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Old thread >>24881159

core rulebook:

Hammer of the Emperor

Homebrewed doc

Report Trooper, how goes the war effort?

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Trying to figure out a good hive gang regimental setup.

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Nothing but ditches and lho's, sir.

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>Report Trooper, how goes the war effort?
Not good, Sarge, heretics shot off my arm, and the cogboy won't give me a new one because he says he caught me being disrespectful to the officers' mechanized shoe-buffer.

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the steel legion is a pre-made hive ganger regiment, but are you using HOTE or just core?

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Line's holding, sir! Line's holding! No deviant shall pass as long as any of us draw breath! Ave Imperator!

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Hive World, Maverick Commander, Light Infantry, Hardened Fighters, Scavengers.

Maybe the Condemned drawback for extra kit, or at least Cloud of Suspicion for Enemy (Adeptus Arbites).

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Last chancers, we're staring down a fuckload of tau including battlesuits, stealthsuits, devilfish, and a whole company of kroot. Our requisition process was just rooting through a huge pile of unorganized parts and trash Shaefer apparently keeps aboard for arming the squad. The Gm laughed at us as we desperately searched for carapace parts.

My PC bought Linguistics: Tau and Forbidden Lore: Tau and I've got the multi-laser, so at least the squad has some incentive to not let me die first.

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Its time for you to learn about the ~magic~ of autopistols loaded with tracers, trooper. Ever see a greenskin burst into flame at point blank ranger?

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>Fighting Tau.
Are you using the stats from deathwatch?

Because fuck me those are scary.

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how are the Tau to fight, I'm planning a Tau centric campaign but I don't want to kill the party every session

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No clue, their weapons hit like a motherfucker, but firewarriors and pathfinders explode really nicely when hit by the heavy bolter. I think its a situation where both sides are eggs swinging sledgehammers at each other.

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I sure did, Sarge, poor Jenkins, bearhugged to death by a flaming Ork isn't a nice way to go.

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I seem to recall doing the Necromundan 8th "Spiders" a while back...

Necromundan Infantry Regiment

Hive World (3)
Sanguine CO (2)
Line Infantry (2)
Hardened Fighters (2)
Scavengers (3)

STATS: +3 Agility +3 Perception +3 Str +2 WS -3 Int -1 to wounds
Skills: Common Lore (Imperium), Deceive, Athletics
Talents: Rapid Reload ,Die Hard, Street Fighting and Heightened Senses (Hearing) or Paranoia or Unremarkable
Special: Accustomed to Crowds, Hivebound, +10 bonus to Logistics, but doubles attract attention

Kit (30)
Poor Weather Gear
M32 Lasgun +4 Charge Packs
Laspistol + 2 Charge Packs (5)
2 Frags
2 Kraks
1 Mono Knife
1 Flak Armour
Carapace Chestplate (15)
Filtration Plugs (5)
Grapnel (5)
Set of Basic Tools
Mess Kit and Canteen
Blanket and Sleepbag
Grooming Kit
Infantrymans Uplifting Primer
Two Weeks Rations

Note that the Carapace Chestplate isn't me min-maxing, it's specifically mentioned in their Lexicanum entry.

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Stone cold bitch. Those pulse rifles fucking hurt. The squad moved and survived by creating chokepoints, setting everything on fire, and demoing their vehicle pool before they got them online.

also: IMPORTANT: Tau suck in melee, you want your sarge or your preacher or commisar or ogryn wading in there and scaring the fuck out of them while a guardsmen, preferably with Target Selection, fires on the tau now trapped in melee.

Do NOT get into a straight up firefight with them unless you're a sniper sitting on the horizon line with the emperor's own asschecks for cover. Our long las dudes did pretty good work on the firewarriors while the FWs murdered the guardsmen keeping them distracted.

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Not good sir, we are trapped behing enemy lines and half the regiment turned at us given chance. We beat them off and now we have lots of dead and lots of prisoners which were previous friends.

We dont have a chance to get out normally , i am saving the last round for myself.

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But no, seriously, get yourself a recoil glove. And start asking the local ratling market if they can scavange you a bionic somewhere. It'll probably come off a corpse and be a piece of shit, but at least you'll have your jerking hand back.

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Checking the Armageddon Steel Legion gear list, I see no trace of Armour. Does their Trenchcoats act as Flakcoats or do they indeed have no armour? Cause that sounds crazy. Even for Imperial Guard.

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Recoil glove is almost like a cheat item.

Bolter in one hand, Power Sword in other.

Come at me heretics.

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Everyone has atleast flak armor all around the body unless stated specificly that is not the case.
Even psykers and priests have flak all around.

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The lack of mentioning it is just weird. Even the Last Chancers have Flak Vests and Helmets mentioned.

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Should we remove the options from the homebrew doc that now have a canon equivalent in Hammer of the emprah?

Roughriders, Grenadiers, artillery, etc/

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yeah apparently it's an ommision, use the stats for flak

nope, universal regimental kit only includes a flak vest, so only chest armour

we did before and someone got pissy about it

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*flak great coats

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Some people I know wants me to join them in playing Only War, but I don't really care for 40k.

What is Only War?

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pissy? fuck 'em. we'll do something like make an obosleted by canon section and shuffle things into there?

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Imperial Guard the rpg.

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Are you controlling one guard or several guards?

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Most Only War games will be really ground level, gritty war games. If you stay frosty and you're always Oscar Mike, you might want to give it a go.

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It's also refereed to as "Bring a spare character sheet." Which is how IG should play. Make a character. Don't get too attached.

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Usually one guard with a comrade, an NPC Grunt. So a group of five can have a squad of almost 10.

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A group of five players control 10 characters, was what I meant.

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Thanks for the replies, I hope they'll have fun

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Well, what type of regiment is the sample Steel Legion unit?

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well Armageddon is mechanised so i'd assume their tox-trenchcoat and helmet and rebreather and all that is as protective as the standard armour mech infantry gets

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You play as an imperial guardsman, a cog in a machine, one man in an army of untold billlions of billions, your gun is orth more than your life, as people are now listed under the "renewable reasorces" section. You stand as warden of the imperium, mankind's empire. Facing untold horrors from the warp (hell), aliens designed purely to kill for sustenance; aliens that kill for fun; The dying heirs of an ancient intersteller empire; new upstart races; mechanical killing machines and people who won't obey the God Emperor of Mankind's wishes you carry humanity's will on your back as you bring the light of the imperium to the dark corner's of the galaxy.

it's this
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90GxgdiUJdI (minus the chief)
blended with
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0m28yz6kmg (that's space marines though, you're not one of them)

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Either that or, like with the Kriegers, the coat goes on OVER the armor.

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As the guy who did the Artillery and Grenadiers, I say feel free to scrap 'em.

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How about a Highborn Heavy Reconnaissance regiment?

Sozarii Sentinel-Lords 11th Heavy Reconnaissance Regiment
Starting Characteristics: +6 Agility, +3 Fellowship, +3 Intelligence, -6 Toughness.
Starting Skills: Command, Common Lore (Administratum), Inquiry, Linguistics (High Gothic), Operate (Surface), Tech-Use.
Starting Talents: Air of Authority or Peer (Nobility), Push the Limit, Tank Hunter.
Traits: Fluency, Duty and Honour, Abundant Resources.
Wounds: Members of this regiment begin play with -1 starting Wounds.
Standard Regimental Kit: 1 Sentinel Scout Walker, 1 set of Magnoculars, 1 Laspistol (Main Weapon) & 2 Clips, Knife, Flak Vest, Good-Craftsmanship MIU, Dress Uniform, Filtration Plugs, Basic Kit (Uniform, Poor Weather Gear, Rucksack, Set of Basic Tools, Mess Kit & Water Canteen, Blanket & Sleep Bag, Rechargeable Lamp Pack, Grooming Kit, Cognomen Tags, Infantryman's Uplifting Primer, 2 Weeks Combat Sustenance Rations).
Favoured Weapons: Long-Las, Man-Portable Lascannon.

>"War certainly is hell, eh chaps? I spilt my Amesac in that last engagement, down to my last bottle don't you know."

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Mechanized Infantry, so they indeed should have full standard IG flak armor.

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right, Arty and Grenadiers removed from doc.

>> No.24925314

gonna remove Lucius pattern lasgun and the entrenchment tools from the armoury due to being in hammer of the emprah

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Under Article 8045/89v you are all under arrest for breach of the Rules and Regulations of the Imperial Guard

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Does anyone have an interactive .pdf character sheet for Only War?

>> No.24925756

there's a couple on google, I've not used any myself bcause I hate trees

>> No.24925806


It is cumbersome believe me, it is much much easier to use a text document.

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How would I recreate the plot of Spec Ops: The Line in Only War?

>> No.24926252


Rolling secretly for Insanity Points and describe the world accordingly to them.

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Don't. Do Haze instead because that was the same idea but done better and easier to adapt. It doesn't require forcing your PCs to carry out some dubious action either.

Fuck, you know, Spec Ops: the Line just doesn't really work in 40k. It requires some kind of vaguely modern, first world moral balance. In 40k they straight up destroy worlds and millions or even billions of innocent lives because of the possibility of a taint. Burning some civilians with WP because you've gone all Heart of Darkness doesn't really compare.

>> No.24926286

Yeah, nearly everyone in 40k (except agriworlders, apparently) has seen shit like witch burnings and people being executed and killed in the street since they were kids.

>> No.24926288

it doesn't translate at all.

>> No.24926289

>done better than anything

It might be easier to adapt, though.

>> No.24926304

I dunno, suppose you think you're acting in service to the Imperium and then find yourselves apparently being hunted by your own people.

>> No.24926307

>done better than anything
Yep, that's what I said.

>> No.24926326

That can happen for any reason in 40k. you can be sitting there picking your nose in some random hive tunnel minding your own business and suddenly be declared the greatest threat in the segmentum due to an Administratum fuckup or Inquisitor/Rogue Trader pet peeve

>> No.24926342

Yeah, but it's not like that's a novel idea. It's pretty much a stock plot for any radical Inquisitorial cell, but to be honest they don't even need to be radicals. There's enough factional infighting in 40k that you could just end up like that without doing anything wrong at all.

>> No.24926347

Haze was even more badly written and hamfisted than Spec Ops was, though.

>> No.24926355

But be honest, you could absolutely see a Chaos or Ork leader named Skincoat in 40k.

>> No.24926363

It doesn't have a moment equivalent to the WP scene so I can't really agree that it's more hamfisted, sorry.

Someone really wants to get across the horrors of modern war in a vidya, they should make a midwife simulator set in Fallujah.

>> No.24926383

I'd say the whole thing with Nectar betters the WP scene by leagues in terms of hamfistedness.

>> No.24926393

Yeah, but it wouldn't translate well. In Haze, Skincoat doesn't ACTUALLY wear a skin coat, he's just a mostly-harmless old Latino guy.

>> No.24926408

Okay, you can think that. I totally and completely disagree? I'm not really sure where we can go with this.

>> No.24926417


Don't Do either go straight to the source (Heart of Darkness) and do some wierd mash-up of Haze, Spec Ops and Apocolypse Now

with more Emperor's Bunnies and insane people

>> No.24926420


Wow, that is a very good idea.
I recently finished the game and i must say it really made me think.
Force the players to see the results of their actions, force them into moral divides, force them into places where there isnt a right choice.
Force them into seeing their handywork .
And insanity points ofc.But not secretly.

>> No.24926424

Redo Dubai as an asteroid-based pleasure dome for nobility (orbiting some kind of fancy star?) that discovered it was going to be trapped in a solar storm at short notice. Rewrite the 33rd as a Guard division that were in transit nearby and dropped out of warp into the system to evacuate the resort, but the commander was too prideful to leave early and ended up with their transport ship getting fried.

The PCs can get sent in on a shuttle because anything larger would get fried by the tail-end of the solar storm, and discover that in the intervening few months with no supply convoys the whole thing collapsed.

You might need to do away with the 'Many of the rich escaped beforehand, leaving the peons' subplot because if that happened in the 40k universe, nobody would mind.

>> No.24926427

We can agree to disagree, I suppose.

Hm, maybe.

>> No.24926443

>Force the players to see the results of their actions, force them into moral divides, force them into places where there isnt a right choice.
>Force them into seeing their handywork .
This is all pretty much already meant to be part of 40k though. And everyone is pretty much used to it, and no-one important has any sympathy.

>> No.24926463

I dunno, you can get these wide-eyed idealist sorts from far-flung Imperial and agri-worlds.

>> No.24926492 [SPOILER] 

>do away with the 'Many of the rich escaped beforehand, leaving the peons' subplot


because when you're low on food and don't know where to turn, there's one group that will always accept you...

>> No.24926506

They'd still be much more used to violence and death than we are. And that's not even going into imperial mindset and propaganda.

>> No.24926527

Then the idea is instead to challenge their assumptions on whether or not all the violence and death is being done for the right reasons.

>> No.24926550

That doesn't work with your average 40k guardsmen, since questioning orders is not good for your health.

>> No.24926551

I'm not entirely sure how you went from "In desperate situation, embracing terrible moral decay in order to survive" to anybody other than granpappy Nurgle.

>> No.24926555

I may just do this from now on myself.
Imagine a game of dark heresy. You're running from the horrors in the under hive, when you suddenly gain the upper hand and now they're running from you. Only to discover that the 'monsters and heathens' that flee from your holy wrath, are the staff of the nobles house you just blundered into in a haze.

>> No.24926568

They could always embrace terrible moral decay to PARTY HARD.

>> No.24926581

Your players would lynch you on the spot, and rightly so.

>> No.24926585

you missed the part where it's a pleasure asteroid for nobles

maby it's bothEverybody has Herpes! and Chaos AIDS

>> No.24926590

This does reveal how 40k is kinda lame in a lot of ways, since its completely shut to a lot of different types of stories. the 40krpgs had to bend the fluff backward over its knee to make it gamable.

>> No.24926597

Never said it was supposed to be. But I figure Lost and Damned regiments got to come from somewhere.

>> No.24926616

our GM threw the DH puppetmonsters at us, and we found it really hard to see what everybody was seeing beacause we were sitting around he table all hearing it

I'm going to use more notes and stuff in the obligitory horror mission in my campaign an abbandoned mineshaft filled with stealthsuits

>> No.24926627

This tends to happen if player characters are mostly powerless, since the Imperium is quite the brutal regime. You could do a Heart of Darkness story with inqusitorial acolytes without issue, for example.

>> No.24926631

So as to grow as a GM, I ask you why?
Would I not be telling a story?
Would it not be a twist fitting the fuck-tastic universe of 40k?

>> No.24926645

You would be telling YOUR story TO the players. At which point they might as well fuck off and do something more interesting.

>> No.24926657

>since the Imperium is quite the brutal regime
Trying to teach people this bit of fluff is agonizing because I keep getting "So why aren't they doing skin color based racism and treating all homos as acolytes of Slaanesh?"

>> No.24926676

You should stop gaming with the Liberal Crime Squad.

>> No.24926703

"Racism was not a problem on the Discworld, because - what with trolls and dwarfs and so on - speciesism was more interesting. Black and white lived in perfect harmony and ganged up on green."

Edit appropriate words, there you go.

>> No.24926704

No, these guys are on the other end of the spectrum.

Half the gamers around here are tumblrites, the other half are /pol/ style "The white man is genetically more intelligent than all races except for the wily oriental. But at least we ain't fucking gooks" sort

>> No.24926723

Look up the planet Grace from Rogue Trader's fluff. Pretty similar. Pretty delicious.

>> No.24926755

>all homos as acolytes of Slaanes

This is something that GW has tiptoed around for decades and with the gay marriage thing, is unlikely to change.

>> No.24926803

Best find some adults, then.

>> No.24926848

>This is something that GW has tiptoed around for decades and with the gay marriage thing, is unlikely to change.
Eh? I don't think they've explicitly /mentioned/ homosexuals much, but then that's to be expected- they've not explicitly mentioned much sexual stuff beyond "Slaanesh =OH THE DEPRAVITY" what with the young age range for the minis game. Gay marriage controversy is not really a thing in the UK except amongst the sort of swivel-eyed loons who're not in GW's target audience (we're voting it in next week, it has 60%+ popular approval- the Tory far right are kicking up a fuss about it but it's not very reflective of the actual popular opinion, it's just part of the UKIP Panic Dance).

>> No.24926879

hmmm how do you do vietnam with Only war?

Guardsman being the US seems like the obvious thing, but that only really allows human v human. what migh tbe interesting is right when they'e about to win, the tau show up and the third sphere expansion is happening and suddenly the guard is now the VC on this huan world against the tau.

>> No.24926911

Catachans are basically vietnam 'murricans on steroids.

>> No.24926950

Freal Orks, Tryanids, Exodite/dark eldar and Hydra Cultists would all make good vietcong, Tau could possibly pull it off too...

really only marines, necrons, craftworld eldar and most tau couldn't do vietcong

>> No.24926968


Battlesuits on the other hand is like Bipedal Leman Russes.

>> No.24926995

I've got a multilas with an effective BS of ~90+1 DoS due to lasgun barrage on a hit, so if I get a shot at its rear armor, we might have a chance.

>> No.24926997

I was musing on both ways to do it and ways to shake up the situation

>> No.24927012

Having a group of stranded guardsmen acting to covertly train, equip and coordinate local forces against a tau occupation force would be quite fun, I'd imagine.

>> No.24927049

Raven Guard could, as well as Eldar rangers and scorpion warriors. Tau are made for cong. Necrons... well, yeah. Not Necrons.

>> No.24927104

I think Tau rely a bit too much on APCs and aircraft to be effective vietcong, but a hunter cadre that doesn't use them but is more focused on battlesuits and kroot would be good

>2d10+4 pen 4 ambush


>> No.24927126

And Space Wolves. Given that our Only War game has a wolf scout attached to the battlegroup who is basically pic related plus an anti-materiel rifle, it seems strangely fitting.

>> No.24927133

so...you don't mind having a GMPC who does everything in your group?

>> No.24927141

*I think most Tau

>> No.24927185

You're making a lot of assumptions there. No, actually, he rarely actually ends up in the same combat as us unless we request it out of game
or using Fate Points. Just recon and assassination stuff. So he's a base NPC, infodump dispenser, and one way for Fate Points to manifest.

>> No.24927219

Sorry, just we're on /tg/, I assume anything even slightly out of the ordinary in game stories to be the beginnings of mismanaged GM disaster.

>> No.24927270

Gotcha. No, he's attached to the battlegroup, as in the multiple regiments and their huge blob of support staff that are fighting the overall war, not by any means our squad. Our squad is just one full of people he happens to like as drinking buddies whenever he gets a chance to unwind.

>> No.24927341

Cool. My /tg/ sense just immediately went

>>And as the Carnifex-Demon Prince climbs out of the toilet, the half-fae shota wolfboi marine crashes through the wall and strangles it. "It-its not like you or anything guard-tan"

>> No.24927372

>>And as the Carnifex-Demon Prince climbs out of the toilet, the half-fae shota wolfboi marine crashes through the wall and strangles it. "It-its not like you or anything guard-tan"

>> No.24927638

>So he's a base NPC, infodump dispenser, and one way for Fate Points to manifest.

Neat. It's nice to see games where burning Fate is given a more specific context than "you miraculously survive, somehow".

>> No.24927728

I love how black crusade explicitly lets you come back from melting into a pile of demons. Next session you come back as if nothing happened.


>> No.24927777

It's the Warp, I ain't gotta explain shit

>> No.24927781

Black Crusade allows for some pretty insane justifications for not dying, since burning Infamy Points basically means the Dark Gods deciding to fuck with reality for your benefit.

>> No.24927856

>"Look, DubMarine, I appreciate you calling on the Dark Prince of Pleasure to save us from that exterminatus, but I honestly don't think my ears, eyes, or asshole will ever be the same again."

>> No.24927862

>Black Crusade

Still no Tome of Excess?

>> No.24927972

Nope, they're proofreading it ten times over to make sure they haven't actually referenced anything too sexual.

>> No.24928030

How many points did Condemned and Aura of Suspicion give you back, again?

>> No.24928064

6 and 3 respectivly, but you can only tak one remember

>> No.24928094

My group is down to one guy who I am extremely pissed at, one guy who is a gift from heaven, an autistic minmaxer, and a girl who is a borderline mute at the table. The minmaxer and the gift from god are moving away this summer. I just want to play, but now I can't even GM.

I should probably start another homebrew project; what do you guys want converted to OW the way I did with Dark Heresy?

>> No.24928130


>> No.24928145

I dunno, but could you help me out

I'm looking for a suit of armour I've sen before but can't find again, all I can describe it as is Power-Lifter Power armor

it may of not actually been power armour but it was quite clearly a rip off the alien powerlifter

I did a flip through the .PDFs I have and couldn't find it

>> No.24928152


I wonder what Rogue Trader careers would look like so converted.

>> No.24928212


That's in the newest Rogue Trader book, I think.

>> No.24928314

Seconded. Rogue Trader converted to OW would be great.

>> No.24928336

Don't suppose I could trouble you for a link to said Dark Heresy conversion?

>> No.24928356

yes, thanks, must off missed it.

My guardsmen are on an agriworld and the locals are re-purosing these against the guard.

I can't wait until one of these crashes through the wall with a heavy flamer on each arm, their faces should be priceless

>> No.24928420


This link should work? https://docs.google.com/folder/d/0B517sKRcjGNrcmZmV21GSkVoVVU/edit

>> No.24928457

Can someone explain to me why a full auto burst at any range makes it less likely to hit a target?
I would think at point blank range you would be more likely to hit on full auto than firing single shots, but it isn't so unless I have missed a rule.

>> No.24928508

because Full auto was so absurdly OP in DH that they changed it

there was almost no reason in DH to rock a party wielding anything other than automatic weapons, flamers and grenades

>> No.24928518


In previous 40k games (before Black Crusade), Full-Auto have you a bonus to hit. This basically made Full-Auto king and made Single-Shot weapons kind of a joke. This change is for the better, in my eyes.

>> No.24928540

It does, thanks.

>> No.24928588

Has anyone made a Selious Scout regiment yet?

>> No.24928634

I guess it kind of makes sense, full auto would only be for point blank range.
Why would one ever use semi auto?
Not counting weapons without full auto settings.
Speaking of which

>> No.24928661

If you mean a major scout regiment, have a taste of something I've been working on

2nd Ostantia Pathfinders "Desert Wolves"
"We are the eyes of the moon and the teeth on the wind"

Regiment Points: 0/17
Home World: Frontier World (4)
CO: Circumspect (2)
Type: Guerilla Regiment (4)
Training Disciplines: Sharpshooters (4)
Special Equipment Doctrines: Forward Observation (3)
Regimental Drawbacks: The Few (5)

+3 to Agility, Perception, and Ballistic Skill, -3 Fellowship
Aptitudes: Ballistic Skill
Skills: Awareness, Navigate (Surface), Survival, Stealth
Talents: Combat Sense or Quick Draw; Deadeye Shot; Ambush; Foresight
Traits: Independent Operation, Distrustful of Authority

Gear: "Ironclaw” sniper rifle and 4 magazines, stub pistol and 2 magazines, 2 blind, 2 stun, flak vest, magnoculars, microbead, clip harness, grapnel, chamelione cloak, targeter, 2 pict recorders per squad, knife, four weeks' rations, 2 field uniforms, poor weather gear, backpack, basic tools, mess kit and canteen, blanket and sleeping bag, lamp pack, grooming kit, dog tags, Uplifting Primer

Favored Basic weapon: Stalker Bolter
Favored Heavy weapon: Anti-materiel rifle

Ironclaw” Sniper Rifle (Basic, 200m, S/-/-, 1d10+4 I, Pen 3, Clip 10, Reload full, Accurate, Reliable, Tearing, 5kg)

I'm a bit leery of giving them sniper rifles to start out with, but frankly, lack of autofire, combined with their hilariously low armor and their drawback of The Few, it just means they'd better OPERATOR the very best they fucking can and never, ever get into a straight fight.

>> No.24928667

because we don't like BL, duh

>> No.24928752

>finally released
>they forgot to remove the Huge Black Dildo from the weapons table

>> No.24928802


Exotic Melee

1d10+4 I

Tearing, Crippling, Flexible

>> No.24928809

Because unless you know what you're doing, you're just going to spray bullets uselessly everywhere. I think the current iteration, where full auto is less likely to hit, but will hit with more bullets if you do, works out better.

Lasguns have semi auto only since, aside from the multi las, you gotta pull that trigger every time for a bolt. You can't hold it down and get a deathbeam out of it.

>> No.24928817

Pen: Deep

>> No.24928821

>"I used to be an adventurer like you, until I took a dildo in the knee. Now I'm in a sex show."

>> No.24928823

Okay, here's my hive ganger regiment. I won't say I took inspiration from a certain thing, but I might have.

Name: Urbina Angelica 187th Penal Combat Regiment "Azure Brotherhood"
Home World: Penal Regiment
Commander: Choleric
Regiment Type: Light Infantry
Doctrines: Hardened Fighters, Scavengers, Combat Drugs
Drawback: Aura of Suspicion

Characteristic Bonuses: +2 Weapon Skill, +6 Agility
Aptitudes: General
Skills: Intimidate, Linguistics (Low Gothic), Navigate (Surface)
Talents: Enemy (Adeptus Arbites), Peer (Underworld), Rapid Reaction, Sprint, Street Fighting
Starting Wounds: +1 to Wounds rolled

Standard Regimental Kit: M36 Lasgun w/4 charge packs (Main Weapon), Tek IX-pattern autopistol w/2 clips (Sidearm), mono-knife, utility knife, flak helmet, flak vest, 2 frag grenades, 2 smoke grenades, inhaler, 5 doses stimm, 1 dose tranq, uniform w/spare, chrono, poor weather gear, sling bag, basic tool set, mess kit and water canteen, blanket and sleep bag, rechargeable lamp pack, grooming kit, cognomen ID on gilded chain attachments, Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer, 2 weeks' combat rations
Favored Weapons: Autogun, Mortar

>> No.24928830

But what about every 40k book I have ever read referencing full auto on a lasgun every five seconds?

>> No.24928836

>2nd Ostantia Pathfinders "Desert Wolves"
>"We are the eyes of the moon and the teeth on the wind"

Their dress uniforms are fedoras,jorts and Three Wolf Moon shirts

>> No.24928847

>Pen: Inevitable

>> No.24928848

Er, remove the tranq dose. That was something I forgot to update.

>> No.24928866

As far as I know you can only have 3 doctrines, including the regiment type.

>> No.24928876

Don't forget sandals with socks.

>> No.24928888

Can't you have more if you take a regimental drawback? Else what would you spend all those points on? Can't ALL go to regimental kit, can it?

>> No.24928889

yeah, almost every black libary book has refference to full auto lasguns, and it bugs me that the FFG RPGs (appart from specilised variants) don't have automatic lasguns

>> No.24928911

They'll print one in a later book. Rogue Trader has two or three.

>> No.24928927

Most likely, they noticed the same thing in Calixis they did in Murrica
>Hey, giving our highly emotional troops full auto weapons results in them wasting ammo in the heat of battle
>Damn, that's a shame
>Why don't we limit the amount they're able to fire per round to single shot and burst fire?

>> No.24928981


>> No.24929069

>+6 Agility
>Rapid Reaction
>187th Penal Combat Regiment

God damn it 10/10 would laugh again.

>> No.24929079

Three groups of baddies I need to stat:

>Mechanicus buddies (pic related)
>import Nids
>import Tau

Unrelated question; would shifting enemies to Hordes when the PCs get into vehicles make sense?

>> No.24929121

>import Tau you say?

collated tau from the DW books I made for my campaign

according too a few reports from various fronts it's "eggs swinging sledgehammers" both ways, so if your guardsmen use cover they should be fine

>> No.24929139

How do Scintillian Fusiliers have Bolt Pistols and Power Swords as their Favored Weapons?

>> No.24929156

They have the most spectacular superpower of all. Money.

>> No.24929165

>Fire Warriors are basically Storm Troopers with better guns

Sweet shit.

>> No.24929176

how do Kasrkin have Plasma guns and grenade launchers, FFG fiat to make the cool regiments work

>> No.24929201

Keep in mind not only are they bad in melee, they are BLIND AS SHIT. Get those camicloaks out.

>> No.24929262

Fire Warriors also appear to be awful at any kind of emergency defense. Low-ass Agility and not trained in Dodge. And even Pathfinders only have it about as well as your average OW Weapon Specialist.

>> No.24929325

Yeah, they're not invincible the issue is IF A SHOT FROM THEIR GUNS CONNECTS YOU WILL DIE. Unless you're an Ogryn, in which case it might take two.

>> No.24929337

yes, but they work together so as you charge them they'll delay their actions so their buddy can break off and they'll gun you down point blank with that +30bs bonus

>> No.24929341


See, we like to make fun of the Imperium for charging across battlefields with chainsaw swords, but this is actually the ideal situation for it.

>> No.24929386

Yeah, unfortunately. Dodge the shit out of those markerlights and FUCKING USE COVER.

>> No.24929426

>Unrelated question; would shifting enemies to Hordes when the PCs get into vehicles make sense?

Yes, it would. Just don't tell FFG, they would probably have an aneurysm if they ever heard that non-Space Marines PCs fought Hordes.

>> No.24929465

knowing the Fire Warriors Guns only held about 300 shots each I sent wave after wave of my own men at them until they ran out of ammo, then, victory was easy...

>> No.24929489

Incompetent Leadership: Best drawback, or best drawback?

>> No.24929511

Here's a question. Why does FFG seem so hell-bent on keeping Proven scores low? Using their pattern creation rules, if you pump Proven as high as it will go, you only get Proven (4), or up to Proven (7) on, say, a lascannon. Now Proven (7) is not a bad power boost, but compare it to, say, an Accurate, Tearing lascannon, and it's probably one of the less broken things you can do with the chart. Meanwhile, Proven 2 is pretty much "wow, it's fucking nothing". What's the point of a keyword that won't really improve damage noticeably?

>> No.24929619

Is using the original Tau weapon stats instead of the errata ones a deliberate choice, or does that chart predate the DW Errata?

>> No.24929647

just pulled it from DW core, didn't know about the 1d10 versions

>> No.24929716

Elysian 87th reported for basic training last Tuesday and should be done by this Tuesday, sir.
They'll be ready in a year after their PDF requirement is fulfilled.

>> No.24929787

>+12 damage

Why even have dice with numbers like that.

>> No.24929855

Remember the tau wee designed with space marines in mind, with ap10 to the chest ans tb5(+unnatural toughness) being normal

>> No.24929968

There was a brief altercation that went down between a couple of the regiments; the instigators and perpetrators have already been isolated and set for flogging. Apparently the offense was caused during a training job in which the following verse was uttered: *ahem*

"I don't know but I've been told/Valhallan pussy is mighty cold"

>> No.24930082

I remember the first time our squad got busted for obscene jodies. Our sergeant got pissed and told us, "Do any of you bloody fucking meat sack squishy bastards know how to fucking sing? By the Emperor's Holy Throne, you may fight like anemic squirrels, but Him On Earth willing, I will see that you sings like men! I was a fucking choir director back home, and I will drill you bloody shower until you scream and cry for mercy!"
Then he made us get up in our dress uniforms and sing pop songs at the top of our lungs as we marched around the base. For nine hours. Anyone who didn't find their dress uniform inside of three minutes had to do it in his skivvies.

>> No.24930326

Also, their proud informal designation: The Daisy Duke Cowslayers.

>> No.24930356

I'm fine with the semi, it allows suppression and overwatch.

>> No.24930369

I could be wrong, but I think in the original ruleset for Dark Heresy, it DIDN'T allow those options, which was a frequent complaint back in the day.

>> No.24930422

IIRC, you would be correct. Lucky us, we're playing Only War. I figure FFG listens to its fans enough to understand that nobody being able to suppress in OW would be a terrible idea.

>> No.24930685

hmm. i'm messing around with potentially making a regiment that uses a variant or somesuch of sororitas power armor in the standard kit. any suggestions on things to do in gear or regiment type and whatnot?

>> No.24931701

what availability is light power armor in DH?

>> No.24931709


Extremely Rare.

>> No.24931889

it'd at least cost that much then. if you even can add items that rare to the kit

>> No.24932539

Hmm, been attempting to rewrite that Felinid specialty...so far they're looking less Uguuu Kawaii and more like furry xenomorphs.

>> No.24933134

I think you need to sit down and rethink your life.

>> No.24933229

oh no, how will I ever return to the normalacy of merely posting about anime army men on a japanophiliac image board

>> No.24933249

*anime and

>> No.24933560

I can't look at the book right now, as I'm at work, but it sounds interesting. Is it possible to play this over Internet?

>> No.24933662

Yeah, so long as you clearly state ranges to target and the like.

>> No.24933702


Neat. So that leads me to ask if anyone on /tg/ would be willing to run a game of this online. Seems like a load of fun.

>> No.24933741

I just finished a session in the ongoing saga of my That Guy GM/Player that in previous installments saw me blind myself and a genestealer, kill a Krieg Commissar, and most recently accidently get the Sanctioned Psyker raped by a Ratling.

Is anyone up for more storytime?

>> No.24933767


>> No.24933800

Hell Yes! Been waiting for more.

>> No.24933818

RECAP: The 1st Hazeroth Penal Legion are from Sheol XIV and Kommitzar, they're kept imprisoned in vacuum suits by the AdMecs and left hanging on scaffolds around a giant asteroid. This drives them completely mad. Their principal combat tactic is zapping themselves with Slaught and Frenzon then running, often unarmed, at the enemy. The Sheol Pattern Las Gun is a mining laser strapped to the lower receiver of a las carbine and it explodes 9 times out of 10 its fired, so the Legion usually resorts to fighting with their knives.

In the first installment, my character's comrade was murdered by the GM's GMPC, a Krieg Commissar inexplicably assigned to our squad. Then we fought a genestealer that killed all but two of us. I survived by detonating a flash grenade in its face, which was also in front of my face. I was wearing poor quality photo-contacts and blinded myself permanently.

I later killed the only other survivor by pushing him out of a tree holding a demolitions pack to kill a bunch of Terror Cats, I was then trapped under the tree, when the GMPCommissar confronted me, I killed him through judicious application of fate points and pure luck, by luring him close enough to stab him in the eye. My character was then executed upon return to camp, for all of the above.

Next session, our new GM decided I'd been through enough, and returned my character to me with a pair of bionic eyes, but kept me and the new squad in the brig to stage a break out.

>> No.24933843


After I tried to convince the guards to rape the Psyker, thinking that if they were dumb enough to climb in the cell with her, she'd shoot lighting at them and we could escape. The guards had other ideas, and put our Ratling Sniper, played by That GM, into the cell so they could watch him rape her. Instead of using my cunningly transferred lock pick to free the Psyker and lead us all out, the Ratling actually raped her. This meant an entire platoon of Scintillan Fusiliers filed into the prison to watch it, foiling any hope we might have had of getting out quietly. The Psyker tried all of her powers to get the Ratling off her, failed, but rolled on the Perils of the Warp table to temporariliy transfer consciousness with the Ratling, who she quickly got killed. We then had to shoot our way out, and ended the session escaping in a Chimera driven by none other than the Operator character of That Guy.

That's where our latest session begins - our squad now consists of me, a Penal Legion weapon specialist with bionic eyes, our Sanctioned Psyker, who's just been raped, an Ogryn, who was very unhappy about that, a Ministorum Priest who would be unhappy about that if he wasn't completely drunk, and our tank pilot. I should also mention the Ogryn is naked from the waist down, because when he was put in the brig he was buried up to his waist in concrete. When he broke out, his pants broke with it. This is the least of our problems.

>> No.24933920


The session starts with a very, very long argument over exactly what we should be doing. We were meant to be awaiting the arrival of an Ordos Xenos interrogator who would 'debrief' us on our encounter with genestealer. That seemed like code for 'torture' so I want to get the hell out of dodge. The Priest wants us to complete the Legion's original assignment, of securing a promethium refinery, that I'm pretty sure by now is either lost to the Orks or already reinforced. The Psyker wants to find the Genestealer, as she alleges she's felt some kind of murmur in the Warp that could be indicative of an incoming Tyranid invasion.

The Ogryn wants pants. We named him Pants.

>> No.24933985


We don't reach any logical conclusion because the Supply Depot commander, a financial controller from House Ghibran, the Rogue Traders who control the planet, has dispatched two Valkyries fully loaded with Brontian Longknives to find us, on account of us having bloodily escaped prison.

After a few rounds it's clear we're out manned and out gunned, even though his player is a complete douche That Tank Pilot does a pretty valiant job of trying to fight off the Valks but it's clear that as soon as the road through this patch of jungle we're driving through ends, we're toast.

The Priest and I end up climbing out of the Chimera because the Brontians are quiet deftly fast roping from the valks onto us. From our vantage point, we see the road crosses a shallow swamp - we get the idea to pop smoke, jump out of the transport, hide in the swamp, and rig the Chimera to keep driving, hoping that the Bronts won't notice we're not in it for a while.

This, we agree, is a great idea. Except the tank pilot doesn't want to give up his transport. This is understandable, as our first squad was meant to have a transport, but we lost it gambling. I sensed it was originally meant to be a vital part of That GM's story. And now that he finally had the wheel, he wasn't willing to part with it.

So the Ogryn knocked him unconscious. I personally wanted to leave him in it, but the Ogryn grabbed him when we jumped.

>> No.24934005

I'll bite, what is it a reference to?

>> No.24934013

I can only assume for their ability to escape and run away really fast

>> No.24934098


So now we're stranded in the middle of a hostile jungle, with only the gear we carried on us, chest deep in fetid swamp, surrounded by the squad of Brontians we knocked off the Chimera who are picking their way through the jungle toward the smoking wreck of the transport, after it was quickly dispatched by the Valks.

The Ogryn refuses to hide in the swamp, on account of being afraid of water. So the rest of us decide to use him as bait for an ambush, except we can't agree on an ambush, because the Psyker and the Priest want to negotiate with them, or even turn ourselves in, because Imperium. I'm like, fuck this noise, so I disappear into the foliage. I'm a shank a mother fucker that comes between me and freedom.

We hear gun fire from further down the road, the Priest and the now awake and pissed off tank pilot go to investigate.

And predictably, we find the Bronts knee deep in Genestealers.

I should mention, we're still using Deathwatch Genestealers with 20 wounds. And there were 6 of them.

>> No.24934109

The Crips, and African-American gangs/criminals in general

>> No.24934135

Oh lordy.

>> No.24934157


Against my urging, that we use the genestealers as a welcome distraction to escape, my squad quickly joins the Brontian's battle line. At least we can scavenge some decent guns from their corpses. They're desperately trying to contact the circling valkyries for fire support but something is scrambling their vox casters. We have to decide whether to pull the pilot and the psyker off the gun line to use their combined knowledge of warp anomalies and technology to fix it. I think this is a bad idea, because they're probably going to arrest us or kill us when we're done, but whatever. I'm finally in combat at least.

When they get the vox caster working the valks start strafing the battlefield, but genestealers don't helpfully arrange themselves in a line during combat, they've surrounded us, are in the trees, between us, everywhere. So the valks are going to have to launch their missiles at us to kill them.

The Psyker can cast a Telekine dome over us while the Valk shoots, but that's going to mean taking on two genestealers in hand to hand combat.

I did it once, alone, and only got blinded and crippled. I try to say this but she does it anyway. No one listens to me. I only fought a genestealer and a psychopathic Commissar and lived. I'd listen to me.

>> No.24934192

>Tek IX-pattern autopistol

You silly fucker.

>> No.24934201

Also "187" is, in Los Angeles, a police code indicating a homicide--naturally, it shows up on a lot of gangsta tattoos.

>> No.24934245


I'd learned a few tricks since my last encounter with a genestealer, this time I pop two flash grenades, relying on my cybernetic eyes to insulate me from them, which evens the playing field slightly. I've got that whirlwind of death talent - but even still, by the end of that turn I've taken rending critical damage, dropped both my knives and the Priest has had his face opened up and is stunned.

The Tank Pilot loses an arm. Nothing of value was lost. The Ogryn actually finished off a 'stealer after all that, protecting the Psyker. But there was one left and we were properly fucked.

>> No.24934334


Next round, the genestealer's head explodes. The Valkyrie descends and there's a mother fucking Vindicate Assassin standing there.

It lands, and out steps this Ordos Xenos Inquisitor. Who proceeds to info dump on us.

A genestealer cult has taken root on the planet, they don't know amongst who, and they don't know where. That why the Inquisition isn't immediately executing us. We're the only ones on the planet he can trust completely. He reiterates this by using his acolytes to execute the remaining Brontians. We're given one last chance for redemption - a platoon from the Death Korps has retaken the Promethium Refinery from the Orks, and didn't report any Genestealer activity in the process. The Inquisition thinks the cult have chosen the Kriegers because they can hide their corruption behind their gas masks, which for those who remember my first story, makes perfect sense (in this case, not in general).

He's going to let us rearm ourselves from his personal armoury, then drop us within range of the refinery. We're to infiltrate it, confirm the Genestealer cult's infection, then neutralize it by calling in an orbital strike on the facility. To do this, we'll need to fight or sneak our way to the refinery's communications array and bypass a jamming signal that's originating from near that area.

Full Inquisitorial pardons - if we survive.

>> No.24934354


>> No.24934456


So we kit ourselves out using the Inquisitor's Handbook - I'm rolling with a hardened body glove, a pair of Balecarnae moon blades, Fedrid Razor Discs, a wrist mounted flick crossbow - and a Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas quantity of exotic Dark Heresy chems - man I'm fucking Riddick. Our Ogryn is carrying an entire squad's worth of heavy weapons. It's madness.

I'd volunteered to mercy kill our combat ineffective tank pilot, meaning That Guy had now lost every character he'd ever played with us. The GM let him roll up a character from the Inquisitor's entourage to join us. He wanted to play a Vindicare Assassin. GM said no, on account of them having 13000XP in Dark Heresy. So he rolled a generic sniper instead. Why the Inquisitor needed 2 sniping acolytes wasn't clear. Strangely, of all his characters, that one actually had a really compelling background for something he made up during a toilet break.

So we get dropped off and sneak into position.

We discover the Kriegers had turned the refinery into a Nazi Rape Camp. It's not just a platoon either, it looks like half the 616th Regiment have taken up position around the refinery and are shipping in captured natives from all over Skrynne to breed more genestealer mutants.

Nazi. Rape. Camp. The GM actually said that at one point.

>> No.24934545


So stage one of our plan goes off without a hitch. The Psyker casts a protective shield over her self and the Ogryn who proceed to pound the living shit out of the Death Korps' defensive positions from the jungle, while the sniper provides covering fire. Our Priest, armed with an Eviscerator, runs into their trenches. I sneak around the outside, grapnel to the storage tanks and set demolitions charges. It was too easy.

I climb to the top of the storage tanks to get a clear shot with my grapnel at the refinery, when the GM draws my attention to the living quarters, where the Kriegstealers are busily herding their breeders into their rape dungeons.

Those of you who remember my first story, would know this whole crazy nightmare started because our Krieg Commissar executed my comrade for trying to take off her respirator.

Well, she's alive, badly injured, but chained up with a dozen other women and being lead inside.

I always wished we still had our shitty GM. He would never pull such a perfectly orchestrated dick move as that.

Because now, my character was going to have to throw the entire mission down the toilet to save her.

>> No.24934582

I need to reinstall that game.

>> No.24934639


Unquestionably, our Priest and Psyker were the absolute heroes of that battle. He tore the fuck through everything the GM through at him, and the Psyker suffered through a heap of rolls on the Psychic Phenomenon table and kept the shield up, including causing two earthquakes. It wasn't until she was assailed by The Furies themselves that she dropped the shield to recover. In fact, the psychic backlash helped us a couple of times, once stopping a charge by mutant Death Riders in their tracks with that psychic phenomena that knocks everything's breathe out of them.

I drop in front of the living quarters and start chopping my way through the Kriegstealer defenders to rescue my comrade. I can't stress enough how bad ass Only War combat is. That whole Righteous Fury thing makes you feel like a combat god. I was rolling tens like a mother fucker.

Then the Priest does something unexpected. He grabs one of the death riders mounts and climbs on it. The Psyker says, "WTF are you doing." and he says "Getting reinforcements." Then he passes a note to the GM and rides off. Like, away from the battle.

We're down one man and the Kriegstealers are mustering for a counter attack on the Psyker and Ogryn's unprotected position.

>> No.24934669


My comrade and I have a pretty heartfelt reunion after I dispatched her guards, I free her and tell the other surviving women to arm themselves. We're able to flank the defenders and blow a hole in their line, getting the Psyker, Ogryn and Sniper inside the facility.

But we're on a clock, on account of having planted demo charges on the supply depot. We have to get to the top of the refinery and reprogram the comms arrary before the charges blow or we'll fail our mission.

We get inside, just as the Kriegstealers get their shit together.

>> No.24934675

>Well, she's alive, badly injured, but chained up with a dozen other women and being lead inside.
>I always wished we still had our shitty GM. He would never pull such a perfectly orchestrated dick move as that.

Moral dilemmas in Only War make perfect sense. Pulling dick moves in only War also makes perfect sense. Don't play OW and then bawww when you get challenged.

>> No.24934703


We fight our way through the refinery, but the deeper in we go, the more mutated the Kriegers become. We're fighting hand to hand with six armed gas mask wearing freaks. Until finally, we get to the top - and find ourselves toe to toe with a Broodlord and its retinue.

The squad engages it - but I break off. I've got a score to settle, one of the purestrain genestealers with it is missing an arm. It's the one I fought back in the jungle. We square off in hand to hand combat.

It's an epic battle. The Ogryn is basically blowing whole chunks of the tower apart while duel wielding a pair of bolters, the psyker is shooting lightning from her fingers, the sniper is shooting out the windows at the Kriegstealers trying to climb up to us. It was madness. But we prevailed.

I managed kill two 'stealers, then flick an explosive crossbow bolt at the Broodlord to cause his last wound. He explodes in a big shower of purple guts and we get to work trying to get a signal back to the Inquisitor's frigate.

That means holding the refinery against the Krieg counter attack, which includes tanks, hundreds of men, and a basilisk pounding our position.

That's when the Priest came back.

>> No.24934754


I can't do it justice - but imagine a Ministorum Priest, drunk, wielding an Eviscerator, riding a Death Korps mount, trying to outrun the Orks he just baited into following him are massed behind him. They provide a welcome distraction for Kriegstealers, who are suddenly dealing with an entire horde of Speed Freaks in trukks and bikes ploughing into their lines while bombas and fightas wheel overhead.

It's amidst this chaos we have to try and make our escape. But there's a wrinkle - the Frigate in orbit says someone needs to stay back with jury rigged caster and keep the channel open while they zero in on our position.

One of us wasn't going to make it.

>> No.24934776

>I can't do it justice - but imagine a Ministorum Priest, drunk, wielding an Eviscerator, riding a Death Korps mount, trying to outrun the Orks he just baited into following him are massed behind him.

>> No.24934780


The Ogryn can't, because he doesn't know how to operate the comms array, the Priest isn't with us, he's just been shot off his mount and is busily slashing the achilles tendons of every Krieg bastard who gets close to him, the sniper has made a discrete exist to a 'more defensible position so as to protect us'... which just so happens to be outside the refinery walls.

So I tell the Psyker and my comrade to get the fuck out, I'm going to blow this mother fucker. After all, I saved my best friend and killed my archnemesis. Not a bad days work.

The Ogryn is trying to cover their escape, while I wait with the comms array.

>> No.24934803


The Psyker manages to get to the Priest's position and they salvage an Ork trukk with the Ogryn and my comrade. I trigger the demo charges which rip open half the facility to cover them, then once they're outside the blast radius the frigate reports that their bombardment is locked and I have 10 seconds before I return to the Emperor's glorious grace.

There are Ork fighta-bombas buzzing the refinery tower, and I ask just how difficult it would be to jump off the tower and land on them. The answer was beyond very. But it was worth a shot.

>> No.24934833

does anyone have links to the core rulebooks for deathwatch?

>> No.24934861


I dump all my gear except for my grapnel and knives and strip out of my armor in an effort to succeed. The grapnel was so that if I missed, I might be able to get a shot off with it mid air, which I thought might actually be easier than jumping on a passing plane.

It's a -60 test, so after burning a fate point, it's still going to mean I can't roll more than 2 to succeed.

I rolled 1.

>> No.24934929


My knives find the fuselage of the ork fighta bomba, which promptly starts barrel rolling to shake me off. Meanwhile, the Ork trukk with the rest of the squad is facing off against an Ork Meganob who's just stomped over the to battlefield. The Ogryn volunteers to stay behind and cover their retreat - against an Ork with 35 wounds. We calculate that even if he hits with every weapon he's holding, he'll inflict maybe half enough damage to kill him. To say nothing of the fact the Priest is missing a leg and is bleeding to death. The Psyker tries to cast a shield over the Ogryn but can only hold it as long as she's in range. They round a corner just in time to see him get snapped in two by the Ork's power claw.

I manage to climb up to the fighta's cockpit and smash it open. Next turn I manage to kill the Ork but can't regain control of the fighta. And Orks don't have ejector seats. We're in freefall.

>> No.24934955


You should look Necron weapons then, the warscythe can instakill people just from the pluses.

>> No.24934961


I fail the operate test to crash land, on account of how hard it is to wield the controls while there's still a dead Ork in the seat, but also because I have no idea how to fly a plane. So I bail out just before it crashes, and take the falling damage. I'm stunned for 6 rounds, have two broken legs and one broken arm. But I'm alive.

>> No.24935018


While I'm out, the refinery explodes, taking the entire Kriegstealer contingent and the Orks with it. The rest of the squad meets up with the Inquisitor, who comes good on his pardon. But we obviously can't stay on Skrynne, on account of being wanted for absconding, murder of a Commissar, theft of Imperial property and... that whole thing about me getting the Psyker raped and then killing all those Scintillan Fusiliers.

Also, I'm stunned for so long they assume I died in the explosion. So I'm alone in the jungle and can't walk.

>> No.24935045


By the time I come too, they're already on a Lighter on their way back to the Inquisitors ship, and out of range of my microbead. I try to get a signal out using the wreckage of the fighta, but Orks aren't big on communications equipment. So I make splints for my legs out of the Ork wreck and hobble off into the jungle.

And that's where it ended.

>> No.24935310

Sororitas power armor is very rare.

>> No.24935367

Well shit, son, you're in a heap of crap, your everything is broken, nobody knows you're alive, and you're surrounded by a hostile environment.

If that don't spell out Hero of the Imperium I don't know what the fuck does.

>> No.24935623


This is also literally the only gaming story that had rape and wasn't 100000% pure That Guyness (It was still pretty That Guy).

>> No.24935640

>>Don't get too attached.

I dunno. I've rolled 3fps for every single OW character I've made thus far. its insane. Which of course means so far they've outlived the campaigns they were in.

Other players keep telling me how much they like my PC and I"m like DUDE, don't YOU get attached or the GM will focus in on her with laser focus.

>> No.24935664

You know what makes Orks great? I mean, another thing that makes Orks great is that they won't rape you due to lack of equipment and thus shuts down about a zillion That Guys ideas.

Also the first one who tries to invoke the "penis squig" please go die in a fire, thanks

>> No.24935755

They might not rape you, but they're perfectly fine with enslaving you, working you to death making crappy gear for them, putting you in an arena with a deffsquig armed with a straight razor for the lulz, maiming you on a whim also for the lulz, punching every tooth out of your head because it seemed like a good idea at the time, and eating you alive. And doing it all while giggling. Just saying, just because they can't do one specific That GM thing doesn't mean that they can't do worse. Done right, orks are bloody terrifying.

>> No.24935773

Yes, but you can't turn Orks into FATAL 40k, unlike every other faction other the Necrons (similar lack of dicks) and Tau (but not Kroot)

>> No.24935787

>Yes, but you can't turn Orks into FATAL 40k
Given that orks are on the mental and social level of Xbox live teenagers, you can get close. But no, they can't rape, so they can't be FATAL. Also, kroot don't have dicks either, so not sure why you're saying they can be FATALized

>> No.24935805

>>Also, kroot don't have dicks either,

I was not aware of this. Thank fuck. I guess add "Craftworld Eldar" to the list, maybe.

>> No.24935859

What passes for kroot sex is basically the male giving the female a backrub where they exchange DNA through some kind of oil secretion. Then the female lays eggs a while later. Weird as shit, but in a good way.

>> No.24935922

Not only do Kroot not have dicks, but they don't have an anus either. They urinate through their pores and they crap by regurgitating the extras. And they can't give a blowjob because their mouth is a beak.

However, Rogue Trader says that its only a -20 penalty to seduce them. Which is amusing, but it would just be getting or receiving a backrub anyway.

>> No.24935975

>Only a -20 penalty
>Having an Imposing archeotech gun on your ship gives +10 to social rolls
>"Hey, you sexy bird, what say we go down to the primary lance battery and...do some calibrations?"

>> No.24936029


Imposing ship components only give a bonus to Intimidate or Command, bro.

However, consider this:
- Gilded Hull
- Melodium
- Sensorium
- Ostentatious Displays of Wealth
- Xenos Hamitats (as many as you require)

>> No.24936324

>Then the female lays eggs a while later.

I thought Kroot females got pregnant and vomited up the baby when it was ready.

>> No.24936712

Great, now I'm picturing two Magos Biologos having the HOW IS BABBY MADE. HOW IS BABBY FORMED conversation

>> No.24936734

How does this sound for aboss level enemy for my guardsmen?

Ingame they're re-purposed powerloaders based off >>24928356

35 20 55 45 35 28 31 25 25

move: 4/8/12/24
Armour: 9 all
TB: 3
Wounds: 15
>common lore (agi worlds)
>linguistics (low gothic)
>operate (ground)
>Scholastic lore (flora)
>Auto Stabalized
>Size (hulking)
>Un-natural strenght(3)

>Heavy flamer (1d10+5 pen 4 clip 10)
>twin linked Autogun (1d10+3 pen 0 clip 150)
>Lifter claw (1d10+2+SB pen 2)

>> No.24936787


How beefy are your guardsmen?

If they have a lot of multiple d10 weapons or full auto weapons or high PEN weapons, they can take down 15 wounds pretty fast.

>> No.24936797


Magos Biologis: They need to do way instain mother. Who kill their babbys, becuse these babby cant frigth back? It was on the vox this mroing, a mother in Pech who had kill her three kids. They are taking the three babby back to T'au too lady to rest my pary are with the father who lost his chrilden; i am truley sorry for your lots.

>> No.24936817

that's what I was thinking, but it's only a person under there so I can't give him too many wounds...

>> No.24936862

Meanwhile an entire convent of Ordos Diologis are working around the clock to figure out what the fuck he just said.

>> No.24937012

Put him in a vehicle, or have him backed up by vehicles/heavy weapons, so the squad's heavy weapons are not shooting at him.

>> No.24937026

>put a bipedal forklift in a vehicle

>> No.24937056


Or just have a bunch of chaff tie up the squad.

Or for that matter add in a psyker, have him be really conspicuous with tattoos and a bald heat and flickering witchlights and all that. He need not actually be dangerous, just look dangerous and be able to tank a round or two of the party firing everything they got at him.

>> No.24937127

To what degree should comrades be roleplayed? It seems like roleplaying that many people at once might wear a bit on the GM.

>> No.24937168

>>Bird aliens

>> No.24937176


To the level that feels OK for the players and GM, some people barely acknowledge them beyond mechanics, while others put a lot of effort into them.

>> No.24938085

If Cadia is so importaint, why don't they let them use vitae wombs?

>> No.24938125

Looking at Ork boy npcs their skills say "skill name" (S). What does the (S) signify?

>> No.24938170

roll on strength

so common lore (waaaagh) +20 (int) would be roll under a +20 modifyer to your intelligence

T = toughness
Ag = agility
per = perception
ws = weapon skill
wp = willpower
bs = balistic skill
fel = fellowship
int = intelligence

>> No.24938216

Got it, Thanks.

>> No.24938495

Because nuclear radiation hasn't rotted out the natural wombs of their women.

>> No.24938649

>people saying you only loose one round when you clear a jam

>> No.24938719


I'm no /k/ommando but surely it depends on the weapon and magazine being used?

>> No.24938800

t does, that gun doesn't have anything above where the bullets feed into the chamber, and the way he's holding the charging handle back means that once he cleared the jam the mag pushed the rest fo the bullets up with no resistance, emptying the mag

>> No.24938818

Hows this for a big Choppa? (Melee; 2d10+4R; Pen 3, Unbalanced) pretty much just a big Choppa

>> No.24938830

Rest of my team died in a heroic firefight. I'm looking to join any active groups if available.

>> No.24938839

someone please edit this gif adding the caption 'I CAME' after a while. I has no idea how to edit gifs.

>> No.24938840


That's an sks with a cheesy aftermarket drum magazine. The sks is fed by stripper clips and normally doesn't have a detachable magazine so when companies make goofy shit like that it does all sorts of random trash

>> No.24939219

Anybody want to run an online game of this somehow?

>> No.24939317

roll 20 works pretty well

>> No.24939353

Is there any information on what the Imperial Guard landing ships are actually like? They seem have these massive ships capable of landing on planets and depositing troops.

>> No.24939373

Trooper Talon here ,sir! Team got hit hard by the orks few days back barely made it out with my skin intact.

Currently looking for other battle-groups to connect with to continue bringing the fight to the Xenos.

>> No.24939470

IG codex cover has a good view of one in the background. Looks like a flying battleship with a Star Destroyer (star wars) bridge in the rear and a massive landing ramp on the front.

>> No.24939549

there's a variety

from Spectre Class Valrkyies (Antanov 225/C5 Galaxy/C130 hercules style Valkries) to multi-platoon transports to regimental transports described in various books

Most are described as having harnessed seating in long rows like pic related, depending on the transport these can be the majority of the transport or seated above a larger cargo-hold containing gear/tents/vehicles/supplies.

They'll have various ramps to exit, either multiple smaller doors like a plane (Only War core book adventure) Large frontal ramps (IG codex and OP pic) or side ramps (next pic)

note that these can get quite big, but are not Warp capable, they generally detatch from these massive training/transport ship or are held in massive shuttlebays, ala Starship troopers

>> No.24939557


>> No.24940635

What should an Only War squad look like? I'm thinking about running it for my buddies, but I don't have many buddies. Is it possible to play with only 3 PCs?

>> No.24940665

any three guardsmen specialties, and give them an NPC sgt.

>> No.24940726

/tg/ did once a Vietnam tau sept.
Name is not very original however


>> No.24941892


>> No.24942550

Does anyone have the regiment based off MSF from Peace Walker?

>> No.24942684

...No, but I want to see it now.

>> No.24943137

Bumping for relevant interest.

>> No.24943222

Not bad sir. The 404th Mechanized Remnant is getting ready to go out on its maiden voyage this week or next.

>> No.24943303

This core rulebook is OCR'd and bookmarked. Is there a reason you guys keep posting the one that isn't [AFAIK]?

>> No.24943394

Because I think that one, though I could be wrong, has swathes of text missing from some of its sidebars.

>> No.24943444

Someone fund this shit

>> No.24943483

I'd take a crack at it, but I want to wait for a cleaner Hammer of the Emperor scan to see what options those give me.

>> No.24943486

Oh, really?
I guess I haven't thoroughly compared them, so I couldn't tell. I shall check.

>> No.24943543

I remember being trained more in CQC, extra rations, balaclavas, and camo suits.

>> No.24943642

Check things like the sidebar on Mechanicus Implants, some of the Skills chapter sidebars, and some of the Comrade Sidebars for a few of the different specialties, to name some.

>> No.24943904

I'm seeing failure on both of them. Example page: 126. Large thing about 'special uses for medicae'. Same on page 156 for the Mechanicus implants. Still broken when I view it on mediafire :/?

>> No.24943946

Yep, that's the flaw. And that's why nobody really cares for that upload of the PDF.

>> No.24943980

Which one is 'that' upload? The one posted in every thread [eg, this OP]? They're both broken. Why do you guys keep posting the broken one D:

Is there one that isn't flawed?

>> No.24944004

There was one I once picked up that wasn't, in somebody's compiliation on Mediafire. No idea where that one is now, though.

>> No.24944195

Just wondering if i could get your thoughts on a campaign i probably would be running because I'll be DMing for the first time in an only war campaign on my idea for the campaign that the pcs are dropped well behind enemy lines to cause chaos by assassinating key targets and causing rebellions so that the main army can launch an assault easier. the people i will be running it for are a person who likes social aspects, two people that just wanna have a nice mix of combat and socializing and a person that loves combat.

>> No.24944411

Do you have Hammer of the Emperor? That sounds like the mission profile of a Guerilla regiment.

>> No.24944472

just downloaded it and paging through now

>> No.24944571

new thread soon mentlegen?

>> No.24944897 [DELETED] 

What is this thing? It has the same name as the Ork Flamer

>> No.24944907 [DELETED] 


>> No.24944933



>> No.24945134

Bad sir, they can't seem to find the enemy fortress, keep getting lost in the jungle and keep nearly dying despite being against feral orks and armed with several xplosives.

>> No.24945904

Not too much worse than being blind and lost in the jungle, eh?

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