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>Want Kingdom Death models for those delicious women
>Only been painting for a month and a half or so
Never before have I felt so defeated in my life before

But at least there are other models right

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more like kingdom /d/eath amirite?

but seriously op, the only way to get good at anything is to suck at it for a while. it's unfortunate, but imo that's exactly the case for painting. Maybe look into a good way to strip paint (and look into what the minis are made of too, that's relevant) in case your paintjob turns out not how you wanted. good luck dude.

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This, practice makes perfect.

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Buy some cheap minis and train painting on them.

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If you don't like GW or Warmahordes, consider getting something like Super Dungeon Explore to work on. Also, Mantic makes little mans for pretty cheap and noone gets angry when you screw up on them. Dreadball is a fun game for two players as well, and will get you used to painting tiny details, as the minis are smaller than a lot of minis.

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>>Want Kingdom Death models for those delicious women

It's disturbing how millennials masturbate to cartoons and drawings.

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Buy some historicals. Cheap even when well made.

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Google kingdom death, click images...see this

Painting that would be awkward...

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Given that you'll want to work on painting skin a lot with KD, you might want to look into some of the Reaper minis fantasy line. Usually pretty cheap and you can practice all sorts of different painting styles. Also, I think you can find stuff in the same scale to field along with your KD minis if you want.

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Don't be silly, don't you want to paint the Grom's anus?

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Cavemen masturbated to wall paintings.

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wtf is the tentacle/worm coming out
specially the one coming out of her?
do we have more on the story and setting? do monsters rape women and turn them into winged bearers or something?
suddenly, boner

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I don't know the fluff for KD, someone will let you know.

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For the chick, the tentacle thing bites the balls and dick off of guys so she can get knocked up easier.

She then gives birth to monsters, which then turn women into birth mothers and the cycle continues.

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The tentacle is for biting penises off. These women birth 'holy' monsters to protect a city of light from the darkness. They're more or less magic science birthing angel cybor- warforged vaginas. Things...

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>google these
>holy shit dat quality

Do they 3D print these or something?

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My greatest regret in drawing that is forgetting to add her lanterns. Punish me /tg/.

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What? No.
I think they're using Zbrush and sending it to the people who make them plastic molds.
They also use the molds to hand-make resin models.

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>Punish me /tg/.


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So is there anything else to this miniature line aside from fapping-material? As in, can you even play with them?

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yes you can, the regular figures are fanservicy but not as much as the pin up art

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I don't have a lot of dick-monster and tit-demons in my games, though. And most of the female characters wear clothes. Well, to each their own, I guess.
What's the scale of these, anyway?

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I know there is a reference pic somewhere, I thought I had saved it. But the plastic minis that will be supplied with the game are around 35 mm iirc.

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>dat horrible paintjob

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Dat fanservice

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Also, I'm dumping these pics to show that there are other things in Kingdom Death besides fanservice.

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I can't remember when I read it, but some painter that comes on /tg/ now and again said he practiced on $60 worth of the little green army men you can get in tubs before he started work on is IG army.

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Can we actually buy these models yet.

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I want.

My fucking.

Card scans.

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you can buy some. the rest will probably be available when the game comes out.

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everything is out of stock

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Nope, the kickstarter models doesn't ship until december, and the game and minis aren't released to the public before then.

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I want my fucking everything.

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The setting is full of vile fetishes.

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speaking of fanservice, is it weird that the thing that turns me on the most is the scribes book stand?

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>Once upon a time
>you and 2 other people wake up in hell
>wearing nothing but 2 and a half loincloths, one face-shaped rock, and three peculiar lanterns
>there are horrible monsters

basically the setting.

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I don't know, I'm too desensitized by questionable roleplaying to give a proper verdict at this point.

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So, /tg/, how does one That Guy in Kingdom Death?

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OP buy those cheap as chips historical models

For example victrix or soemthing

you get like 40-60 models for less than $40

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Not the final map.

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The setting is basically:
>Once upon a time
>you and 3 other people wake up in hell
>wearing nothing but 2 and a half loincloths, one face-shaped rock, and four peculiar lanterns
>there are horrible monsters

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Buy the pinups, refuse to play with anything else but them, describe in detail all the horrible things the various monsters will do to her if she is defeated. Done.

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>chinese takeout

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its Monster Hunter Dark Souls Civilization: The E Role Playing Game

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I really wish this game didn't include such a huge shot of written-in-the-fluff /d/.

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You can always ask for friendly people of /tg/ for low priced commission work.

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I liked his original pose/expression better.

Then again, I still haven't read Berserk.

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I kinda figured that was normal in the game though.

I believe the monster cards on their YouTube channel pretty much describe you character getting horribly raped.

I was thinking more on the lines "my character is a young lionin girl/boy"

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Replace fluff.

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Why? It's not like the market is overflowing with games like Kingdom Death.
Yep, but the original expression wont be used AFAIK.
The normal minis are not as "bad" (opinions! Personally I like the vast majority of all models.) as the pinups, far from it once you get your 'tech level' up.

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oh fuck off, they're monsters from the realm of fucking nightmares, what do you expect them to do? give you flowers and candy?

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Considering my pollen allergies and diabetes, yes.

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the punishment always fits the intended

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I usually skip citrinitas when discussing Alchemy. Just seems like a filler stage to me.

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How will you know if you are still on the correct path to Rubedo without meditating on the philosophical weight of the various salts and solutions then?

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No, but I would hope that they aren't /d/ fetish beasts from beyond the stars. I don't mind that kind of shit when it's passingly mentioned or only hinted at but this game seems to have some kind of relish for horrific corruption-fetish rape monsters, what with all the scantily-clad women about in the pin-ups and their corresponding rapists.* I may be getting an inaccurate impression of all this, however.


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Oh hey guys, anyone still interested in the /tg/ intra-inter-settlement official unofficial KD:M settlement and trade/war/whatever game-thing?

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>but this game seems to have some kind of relish for horrific corruption-fetish rape monsters




which part are you not getting? they are supposed to make you uncomfortable, they're monsters and beasts that relish suffering, of course that involves rape and bloody dismembering violence that's what monsters do. this game hardly lingers on it other that giving a brief description of what the beast is capable of.

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That is one fluff detail that is not reflected in the game in any way.
As well, the pinups are not canon. making them is apparently the modeler's only joy in life.
Poots has explained some of them as the settlement's women having a sort of parade/religious celebration where they dress up as and take on the aspects of the defeated monsters.

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Even if some are fetish beasts from the /d/elightfull stars, so what?

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OP, i bought the Bones, purely so i would learn to paint. I figure Kingdom Death will come by the time that I am ready to call myself "acceptable".

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That's pretty much exactly my thinking too.

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Dang, that is such a metal picture.

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This artist reminds me of the SNES-era Zelda art.

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So I'm not the only one!
It might be the colours more than anything else.

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Anybody else see these enemy models and think Dark Souls?

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Dark Souls, Demon Souls, Monster Hunter etc.

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The whole setting is pretty metal.

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True enough, true enough. Ugh, I want to start playing already.

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Just a little.

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Waifu of the year all years.

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>This setting
>He's holding a baby


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I may add over the baby in small letters.

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So who is gonna hotglue his resin figs

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And done.

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All of them anon, all of them

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