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Iron Guard Will Hold the Line!

can somebody post the core book and homebrew links

>HOTE reasonable quality scan

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Has anybody made any Mordian or Scintillan regiments that weren't tankers?

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I considered it, but ended up going with a homebrew recon reg instead.

I love me some Mordian troopers though

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and I finish with this...

as soon as we get a HOTE pdf I'll get the new art ripped out...

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Continue the female imperial guard and count-as dump! we reinforcements are coming!

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>female guard

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derp forgot this one

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I saved this just for people like you

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You can do it like this?

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we were going with reasonable guardswomen

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Hahaha, no.

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I believe this is the homebrew document we've been using:

And here is a core rulebook:

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Are you afraid of woman anon?

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yeah but if I get the layered PDF then I can get better quality stuff without text and missing parts

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Is it possible to make a commissar that isn't actively hated by his/her guardsmen, /tg/? I understand that their primary function is morale officers, so I had the idea of a character who plays her duty as a commissar more gregariously. Like she lets their gambling/unorthodox use of equipment slide, but still commands respect and executes deserters. But I'm unsure if that's possible, considering the 'execution part,' or if that depends entirely on the regiment.

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Gaunt, Cain, Yarrick

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Did anyone actually make these guys into a regiment?

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Depends on the situation.
If you're on the front lines where moral breaks regularly, nope.
If you're in an outback where you're keeping orks at bay on a bad day, then yes.

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Someone asked for this in the last thread.

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yes, a good commisar know when to let things slide and when to come down on the men

a good example I use for good/bad commissars is Adama and Saul vs. Kain and Fisk

don't think so

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Yeah it happens.
Ultimately how a commissar does their duty is down to them. The important thing is that they instil the proper morals into the guardsmen.

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I think if you just be reasonable and still firm, you can do it without violating the canon. It really depends on the regiment though. If they understand that cowardice is a crime worth a death penalty, then that will not hamper your relations at all.

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Ofcourse, look at gaunt and cain.
In my campaing i have a sort of balanced releationship with the guard.
I am fair and reasonable talking to the soldiers from time to time , keeping morale up but i am drawing a line between them and myself becouse i am not just their friend, it cant be that close releationship. If you get to close to them they will not consider you as a commissar and you wont be able to command as effectivly.

So be jsut and have no fear and draw the line between them and yourself.

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Awww.. It would have been awesome to add to the homebrew.

I know someone made a regiment based of Lost Planet. Giving them grapplers and the sentinels where designed so 2 people could ride on their "shoulders"

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>>25000704 here


I think our DM said we'd be Elysians, I can't really remember. How do they handle commissars?

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No idea. I know very little about the Elysians, although i find the concept unbelievably badass. I assume they do it like any other regiment, and they would drop in with the rest of the troopers

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I'm not knee deep in Elysian fluff, but from my knowledge and opinion, Elysian are pretty well motivated regiments so they shouldn't have too much problem with commissars.

Maybe the commissar is more there as an honour duty then actual as a hardliner who has to hang 4 people before lunch.

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some body remembers my homebrew!

Cyprian 12th

they're a pretty standard regiment, so no knife to the back straight away. They're also pretty experienced and do a term in their PDF beforehand so it's not liek they're conscripts

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Hey, Lost Planet.

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Catgirls when?

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Not directly OW related, but does anyone else know what the other archetypes beside Noise Marines were in the Tome of Excess yet?

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They are pretty veteran troopers, i dont think you will have many problems with them in terms of morale.

Just shoot the ones running away and it should be fine....
Unless most of them are running, in that case you might want to consider not being seen around.

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Oh wow. I guess my job will be pretty easy then. Sweet. We haven't been told where we're going, but I assume Drop Troopers would be seeing some intense action.

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never, they're quarinteened

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That cannot be, Felines should be accepted already.

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Even if you don't are a part of the regiment, it seems like a nice regiment for GM's to use. Especially if The Squad is going deep and far in the snow, "borrowing" a sentinel from the regiment.

That or a nice "Thank god we got saved" moment when an avalanche is coming to fuck'em up.
At lest it is an alternative to Vallhallans.

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dunno, but you get rules for minion hordes and "superior" minions

>The Tome of Excess introduces both new abilities for Minions and new Talents for Heretics that enhance their Minions. I am particularly excited about two new varieties of Minion—Horde Minions and Superior Minions. Right from the outset, I knew I wanted to give players an option for representing truly numerous followers, such as a cult. The existing rules for Hordes provide a method for a player to command vast numbers of followers without bogging him down in book keeping. A Horde Minion’s Magnitude is based on the Heretic’s Infamy value, so as he grows in reputation and power, so does his Horde of followers. This represents anything from additional recruits, to the individuals improving through experience, to dark blessings.

>While Horde Minions represent numerous, individually weak followers, Superior Minions are quite the opposite. Superior Minions are powerful servants and, unlike other Minions, they can gain and spend experience points to advance, just like a player character. In this way, a Superior Minion increases in power along with the controlling Heretic, and can be a valuable asset even at the highest levels of play. Of course, where Chaos is concerned, nothing is ever simple or safe, and having a Superior Minion entails certain responsibilities and risks that may prove detrimental to a careless or unlucky Heretic.

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Cool! Is this from an interview somewhere?

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Alright, come here. I'll rub ya tummy.

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new prievew that just hit, book hits next week BTW

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Yeah I've got it on preorder

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Trooper Koneko! Get your uniform in order!
You are a disgrace for all of His armed forces!
Report in for cold bathing this afternoon.

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Sassy Krieger

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Fucking Kriegers.

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Are you the same guy who tries to push that character every time the catgirls come up? Because the catgirls are better.

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Superior minion...
Now I can totally have a demon bike.

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HotE pdf out now, no upload yet?

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Check OP post, that's the best one we've got so far, I'm sure a better one will turn up soon though.

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>not liking Amelia

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It's not a matter of like or not-like, but default catgirls are simply superior.

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>catachan women look like super jacked body builders.

Not sure if hot, or not.

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Not like jacked body builders, not all of them anyway.
Most of the time they'd be agile and slim.

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Not like it matters whether you think they're hot or not, because if a Catachan woman want something from you, your opinion is invalid.

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I think you mean Mithra.

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So albeit cute girls with cat-like ears on the top of their heads are a superior depiction of a 'feline' race, compared to a thoroughly feline military officer with anatomically correctly situated ears?
Even Mithra do a marginally better job at that when compared to your nekomimi.

Am I the only one who would love big stonking sideburns on all felinids regardless of gender?

I would be okay with all of them looking like the Scout specialty from page 74 in HotE.

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I, personally, don't like big, stonking sideburns on women. Especially when they have such a weird shaped head.

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>it's not rape if it is femael on male

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What are you, gay?

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It certainly wouldn't be rape if it were Catachan muscle woman on me.

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It's not about the logic, it's about the appeal, son, the appeal! Catgirls are cute, there doesn't need to be anything more to it.

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You clearly have no taste in women.
How would you even properly hold onto a girl with no handlebars?

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I don't find masculine traits to be particularly attractive. Plus, that skeletal structure isn't really engaging.

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Yeah. Nah.

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Like I said. No grip.
Good thing you finally see reason.

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I would prefer to grip a woman elsewhere and do without the wiry, ugly hair on her face.

And this is all beside the point that catgirls are superior.

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Those would make awesome dorf portraits.

I can see a DM blinking, his mind going blank before he finally goes...."kay."

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Have you possibly been a drum in a past life?

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>Not posting Aisha

What is wrong with you?

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So did you.
Care to rectify that, if you find it so important?

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Done. Now stop being such fags

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As soon as I get Hammer I'm going to make a Guerillas regiment of feral huntsmen. I might give them cavalry mounts and make them Not!Comanches.

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Eh. This cat is not nearly victorian enough.

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Being cute doesn't make them any less abhuman.

>> No.25001764

But they are loyal to the Empurror!

>> No.25001804

Muh nigga. Be sure to take normal spears and scalpin' knives, too.

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Fact: adding Ctarl-Ctarl to any setting instantly makes that setting 100% more awesome.

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This thread is proof that furfags ruin everything.

>> No.25001948

Catgirls have never been furry. Suggesting as such means you are the newest of the new, or your post is some kind of masterful ruse.

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>my dick is confused help!

>> No.25001976

Has anyone tried to do something like pic related? Or is that something more like DW?

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Most people don't like their felinids that furry. They are seperate from beastmen. Mithra is about as far as it can stretch. Amelia is cool, but too furry.

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No, it's very much OW. I struck upon the idea as soon as I read through the OW beta.

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What is high provender? It's in table 6-5, random gear. I'm thinking wine or champagne or something, bit it's not mentioned in the book.

>> No.25002011

What? What sort of inane point are you trying to get at here?

>> No.25002022

A military force going up against a deadly alien menace whilst woefully under-equipped and lacking in vital intelligence?

Nah, never been done in Only War, I don't know why you even thought of it.

>> No.25002035

Rations aren't covered by the book. High Provender is just extremely high-quality food.

>> No.25002055


He probably means that it's the same class of annoying bullshit to most fa/tg/uys. I agree. It's the same difference, irrelevant shit poisoning interesting threads.

>> No.25002063

I referenced DW because of the "you stop being underequipped and your soldiers are killing machines that always triumph even if outnumbered and outgunned every time".

But that can go for OW veterans as well I suppose

>> No.25002083


Provender means food? Jesus, can they come up with more obtuse phrasing.

>> No.25002107

Call it top chow if provender surpasses your capabilities.

>> No.25002131

I think a lot of things poison interesting threads, like /tg/'s general tendency toward pedantry or its History Channel Degree in historical warfare.

With that said, it's a goddamn 40k thread that mentioned females. You should be happy that diapers haven't been involved yet.

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It's always been called that, I recall it coming up in Dark Crusade and Rogue Trader books.

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Uh, this may sound like a stupid question, but...if I wanted stats for Craftworld Eldars, where should I look? Are they even statted in the first place?

>> No.25002195

Now you did it yourself. All is lost!

>> No.25002216

Probably exactly like Dark Eldar, but slightly less evil.

>> No.25002219

Craftworld Eldar were the major enemy of choice in a lot of Rogue Trader material, so you'll want to check that game line.

>> No.25002239

There's some Craftworld Eldar and gear across the Waprstorm Trilogy and Into the Storm, I think.
For a stat line, look into The Dark Kin. They have rules on how to make a DE character.
You can go from there, I guess.

>> No.25002248

I see...can I just take stats from there? I hear there may be problems with PC power levels between some systems, I wouldn't like for things to be unbalanced (on the broken side, at least)

>> No.25002271

Maybe you misunderstand, I meant stats for having them as NPCs. That said, thanks for the info, I'll get to dl that stuff

>> No.25002276

Can't wait for 40k catgirls to genocided in lore.

>> No.25002282

Look, i will not say anything one way or the other about catgirls, but can we just please leave them out of this thread?

>> No.25002289

Should be fine, you'll have to alter how unnatural statistics work, but I think the Eldar in Black Crusade had 2 or 3 unnatural agility, so go with that.

>> No.25002295

The fate of all things with an X Chromosome in 40k.

>> No.25002310

This. It's an old-timey word for food. Amusingly, the original word had connotations of *animal feed*.


>> No.25002330

But they are in no way specified to be specifically female?

>> No.25002343



>> No.25002350

Are their males big, burly, grim and bald?

If not, same fate applies.

>> No.25002363

The problem is, DH chars start weak but grow very strong very quickly, while RT characters scale far slower.
DW and BC have Marines, so those are generally utterly off the chart.
OW again scales very differently with characters who can become very skilled at being deadly in very specific ways, as opposed to Dark Heresy or Rogue Trader where the level structure forced you to spend points on more than one thing most of the time.

Only The Dark Kin has PC stats, as well as NPC profiles.
I thought, I might best cover all possibilities to be sure.

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I'm willing to think that they would need osme form of female to keep, uh...existing?

There's some human in abhuman after all

>> No.25002397

Oh, hush up. Felinids are okay.

>> No.25002416

Could we at least discuss them in terms of, say, statting them properly for Only War, since this is an OW thread?

>> No.25002422


>want a fetish to be killed off in 40k
>d-dats sexist.

>> No.25002425

And digital versions online!


Totally not trying to push for better version.

>> No.25002427

They've already been statted, as far as I know.

>> No.25002441

>implying they don't reproduce by kawaii yaoi boy love with innocent shota imperial citizens

Do you even catperson fetish?

>> No.25002447

They have, but their stats are a bit... I don't know, they don't feel quite right.


>> No.25002449

Now we just have to wait for the cleanerbros.

>> No.25002454

We did. A year ago.
They are shock troops for hit-and-run tactics in trench warfare.

>> No.25002466

did anyone by any chance screen cap the list of 40k abhuman races from the rule book?

Do tieflings exist in 40k?

>> No.25002487

The joke is that both genders have the X chromosome

>> No.25002491

I would've thought using them as advance scouts and highly mobile light infantry would be a better idea.

Giving them all shotguns (with a melee attachment no less) and making them a shotgun class just seems silly and constrictive.

>> No.25002531

That's what I would have thought too. Fast, stealthy, agile.

>> No.25002563

Uh, no, I prefer catgirls to catboys, if I really have to choose

>> No.25002622

I feel like they could use a rework, for one thing I'd remove the +10 Fellowship, as well as the Fellowship and Social aptitudes, which I feel were most likely spawned entirely from "MUH CUTE CATGIRLS!"

Make them more like Cats, possessive, arrogant, borderline sociopathic, the commissars and officers have to keep an eye on them to make sure they don't start getting too rough with any guardsman they can find who's smaller and weaker than them, (reports of Ratlings going missing when sharing a camp with Felinids remain unsubstantiated).

Of course, the Felinid's sociopathy doesn't generally extend to its own squad, since they are ITS squad, and if any of them are weak, it'll probably try and assume a mentor role to ensure that they can hunt and kill effectively for their survival.

>> No.25002638


Yeah, when i googled it animal feed came up. I think it's absolute bullshit. I'm not a dummy, I write academic texts in english, read books in english and watch american tv-shows without subtitles. Intentionally using unclear and vague language is counter-productive and confusing to foreigners like me who doesn't have the extra thick dictionary at hand. I'm imagining the smug british pricks that came up with it, I bet the they felt SO clever and I notice that this pisses me off far more than it should. Pic related.

>> No.25002645


The shotgun is weird. I'd say just make them a stealthy oriented career in general instead of "shotgun dudes", with a couple of traits that make them aloof.

>> No.25002654

If you want to play a Guerilla Regiment, play one.
Between that, Light Infantry, Chameoline, Infiltrators, Covert Strike, and Vanguard, you have all you could wish for.

>> No.25002678

Somebody needs some buttointment.

>> No.25002684

If you don't know a word, use a fucking dictionary like a normal person.
Are you French or something, to think normal people solutions don't apply to you?

>> No.25002707

The shotgun focus just doesn't make any sense.

>> No.25002732

Its okay not to know a word you know. 30 year old English language majors still end up learning new ones now and then.

>> No.25002799


Provender is not in my dictionary, i checked. A quick google search was inconclusive. I'm looking at this: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/provender and i am not sure if i should think it's food for people or horses (rough riders, remember?). Vague and shitty language in a product with a broad userbase pisses me off, whether it's english, german or my native tongue. I come across new words constantly, it's fine. I shouldn't need to bring a dictionary to read the menu at mcdonalds. It's a matter of being clear, seriosuly, I'm STILL not sure what i should tell my players. I think I'm going for horse feed, since that's more entertaining.

>> No.25002833

>Intentionally using unclear and vague language is counter-productive and confusing
Well, yeah. Bureaucrats in the grim darkness of the far future aren't big on clarity.

>> No.25002856

Okay, how does this look to people as an alternative Felinid statblock? I feel like I might have been slightly too generous, but I don't know.

Characteristics: +10 Agility, +10 Perception, -5 Willpower, -5 Toughness.
Aptitudes: Agility, Fieldcraft, Finesse, Offence, Perception, Weapon Skill.
Starting Skills: Acrobatics, Awareness, Stealth, Survival.
Starting Talents: Catfall, Heightened Senses (Hearing, Smell), Lightning Reflexes, Weapon Training (Low-Tech, Las or Solid Projectile).
Starting Traits: Dark Sight, Unnatural Agility (+2).
Specialist Equipment: Shotgun or Warknife, Chameleoline Cloak.
Wounds: 8+1d5

>> No.25002858

It's a book in a language meant for speakers of that language and it uses old-timey words to achieve that kind of pompous effect one would associate with people who would say those kinds of things. Fucking get over it, foreign scum.

>> No.25002889

My guess is, the ambiguous wording is very much intentional.
It is to indicate that it is about what we today would give our animals but leagues above what the normal Guardman gets.
Which is supposedly horrible.

This. I'm not a native, but how can a person be so dense?

>> No.25002918

I'd still say to tone it down, especially with the characteristic bonuses. Ogryn pay out the ass for those.

>> No.25002921


Jesus you people are cruel, all i want is to understand what I'm reading. Ambigious wording is fine, but half a sentence sparing me the googling would not go amiss.

>> No.25002930

You could well be right, but I'm not sure quite what to do with the stats to fix it.

>> No.25002963

How about this?

Starting Characteristics: +5 Agi, +5 Weapon Skill, -5 Tou, -5 Will

Starting Aptitudes: Weapon Skill, Fieldcraft, Perception, Finesse, Offense, Agility

Skills: Stealth, Acrobatics, Awareness, Survival

Starting Talents: Heightened Senses(Hearing, Smell), Lightning Reflexes or Catfall, Weapon Training(Solid Projectile or Las, Low-Tech)

Starting Traits: Unnatural Agility+2

Wounds 6+1d5

Starting Gear: Good Craftsmanship Mono Knife, Common Craftsmanship Laspistol or Common Craftsmanship Stub Automatic with Silencer.

Maybe add the Chameleoline Cloak.

>> No.25002965

>My guess is, the ambiguous wording is very much intentional.
>It is to indicate that it is about what we today would give our animals but leagues above what the normal Guardman gets.
Rogue Traders eat "real, unprocessed meat from strange beasts, fruits won from death worlds at the cost of many lives, and exotic grains from private hydroponic gardens", so no, they don't eat animal food.
Guardsmen, meanwhile, get the delightfully delicious sounding 'corpse starch' bars, 'soylens viridians', and 'enriched kelp bars', depending on what kind of worlds provide their food. High-tier Guard chow is what we would consider an average MRE. Regular tier is something awful-tasting in bar form with enough nutrients and carbs to get you through your day. Is it any wonder that the average Guard is hopelessly addicted to lho and recaf?

>> No.25002968

It does say "servings" of High Provender, mind. So it's really not THAT hard to tell that it's meant to be food.

(Also, if you've read Rogue Trader, you've already seen High Provender in the lists)

>> No.25002982

I always saw Corpse Starch rations as being more like hardtack than energy bars, myself.

>> No.25003016

I'd rather keep Dark Sight in, since cats can see in the dark so well and all.

Not sure why you replaced the Warknife with a Good-Craftsmanship Mono Knife either, I would've thought it was more likely that they would just be provided with a bigger knife, rather than a finely crafted and honed blade.

Aside from that, looks pretty good.

>> No.25003037


Haven't played Rogue Trader and look at >>25002965 ! Even those who have played the game can't seem to agree. See what i mean about clarity not being all bad. I understood from serving that it was something to put in a mouth. But that's not really a lot to work with. Corpse starch rations are great. Three words and every single one are functional and contain a wealth of information.

>> No.25003055

I was trying to keep it in Core for gear. Dark Sight proobably won't hurt anything.

>> No.25003073

Now I want to have rumors spread around the entire regiment that the unit is getting something special from higher up. Let the rumors spread and inflate with the telling and retelling till it's something along the lines of we're getting issued some new super weapon to test out. And then have a shipment of canned peaches arrive sent by some well meaning General to cheer up the troops before they get sent on some suicidal charge the next day.

>> No.25003077

Your slander of the Departmento Munitorium has not gone unnoticed. The Commissariat has been notified and you will be dealt with shortly.

Ignore this man's lies. Sign up, and you too can wage war in the name of the Emperor.

>> No.25003177


It's hardly any defense that it has been used in Rogue Trader if it recieved as much attention as in Only War. That is to say, a single mention on a table. Why include it you are not going to give people anything to work with? I don't really give a shit, but i think they can afford the ink.

>> No.25003189

Will you please stop giving every fucker and his dog Unnatural Agility?
It does absolutely nothing but blow their movement out of proportion.
Running at 96m/round is ridiculous and should not be possible, even for abhumans.
Same goes for falling distances.

The -5 Toughness is dangerous, as it can combine with the one from Light Infantry, giving you a -10 which is a real gutshot.

The heavy Close Quaters focus is unfortunate for a class so fragile, I would at least include the option to go ranged.

I'd throw in Synskin as an alternative to the cloak, just to prevent redundancy with the equipment from Doctrines.

Characteristics: +5 Agility, +5 Perception, -5 Willpower,
Aptitudes: Agility, Fieldcraft, Finesse, Offence, Perception, Weapon Skill or Ballistic Skill.
Starting Skills: Acrobatics, Awareness, Stealth, Survival.
Starting Talents: Catfall, Heightened Senses (Hearing), Lightning Reflexes, Weapon Training (Low-Tech, Las or Solid Projectile).
Starting Traits: Dark Sight
Specialist Equipment: Shotgun or Warknife, Chameleoline Cloak or Synskin.
Wounds: 7+1d5

Do we treat this as a Guardsman or Support speciality?
They are different from the normal guardsman, but within their regiments, they'd be standard troopers.
And they are not that far from the others in combat behavior.

>> No.25003199

Because it's not important.

>> No.25003216

...and hence you have completely missed the point of abhumans.

>> No.25003217


Then don't include it at all. Do, or do not, don't half-ass it.

>> No.25003243

>Aptitude options
Those are not a thing in any other specialization, so no.

Also, it isn't that shocking to give them unnatural agility, the statblock you've proposed there makes them far too human for an abhuman.

>> No.25003248

It's in there to provide an amusing thing for an accidental resupply. Just as normal rations are in there to reference the fact that soldiers need resupply. They're not important enough for further definition. What's there IS basically all that needs to be done.

>> No.25003339


I think the boogaloo in this thread clearly shows that there is plenty of room for expanding on the topic. Maybe an availability rating so the players can use it for bartering? That would be great. We can use our imaginations and come up with it ourself, but that's just an excuse for laziness.

>> No.25003362

There's really no reason. If there were, there'd be more in the book on it, wouldn't there?

>> No.25003371

You mean the boogaloo you started and nobody else gives a shit about?

>> No.25003380


That logic only works if the authors are omnipotent.

>> No.25003397


Not that guy, but i joined in because i don't like things that only show up in tables.

>> No.25003430

>HOTE reasonable quality scan

Is this the same as the first scan or did someone rescan it?

>> No.25003442


I would hardly equate that discussion with one person giving a shit, provender is clearly a controversial and relevant topic for young people everywhere.

>> No.25003443


Thank you, glorious Adept.

I was worried that in our service to the Emperor we may be found starving

>> No.25003473

I cracked a smile.

>> No.25003709

I tried to avoid giving them both, as the Weapon Specialist gets, who then has four different stats as Aptitudes.
I would be leaning more towards Ballistic Skill, if I had to choose.
The whole construct is too frail for CC, especially with a Toughness penalty.

Unnatural Agility looks cool but it is, if anything, disruptive.
With the Sprint Talent and a +10 Agility boost, you are quickly outrunning vehicles and distance on the battlefield becomes a non-issue which makes combat untactical.
I played an abhuman character with high Ag and Unnatural (+2).
It was ridiculous. Especially since the higher movement and falling distances without damage are the only real advantage.

The only other effect is one extra success when testing Stealth as an opposed test, which is arguably an edge but hardly ever came up as an Agility value of 60+ with Stealth+20/30 wins most of the time anyway and when you still manage to fail, the Unnatural Agility has no effect.

I would strongly advise to use a less brutish approach when modelling them, unless you want PCs who can ignore enemy formations by just running past them or half-move their way out of charging distance.

I see they are to be different from human. Still, making them the equals of Eldar warriors seems a bit much.

>> No.25003848

You can lower the Un.Agility one or so, but it's essentially supposed to mirror the Ogryn, with a focus on grace instead of brutishness.

>> No.25003910

Take this

Lower the Unnatural Agility by 1 (or remove it if it bothers you that much). Add the Chameleoline Cloak as standard. You now have a stealth focused skirmisher no matter what regiment they're in, just as the Ogryn is a bigass slab of meat.

>> No.25004021

That's the problem.
Unnatural Agility does not make you graceful, but more fast-moving in a system where moving can spiral out of reasonable proportions even without Un. Ag.
+10 Agility does a far better job in this regard.
As would a specific Talent supporting way of fighting with a more narrow bonus like disengaging with a half action which gives you later an opportunity to do it as a free action with the right Talents.

As I said, drop the Unnatural, it does nothing.
Focus on making a class with no wounds or toughness a viable close combatant instead, in which the Cloak does bugger all.

>> No.25004080

The low wounds are part of the stealth focus, as they're not supposed to get into slugging matches. They're supposed to strike from cover, then run away to reestablish surprise. If anything, the Unnatural Agility helps immensely with this playstyle.

>> No.25004260

And how exactly do they kill their enemy?
They do next to no damage, even if they manage to sneak up and attack with their knives.
I like the idea, but the numbers don't add up.
Even your average sentry would need the attention of several attackers to go down.
And if they get seen, the whole thing is down the drain.
Not to mention how anyone playing anything else gets to twiddle thumbs.
If you want them to work out, they better go in, do a hell of damage and produce enough fireworks to cover their tracks.
Otherwise combat will take ages. And likely not turn out favorable.

>> No.25004320


probably why a weeaboo ninja-kitty specialist doesn't exist in the core rulebook. Keep at it guys, I'm sure you can find a way to be display your furryness in every aspect of your lives.

>> No.25004498


I'm sure the party will be on the edge of their seats while you kite mobs like you are playing world of warcraft.

>> No.25004514

Does anyone here play Skype games and willing to take someone else on board?

I've always wanted to give this setting a shot.

>> No.25004584

There are already Talents for moving and hitting as part of the same thing. IIRC, there's even a sneak attack talent now.

>> No.25004876

In no particular order:
Unstoppable Charge
Crushing Blow
Assassin Strike

And maybe some other things I forgot. Getting better weapons helps immensely.

And, holy shit, did you forget you can already disengage as a half action with an Acrobatics Test? It's not even a hard one.

Yeah, I guess that's why there's no Talents buffing Stealth maneuvers and the like OH WAIT.

>> No.25006068


>> No.25006123


>Yeah, I guess that's why there's no Talents buffing Stealth maneuvers and the like OH WAIT.

Just because you can it doesn't mean you should.

>> No.25006953

are agri-world regiments any good?

>> No.25006988

Dude actually looks/sounds like more of a douche before the fedora.

>> No.25007052


>Fedora-wearing neckbeard detected.

I'm sorry anon, but you can't pull off that fedora, i know you think you can and it hurts to hear the truth.

>> No.25007191


Anyone got the actual PDF instead of a scan?

>> No.25007231

This guy's right. I'm sorry, dude. The fedora does not look good on anyone under 60.

>> No.25007435

Nobody yet. Someday.

>> No.25008075

Howdy folks. I've got a bit of open time coming up, so I've been toying with this idea. Basically in fair Not-Verona, the Prince/Governor has gotten sick of 5th sons and 4th daughters of minor nobility having Drama and stabbing each other in the streets. The regiment is a bunch of tithed highborn manchild duelists who are fantastic at stabbing and sometimes shooting but absolutely shit at the other parts of being a guardsman. Also commissars having to deal with the fact that they COULD execute them but then they'd be skullfucked by daddy's influence and it would be a great way to get reassigned to a Catachan unit on the Planet of the Sodomy Beasts.

1st Nathalian Diestros
Highborn 3pts
Light Infantry 2pts (Navigate (surface) replaced with Acrobatics)
Commander: Fixed 2pts
Hardened fighters 2pts
Warrior Weapons 3 pts

Disadvantage: Honor Bound, +4pts

Basic weapon: Longlas (Big game hunters)
Heavy weapon: Good quality Naval Shotcannon (Really BIG Game Hunters)

Regimental Custom Gear:

upgrade monosword to good (best with variant pattern) 5
upgrade shotcannon to good (loses unreliable) 5
add grapnel launcher to las pistol (for obligatory chandelier swinging) 10
add refactor field (for obligatory Dune references) 20

-Nathalian Varient Dueling Blade: 1d10 R Pen 2 Balanced, (1) 1kg
May be drawn as a free action, +5 to charm and command tests while visible -20 to log replacement roll, -1 to Crit Damage

Nathalian Pattern Punt Gun
Heavy 40m S/3/- 2d10+4I Pen 0 Clip 19 2Full Scatter*,Felling 2 in short range, 9kg
+5 to Intimidate when visible

*Using the houserule that Scatter's extra hits go out to short range, and +10 at PBR

Since regiments can only have two doctrines, I have 4 free points floating around. I COULD convert that into 8 more gear points and get them all a microbead but that seems...boring? Any suggestions as to what to do with it?

>> No.25008111


hah, i like it, maybe you should add a dress uniform?

>> No.25008395

That or a dose of Stimm

>> No.25008614

There was an old Cata-chan pic about this. God damn it's been years since I saw it last though. Back when we still tolerated chans.

>> No.25008628

One thing you start to notice is that even with all the fancy equipment it never makes them stronger than the average muton or fuckthereal or rapeopod it only puts them on par with it.

>> No.25008647

I haven't drawn her in awhile (no, I didn't draw this particular one, this was part of the Phallasaur series)

>> No.25008662

Unless they're an ogryn, they're not going to be doing much better than TB 5 and 6 Armor, negating only 11 damage a turn doesn't even reliably stop lasguns.

>> No.25008680

I would say well provisioned makes a bit of sense. I can't really see much else working.

>> No.25008715

Oh, or if you were looking for gear go with dress uniform and maybe some tranq or whatever other alcoholic beverage you can find.

>> No.25008742

Haha, them being weepy drunk on tranq is the only time the commissar can relax and know someone won't be stabbed at random. They're all like low-rent, overdressed evesors.

>> No.25008805

11 damage reduction stops lasguns fairly reliably unless they have Mighty Shot and/or use nothing but Overload mode--and even then that's not much more than 1-3 Wounds a hit getting through on the best rolls.

>> No.25008840

Well yes, but 1-3 wounds over a day long battle where you're being shot at a hundred or so times.

>> No.25008866

Indeed, but really if you're taking fire that's getting through your defenses when they're that high, you probably should be taking more cover at that point.

>> No.25008926

Yes, but cover is sometimes hard to come by.

*In an open field, surrounded by fucking kroot in a forest* *Lay down surpressive fire while the other PCs do their own thing*


The boys chew the scenery a little too well.

>> No.25008966

Oh brother. Well...at least the Kroot have to deal with the fire too?

>> No.25008981

Yes. But we're outnumbered 3-1 and the shaper and his butt boys somehow teleported into the middle of our fireteam?? I am not sure exactly but right now the sarge is down 9 wounds and we've got half a dozen of them in melee. Not sure how they crossed a 75 m open field instantly but uh

>> No.25009084

Well shit.

>> No.25009098

Yes. Exactly like that except the dragon has a pulse rifle.

>> No.25009133

I'm making a Selious Scouts type regiment what do you guys think of this?

Agri World not sure if it should be a frontier world or not
+3 to Strength and Toughness

Guerrilla Regiment



Light Infantry

The Few

Not sure what their favored weapons would be maybe some kind of specialty autogun.

>> No.25009160

...congrats for not doing the obvious and making them ork fighters

>> No.25009180

This reminds me...
Did you know that "taking an arrow to the knee" is old norse slang for "getting married"?

>> No.25009187

>specialty autogun
Variant patter autogun with Incredibly Deadly (+Accurate) and Long Barrel (2x weight, 2x range)

Basically, you now got a battle rifle that can snipe and dakka

>> No.25009208

I thought about going with lost world and have them hate cultists, I never thought about the ork thing though.

>> No.25009239

...For real? That'd explain quite a bit.

>> No.25009274

I would definitely say Frontier World, though I don't have Hammer so I dunno what that would do.

>> No.25009291

Do the Starship Troopers thing and have officers and commisars drop before the enlisted troops

>> No.25009313

It gives +3 to two from agility ballistic skill and perception. Agri fits it well is because Rhodesia/Zimbabwe is the breadbasket of Africa.

>> No.25009329

But only opens more questions. How does that make sense? Those wacky norsemen.

>> No.25009336

Because getting married slows you down and inhibits your movement just like a leg injury would.

>> No.25009345

Maybe if she was wrapped around your leg. I guess that's what you get for not marrying a bold shieldmaiden.

>> No.25009350

Unless you go and marry something like your cannibal, warpainted werewolf waifu. Then I guess its ok or something

>> No.25009433

Is it? Ahhh, wasn't familiar.

>> No.25009992


>> No.25010033

"I used to be an adventurer, then I got married."
Makes sense. after all, how would you be fit as a guard if you had a leg injury? guards walk, march and chase a lot, after all. Or stay in a single spot, standing up, guarding it for much time

>> No.25011422


>> No.25011651

Worth the read, thanks.

>> No.25011793


But there are no female Vostroyans, nearly every piece of fluff for them has stated they are made out of the first born sons of Vostroya.

>> No.25011821 [DELETED] 

Could just be an incredibly feminine looking dude. I bet he got buggered a lot in the showers a lot at Vostroyan Private School.

>> No.25011827

Doesn't mean they can't have some volunteers. Could be that some families have their firstborn son die before training or might have no sons and thus turn to their daughters.

>> No.25011837

Could just be an incredibly feminine looking guy. I bet he got buggered a lot in the showers at the Vostroyan School for Boys.

>> No.25011871


retcon that shit.

or maybe "sons" means "children" in this context.

see "guy" for a gendered word often used to apply to a mass of people who may in fact lack a Y chromosome and look the part as well.

>> No.25011903

Where does it say they are forbidden from sending more children to war and there are no formations but the Firstborn who absolutely cannot include anyone but firstborn sons?

>> No.25011915

Well I suppose if an all male regiment needed a nurse they would choose the most girly looking guy.

>> No.25011944

Because it is meant to be them sacrificing something important as penitence for their deeds. Who cares (especially in a society like Vostroya which is based off of Imperial Russia) if you have to send off your daughter to war. The son on the otherhand is traditionally the one who inherits everything from the father so giving up your firstborn son is much worse. Same reason why the Egyptian killing the first Jewish sons is a major thing in the bible.

>> No.25011969


They are called the Vostroyan Firstborn because they are made out of the firstborn son of every family in Vostroya , you cannot volunteer you are a firstborn or not, it is also quoted that they already have a steady flow of fresh recruits anyway.


Well this fluff is still in the current imperial guard codex so it being re-conned just seems odd right now.

>> No.25012129

Except if the firstborn cannot serve in the Guard (like maybe he died at the age of 6) than there is no reason the second son couldn't or wouldn't be forced to serve in his stead since the point of the law isn't to punish men born first, but to ensure that Vostroya can always supply troops to the Imperium and that the Vostroyan people can seek redemption for their lack of support during the Horace Heresy. I mean do you think that if your first son died or you only had daughters the recruitment people would just say "okay, I guess we don't need anyone from your household" or do you think they would say "we need someone from your household to join the Guard, so who is it?" Hell that doesn't even ignore the possibility of a girl pulling a Mulan, perhaps her oldest brother is 10 years younger than her and she doesn't want him to probably die in the Guard, so she dresses like a man and secretly joins the Guard. Isn't like the Vostroyan girl in the pic is the most girlish person in the world, no prominent breasts or hips. It could easily be a feminine boy or a girl trying to hide her femininity.

>> No.25012291


That is nice fannon and all but the GW has stated the Vostroyan firstborn regiments are made out of the firstborn sons of Vostroya and they they have a steady flow of recruits, so no officially Vostroya does not have to push for households for new recruits they have enough.

>> No.25012295

Well i mean if you get hitched to bertha the carp salesman she is going to want you to settle down so she doesnt have to worry about you dying constantly, I can see it.

>> No.25012589

Since the approach to Felinids as a Support Specialty would generate possible redundancies and friction within the Regiment as it dictates a very specific role with next to no chance for effective cooperation with other characters, I made it into a Homeworld option instead, allowing for more varied interpretations of Felinids, using Regiment Types and Doctrines.
I am aware I did not make them a drastic variation like Ogryns.
This is intentional.

>> No.25012942


>> No.25013531

Except they always need more forces because in addition to making new regiments (like the 9th, which has a habit of being wiped out) they also are required to reinforce existing regiments. Also, nowhere does it say they only contain firstborn sons, and considering that literally everyone has to give their firstborn son to the guard, being exempt because they only had daughters or their first son died is retarded. Also, one must consider that repaying their debt is important to them, even if they don't have to send someone into the Guard, most families will feel obliged to anyway.

You are extrapolating far more from the limited fluff presented than I am, I am simply offering possible suggestions while you are outright claiming that literally no one besides first born males are part of the Vostroyan Imperial Guard, and if a tall strong second born son whose older brother died before he could join the Guard arrived asking to join so he could maintain his family's honour he would be turned down just because he isn't the first son.

>> No.25013546

Shouldn't cat people have lowered fellowship since cats tend to be more along the lines of loners.

>> No.25013624

Not that guy, but it could also be something like
>Vostroyan Firstborn Imperial Guard Regiments
The first born sons of every family. Conscripted, even though many would have volunteered anyway.
>Vostroyan Volunteer Imperial Guard Regiments
Everyone who isn't a first born son. Entirely volunteers. Second born sons, daughters, ect.

>> No.25013651

That was more of a nod in the direction of people who wanted catgirls.
I don't see an imperative reason why you should actually try and model them to be as close to cats as possible.
And since the stats reflect more than just a unilateral tendency, you could argue they should have more Fel because people bend over backwards for them.

>> No.25013846

Last session our mission was to go to a compound to disable whatever communication equipment they were using to send some shit back and forth and neutralize the station commander. Our regiment commander's definition of "lightly defended" is 4 heavy bolter turrets with 4 guards on the ground floor and a goddamn psyker with a plague bearer, two nurglings and two commandos with weapons far better than ours on the command tower. Ground floor was cleared with no issues thanks to the wonder of grenade launchers, but on the top floor we were lucky enough to get that psychic phenomena that causes all mechanic shit to malfunction and weapons to jam. Resulting battle involves suicidal bomb servitor comrades, me trying to unjam my gun for 3 turns, three people going critical with one leg and a foot being left behind as we fled down the elevator just to meet a bunch of inquisitorial commandos arrive just in time to clear the mess. Reports are that whatever was up there, disappeared before they arrived by elevator. Best thing is that the communications office had servitors splattered against the walls in biomass, so we obviously just burned and chainsword'd all panels and cogitators before checking for information on what they were dealing with.

Forgot to say that we only had two missions so far and our heavy weapons specialist already lost almost 200 bolts just to weapon jams. I think it this was Dark Heresy that would be enough money to buy another Heavy Bolter

>> No.25014079

That picture kind of makes me want to create a rough riders regiment on giant tortoises. Isn't there a mount trait that lets you carry lots of extra stuff on your mount, could I use this to have heavy weapon emplacements on the war-tortoises?

>> No.25014095


It's so dumb that logic shouldn't be a constraint at all. Who is to say how humanoids tailor-made for lonely neckbeards that think girls with fluffy ears and tails are sexy should be?

>> No.25014120

But there's already a high fellowship kind of abhuman.

and as for
>you could argue they should have more Fel because people bend over backwards for them.
This is the Imperium, they are abhumans, thinly veiled disgust would be the most common reaction.

>> No.25014223

>The Pratchian Rough Riders


>> No.25014240 [SPOILER] 


"Charge! For the Emperor!"
"At who?"
"I...don't remember."

>> No.25014313

>Necrons voiced by Christopher Lee
>Arbites with copper-armor
>Planetary governor who is secretly a Dark Eldar

Good Christ, it's perfect.

>> No.25014343

Not funny.
Not at all.
Shame on you.

>> No.25014344


Yes they need more recruits and they get new recruits there is no fluff what so ever saying Vostroya has issues getting new recruits only the opposite has been stated.

I am not exaggerating, the fluff states that the Vostroyan firstborn regiments are made from conscripting firstborn sons, no where has anything else been stated or implied, yes 40k is stupid and makes no sense.

>> No.25014473

>suicidal bomb servitor comrades

excuse me , what ?

>> No.25014500

and, FFG aren't as archaic as GW and put in female vostroyans, shifting it from Firstborn Sons to Firstborn child. It's not a big deal and I think it's for the better because outside of Eldar, SOB and shadow-sun GW almost never aknowlage women even exist

>> No.25014541


That's because Women aren't needed in 40k. Spess implant their geneseed directly into nubile young boys, and Guardsmen reproduce by budding.

>> No.25014577

While i see your point, i do not really think it is archaic. I mean women serve in almost every other arm of the imperial guard, is it so awful to have one regiment with no women?

>> No.25014682

No, I see why you would want to have a regiment with no women, and if you realy want it that way then go for it, Idon't mind and I can't crawl through your internet and stop you.

I just think it's better that FFG are aknowlaging that the guard will accept anybody who can meet the requirements to join.

>> No.25014693


I am fully aware that FFG are not part of GW and I personally think that it being firstborn child really takes a lot of the Gothic and backward feel they had (which is what 40k is all about) for pretty much the same reasons stated here >>25011944

Do not get me wrong I have no issue with imperial guard having female recruits but a regiment which fluff states it does not recruit females should not have female soldiers just for the sake of showing there are females in 40k also some people here were claiming that there are none-firstborn regiments or it is never stated the the firstborn regiments are exclusively males, which is not the case.

>> No.25014776

Yeah. 40k is kinda funny that way. Humans managed to eliminate most of the prejudices we have today and replace them with new ones.

The emperor doesn't care if you are black, white, male, female, gay or strait. You are a human, and therefore a perfect form. Now go die for your emperor!

On the other hand, asking too many questions, talking to aliens or having as little as an extra toe is grounds for blamming

>> No.25014868

We were so desperate with all our guns jammed and running out of grenades that our tech-priest strapped explosives to his servitor and ordered him to charge the enemy.

>> No.25015076

It makes perfect sense especially if you compare it to very similar modern 'slang' for marriage.
For example "Ball and Chain"

But now I would love to find some reliable citations about that 'old norse saying' which will be VERY hard to pinpoint considering its presence as a meme....

>> No.25015563


Truth to be told, i prefer the gothic way.
I also love how commissariat works really, for example sexual harrassment rates would drop suddenly in us army if a angry person with a exploding 50cal pistol shot you when you went against regulations.

>> No.25015636

>50 cal

I was under the assumption that the average Non heavy bolter round was 72-75 caliber

>> No.25015889


Human ones are smaller.

Marines size= Standart Bolts-75cal
Hbolter Rounds-100cal
Human size = Standart Bolts-50cal
Hbolter Rounds-100 cal
Becouse hbolter is standart, in marines case a single marine uses it at other it is carried in tripod and operated by 2 guardsman.

We should specially educate select orphans to become loyal to the state,have good morals and absolute patriotism to keep the trouble makers in line and keep morale high.

>> No.25015950

Makes sense

>> No.25016148

"Black and white lived in perfect harmony and ganged up on green." --Terry Pratchett

>> No.25016223

With summary executions?

>> No.25016278

An den green right krumped da lot of em

>> No.25016345


Indeed, terry has forseen the green tide!


If caught in the act yes, for example 3 marines getting caught trying to rape a female squad mate. BLAM BLAM BLAM.

In other cases, a proper investigation to find the truth and after that blam the fuckers.

>> No.25017899


This is not correct. Check page 179 of only war.

>> No.25018026

"The standard bolter round is a .75 calibre and has..."

The Heavy Bolter is mentioned having much larger shells as well, but its caliber is not specified.

This Anon is quite correct.

>> No.25018059


Nope. He said 50. cal.

>> No.25018083

Which means Standard of IG is .75 not .50

>> No.25018143


>Standard Bolts comprise the following components: Outer casing, propellant base, main charge, mass reactive detonator cap, depleted deuterium core, diamantine tip. The standard bolter shell is standardized at .75 caliber, whereas heavy bolter rounds are larger, at 1.00 Cal. A replica .75 cal bolt shell can be bought from the Black Library (Games-Workshops main fiction and non-miniature based outlet).

If you consider the fact that a standart human would break his arm easily trying to fire astartes shit i think it is safe to assume that Godwyn-De'az or Locke patterns are standart for human patterns and have smaller diameter and propellant.

>> No.25018262

MFW I thought
>A replica .75 cal bolt shell can be bought from the Black Library (Games-Workshops main fiction and non-miniature based outlet).
was part of OW's text and I had to check my book

>> No.25018389


This is a 25mm grenade launcher in use by the U.S military right now. 25mm is roughly .50cal (12.7mm) times two (25.4mm). Now consider the fact that a bolt is a 2 stage system in which the first part (the part that gets ejected from the ejection port) propels the bolt from the barrel at a velocity just reaching lethal and is then propelled a further distance by means of gyro jet (essentially a mini rocket) Then the recoil would be great, but not unmanageable considering the first stage traditional charge does not need to propel the Bolt any substantial distance as the Gyro jet does that. It is one hundred present plausible that in the year 40,000 such a weapon would be distributed amongst Mankinds military forces.

>> No.25018608

That's exactly what I was saying Anon.

>> No.25018728

>needs more Olenus Primaris http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/21052280/

>> No.25018889

If that's true, and the standard bolt caliber for Human boltguns is .75, then an Astartes bolter round would be probably be around 1.

I assuming here that we're using the Only War fluff for the shell. Which states the size/stats of a Human bolter, not an Astartes bolter.

>> No.25018950

Well, if you go by 40k SPESS MEHREEN, the standard caliber for an Astartes bolter is .998. So yeah, pretty much 1.00

>> No.25018966

The Boltgun, also commonly referred to the Bolter, is the standard weapon of the Adeptus Astartes and Adepta Sororitas. A .75 caliber weapon, the Boltgun fires a self-propelled explosive 'bolt' which explodes with devastating effect once it has penetrated its target, effectively blowing it apart from the inside. Finely hand-crafted by Space Marine Forges or the Adeptus Mechanicus, Boltguns are heavy, sturdy weapons with a powerful recoil normal humans would find difficult to handle.[19]

>> No.25018982

Anybody Redacted HOTE yet?

>> No.25019084

Old fluff is old and apparently outdated.

>> No.25019300

>That image
How would /tg/ stat original trilogy stormtroopers and their gear?

>> No.25019374

Drop Troops.

>> No.25019527

Except most of the fluff continues to point to .75 caliber for standard bolt shells.

>> No.25019677


So it is 50cal for human versions, sounds reasonable to handle the recoil.
Now i will provide you guys with the video of a dude shooting with 50cal pistol one handed.
Now, as you can see he is not being able to shoot straight at anything even with the 50cal.
Now,i am assuming that the first kick-charge has less power in it than the standart 50cal pistol ammo so i think it will kick off like a 45cal which still has recoil but is managable.

If you go for the 75 cal that shit will be seriously impossible for normal humans to shoot straight.


>> No.25019699

No you fucking daft idiot, It is has been and will continue to be .75 cal

>> No.25019769

This. Or really any unit that gives lascarbines and full flak armor (because, let's face it, Stormtrooper armor is no better than flak at best).

>> No.25019781


As a gyrojet the recoil really should be minimal.

Of course 40K being 40K things are a bit skewed.

>> No.25019831

Minimal is relative when you're launching a rocket-propelled explosive three-quarters of an inch in diameter from your weapon far enough for the shell to start its burn, but yes, the recoil should be "minimal."

>> No.25019865

So far as I know, humans can handle the .75 bolter reasonably well for the amount of recoil it's described as giving.

I wonder if someone decided that just because the Astartes guns were Astartes guns, that the recoil had to be immense. (When really, a normal human ain't using that shit because fuckhuge).

>> No.25019935

one time they almost missed Quota so they just crossed the "sons" part of the drafted

>> No.25020040

Gyrojets really don't have recoil. Like, at all.
But Bolters are two stage guns, with regular propellant first, then the gyrojet kicks in, so they would have recoil.

>> No.25020101

Oddly enough, having en entire regiment of first borns would make them LESS combat effective.


"As previously mentioned, the natural killer is most likely not a first-born son. Later sons are generally more aggressive and have less fear or anxiety in dangerous situations. An Israeli Defense Force study of its officers from 1961 to 1966 showed that "first borns" were more anxious than "later borns" and that they generally sought less dangerous positions in the military. Later borns were more likely to volunteer for combat and had a better chance of encountering terrorists on patrols.13 A study of Korean War fighter plane aces found that first borns engaged the enemy less and were more anxious about flying.14 Family position also seems to relate to assassins. Almost all American assassins have been later sons—John Wilkes Booth, Charles Giteau and Lee Harvey Oswald, to name three.15 Later borns, by virtue of being routinely dominated by their siblings, ultimately feel less fear during stressful situations. They also feel the need to prove their worth over their siblings and more quickly accept dangerous challenges. "

>> No.25020129


The IDF is a fucking joke, I wouldn't take anything they say as a fact

>> No.25020156

Uh, so you sperged out about one thing on the list, an apparently haven't read the entire article?

>> No.25020206

It is kick charge+gryojet

The astartes pattern is 75cal.
Now explain me this.

>Standard bolts Standard bolts comprise the following components: outer casing, propellant base, main charge, mass reactive detonator cap, depleted deuterium core, diamantine tip.[1] The calibre of the standard round .75 and it possesses a super-dense metallic core

>However, even if a mortal were to fire the Bolter, the resulting recoil would most likely rip his or her arm from its socket. It is illegal within the Imperium for a non-Astartes to wield an Astartes Bolter, which is one reason why the weapons are genetically coded so that only a Space Marine can fire them. An Imperial citizen caught in unauthorised possession of a Bolter or even of just a bolt can be harshly sentenced by the Adeptus Arbites. However, some Bolter patterns like the Godwyn-De'az or Locke patterns are specifically built to be wielded by unaugmented humans, and

You believe the huamn verisons are the same caliber?

>> No.25020236


Also the kick charge is not small at all as you can see from the 6 here. So it can actually have a very heavy recoil.

>> No.25020273


"The weapons are genetically coded so that only a space marine can wield them"

Where the hell is that from?

In more than one novel there is no such lock when someone picks up a bolter from the fallen, or is the bolter equipped with a genetic scanner that can penetrate Astartes Armor?

>> No.25020275

No. I believe the the human versions are .75, and the Astartes thanks to another Anon, are .998.

I'm going with the Only War fluff. I quoted it earlier, and said it multiple times. The Human version is .75, due to Only War's statement. Also, the bolter's actual fluff entry says nothing about being an Astartes Bolter...

I do believe you took those two paragraphs out of context as well.

>> No.25020283


stat up the felinids for yourself

I can imagine they get a wee bit more agility at regiment creation and begin with catfall ^^

>> No.25020304


Perhaps they are more lionlike, not all that good at falling and agility.

>> No.25020310

Don't answer to half-read threads.

>> No.25020341

It's neat, and you can use it in a Mixed Regiment easily, but I have an issue

>add a malus

That's not rules talk in any system I know of. It should be "take a penalty" or "suffer a penalty" to keep with the rest of the jargon. It's also really awkward wording that I've only seen in accounting.

>> No.25020385


Pure. Awesome.

>> No.25020425

If my preferred terminology is your only issue, I shall take that as a compliment.
Have a malus-free version.

>> No.25020508


No i believe you are a retard who picks stuff out of his ass and believes in them when it is clearly stated that a heavy botler is 100cal

>> No.25020532

Yeah, that's more in line with the terminology typically used. While "adding a minus" is technically an acceptable way to state it, consistent wording is really important to RPG rules. Like many rulesets, Only War typically classifies modifiers as "bonuses" or "penalties", so making sure that people immediately identify which group a modifier belongs to is big.

Thanks for adjusting it. Just to be clear, though, if I'm adding this homeworld as a "Component Regiment", all I'm doing is just replacing their homeworld bonuses for the character, right? Like, say, I wanted to add one of these to the Cadians.

>> No.25020697

I am not an English native so I am not entirely familiar with the most adequate wording half of the time.
I just happen to like the word malus.

Mixed Regiments is a rules section in HotE.
I am here assuming Carlos McConnell to be the Core Regiment as the one the whole thing is named after, like in the Tanith 1st where among the Component Regiments Tanith is the Core Regiment.
The whole terminology is not pedantically defined but clear enough.

I tried to stay as closely to that as possible.
The default assumption is:
-different Homeworlds
-different Commanders
-different doctrines
-same kit

But it allows explicitly to change that for all but the homeworlds which remain firmly apart.

>> No.25020716

No, there's really no context needed for those paragraphs. They state facts about the setting. Heavy bolters have been stated within the fluff to be so common within the Guard when other bolters aren't because all Heavy Bolters Everywhere use the same pattern of Bolt Shell. This has always been stated to be 1.00 cal. Basing your argument for Human-size .75 cal bolters by stating that Astartes bolters fire heavy bolt rounds is wrong when you compare your single source to the myriad other sources which state this. I mean, you can ignore that if you want, it's your game, but that doesn't mean that the rest of us won't point it out to you.

>> No.25020793

Yeah, "malus" is a term rarely used outside of an accounting context. While correct, it's also kind of awkward in common speech.

I was assuming that the Carlos McConnell was not a Core Regiment because, well, it's just a homeworld. I assumed it would just let you swap out a Homeworld Choice on a character, who was then part of a proper regiment.

>> No.25020862


should their spears be upgraded with mono?

>> No.25021109


from now it's the first born children of Vostroya, despite the butthurt of /tg/.

And No, I dont work for FFG

>> No.25021228

A Regiment mainly from that place is a possible Core Regiment.
Since you choose this Homeworld for your group's Regiment, it would expectably be the Core Regiment in context of a rule that explains how to make a Regiment from that planet.
As Component Regiments per definition don't share Homeworlds, you can safely assume that the Homeworld to be synonymous with the associated Component Regiment.

To make a Mixed Regiment, you make/choose two or more Regiments, then decide how integrated they should be and make characters in the light of this decision.

You should not do this for gamist reasons, as it potentially makes characters rather unequal.
You could, for example, make a Regiment specifically to be a Component Regiment which allows you to dodge Drawbacks like Doomed while still profiting from the stats and Aptitudes you purchased with the points you got out of the Drawback.

Thus be wary when a player insists on playing a character from another Regiment. They likely have something maxed out in that case.

>> No.25021265

Honestly, in an Only War thread, I'd rather go with what Only War says. I wasn't saying anything about the Heavy Bolters, since the Caliber size isn't mentioned in Only War. It does mention the normal bolter's caliber... stated to be .75. For a Human.

Eh, it's the internet. It's not like I have to be right, just saying what I'm reading here in the book. With my puny one source, it's not like I can know all the varying and contradicting pieces of fluff written anyways heh.

>> No.25021266

My only problem with the "inherited weapons yaay" thing in that fluff blurb is: Who and how in the hell bothers to retrieve some random old lasguns that some guardsmen carry around if they bite the dust (which they obviously do), however prestigious those guardsmen may be?

>> No.25021276

I think it says that abhumans don't get their own regiments. They're trained up, then attached to other regiments as support.

>> No.25021311

Well, as long as they don't lose, they've got time to collect everything before moving on (Or have followup support units clean everything up)

>> No.25021328

There are a few bits and pieces of fluff that actually supports pure abhumans regiments.
They would be very rare, but this is 40k we are talking about. The fluff is more fucked up then all the religions smashed together and then someone burned half the manuscript after the paper got shuffled.

>> No.25021402

Well, that rule is based more around the ingame reality of the 40k TT where Ogryns and Halflings are additions to your army for practical reasons than a general impossibility of mainly abhuman units.

Then again, the Halflings and Ogryns are very specific in their qualities while Felinids are not bound by such limitations as being three foot tall or a dumb wall of meat that needs permanent supervision, so they can - in this iteration - actually form working fighting units on their own.

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