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So why were these guys called Catachan Devils?

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Because they come from the planet Catachan. On Catachan, there exists a centipede-like creature called the Catachan Devil. They are gigantic, vicious apex predators, almost as big as a train. The Guard regiments raised on Catachan named themselves after the Catachan Devils to create the impression that they themselves are as dangerous as an actual Catachan Devil.

Now I really am trying to spite you, sagespammer

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because kidz like edgy shit and GW caters to them

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Just because you saged doesn't mean you're not shitposting.

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To be fair, a platoon of these madmen could wreck shit just as well as the genuine article.

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Oh, to be sure. As much as they were named after the Catachan Devil, they themselves are indeed devils from Catachan.

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>Catachans 2001

You're trying too hard, anon.

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Okey, because I thought that they should have been named Catachan Jungle Fighters and that Relic fucked up.

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here comes the GWDL!

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I didn't really stated an opinion so I don't know what you're agreeing on. Did relic in fact fuck it up?

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One possibility for inspiration could be that U.S. Marines are called Devil Dogs.

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Catachan Devils are the elite. I don't think they fucked it up too much.

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>mfw somewhere in the 40K universe, there is a Magos Biologis who looks like the Ancient Aliens guy
Just found a new PC for my 40K RPGs

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Whoops, meant NPC, but I'd play the shit out of that character too.

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That's pretty damn heretical.

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>Playing DOW 2 " RET
>IG vs IG
>My Catachan sees the other player's Commissar Champion
>Catachan : You're not the first commissar I killed today
>mfw treachery in my regiment
>mfw I sent the Catachan to their deaths and never used them ever again

Fuck the Catachan, murderous scum they are!

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Why don't they use them as mounts?

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Too big, too agressive, too much of a hassle to kept well-fed between battles.

Although the idea of a squad of Catachans riding into battle Dune-like on top of a large Davil is pretty alluring.

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I hope you used Bionic Eye on them before you sent them into melee down a Hive Tyrant or something like that.

It's insane how they're just as good, if not better, in melee than when using their shotguns

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So who's actually ordered from this guy before? I assume it's safe.

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I applauded at how much better they were than Stormtroopers.

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>I'm not saying it's xenos...

Also, I thought only the Catachan Second (Straken's regimen)/veterans with Harker were called Devils?
And why aren't there Citadel IG shotgun blisters like those melta and plasma bitz, what the fuck

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Games Workshop...defense...legion? Lawyers?

Why not just say GWIDF.

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Games Wokshop's Impressively Deluded Fuckheads?

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