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Can we talk about the Eldar?

I can't help but feel theres been some kind of 'power creep' for all the other races in their lore aside from maybe the Tau. Still it seems that the Eldar are becoming largely outclassed with no hope aside from maybe Ynead coming to life and slapping the collective shits of the Chaos gods or the shards of Khaine being reunited somehow (and even then it seems that Slaneesh rapes Khaine) but these two are about as likely as Emps getting off the toilet.

Let's take a look at what's happening to the Eldar
>craftworld numbers are dwindling
>maiden worlds are becoming more rare
>exodite worlds are backwards as fuck
>pretty much every other race is actively hunting them down aside from the Orks who are just spreading everywhere anyways also the tau who don't really matter at this point but did destroy a maiden world i think

It also seems like their technologies aren't as great as what they once were; almost any race bests them in combat lore-wise.

What hope is there for the Eldar? Are they just remnants of a past age, not long for the world?

pic related, my favorite eldar unit

also heres hoping for a dow3 at E3. i really enjoyed dow2 and don't see why many people were so down on it; shame no one plays it anymore

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I feel you OP.
Honestly, I wish they had some fluff about them growing slowly in numbers, but I doubt it would fit with their whole "great dying race" thing.

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>wanting even more wanky fluff in 40k

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Fuck you with a rake.

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Pfft, counting anything after 2nd edition as canon. I'd like to keep 40k the way it was meant to be thank you very much.

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>Eldar should be coming out in only two weeks
>Faeit is still down
Nightmare scenario, maaaaaan.

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>wraithguard unavailable from GW store


>bikes still available


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>almost any race bests them in combat lore-wise.
Because they haven't had a Codex in how many editions? Of course everyone beats them in their own Codex - Codexes tend to embellish in favor of whatever faction the Codex is for to make them seem more awesome.

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After the Necron Codex showed the apex of Eldar incompetence and sucktude, I am afraid the Eldar are a lost cause.

They are done in fluffwise. It's over. Case closed. RIP in peace Eldar dignity.

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The Dark Eldar seem to be okay. I am not a Xenos fans so I have no idea why people prefer the CWE over the DE.

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Nah brah. New temp site up at faeit212 blogspot.

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They're separate armies. Also the DARK AND EDGINESS of DE turns some people off.

Craftworld Eldar are psychic celtic egyptian japanese space elf ninja wizards flanked by zombie ghost robots.

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Weird, I'm showing them both up.

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So Mat Ward killed off the Eldar? Seems a fitting end. A dirge for the lost and damned.

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Sadly though, not really any rumors to go with it yet. I'd imagine our usual leakers are a little scared with the various crackdowns going on.

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Eldar players are crossing their fingers till they bleed for some buffs to existing weapon profiles.

GW still very much abides by the 'no new toys without new sculpts'.

Which means you can look forward to Scorpions and banshees and guardians and avengers and anything else as recent as 4th getting absolutely nothing new.

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Can the Eldar, like, not reproduce or something?

Because if it's a simple "sex is scary b/c plezur" thing, you'd think they'd have grasped the concept of artificial insemination.

Seriously, in 10,000 years a single clan of humans could reproduce to cover an entire solar system.

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The Eldar's defining characteristic is their incompetence.

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To be fair, that is mostly just bad writing on the authors part.

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Eldar babies probably miscarry often due to Slaanesh nibbling at them.

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They're just waiting to die out or turn to Chaos.
Khaine cults and Slaanesh-touched harlequins are just biding their time.

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According to the fluff, horribly long gestation periods, plus century long childhoods mean the eldar that survive are long lived, but slow to repopulate. The sex isn't a problem, but emotions do have to be controlled.

Interestingly, i don't know how the Exodites fare in this regard. Seems like they would have to have higher birth rates by necessity.

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Artificial insemination?

My take on it has been that reproduction rates aren't the problem. It's the fact that growing up on a craftworld sucks, and "young" eldar go out to see the Galaxy.

You know, kind of like the buffet that is presented for every seabird and large fish when the sea turtles hatch and waddle into the surf.

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I haven't played in a long time (back when Orkz were still fun and people were still mourning the loss of Squats), and maybe I was never very good to begin with, but it seemed like Eldar always got stomped on in game as well as in lore. I decided to main them because hey I was new and space elf wizard-ninjas what could possibly go wrong? Everything. Chaos, nids, space vikings, orkz, they all tore through the Eldar like it was nothing.

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The story behind declining Eldar numbers is this :

Asuryan was cast into Slaanesh's stomach. Before he lost consciousness inside the young God's belly, he blessed the Eldar with enhanced pysker powers to help them survive the dark times ahead.

However the blessing came at a price. Infertility

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At least they weren't defeated by the Tau.


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you forgot the part where a single chapter took out a craftworld.

which later got retconned to hell and back.

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Well with their book out in two weeks we should see some nifty things headed our way. If Chaos and Tau are a good representation of power... it gives me high hopes for them.

My favorite Eldar unit. (:

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I stopped playing when the Tau and Necrons first showed up, before they even had a codex. I spent way too much money and got decimated on the field far too often to keep going. Every configuration of troops/vehicles had the same result: a whole lot of dead Eldar.

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>century long childhoods
my god.

can you imagine taking care of an eldar child for hundreds of years?
centuries of changing diapers
hundreds of years after that before they learn how to talk.
angsty teenage rebellion that lasts millennia!

maybe they don't reproduce because that shit would be a nightmare.

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those things on the side of their faces... are those lasers?

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Those are Mandiblasters. They fire crystal focused lasers. Pretty sweet tech. Think of it from that one scene in Iron Man where he kills off the bad guys but ignores the hostages.

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>complaining about 3e Eldar

Guess what? Eldar were pretty much high tier right up until the release of Codex: Space marines 5th edition. Sure they took nerf after nerf but until then everyone else sucked enough for the eldar to still come out on top.

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Wait, what edition? Because 2nd ed eldar are widely considered one of the single most OP codexes that have ever existed in the game. Rumor had it they were so ridiculous the game designers are still trying to balance things by making them the whipping boy of the galaxy.

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It is time.


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Yes. The eldar have advanced so far, they figured out how to shoot people in CC while their hands were full of chainswords.

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Honestly, I don't remember which edition it was. Dark Millennium was still a necessary box set, if that answers it? When I quit playing the Falcon Grav-tank was pretty new, the first Tau and Necron units had just, and I mean just, been released.
Maybe they were OP and I just didn't know how to play them, or maybe the people I was going against just new how to counter them (I was in Jr. High and they had all been playing for years, so that wouldn't surprise me).
All I know is hundreds of dollars and a years worth of lost battles later, I was done. I should have switched to 'Nids, always wanted to play those.

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Well yeah, the Exodites are the second most populous type of Eldar. They lack the artificial wombs of the dark eldar, but also don't follow the path, so lack a lot of retrictions.

Also, they usually end up so exhausted after their work, that they don't get freaky and are more likely to have boring sex in the night.

And an important point about exodites is that they're not backwards.
1: They still have their tech. Lasweapons, armour, vehicles, mech suits. They just don't break them out of storage that often.

2: They arn't living in an ancient way of Eldar society. Because the Eldar never did things by hand. Why bother when you could grow stuff out of psychoplastics or shape stone?
The Exodites are doing things the hard way. Quarrying rock. Making weapons by hand (including carving and polishing natural crystals for use in focusing lasers).

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He's talking about mid to late 3rd edition. IIRC Eldar had just been nerfed, but they weren't especially bad. Just below average.

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Guys, what if the Craftworld Eldar literally go extinct.
The next codex is actually ELDAR CORSAIRS

>> No.24917237

That exists, though. It just lacks suitably Bowie-like minis.

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>>Tau on an exodite world
>>Trying to explain the wonders of groriousu technorogy
>>Eldar unimpressed, keep chopping wood
>>Fire caste demonstrates battlesuits
>>Eldar still unimpressed and keep chopping wood
>>Tau get irritated
>>Suddenly a 40 foot psychic robot walks by
>>Tau leave

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How does that chainsword work? The end is too pointy for a spinning blade.

>> No.24918764


You mean the Mind Impulse Unit Weapon Interface?

>> No.24919452

Maybe it's more of a vibro-blade, than a chainsword? Or perhaps it's not like a human chainsword, with the teeth rigidly attached to the chain?

>> No.24921758

Or maybe just like a trigger in the mouth you bite down on? *Shrugs*

>> No.24922744

Think of it as like a conveyor belt of liquid, which juts out into ripping blades.

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>Dark Eldar
>Dark and edgy
They're saturday morning cartoon villains taken to an extreme level. I love em, personally.

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How are the Path of the [Eldar thing] books?

>> No.24923533

I actually just picked up the DEldar ones, though I haven't had a chance to read them.

The covers are neat, though.

>> No.24923895

So Warp Spiders are cool, yeah.

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Is there any sources about how eldar minds and emotions work? Or their physiology? I'd love reading some pseudoscientific bullshit thats been cranked out about them.

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Howling Banshees > Shadow Spectres > Dire avengers > Striking scorpions = Warp spiders > Dark reapers > swooping hawks > fire dragons >shining spears

I think that's all of them...

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>Striking Scorpions

>> No.24924251


Pretty decent


It doesn't go super in depth, but the three CWE Path books do cover how Eldar deals with their emotions and their society.

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Actually, according to lore the Eldar have relatively long gestation period, with the male genes being inserted over a long period of time. In short a lot of fucking has to happen before one kid is born.

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>dying race
>slowly getting outclassed
gee I wonder why...

The best service they could do to the Eldar fluffwise is to either kill them all off or make them disembark to another, completely unknown area of space.

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I wanted to make an Exodite army, how should I go about this?

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For some reason i despise that woman.
Everything she writes and draws is a self insert fantasy. Her art sucks and is not improving for years,staying the same and i have seen lots of drawfags here that are better than her ; also i dont really see any fun part about her art that intends to encourage laughter.

Lets not even go to her self-inster mary-sue stories that makes no sense with fluff.

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skilled convrsions


>> No.24925431

Think I can use these as wraith guard?

>> No.24925621

OI, YA GITZ! Doze ain't no man-di-blaztas, doze iz face dakka! I'ze wantin' summa dem gubbinz but dey'z alwayz get away!

>> No.24925650

Ain't she the one whose self-insert is the Archon of a Dark Eldar Kabal?
All class, that one.

>> No.24925715


I believe the funniest part was that she self inserted herself as human.
In Dark Eldar Society
Kabal Leader.

Fuck lore.It is not like the highest place a human can go upto is on top of a operating table of a haemonculi

>> No.24925754

Hey, technically, the highest a human can go is a respected mercenary type. They're not all that xenophobic. Commorragh has alien sections.

>> No.24925782

Well, the previous Dark Eldar codex mentioned that occasionally, the Haemonculi will find a prisoner that's almost as twisted and depraved as they are, and allow them to serve as an assistant. And some Archons use alien mercenaries as Bodyguards since they're usually more reliable than other Dark Eldar, so it might be possible for a human to reach that sort of position.

But yea, no way in hell would one actually *lead* any sort of Dark Eldar organisation.

>> No.24925842

burn it with chaos fire right now

>> No.24926006

If I saw those as Wraithguard I would weep for not doing it first.

Then I would refuse to war against a noble battle brother, and then I would buy a bunch of those fuckers and try to graft them over my WG

>> No.24926014

I disagree.

I think if you check your lore, you'll find that humans lead 'Dissection Teams" all the time

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>> No.24926045

Yeah, but a human is physically inferior to an Eldar. They just don't have what it takes to out-Archon even the shittiest Archon of the lowliest kabal.

>> No.24926177

What if it was a renegade Space Marine?

>> No.24929302

as in, chaos? SM are white, blackening, and black.

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>> No.24929589

>> No.24929614

>> No.24929623

>> No.24929644

>> No.24933541

Regardless of how they work mechanically, you'd need Shining Spears. They're explicitly based on Exodite Dragon Riders, and share their signiature weapon weapon with them.

Also that new Wraithknight.

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A human womwn beat the crap outta of a wych and later a group of mandrakes while she was a prisoner of the Dark City.

>> No.24934017


Can Dark Eldar ally with Necron?

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>> No.24934108

thats not the allies matrix for 6th ed

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>> No.24934130

A single Troupe of Harlequins did wipe out an entire regiment in a goddamn battlefort.

There are many, many more examples of Eldar kicking ass.
Please stop whining, it's getting annoying.

>> No.24934134

It should get across the message though, Dark Eldar are tremendous assholes that aren't even sure about working with each other.

>> No.24934137

what sort of fucked matrix is that?

>> No.24934150

A group of Daemons wiped the floor with a troupe of clown Eldar and then rampaged through out a Craftworld.

>> No.24934154

'I want my dying race not to be so dying, pwease.'

Imperium is slowly crumbling;
The Emperor being reincarnated? Hahaha, no.
The Sensei have been retconned out.
They are being beaten, slowly but surely, on every front such as not even their numbers are enough to save them. The moment Abaddon manages to time a Black Crusade together with a WAAGH, a Hive Fleet push and with some fucking heretics on not only a single digit number of planets, they're history.

>> No.24934161

Using the Harlequins as an example isn't a great idea, since it'd be like using the Grey Knights as an example for space marines.

Harlequins are not Craftworld Eldar, just an allied force.

>> No.24934178

Pardon me.

But humanity has a shot at a golden age. All they need is buy more time for the Emperor to guide humanity safely through their evolution.

There is hope for Mankind so shut your damn mouth!

>> No.24934182

>Abadon being remotely competent
I'm seeing problem with your hypothesis

>> No.24934184

What's "a group of Demons"?

>> No.24934185

>dying race
>is actively growing in size
Yeah, that's fucking retarded.

Eldar are very much like the Imperium in that they're a wide-spread race beset by attackers on all fronts.

The Tau are still laughably irrelevant on a galactic scale. Orks are a widespread threat, but they don't band together in large enough numbers to do anything. Necrons are now also an inconsequential threat on the galactic scale. Chaos is either far too bottle-necked (in the EoT), or too fragmented to do anything.

The Tyranids are the only galactic level threat, and even they seem to be being broken down into smaller hive fleets.

>> No.24934190

Ally with their mortal enemy Chaos, but refuse to ally with the more reasonable Necrons.

Makes sense...NOT!

>> No.24934194

>a random space marine waves his dick around to destroy a craftworld
>"but this one time a group of eldar actually accomplished their mission of killing some guys"
Not entirely accurate but you understand what I mean.

I hope that with the Iyanden supplement we'll get an Exodite supplement some time in the future

>> No.24934203

>Implying Necrons would want to ally with filthy Eldar.

>> No.24934211

Pardon me.

Necrons Dynasty's are awakening all over the galaxy and each of them are going on unstoppable campaigns of conquest. Calling them inconsequential makes you seem quite ignorant.

>Chaos is either far too bottle-necked (in the EoT), or too fragmented to do anything.

in the 999 a thousand worlds were lost in a moment when the Warp surged and the daemons came into reality. Chaos is on the rise and with the Black Crusade going on....

Well, they don't call this the age of ending for nothing,

>> No.24934220

>saturday morning cartoon villains
I'm pretty sure those are Orks and Chaos. DEldar are too dark to be cartoony.

>> No.24934221

They allied with Chaos. If they will ally with the scum of the Warp, they would ally with the damn Eldar.

>> No.24934226

The Changeling, a The Masque, and a couple of Daemonettes!

>> No.24934235

No. Eldar are an ancient enemy, Chaos is not.

>> No.24934244

> David Bowie Eldar
I kind of like this idea.

>> No.24934252

The Warp and all its filth are an ancient enemy of the Necrons. Back in the day, the Necrons fought the Warp itself.

Warp Gods, daemons, and horrors etc etc.

>> No.24934258

>unstoppable campaigns of conquest
Is that a euphemism for "wake up and get punched back to sleep by space marines?" The Necrons are awakening, but they're no longer the eldritch harbingers of the end of life that they once were. Now they're a bunch of individual retarded robogyptians trying to care out their own little fiefdoms. They're a threat, but inconsequential on the galactic scale. They certainly took a power drop with the new codex.

The 13th Black Crusade was a loss for the Ruinous Forces. Barely winning the land battle was pointless since the Imperium has orbital control.

>> No.24934267

No. They fought the Old Ones and their servant races. The horrors of the warp rampaged among the Old One's forces, not the Necrons.

>> No.24934281

Can I point out that one of the necrons has an artifact that can blow up star systems at will?

>> No.24934285


>> No.24934288

Unfortunately, to do that they'd need to stop feeding the Emperor the next stage in human evolution.

>> No.24934301

>the Imperium has orbital control.

They didn't. They had more sector control, but Cadia itself belonged to the traitors.

>> No.24934306

Sounds useful. Too bad it's shackled to Pharaoh Tutancogmun and his Gleaming Legions.

>> No.24934320

>The Necrons are awakening, but they're no longer the eldritch harbingers of the end of life that they once were.

Were they that before being the Master of Melodrama's farm tools?

>> No.24934328

>s that a euphemism for "wake up and get punched back to sleep by space marines?"

Nothing of the sort. All newer fluff shows that the Imperium is unable to stop the Necrons as they conquer massive swaths of territory. Imotekh's dynasty for examples has grown very powerful it would demand an alliance by the Imperium, Tau. and Eldar to oppose him.

Just count how many marine chapters died trying to stop the Necrons and look up how th Eldar are fearful of Necrons return.

>They're a threat, but inconsequential on the galactic scale. They certainly took a power drop with the new codex.

Again. Ignorance. The Olcrons were not about conquest. They didn't do anything meaningful except harvest a planet or two.. They were tools of C'tan.

The Newcrons are a conqueror kings obsessed with one thing GALACTIC DOMINATION. And as shown they are capable and willing to carry it out.

>They certainly took a power drop with the new codex.

All the sciences and powers shown in the Codex proves otherwise. More of a power up from the useless Oldcrons

>The 13th Black Crusade was a loss for the Ruinous Forces. Barely winning the land battle was pointless since the Imperium has orbital control.

It never happened yet, remember? It was rectconned back.

>> No.24934331

No they don't. It's happening all over.

>> No.24934343

What if everybody else started being grimdark, so much that GW decides to go damn near noblebright in its next edition?

Chaos invading, 'nids nomming, Orks orking, Tau never being heard from again, and LOLEVIL eldar downloading music without paying for it.

And so, under its greatest threat as of yet, the Imperium is buckling under the strain. Ulthwë is under siege, and all hope seems lost.

And then a fuckhuge Imperium Naval Detachment lands outside Ulthwë, kills the invading daemons, and saves the day.
Meanwhile, the Ad-Mech figures out how to open the datastores and regains lost tech. (It turns out the data was on /share/datastores not on /heresy/nasal_daemons after all. But after merely 7000 years of meditation, they figured it out.)

Suddenly, IG starts getting SoB's armour (minus the titties), and hellguns about as powerful as the pulse-rifles.

Baneblades become the standard tanks, and their artillery pieces gets self-guided shells and automatic reloaders.

Meanwhile, Khaine just got his shit together, Chaos is going all out...

Could be fun.

A hopeful WH40k universe would be an interesting place.

>> No.24934357

>A hopeful WH40k universe would be an interesting place.

No. Go anywhere else for your happybright settings, leave the grimdark in peace.

>> No.24934375

They fought and killed Warp Gods of the Eldar other races, according to the Codex and FFG.

That sort of thing makes someone hold a grudge

>> No.24934377

Meh, we all know that it would last precisely one edition anyway.

>> No.24934387

The Tau are this setting happy ending.

Mark my words!

It will be blueberry pies and sunshine for everyone!

>> No.24934406

>Draigo being busy getting buttfucked by Slaanesh dressed up as a trap
>suddenly turns around, stabs Slaanesh and freeing Asuryan and other Eldar gods
>They all high-five Draigo before tearing up Slaanesh

>> No.24934410

With the Eldar, not with the different guys from the Warp.

>> No.24934423

The dark eldar are the embodiment of what eldar society actually was in its natural state, they have low numbers but a fairly stable population.

Craftworlders are just leftover miscreants who have no business calling themselves eldar

>> No.24934434

craftworld are amish eldar.
exodites are survivalist eldar.
Dark Eldar are liberals

>> No.24934445

>The dark eldar are the embodiment of what eldar society actually was in its natural state

Nah, Dark Eldar are full retard decadent Eldar but lacking psychic powers and paranoid beyond belief.

>> No.24934455

Excuse me.

But Dark Eldar follow nothing of the ancient Eldar ways. They don't respect old traditions, laws, or gods of the Eldar.

In fact when the Exodites and CWE see the DE they are reminded how far their race have fallen into degeneracy and madness during the time of the pleasure cults. So saying the Dark Eldar are the natural state of the Eldar would be offense to any ''True Eldar'' out there.

>> No.24934460

>Let's take a look at what's happening to the Eldar

I... I'd rather not...

>> No.24934477

what the christ

>> No.24934480

Sweet, though it looks like Eldar have decided to settle things with card games.

>> No.24934482

It looks almost as bad as the Dreadknight.

>> No.24934484

Silly Mon-keigh, you have sprung my trap card!

>> No.24934486

>That desecration

What's going on inside that thing? A walker that's powered by SAD?

>> No.24934495

Craftworld Eldar are Ming Dynasty Chinese.

The parallels are everywhere but most people don't know enough about Chinese history to make the connections.

>> No.24934497

They've actually just got a goblin hooked up in there.

>> No.24934506

"Yet deep within it's chest, an Eldar pilot weeps for the death of his twin, interred alongside him in one of the Wraithknight's Spirit Stones"

We emo now?

>> No.24934512


Those things on it's back look like they belong on a 'Nid.

>> No.24934521

>We emo now?

>> No.24934538

Yield, El'dar!

Your anguish can not overcome the POWER OF FRIENDSHIP!

>> No.24934547

Not today Eldar, for I have faith in my deck and the Emperor of the cards and that faith has rewarded me with this counter trap. Now, prepare for a one way trip TO THE WARP!

>> No.24934566


>> No.24934577

Or a wraithlord
I want to point out that it looks like the wraithknight is going to be 30% taller than the riptide

>> No.24934592


>> No.24934600

Tell me this is a joke?
What the fuck is with the trend of mech's all of a sudden?

>> No.24934612

There is still hope for the Eldar.

If Matt Ward writes the new codex, they'll get a big boost in power.

>> No.24934616

>All of a sudden

>> No.24934619

Excuse me while I violently masturbate into your Gene-seed cache, Loyalist.

>> No.24934621

It would be pretty hard to not boost the Eldars power unless you were trying.

>> No.24934627

> 30% taller than the riptide
and 100% shittier

>> No.24934630

Good thing I am a sucker for the ''David vs Goliath'' type of battles.

Bring it on!

>> No.24934642

Eldar have always had mechs, but it does look awkward right after the riptide

>> No.24934656

>The spines on the back look like they have STD's.

>> No.24934658

What's so shitty about it?

Looks like a standard Wraithlord but much bigger and meaner looking. It's so typically Eldar, it's shedding glitter in its picture.

>> No.24934680

Thats the least Eldar looking model I've ever seen.

Way too buff, and what the hell is up with the combat pose?

And the back fins.

Wait.. Buff as all hell, but small phallic.. Steroids?

>> No.24934681

A cabin - this thing has a cabin.

>> No.24934685

What's wrong with coming out with new kits?

You want the same models for the same armies book after book forever?

>> No.24934697

>they painted all his gems plain red
Imagine if all the gems were painted in different colors, it would be the rainbow fabulous we all deserve

>> No.24934700

Draigo's drill is the drill that pierced the Universe/Slaneesh.

>> No.24934702

Because the pilot needs to sit somewhere.

>> No.24934708

What cabin? "Deep within its chest interred alongside with his brother in a soulstone" doesn't leave much room for interpretation - dat nigga is just as dead as his bro, and they're both soulstones. How the FUCK do you faggots keep reading it as OH IT HAS COCKPIT, I don't fucking know. My only explanation is that people are looking for something to get mad about because of their asspain at 40k.

>inb4 b-but I genuinely dun like it becuz its shit
Good, made your opinion known, move on.

>> No.24934711

I want to scream so badly.
I want you to hear how enraged I am right now.
I know this cannot happen.
I mourn what wraithlords have become.

>> No.24934712

It is sad that we get old jetbikes... For fuck sake GW.

>> No.24934715

What happened, exactly? Anything like suffocating a living magma statue?

>> No.24934721

Wraithlords have become nothing. The Wraithknight is like a demi-titan.

>> No.24934732

>dat nigga is just as dead as his bro, and they're both soulstones.

They're not. One twin is alive and weeps for the dead twin who is in a soulstone that is also in the Wraithknight.

>> No.24934733

Open your retard eyes and look at it's head. It looks like a cabin, it doesn't need to be, but it looks like. I don't like how it looks. Goot it? Good. That's my opinion and I don't give a fuck if you give a fuck about it.

>> No.24934747

Wraithlords are still the same.
Larger wraith constructs like titans have always had a pilot next to the spirit stones.
You're looking for flaws that aren't there. The only flaw here is the rather buff chest and the crying Eldar.

>> No.24934750

Oh man, I have some bad news about the 'nids since you've been gone...

>> No.24934760

Eldar twins pilot Titans together, in the case of the Wraithknight one of the twins is dead and so they pilot a smaller walker.

>> No.24934768

I mistook walker for wanker for a moment.

>> No.24934771

What do you Eldar fans have against it being buffy!?

It's a war construct for Emprah's sake and I think it's too slender as it is now.

>> No.24934785

I have nothing against it being buff actually, but I can see why someone would complain about it.

>> No.24934793

Where the fuck does it say he is alive? Fucking Eldar can weep after death too because they retain their sapience, what do you think all the souls in Slaanesh's posession do, don't give a fuck when they're given acidic soul cunnilingus? No, they scream and cry like anyone, who is being tortured for the rest of the eternity, would.

Literally what. Are you going to say that the Wraithseer's head is a cabin too, because its midesction can be painted black, or a spooky face can be painted on it? That head isn't even big enough for an Eldar to fit there. A fucking Revenant titan's head just barely fits in a goddamn Guardian, and Revenant is XBOX HUEG.

>> No.24934799

Phantom, not Revenant. Revenant's smaller.

>> No.24934811

>Where the fuck does it say he is alive?

Common sense. "An Eldar pilot weeps for the death of his twin" not "Dead twins."
Or maybe one of the dead twins is always just a callous fuck who doesn't care that his brother is dead and also his brother doesn't care that he himself is also dead?

>> No.24934850


Instead of a towering destroyer or bright stallion, they went with... wraithlord 2.0, buy this one and shelve your current wraithlord?

I mean, I knew they were going to replace wraithlords, but...

>> No.24934866

So are we just abandoning the pretense of terrain and cover for titans and fliers?

>> No.24934870

Should've gone with Wraithking.

>> No.24934896

Why the hell would a Titan get a cover save?

>> No.24934904

Looks like that, the wraithknight is absurdly big. It's slightly smaller than a vendetta.

>> No.24934915

It's about 23 cm tall

>> No.24934919

But it's a Knight. Look, it's even got an Exodite rune on it, and Saim-Hann loves swiping Exodite ideas.

>> No.24934922

I didn't write that clearly, sorry.

I meant - are we abandoning cover and terrain because who gives a shit about infantry, they're the trivial minimal things you must waste time taking to get your 3 titans and 3 fliers.

>> No.24934930

Titans and Fliers can't hold objectives.

>> No.24934933

A Knight is lower tier than a Lord. Kings are higher tier.

>> No.24934946

The Tau and Eldar are Battle brothers and yet we haven't seen thing working with each other.

Been dying to see a Xenos team up for a long time. Was disappointed when the Tau Codex didn't have any of that. Hopefully, the Eldar Codex would have a Tau/Eldar alliance.

>> No.24934981

Neither can troops... or even enemy armies...

when they're dead

>> No.24934983

Yeah, but it's got a living pilot, it's not a standard wraith construct, and more akin to a Titan, so it would use their terminology.

>> No.24935004

Want the solution to all these new MCs?

Sniper rifles. I'm bringing back my 20 Ratlings just in case I run into a double Riptide list.

Plus they're great against Ethereals and Fireblades.

>> No.24935007

>who gives a shit about infantry, they're the trivial minimal things you must waste time taking to get your 3 titans and 3 fliers
No. This is the exact opposite of how to play 6th edition. Bring lots of troops or go home.

>> No.24935020

I tried to get away with 70 Guardsmen at 1750+.

It... didn't go well. I'm at 110 now.

>> No.24935035

I'm orks, I always bring lots of troops.

I've eaten a streak of pie-plate losses for about a year now.

>> No.24935040

Take that, toughness whatever wraith armies.

>Time to DEldar

>> No.24935081

DEldar are gonna do it better.

Luckily that's my next army.

>> No.24935090

What pie plates are beating you?

Wait, don't.

Let me guess.


>> No.24935135

One of my regular opponents has a newfound love of the IG.

I'm having a bit of trouble with vehicles.

>> No.24935147

You've come to the right place.

#1 - Lootas, Lootas, Lootas, Lootas, Lootas

#2 - Never run less than 5 mobs of 30+

#3 - Do you always take a Big Mek?

>> No.24935154

Ignore the "+"

>> No.24935191

Of course, it lets me take a stompy troops choice and hug him with forcefields.

The other thing is, we typically play 1000 point games.

>> No.24935213

>we typically play 1000

Man I can't remember the last time I beat mob-heavy Orks at 1K, and I throw 10 small blasts/ 2 large blasts per turn.

What is his secret?!

>> No.24935275

The pointed end is just a fancy guard to keep it from biting into its wielder, like what most Space Marines have.

>> No.24935287

Are you talking about that Sister of Battle? She was a damned Living Saint, dude, and nearly died when the DEldar decided that they didn't really like her.

>> No.24935334

Hellhounds, Basilisks/Griffons, Master of Ordinance.

And I have garbage footslogging orks.

>> No.24935370

Ok, that explains why.

Yeah you really can't do much against that unless you're gimping yourself with a ton of Lootas, who will handle those Chimera-chassis units quite well BUT can't hold objectives.

>> No.24935396

The curse of the deathskulls - everyone is too busy looting to win battles.

I'm planning on bandwagon jumping into eldar or SoB in a year or two, I think.

>> No.24935412

>or SoB

Your win percentage will not improve.

Looked at Tau at all? You wanna wreck shop on IG, that's the way to do it.

>> No.24935432

oh jesus no

>> No.24936242

SoB can do well in the right hands, the problem is the hand delt by GW to it's players.
God I love Rhino derby... If we had the Blades from the CSM book we would unstopble.

>> No.24937748

Let's make a list.

>>Wings/fins on the back are too thick, stubby and have too many spots.
>>Stupid sensors and vents everywhere
>>Retarded baby arms
>>Stubby feet
>>Overdesigned sword
>>Too many details
>>Did I mention the grills and vents?
>>Oversculpted head. Smoothhead is superior.
>>Too many layers of armour palting. Eldar constructs are supposed to be more organic.
>>Even the shield generator looks squashed together, what was wrong with the old design?

It's too busy, too ADD.

>> No.24938365

Did someone take a anime mech, cover it with glue and drop it in a box with eldar bits?

>> No.24938419

No, it's just a wraithlord, but bigger and more detailed.

>> No.24938448

Say that to my gunface and not online and see what happens.

>Not being an Elven ninja Predator

>> No.24938463

Not really.
it looks more like that one giant Tau suit became Eldarized.

>> No.24938470


We Robo-tech now! No idea why /tg/ is being so god damn whiney today. Clear precedent set by the Riptide so it's hardly a surprise that Eldar, having had big walkers for decades, get an upgrade as well. I mean, getting anal anguish over a bigger wraithlord? Fuck sakes.

>> No.24938490



>> No.24938493

it's because it looks like ass, not because people don't want a larger wraithlord or smaller eldar titan.

>> No.24938502


I'd be fine with anything other than this child's toy, personally.

My eldar are headed to ebay or bartertown

>> No.24938505

I don't think so.

>> No.24938522

No it doesn't. It just doesn't. It has the same spindly limbs as a wraithlord, same lanky body, same fins on its back, same heraldry etc. Only difference is a slightly smaller head that is nowhere near Tau small.

>> No.24938555

What a totally well thought out post. Not a straw man at all.

That's down to taste though. I personally think it looks great (don't like that it runs on tears though). Different strokes. There's nothing essentially wrong with it. If you think its ugly fair enough.

>> No.24938569


>> No.24938643

I'm more excited about the news that craftworlds are each getting their own supplement codex. This ought to return the craftworld's individual flavour. Hope to see the return of Biel Tan lists.

Check out the third pic: http://www.3plusplus.net/2013/05/some-eldar-treats/#more-6909

>> No.24938654

Oh, you know the drill.

As soon as intel on a new codex comes out, everyone starts whining about how all the models that don't look like pure awesomesauce are utter shit with just a few pictures to go by and GW's usual incapability to present a product.
When the rules are out, the specific players groan how it's underpowered, everyone else groans how it's totally OP because you could do that one monolist that would wreck their own army.

And for some reason people really hate big walkers in armies that do not field Land Raider - sized tanks.

>> No.24938666

It's not a list, it's just a fluff book with scenarios

>> No.24938760

>>Suddenly a 40 foot psychic Wicker man walks by

>> No.24938770

More like late 80's comic villain

>> No.24938785

But it mentions scenarios AND rules
I still think your right tho

>> No.24938803


Prblem is their role of most advanced race has been challenged by the crons and the tau and now they are just 1 of 3 super advanced races, and theyre still dying off....

We will see what that new dex does for them, I mean they are working with one of the oldest dexes.

>> No.24938958

Cause I want to play them now the otherwise marginal aspects might shine again.

>> No.24938998

As all such should be.
Been lobbying for that change since the last millenia.
main dex and addons instead of dozens of alternative "full" dexes.

>> No.24939646

Big problem with Eldar is that they've been painted as one of the "good guys" of the setting. As such they need to be all doom and gloom. I would love for them to make a comeback exactly like the honored matres in the dune series. A large faction of their population who left the galaxy only to return in greater numbers and with forbidden tech from the age of the war in heaven. At least give them that, because the Eldar have plenty of super destructive weapons they keep locked up.

>> No.24940072


Recent GW trailer seemed to imply that they're going to make more use of Wraith constructs piloted by Spiritstones, would certainly explain why Iyanden is being thrust into the spotlight and the Spiritseer model.

>> No.24940149

Why have all the sources dried up what is going on.....

Wheres the chippy cunt who only photo'd 2 pages.

>> No.24940492

Disappointed. Wraith stuff and Iyanden are probably my least favourite Eldar stuff.

>> No.24940528

In WH40k, Good News Edition, the Tau were never heard from again.

>> No.24940571

In WH40k, Best Edition Ever edition, all marines were stricken from the storyline. And their respective armies removed from the game entirely to make "WH40k, Faggotry and Heresy Edition".

>> No.24940598

But then the IG and SoB would have screentime and get glorious victories, etc.
That would be...

That would be great actually.

>> No.24940669

seriously guys, what the fuck? wha'ts next? a thunderhawk?

>> No.24940671

Rest in Peace in Peace?


As for Eldar, rumours of an Wrathguard Catapracht box. Two new Phoniex Lords.... So on so forth.

I still want my Eldar + Tau Battle Brother ally army.

Also, plugging for /tg/ Steam Group. It's a thing now. Go join it.

>> No.24941413

Whoa. That thing looks huge next to the Riptide.

>> No.24941433

Wait till you see them next to each other.

>> No.24941446

Forgeworld already makes Thunderhawks. Standard and a cargo version.

>> No.24941566


Riptide is supposedly around 5-6in and the Wraithknight 9in, so 3-4in taller.

>> No.24941595

Just based on the Base size, the feet of the Wraith thingy go to the edge of the base.

>> No.24941631

>The Tyranids are the only galactic level threat, and even they seem to be being broken down into smaller hive fleets.
Aren't the big fleets (Leviathan, Behemoth, etc) just scouting fleets and the galaxy is going to be hit by a galaxy-sized hoarde eventually?

>> No.24944682

Eldar Codex - $49.50
Eldar LE Codex - $100
Farseer - $20
Wraithknight - $115
Wraithguard - $50
Hemlock Wraithfighter - $65
Dire Avengers (5 pack) - $35
Battleforce - $115
Windrider Jetbike Squadron - $40
Spiritseer - $19.25
Illic Nightspear - $19.25

>> No.24945158

wraithknight as much as a battleforce...

>> No.24945287

Not sure if true, but these are the prices posted on dakkadakka. Aside from the wraithknight, this would mean
>$20 for a plastic Farseer with no options/bitz
>Dire Avengers go from $37.25 for 10 to $35 for 5
>'Codex supplement' costs same as Codex

It's pretty grim. If there's any confirmation of these, and anyone still wants to start Eldar (ha!), buying Dire Avengers now before they double in price would be a smart move.

>> No.24945598

>Eldar Codex - $49.50
Does not surprise me.
>Eldar LE Codex - $100
Does not surprise me.
Does not surprise me.
>Farseer - $20
Does not surprise me.
>Wraithknight - $115
Signals price rises on other big things.
>Wraithguard - $50
Does not surprise me.
>Hemlock Wraithfighter - $65
Does not surprise me.
>Dire Avengers (5 pack) - $35
fuck this gay earth, if GW have honestly just repacked and halved another eldar box i'm at a a loss for words.
>Battleforce - $115
Does not surprise me.
>Windrider Jetbike Squadron - $40
Does not surprise me. though i will be disappointed if it is just a repack, and no new sculpts.
>Spiritseer - $19.25
Does not surprise me.
>Illic Nightspear - $19.25
Does not surprise me.
If true this is fucked. Honestly I don't want it, unless it is a complete book in its own right.

>> No.24946384

From some dude at Heresy Online:

After having a chat with the distribution rep from Games Workshop, who had the book in front of him and told me what he could...

-The release schedule includes the following items:

Codex Eldar
Codex Eldar Supplement: Iyanden
Eldar Wraithknight plastic box (This thing is huge, and retails at $115)
Eldar Wraithguard plastic box
Eldar Dire Avengers 5-man plastic box
Eldar Hemlock Wraithfighter plastic box
Eldar Windrider Jetbike Squadron plastic box
Eldar Spiritseer Finecast clam
Eldar Farseer plastic clam

There is also an upgrade pack in Finecast to make an Autarch on a jetbike.

As far as the actual Codex goes:

-You can make Run moves in addition to shooting Shuriken weapons.

-Shuriken weapons have a rule which makes them ignore armor on a to-wound roll of a 6-- similar to rending, but it's not actually the Rending rule.

-The Wraithknight starts at about 250 points and caps around 350, and towers over even the Tau Riptide. It's 9'' tall. The Wraithknight has the ability for its weapons to become twin-linked if it hits with a scatter laser it comes equipped with, even against airborne targets. It can shoot S9 and 10 small blasts, and has a total of four weapons on it-- you have a choice of several, including a huge wraithblade and a lance weapon.

- Wraithguard are cheaper both points-wise and financially speaking, and are now S5 and T6, and have the option to be equipped with Wraithblades as per the current Codex's in place of their guns, making them a dangerous close combat unit.

- Including a Spiritseer as a HQ choice allows you to bring Wraithguard as Troops.

- Expect Guardians to supplant Dire Avengers as the staple Troops choice-- they're very points efficient and with the buff to shuriken weapons, they should expect to be in a lot of competitive armies.

>> No.24946404

-The Fire Prism has been nerfed a bit-- basically, they want to drive people back towards Aspect Warrior and Wraith-heavy armies, rather than the mechanized Eldar army literally everyone and their brother played with the exact same list. Can't really say to what extent, but the purchasing advice was to "Not load up on them."

-The Avatar is "Definitely better."

-The Iyanden supplement is not a splash release, and will be normally available. Iyanden is strictly a fluff book, and contains no game rules. The rules to play a themed Iyanden army are found completely in Codex: Eldar. This is a move to appease people who want more fluff in books as well as people who would rather just have more game content with the fluff optional. This is an experiment in seeing how this works-- if it does well, expect Games Workshop to continue with the release of "chapter-specific" fluff supplements for their Codex releases.

>> No.24946455

>any Eldar unit at all
Noooooooooooooooooooo. By all means, buff the other things, but there's virtually nothing in that codex that actually needs nerfing.

>> No.24946581

I don't know how to feel about this. On one hand, making guardians a lot better kinds of lowers the need for Dire Avengers. On the other hand, doubling the price for models for no good reason is just too much. This Eldar release was my last hope to actually play 40k and if all this information is true I may give up altogether. I guess I'll be selling the box of dire avengers I bought a long time ago for beer money.

>> No.24946691

Hope Fire Prisms are nerfed in relation to the other units, not absolutely.

So Spiritseers are their own kit, then?
Let's see what they are gonna be like.
Wraith units as the bulk of an army?
They are tough as nails, but that's no use if they don't reach anything before turn4.
Shuriken weapons allowing them to shoot and scoot is a nice touch.
Hope the aspects are actually useful now.
Not cheaper but worth their points and capable of some flashy stunts.

>> No.24946746

>You can make Run moves in addition to shooting Shuriken weapons.
Does this work with turbo-boosting? I sure as hell hope so.

>> No.24946976

WD06-13 WHITE DWARF JUNE 2013 (NAS) White Dwarf 18-May-13 25-May-13 RTD AWSL 11 10
CODEX: ELDAR (ENGLISH) Codex/Army Book 25-May-13 1-Jun-13 RTD Range 59.5 49.5
WH40K PSYCHIC POWERS: ELDAR ENG Hobby Product 25-May-13 1-Jun-13 RTD AWSL 9 7.5
ELDAR FARSEER Plastic Clam 25-May-13 1-Jun-13 RTD Range 25 20
ELDAR WRAITHKNIGHT Plastic Box 25-May-13 1-Jun-13 RTD Range 140 115
ELDAR WRAITHGUARD Plastic Box 25-May-13 1-Jun-13 RTD Range 60 50
ELDAR HEMLOCK WRAITHFIGHTER Plastic Box 25-May-13 1-Jun-13 RTD Range 80 65
ELDAR DIRE AVENGERS Plastic Box 25-May-13 1-Jun-13 RTD Range 40 35
ELDAR BATTLEFORCE Plastic Box 25-May-13 1-Jun-13 RTD Range 140 115
ELDAR WINDRIDER JETBIKE SQUADRON Plastic Box 25-May-13 1-Jun-13 RTD Range 45 40
ELDAR SPIRITSEER Finecast Clam 25-May-13 1-Jun-13 RTD Splash 21.75 19.25
ILLIC NIGHTSPEAR Finecast Clam 25-May-13 1-Jun-13 RTD Splash 21.75 19.25
SPACE MARINE SCOUT BIKE SQUAD Plastic Box 25-May-13 1-Jun-13 RTD Range 45 40
SPACE MARINE BIKE SQUAD Plastic Box 25-May-13 1-Jun-13 RTD Range 45 40
CHAOS BIKERS Plastic Box 25-May-13 1-Jun-13 RTD Range 45 40
NECRON DESTROYERS Plastic Box 25-May-13 1-Jun-13 RTD Range 60 50
ELDAR AUTARCH ON JETBIKE UPGRADE KIT Finecast Clam 25-May-13 1-Jun-13 D Range 21.75 19.25
CODEX: ELDAR LIMITED EDITION Other Book 25-May-13 1-Jun-13 D AWSL 120 100
IYANDEN: A CODEX ELDAR SUPPLEMENT Codex/Army Book 15-Jun-13 15-Jun-13 D Range 59.5 49.5

>> No.24947045

>more confirmation that Dire Avengers are almost doubling in price
Oh shit. Batten down the hatches for a hatestorm.

>> No.24947091


Eh, it's not too bad if DA are to Guardians as Immortals are to Warriors.

>> No.24947111

It's doubling the price of a model for no reason.

>> No.24947119

>almost doubling the price for the same models
>not too bad
The rules aren't really relevant here. It's a shitty move.

>> No.24947162

...plus the Immortals are a duel set with Deathmarks, meaning you get a bunch of extra plastic. Avengers will just have some stuff to make an Exarch.

>> No.24947186

I mean

>> No.24947221

Which the current box has as well.
Plus some tidbits.
I can only really imagine the new box to have something substantial added.
Like a large piece of cover or half a forest.
Anything else will make them a no-go with buffed Guardians.

>> No.24947267

Large energy shields for the squad to duck behiind or something?

>> No.24947292


This is what I'm thinking too, we've only seen the Farseer sprue, the Wraithknight page, and page advertizing the codex and supplement, then again the 40k playerbase is known for flying off the handle and spamming le happy merchant face.

>> No.24947297


>> No.24947329

>Implying that's not exactly what will happen

>> No.24947370 [DELETED] 

suck less

>> No.24947376

It would be weird for them to change the Avenger models though. They're plastic, relatively new, and look great. And I'm not sure there's any precdent for adding extra stuff to an existing set. We'll see.

>> No.24947378

Israel Greenberg pls go.

>> No.24947385

>Run AND Shoot

>> No.24947395

You honestly think, looking back on Games Workshop history as a whole, that a drastic price increase is going to hand-in-hand with some substantial added value? This isn't a fanboy issue and this isn't a hater issue. This is just looking at history and making a common sense judgement.

>> No.24947478

I'd love this. It's fluffy and would go well with their fleet of foot. Plus almost-rending on Shuriken catapults would be very nice.

More than a 12" range still seems necessary, though.

>> No.24947496


Maybe they split them up so that they align with the other Aspects and as a way of giving new players an incentive to purchase Guardians.

>> No.24947525


>-The Wraithknight starts at about 250 points and caps around 350, and towers over even the Tau Riptide. It's 9'' tall. The Wraithknight has the ability for its weapons to become twin-linked if it hits with a scatter laser it comes equipped with, even against airborne targets. It can shoot S9 and 10 small blasts, and has a total of four weapons on it-- you have a choice of several, including a huge wraithblade and a lance weapon.

Fine with the model...hate the fluff.

But...if I had to work with it, I'd be perfectly fine with being installed in the thing, drinking the tears of my milksop twin while blowing shit up and screaming WHERE'S MY DIIIIIIICKKKK.

>> No.24947651

Where's this list from? The google does nothing. Also, what's the number before what is presumably the US dollar price?

>> No.24947765


Warseer and I'm guessing Canada

>> No.24947920


Oh yeah, someone pointed that SM and CSM bikes are $5 less while Destroyers are $10.

>> No.24948061

And there's the confirmation that the jetbike 3-pack will have the old sculpts.

>> No.24948176

Is this also the death knell for farseers and seer councils on jetbikes? Or in guardian jetbike squads? How does that even work with saim hann?

As much as i like the attention iyanden is getting, i hope they don't forget the others. Unless they're saving to do other "supplement" books work relevant updates? New aspect warriors with biel tan, new keynotes with saim hann, and so on. Oh, but who am i kidding.

>> No.24948182

When did the Eldar get GM units powered like EVAs and become the Federation? Not that imperial suits don't make me think of zakus already.... And Orcs already apply red paint jobs to make things go faster.

>> No.24948222


Eldar having Titan equivalents is old fluff, it's not to big a stretch to think they have something in between Wraithguard and Titan.

>> No.24948346

Striking scorpions are some of the worst design soldiers ever.

They literally make no fucking sense.

>Heavy armor

Fucking Incubi are better than them in every damn why yet fill the same role

>> No.24948349

My bad, then.I admit to only being vaguely familiar with the 40K universe.

Just that, from what little 40K experience I have, it looked more like a Mekton Z design than a 40K one. Not that I don't LOVE Mekton Z...

>> No.24948431

Here's a pic of the old eldar knights.

>> No.24948441

meant to quote

>> No.24948560


Even Eldar heavy armor is still incredibly light and I don't see what's wrong with using a pistol or chainsword.

>> No.24948603

>Everyone in a race uses power weapons for everything melee
>consider mon-keigh beneath them
>uses a mon-keigh style weapon instead of a perfectly crafted eldar power sword
>suppose to be melee heavy combatants
>use a pistol

>> No.24948737


Power weapons hum when activated and possibly give off a faint glow, better to have no risk of getting caught than even a minimal one.

Again, I don't see what's wrong with using a pistol while you're closing the gap or as a back up.

>> No.24948780

A chainsword sounds like a chainsaw when activated and probably puts off smoke.

>> No.24948782

Because they don't fit in a melee heavy unit.

Eldar power weapons are also not flawed like human ones and don't make noise until they hit something like every weapon.

And a chainsword isn't a very stealthy alternative...

>> No.24948939


Probably guaranteed to make a mess of the target more than a power weapon.


I'm sorry, but without a sidearm Striking Scorpions would be even worse off, Incubi can get away with it because they can take Venoms.

>Eldar power weapons are also not flawed like human ones and don't make noise until they hit something like every weapon.


As above, perhaps not super stealthy but more likely to make a mess. It also might be a simple case of not enough power weapons to go around.

>> No.24948955

>tfw there will be no Dawn Of War games from Relic ever again

>> No.24948967

>tfw Sega might get Creative Assembly to make a Warhammer: Total War.

>> No.24951162

I like how OP's picture probably correctly predicted that we'd get a Ranger character.

>> No.24952169

so a squad of guardians can kill a squad of MEQ simply shooting at it

>> No.24952369

If a 10 man squad were some how to impossibly get within 12 inches without losing a model they do 5 wounds, 1 or so of which is ap2. Simply terrifying.

>> No.24952395

Don't forget that the remaining 8 or so marines can now easily fire pistols, charge the squad, and immediately kill it.

>> No.24952402

>Space Elves being able to hurt glorious spess mehreens

>> No.24952425

Yeah, i can't wait to see them get the "breaks marine armor" tax like starcannons.

>> No.24952549

Are avengers getting a new sculpt to justify the box size change?

Total bullshit.

>> No.24952577

Nope. I am wondering if there is some sort of rules reason for it. I just can't see that small of a squad surviving long enough to even hold an objective.

>> No.24952585

You hear a chainsword whirring, and you don't expect them to be sneaking up on you. And then they do. In their heavy armour, stomping through a forest.

>> No.24952604


Striking Scorpion chain swords are elegant, well-crafted, have nearly silent motors that purr elegantly and rend perfectly.

>> No.24952617


There has never been a rules reason for this shit.

Anyone got the image of the history of the cadian squad box?

>> No.24952627


They need the heavy armour to protect them from stray branches and the chainsword to cut through the foliage.

>> No.24952635

I've been working out for the past few weeks in preparation for the next Eldar codex. I'll be lightly perfumed, clean, nicely dressed in semi-casual attire as I use the new Eldar. I'll be just as aesthetic as my army.

>> No.24952653


I'm imagining you as Sanji.

>> No.24952670

>company known for constantly putting up its prices and not giving a shit what long-term customers thing almost doubles price of one set of models
>surely there must be a rules reason! What other explanation can there be?

>> No.24952690

>what long-term customers think

>> No.24953437

>worst design
>not the best

Get fucked. I got into 40k because of them. What doesn't make sense about a CC unit having pistol + chainsword + 3+ and infiltrate?

Eldar chainswords are more advanced according to fluff. And a fuck tonne of assault units have assault pistols.

>> No.24953513

So there are no new pics from White Dwarf?

>> No.24953583


From Powerguy on dakkadakka:

Got a sneak peek of the White Dwarf today, managed to dig out some actual rules from the battle report, preview teasers and a couple of tiny pages from the codex that were printed in the WD that I managed to read. Not many stats on offer but still a reasonable chunk of rules. I'm probably mis-remembering the names of some of these rules but here is what I picked up in no particular order:

- From what I saw all the non Wraith infantry have the run/shoot shoot/run ability (the rule was called Battle something). Avengers definitely do (from the report) and Rangers definitely do (from tiny printed profile in the WD) as well. Not sure if its just for Shuriken weapons (Rangers do have Pistols I guess).
- It looks likes all Eldar have the 'Ancient Foe' special rule, no idea what this does but I suspect its something like Hatred Daemons of Slaneesh (don't think it was Necron related as the report was against Crons) since all Eldar appear to have it (including the Wraith units).

>> No.24953592

- There are 14 Eldar specific psychic powers from 2 different charts, Runes of Battle and Runes of Fate. However it looks like several of the powers are 2 in 1, i.e they have a buff mode and a debuff mode, so there are actually HEAPS of powers. I.e the Primaris for Battle is Conceal/Reveal (as a single card/roll etc), Conceal gives you Shrouded and Reveal removes Shrouded from an enemy. The 1 on the Battle Chart was Destructor/Renew(?), Destructor being the same as before with Soul Blaze added and Renew allowing you to restore a wound to a friendy model within range (18" I think). Primaris for Runes of Fate was Guide, which is now 24" range but is otherwise the exact same as before. Very surprising to see this as aside from the range it is far worse than the Divination Primaris (although I guess you could take both and effectively Guide two units). The 1 on the Fate Chart was a terrible Focuses Witchfire power. Fortune and Doom are still options (the Farseer in the report had them) and appear to have the same effects.
- The Avatar has Fleet. Also one of the psychic powers increases your movement speed/charge range somehow
- The Wraithknight is insanely huge, it is literally twice the height of a Wraithlord, and the sword option it can take is basically the size of a Wraithlord as well. It can take up to 2 Suncannons, which are S6 AP2 Heavy 3 Small Blast or up to 2 Wraithlances(?) which are presumably the heavy anti tank option. Sword replaces one of the big guns I think (they are arm mounted like the Titans). This is in addition to the two shoulder mounted heavy weapons (I saw Scatters and Starcannons, so presumably the normal range of heavy weapons are available)

>> No.24953603

- Wraithguard and Wraithblades look good, think scaled down Wraithlords. They looked a bit bigger than the old ones, but I think it was partly just the added range of motion in the poses on 40mm bases (similar to the old 25mm base Terminators vs the newer 40mm base ones, they are bigger but the better poses help as well). Wraithguard can now get either Wraithcannons (which from the fluff descriptions seemed to still be single shot and very powerful) or D Scythes which were described as a multi shot weapon but it could still Pen vehicles on a 6. Wraithblades are only 1A base (sadly) but looked like they could go either 2 CCW (no idea on stats of their weapons, but they appeared to have sword/axe options) or 1 CCW + Shield gen arm.
- Wraithguard are definitely S5 T6, Lord is almost certainly not T6 (a full unit of Destroyers shot one in the report and did nothing, which suggests T8 or some other equivalent buff). No idea on the stats for the Knight.
- It looks like Aspect Warriors have the same base profile, include Exarches with Ld9
- Reapers have Slow and Purposeful
- Rangers have WS4. They also have a character (not sure if he is upgrade or HQ) who has a 120" range Sniper Rifle.
- One of the fliers has 2 Heavy D Scythes on the wings and a psychic based main gun. The other has 2 Bright Lances and a Pulse Laser.

>> No.24953625

Saw stats for what looked like special weapons for characters, might have been for Special Characters as well since the 120" range sniper was in there. One weapon was +2S, AP- Melee, Rending, Fleshbane, Instant Death. Another was +1S AP3, Soul Blaze, and if you killed anything with Soul Blaze then every unit within 6" of that unit would become effected by Soul Blaze as well. There was also a one use only piece of wargear, which you could use when the character died. On a 2+ you place a S4 AP3 template over the character, hitting both friend and foe, but if you cause at least 1 wound then the character stands back up with 1 wound. Last one I saw was an item which gave the user Fearless, Shrouded, Stealth and re-roll cover saves but they lose the IC rule, which gives people a way to make a Solitare (the name was something to do with the Laughing God).

>> No.24953650

Oh, and

Bikes are a repack, 3 in one kit. From the report it looks like they are still much the same as before rule wise as well (the only upgrades they had were Shuriken Cannons) which is a major disappointment.

>> No.24953760

>all the non Wraith infantry have the run/shoot shoot/run ability
This is the most exciting sounding-thing for me. That plus Fleet plus
>one of the psychic powers increases your movement speed/charge range somehow
= very speedy Space Elves. And
>Reapers have Slow and Purposeful
which means even they can walk and gun.

>> No.24954569

So wait, there are no new bike models?

>> No.24955658



get fucked, Saim Havers

>> No.24955853

Oh fuckniggers.

My army is 50/50 eldar biker gangers and wraiths. I'm half excited.

>> No.24956005

Bikes should still have good rules at least, although apparently no new weapons or anything for them. But that godly speed is written into the rulebook.

>> No.24956728

>From what I saw all the non Wraith infantry have the run/shoot shoot/run ability (the rule was called Battle something).

GOTTA GO FAST SCORPIONS? That sounds awesome! I really hope I'm not being bullshitted here, because that's a great, unique, fluffy solution to the problem of no assault transport. Hope that's true.

If there's good internal balance amongst the aspects and Banshees and Scorpions get buffs in their killabilty then they might make a comeback. Khaine be praised!

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