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Drawthread coming through!

I prefer drawing females tho.

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Draw the school daemonettes doing something cute, like, I dunno. Walking home from school.

I don't have good ideas.

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How about a goblin chick commando? Preferably with a knife in teeth and bloodlust in eyes. *And some nice tits.*

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Working on this one right now.

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I request a felinid guardswoman pointing her lasgun at THE MOST ADORABLE TYRANID RIPPER EVER.

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Draw a couple of female /tg/ related characters trying to touch their elbows together behind their backs. Feel free to include /tg/ originals or just characters that seem popular nowadays.

Also, draw yourself giving a thumbs up sign and trollfacing the viewer

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Taldeer and Callidus.

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Ears must be laid back.

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How about this:
A space marine at a stripclub, lamenting his inability to get a hard on.

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I would like to request an artificer I play. She's a gray elf (an elf, but gray) with short, cropped black hair, goggles, and a light crossbow. She's covered in wands and staves, and wears a black-and-purple robe reaching down to her knees.

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Oh, and ideally, she'd have some kind of light or electricity theme going on.

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Something like this, really androgynous looking. Kinda inhuman somewhat.

Wearing the clothes of the next pic I post.


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Here it is. Hope you like it.

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I would like a golem, specifically I would like a golem that has repaired itself with bits and pieces of magitech devices.

Like... one arm ends in a repeating crossbow and the other is this huge hammer designed to tear down buildings while its body is clearly meant to be some sort of taxi that you could ride around in.

That sort of thing.

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ooo thats nice

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I would like a scruffy looking adventurer dressed up in some ruined clothing, like the fantasy world's equivilent of jeans and a t-shirt (a cheap white tunice and some canvass pants I guess.) He should be wearing sort of steampunk gasmask and use a really big crossbow that has some complex looking gearwork on it (its a machinegun crossbow powered by magitech)

Basically I'm looking for STALKER steampunk edition.

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I would like a man and a woman (either or if the drawfag doesn't feel like drawing two characters) wearing an outfit like this... minus the wings.

Basically they're supposed to be average members of a nation iwth lots of magic and this is fairly typical mage garb. The female version doesn't really need any tweaking, I guess the male version would have an emphasis on stuff like heug pauldons and some sort of cermonial face mask.

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Two girls, one tall and punk, lots of tattoos, hair shaved to the temple on one side. The other, relatively short, ankh around her neck on a chain, messy curly hair, in a plugsuit, per Evangelion.

The first is the brash NPC the entire party loves. The second is her formerly-insecure, now-just-fucked-up girlfriend. They were childhood friends before NERV had to wipe their memory, and picked up where they left off without knowing it when they met again years later.

You would make our GM kind of obscenely happy, as I think this NPC being universally adored is the only thing about his game that has gone not-as-planned in a good way.

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DAMN, OP, you're good at this.

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I'd like to request a pair of characters a friend and I are playing in an upcoming game. Eirianna, an elven mage, and her husband Lucas, a human paladin.

Eirianna is short- like 4'9"- and frail, with pale skin and long dark hair. She dresses mostly in blues and silvers, and is always carrying a book. She looks like she might have been beautiful once, before a rough life and several illnesses took its toll.

Lucas is tall- upward of six feet- and broad, with tanned skin and sun-bleached brown hair. His armor is a little battered from years of use, but well taken care of and meticulously polished. He looks like what you'd get if the knight in shining armor was also a linebacker. With a neatly trimmed goatee and handlebar mustache. His weapon of choice is a hefty fullblade.

They also have a matching pair of swords, hanging at their belts: shining silver blades with finely detailed basket hilts.

Pic related, a portrait of Eirianna I got ages ago.

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The demon girls was awesome, wonder which one he does next.

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Thanks, mate.

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I believe that's a 'she'.

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soory 'mam

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The ears have to be laid back and the tail has to be poofed out, bonus points for a "hiiissss!" sound effect.

Felinid requests belong to the whole of /tg/ comrade.

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I hope this is about how you imagined her. Just a sketch, cause I don't have much time... sorry.

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not the OR but I like it.

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Did /tg/ ever reach a consensus on what Felinids look like? I remember there was some argument on the cat %.

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If by "consensus" you mean anything between just ears/tail to almost full furry but still with human traits (ie no muzzle/snout/...) then yeah...

Two vague sentences in a book ain't much to go with, although most participating /tg/'ers believed Ctarl-Ctarl like beings were an acceptable representation.

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It boils down to personal preference really.

Some guys think "standard animu catgirl with a fondness for killing stuff."

Some guys are like "Thundercats, I.E. A little fur, some claws, and 80s hair."

Some guys are like "Captain amelia from treasure planet."

and some guys insist they're just humans who have a layer of fur on them.

All interptations are correct as far as I'm concerned.

But fuck the last group, they hate fun.

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I assume they are like the Felis Sapiens from Red Dwarf.

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I humbly request Nicolas Cage as an Inquisitor fighting a bunch of Necron scarabs

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Would you be willing to draw up a proper image of my courier/thief here? Preferably with a speech bubble saying "Wot" or some-such chavvy nonsense. I'd really appreciate it! Apologies if this is too small an image for reference. The small details aren't too important, though.

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Most just go with 'catgirl'. The furries like to say they're practically beastmen, but they're furries, so no one listens.

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You're alright/

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If you could, I'd like to make a request.

An older woman, in a very high ranked military uniform, medals, sabre at her hip. She should look very stern, but wise

The uniform includes a breast plate, very subdued, not really a boobplate. Monocle?

Maybe pointing a map on a table.

Thanks, and love.

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A quick sketch for ya. Hope you like it.

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A dwarf riding ontop of a rust monster wielding a halberd and a kite shield. He has to have a glorious dorfy beard/moustache combo. Pic related, rust monster.

Thank you draw friend, whoever you are.

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OR here.

Oooh... Nifty!

Thanks drawfriend!

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I just drew catgirls. Personally I don't really care, but it was interesting to see how much hate a simple idea could create.

>> No.24935646

OP here. Sorry guys, gotta go. I'll be here tomorrow and try to draw as many characters as I can.

So steady your request and don't you dare die on me, drawthread!

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In the meantime, everybody start drawing with Paint!

>> No.24935676

Cute Tech Priest with grippy claws for her groping needs

>> No.24935677

One gobliness commando coming up!

>> No.24935678

A commissar drinking tea, and he/she is so British he/she shits the queen.

Or a SoB enjoying some pudding.

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Requesting a ~40y old plump East European female vampire, dressed in an evening dress with a braid of long black hair and blue eyes, her expression is cheerful and friendly. Would be perfectly fine with just a face portrait too

>> No.24935772

>I prefer drawing females tho.

Cestree in an evening gown?

>> No.24935780

Shitty MSPaint drawings? Can do!

At least for a little bit!

>> No.24935845

An overly enthusiastic IG butterbar catgirl with her arm around a disapproving sergeant, describing to him how they're going to have so much fun together. Bonus points if he's clearly uncomfortable for being drawn in very closely to her bosom.

Pic kinda related, their respective reactions.

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She was surprised in a shower because I don't feel like drawing clothes, see.

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That's hilarious.


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I'm going to have to agree with>>24936337
on this one. Last I checked, Felinids looked like stereotypical anime Ca/tg/irls.

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Furries make the best guardsmen.

>> No.24936406

No they don't, there's nothing in the canon stating what they look like, and furry Felinids are sexier anyway than catgirls.

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Oh boy here we go.

>> No.24936427

(No idea who drew this, but it turned up in the TV in 40K thread)

>> No.24936446

>Implying that greater deviation from the glorious human form = sexier

>> No.24936451

There's no canon description of what felinids look like.

You however are treading dangerously close to heresy, and I say that as a man who enjoys his furry porn. /tg/ prefers them without snouts.

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That's like... 2 whole furries. It's gone past regular furry and it's nearing just straight-up animal.

>> No.24936471

>Furries make best guardsmen
>Millions of guardsmen die every day

>> No.24936476

>2 whole furries
D-double heresy!?!

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Damnit, I already posted my HERESY pic, gonna have to make due with this one

>> No.24936525

HERESY! Entry into the Imperial Guard is something all men should strive for! They are the best of the best! By allowing these... these... these SUBHUMAN MUTANTS to fight on the front lines... Why, it would be spitting upon the graves of all those brave men who gave their lives to halt mankinds enemies!

>> No.24936544

/r/ ing a commisar shouting "HERESY!" while gunning down furries. Preferably with the aid of a non-furry felinid.

>> No.24936554



This is a drawthread.

Make requests, fulfill requests.

But drop the heresy and furry jokes.

We've milked this subject dry.

or at least sage and refrain from posting pics so we have room for more requests and drawings.

>> No.24936556

It's either that or let them live, overlydramaticbro.

>> No.24936557

/r/ing furry commisar shouting "HAIRESY!" while gunning down humans. Preferably with the aid of a cat that has human ears.

>> No.24936572

It's Fucking Liar's work. I got a folder with 400+ pics of his doodles.

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>> No.24936596

Whatever happened to "PURGE THE MUTANT!"?

>> No.24936598

The general look of Captain Amelia was widely accepted as a compromise between the advocates of more human looks (catgirls) and the promoters of serious deviation from the human form (beastmen).
It's neither negligibly inoffensive variation nor horrid, blamworthy mutation or, Throne forbid, furry.

>> No.24936612

That's not GW sanctioned canon picture, that's fanwork. Notice that I wrote 'canon' description. That's the opposite of 'fanwork'.

So basically I'm going to continue to imagine Felinids as full anthros, and it's just as valid interpretation as yours.

>> No.24936618

Heeyo, was wondering if I could get something like somewhat related pic. I need a warrior, wearing little armor, wielding a sword and hammer. Plaited leather skirts are cool, as are horned helmets. His name is Talar and he ascended into godhood because he's too stronk.

>> No.24936620

>cat with human ears
Please draw this based drawfriends!

>> No.24936634

Funny thing is that in the older editions Imperial Guard had beastmen serving in their ranks, you can still find some of the miniatures.

>> No.24936837

I know. Yet they are very much distinct from the Felinids and are going to get holocausted in all probability.

>> No.24937173

I'd like a grimoire, that is, a spell computer. Basically a flat piece of metal studded with gems and covered with runes and spell circles that projects illusions.

I'd like it if a mage in some spell-techy looking clothes were fiddling with it.

>> No.24937537

I'd also like to see that.

>> No.24937588

can I get this Collector with a Green and Black Color scheme and a red Scarf

>> No.24937602

Requesting an elf girl with dreadlocks and wearing a rasta cap, smoking a spliff. The caption is "High elf".

>> No.24938179

Requesting a succubus knight. She has long black hair with bangs that sit above her pointed eyebrows. She is dressed in full plate armor, this can be realistic full-plate, or more scandalous succubus full-plate depending on what you want to draw. She is Dragon's Crown sorceress, busty if you feel like going the skimpy route, if not then she has magically stuffed herself into the armor and it will not really show.
Her large wings will stick out of the back of the armor either way.

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>> No.24940206

Hey OP, just curious, how long have you been drawing for?

>> No.24940210

I'll give it a shot. Hope you don't mind grayscale.

>> No.24941180

OP here for a few seconds. Ummm... well, started it at aorund 10-11...? I guess... basically I was just copying W.I.T.C.H. pages. (Holy...) Then nothing for years... and started it again after watching Yu Yu Hakusho. (Age 13-14 I think...) Then it was like... drawing for fun, just if I wanted to. Now I'm 21, it's been 2-3 years since I started to practice. I think this wraps it up, Anon.

Also, I will now fall into holy slumber, but will be back tomorrow.

>> No.24941311

Working on this still.

>> No.24941490

Theyre more likely to look like Cat from Red Dwarf or Kilrathi than straight up furries, since they evolved from humans and all.

>> No.24941525

A Cajun lamia, just give her some simple clothes someone who spends all day in a swamp would wear and a straw hat. And maybe a banjo or accordion to play.

>> No.24941844

/r/ing any of the requests here already but with some rockin' tits.

>> No.24941874

That felinid is way too furry, and that ripper isn't all that adorable, either.

3/10, thanks for the effort, I suppose.

>> No.24942228

And here's the last of it I guess.

>> No.24942707

Add some rainbow colours and you've got yourself a trip.
Not the OR, but I like it.

>> No.24943314

/r/ing and absurdly muscular dragonborn wearing a scale cuirass and a cape

>> No.24944020

/r/ing a spider girl, that is a girl with chitanous plats on her body, two pairs of little gimpy arms, and plate armor like plats of chitin on her arms and legs, wlong with exra eyes and maybe some pedipalps attached to her skull just underneath her ears.

>> No.24945796

Can I have Taldeer and Vindicare each holding of one Lofn's hands and swinging her in the air? I think that'd be cute.

>> No.24945851


It's a pity there are probably no drawfags left in this thread.

>> No.24945926

Hi >>24942228 here. Still lurking but away from my equipment. If the thread's still here, I'll try and do more tomorrow.

>> No.24946429

What a shame.

>> No.24946465

I require a picture of Beelzebark, Lord of the n^th circle of hell in the form of a corgi.

So yeah, demon corgi.

>> No.24946526

Anyone want/have any cyberpunk stuff they want MSpainted? I've been in a mood. Here's some stuff I did for a quest I'll never run.

>> No.24946570

Oooh, I like the near pixel style. I don't really have a good request seeing as this was already done by another good drawfag, but could I get this face a bit more pixelated? Like, something out of the Bloodnet era of games?

>> No.24946604

Could someone draw for me a massively pregnant woman in tattered robes, with smudged skin and dirty, long hair. Her eyes should be hard, and her body splattered with blood. She is not wearing any shoes, and is holding a bloody, wickedly curved dagger in one hand.

>> No.24946952

Just checking if this drawfag is done.

>> No.24947125

Requesting a Kobold Dragon Disciple (wings) wielding a spear with Cormano's poncho and hat.

>> No.24947158

I gave it a shot.

>> No.24947201

OR here. That's really neat.

>> No.24947265

Fixed the ear, hair, and under eyes.

>> No.24947303


>> No.24948019

Glad you like it, anon.

>> No.24948350

Requesting an angelic figure in a slick looking suit. Slightly devious, but charming looking. Pic is the best reference I could hope for. Maybe have his arms open in a slightly beckoning manner, almost as if he's welcoming the viewer. Thanks.

>> No.24949437

If I might make a request, I'd like this done please. I'm still waiting for the game to start up, but I've got a female Krieger that I statted up as camp chef for the hell of it. (Crazy idea I joked about before we decided on only war and went "Why not?")
Also ended up being the squad tankbuster with a meltagun and krak nades, but that is neither here nor there.

>> No.24952419

I believe that drawfag is at work right now. Are you the OR of that pic? Cause he posted another picture for you a few days ago and not sure that you got to see it.

>> No.24952441

I'll second the request for more Lofn.

>> No.24952501

Doing it right nao.

>> No.24952513

a robot cowboy with cowboy boots, poncho, and cowboy hat

>> No.24952952

I'm not complaining.

I'm genuinely curious.

You've been requesting this stuff for at least a year.

How many of those do you have?

can you make a gallery or a photobucket or something and post your requests?

>> No.24952994

Complicated request:
Can I get a pic of Ankh from Kamen Rider OOO (pic related) picking up one of the Blackened Denarius from Dresden Files thinking its an odd looking Medal. Perhaps with Eji and Harry looking terrified in the back ground.

>> No.24953000

Not the OP but I can draw/paint too so if anyone has a request right now, let me hear it

>> No.24953023


I got 27 and I've dumped them once

>> No.24953039

Can you do this?
Reference for Lofn if you need it.

Has Taldeer on the left and vindicare on the right as well.

>> No.24953044

Can I get a Golem that's repaired itself with magitech appliances? Like a normal size human automoyton with bits and pieces taken from the magitech equivilents of dishwashers, blenders, stoves, refridgerators etc. etc.

>> No.24953050


>> No.24953057

Requested this a thread back but the thread died before I saw if it got done, apologies for the repeat:

A Chaos demon prince with a lot of mechanical parts - a robot arm holding a large mace, a traditional horned demon head but with a cybernetic eye, giant angular armoured pauldrons made from tank armour plates and a mechanical leg. It also has wings and an aircraft engine grafted into its spine.

>> No.24953064

huh. cool.

When you gonna switch over to robot samurai or whatever?

>> No.24953072

Hope you like it.

>> No.24953073


I maybe should have mentioned that I'm more into drawing character portraits, so.. yeah.. sorry to dissappoint, but if you can describe your current character in a few phrases, I'll give it a shot!

>> No.24953092


I'll try this right now.. can you provide some more information about her? Like.. random facts

>> No.24953095

Absolutely doing this.

>> No.24953097

Draw a female sci-fi soldier holding a gun and posing to look bad ass

>> No.24953101

Will do next after >>24935733.

>> No.24953120


ideally never the drawfriend pool keeps on changing on /tg/ to the cowboy never gets stale

>> No.24953126

Lets see, friendly towards everyone, pays attention to every detail and every slip up of those around her by masking it behind friendliness and concern. Is willing to take novices under her wing, used to be an artist. Loves to gossip even if it damages someone's reputation. Isn't interested in violence, so she has a herd to feed from

>> No.24953252

How about something like >>24935094 then.

A man or a woman wearing clothing/armor that helps improve their spell casting. Some sort of device which has large gems on their chest to store energy, bits of a helmet left over on their head that covers their ears but leaves their face visible (they can put the helmet/faceplate on later) tight fitting leather/cloth combined with bits of metal and maybe some gauntlets with some round clunky stuff on them that can help with mana channeling.

>> No.24953309


I'm at 50%

>> No.24953341

Oh, shit, then I won't do it. Sorry, didn't see this>>24953092

>> No.24953401

Politely requesting an Infernal Succubus enjoying a cool drink.

>> No.24953429

I want a cat with human ears and no tail sitting in a chair and looking annoyed while a catboi acts retarded in the background.

>> No.24953491

Might as well bump busty succubus knight.

>> No.24953518

If you'd like to, you can finish my request, then I will have 2 portraits and that would be awesome

>> No.24953659

Eldrad playing poker with Magnus the Red.
If not, an Eldar guardians doing the YMCA.

>> No.24953769

A dorf riding atop a rust monster. The dorf needs to have a braided beard and should be wielding a kite shield in one hand and a halberd in the other. It would make me so happy if you could do this. Pic related, rust monster.

>> No.24953797

I forgot the pic, damnit.

>> No.24953798


>> No.24953913

Hope you like it.

>> No.24953925


s fucking christmas up in this thread, yesss

>> No.24953951

holy shit, that is great!

>> No.24954002


took some time but here it is... hope you like it

>> No.24954022

I'm so glad...

>> No.24954033


>> No.24954036

Have some awesome triangles.

>> No.24954049

Is this thing still active? I happen to have a female Lady-Admiral (self-titled) drunken (rumored) lady-of-adventure (self-appointed) Rogue Trader in need of a proper re-design. I have some reference pictures to back me up as well.

Pic related. The picture that inspired the character in the first place.

>> No.24954092

Second reference, half-finished sketch by the GM, bless his soul for his great game.

The lady in question is Bianca Dolcetto Amaretto, Rogue Trader of the Amarettian Dynasty, ruler of the Imperio Amaretto (two planets and growing!) as well as Lady-Admiral of the Amarettian Armada (One ship and growing!).

The picture in question would be a more 40Ked take on a big, poofy gown, complete with a wine glass in one hand and a magnificent plasma pistol in the other.

>> No.24954136

Woah. Not the OR, but just wowzers.

Quality up in dis bitch.

>> No.24954255

oh man, this looks awesome!

>> No.24954294


glad you like it... I'm not "good" yet but I'm slowly getting better!

>> No.24954295


I really like how that tech-priest doesn't give a fuck, I can imagine him thinking: "Cant your primitive low gothic to the servo-arm, unaugmented human female, neither my organic nor mechanical cogitator can spare you processing power!"

>> No.24954313

Here's my version. Hope you like it.

>> No.24954370


>That hair

FFffffffffffff... I can never get it to look that good when I try to color things.

>> No.24954375

Wow. Teachers should use this. 'twas the first time ever that I really payed attention to maths.

>> No.24954381

A cute satyr guy cleric and a buff minotaur paladin lady. Satyr is petite but well trained, coarse sideburns and a mop unrly hair. He's dressed in loose robes showing of his toned chest and carries a ornate spear. She is huge, covered in coarse fur and muscles. Her horns are adorned with brass knobs on the tips and the only armour she wears is a ornate breastplate with a plate-skirt. She wears a dwarven warhammer.

>> No.24954411

What program do you use? With the right brush settings it's quite easy and quick.

>> No.24954418

As I recall, it was based off the Incredibles. Or, to be more exact, the conversation between Bob and Edna. After all, she'd be one hell of a techpriest.

Amaretto: You know I'm a puritan, Dr Ivo!.

Ivo: As am I, Bianca, yet here we are.

>> No.24954455

thank you too, this is also amazing! You guys are the best drawfriends ever :3

>> No.24954673

You're absolutely welcome.

>> No.24954740

Also continuing with this tidbit from last session:

So there we are on Footfall, getting caught up in a murder mystery involving a triple-hit on agents on the three most powerful Rogue Trader dynasties in the Expanse. Our one-eyed Seneschal, Antonio Amaretto, our punch-happy Astropath, "Commissar" Oxe and finally our Ecclesiarchy-loving techpriest Master Jegediuel, head out to investigate. Witn Antonio's guidance, they do the whole CSI: Footfall thing in the field, then bringback evidence to the lab for testing.

Amaretto: "Oooh, I get to hang around and Inspire people now!"
GM: "Yeah, so.. what are you doing in the lab anyway?"
Amaretto: "Oh, you know. Lounging about, drinking heavily and touching things that shouldn't be touched"
Jegeduiel: "I guess that's how the Inspire works. We want her out of here as quickly as possible, so we try to get shit done"
GM: "YES! Leadership through incompetence!"

Aaah, life is good in a well-oiled group!

>> No.24954864

Praying for my dorfy.

>> No.24955209

Why not entertain us and keep the thread alive with tales of your dorf?

>> No.24955217

Requesting Nazi lampshade that was made of stitched together jew faces.

>> No.24955356

Pol plz leave.

I should add that playing holo-snooker is quite fun!

>Seneschal Antonio has news to the Lady-Captain and thus asks where she's at.
>Me, the player: Oh, she's off playing holo-snooker with the Astropath and the Enginseer
>Antonio: Right, so I walk in discretely. Who's winning?
>Me, Amaretto's player: Well! Let's roll for it!
>GM: Opposed Agility

*Rolls are made. I should ace this. I have 50 agility, the Astropath has 40 and the Enginseer 20*

>Master Jegeduiel: Two degrees of success.
>Commissar Oxe: Three degrees of success.
>Amaretto: Three degrees of failure.

>Amaretto: I roll Charm to convince them to let them win*

*Note: Social tests against player characters are not mind control. We just use them as suggestions. Either way, Amaretto manages to fail horribly at Fellowship 70 and Charm +20.

>Commissar Oxe: Don't feel bad, niece. Losing is part of learning the game.
>Amaretto: I don't want to play this game anymore.

*Proceed to discretely have the holo-snooker destroyed and deny any and all traces of its existence*

>> No.24955434

If this is still going, I'd like to request an NPC from my Pathfinder campaign. She's an Elf in primitive dress, similar to attached picture, but with a ram's skull instead of a human one. Her now elderly father was cursed with blindness after his inattention let Drow raiders sneak into their Temple and slaughter the occupants. Now he guards the ruined Temple as penance.

The NPC is a near mute Half-Elf who ran away from home into the wilds and found him barely subsisting alone. The tribal gear is mostly authentic, but purely for intimidation purposes. It should be fun to play out, since there's a sidequest for 'rescuing' a human nobles 'kidnapped' Half-Elf daughter for some solid dosh, and one of the players rolled a Drow. Yay!

>> No.24955560

Requesting a sketch of a woman with tight leather that covers her body, no boob plate style please, with a song note and floating guns around her. A quick sketch is more than enough. Thanks in advance.

>> No.24955621

You want to hear tales of Ol'Kroshkath, aye? Well, he is from the Mror Holds and he found his trusty mount when he was fighting through the Mournlands...but you don't want to hear about that, do you?

>> No.24955750

Here's a quick sketch. Hope you like it.

>> No.24955780

Where the fuck is my drawing?!

>> No.24955845


That is quite beautiful. Thank you!

>Captcha: phirityi seal

It's spelled "purity" but yes, we will need them before we're done in the Koronus Expanse.

>> No.24956069

Not sure if that's what you wanted, but here's a sketch. Hope you like it.

>> No.24956136

Looks like it's qipao time to me. Then again, it should always be qipao time.

>> No.24956666

bump request

>> No.24957360

>Are you the OR of that pic?
Yes I am and no I did not see the other picture.

>> No.24957398

I tried my hand at this, I hope it came out in a way you'd like.

>> No.24957637

Oh yeah that's awesome!

>> No.24957784

Requesting a thri-kreen warrior, carrying holstered swords at his waist and bearing a scar across his chest, placing his hand on the back of an unarmored griffin he's standing next to.

The picture is how I would want the thri-kreen to look like in terms of anatomy.

>> No.24958216

Does he wear clothes or armor?

>> No.24958710

This guy here. Didn't know if this thread would be up today or not, so I'll just drop this request again if nobody minds.
I'd be quite grateful if anyone could fulfill it.

>> No.24958764

yo its me again, i'm up for another character portrait... any requests?

Please don't post reference, rather try to describe your character visually and also personality-wise. It always helps to know some random facts about that character (what he/she loves, hates, does... etc)

>> No.24958796

An elven shadowrun businessman in a suit, looking very much like seto kaiba.
>My buddy just realized his SR character is nearly identical to him. It was not intended.

>> No.24958871

Young biker-fetish kinda guy. The big black jacket a size too big with spiked shoulder studs, chains on the zippers, that kinda thing. His face is almost pure white and any features he has are getting slowly absolved back into the mass of his head so it's a very painful process to get an expression out; sort of like making a face under a stocking mask. The only feature he's got left is a lamprey-like mouth with a Venom style tongue. He hasn't properly learned to smoke since his mutation. He's got an Aquila on his jacket lapel. Hair like the bad guy from The 5th Element if it got zapped by an Albino ray.

He's a Ganger acolyte in a DH game who is currently under severe mutation of the Slaanesh/Khornate variety. He believes in people and wants to do right by his fellow man but ever since they started he's realized humanity sucks and he's better off murdering people. He was "faceless" in how unimportant he was before all this, now it's a literal thing. He enjoys old porn-vids, saying "schway" like he's from Batman Beyond, and using a switchblade to carve open people's chests so he can play with their intestines.

>> No.24958915

Hey, if you could do this one for me?>>24949437

No references, just a brief description in the picture/post (screencap of my first time requesting it. Never did get any luck on having it drawn.)

>> No.24958964


doing this now... might take some time tho

>> No.24959158

Awesome, take your time.

>> No.24959357


what kind of location would you prefer as a background?

>> No.24959418

Probably some sort of dank alley, though he did spend a long time on an agricultural world (which really started his degradation as a human being). Ultimately it's up to you, whatever you wanna do that'll look good.

>> No.24959476

Not the OR but that's actually a pretty impressive MSPaint drawing.

>> No.24959575

I thought it was a photograph from the thumbnail.

>> No.24959802

rere requesting Balter Ablebane the Scourge of Mobility. He wields a net and spear much like the Retiarius of the Roman Gladiators pic related. Instead of wearing skimpy diapers Balter prefers studded leather armour. He also has unkempt black hair and a scar across his face from the Last War of Khorvaire. He keeps both his spear sheathed and his net attatched to his belt because he's developed a talent of quickly drawing either in a moment's notice.

>> No.24959824


im at ~ 70%

>> No.24959931


>> No.24960258

Can I have an Imperial Guard clutching his copy of the Uplifting Primer, standing over a headless Ultramarine (which is holding a Codex Astartes) and a Word Bearer bearing down on him with some chaos-looking book screaming "BIBLE FIGHT!"

>> No.24960289 [DELETED] 

The character is a dorf ex-gladiator who recently bought his freedom. quiet, stern as fuck, battle-hardened, but intensely loyal and generally kind-hearted. He's traveling the world because he knows it's what his fallen gladiator peers would like.

>> No.24960310


alright, here it is... not sure if i got everything correctly, but I still hope you like it

>> No.24960350

That looks absolutely delightful. Thanks a ton man.

>> No.24960402


glad you like it! Although I prefer to draw "real" humans, it was fun because your description had a lot of inspiration in it ;)

>> No.24961615

Here is what he did for ya, and he's still working on the previous one, but he has lotsa work these days. But he'll be back.

>> No.24961681

Shameless self-bump, cause I hope the OR will get to see it...

>> No.24961923

Yeah, I just looked it up on foolz. If you're out there now, guy, I appreciate all the work you're putting into this. Though, looking through that thread, its a shame the request seems to have gotten tangled up with some genderbender fetish quest or another.

>> No.24964002


>> No.24964601

Anyone want to draw me a pretty picture?

A Red Kobald wearing breeze clothing with red/orange feathers coming out the back of her head, cause everyone knows Lizards are avian descended, and a bow held in her hands?

>> No.24964900

I would like a continuation of this picture, with the same paladin eating the children of other evil races, like baby Illithid calamari or beholder eye soup.

>> No.24964995

Shamelessly self bumping >>24945796 because Lofn. Unless >>24945926 is actually doing it.

>> No.24967259

Page 8 bump.

>> No.24970030

OP here. Away from my equipment right now, but will draw requests in the afternoon.

>> No.24971118

Kobold princess.

Because someone mentioned wanting to play one in a thread earlier and now I desperately want to play one.

>> No.24971421


This had better result in you saying "My Hero! " in earnest.

To one of your group, I mean.

>> No.24971458

Space Marine: "Feels like I'm wearing nothin' at all!"

>> No.24971660


Here's a rough one. Goddamn, I haven't drawn in too long.

>> No.24972233

Hey, /tg/. I was wondering if I could get someone to make me a banner. Like a standard type thing. Would like it to have a bow or crossbow on it. Maybe both. Something to do with archery, so probably green, or whatever you think looks best. I have 0 talent in this area. Thanks muchly.

>> No.24972573 [DELETED] 

A humorous role reversal.

>> No.24973190

Resized version

>> No.24974252

Sounded like fun.

>> No.24974294

Would molest.

>> No.24975040


>> No.24975077

Am complete ass at arting, but maybe willing to do a request if like.

>> No.24975334

In a Draw thread sometime ago i requested a better version of this but then lost my Internet connection.
If it got drawn has anyone saved it?

>> No.24975535


>> No.24975592

Thanks this is really awesome.

>> No.24975607

how about a mutant suffering from weird body traits caused by magic?

Like snakes sticking from regions where they shouldn't be or a snake limb or eyes all over the place.

>> No.24975644

I would like to request a humanoid fungus alchemist wearing a ragged robe with the left sleeve and other parts of the left side torn off also the left arm and leg should look like it was regenerated after it was bitten off also he has a wooden staff, thanks.

>> No.24975796

Requesting a version of this drawn by someone else.

>> No.24975842

Exactly which regions should snakes be sticking from?

>> No.24975918

I'm here again, but not familiar with the characters. Can I get some detailed description and/or pics for reference?

>> No.24975976

On a scale from "weird pupils" to "no way that's human", how mutated would you like him? Or her?

>> No.24976105

Its not wat I asked for, but thanks.

>> No.24976106


Guess the martial arts references and win FABULOUS PRIZES!

There are no prizes.

>> No.24976212

Please draw X-Com Rookies, DYING IN DROVES to something suitably horrible.

>> No.24976331

I did something sorry if it is shit.

>> No.24976440

>>24975918 Again. I guess while I'm waiting for OR, I'll be trying out this one: >>24975607

>> No.24976689

Anywhere you feel is appropiate. From traditional gorgon to snake-dick anything is fine with me.

Wuxia/10 would stat in mutants and mastermind and play as a monk wandering the world.

its not very good but I like your enthusiasm.

>> No.24976753

Oh I know, I just drew it as a humorous role reversal.

>> No.24976924

Roughest of the rough linework.

>> No.24977089

OR here.

This is fascinating.

Please keep going.

>> No.24977235


>> No.24977540

OR here.


would study ancient tomes of eldritch lore to be able to properly roleplay the character.


Awesome job!

>> No.24977583


>> No.24977804


Thanks. Yours is next.

>> No.24977862


>> No.24977921

Hail, drawfriends, I come to you with one more tiny request. I requested this pic about a month ago and I love it, I really do but could someone fix it a bit? Last time I forgot to mention that she's not muscly at all, it's quite the opposite. So if anyone could fix her a bit (the arms look too muscly) I would be eternally gratful

>> No.24977974

bumping Balter Ablebane who has clashed many a tankard throughout his life.

>> No.24977993

Those aren't muscles from being strong. That's fat being shifted around from the position of her arms. Bitch be flabby, dawg.

>> No.24978024

oh, so am I herping then? I thought that they looked like muscles and then I couldn't unsee it. Could someone "thin" the arms then?

>> No.24978287

nah it does kinda look like muscle, mainly because of the little "dents" that give the arms some definition. Fat would just make a big blob affected by gravity, even if the arms push it together.

>> No.24978299

OR again, am definetly digging this.

>> No.24978333

awwwww yeah anon, thanks! You're my fucking hero!

>> No.24978595

black-and-white-paintingfag reporting back in

Doing another character portrait... just give me a description of your characters appearance and personality. Also add a few random facts about the characters life and surroundings.

Don't post reference pictures!

>> No.24978820

Age: 30ish
Gender: Male
Spelltech engineer, designs machines that cast spells and channel mana. Thin, almost gaunt, bald, has a goatee, wears a tight leather jumpsuit that is studded with mana gathering devices (which are basically gemstones on belt buckles, wrist bands with a particularly prominent set of gemstones on a breastplate.)

Kind of paranoid and melancholy. Only thing in the world he feels he can count on is his familiar (A fairy four with four dragonfly style wings)

Its his job to maintain and invent weapons, armor, and magitech gadgets. Lives in the post apocalyptic ruins of a once great nation.

>> No.24978861


Wanna draw me my Female Half Orc Barb/Frenzy Berserker? She uses a Greatsword and has Red Hair

>> No.24978984

This guy here. Some info about my Fem Half-Orc

She is 22 and 180cm. She has a female Lion cape thing that covers her head, and has a Lion tatoo on her face. She was raised by Orcs and spend most of her time in the wilderness, she survived a 30 feet fall, one-shotted a Megaraptor at level 7 and always acts to nice. Gets angry a lot. She wears a Rhino Hide armor made from a Rhino hide she hunted.

>> No.24979115


doing this now... hope you got some time at hand, im not fast

>> No.24979161

got all the time in the world drawfriend.

>> No.24979214

Age: 20
Short black hair, also sharp teeth and fish like eyes also rather big and muscular because of his weapon a big great sword wears a vest with a tree stitched on the breast section, simple shorts and no shoes.

He is often too naive and comic relief, he lives in the house of a friend and together with him he dies mercenary work for the city he lives in.
The campaign is Asian themed.

>> No.24979504

Mutant snake man now finished. I may be taking a short break, but I will get to that next request. I know you've been waiting a while, OR.

>> No.24979604

not the OR but it looks awesome

>> No.24979658

This mother-fucker, tearing a Guardsman in half above his head while shouting "CLOSE AND STRIKE!"

Quote in vid link below, at approx 1:11


>> No.24979798

OR here.

ah HELL yes.


Thanks alot drawfriend, I really appreciate it.

>> No.24980279


I'm at around... 60%

>> No.24980353

Glad you like, anon.

>> No.24980368

Take your time drawbuddy, no need to rush.

>> No.24981411

Still acquainting myself with this stuff, and sketching on paper. Will try to have something tonight or tomorrow.

>> No.24981670


Oh man, this could go on forever.. but I gotta stop somewhere, and I think now's the time. Hope you like it!

>> No.24981740

Woohoo! Thanks sir drawfriend! I love you.

>> No.24981832

Friggin' awesome, I am reminded of both doctor venture and an old reniassance painting involving distillation of phosphorus, which makes it doubly awesome. Thanks a lot drawbuddy!

>> No.24982057

Could anybody help me out with this request?

>> No.24982458

Hey /tg/ I'm an uncreative fuck. I can't draw or design. But I'm starting up a community for a game called Trials of Ascension. The settlement is called Xeoval, means ice valley.

I need a 750x200 banner of the (Raknar) bug in picture related being attacked by wolves, polearm users, and archers in the Tundra lands of TerVarus.

Also fit in Xeoval somewhere in there that would fit with the design of the banner. I would be extremely grateful if it was colorful also.
>If its "good" quality you can contact me on the forums and I'll give you five dorrar bill through paypal

>> No.24982484

Can you draw a sixteen year old in a dress/skirt falling over as a missile whizzes over her head?

If you want specifics, blonde shoulder length hair, striped clothing, closed eyes, European features.

If you dont, just go with whatever you want.

>> No.24982524

Can someone draw a courtesan who is incredibly attractive except she has a skull for a head? Tempting an adventurer who doesn't understand the boner he has right now?

>> No.24982608

Can I request a built-like-a-diesel-engine dragonborn? Nearly eight feet tall, pretty ripped, extremely barbaric fighter; female dragonborn version of Conan, basically. Has beaten a dude to death with another dude, and has removed an orc chieftans head from his body with her bare hands(claws). Greatsword, armor, bronze scales. Plenty of scars, including one that just missed her right eye. Amoral, shameless, bloodthirsty, never backs down from any challenge. Flirts with anything male that isn't a dragonborn. Has a necklace of tusks/teeth from various creatures, notable ones being a dire boar, a small dragon, and a displacer beast.

Thank you.

>> No.24982749

holy shit you drawanons so good.

>> No.24982791


you're welcome!


thanks! Still need a lot of improvement tho... but these threads are a good way to practise

but seriously, everybody can learn to draw / paint like that, it just takes time

>> No.24982924

Re-Requesting this one, asked yesterday, crossing my fingers for something

>> No.24983525


Best I can do right now, will probably revisit at a later time and clean it up more.

>> No.24983656

I'd like to request an otyugh - pic related - giving a black-haired female elf with big hips a big, friendly hug. An oty-hug, if you will. The elf should look appropriately disgusted/nauseated.

>> No.24983713

I need a picture of the biggest, hammiest ham you could possibly make (facially and equipment wise he's wearing pic related) doing a Captain Morgan pose with his boot on a dead eurptyrid (Pathfinder sea scorpion.) Right hand is holding a longsword, left hand is holding a smoking flintlock pistol raised upwards.

The foreground is a beach, the background is the ocean.

>> No.24984303

... I don't know what to draw first....

>> No.24984343


Halfling bard surrounded by human wenches with a look of mild surprise on his face.

Preferably followed by a "I Got This" close-up expression.

>> No.24984367

I should have mentioned no group pictures...

>> No.24984376

Best start in chronological order, then.

>> No.24984427

This, I like this. No color though.

>> No.24984525


>> No.24984543



>> No.24984552 [DELETED] 

>Hiveworld Imperial Psyker
>Looks like this pic of Allison Brie
>Scarlet hair, tan skin, blue eyes
>Two ring piercings in right eyebrow near the ear side
>Shoulders/chest up
>Some sort of robes or vest

This please anyone?

>> No.24984659

Could anyone draw this?

>Imperial Psyker Hiveworld
>Looks like that pic of Allison Brie
>Scarlet hair
>Tan skin
>Blue eyes
>From the shoulders/chest up
>Wearing robe or vest

>> No.24984760

I'm going to drop this request a fourth time now... probably just wait for a new thread after this if it doesn't get picked up.
The game started earlier today, on another note.

>> No.24985194

Not today! I came in expecting to draw boobs!

>> No.24985310

It's not like you're starved for boob-related illustrations.

>> No.24985330

Then draw me a busty elf chick with hips to match and long straight black hair wearing a cheongsam.

>> No.24985362

There's never enough Sisters of Battle boobs around.

>> No.24985534

I would still appreciate this, if anybody could.

>> No.24985876

first drawing of the night. damned crossbow, forgot to draw it.

>> No.24986062

Is it kosher to ask for some line-art to get some colour added to it in a drawthread? I got a request done one or two threads ago, and I'd like the hair colour added in. I don't actually know which drawfag drew the original sketch, because he wasn't using a tripcode.

>> No.24986129


Post it and we'll see what can be done.

>> No.24986193

it may not be as busty as you want.

>> No.24986239

Ah, well. I'm sure you'll get it busty enough next time. Practice and perfection, and all that.

>> No.24986275

That's nice.

>> No.24986294

Fuck... realized I only did one button/knot-thingy.

>> No.24986296

I'm honestly surprised you did it at all, to be frank. I was mostly joking. Anyway, if you're going to keep doing this, you might want to open a new thread. We just hit auto-sage.
Only a few cups too small. The character was basically described to me as the exact opposite of the generic elf bodytype.

>> No.24986576

new thread >>24986521

>> No.24986731

Oh hey, can I get an Old West styled cowboy, guns thrown to the ground, holding the Come At Me pose?

As for the story...

>Playing World of Darkness, Hunter: The Reckoning
>Brother that doesn't usually tabletop game, playing a retardedly strong and tough construction worker Avenger, is having a blast
>ST pulls a fast one and our group ends up in a ghost town in Texas
>Except there's actual ghosts here, which the locals say are making overnight visitors disappear
>So we investigate, and find nothing
>That is, until midnight strikes and the scene changes to something a bit more like a lively Old West town
>Brother rolls with it, ends up stealing some clothes to fit in
>Except the clothes he stole belonged to the jerkass drunken outlaw that always seems to be in every western town
>The pair of them immediately explode into fail and miss every shot
>The outlaw's ghost because he's drunk, Brother because he has no dots in Firearms
>We laugh it off, Brother has a better idea
>Hucks the gun
>Strikes the pose
>"Fine by me. I'd rather beat the shit out of you anyway. I'll even give you the first swing."
>Ghost hesitates, takes it
>Aggravated damage from incredible cold, mitigated only slightly by Brother's Stamina
>They end up destroying a wall during their fight
>Brother still mentions the time he made an outlaw's spirit cry uncle anytime World Of Darkness is brought up, to this very day

>> No.24986930

Holy shit. OR here. I actually got banned just after I posted this, so I couldn't bump it, and just assumed it'd be passed over. The ban was lifted like an hour ago and I come back to see this. Awesome.

>> No.24989428


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