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Wanna party, /tg/?

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Thats Tau Race Queen, not Party Tau.

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Not with you.

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They're built from the same chassis. And that doesn't answer the question.

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It does look like it was traced from /co/'s party catgirl.Even the weird boob.

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Not traced, but quite obviously similar.

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Impostor! Usurper!


Still, wanna party?

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I have no strong feelings one way or the other.

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Eh, sure.

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You two should hop onto my Hammerhead, this way you can party while racing and race while partying!

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All aboard the Borkā€™an Party Van!

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Yay! A party! Let's party!

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For the greater beats
>You will bow the greater bass canon of the fire caste

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>partying with Tau
>not partying with Thri-kreen

It's like I don't even know you anymore /tg/

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Silly Xeno, now you're a scarab. But tell you what, you'll make a nice glowstick-ersatz. Or even a disco ball or strobe light.

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>fire caste
More like Earth Caste so that WE CAN GET THIS PARTY SHAKIN, WOO!

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Fuck off with your bugspam.

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oh shut up, this is a tau thread.

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>implying /tg/ hasn't always stuck it in whatever /tg/ wanted.

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Let's not get meta.

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What happened to you, /tg/?

You used to be cool.

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Less bitchin, more party.

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Ahhh, what a twisted pleasure I get when two strains of cancer get butthurt at one another.

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What happened is you spammed your shitty little fetish into whatever thread you could make it fit, and many that you couldnt, with the dedication to shitposting that is only matched by that one faggot who makes a thread about fat chicks/JElwood every night.

I don't even like this blueberry shit, but I hate you so much fucking more.

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Who's butthurt?

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Yes, in spite of bug-fuckers spoiling our fun thinking they're cool.

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For the Greater Groove!

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What is this heresy?

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I still don't get why people think using sage does anything at all.

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Tau are too short for my taste. I mean, there is the Air Caste, but they are a bit too thin.

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What we need is a tau girl pile, but with "official" blueberries instead of generic nameless blueberries.

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Tau are too short for my taste. I mean, there is the Air Caste, but they are a bit too thin and there are few images of Air Caste chicks.

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Short girls are more practical, they fit in your backpack more easily.

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What if I want to fit in a woman's backpack instead of fitting a woman into my backpack?

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I still dont get why people like you think sage is an insult. My post was offtopic, so I wasnt gonna bump a thread with something as worthless as my personal rant against a shitposter. If I had posted something ontopic alongside my rant, like some tau cheesecake, then it wouldnt be a sageworthy post.

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Is it sexy tau tiem nao?

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I can go for the slender look, too.

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Because people continue to treat it the same way other websites treat a downvote, posting it in whatever thread they personally disapprove of.

All it does is not bump the thread.

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Conflict and ranting upsets the gooberry!
Whatever you do, don't upset the gooberry, it makes her turn acidic and then she just burns through the floor and it's very hard to retrieve her!

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Hah! With prolonged torture, we can make this woman into a universal solvent! I have found the Alkahest!

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I am afraid such a noble creature as me cannot lower itself to any standard you would consider party-friendly.

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But can I put her in a diaper~

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Why would you squeeze a blueberry's diaper like that? It's a very rude thing to do!

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I need to see if she's ready for changing ^_^

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The diaper will be dissolved, as will all matter. This includes the torture implements, so we'll have to find a way to make her suffer more without them. Probably drop her favorite puppy into her, y'know, make her feel responsible for it's death.

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well, it's not like we're posting shark tits or anything.

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Or we can put her in a diaper~

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/tg/ girls thread?

I like 'em large.

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you don't need any other board~ *smooch*

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No, tau girls thread

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Needs a diaper.

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GOD DAMN IT I WANT MY FUCKING CHEESECAKE GIANTESS. Fucking Reaper is taking so long to send it. FUCK.

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Bah. What use will diapers be?

I suggest we perform the experiment in zero gravity, preventing her from dissolving a path until she reaches magma and gets evaporated.

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>not diaper giantess

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diapers will make her sugoi :^)

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How did that discussion about the design of tau diapers end up, last time?

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A lot of times I see threads like these eventually swarmed with people who hate the subject, I myself don't really like Blueberry, but I am not going to piss in peoples Wheaties for liking it either. If you have an issue with the thread and the people in it, sage and leave. If you don't have an issue with it contribute in some way. If you can do neither then just lurk. I didn't have a reaction image to summarize what I've said, so have a Car Wizard.

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No diapers.

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>Implying the Car Wizard shouldn't joint the heretically delicious blue xenos party.

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No, I mean, which cues and features were decided upon?

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Thread deletion after too much reporting.

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Oh thank god! Here I was worried that I was the last one who hadn't gotten their Bones shipment yet. I mean, I already have Dreadball season 2. When will my package come?

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that needs a diaper

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Uh, no, fat girls are too ugly to deserve diapers.

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It's sci-fi armor: probably has built in waste reclamation facilities.

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PURGE THE XENOS! Have any survivors rounded up and sent to my quarters for... debriefing.

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>Tau girls are just blue human women
What's the draw anyway? At least bugs are exotic, Tau are 60s tier scifi chicks.

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Needs a diaper :3

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first off, they have hooves: natural high-heels; second, they don't have noses, and they have bigger eyes, that makes them kawaii. And third, they have impossibly hot figures, in most depictions.
and no body hair.

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Bugs are gross.

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>What's the draw anyway? At least bugs are exotic, Tau are 60s tier scifi chicks.

I think you answered your own question.

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Stop making me laugh dammit.

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I feel the same way about these diapered cow-women, and it's good to see someone with a mature perspective on the subject of threads they dislike.

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Two years ago this thread would have been invaded, conquered and re-purposed by the Imperial Guard.

These are sad times we live in.

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needs a diaper :^)

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I think the Guard lost a lot of its moral highground when it began recruiting catpeople.

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Blue space babes will never go out of style.

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And neither will diapers

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That's bullshit and you know it.

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>implying the Guard hasn't been infiltrated by all sorts of xenos
>implying the Emperor himself isn't actually a xeno who just fooled everybody

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>Implying I'm not going to pick up an autocannon and fly into battle with a commissar on my back.

One day...

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