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How this game works

First get the lastest version of fatal rpg here

Use random.org website to select a random page.

Create a rpg that will have this page unchanged*
*see below

Default mode (nightmare mode)= You can change the number of the page you are in to another number (so you dont need to create a 800 page rpg if you get page 800). You can change the number of pages the rpg talk about. You can change the chapter you are in (so you dont need to have 12 chapters if you are at chapter 12)
You are at hell door mode= You can change the number of the page you are in and can change the number of the pages fatal talk about. BUT you can't change the number of the chapter you are in.

First layer of hell=You can only change the number of the chapter you are it.

You are in hell=Leave the page as is and make your rpg, with this page in it

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>Create a rpg that will have this page unchanged

Wait, we have to design a whole RPG system from scratch (aside from the one page), and post it here?

No offense OP, but you're being kinda ridiculous. I like the basic idea of this thread, but you need to rework the challenge so it's humanly possible.

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I created this thread just as some sort of joke challenge.
No need to make it, just roll your page and talk about it

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my page 754

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Why make another generic FATAL thread, when we already have one?

Polite sage

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Page 343. Nothing really disgusting, just the stupidity of having a bazillion different Divination skills, just for fill up space. Especially since all the actual game mechanics are absolutely identical for each of these Divination skills, aside from what attribute is used for the test. Absolutely horrible game design, but not exceptionally offensive.
Having a Dismemberment skill is of course bad too, but I've seen much worse.

Rolling again, this is weaksauce.

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Got page 287, which covers the occupations Public Executioner and Purse Maker. Which isn't really anything interesting either: I've seen both as playable jobs in RPGs before (well, not specifically Purse Maker, but craftsmen and such aren't all that rare as playable character options).
This is not nearly as horrifying as I thought, just kinda excessively detailed.

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Although the race "bortbytingarna" is mentioned, which feels odd to a Swede like me. A bortbyting is Swedish for a changeling, a troll child (not faerie or elf, like in other versions of this myth. It's specifically a troll) that's been swapped for a human baby. So he really just looked up the Swedish word for changeling, to make it look more exotic.
The grammar is wrong, though: Bortbytingarna actually translates to "The changelings", not "changelings".
So it's pretentious use of a foreign language the author doesn't understand, but it's not too bad. Gonna look up the entry for "Bortbytingarna", so see how they fucked up the folklore.

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Just noted they misspell it as "borbytingarna", which doesn't mean anything in any language I know. Well done.

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Checked out the entry about "borbytingarna trolls". Turns out they have absolutely nothing to do with changelings, which is odd: Hall must have encountered the word bortbyting in context to the myth of troll changeling, but completely missed ANYTHING that even resembles Scandinavian folklore. So yeah, FATALs trolls have nothing to do with folklore or mythology, they're just your average big brutes without hardly any of the traditional attributes (tails, weakness to sunlight, cunning, magic) that they have in all Swedish stories of trolls.

I'm seriously amazed how he found the word bortbyting, and yet obviously haven't learned anything about Swedish folklore. Realistic!

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