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Could we have, perhaps, a /tg/ filename thread?

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ho ho ho

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Reveal my trap card, if you dare.

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Rolled 61


Blast! The card I never thought would surface!

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Because every thread needs some Australian bogan turning up to make it a real /tg/ thread.

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It's the emperor's shit.

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You mean before "I love you Oneesan" trend.

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No, That is the emperor's shit

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attack of opportunity nat 20

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Where's this from? It looks familiar...

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Blackadder, fourth season.

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Black Adder Goes Forth. It's the fourth and last series of Black Adder iirc.

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10/10 I spat my drink out.

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Who would have thought, not everyone in the world is like pic related.

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it's from Cabin in the Woods. someone always asks

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And every time, I remember that I really should get round to watching that.

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You're one of his black shirts aren't you?

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Didn't name it as such at the time, but can't remember what it was named...

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Except Blackadder isn't charismatic or successful, ever.

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i always pictured Cain as pic related.

at least during his narration.

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What's a black shirt?

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Shit, I've seen that .gif in a show lately, I jst can' remember what one.

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This is what happens when you have an all-rogue party.

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And then alchemist just fucks everything up.

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running out of /tg/ related ones.

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that's how it usually goes

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that gif is why i play forgotten realms

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It's not exactly best filename...

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Right in the feels.

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Oh shit bro, what is this from? I love me some 20's cars.

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no its not. but i already posted all my other /tg/ related ones.

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Baccano! (including the exclamation point) is the name. It's consistently well-regarded here on /tg/ as anime goes. It takes place in the 1920s, yes.

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thats pretty much it yeah

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Baccano, you poor, uneducated fool.

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Baccano. look it up it's fantastic. also is one of the few animes where the dub is better than the sub in my opinion.

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1920s mobsters, alchemists and the world's craziest pair of thieves. It's a good show.

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/tg/ confirmed for best board.

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>magic katana Vs cast iron sword
I still don't get the problem here.

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Ah, that. No, sorry to disappoint. I'm just someone who felt like reacting to what looked like evidence intended to condemn someone.

Because if you have never done something assholey in your life, I envy you the force of will and purity of soul.

I don't even follow the quest.

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the filename isn't as accurate as it used to be.

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A katana wouldn't have taken so long to slice through that noob-tier gaijin shit. I'm usually not a realism nazi when it comes to anime, but this is just egregious.

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For me it was like watching CANAAN once again.
I hate watching things again.

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It's an explicitly magic sword.

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I'll be honest, I certainly had the urge.

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Wait, Canaan has a dub?

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what is CANAAN?

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In terms of plot and characters.

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>Moonsilver reaper daiklave vs steel knockoff daiklave.gif

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A Girls With Guns story abut a girl with magical eyes, and a terrorist organization trying to create magical supersoldiers.

Oh, right. Can't really see where you're coming from, besides from Maria and Miria, though.

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Warning: Ladies you might want to nail your panties down lest they fly off and blind nearby animals.

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That's bleak man.

Real bleak.

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No deek.

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you guys

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Our spiritual liege hath cometh, and hath caused me to do so as well!

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In the anima is a MAGIC katana againts a common sword.

Or even magic weapons have to be worse than common weapons if they're katanas?

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Wouldn't cleave fit better?

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That's more like Great Cleave, dingus.

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I've seen some shit

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Shouldn't that be /pol/?

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Help with this one.

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Nat 1 Evade, Nat 20 Escape

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nat 1 handle animal

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Summon: Nature Ally.

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>armor class something something
>constitution something something
Yeah I really don't have any good ideas.

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dam i thought that was the unedited one.

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>Still 1 HP

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Oh deer god

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How to ride without paying bus fare

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I like that one.

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Is this stupid, yeah I think it is, thoughts for a better name?

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>All stats into charisma

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>Nat 20 parry

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druid takes the bus

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Don't get it.

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I hate Barn Owls.
Only animal I truely wish that they never existed.


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What'd they ever do to you?

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got owls in your barn, bro?

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Through the miracle of life, turned his favorite pet mouse into a midden.

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I don't understand

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It's an ironic critique of gladiatorial garb.

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Bard Ranger

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This one always makes me laugh, as I used to play a lot of Call of Cthulhu.

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the filename is "guaranteed responses". the image is an image intended to get people to respond.

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So that's how they actually looked?

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to the best of my knowledge, yes

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Remember, it was sport fighting, and skilled gladiators were rarely killed, since they were really expensive to train up. Looks were as important as skill for them.

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You. I like you

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I could use some help naming this one.

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What's this?

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This. It was the roman version of pro-wrestling.

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>girl enters FLGS.gif

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Oh! I didn't know that, actually.

Guess I've learned something today.

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anyone who has ever bailed C-wire knows this man's pain

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>see gif to which i replied too.

Being demons in bird form.
That's what.

Only once, torched that fucker and never looked back.

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I'm intrigued, what kind of spring court was meant here? cuz all I can think of is one of the courts in the WoD Changeling game

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Stop! You don't know what your dealing wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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I don't understand

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Is... is that the Hob-goblin?

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what movie is that?

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the horror, the horror
search for meatbread on suptg

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Wizard runs out of spells

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The Cabin in the Woods iirc

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Jesus christ, how horrifying.

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I like "Fortitude 5 vampire goes for a walk."

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Patrick: Wizard
Spongebob: Fighter
Groundrule: If someone misses d&d you can't play his charachter

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One of our players took the Drive-Shortcut skill trick in our nWoD campaign.

Our campaign set in space.

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yeah, I like this name better too

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>Sanity check

>> No.24999282

My recently Embraced Mekhet is screaming bloody murder at this notion.

Though, he was a pyrophobe even before being turned, so...

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HBO finally got round to making American Gods?

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Dude....that filename...my sides...

>> No.24999309

Something about seduction? I don't know.

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I really have no idea, since the fastest way to travel in FTL is a straight line.

>> No.24999317


I'm sure there are formats where that doesn't apply. Like the one where everyone uses the same big draw pile.

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>average /tg'er gets hit on

>> No.24999343

>implying logic
And that, sir, is why you did not have the shortcut specialty.

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>chaotic evil.gif
>not shadowrun.gif

>> No.24999350


Search check: successful.

its a trap

>> No.24999354

>newfags reaction upon discovering it's a trap.gif

compare with
>oldfags reaction upon discovering it's a trap.gif

>> No.24999359


I was going to name it vintage or legacy, but I decided to call it something that everyone has an equal chance of being annoyed by. It's a template that someone posted that takes 20 seconds to paint fill in MSpaint.

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So, how about those Spartans who went into battle barefoot with only loincloths and breastplates, eh? They really sucked as warriors, didn't they?

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Average meeting with Mr. Johnson

>> No.24999377

What is this from?

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>> No.24999387


There's the base version for people that want to use it for their own nefarious ends.

>> No.24999389

The Fall

>> No.24999397

she didn't use coasters

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>this is how I GM.jpg

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>> No.24999424

Are you sure about that?

>> No.24999431

Except pauper and peasant

>> No.24999440

Keep in mind that many groups, like the Celts, minimized clothing in battle to avoid infection.

And hoplites wore bronze armor, stop taking your history from hollywood. At the same time, keep in mind the Romans wore iron armor that could have been made available to gladiators.

>> No.24999449

Daily reminder that the "But gladiators were SUPPOSED to be fantastical and full of flair!" argument can also be used with fantasy characters.

>> No.24999453

I do try, though I don't have many /tg/ relevant ones handy.

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>> No.24999458

>with only loincloths and breastplates

And their big fuck off spears, and their large shields that they were trained to form into shield walls. One spartan was a dude waiting to die, 5 spartans were a speed bump, 50 were a problem. Same as a lot of military formations back them, alone they were laughable; in formation they were a shit wrecking machine.

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>> No.24999492

My next nWoD character.

>> No.24999509

what show is that?
it looks like fun.

>> No.24999526

Well, in our setting there are a few faster ways.

One is a jump directly through subspace, but that destroys organic chemistry, so only one post-biological race uses it.

A "tunneling" drive that its users keep secret.

A wormhole drive that requires activation from both ends.

>> No.24999537

It's a fantastic film with 100% practical effects, I recommend it to everyone.

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>> No.24999555

>/tg/ playing D&D
>I can't see shit in this helmet

>> No.24999557


Oh god Stackenblocken was so hilarious.

>> No.24999558


Full movie right here. All fa/tg/uys should drop what they're doing and watch. No excuses.

>> No.24999564


Haha, he's going to be at Gencon.

>> No.24999571


>> No.24999595

look at the image and listen to this at the same time

>> No.24999597

It's The Wizard (I don't think he has a name) from Moomin.

>> No.24999603

>Baby's 1st Warp travel.jpg

>> No.24999609

Man, the mystic was "that guy who joins in the second or third session".

That whole movie is pretty much how the average adventure goes.

>> No.24999615

>practical Death or Glory.gif

>> No.24999624

Thrysus mage, with Animal Ken (Ostrich), Brawl (Luchador) and Intimidate (High Place).

>> No.24999633

>> No.24999680

This is my next BBEG and his theme tune.

>> No.24999696

>I can't see shit in this helmet
I like it.

>> No.24999717

Alternatively, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIha2_Dx2uM
Probably not as funny, but kind of funny.

>> No.24999766

No. The Mystic was the powergamer that could only make one session.

>> No.24999771

The Colossal Titan has amazing comedic timing.

>> No.24999786

>> No.24999854

Threads telling me we reached max 150 images post. Not sure how you posted, but new thread?

>> No.24999867


Magic, ain't gotta explain shit.

>> No.24999871

That was the last image.

>> No.24999899

>dem feet

>> No.24999944

Fucking hell, I actually have that one.

>> No.24999955

Probably deleted a pic, then posted another.

>> No.24999961


>dawn caste fighting mortals

>> No.24999993


>> No.25000158

those cylinders aren't even attached to the chamber

>> No.25000203


maybe it is for speed reloading?

>> No.25000227

So he's a quick shot?

>> No.25000248

It would explain why most bards are unwilling to stick around.

>> No.25000251

A manyshot.

>> No.25000364


>> No.25000438

Tonight you will dream and tomorrow you will awaken.

You will be tied to do your bed, on your back. A plate will be lying on your chest, with >>24998813 sitting on it.


At first, you will stare back defiantly.

Then nervously, you avert your eyes from the intimidating sight. You look back. It's closer to your face.

The process continues for as long as your willpower lasts, until tears start to flow from your eyes and you beg to be left alone. The meatbread won't care. The meatbread can't care. Although it was baked with a heart, that heart is cold and rotten.

As your sobs begin to come free from your mouth, it extends the strip of bacon, the tongue of half-raw pigmeat to lap at the tears on your cheeks. Trails of saliva are left there, if saliva was composed entirely of rancid grease, its putrid scent filling your nose.

Your crying grows louder and its torment grows stronger, its distorted form comes closer until its pressed so firmly against your lips, you have no choice but to take a bite. Then another. And another. Eventually it becomes too much and the last thing you feel before you vomit and pass out is the beast shoving its vile tongue of pork down your throat.

Are you sure you want to wake up later?

>> No.25000440

>kills a bazillion guys to prove himself with his kung fu
>gets beat to death by two guys when he loses his dentures

>> No.25000448


get. that. FURRY. SHIT. OUT. OF. HERE!!!


>> No.25000460

Why's it blue

>> No.25000464

no, anon, no, please stop!

>> No.25000582

She's gorgeous.

>> No.25000713


>> No.25000809

Not only that, but they'd even endorse products if they were paid to.

>> No.25001132

What's the story about how this statue killed its creator?

>> No.25001223

>That one in the back, just chittering away.

>> No.25001783

i miss carl
if he got better science would be much more kid friendly

>> No.25001817

>/v/ encounters a woman

>> No.25001861

You. I like you.

/tg/ doesn't make enough EEnE references.

>> No.25002077

you know, when I was little, I hated that show. Don't really know why, but it just irritated me, I think it was the lack of common sense which is ridiculous seeing as I loved Courage. Now I actually enjoy it. Weird

>> No.25002595

>deathless frenzy.gif

>> No.25002612

Fresh Lunar Exaltation.gif

>> No.25002720

>dwarf fortress on-fire reaction mechanics.gif

>> No.25002770

>when activated, the sidereal can now block attacks while unarmed without a stunt.gif

>> No.25002842

>apb objective is 600m away.gif

>> No.25002864

>noble knight, my duties leave me feeling lonely, I must ask of you a difficult favor.gif

>> No.25002888


>> No.25003840

Fuck, I kept thinking about what would they do if someone took the 'fight' response from the fight or flight response to that prank.

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