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Rules and other information

Mainland not asia. You open your eyes and breath once, realizing your body is a solid mass and not a ghostly image. Horrible flashbacks of being gangraped by huge demons fill your mind for a moment as you realize the darkness isn't filled with snakes, scorpions, and spiders. You feel a breeze on your body and realize you're on earth, the shelter you dived into to avoid getting raped several dozen more times in that awful, awful place turned out to be a gateway cave that took you back to earth, only disguised as a shelter. A strange wolf lounges nearby, dark haired with a single white eye and a single normal eye. In your right hand is a demonbone shank, blood still on it.

>go deeper into the cave
>go out towards the breeze and the smell of trees and water

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Masturbate with demonbone shank.

>> No.24903038

Stab self in the eyesocket until dead again. That rape stuff sounded hawt and we need more of it.

>> No.24903056

Give the wolf a handjob, get him nice and hard

>> No.24903060

have sex with the wolf

>> No.24903061

We doggystyle now

>> No.24903066

When someone makes a serious suggestion the quest will go on. Troll posts of absurdity will continue to serve as bumps for the quest only. No response will be given to them.

>> No.24903067

Can we have this quest without rape please? It's a distasteful subject.

>> No.24903072

Go deeper into the cave, carefully.

>> No.24903074


Fuck you, you railroading piece of shit. Give us our murderrape.

>> No.24903075

Yeah OP, see the kind of posts you attract?

>> No.24903083

not trolling with my posts

>> No.24903090

you were the one that included the rape first

>> No.24903095

But this is a response.

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Previous thread here

>> No.24903109

Getting pleasure from a woman is a priceless commodity in hell. It happened. However I'll make sure that it doesn't happen "on screen", as it were, and keep it to your background.

Going deeper into the cave you find a very old large carving of a grave guardian buddha. Someone has left three meat rolls which appear to still be edible in a bowl at the foot of the grave guardian buddha. A very slight smell of rotting flesh is detectable somewhere deeper in the cave. The wolf casually follows you.

>go past the grave guardian buddha
>eat the offering
>return to the entrance of the cave

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Pleasure self on the buddha to desecrate the holy idol.

>> No.24903126


>Rape the Guardian Buddha. With the wolf.

>> No.24903129

feed the offering to the wolf and engage in intercourse with it

>> No.24903133

>Start orgy at buddha statue

>> No.24903138

stuff our anus with the meatrolls

>> No.24903139


Rage against the saint who abandoned you and defecate on the statue to deface it.

>> No.24903143

What do we look like, and what clothes we have?

>> No.24903149

eat the offering while we introduce the buddha to the entrance to our cave

>> No.24903152

Trolls please, take this seriously. Enjoy the ride instead.

>> No.24903154

force our skull through the wolfs ass.

>> No.24903158

pleasure self while the buddha and the wolf have sex

>> No.24903159

>return to the entrance of the cave
>Try to make conversation with the wolf
Guessing it's not really a wolf.

>> No.24903163


Silence, heathen. This is the only true way.

>> No.24903166

Oh god I laughed at that.

>> No.24903172

insert meatroll into vagina and have the wolf eat it from there.

>> No.24903173

You need to learn the gentle touch, now your hands are rough like those of a French longshoreman.

>> No.24903174


No, it's a spirit creature made out of our regressed homosexual urges. UH OH MYSTERY SOLVED.

>> No.24903185

Befriend the wolf, throw him one meatroll and eat others yourself. Also, what we are wearing and how we look?

>> No.24903186

you know, I can really see this quest getting kickass if he just runs with the trolls and proceeds to make this a more silly quest. but noooo gotta be serious. well, Ill keep watching, but only in the hope of him accidently running with a troll-suggestion.

>> No.24903187

Defecate on top of the meatrolls and smear it on the buddha

>> No.24903190

You look like your old female self, attired in filthy rags that manage to actually look worse than a smelly leper/begger's attire. Your whole body is covered with soot and dust and smells of burned flesh. However, running a finger over your arm, you discover that you can simply wash this filthiness off you, it isn't actually part of your body, as it was in Naraka.

Returning to the cave entrance the wolf casually follows you. Talking to it causes it to wag its tail. It clearly understands your every word, however its not capable of speech or long distance whispering (telepathy). It sniffs and barks once.

>go out of the cave
>go back to the guardian buddha

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Noo, we can't eat them if we poop on them. The meatrolls are for befriending the wolf, we need a protector pet.

>> No.24903202


Go back to the guardian buddha.

>> No.24903203

>go back to the guardian buddha

>> No.24903208

The meat-roll tastes like..... ash. No, worse than ash. It tastes like nothing. At all. The wolf likes it and eats the one you gave him.

>> No.24903213

Get back to Buddha, share the meatrolls with the wolf. Name him Devil, pet him and tell him that he's a good boy.

>> No.24903217

go back to buddha

>> No.24903219

Were we beautiful when we lived?

>> No.24903228

You notice a few heavily effaced words on the buddha's chest. Its hard to tell what they say. You hear a male voice singing an old folk fisherman's song from somewhere outside the cave.

>go towards the male voice
>go deeper into the cave
>attempt to read the words

>> No.24903229

the buddha is our home we must build our shelter there

>> No.24903238


return to the cave entrance.

>> No.24903240

You were in your early 20s when you died and high enough in status that you didn't have to do everything yourself, so yes.

>> No.24903246

mix our saliva and some of the drool from the wolf with dirt and start making bricks for our home

>> No.24903250


>Verbally challenge the voice
"Have at ye, ye block, ye stone, ye worse than senseless thing"

>> No.24903253

Yeah, let's make this cave our new home, at least for now. Check out the buddha for hidden treasure.

>> No.24903265

>go out of the cave
We'll have to get the wolf some ink and a brush, later.

>> No.24903266


>Return to the entrance of the cave. Don't go out.

>> No.24903272

Nah, that wouldn't ever work. Let's use the wolf drool instead to wash the ash and soot off our face.

>> No.24903276

>attempt to read the words
Could mean trouble for us, being undead and all.

>> No.24903284

Buddha has a hidden hole at its bottom, grope around it to found treasure.

>> No.24903300

why do we need to be clean? we live in a cave. continue making bricks to further progress on our home.

>> No.24903315

Besides, wolf jizz would be better than drool.

>> No.24903333

The words are names. You don't recognize any of them. This is a hereditary tomb where members of a certain family are buried.

You see that there is a rushing river not far from the cave, and that there is also a bamboo grove a little ways between the cave and the river, a rocky path leading from the cave off towards somewhere. The wolf casually follows you around, tail occasionally wagging, occasionally sniffing. You hear the singing from the direction of the river, and a few moments later two men carrying a stick with 6 large fish on it, of a type you liked in life, between them, the two men heading over to the rocky path and down it. The fish makes you jealous, not hungry.

>go to the bamboo grove
>go to the river
>follow the men
>return to the actual tombs section and search for loot

>> No.24903344


Return to the buddha statue.

>> No.24903345

why didnt we work on our brick home? not even a troll suggestion...

>> No.24903353

return to the buddha

>> No.24903356

I misread and thought it was a troll suggestion. Also this is a hereditary tomb, you can't really build a home here because people regularly come here.

>> No.24903359

>Go to river.
>Pleasure self with fish.

>> No.24903361

Because it's a bonding experience, we want to smell similar to the wolf so he'll grow accustomed to us.

>> No.24903380

Go back to cave and plunder Buddha's hole for treasure.

>> No.24903381

Very accustomed.

>> No.24903384


Return to the buddha. Carry out 108 mantras to clear a bit of our bad karma. Then keep doing it for the whole day and night.

What was our mantra when we were alive?

>> No.24903394

Well that's too bad for them, it's ours now.

>> No.24903398

>return to cave.

>> No.24903409


>> No.24903418

You try to remember one of your mantras, any mantras, but you can't. You just can't. Its like your capability to use them has been somehow blocked.

You hear thunder way off in the distance. By chance you walked a little further than you intended to and can smell rotting flesh a bit more than you could at the guardian buddha.

>go deeper into the cave
>go out of the cave

The wolf wags his tail once and flops casually at the foot of the buddha, nosing the meat rolls once.

>> No.24903428

Check out if the Buddha statue is hollow, and reach for its secret hole with your hand.

>> No.24903432

return to the buddha

>> No.24903433

>go out of the cave
Let's go down to the river and get this ash cleaned off of us.

>> No.24903445

Reach deep into the buddha's secret hole

>> No.24903446

Return to Buddha.

>> No.24903452

Pet the wolf and give him a hug, he's your only friend now. Take a nap next to him and cry yourself to sleep.

>> No.24903455


Meditate at the foot of the Buddha for five night and five days for forgiveness.

>> No.24903459

Weren't you listening, wolf fluids are the best thing for cleaning off ash.

>> No.24903465


Return to the Buddha.

>> No.24903466

Sleep at the Buddha

>> No.24903471

Sit around for a few centuries. I mean, we're immortal right, so let's hang around until a less shitty era.

>> No.24903473

Knock the Buddha statue with your knuckles to see if it makes a ringing noise. Search for secret entrances.

>> No.24903482

Seduce Buddha statue.

Maybe it'll make the wolf jealous.

>> No.24903483

We mustn't leave the Buddha

>> No.24903490

find the buddha's most precious hole and plunder it

>> No.24903491

The buddha statue is not hollow. However you did find more writing. Its your basic 'Buddha will curse anyone who disturbs this tomb' message.

Your hand hurts. No effect.

The water feels cold and refreshing, and theres plenty of it. The occasional fish flops about in the water, its swimming pattern disrupted by your presence. Lightning strikes a rock way off in the distance. It begins to drizzle rain.

>go to the bambo grove
>go back to the cave
>walk down the path

The wolf doesn't enter the water, but doesn't seem phased by the lightning. He also remains dry, even when the water hits him directly.

>> No.24903501


This. After the centuries have finally concluded, leave the cave and attempt to begin life (or unlife) in the footsteps of the Boddhisatva.

>> No.24903507

Dig all our internal organs out, then stuff the statue into our chest cavity.
Now we can go anywhere.

>> No.24903517

Fuck yeah waterproof wolf! Hoist him up on your shoulders and use him as a raincoat. How strong we are?

>> No.24903519


Return to the Buddha.

>> No.24903522

Return to the cave.

>> No.24903528

Return to the Buddha

>> No.24903539

Yeah, we could totally become a holy hermit since we don't need to eat nor we age. Let's meditate for a year and a day in front of the Buddha and attract some pilgrims!

>> No.24903543

Return to our precious Buddha

>> No.24903556

meditate for many weeks in front of the Buddha

>> No.24903559

The smell of rotting flesh is stronger now, but its because your nose honed in on it, not because your closer to it.

The wolf permits this, but water passes through the wolf and hits you, his body doesn't block it. He jumps out of your arms at one point and remains by your side.

>head for the tombs
>rest in the cave till the storm subsides
>go out into the storm and explore

>> No.24903584

Meditate for a week or so. We're going to become the miko of this shrine.

>> No.24903590


Rest in the cave until impure karma has been cleansed. No matter how long it takes.

>> No.24903592

return to the buddha

>> No.24903594

Im with this as well
we clearly have some meditation to do, and since we are undead, we have all the time in the world to reach nirvana. commence meditations.

>> No.24903596

>rest in the cave till the storm subsides
Best to not disturb the tombs, and meditate in front of the Buddha.
Resist the hunger.

>> No.24903602

This is a tomb right? So smell of rotting flesh isn't that unusual. Meditate on the mysteries of life, death and reincarnation in front of the Buddha.

>> No.24903606


Return to the Buddha.

>> No.24903612

Return to our Buddha

>> No.24903631

Let's try to ascend so we don't end up in hell again. We need to find our inner peace by meditation, so we can become enlightened.

>> No.24903633

The smell of rotting flesh begins to work on your mind as you attempt to meditate. Licking your lips, you realize you are salivating. Whether this salivation is from sexual desire or from hunger is hard to say, and it could be both.

>continue your attempts to meditate
>leave the cave
>go to the tombs section of the cave

>> No.24903638

>> No.24903647

the undead neither hunger nor desire sex. We shall meditate

>> No.24903648


Return to the Buddha.

>> No.24903658

Return to the buddha

>> No.24903661


We shall meditate under the gaze of the Buddha. Return to the Buddha.

>> No.24903679

>rotting flesh
>you are salivating
>Whether this salivation is from sexual desire or from hunger is hard to say, and it could be both.

Yeah OP, I'm sure it's all the troll's fault that your previous threads got shit upon.

>> No.24903687

Find your inner balance and concentrate on nothingness, continue meditating. You're far above the crass demands of flesh now.

>> No.24903689

"Wolf-san, what is your secret, how do you remain dry in the face of great wetness?" you gasp, inhaling in all that sweet sweet cave air.

Your spirit wolf Devil stares pointedly behind you, and you turn to witness the revelation of his immaculate dryness, only to feel a great weight upon your undead back.

"Kyaa," you cry, animuishly, falling to the ground with your wolf atop you.

"What are you doing, wolf-san, I thought you were my friend?" you weep, turning to look over your shoulder at the dryest of all wolves.

He looks back at you with an expression of untold wisdom, and you wait on his words, knowing that they will be wise beyond mortal understanding.


With one rip of his mighty jaws, he tears the rags from your body, your hot ashy undead body, exposing your jiggling zombitits.

"No, wolf-san, no, that's not how this quest goes!"

But your wolf cares not, and spirit-penetrates you with his spirit-penis right in your zombie-vagina over and over again until you have a spirit-orgasm and get packed full of wolf-spirit-spooge.

"Oh wolf-san, you're such a masculine and dominating, let me make you a sandwich."

But you can't, because he's totally knotted your zomgina.

At the back of the cave, the Buddha statue looks on, and if one listens very closely, one can hear a voice of perfect calm whispered on the wind.

"Now ain't that some shit."

>Have more sex with Wolf-sama
>Build a kitchen in the cave and start making Wolf-sama some sandwiches.
>Have more sex with Wolf-sama while building a kitchen in the cave and making Wolf-sama some sandwiches.

>> No.24903694

>leave the cave
We are not yet far along enough that we could meditate in the face of such temptations.

What, you don't know that the undead in Buddhism hunger for the flesh of the dead?

>> No.24903697


Obviously, this just proves that we need to meditate harder. Return to the Buddha.

>> No.24903700

The strange desire that is building in your mind has reached a critical point. You must roll to resist. Roll two d20s. First total is yours, second total is the compulsions.

>> No.24903701

Send the wolf to investigate the rotting smell.

>> No.24903708



>> No.24903712

The wolf is spectral, it cannot penetrate us.

>> No.24903716


Resist railroading bullshit by Returning to the Buddha.

>> No.24903730

No, this is the first test of our willpower. We won't take the cowards way ever again.

>> No.24903738

Your character is such a filthy whore that she can take dicks of all varieties, even those that exist in realms beyond mortal understanding.

>> No.24903739

Rolled 11, 14 = 25

Sweet merciful baby Buddha give us strength!

>> No.24903746

>> No.24903751

Rolled 4, 5 = 9

Rerolling, that was shit.

>> No.24903752

Rolled 5, 4 = 9

This isn't going to end well.

>> No.24903766

Rolled 18, 2 = 20

Well fuck me silly, this is the real one that counts OP.

>> No.24903782

>> No.24903783

Ha! Use this result OP, it's the best one!

>> No.24903809

Failure. Before you're aware of what you're doing, you're in the tombs. Moments later you are gobbling corpses, and it tastes...... surprisingly delicious, actually. By eating handfuls of the indescribably horrible, smelly corpses, you are able to actually TASTE something! After wallowing in a filthy orgy of despicable gluttony you take a rest from it for a moment, ripped apart bodies scattered everywhere and chewed on bones laying around, the wolf casually gnawing a bone.

>Use the bones to make something
>return to the buddha
>go outside
>open the funerary urns and see whats in them

>> No.24903821

But seriously, Return to the Buddha.

>> No.24903825

It still doesn't make any sense, his spectral wolf spooge would just go straight through us sending his tiny ghost wolf sperm swimming into all directions.

>> No.24903831


Return to the Buddha

>> No.24903836

Ugh, horrible. Return to Buddha and pray for absolution for your sins. What's our karma score?

>> No.24903838

Have more sex with Wolf-sama
we must continue until he is satisfied then we can make sandwiches for him

>> No.24903840

Make a pile of bones in front of the buddha.

>> No.24903863

Significantly negative.

You sure about that? Some of them are shaped suitably enough that you could make some throwing darts out of them if you spend some hours sharpening them.

The storm has ended.

>> No.24903864

>return to the buddha
We must pray to cleanse ourselves of this bad karma.

>> No.24903884

>So you want to have sex with wolf-sama while building a kitchen in the cave to make sandwiches for wolf-sama while having sex with wolf-sama whilst building a kitchen in the cave to make sandwiches for wolf-sama? Well okay.

You attempt to build two kitchens at once in a cave without any real building materials, and using the copious excess of spirit-wolf-jizz as mortar. It isn't easy, since you are a mere woman, and know nothing of the manly art of stacking bricks, especially non-existent bricks.

Wolf-sama could probably build the doublekitchen in a matter of minutes, being as manly and vagina-wrecking as he is, but he's too busy trying to use you to spawn some unholy zombie-spectral-ghost-devil-puppy horrors that would make the heavens cry.

You are left with a small mound of bricks, jizz, and a few twigs... you guess it's kind of like a kitchen.

Attempt to make sandwiches anyway?
>No, I want to pretend to be disobedient so that wolf-sama gives me the back of his paw like the strong, masculine authority figure he is..
>Ask Buddha statue if it wants to grow an afro and go on a blaxploitation adventure with you.

>> No.24903886

Take the bones and try to sanctify them again. Stop Wolf-sama gnawing on them, slap him on the snout and frown at him.

>> No.24903895


>Not railroading at all here, people, only suggesting that you should totally carve all the bones into throwing darts or something. You know, whatever. Just suggesting here.

Return to the Buddha.

>> No.24903897

The useful bones into darts, the not useful bones in the pile.

>> No.24903901

>storm has ended
Then let's go out, and away from the bodies. We need to find a place where we can meditate away from temptations until our will is strong enough.

>> No.24903902

Oh shit, let's hope that karma police aren't around. And no, we're not going to heap even more bad juju on us by desecrating the bones. Bury them properly.

>> No.24903924


Shun railroad. Return to the Buddha.

>> No.24903930

No, we keep away from the bones, they were people once. Have some respect for the dead.

>> No.24903933

The process takes several hours and due to lack of skills, some of the bones break, but you end up with 10 throwing darts of moderate sharpness.

This expiates a small amount of bad karma.

Do you cross the river, go down the trail, or go to the bamboo grove? Crossing the river leads to a forest.

>> No.24903949

No, Buddha is a the best focus for meditation by far. Sit in front of the statue and meditate to cleanse your karma.

>> No.24903956

No, we won't have anything to do with the bone darts, bury them too. Do not take them with us.

>> No.24903957




>> No.24903967

That's fucking major bad karma to make tools out of people, no fucking way. Throw the bone darts away and meditate.

>> No.24903979

Reburying the affected bones expiates some bad karma.

Without the bodies there to distract you meditation is easier, though the thoughts of eating dead bodies, and now of having sex with them, linger in your mind for a while at first.

Night is approaching. You feel more "alive" and awake.

The wolf barks once and wags his tail.

>> No.24903983


Be horrified at doing this foul deed against your own will, and break your hands against the cave wall to take away your tools of evilness.

Then return to the Buddha.

>> No.24903997

Yeah we're not going to have sex with corpses, OP.

>> No.24904004


Meditate on the nature of sin.

>> No.24904014

Well then, best start fucking dem corpses.

>> No.24904018


>OP confirmed for a necrophiliac That Guy.

>> No.24904021

Continue to meditate in front of the Buddha on the nature of sin, of good and evil.

Tomorrow, I think we should cross the river and enter the forest, and find another shrine to meditate at. This is a family tomb, so we'll get disturbed by the family coming here eventually.

>> No.24904029

Better give in to our carnal desires. Let the pain of undead penises punish our sins. With us having been purged by catharsis of gang rape, we may begin out quest.

>> No.24904032

Find the corpse with the biggest dick.

and suck it.

>> No.24904036


Also, meditate on the futility of desire. Otherwise this. Let us embark on a pilgrimage.

>> No.24904039

>bitches about previous thread turning into Hot Monkey Dick quest
>you're thinking about having sex with corpses

Man you really are an idiot.

>> No.24904064

Sex up those corpses, samurai girl.

>> No.24904066

Are we undead or do we truly live once more?

>> No.24904074

Meditating on the nature of sin for a long time causes you to have a flashback to your own life. You remember the first time you cheated on your intended husbando. What started as an amusing game that resembles charades ended with you having a three some with one of your hand maids and one of your families ninjas. His face is before your mind's eye for a long time for some reason, but its difficult to say exactly why.

You remember dying and wake from your meditative state shouting 'NO NO I DON'T WANT TO DIE PLEASE GODS NO!' etc. You hear a voice somewhere say "I wonder what that was. I hope it wasn't a ghost! Better make sure...." and then nothing.

>hide in the cave
>go out of the cave
>go to the path
>go to the river
>go to the bamboo grove
>cross the river

>> No.24904075

....you really know nothing about the source material, or how the undead in a Buddhist-style cosmology work, do you?

>> No.24904078


Alright. You know what OP? Let's totally fuck all the corpses. And the wolf. You were so pissed about your quest turning into a troll fetishdump, and now that people are actually trying to do something seriously and actually play a repentant undead, you totally want us to fuck and eat corpses.


>> No.24904082

You're still undead. You just feel stronger feels and are more 'vibrant' and active and energetic.

>> No.24904092

Hide behind the Buddha statue.

>> No.24904094


Wait in ambush until people come inside, then kill them, rape them and devour them. Give in to the beast.

>> No.24904100

>hide in the cave
Don't want to be found and have to attack someone and add to our bad karma.

>> No.24904108

attempt to read the words and then locate the voice, but do not make your presence known to him.

>> No.24904117

The buddha is a wall carving, you can't hide behind it. You could hide in the tombs area though.

>> No.24904118

This. We should vomit and swear never to eat corpses again ever.

>> No.24904120

>hide in the cave.
When the person comes in, we jump them and rape them, our spirit wolf can work the back door.

>> No.24904131



>> No.24904143

Wait, hasn't the Buddha been a statue all this time? It shouldn't change into a carving suddenly.

>> No.24904153

No, that just leads to trouble. We should hide behind something large (like the Buddha statue) until the voices go away. Also, order wolf to hide himself.

>> No.24904161

No, we don't want to talk to anyone, and raping could lead to it. Better hide in the catacombs and meditate until the voices leave.

>> No.24904175

Hide in the cave, wait for the voices to pass. Meditate to calm your mind.

>> No.24904179

We can gag them and knock them out, then move them far away from the cave when they wake up later.

>> No.24904180

Did I say statue earlier? I'm sorry I meant wall carving. HOWEVER, to be totally fair, yes, it is a statue, and yes, you could hide behind it. Someone is definitely coming, you can hear footsteps.

>hide behind statue
>hide in catacombs

>> No.24904182


>> No.24904196

Well, let's play it safe and hide in the catacombs until the voices leave.

>> No.24904206

No, you're still required to make rapist noises which could be mistaken for communication. Bad plan, anon.

>> No.24904215

>hide behind statue
All the better for an ambush. We shall be the dreaded cave-rapist yet.

>> No.24904217

>hide in catacombs
Until it's safe.

>> No.24904222

We don't breathe, so noises are optional. If anything, remaining perfectly silent and staring our captive in the eyes while we do the deed would be better.

>> No.24904224

Rolled 18, 5 = 23

First total is your hide attempt, second total is wolf's hide attempt. Will post what happens after numbers have been quantified.

>> No.24904241


>Hide behind statue, to ambush, kill, rape and devour the person.

>> No.24904256


It's a fucking spirit wolf. What the fuck are you doing?

>> No.24904270

You successfully hide. Unfortunately the wolf is spotted hiding in a different spot, and the curious visitor, a male peasant with a wooden amulet that is a deity, draws the only weapon he has, a large club, smacks at it, realizes his club can't do any harm to it, and runs away suddenly in a panic, the wolf chasing him and growling angrily.

>follow wolf
>wait for wolf to return

>> No.24904272

Return to the Buddha.

>> No.24904285

Oh, and what of rapist banter then, didn't think of that did you? Face it, there's no way to rape someone without at least saying 'hello' and 'thank you', which is a losing proposition.

>> No.24904297

Explain it to us, OP. We need a primer.

>> No.24904300

Call the wolf back, first by whistling then yelling angrily at it. Bide your time by meditating in front of the Buddha.

>> No.24904311

Would you object if we held up cards with "hello" and "thank you" written on them?

Tell wolf to bring them back to our rape-cave.

We'll let him have the first go.

>> No.24904313

Can we make a mental connection to the wolf? It's part of us anyway. Order it to come back.

>> No.24904317

Undead feel sexual desires and hunger towards corpses (of any kind). Being around them for very long (for any reason) will prompt these desires.

>> No.24904324

>follow the wolf
We also need to relocate. Cross the river, enter the forest, and begin our pilgrimage.

>> No.24904334

Remain in cave. The wolf will be back soon enough.

>> No.24904337

We must save our soul by converting to Christianity, even though our character has most likely never even heard of it.

>> No.24904339

Nope, this is our home now. We're not going anywhere until we've reached spiritual balance, through meditation.

>> No.24904348


And this was what you decided would be BETTER than a monkeyman? Because now you're literally railroading us to necrophagism and -philia.

>> No.24904355

We probably met other sinners in hell, so it makes sense that we know of Christianity. Pray to Jesus just in case.

>> No.24904365

>wait for wolf to return.

>> No.24904370


This. We will stay here now, until the world turns and we're freed of the shackles of our sins.

>> No.24904393

yeah, if there's necrophilia I'm going to drop this quest so fucking fast, you hear me OP?

>> No.24904394

You realize you're unclear on how to call the wolf back, training dogs wasn't one of your big things in life. So in a rather half-thought out attempt to get it to come back, you howl like a wolf. This sounds like a ghostly wailing sound.

You catch a glimpse of where the wolf is, having chased the peasant up a tree in the forest.

The wolf eventually returns, bloody mouthed. Midnight is approaching. You feel very alive and vibrant. You realize you aren't tired. At all. Perhaps you don't require sleep.

>> No.24904413


Return to Buddha.

>> No.24904416


>> No.24904422

We will cross the river, enter the forest, and look for a shrine we can meditate at.

It's not our home, it's a family's tomb. You think squatting will have less bad karmic consequences?

>> No.24904454

There's already a consensus that we stay here and become a holy hermit. We're not moving anywhere.

>> No.24904457

You cross the river and enter the forest. The forest is however much bigger than you thought. So much bigger that you need to search it quadrant by quadrant.

>search north quadrant
>search east quadrant
>search south quadrant
>return to cave

The wolf licks his chops a few times.

>> No.24904469

As long as you don't go to to to far from the cave, one of your options will always be 'return to cave'.

>> No.24904477

Excellent, we can train our spiritual self throughout the night and day. Meditate deeply about the illusion that is the material world.

>> No.24904488

Ok, nothing here, return to cave and meditate for a couple of weeks.

>> No.24904489

>return to cave.

>> No.24904498

Reprimand the wolf for following its base animal nature, then get back to the cave to meditate on the human nature.

>> No.24904505

I didn't say there wasn't anything there, only that its a very large area. Just to be totally clear; there could possibly be something there.

>> No.24904507

What kind of universal truths do we know? Did we learn anything when we were in hell?

>> No.24904518

And what are we going to do when the family comes here to leave offerings for their dead, or they have to bury another family member?

>> No.24904522

It's okay, it's not important for now. Return to the cave instead, we could tidy it up and make it more suitable for a holy hermit.

>> No.24904526

>search north quadrant
Let's take a look around.

>> No.24904529

We welcome them and share our wisdom, of course. We hermit now.

>> No.24904533


>Return to the Buddha.

>> No.24904546

No, we don't want to attract attention from people. Let's stay in the cave instead.

>> No.24904552


>return to the cave. Meditate and pray.

>> No.24904554

Return to cave.

>> No.24904563

This. We're going to end up hunted if we don't play it safe. Better return to the cave and explore it instead.

>> No.24904564

Is it really that hard for you to make playing a hermit interesting? for gods sake, just use a timeskip or some shit, or go full-montage mode. would get us back on your plot, and would appease the people who actually developed a motivation for our character.

>> No.24904565

Trying to remember your knowledge of divine laws causes pain in your body similar to an acid being dripped on you. However, you are capable of remembering information if you grit your teeth and force yourself to do so.

Searching the north quadrant you find an archaic wall that used to be part of some sort of large building, though it looks as though the building was destroyed (fully destroyed) a long time ago. Upon further inspection among the trees and rubble you discover a doorway so rotted you can poke your finger through it like sponge, which appears to lead to an underground location.

>enter door to underground
>return to cave

Wolf chases his tail a few times.

The general consensus appears to be return to cave, I'm just giving you a chance to look at this before you go back to the cave.

>> No.24904574

Yeah, let's move on a bit when we have already established ourselves as a local holy hermit people visit for advice.

>> No.24904579

>return to cave.

>> No.24904586

OP why are you ignoring all the requests to return to the cave?

It's not like they're trolling or anything, please stop railroading us.

>> No.24904591

We still haven't explored the cave thoroughly, we need to check it out if it's going to be our base of operations.

>> No.24904597

>just use a timeskip or some shit
Can't do that too easily when we're living in some family's local tomb and they regularly come by with offerings.

>> No.24904600


I think the about fifteen million "Return to the cave/Buddha" replies in this thread are already saying what we want. We want a peaceful life of repentant hermitage, motherfucker. Return to the cave, disable all other options.

>> No.24904610

Okay, meditate on the nature of hell then.

>> No.24904619


Which means things would even happen. So it's not even as if it'd be boring.

>Return to the cave. Pray to the Buddha.

>> No.24904622

Seriously OP, are you going to ignore a blatant majority for returning to the cave?

There was one guy saying to explore, and you took him over all the rest of us.

No wonder people think you're a fag.

>> No.24904640

So that's why we need to befriend them when they come to pay respects. Holy hermits lived in all kinds of weird places anyway, it fits well.

>> No.24904644

I say we meditate for a few hundred years until either we achieve enlightenment. If we haven't achieved enligntement by the time the portuguese arrive, then we give ol Francis Xavier a visit and convert to Christianity.

>> No.24904662

Actually, this isn't half bad idea. We don't need food or sleep so we can just concentrate on enlightenment 24/7. And if Buddha isn't the way, there's always plenty of more gods around.

>> No.24904670


This. We will attempt each and every religion in the world. A few centuries per religion should do fine. In that time we'll probably learn to be sincere about each, as well.

>> No.24904678

After returning to the cave, you think about hell for a while and sink into a deep, deep meditation. A painful sensation washes through your body like you are on fire, but you manage to continue to meditate. You realize not long after this that you were supposed to have stayed in hell and that by running away from your pain and suffering allotment you actually made things far worse for yourself. Tears of pain and grief wash your face as you realize you have a divine mandate to find a gateway back to hell and return there for your pain and suffering allotment. It won't be pretty. Its time to stop meditating and go on a journey. When you open your eyes suddenly, for a moment only the buddha in front of you appears to be a living being, smiling serenely at you. However within a matter of seconds it appears to have changed back to its normal statue state, if that wasn't just a hallucination.

>> No.24904694


A pilgrimage in your religion? That's small fry, grasshopper. We'll be doing a pilgrimage OF religions.

>> No.24904702

Ok, explore the cave better.

>> No.24904712


Ah. Slay self then, return to hell.

>> No.24904722

No, we're not prepared for a journey yet, we just escaped from hell today. We need to gather our strength and plan the journey properly.

>> No.24904725


lol speed exposition because op's a fag.

>> No.24904730

...this should work, actually.

>> No.24904735

We're undead.
How do we slay ourselves?

>> No.24904759

Traveling doesn't sound very interesting, we should rather cultivate good relations with locals and try to shape them to become better persons. We're gonna become the local wise lady!

>> No.24904769

We have a demonbone kunai that cuts spirits.

>> No.24904783


Let's find out!

>Attempt various ways of killing self.

>> No.24904785

Slaying yourself would increase your negative karma greatly unless it was under very specific conditions. You could however still do it.

The cave leads back to the catacombs, which is a single large room. Theres nothing more to the cave than this.

Your appearance is basically human, if you found some suitable attire and didn't look like a beggar, you could interact with humans without any problem, though some enlightenment-path humans might be able to tell what you were simply by looking at you.

The demonbone shiv could do it.

Traveling could be interesting, it depends upon where you want to go.

>> No.24904788

Walk into town. Let's the townsfolk do the slaying for us.

>> No.24904795

Ok, we need to find out where the gate is, lets befriend the villagers and ask them to scout for us.

>> No.24904803


... he wasn't a troll. He was a psychic.

>> No.24904818

We might scare the villagers. Better to stay in here and wait them to come to us, so we can have a peaceful first encounter.

>> No.24904819

Do you want to wait till morning before you go into town, or go ahead and go to town now?

The wolf whines once.

>> No.24904824


Okay, sure. It might increase the karma, but we need to get back to Hell ASAP! We're not meant to be here, and our every unliving moment is a perversion against nature.

Quickly slay self with the demonbone shiv, return to pay penance. Rejoice, for now you are no longer lost.

>> No.24904826

No, don't go to town. Wait for some villagers to come here.

>> No.24904836

Nope, we increase our karma first through meditation and ascetism before dying.

>> No.24904837


Console the wolf. Tell it we'll soon return to Hell.

>> No.24904841

Effectively you are a human with no biological function. You look normal if somewhat pale. Someone listening very closely (or a ninja using a listening tool), would be able to detect your lack of biological functions, but if you went to a town properly dressed and acted normal, no one would be able to tell the difference unless they had previous knowledge of you.

>> No.24904846

Stay here instead, try to make yourself more presentable.

>> No.24904868

Stranger beggar entering the town in the middle of night doesn't sound good. I think that a better plan would be to make ourselves better known as a hermit. Wait for some relatives to visit the tombs.

>> No.24904877

Touch the wolf on his neck to make him calm down, give him a rub.

>> No.24904893

Because we look like a beggar we won't be well treated in the town, but I agree that if we could fool them to believe that we're a hermit then they would like us better.

>> No.24904900

A religious procession could visit the tomb before that happens, simply being around this would do serious harm to you. It hasn't yet, but it could during any daylight hour of any day.

He licks your hand and allows this.

You remember you saw some close to skin-tone muddy material in the river. Carefully painting your skin with it might decrease paleness.

>> No.24904960

Thats doable. The question is; how will the people who find you react to the fact that the dead bodies were torn apart by something and reburied? If they catch you in the tomb, they're likely to think it was you.

>> No.24905005

Current options.

>remain in the cave until daytime and then go to town
>remain in the cave until visitors approach
>end own existence with the demonbone weapon
>travel to the forest
>harvest the clay from the river and use it to make skin tone paste
>go to the town at night

>> No.24905009

That's why we need to stay here and explain them that we don't mean any harm to them. We could say that we were debasing ourselves as an act of penance? Bottom line is that I don't think it's safe to leave the cave. Better stay here.

>> No.24905028

Remain in the cave until visitors approach, it's the best option.

>> No.24905031

Rolled 93, 79 = 172

Rolling the d100 to determine how long it takes for someone to arrive and who arrives.

>> No.24905104

It takes several days, but eventually someone does arrive. A father, a mother, and 2 children. The family carries a large talisman of special paper with a single name written in large characters on it, each child carrying 2 sticks of incense, the mother carrying a special candle specifically for lightning grave incense and a flint to light it with. The process into the cave and then stop suddenly when they see you.

Sick, repulsive jealousy instantly rockets into your mind when you see the two children, angry, jealous sexual frustration suddenly entering your mind seconds after you see the two parents. A hateful, sullen mood overtakes you suddenly, you're so jelly your face might as well have just turned green. The sickest part is you don't really even know why.

"Are you here to pray for the dead as well, ma'am?" One of the well mannered children asks, taking a step towards you before the mother gently but forcibly tugs him back to you.

"Who are you here praying for, stranger?" The man asks rather gruffly, a little displeased to find you here.

"I don't think I've ever seen you at a family meeting." The woman says, rather suspiciously.

>> No.24905158

Back to HER, not back to you. Fucking fingers.

>> No.24905208

Oh shit, sorry, I forgot to mention that you had read the name list, which you can use to name names if you decide to answer with dialog. Sorry, just forgot.

>> No.24905321

Current options

>answer with dialog (this is a write your own dialog option)
>give into your urges
>say nothing
>(lie) beggar just seeking shelter
>(lie) wise woman praying for all dead everywhere
>Ask them about the town
>name a random name from the list in answer to who you are praying for
>say nothing
>leave suddenly without interacting with them

>> No.24905419

Well? This is your chance to put your money where your mouth is.

>> No.24905481

Tell her were her granddaughter from the future and were here to warn them about some horrible curse.

>> No.24905501

Interesting. Celestials do sometimes visit their offspring, and future-persons visiting earth are classed as celestials because they haven't been born yet. They might actually believe this. It would however be a lie (negative karma). You sure you want to say that?

>> No.24905531


>> No.24905592

So what are you going to tell them then? Or you could simply leave without saying anything, its doubtful they'd follow you.

>> No.24905849

bump just in case someone who just got here is interested

>> No.24906045

I find it amusing how, as soon as they have to actually face up to the consequeces of their choices, the people clamoring to stay here haven't said anything in half an hour.

>> No.24906090


Get fucked, OP. Nobody is giving a shit about consequences. Everyone is simply bored with this boring, poor quest. And nobody is saying anything anyhow

There's five million quests going and ALL of them are better. Even the fucking Hide Your Boner quest on Quest/general

Sadly, this didn't even devolve into troll apocalypse. Which would have been less droll.

>> No.24906144

I tried to ease them out into the wider world beyond the cave but they kept going back to the cave.

>> No.24906148

>answer with dialog
"I am just a traveler, and I needed shelter from the rain last night.
"Can you please direct me to the nearest temple?"

If we get exorcised, we'll be able to go back to Hell and finish up our quota of suffering.

>> No.24906170

Nope, we don't tell them anything. Just meditate in quiet contemplation and ignore them completely.

>> No.24906177


On that note, return to the cave.

>> No.24906193

Seconded, return to cave.

>> No.24906204

Because pretty much everyone was trolling you, OP. Didn't you figure that out already?

>> No.24906208

Are we still in the cave? Let's return to the cave.

>> No.24906210

"Well you could have found a better place for it. Considering the bandits and all, though, you probably make the right choice." The man snarks grumpily.

The woman speaks. "Follow the path to the road and then head east down it. The town isn't far."

The children, antsy to get away from this boring place of death, don't say anything, but they're obviously a little intimidated by this place and not all that pleased about this taking so long.

Your jealousy of the family continues to build.

The wolf barks once and waves his tail casually.

>> No.24906233


>go to the road
>go to the forest
>ask about the bandits

>> No.24906253

Go to the road.
A priest will either exorcise us and send us back to where we belong, or he will help us find a way to get back.
And if he's a corrupt priest who won't help us...well, we have our spirit-wolf and our undead hunger.

And let's get out of here before our will fails us.

>> No.24906254


Return to the Buddha.

>> No.24906263


Let's kill rape fuck murder eat the family, since that's obviously your fetish.

>> No.24906269

Ok let's stay here instead.

>> No.24906276

Nope, sitting in the same cave for the duration of the entire quest is his fetish. We should accommodate him.

>> No.24906285


True that.

>Return to the cave.

>> No.24906312

The journey to the road doesn't take terribly long, a light morning mist has formed due to the northern climate and elevation, but its not so heavy you can't see where you're going. You hear birds and animals, things that used to please you, however the singing birds and animaling animals just make you feel hateful and sullen.

The trail eventually gives way to a large road which is little more than two wheel-tracks with grass growing up between and around them.

>go east
>go west

The wolf sniffs the air once and then walks around casually, sniffing the ground.

>investigate wolf's behavior

>> No.24906321

Ask them if there's anyone in the town who could teach us monkey style kung fu?

>> No.24906328

All "return to cave" posts will be considered trolling from this point on unless another cave appears in the storyline. They will be ignored from this point on.

>> No.24906337

This is boring, there's nothing happening here. Go back to the cave.

>> No.24906345

>investigate wolf's behavior
We really don't know much about this wolf.
Is it supposed to help us, or hinder us?

>> No.24906346

Search for caves in the near vicinity.

>> No.24906367

You don't know whether its supposed to help you or hinder you. What you do know is that it eventually hones in on a single spot and reveals a small bag of 10 coins someone dropped here a long, long time ago. They aren't worth much, but its something.

>go east to town
>go west to unknown

>> No.24906371


>One person told me that staying at the cave was trolling, now it's trolling.

How fucking gullible are you?

>> No.24906380


>Search for a new shrine

>> No.24906393


Start carving out a Buddha statue.

>> No.24906398

Return to the grotto.

>> No.24906408


Withdraw to the natural rock cavity.

>> No.24906411

>implying someone saying "return to the cave" every time its possible, to make this shit as boring as possible so no one wants to play it and I leave somehow isn't trolling

>> No.24906412

Ditch the coins, material world is an illusion and attachment to them just leads you astray. Meditate instead on the futility of wealth.

>> No.24906422

Don't argue with your players, OP.

>> No.24906431


>Implying you would know trolling if it cockslapped you. Also implying you know what we consider boring.

Conceited much?

>> No.24906432

Walk back to your cavern.

>> No.24906446


We must also meditate on the fleeting nature of the world and how, through that, worldly desires only lead to unhappiness.

>> No.24906449

I actually honestly wanted us to play the holy hermit lady of the cave. I'm sorry OP but the journey to find some demon gate isn't very interesting or even original.

>> No.24906460

Also, give your wolf a handjob.

>> No.24906466


None of us give a shit about whether you leave or not. We just have a very clear image of a repentant undead trying to mitigate her bad karma through meditation and prayer. You're railroading and blocking us.

>> No.24906486


Same here. Why can't we play a humble, repentant hermit? Why must we play some grandiose quest to kill ourselves?

No, OP. The cave wasn't boring. Your generic "BUT THOU MUST" quest is boring.

>> No.24906494


>Disregard whiny OP, return to the Buddha.

>> No.24906517

While meditating on the futility of wealth and searching for a new shrine after ditching the coins, your mind drifts back to your family's behavior. Social climbers eager for worldly things, the family had several people killed and married you off to the one that survived as a way of making sure you got married to the "right" person. You hear the sounds of a town.

Its a small town but it has wooden walls. A single large temple is visible to you. Carts move about as people buy and sell in the streets. Children child and farmers and fishers farm and fish. A little rural town. It does have a temple though. Its not so small that it doesn't have a temple and a few city guards at its gate. However at this hour of the day the gates are open and though the guards are watchful, they see no reason to pester a female beggar who obviously has nothing of any value.

One of them looks directly at you. "The penalty for begging is being flogged."

>dialog with guard
>head for temple

The wolf growls at the dickish guard.

You feel sick, repulsive jealousy, and beyond jealousy, actual hatred, already starting to well up in your mind and soul. Just being around people who are living vexes you.

>> No.24906525

Also the necrophagia was uncalled for. It was just edginess for the sake of edginess, completely pointless. You were basically trolling your players at that point.

>> No.24906539

No, I was keeping true to the source material.

>> No.24906541

Ok, we're not clearly wanted here, let's go somewhere else.

>> No.24906550

Well you shouldn't have.

>> No.24906556


You chose shitty source material for a quest. Authenticity is no excuse.

>> No.24906573


Meditate and pray harder, disregard worldly people and their narrow views.

>> No.24906608

True, we were better off where we started from. Let's visit the family that was at the grave site again.

>> No.24906654


Indeed. Let us return and be at peace.

>> No.24906672

Turning about and walking west down the road while desperately repeating to yourself 'think holy thoughts think holy thoughts don't kill anyone', your tireless journey continues. Eventually you see the family that was at the grave site walking down the road. The father draws a wood axe without warning when he sees you and the mother hurries the children into the woods, accompanying them. Moments later you're under attack.

"Demon! You despoiler of tombs! I KNEW you weren't related to us! Time to send you back to hell where you belong!" The father says, attacking with the wood axe without warning, its metal blade suited to chopping wood, but certainly not something that will tickle it if hits you.

>dodge and counter with demonbone shiv
>beg forgiveness
>allow self to be killed

If you opt for combat roll 2d20s, first total yours, second total his.

>> No.24906706


Lower head. It is not our place to raise an arm against another. Violence is the crutch of men, we want no part of it.

>> No.24906721

Flee, hide in the cave.

>> No.24906746

Do we know kung fu?

>> No.24906776

A little. You learned a little wing chun to protect yourself from rapists, but that was a loooooong time ago, I mean, that was before you got married and long, long before you died. You might still remember some if you tried to use it though.

In an unanticipated move, the wolf darts off a moment after the attack starts to pursue the escaping members of the family, presumably to kill them.

>> No.24906808

Ok, use monkeystyle on the family if you know what I mean.

>> No.24906809


Wellp, time to eat the corpses and then have sex with them.

>> No.24906818

In the absence of any other responses I'll go with this, I'm just trying to be fair and let other people respond if they're going to, since your decision will result in death and travel to naraka.

>> No.24906819

High-five, trollbro!

>> No.24906833

Let's not go to hell, it's a silly place. Flee for your life instead.

>> No.24906843


What? No, it's accurate to source material!

>> No.24906856


Indeed. Let's flee to the cave.

>> No.24906887

Cave fuck yeah! Easily the best place in this quest, people didn't hassle us there.

>> No.24906939

>allow self to be killed
We've got a debt that needs to be paid, and a quota to be filled.
Ain't no use being here in the land of the living.

>> No.24906964


Indeed. Suicide lowers our karisma, but being killed by a man defending his family does not.

OH SHIT! Actually, we need to, or our spirit wolf will kill the family members! Quick, put yourself to the axe and banish the wolf alongside you!

>> No.24907017

Since all the other responses are either 'monkey rape attack' tier trolling or 'flee to the cave and make shit boring' trolling, I'm going with your option. The axe penetrates your skull. Its a mostly painless, instant death.

>I don't care how many times people post 'go to the cave go to the cave go to the cave', I'm not doing it.

You awaken in the second region of Naraka, the continuous drizzle of blood and rotting puss waking you up by pelting you. as sweltering winds carry still-hot ash through the air continuously. The area is a mostly flat plane with small buildings that are rough hewn cavern hills that resemble meditation enclosures, or perhaps very large ant hills, scattered about. The constant screaming of pain as people are pelted with scalding white hot ashes and the sizzle of blood and puss evaporating off them is not deafening, but its very loud. To the south, a troop of 300 demons, each 15 ft tall oni like creatures with spiked, razor sharp armor and savage, sawtooth weapons tramp down a rough hewn road, simply stomping furiously on anyone (including smaller demons) that happen to be in their way, a single huge demon out front carrying a large flag which reads 'ROYAL ARMY OF YAMA' on it. A mass of moving light sweeps by, sending huddle together sinners running in every direction howling as the areas that the light touches are instantly petrified.

>run to shelter
>run to demons
>throw self at light

A moment later you realize that other recalcitrants are looking at you, leering hornily, armed with stones and shivs. If you don't do something, RIGHT NOW, you gonna get raped.

>> No.24907040

Who gives a fuck.

>> No.24907041



>> No.24907058


Good. Now, we'll endure hell and torment for the next who knows how many millenia and be purified of our past sins.

Do nothing. Allow all to happen.

>> No.24907060

Are you on crack, the cave was the only part of this quest where anything at all happened.

>> No.24907078


This is the best place to meditate. Now, let us pray and meditate on the foolishness of mortals.

>> No.24907086

In a way hell is not unlike a cave, when you think about it.

>> No.24907087


Go back to cave.

>> No.24907094

This OP! Hell sucks, go back to your cave instead.

>> No.24907098


Really, the whole world is a big cave if you look far back enough. The cave was in us all along!

>> No.24907101

>run to shelter
We may as well meditate in shelter.

>> No.24907120


>Realize the caveness of the world. Reach enlightenment.

This is the best ending.

>> No.24907154

You rush into a nearby shelter pursued about half of the way there by cackling, hooting horny recalcitrants. BOOM. A sound so loud it jostles your skull occurs as a huge leaden wall slams down shut after you enter the single small, completely dark room.

You spend an unknown amount of time howling in unendurable agony as scorpions, spiders, and venomous snakes bite you from every direction, your body flailing wildly as every second of existence becomes a mind numbing, soul shattering agony of pain, your body dying and coming to life only to die from venomous and bites moments later, the relentless swarms of biting venomous insects and snakes never relenting for even a moment. You die 30 times before you wake up again outside.

You hear a bell ringing somewhere.

You are being slowly scalded to death by burning ashes which inundate the air here.

>go towards bell
>run towards another shelter

Your bad karma is 1/4th expiated.

>> No.24907164


All is cave, and cave is all. Come, brothers, let us pray in the mercy of cavitation.

>> No.24907179


Shit, that's easy. Let's go back to the cave and expiate more.

>Go back to cave.

>> No.24907213

>run towards another shelter
30 lifetimes and our bad karma is only a quarter gone?
Man, we've got a lot of bad karma.

>> No.24907214


>Tries to run a serious quest
>Describes the undead in hell with terms like "hooting" and "horny"

You're doing an awesome job, OP.

>> No.24907226


>Hooting and horny

Kind of like, wouldn't you say, MONKEYS!?

>> No.24907230

In the end the world are just shadows cast on the wall of a cave, from the world of pure ideas. Also, we should start eating sugary foods to get cavities.

>> No.24907240

Oh shit, they're undead rape monkeys!

>> No.24907251

lol whatever, wait for 120 lifetimes and reroll.

>> No.24907263

I'm kind of interested in the bell.
So what if we die? We'll simply come back and suffer again; at least we won't be increasing our bad karma.

>> No.24907265

This time the cave is a very small outer rim of a giant lake of rotting, liquid corpses, tripping and falling in it, you drown in it 50 times, unable to do anything, at all, but weep bitterly as your mind relives every sin it ever committed, and you drown over and over again in rancid horrible nastiness.

You wake up outside eventually.

Your bad karma is now down to less than half.

You realize the rain isn't pelting you relentlessly, though the wind is. A HUGE skeletal hand is slooooowly descending, its pointer finger pointing at you, its fingertip, just the fingertip, 50 ft by 50 ft, the gigantic skeleton staring mindlessly down at you.

>run away
>stay where you are

If you start running RIGHT NOW, you might get out from under the totally silent undead's finger.

>> No.24907276


Stay where we are. It is not our place to escape the righteous punishments we have earned through our sins.

>> No.24907303


This is probably the most boring and mundane convenience hell ever.

>> No.24907311

>stay where you are
Trust in the Celestial Bureaucracy and accept our punishment for our sins.

>> No.24907336

Eh, Lord Yama's punishments always fit the sin.
Would you prefer a vast plain of unending white, with no up or down, no distance, no sound, nothing but your own existence for 60 lifetimes?

>> No.24907339

Doesn't matter, they cannot kill us. Just skip to the rerolling part already, OP, this is fucking boring.

>> No.24907346

Yeah, if it goes faster than this shit.

>> No.24907357

You are crushed into a paste almost instantly. The true horror and pain occurs when your body rejuvenates painfully from its fully liquid paste state back to your humanoid shape. This process takes several minutes and the sweltering ashes accumulate on your bloody materials, burning them for intense pain.....

....The first thing you see when you wake up THIS time, is a shining buddha casually descending on a large golden cloud. He reads several names, yours included, and those people become weightless, shedding their old bodies, which become indescribable filthiness, to become souls composed of opaque very nebulous material. You feel intense joy as you are removed from naraka.

.....Roll a new character.

>> No.24907364

Well, we can add to our sentence by not making the right choice, as decided by a celestial line-manager.

>> No.24907367


Not, I'd prefer something that's not written poorly as fuck along the lines of
>You die for a bit
>DING your karma is expiated!

>> No.24907369

About fucking time.

>choose monkey

>> No.24907377

Doesn't matter either, it's not like it costs us anything to stay in the hell.

>> No.24907390


Hanumanum ninja.

>> No.24907397

We got a refreshing, exfoliating facial in hell and now we're ready for new adventures. Let's become a shadow wolf this time.

>> No.24907417

Ehh, it's okay. We can do whatever we like, it's not like it matters. We just get a couple of lines of some lame tortures and then reroll and do it again.

>> No.24907426

Fuck that noise, no more monkey business. Let's become a kitsune samurai.

>> No.24907432

I'm glad you played as a recalcitrant. That race type needs work. Or needs to be simply removed. The way its currently set up sorta railroads you into YOU HAVE TO GO BACK TO HELL, SO JUST GO BACK ALREADY.

>> No.24907438


Monkey rapemaster, obviously.

>> No.24907460


No kitsune in the setting. Ain't that a bitch.

>> No.24907486

No full on kitsunes, no, but a half spirit could have a kitsune as a parent.

>> No.24907499


Can we have a huge multipronged cock even as a woman?

>> No.24907545

Yeah that shit whateve it is. We're going to be a half kitsune geisha this time.

>> No.24907548

Reading through the setting, the afterlife and karma is very structured, like the Celestial Bureaucracy.

What about playing a Recalcitrant Human that's been sent to find and bring back other Recalcitrants by the Bureacracy; reward is that all bad karma at the time of our signing up is expunged, but bad karma accumulation still applies.
We could even be teamed up with a Celestial agent.

>> No.24907549

If this were taking place at a truly anything goes board like /d/, yes. Sadly, the safe-for-work rules are quite clear. This board must be safe for work.

>> No.24907611

I could see that working.

>> No.24907636

Half spirits live slightly longer than normal humans, are a bit more magically adept than a normal human is, and are slightly more perceptive than a normal human is with regard to the supernatural.

>> No.24907654


Text is exempt from SFW rules, ignorant bitch.

>> No.24907718


Which obviously was a big factor yesterday when you were gladly allowing monkey necrorape.

>> No.24907794

Or instead of a Celestial, our partner is a Demon, and we have to catch other Recalcitrants before the big census finishes and the numbers of souls in Naraka don't match up with what the record-keepers say should be there, and our boss gets humiliated.

>> No.24907845

I'd have to change how demons work for that to work, but that could work too.

>> No.24907958

Alright so are we going another lifetime here or not? If not I'm going to delete thread and get on with real things in real life.

My system still needs work at this point, and I think the only real way to make it work is to play through several lifetimes and figure shit out as I go.

>> No.24908077

I'm done for the night. Later, OP.

>> No.24908101

Alright but the next time I run this it'll be for a half-spirit (kitsune type) geisha as was discussed.

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