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I need a picture of what could best be described as a cosmic/celestial antelope.

Any sort of cosmic or celestial animal would do though.

In return, I have this picture. Its uses include character inspiration, setting inspiration, stupid idea inspiration or a poster for a college dorm room.

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I just google image searched for "fantasy antelope"

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That's pretty radical. But it's not really cosmic or celestial.

This is sort of the cosmic or celestial I meant. Orange colours, starry shit.

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Maybe if I properly respect the machine spirit of the internet someone will respond.

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Another bump

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Brilliant. On second thought, can I just get people's best antelope/animal pictures?

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Well shit, this is a pretty fucking cosmic antelope.

Thanks anon

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Well alright then.

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I knew I saved this for a reason

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How about that god from Princess Mononoke?

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Never seen it.

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OP look up art of the Endless Forest

it's an MMO about being a mystic deer

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Here's one more.

Since it's an art request thread, amybe someone has an Asian biker vampire?

Or well, an Asian biker that'd pass for a Brujah

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There's a perfect picture I want to give you, it's a japanese girl wearing a flanney, riding a dirty old chopper with one hand and holding a camera in the other.

Unfortunately I never saved it, and can't find it online. If you hop on /o/, you might be able to find it in one of their bike threads.

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Exactly what I thought when I read OPs request

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Well darn, that is pretty much what my mental image was, except I was thinking dark oranges instead of blue.

Either way perfect.

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not even its final form

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That looks like some sort of a walking space seal.

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Well, my vamp is male. A 140-year old doctor from provincial China, embraced in 1890s.

He's not actually a Brujah, he's a Wu Zao of warrior caste

But thanks.

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Oh shit, I have nothing that even vaguely resembles that, sorry bro. I'll have a look around though.

Do you want him to look old though?

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Try these. There's no bike, but he's pretty gang looking.

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It's the god of Life and Death. In its' presence, Life dies, and Death lives. It's very alien.

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Can't believe I didn't think to just google japanese biker. This one seems perfect.

If I were you, I'd stick to japanese searches for this, mostly because Japan has a much more publicized bike culture.

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Wouldn't a god of life and death be incredibly familiar to everything living?

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Then there are these motherfuckers. Completely inappropriate for what you want, but I just wanted to share.

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Briefly, then suddenly not.

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That hair.... IT IS THE BEST EVER!

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THanks a lot.

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Keep an eye out on this thread. If I find something which looks more gangster and motorbike I'll post it here.

Pic possibly related. Hideki Kamiya, Japanese game dev, ladies man(?)

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Seems like that would be a cool concept to write about in a lovecraftian horror

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These are the pictures I was talking about originally.

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