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How painful would it be to bang a robo-skeliton?
How hard would it be to let the imperium to grant funding for this research

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Only love.

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1) I need more information:

Are there loose connections, places where you may cause a short or accidental grounds?
Are the contact surfaces jagged, if so how bad?
Are the contact surfaces made of metal, polymer, ceramic, synthskin, etc.?
Do you have cybernetically augmented junk which makes some of these conditions on the body irrelevant?

2) Tech-Priests are both male and female...neither are celibate.

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Ok, what oricifes do necron girls have

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>How painful would it be to bang a robo-skeliton?
Just ask an Admech since they're already pretty much one. Or a Sororitas dating an Admech.

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None. You would be dry humping, or inserting in voids (mouth, between ribs, joints, etc) unless you found a socket or connector of some kind.

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Oh my god that is unbelievably cute.

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>putting ones dick into an electrical socket
Get a better xeno waifu son

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Get on my heretical level

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I miss giving my Sororitas bionics. Few of my great 40k moments were as satisfying as watching a dead Sister Superior zombify in time to chainfist a Russ.

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Sure is cancer in here.

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Worst. Handjob. Ever.

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Awww, poor Commissar Paunch.

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Dat heresy

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C'tan slave at your service.

Wat do, mighty lord?

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I'm not new, just making sure everyone knows whats cancer.

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Thanks and have a fun summer here, middleschool can be tough no?

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I'll rub yer belly for ya!

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Dont bring attention to her gut! She hates that!

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Heresy time?

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>muh assumptions

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God, I hate his faces. Or rather, the only face he knows how to draw.

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slaneesh-a is my favorite heresy.

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I thought this art style was familiar.

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You dont seem to realize that Commissar Oaunch is a depressed and massively self-conscious nervous wreck.

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other way around?

what do you do when the lady necron decides she wants to vent her sexual frustration on you?

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Play Warhammer Fantasy, anyone in the Empire (including Witch Hunters) would pay you to fuck a Tomb Queen if you sold it the right way.

The Tomb Queen would do it with even less of a CHA roll, just tell her sex is something she used to do and she'll do whatever you say until you die of old age (and get promptly reanimated to continue doing it, with a legion of your own to command! Sure you won't understand WHY you were inserting things into her pelvic gaps anymore, but who cares! Gold and legions!)
Pic fully related.

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>None. You would be dry humping, or inserting in voids (mouth, between ribs, joints, etc) unless you found a socket or connector of some kind.
I thought so at first but then I realized they could just attach a vibrator or onahole between their legs.
But unlike using those tools on their own this will be painful and dangerous... I can tell you from experience a bony inexperienced lass can hurt you a lot with her bony parts. It would be like getting beaten up with a metal bar while trying to enjoy an onahole (which are not as good as the real thing)

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Bite the pillow and pray.

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Enjoy my horrible futa fetish come into fruition

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gauss dildo.

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Usually glances, rarely penetrates?

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Gotta love Jo's art

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>Necron Phaeron Lady just spending the whole night rubbing her gauss dildo against your dick

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Two words


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Sounds like it would chafe pretty bad

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I have a solution for that

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muh boner

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ohhh... keep that up missy, and you won't get to lick the tip.

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It would probably flay before it chafed.

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is that an archaic abortion machine?

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So how does that daemonette get along with Malal/Malice daemons?

After all, she's very much an inversion of Slaanesh so it's Chaos divided done right? But she's not self destructive, so maybe not?

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You want Dick?
I'll give you Dick!

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>This guy

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Privilege status: Checked

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I can only tell you what the tech preistess uses it for...

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>no eldar
I'm sad guys
Needs sexy space elves

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That would only work really well (safe without frying your junk off in the ensuing high current arc) if it was already replaced with something made out of metal...like a Tech Priest's.

And even then...your metal junk would have to be properly grounded.

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I wonder if this plus >>24932841 would make the same sound as grinding the egg beater against a metal bowl

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>not banging a blueberry
>1 + 2012

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get out

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get out

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>dat xeno.png
>a picture of Blue
Wot da zog.

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I dunno, its hard to tell just by sight.
We will have to perform some other tests

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This one gives me a weird boner
I mean it looks so painfull but want

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>Getting a footjob by a race with hooves for feet
Probably only if you are a masochist.

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I know what I'm requesting next drawthread

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Seriously, those things must act like freaking shears

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You might do better to ask the /d/ /d/rawthread.

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So... marage?

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what is a marage?

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> How painful would it be to bang a robo-skeliton?
Oh look, yet another thread with insufficient data based on the pitiful urge to become part of /tg/ and some random data...

> no system provided
> no character provided
> no picture of "robo-skeliton" provided
> no info about the form of sex - anal, oral - provided

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Does anyone have that mini-comic of Lolicron phasing in to help a guardsman, only to see the ravaging horde of Tyranids inbound and telling the guardsmen that she couldn't be much help, but would do what he asked to make it up to him?
The last frame was Lolicron with suspicious white goo on her face saying, "at least he died happy."

I've been looking for that pic for awhile now.

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>no picture of "robo-skeliton" provided

Its right there in the OP. Dont you know lolicron?

Are you a newfag son, are you? Arent you cool? Like us? You're not, arent you?


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Nope, it isn't.
There's no clue how does her lower part of body looks like, and, i tell you mah boi, despite what you're thinking, there's plenty of sex stuff connected with that part.

Dem summerfags...

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...The second two pictures under OP

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Look at me.
Now look at that...
..once again.
Now look at me.
Now read it once again.
Now back to me.

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None of your heretical waifus even come close.

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> Aliens in 40k
> Called "Xenos"
> Tau are aliens

Sage for being late to point this out.

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It wouldn't be painful at all. Just one pull of the Holy Bolter's trigger...

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