, then yes, the nearly naked people are going to be cold.

And if there's so much moisture, it will be overcast, quite often. Meaning they won't get much of the Vitamin D.

>> No.25046925

That's sorta how it worked in feudal Japan. The nobility prized pale skin because it meant you spent less time toiling out in the sun.

>> No.25046960

Alternatively, the blacksmithing guild attacked the tailoring guild and destroyed them, outlawing any form of tailoring or leatherworking. The only thing available are chainmail bikini's or small strips of blacksmith-sanctioned cloth, used for underwear (it's also expensive as fuck). Armor is available, but because undercloth isn't allowed it's extremely uncomfortable.

>> No.25046963

It's how it worked everywhere until people started working indoors and a healthy tan became a sign of wealth and prestige.

Although, Europes fascination with Consumption probably wasn't the wisest fashion choice.

>> No.25047160

>Lead and Arsenic will do wonders for your complexion

>> No.25047722

I don't think a worldwide reasoning is needed. Characters who don't rely on melee combat can dress whoever they want

>> No.25050750

Everything is a) warm and b) moist. Done.

>> No.25051589

There was always the Jade Empire explanation where wearing skimpy and/or flowing garments while kung-fu fightan showed off your prowess.

>> No.25052035

> setting where all the girls are hot and moist.
OP asked to make a setting that isn't just one big fetish.

>> No.25052152

solar recharging of magical powers
to show that you are not under control of mind controling parasits (like in Heinlen's Puppet Masters)

>> No.25053241


>implying there are girls that AREN'T hot and moist

>> No.25053266

I'll bet they dry up pretty quickly whenever he rears his mug. That's why he doesn't know of 'em.

>> No.25054440

If I was presented with this setting, I'd wear full plate whilst creating an army of ghosts to eat the Brains of everyone else.

>> No.25055273

1) The simplest case: Temperate climate, rain isn't uncomfortable, no nudity taboos or religious doctrines to make people uncomfortable. Clothing simply never became necessary.

2) Prehensile genitalia. You wouldn't wear ski gloves that prevented you from using your opposable thumbs; why would you cover your opposable wangs? (Why yes, this *is* an elaborate setup for "Holding hands? How lewd!".)

3) Communication via sign language using (2).

4) Communication using skin patterns/colors rather than sound.

5) Natural obfuscating hair/fur/scales/plates/growth that make genitalia not visible when not in use.

>> No.25055568


>> No.25055594

>On a culture basis you could expand the cultural pressure against hiding your face. In most societies people will be uncomfortable if you hide your face with a mask or helmet for no reason, this could extend to almost all clothing in your setting. Wearing clothing would be indicative of being highly uncomfortable with someone, attempting to conceal your identity, etc.

Or perhaps a variation on how the handshake became a cultural convention: nudity as a means of showing you're not carrying weapons.

>> No.25055858

Lack of ability to make comfortable clothing. Metalworking exists, but no cloth or cloth-like fibrous materials, and no workable plants.

>> No.25056912

By making it apply to everyone, it doesn't count as a fetish.

>> No.25056927

It's still a fetish when you do it in a roleplaying setting. There's no possible way that it wouldn't.

>> No.25056974

the fuck is this picture? someone turbocharged their lawnmower and set the blades diagonal?

>> No.25057019

Can you help me come up with a justification for a setting where everyone is incredibly obese?

>> No.25057036

Blubber exists in the real world. Transfer that concept to your race of choice and enjoy.

>> No.25057054

Powerful characters have a field of ambient magic that protects them, but it doesn't work as well if you block it off with a suit of armour, and even worse if you're wearing clothes.

>> No.25057136

The whole game is aesthetically pulp fantasy.

>> No.25057282

Clothing is far less effective at protecting from the elements than a cheap and readily available magical oil. Clothing, if worn at all, is worn for the purposes of modesty. More refined (and therefore expensive) forms of the oil even act as armour.
On second thought, that does seem kind of fetishy.

>> No.25057293

Well, there was GM near where I lived three years ago... He made all his adevntures in the same world, and magical accessories were quite special: If any solid matter was touching them, they would lose their efficiency. That included human flesh. So, you want to use a magical armor of awesomeness? Make that a bikini.

> mfw we finnaly meet the greatest warriors of the land
> mfw HE is using a thong
>JUST a thong

>> No.25057333

United states of america

>> No.25057465

That's not how you spell Samoa.

>> No.25057674

>if any solid matter was touching them, they would lose their efficiency.

how would a bikini make a difference though? unless you're using animated liquids or gases to keep them in place...

>> No.25057767

Must not be by proportion, but mass. The armor enchantment must extend further then the actual material.

>> No.25057809


>> No.25057812

Man, Samoa let's me combine the two.

Polynesian fetish fantasy setting is go!

>> No.25058744



>> No.25058834

>Hasn't heard about HELLAS: Worlds of Sun and Stone yet
>Doesn't want to play a sentinent colony of ants or a mecha-riding squid dressing up as anicent space greek, having space adventures

>> No.25058854


>> No.25058991

From a worldbuilding standpoint Gor is actually pretty good and worth taking notes from.

The novels themselves are fairly poorly written.

>> No.25059024

>Aliens did it, because reason

Yeah, that's just great.

>> No.25059048

>gods did it, because reason
Man, the lord of the rings is such shit.

>> No.25059074


They kinda did not cross the universe in order to captured STRONG ALPHA MEN and built them a reeduction camp for CORRUPT WOMEN on the other side of the sun, ya know...

>> No.25060646

How is Gor well-built as a world?

>> No.25062540

Really now anon!

>> No.25063819

>[Page 7]
Is this thread on premature autosage?

>> No.25064953


>> No.25065136

how did this thread not fill up with scantily clad women?

>> No.25065187

I don't know, but I'm really glad.

>> No.25065223

All of the players (not the characters, the players) are industrial robots who don't really understand the concept of clothing.

>> No.25065256

We were too busy with science

>> No.25065303

If the climate is warm and the weather is stable you don't need clothes that much. The Aztecs basically went around in a skirt and cape.

>> No.25065327

We're all gay

>> No.25067551

Basically earth except for the middle east and europe?

>> No.25067594

Setting is populated by plant people who get energy and nourishment from photosynthesis.
Non-plant people arived from a different continent/planet/plane/universe and just decided to go with it because when in rome do as the romans do right?

>> No.25067598

Greek athletes actually tied a string around the end of their forskin and then around their hips like a belt. So their dick is somewhat held is place, balls hanging freely.

>> No.25067610

forgot my pic

>> No.25067619

How do we even know this!?

>Dick archeologists

>> No.25067632

but, everione being fully covered is so much more fun

>> No.25067664

How about a world where Global Warming got so bad everyone walks around practically naked?

>> No.25067765

Greeks wrote a lot of shit down.

Also drew a lot of pictures.

Many of them with dicks in them.

>> No.25067800

>/tg/- Totally Greek

>> No.25071035


Needs more full gasmask.

Too much skin showing.

>> No.25072545

Huh, not bad. But they could get vitamin D from both fish and mushrooms though.

>> No.25074987

Maybe there are no fish?

>> No.25075100


Primarily it was so that the glans would not become uncovered during sports. They considered that as a shameful display.

>> No.25075188

Flood plains would be the ideal atmosphere for such a thing. No bugs cause flooding and animal bonanza. Hot and humid. Think the Okavango Delta.

>> No.25076090


I approve of this hijack

>> No.25076478


My god her boots are even flat soled not some retarded high heel/wedged thing.

A real rarity when it comes to female characters in full armour/tech suit type things.

>> No.25076509


yep yep, and dat ass

>> No.25079319

I'm sure there's loads more pics like it.

Besides, heels give hight advantage.

>> No.25082588

bump while reading

>> No.25082694

Thats Planetside art for you.

>> No.25083472

I'm down.

>> No.25083657

>Some good reasons for a world where everyone wears little to no clothing?

It's a bronze-age desert civilization and there are no nudity taboos.

>> No.25083697

>expose more skin

cmon, son

>> No.25084672

> the closest anyone in this picture gets to covering their torso are golden nipple piercings.

Egyptians didn't seem to mind it.

>> No.25085375

/d/ has games?

>> No.25086632


>> No.25086653


Based on the fellows to the far left. They wore a cloak and either a kilt or a 'penis sheath' (it is what it sounds like), and nothing more.

>> No.25086678


General dress of Canaanites and Shasu (Bedouin). Some Canaanites seem to favor the Syrian dress which was more of how we think of a kaftan - just with frilly fringe bits.

>> No.25086722


Above middle and left is how the Shasu, one of the terms for what we'd call Bedouin, in the late Bronze age would have looked. Likely root of Joseph's multi-colored coat in the bible.

>> No.25086838


Fuck you, now I've got "I closed my eyes..." as an earworm

>> No.25086948

>Read the header as "Hitler Asia"
>Captions going on about Jews and Jewesses

I was really fucking confused for a second.

>> No.25089304

Thread won in first post.

>> No.25091714

Games that deal with /d/ subject matter, yes.

>> No.25094261

People still need clothing on savannahs.

>> No.25095115

OK gentlemen, how do we get BOTH into the same setting?

>> No.25095239

Brutal Legend already did. Skimpily dressed KISS Amazonians fighting S&M Demons.

>> No.25098167

I suddenly feel the need to play Brutal Legend.

>> No.25100395

Naked people fighting bondage fetish people?

>> No.25102772

Yes, yes, now what's the fluff behind it?

>> No.25102832

Could just go with a simple Chaos (freedom) vs Order (restrictions) thing. Both sides get power from embodying their concept more fully.

>> No.25103206

Paladins of BDSM?

I like this.

>> No.25108182

Can we get back on topic? maybe someone could post some relevant images?

>> No.25108506

>Paladins of Honor, Freedom, Tyranny, Slaughter
>Blackguards of Honor, Freedom, Tyranny, Slaughter

>> No.25109830

Good blackguards?

>> No.25110092

thats an old /tg/ fluffed god. Someone throw up the link

>> No.25110910


>> No.25111056

Uh...if that were the rational why would they chose armored thongs rather then just thongs?

>> No.25111126

Because they're not prancing about willy-nilly, NO! They can do that another time.

They're the fighters now, and what fighters like is FUNCTIONAL and HEAVY stuff with lots of CHAINMAIL and dangly parts in it-- So why not make it look presentable?

>> No.25111987


The planet is co-habitated by mind controlling, air borne bacteria that is visibly obvious. Starts out as a mild rash on the external skin where the bacteria feeds on hair follicles and dead skin. Eventually the rash begins to harden and expand as the bacterial colony feeds, then "grows" into the body via the holes left in the skin where hair used to grow. Once this barrier is breached mind control rapidly accelerates as the colony releases spores into the bloodstream that take the body/brain over to establish control and secure a permanent nutrient supply. Eventually the "person" is gone, replaced with a bacterial hive-mind who's intelligence grows with each bacterial cell added to the colony. This hive intelligence "feeds" on the memories of the victim, eventually assuming their personality. The end result is a completely autonomous walking bacteria hive mind organism capable of perfectly mimicking the original host, able to recall all memories, and interact with other humans in order to spread more bacteria via either physical touch or exhaling spores.

These colonies develop their own personalities and wildly vary in intelligence, with some seeking peaceful interaction with humans yet others wishing only to consume/destroy. Once the bacteria breaks the skin and gets into the blood, there is a 98% fatality rate of the victim with the other 2% survivors being effectively lobotomized in mental capability.

The only way to control the spread is to be mostly naked so that you or someone else in public can spot the rash developing before it's too late. It's easily treatable with a topical ointment serum in the early stages.

As a result, people wearing clothing are social outcasts, stigmatized, and even barred from entering government facilities. In major population centers most cities have local ordinances or laws that include issuing fines or even imprisonment for covering up as it is seen as a serious danger to public health.

>> No.25112076

since the bacteria is native and endemic to the planet, and contains a rudimentary intelligence even before coming into contact with a host, it's too expensive to maintain planetwide filtration of every home, office, vehicle, hair brush and bar stool. The treatment serum is extremely cheap and readily available (through government mandate) in even the most remote part of the world, with some enterprising entrepreneurs including it in common items like shampoo and sunscreen just to be safe (and only for a modest markup, really).

There are also massive social debates raging around what to do with fully consumed "hosts" as these are technically fully intelligent sentient beings once the colony enters it's final stage. Some prominent humans argue that they deserve life since they cannot be faulted for a nature they didn't have the luxury to choose. There are "leper colony" style towns in remote places where the hosts gather to live since they are (for the time being) barred upon pain of death from entering human settlements.

There, everyone runs around in bikini's rubbing serum oil on each other to work on their tans in this sub-tropical paradise world with a terrifying secret.

>> No.25112225

That's not "because its heroic idealization".

>> No.25114314

Armoured thongs provide more protection than regular thongs.

>> No.25116990

That's very /d/.

>> No.25117044

Well, there's Barsoom. I don't know why people on Burroughs's Mars don't wear armor, since they use swords quite a bit, but there it is.

>> No.25117049


To be honest I just really like Waterworld.

>> No.25118244

Because culture.

>> No.25118391

Wow, that is such an incredibly bad idea. The cancer rates would skyrocket, for one.

Unless the dominant species had already undergone trial by radiation and were all extremely radiation-resistant. :P

>> No.25118402

It's just a conceit probably, but I suppose radium bullets could be counted as a factor.

Also they do wear 'metal', which is kinda-almost armour.

>> No.25119187

If we can have evil paladins, why not?

>> No.25122330

Because Evil Paladins are the new blackguards.

>> No.25122509

Why aren't there more games like this? I'm sick and tired of tolken fantasy.

>> No.25123151


"Princess of Mars" takes a moment at one point to describe Mars as a generally metal-poor world.

>> No.25125123

Barsoom is pretty resource poor in general.

>> No.25126900


>> No.25127426

>Dat constant snarl

>> No.25127766

The greeks come to mind: the olympics were traditionally done naked, as the games were part of a celebration of the human body.

They could simply not see any reason to cover anything up, as everything there is natural

They could value the abilities of an unprotected body: we didn't always wear clothes, or need to purify water to drink it, or cook meat to eat it, and we were a lot more hardcore back then. This society uses some tech to cover for things we simply can't do (ie they'd have hammers, as the forehead is really inefficient at pounding in nails), but they wouldn't have many luxury-based tech (yes on regular saws, no on chainsaws, boats for REALLY long distance only, etc). In fact, wearing clothing or armor or using weapons is a sign of weakness, as if announcing that your body is incapable

>> No.25131638

Well that's simple, though it still allows cloth and fur clothing.

>> No.25132397


It's also poor in those senses as well.As has otherwise been observed, Barsoom is very short on crops or livestock that could produce usable cloth. The entire planet is about people squabbling over sparse resources. But really, there's no reason for anyone to get dressed, save in armour, and no one has the resources for that, so no one does.

>> No.25136054

Well, I guess that covers it. Setting designed.

>> No.25137944

Barsoom, as stated before, is super-resource poor. Dejah Thoris is described wearing nothing but jewelry.

>> No.25138122

Because you're very low on farmland for food, and hauling things up out the depths is reserved for food supplements, shiny things, and electronics.
And it's like a tropical beach all the time anyway, so everyone just lazes around in swimsuits.
Besides, you'd have to modify all those old clothes for tails ANYWAY.
Anyone who needs pockets just makes do with a vest or a bag.

>> No.25139574

So commoners presumably wear nothing.

>> No.25142270

I like the swimsuit theme more than furs and rags, though it's more difficult to justify.

>> No.25142607

They wear a little more than that.

>> No.25142724

How are those trees growing? Where are their roots?

>> No.25145544

In the ground, of course.

>> No.25146417

Well, as long as there's nobles dressed in jewellery I can't complain.

>> No.25146726

Well, she's certainly wearing jewellery in that picture. Look at her neck and hips.

>> No.25149028

John Carter runs around in a speedo with a bandoleer and boots. Edgar Rice Burroughs was big on the strength of the unaugmented human body.

>> No.25151654

The best one I've come across is in Kingdom Death: Monster, which is "The world in now in Post-Apoc stage, material for everything is short, including clothes, therefore everybody wears very little. The only way to make clothes is to hunt monsters and turn their bits into armour"

I think that is pretty awesome. While all the girls are in micro-underwear cause cloth and stuff doesn't exist, they have to hunt monsters or buy the stuff to get proper clothes. So armour and shit gets respect. Also, I think Kingdom Death allows you to equip your models with armour pieces via clip-on plastic sets. I was tempted to get the cheesecake models, but I can't paint or anything, so I just got stuff which I could re-sell or keep for later use. Shame really, cheesecake models were good.

So, yeah, there you go, world has been destroyed, limited material for clothes, men wear loincloths and women wear micro-bikini's (or nothing at all depending on your particular wishes). You could then make clothing, including underwear, a status symbol. People who are fully naked are bottom of society and fill messy jobs and sex/entertainment jobs. Wearing underwear gets you into servants and stall sellers. Basic top + legs gets you into higher stuff, perhaps owning naked people. Then you get luxury clothes, for the powerful and stuff. So, leaders. Then armour is for soldiers, hunters, monster slayers, so gain massive respect and are well liked and well connected. They sell their material they get from monsters to stall owners who then give it to naked people to cut up and sort out (monster stuff remember!) which is then given to the stall seller. This is then sold to blacksmiths/tailors (basic cloths as opposed to underwear like the stall sellers) who then sell it to other store owners and so on, ending up with hunters or the leaders. Could make players learn bartering or blacksmithing to make gear and do a random roll on what you get +skill level.

So yeah. Have some pretty picture.

>> No.25153277

speaking of farscape, their blue skinned space chick got orgasms by photosynthesis.
yeah, the series wasn't any good.

>> No.25153284

also, no body mutilation on your children, perfect!

>> No.25153295

genetic modificaiton for space settlers.done!

>> No.25154737

Kingdom Death: the Quest for Clothes?

>> No.25156812

So that's the explanation they're giving for this?

>> No.25160641

Yes, but I don't know if I'd call that decent...

>> No.25160704


I remember her mini-fig being slightly better dressed.

>> No.25160807


Less is more.

>> No.25163403

I always thought she was getting dressed in that picture. As far as a woman in Kingdom Death does get dressed.

>> No.25166464

> Photosynthetic people
Well, there you go. Don't wear clothes or you'll starve.

>> No.25168260

Wouldn't people have to wear clothes sometimes to prevent getting fat?

>> No.25168431

Nah. You'd need a metric fuckton of energy to power an active human sized body on photosynthesis.

>> No.25169118

Except that everything you can make clothes out of is trying to eat and/or rape you.

>> No.25169126

Goddamn, dat booty is fucking overflowing like a tankard of mead.

>> No.25169822

If there wasn't a serious chance of receiving excess calories though, starvation would be a constant danger.

>> No.25169915

Something like as though you needed the topology of, say, a tree to have enough surface area...imagine that...

>> No.25170018

after long being ignored by all the peoples of the world, the god of weaving, looms, and clothing afflicts the world with a terrible curse.

all clothes become super itchy

>> No.25173068

Not literally...

>> No.25174230

Welcome to Kingdom Death.

>> No.25174519

That body shape is so not what you'd get out of a society that didn't have more elaborate clothing though. That's the kind of body shape that only really developed in sedentary societies.

>> No.25174565



>> No.25175014

Yes, and?

>> No.25175078

Oh I know, I just havent seen that specific image before, and her ass is phatter than most.

>> No.25175080

And where are my lean, muscled women at?

>> No.25175162

Somewhere not as good as here.

>> No.25175253

Basic magic is fucking easy.
So easy that people figured out spells how to keep their body temperature stable and give themselves a bit more AC before they made clothes.
Also mana is absorbed through the naked skin, something that's severely impeded by clothing.
Even armor is mostly outclassed by body paint in alchemical symbols.
Now ad 3+ pages of lore about this and it will all seem reasonable.

>> No.25175284

> take setting where everyone is half naked
> add women wearing nothing but body paint for protection
You, sir, are a genius.

>> No.25175359

>Even armor is mostly outclassed by body paint in alchemical symbols.
The just paint the symbols on top of your armor. Though you could always say something like they need contact with your skin to work. But then you could just wear armor over your symbols.

>> No.25175471

They're continuous effects, you don't get enough mana absorption from just your face and hands to keep them working.

>> No.25176325

Now we just need to pick a system...

>> No.25177383

Why not all of them?

>> No.25178438

A friend of mine is making a system, one of the feats is called Second Skin. It basically is a string of abilities you can purchase where an armored wizard uses magic to fill gaps in armor and make the skin act as if armored - at highest levels, the wizard doesn't need to wear ANYTHING, as they've internalized the armor entirely.

>> No.25179671


>> No.25181976

those eyes...

>> No.25182368

Don't both Exalted and D&D have armor bodypaints?

>> No.25183972

Go play Albion for almost exactly the world from
. Up to and including the verbatim phrase "no nudity taboo".

>> No.25184335

If this poster is still around, I'd like to hear more of this setting of his.

>> No.25186927

this is an awesome thread.

>> No.25187316

Don't, it's a terrible game once it gets past the first area.

>> No.25189509

The reminds me. In Spycraft, there's a feat that lets you have the style points of your outfit added to your AC.

So wearing nipple piercings, having your hair done well, and putting on tasteful makeup counts for your AC.

>> No.25189684

> nipple piercings
> add to AC
You mean nipple shields, then?

>> No.25190678

Nah. Just peircings. They don't need to get in the way of enemy fire at all.

>> No.25190988

So do nipple shields add more AC than just piercings or do they count as the same thing mechanically?

>> No.25191712

It's your style points that get added to your AC.

The cooler your outfit is (in accordance with how much you spend on your lifestyle) the better the AC is, regardless of how much you're actually wearing.

It's also not tied to the outfit itself because it's a matter of how well the outfit suits you, and other things like your hair, your teeth, etc.

>> No.25191743

How on earth has this thread survived for over a week?

>> No.25192108

/tg/ Magic.

>> No.25195853

Intellectually stimulating subject matter.

>> No.25195873 [DELETED] 

Style point mechanic would actually work well in a lot of 90s rpgs like Cyberpunk.

>> No.25195896

Style point mechanic would actually work well in a lot of 90s rpgs like Cyberpunk.

It would work reasonably well if it's described as you getting hit less, rather than absorbing more damage, depending on how the system is done.

>> No.25197045

It's nerds talking about ways to justify everybody being naked all the time. Why WOULDN'T it last this long?

>> No.25197354

Well timed pauses between posts; spreading the 300 we've got out over a week.

>> No.25199366

So they'd just have to be ridiculously shiny ones. Gotcha.

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