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So Fire Caste are soldiers, Water Caste are diplomats, Air Caste are pilots and the Ethereals rule over all of them... does that mean that the vast, unwashed masses of Tau society are Earth Caste laborers, proletariat suited only for simple, repetitive tasks and servitude?

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And science. And medicine.

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Considering Air Caste also do the mail and Water Caste are all the fucking beuraucrats, eh, there are plenty of unwashed masses, especially in the fire cast.

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You will never have your own Earth Caste slave, OP.

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Yeah, I am kinda getting an "EARTH CASTE SLAVE WAT DO" vibe from this thread.

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I mean, seriously, do you think Fire caste actually take baths? Water puts out fire.

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I see what you're trying to do, OP, but there is no underclass in tau society. Every caste has a role to fill and they're all happy to do so for the Greater Good.

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TIDF plz go

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TIDF detected

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Tau are subject to a biochemical compulsion to obey Ethereals (because pheromones) but you can't have an Ethereal on every street corner keeping the vast majority of Tau society obedient so instead they rely on the same tricks and tropes of totalitarian oligarchs as you might see in Brave New World or 1984. The Tau Empire is a dystopic police state, it's just not as filthy and graffitied as most.

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hear hear

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And as we've seen. This shit works, better than any of the other arseholes.

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Seen, or heard? Because in Mussolini's Fascist Italy, the trains were always on time*

*Trains actually bo more accurate or on-schedule than any other country.

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Unlike in human cultures, the maglevs actually do run on time under the most beneficent guidance of the Ethereals.

Anybody who suggests otherwise is clearly in need of re-education.

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Trips so it must be true!

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And for becoming queens of ancient space zombie empires!

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Shut up. It's the only Earth Caste pic I had.

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Oh really?

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Yes but Xeno was just your average Earth Caste chick; so obviously, all her homologues must be equally skilled at ruling ancient space zombie empires.

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That's just a blueberry.

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Not sure what you mean, there. Given the prevalence of drones and the like, I'd imagine that things like manufacturing and the like would be heavily mechanised.

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Blueberries are often from the Earth Caste.

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Not everybody gets to be an astronaut. In any society, there is going to be some segment of the population that is in some way undesirable. In a strictly regimented caste system like the Tau have, it would make sense for the vast majority of these undesirables to be utilized as menial laborers; hence, Earth Caste is worst caste.

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The Earth Caste is full of engineers & Doctors

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So is India.

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Seems like the Earth Caste basically do everything in Tau society. I wonder, if someone needs something hand delivered is there still a layer of the Air Caste that delivers or do drones just do that?

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That set up looks familiar.

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>Tau females will never look sexy

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Intentionally so, I would imagine.

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Most Tau technology was invented by the Water Caste.

Just a small fact I would like to add.

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Quit it.

We are not on /pol/!

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The Tau are literally just Maoist China in space.

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Earth caste are, indeed, the most populous caste. But the others are more numerous, and do more jobs, than you seem to believe.

Air caste are pilots, and messengers. But they are also the space corps. Tau have a lot of space stations and big ships, and those are full of air caste; that's the bulk of the air caste population. They're better at handling no/low G environments.

Water caste are the SOCIAL caste. That covers a lot of ground; schoolteachers, writers and reporters, bureaucrats and certain kinds of manager, some scientists, diplomats and merchants.

Fire caste are the military, of course, and also any job that might require physical confrontation. Security guards, police (likely with Water Caste assistance,) athletes, etc.

Earth caste do the rest. They are, indeed, the majority of the population. But they're not an underclass; Earth Caste engineers and scientists are well respected, and with drone technology so widespread even the average Earth Caste is more of a technician than a manual laborer. An EC farmer isn't out there hoeing the fields, he's out there fixing the drones that hoe the fields.

Is the Tau empire a dystopian nightmare? Eh, Tau-fluff says no, Imperial-fluff says yes, believe what you want. But they are undeniably a more equal society than, say, the Imperium, even if you want to think it's an oppressive everyone-ground-under-the-dictator's-boot equality.

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You don't get put into a caste. You are born into it. Who knows what happens to Tau who can't live up to their caste. Given that the Tau are pretty clued up on science, aren't afraid of it, and do everything towards the greater good, it's probably wide scale eugenics and gene-screening. If anything the unwashed masses in Tau are probably made up of subjugated species.

>tldr: There are no weedy Fire Caste because the state doesn't allow them to happen.

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I was actually just thinking about what happens to a Caste member whose strengths and weaknesses aren't stereotypical for his class. My conclusion is that there's a wide enough variety of jobs under the umbrella of each caste that there's always something for them to do.

Intellectual Earth Caste? Scientist or engineer. Social Earth Caste? Manager or service industries.

Air Caste run the whole damn space fleet, so there's a job for you regardless of where your talents lie.

Weedy fire caste? Driver, or support personnel. There are a lot more jobs in an army than frontline combat troops.

The only one I can't figure out is shy Water Caste. But then, my dad's actually really shy, but he teaches engineering and his students think he's awesome. So maybe it's not a huge issue.

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>Weedy fire caste?

You disappear in the night.

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>Weedy fire caste? Driver, or support personnel. There are a lot more jobs in an army than frontline combat troops.

Weak fire caste disappear and are never heard of again. There is no room for faulty cogs in the Tau machine.

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Wow, if what you're saying is true, the Tau really are dystopian bad guys!

However, I have no reason to believe what you're saying is true.

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It's in the Codex.

So you better believe it, buddy!

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Trial by fire.
Firewarriors go though do or die boot-camps when they join, and then increasingly harder one for every rank they try to claim.

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Trial by fire for recruits is no lethal.

But if they fail, they get taken in the night.

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Or willingly give their bodies to science.

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It's hard to tell what's willing and not in the Tau Empire.

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In the end, the will of the individual is irrelevant, if not he then countless others more worthy will do so willingly, because they know that other would do so in their place.

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Tau do use eugenics to get better fire caste members. The other castes don't experience this. Earth caste has all the engineers, so they aren't an underclass.

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And suddenly it got way better.

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>Trial by fire for recruits is no lethal.

It can be, but the Tau seem to prefer doing it under more controlled circumstances. The events of Fire Warrior concerns such a Trial by Fire, but it was really more of a desperate "the Gue'la has kidnapped an Ethereal, send everyone you have to get him back, even if they've only gone through basic training and has never before seen real combat before".

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Two internets for you!

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>Forehead facepaint/tattoo/scar

You know, I never noticed that until now.

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When I think Earth Caste, I think TRQ

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Man, I really liked Firewarrior. It wasn't amazing, but it felt good, man.

Think I'll find my discs.

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I recognize all the rest, but what's the one next to the human supposed to be?

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Demiurg maybe?

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Earth caste are still slaves, just another name to it with a bigger cage/longer chain.

Still, think about it, this way. 40k is like a cranked to 11 'Game of Thrones' IN SPACE! The Tau are a rookie, naive new comer to the game (like Sansa Stark in book 1). they have NO CLUE as to what is about to hit them when the Tyranids and Chaos hit them full on.

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Shy Water Caste are the accountants, statisticians and other backroom breaucats.

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We need more Tau porn, eh?

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Or lucky grots.

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Err, well, actually, I kind of have a thing for robots...

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Of course you do, dear.

Now, please, die in a fire.

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HEY! /tg/ i dare you can't bring up any necron fap pics!

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not a fap pic, try again.

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Me too, which is why Xeno does jack shit for me.

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Here you go.

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What's wrong with Xeno? She's a robot. She's got robot parts. She can be disassembled.

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I, uh, what?

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Meh. She looks too fleshy to give me a roboner. She doesn't even give me a cyboner despite her cyborgness. She is a very low tier robowaifu/cyborg waifu, to say the least.

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Depends on who's drawing her. She's been pretty cyber-y before. The Xeno's Adventure stuff is all pretty Saturday Morning Cartoon-y.

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No disassemble! Johnny Five is alive!

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You're missing the point

You can say the other caste are slaves just as much. After all what if oh say a Fire caste wants to own a farm? Too fucking bad

Hell you can say the Ethernals are enslaved after all those pheromones people like to talk about EFFECT THEM TOO.

They're not like the heads in 1984 who jack off to oppression and shit. They believe in the Greater Good just as much of the others.

The Earth Caste is just as important as the other four, without them the others will have no food of all that tech. Without the Air you can't send said food or tech to other areas, without the Water you can't make the transactions run smoothly. Without the Fire there's no one to protect the others and the Ethernals make everyone work together.

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Bear in mind too that the Tau were on the verge of extinction from warfare and disease when the Ethereals showed up. Yeah, they might not have as much freedom as they used to, but you don't tend to place much value on freedom when you're dying of bullets, starvation or sickness.

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i got the point all to well. those "caste" are a perfect cage. they are the gears in the device of their empire. if one of them wants to move. the whole system falls apart. they don't want to die, but they can not escape.

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well now they are facing being eaten by the trinads and worse from chaos, if they knew what was coming, they would take bolters to the head instead.

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only eldars can change 'their caste' easily.
and you can't do that in our current society, not easily.
why is that even an issue?

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Tau castes are so specialized they are actually biologically differentiated. An earth caste cannot change into an air caste anymore than a warrior ant can become a queen, or a black guy can become a white guy.

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>stupid gue'vesa just HAD to exceed the specifications on that drone

>> No.25046260

>or a black guy can become a white guy.
I'm not even gona say it, but everyone knows what I mean anyway.

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That's okay, the makeup sex is pretty great.

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From what's been described about the Tau Empire, they do rely on Primus inter pares, or first among equals.

Your rank is what's important: La take orders from ui, who take orders from vre, who take orders from el, who take orders from o.
It's just that within those ranks, the Tau (and among them, the Ethereals) are looked up to most.

A Gue'vesa'vre, could give orders to a Shas'ui, who could give orders to an Aun'la. But a Shas'ui would look to an Aun'ui for guidance.

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the society as a whole is a meritocracy, no-one can inherit a position of power.

>> No.25051450


>the society as a whole is a meritocracy
There is absolutely no evidence of that.

>no-one can inherit a position of power.
Do you even into caste systems? You are born into your role. At birth. It is the very definition of inheritance.

>> No.25051482

They're also the architects and designers and stuff like that. I'd imagine all the actual labour is done by drones.

>> No.25051500

>There is absolutely no evidence of that.

Trial by Fire.

Fire caste members only advance through their deeds on the frontline. This could also apply to the other Caste. They don't move forward without proving themselves.

>Do you even into caste systems? You are born into your role. At birth. It is the very definition of inheritance.

You are born at the lowest rank of your caste. You advance through your deeds and qualifications.

There is examples of high ranking water caste ordering around lower ranking castes, So rank among the Tau is important. A higher ranking member of a caste can order around lower ranking members of any other caste.

>> No.25051522

Probably should make that more "Swedish guy couldn't become a Japanese guy"

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File: 90 KB, 421x454, Earth Caste and a Guevesa tsun.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying that guevesa isn't her wrench lackey
>implying they don't totally have the hots for each other
Sure, you could get some pigment alterations, some webbing between your fingers, alter your height, but you will still never truly be an Air Caste. And you actually probably couldn't, given the state of the tau.
I was going for genetics, not nationality, but both work.

>> No.25051632

the Tau castes are divisions or role not power.

Its not a layered pyramid like Indian style caste system, but closer to parallel "pillars".

>> No.25051641

Didn't read the Tau Codex.

Did it have anything Eldar and Necron related? Did it say anything about Sterilization?

>> No.25051649

Except when it comes to the Ethereals.

>> No.25051656

And all those pillars exist to support the roof overhead that is the Ethereals.

>> No.25051763

eh, the ethereals are more like just another pillar thats a bit taller.

>> No.25051767

Yes, as it turns out the first aliens to join the Tau Empire immediately suffered from a mysterious plague that did not affect the Tau at all. Funny coincidence, that.

>> No.25051785

Their job is to shelter the other castes and give them purpose. Or bear down on them and keep them in their place, depending on how you view them.

>> No.25051794

ITT Taufags try desperately to justify their horrifying dystopia.

>> No.25051803

That's what non-Tau are in the empire.

>> No.25051836

But Xeno's not skilled at ruling ancient space zombie empires at all!

>> No.25051849

Swedes and Japanese are pretty far apart genetically. Probably further apart than black guys and white guys, considering how varied those definitions can be.

>> No.25051879

Why are they holding hands in public?

>> No.25051886

The Tau have been known to hug Gue'vesa in public.

Why is holding hands strange?

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File: 557 KB, 1000x1000, Earth Caste and a Guevesa shopping.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I meant the literal caucasoid/negroid bone structures and the like, but fair enough. They may be even further apart than either or those, though, since I'm not sure if castes can interbreed.
Its a blank white void, it could be anywhere.

>> No.25051895

Do tau have family structures?

>> No.25051908

I'd imagine there's more to the Fire Caste than just the army. It probably includes police and security guards amongst its ranks. Those are pretty 'masses'

>> No.25051925

The Index Xenos says that the most of the Tau are at the strength and stamina level of Imperial Guard.

This means that most Tau are Fire Caste.

>> No.25051971

Tau culturally shun cross caste romances.
Its not mentioned why exactly though.

>> No.25051981

or fire caste while above average aren't that far above it.
Earth caste would be decently beefy too.

>> No.25051992

>Its not mentioned why exactly though.

Maybe because the Ethereal Caste told them to?

Cross caste ''intimate'' relations are forbidden under pain of death.

>> No.25051999

And even baseline laborers, the kind of people who haul materials where the Earth Caste contractors tell them too.

>> No.25052040

well there's that, I just meant there's no indication if whether the Ethereal ban on it has legitimate grounds or not.

>> No.25052056

I know that much, but it could be for anything from muddying caste bloodlines with cross contamination to a couple that doesn't produce children is considered useless and evil to even just that they like to keep castes mostly self-contained.

>> No.25052098

>legitimate grounds or not.

Doesn't take too much thinking to figure it out.

Cross breeding ruins the caste traits. Ruins centuires worth of social eugenics.

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File: 105 KB, 500x206, tumblr_mcnp0yhpTa1ricj7ko1_500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Greater Good.

>> No.25052125

Its not eugenics if no-one directed it or did it on purpose. The Tau "Castes" evolved on their own, all the Ethereals did was unite the formally divided and warring sub-species.

There's also the point that as now separate sub-species unions could well result in horribly malformed hybrids.

>> No.25052171

Breeds. Like dogs. They may look different but they're all just dogs.

>> No.25052233

When one breed has hollow bones, they are no longer breeds

>> No.25052254

Yeah, the Air Caste fluff was always pretty nonsensical to me.

>> No.25052266

fluff outright states they're sub-species. They're a lot more separated than just "breeds". Horse-donkey or lion-tiger is probably a more accurate comparison than breeds of dog.

>> No.25052271

Compare the scrunched face of pugs to the hip problems of labs. But yeah, Air Caste is pretty out there.

>> No.25052294

Consider what mutation is like in 40k.

Even when not exposed to the warp, if the air caste lived in a high radiation zone, hello weird freaks.

>> No.25052320

the Tau homeworld was cut off from the rest of the galaxy by a warpstorm for a few thousand years. Perhaps it had some effects on the local life (which may include the selective pressure for them to evolve into near blanks. )

>> No.25052344

The Air Caste lost their wings and developed their bones through centuries of breeding on space stations.

If there were differences between Tau tribes, the Ethereals made them bigger than before with their breeding programs.

>> No.25052382

Ah, that makes more sense. You lose a lot of bone mass from being in space, the Air caste simply adapted to it.

>> No.25052387

breeding programs is pure fan speculation.

>> No.25052396

The Admech scientist researching the Tau species noted that their evolution is artificial. Some one or something guided the Tau evolution.

The Necrons detected the works of one of the Old One servants in the Tau.

Hmm....who could it be? The hand that uplifted the Tau?

>> No.25052412

According to the Fire Warrior Novel, the Tau ministry of propagation chooses for the Tau their mates through scientific matchmaking to get the best offspring from the couples.

Seem like a breeding program to me.

>> No.25052420

[Citation needed]

>> No.25052421

> does that mean that the vast, unwashed masses of Tau society are Earth Caste laborers, proletariat suited only for simple, repetitive tasks and servitude?

Not really. I mean, think about it. Aside from soldiers, pilots, and diplomats, there are a LOT of jobs in a modern society. All the doctors? Earth Caste. Scientists? Earth Caste. Engineers? Earth Caste. Pretty much any job that isn't military or diplomatic in nature belongs to the Earth Caste.

>> No.25052423

>Some one or something guided the Tau evolution.
Something like breeding programs. Also Xenology is full of shit.

>> No.25052448

Water Caste also does science, and it would not surprise me in the least if the Tau Aeronautics and Space Administration employed exclusively Air Caste.

>> No.25052456

>Also Xenology is full of shit.

Wasn't alluding to the Xenology. I was talking about the report in the 3ED Tau Codex.

>> No.25052488

as pilots and technicians sure. But the engineers who design that shit? Earth caste

>> No.25052493

IIRC, Tau breeding and tau romance aint the same thing

>> No.25052519

Its probably a joint staff. I doubt the Earth Caste know the ins and outs of dealing with space the way the Air Caste do. And I know for a fact some weapons were developed and designed by Water Caste, so its not like Earth Caste have a monopoly on developmental sciences.

>> No.25052536
File: 19 KB, 400x389, Why_not_both.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 6


>> No.25052540

Need to mention that the water caste invented the Tau warp drive and Rail gun.

What did the Earth Caste invent? Nothing! Because the Water Caste is the power behind Tau science.

The same scene in the book had an earth caste feeling guilty for his romantic feelings toward a water caste. Romance eventually leads to breeding!

>> No.25052553


Whoopsies, forgot turn off a lot of shit there.

>> No.25052558
File: 621 KB, 1000x1024, Techpriest appeases the machine spirits.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm fairly certain that Earth Caste was behind the Riptide and they were the ones inspecting the captured Warp Drive and consulting the techpriests about how it works. So at the very least, Earth Caste can reverse engineer like a motherfucker.

>> No.25052577

>xenophobic HFY threads erryday
>not /pol/
/tg/ has just as horrible people as /pol/, the only difference is /pol/ draws its line at race and /tg/ draws it at species, otherwise the mentality is identical.

>> No.25052709

They don't understand the warp though. They believe they killed Khorne when they killed a CSM.

>> No.25052722

They believed they killed a Chaos leader named Slaanesh. The Chaos humans spoke of their leader, "Slaanesh," which the Tau took to be referring to the CSM leading them, since they had never heard of a god called Slaanesh.

>> No.25052723

Actually that was Slaanesh, unless they also fought some Khrone Berserkers....

>> No.25052758

>They believe they killed Khorne when they killed a CSM.
First off, it was Slaanesh and secondly, it would be like hearing a bunch of Radical Islamics scream Allah Ackbar and thinking that was their leader, not thinking that you killed a god. And thirdly, that has jack shit to do with the current conversation.

>> No.25052799


/pol/IDF, pls go.

It'd be funny if that CSM was the grey knight who got corrupted by Slaaneesh in the Chaos book.

Ultimate grey knight ragu.

>> No.25052818

Hes right, /tg/ is just /pol/ lite.

>> No.25052837

/tg/ is everything lite.

>> No.25052857


It's kinda /d/ heavy.

>implying /mlp/

>> No.25052862

You understand that the earth caste have robotic labourers to do all the simple, repetitive tasks and servitude, and the earth caste are just the normal people who in the United States or UK don't work for the government directly like the diplomats, politicians, or soldiers do. They are the merchants, engineers, scientists, doctors and probably priests of the greater good

>> No.25052891

>or a black guy can become a white guy

>> No.25052896





>> No.25052933

Knorne, Slaneesh, what's the difference in this story? They killed a CSM and thought they killed a god.

>> No.25052954

No, they thought the name Slaanesh was the name of the warlord.

>> No.25052970

in the context of them not understanding the warp it does apply. They got a warp drive, they don't understand how it works. They'll try to reverse engineer it but they just don't currently understand the warp or how it's used in travel.

>> No.25052998

They killed something that wasn't a god and thought they killed a god.
That enough wiggle words for the pendants amongst us?

>> No.25053019

No, because they didn't think they killed a god. They thought they killed a chaos warlord by the name of Slaanesh.

>> No.25053040

So they don't even understand that there is Chaos gods or that they have identities?
That helps my point about them not understanding the warp at all.

>> No.25053052

bleaching your skin doesn't make you Caucasian.

>> No.25053073


Have they got void sheilds?

I doubt the imperium knows that entirely, as anytime the Ordos Xeno explains to a captured Tau that Slaanesh is a god and cannot be killed, the Tau immediately goes "A god? Oh, so Slaanesh is the "immortal" "God Emperor" you gua'lah swear by, yes?"

And then the tau and everyone who heard the tau is immediately BLAM'd by the inquisition, and the research base is melta'd from orbit just to be safe.

>> No.25053093

The vast majority of the Imperium doesn't even know that there are Chaos Gods or their identities.

>> No.25053096

Not knowing =/= not understanding

Also, all there is to understand about the warp is that you cant understand it.

At least, that's what Chaos says 'bout it, so it may not be all that true.

>> No.25053104

they understand it a bit, they do have warp drives after all.
And studying the warp was the entire reason they where at Medusa V.

Its the idea of Gods they don't have down. Or at least that the name Slaanesh = chaos god.

>> No.25053136
File: 90 KB, 270x270, wanna party TRQ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Uh, she's a Water Caste.

>> No.25053145

>Have they got void sheilds?
no, they use some sort "gravitic field" technology. Though they're functionally close enough that on the tabletop they work exactly the same way as Voidshields.

>> No.25053167

Well, fuck.

>> No.25053170

And really, it's not like they ARE gods, they are like giant masses made out of the feelings that souls expel, and they tend to act following the intent of the emotions that compose them, thats why they are evil, in the grim dark grimdarknes of the 40th millenium, all is done because of ahtred, trough hatred, and for haterd.

>> No.25053195

According to the new codex, no. At least not the Fire caste. There's some stuff about some taus caring for their brothers and sisters, though, but no parental relationships.

>> No.25053208

She's a race queen, mang, not a mechanic; her job is to be a walking ad for sponsors and to escort pilots on their way to the podium.

>> No.25053622 [DELETED] 
File: 388 KB, 1100x1513, tau_race_queen_by_technorakel-d5zvtef.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bump for TRQ.
What's her name anyway?

>> No.25054069

what is TIDF?

>> No.25054138

Tau Internet Defense Force, a parody of Jewish Internet Defense Force (or JIDF)

>> No.25054673

>they killed something that wasnt a god and thought the name of his god was the name of the guy they killed instead
FTFY. Tau dont even believe in gods you fucking idiot. They cant think they killed something they dont believe exists.

>> No.25054745

>They got a warp drive, they don't understand how it works.
And when they asked techpriests, the only answer they got was “Have you tried dancing at it?”. Anyways, thats besides the point. The point was that Earth Caste was tasked with reverse engineering it in the first place and Im pretty sure they were the ones who reverse engineered ork tek to make the Riptide shield thing, hence me saying science isn't solely the domain of Water Caste.

>> No.25054890

But water are diplomats not scientists!

>> No.25055015
File: 550 KB, 876x1040, Blue disciplines a gretchin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Earth Caste is best exemplified by Blue. Dem hips and dat wrench wenching.

>> No.25056486

Everybody does a bit of everything, by the looks of it.

>> No.25056516

>What's her name anyway?

>> No.25058589

Ba-dum TSH!

>> No.25059707

'lo and behold

>> No.25059909

Well I like it.

>> No.25060017

Castes have ranks within them, doofus, which are based on performance.

>> No.25060045

As opposed to the Imperium, which has all this, amplified, in dotted microcosms all over it.

Believe it or not, "Serve or die" is better than "Die."

>> No.25060060

"Our technology makes us strong."

>> No.25060078

Well yeah, thems too.

>> No.25060103


Not in the Tau Empire.
Their focus on the ability of everyone being able to serve either means they have great opportunities for the disabled, or they use eugenics and medicine to keep those from being a problem in the first place.

>> No.25060132

.... And a namefag, who you used to be able to summon by saying his name three times in succession.

This isn't a /pol/ joke guys. Or if it is, it's been in /tg/ so long that you can't tell it to go.

>> No.25060143

They thought they killed a dude(?) named Slaanesh. You see, Tau don't... really do that chaos corruption thing that humies and eldar suffer from.

>> No.25060634

bad examples.

>> No.25060676

Meh, happened in earth's hsitory, until dem filthy europeans figured out how to use that as a weapon

>> No.25060759

guys I think alot of you are unaware/forgetting that the etherials aren't technically in charge of anyone. Each caste runs itself and the Etherials simply mediate between them. They are highly respected and everyone listens to what they say, but they are theoretically outside the caste and rank system.
My expectation is that much of the menial production tanks are handled by drones and the earth caste masses act as mechanics for those drones.

>> No.25060775

tasks not tanks*

>> No.25060792

chaos corrupted tau do exist (they're not pariahs after all) but there near zero warp presence does seem to make them fly under chaos's radar a lot more often.

>> No.25060799

so... wincest?

>> No.25060876

>Etherials not technically in charge
That's false both in rule and spirit. The Ethereals aren't the advisor caste, they are the ruler caste, and every other caste instinctively does as commanded.

It's top tanking Elemental Castes that are technically not in charge, but people listen to and obey out of respect. They are not outside the caste and rank system. They have the standard suffix based ranks. They are not outside the caste system, their caste is the ruling one. It's in their job description.

>> No.25060877

rascist prick

>> No.25060888

>Chaos Tau do exist
Is that from the Pathfinder book?

>> No.25061217

no, white dwarf a few years back. And the old Deamon hunters codex too I think.
GW website used to have a conversion guide for making a possessed crisis suit too.

>> No.25062368

That's because the Water Caste doesn't do science!

its the Earth Caste!

>> No.25062415

... Which makes me wonder about their prosthetics situation. I mean, which such a mechanized military, it's not a stretch to have much better means of treating disability.

>> No.25062417

Water Caste invented the Railgun.

>> No.25062582

.... Where do you get that from?

>> No.25062707

Slut Caste is best.

>> No.25062717

Which is why the prototypical Earth Caste wrench wench at the top of the thread is Xeno, amirite?

>> No.25062749

From the little text blurb about how the railguns used to explode. It claimed Water Caste scientists were working on it. Either that or the Water Caste said their scientists were working on it, which would mean they could've been EC scientists. Its been a while since I read it.
You misspelled water caste.

>> No.25062821

Most likely Water Caste was simply commentating, as that's sort of their schtick. I'll check my old codexes tomorrow, it's not in the newest one.

>> No.25062823

I actually thought that TIDF came first and then it got corrupted into JIDF on /pol/

>> No.25062864

Yeah, its old stuff. Railguns don't even explode anymore.

>> No.25065298

Except that's totally possible. A Swede could emigrate to Japan and gain Japanese citizenship; it's a long process, but it's doable. (Indeed, you can hold dual citizenship in the two countries, which breaks the analogy further.)

>> No.25065400

Or it was an error and they meant to say Earth Caste.

>> No.25066228

Dude in the grim darkness of th 41st millenium Pretty much Everyone is a slave of some sort.
Imperials? Slaves of the emperor.
RTs and nobles? Slaves with a longer leash.
The Emperor? A slave to humanity itsself.
Traitors? Slaves of the Dark Gods.
Eldar? Slaves to nescessity.
DE? Slaves to the thirst.
Tyranids? Slaves their all encompassing hunger.
Tau? Slaves of the greater good.
Necrons? Slaves of their lords.
Necron Lords? Slaves of insanity.
The Chaos Gods? Slaves to their own nature.

Only the Orks are free, and even then only the big ones.

>> No.25066380

And even they are slaves to the WAAAAGH!

>> No.25066426

I don't see it as slavery as much as it is a willing partnership.

>> No.25066504

Well have you ever seen an ork that didn't follow the WAAAAGH! ?

>> No.25067706

I really, really wish Black Library or Games Workshop would publish something concrete about the day-to-day life of the Tau Empire... I can't be the only one who really wants to see something in-depth that ISN'T about the Fire Caste's latest kick-ass new toy (come to that, I'd really like to see another novel about the Tau at war with the Imperium, that DOESN'T read like yet MORE Imperium propaganda.

How's this for an idea? A novel following the remnants of an Imperial Guard regiment, left behind in the withdrawal, following the Damocles Gulf Crusade. At first, they do what guardsmen do best and hold the line against the Tau reclamation forces, but eventually decide they're a little sick of getting shot at all day, for the sake of an empire that abandoned them to die and surrender, accepting the rule of the Greater Good. After that, follow their life in the Tau Empire, exploring the Tau culture and society, from a human's perspective. We get to see exactly what is meant by some of the more ambiguous fluff, we get to see how non-Tau are ACTUALLY treated and fit into the Empire and because we're 40k fans and crave blood and explosions by the planet-load, we see our Gue'la'vesa eventually being forced out of their new, peaceful lives and forced to take to the front lines again, this time alongside the Fire Caste's warriors.

Who else would read that?

>> No.25067899

The Genestealer cult ones wouldn't, the chaos worshipping ones probably don't either.

>> No.25067910

they might not do that because GW wants to keep things ambiguous.

40k fluff is very much choose your own fluff, giving the gamers lots of ambiguity to interpret the way think is coolest.

>> No.25068093

Enjoy your horrid ghettos and chemical castration because human survivors of Damocles Gulf don't get to live in pastoral comfort like the propaganda depicts.

>> No.25068109

And yet, the Imperium, Ultramarines, various Chaos forces, Orks and even the Eldar (to some extent) are fully explored and fleshed out in painstaking detail. No, I'm not buying it.

I'm putting my money just on the fact that the vast majority of GW and BL's staff would rather write about humans, freaky demon-things, the Ultrasmurfs, the comic-relief race, or one of the oldest staples of the fluff, rather than the new kids on the block.

Not that there's anything WRONG with that; I enjoy Eisenhorn, Ciaphas Cain, Colonel Schafer, etc. just as much as the next neckbeard; the Orks are always good for a laugh; the Eldar are interesting and enigmatic... But I really wish the other races got a look-in a bit more.

You know what? Screw it. I'm not doing anything ELSE with my life. Who knows how Black Library handles submissions? I take solace in the fact that I know they accepted Gotto and I can at least do as well as him (and with more attention to the fluff as well).

>> No.25068139

Thing is, that's never been confirmed one way or the other, by ANY of the fluff I've ever seen! Even the end of Dark Crusade states the population drop to just be rumours and as far as I'm aware, the video games are of dubious canonicity at best.

It looks suspicious as all hell, I'll grant you, but in all my searching, I've never seen one shred of how Humans and other races and even the Tau live inside the empire, outside the barest snippets.

>sage because I just posted

>> No.25068243

i think every now and then they actually run comps for fans to submit stories, winners can end up getting published by BL

>> No.25068411

Just because you choose to ignore a primary source, doesn't make it any less valid. Games Workshop has final approval over every single piece of licensed merchandise that gets published, the events of Dark Crusade are no more or less canonical than any other Games Workshop publication. Furthermore, the Damocles Gulf campaign book and its tie-in novels, Rogue Star and Star of Damocles, are all pretty overt in regards to the way Tau treat humans; and that's not even touching the new Tau Empire codex which is replete with references to Tau "allies" suffering from mysterious plagues and breeding deficiencies which result in their extinction, only for the Tau to go in and take over their worlds.

>> No.25068474

I have that codex open on my lap right now and I see only ONE instance of such an event; the Tau's first contact with another species EVER. Further, need I point out that such things happened here on Earth too? Just look at first contact between Europeans and native Americans. Virgin-field epidemics are HORRIFYING.

>> No.25069518

We really need some tau characters that aren't "Tau chick corrupted/recruited by another faction." gosh.

>> No.25069533


Faptau? Schlicktau?

>> No.25069541


At least someone remembers them.

>> No.25069558

Well ultimately it'd still come down to, "This is how it works on this planet in this sept." if you do something like that. (Which WOULD be interesting. Maybe some kind of "I, Gue'vesa" where a captured Gue'vesa explains his or her life to an Inquisitor?)

The Tau Empire isn't nearly as big as the Imperium but she is still LARGE and the culture and lifestyle between different septs is implied to vary-again, less so than the Imperium's sectors, but enough to be worth noting several times in the Codex.

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