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Oh /tg/, the email that I just received
Backstory: last week while I was waiting for our game to start, I decided to watch some hentai. The very first website had a chat in it that had some sort of RP going on, some guy was playing a vampire. So I decided to take him on a brief adventure. It was all freeform of course and I presented him with a small plot. He was a Marty Stu (could teleport, breath fire etc) but I didn't restrict him since he seemed to be having fun. So after that I suggested him some RPGs and I left, leaving my email address.
Some other guy contacted me and for a while we just talked about various games (he said he GMs Mutants & Masterminds). He then asks me if I ever cybered and I evade his question by telling him about a That Guy who did that in our game. I then get this reply from him:
well im not one of those "that guy" but i do sexual RP's with friends and i've actually cybered a friend of mine who i knew very well and it lasted 23 hours, but most of my cybers only last around 4-6 hours lately because no one really likes to stay focused in them. however im very good at roleplaying. i live in Excelsior Springs Missouri. btw i am a virgin irl BUT i am by choice i've had many opportunities to have my v card taken but i am saving it. random info time: i once fingered a girl making her cum 12 times in 20 minutes. had to carry her home afterwards. and my 1st gf i ever had who was a real life relationship 1 out of the only 3 i had she was brutally raped and murdered her name was katie and it happened when i was 15 im 26 now so it was 11 years ago but it still weighs heavy on my mind. i do have skype if you have it. and im always down for conversation. in fact i'd love to maybe do an RP with you sometime. ^^ or even just chat.

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aside from all that after katies death every relationship i've ever had was me being used, abused emotionally, used as a sideline boyfriend, treated poorly. and even used for sex (cyber but yeah i know im really really good at it but it doesn't hurt any less) but regardless of all this yeah. and i do have a ps3 and an xbox 360. i hope your exams go well though. i like talking to you ^_^ your very intellectual.

Now, I'm not saying that the alleged death of his girlfriend is funny. But this guy fascinates me. He doesn't sound like a 26y old so I'm hoping he's just trolling

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>weeb emoticons
>creepy amounts of personal detail
>immediately wants to do ERP
>"im so gud @ sex but im only virgin lolz dtf?"
>probably murdered that girl

Yeah. Definitely a winner, OP. I hope you two are happy together.

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He sounds like the perfect boyfriend op, go for it. He probably killed that girl and you're next.

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I'm sorry to hear about your girlfriend, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't expect your post to end with "send this to ten other people or katie will appear in your room tonight."

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Don't let crazy stick its dick in you.

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We're living on different continents, I don't think you should worry about that, anon but I appreciate the concern

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Did you even read the post? That's an email the OP received from a guy.

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I'm not gonna lie, I stopped reading at "I decided to watch some hentai".

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Shit, I live in Missouri. I'm worried about this guy now.

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>random info time: i once fingered a girl making her cum 12 times in 20 minutes.

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Crazy people might not think about the monitary issues involved with flying over to your country and using your skull for various sexual deviances.

But, enough about that guy, want to cyber with me? I'm not crazy....

Sorry, I couldn't finish that paragraph.

Anyway, have fun with your new cyber boyfriend OP. Always wear protection. 7 Proxies at least.

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heh, I told him that I'm not interested in cybering but I'm willing to just talk to him.

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Wait... Your gender is? As in, what you were classified as when you were born... Fuck those gender shitstorms....

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ca/tg/irl, hope this won't cause a shitstorm

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Right, thought so. No, it won't.

You could of been a dude talking to a homosex. But, at first, I thought "woman" cause the dude mentioned making a girl "cum" but... This is the internet....

So, exactly what are you going to do? Whatever you do, record it and post here. The dude is going to try super hard.... Guess you shouldn't of posted stuff in the Hentai Streaming Chat Boxes.

Out of pure curiosity, what was the hentai? Research purposes, of course. For science.

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Mahou Shoujo Elena. Wasn't as good as i expected though (what can I say, a bad ending would have been mush more enjoyable)
I decided to reply seriously, just to see how he will respond, decided to go with an inconsequential chit-chat: Aww I'm so sorry to hear that, that sounds awful. I'm not interested in cybering though, sorry :D But I like just talking. Also, wow, you're older than me, I'm 21. Now we finished the semester and hell begins - revision-revision-revision xD Are you studying/working? Can't wait for summer, finally can take a break from studying
The one interesting thing that happened in one of the previous email, is that he managed to almost correctly guess where I'm from even without me giving him any hints

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Wait... Mahou Shoujo Elena...

That the one about the girl who gets Magical Girl Powers and her sisters goes evil and rapes their mother to death?

I mean, I wouldn't know.

Also, your spelling, if you're from Britain (or Europe in general) your likely to spell things differently. Or based on the time of your replies.

Still, you sound swell, hope it doesn't get creepy. I quit Rift (MMO) when a couple of girls started stalking me in game and email....

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yup, that one. The only unique thing it had is ridiculous stomach expansions and even then they didn't do much with it.
As for my spelling, he guessed that I'm either from Czech Republic or Russia and my first language was Russian, so he guessed it somewhat right.
> swell
reminds me of Bioshock Infinite I like how this word sounds, too bad it's not used today

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>he managed to almost correctly guess where I'm from even without me giving him any hints
You might as well just make a will now, Katie

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The correct form of swell is.

(esp. of a part of the body) Become larger or rounder in size, typically as a result of an accumulation of fluid.

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Awesome. You into futa then?

Also, those chats are awful, have terrible "POP" sounds when somebody types. Annoying as fuck. I promised myself I'd watch the Bible Black: Revelation episodes and happened on to Elena by pure coincidence, who doesn't enjoy Yuri incest. Shame it was futa (Bible Black does it well though).

Yeah. Random conversation..... Just make sure you have a conversation with the dude where you make him roll for Anal Circumference.

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>he managed to almost correctly guess where I'm from even without me giving him any hints

Ditch your phone, withdraw everything from your bank account, hitchhike to South America and get a waitressing job where you're paid under the table. He knows where you live, katie.

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>streaming hentai
You people are no better than horse fuckers

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Um. It's actually used as an Adjective.

Americans spell Paedophile as Pedophile, which translates as Attracted to Feet as opposed to Attracted to Children, but nobody moans about that. Swell is perfectly fine to use like that.

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I know about that verb too, friendly anon
I'm ok with futa [/spoiler] I usually play as futa in a slavemaker or CoC[/spoiler] The chat in that website didn't have any sound effects and didn't require registration
clearly it's the only way

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crap, failed at spoilering

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What's the corrct way then? Buying it? Torrenting it?

Websites have set up now to Stream it... It's not really a Stream, more of a YouTube for porn...

But please, explain what people should do.

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this is called squirting

the weird thing is that he is a virgin but know how to make girl squirt

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It's also a noun meaning a full or gently rounded shape or form as well as an adverb version of your adjective.
Correct as in the original meaning from which the other likely derived.

>ever acceptable
Your kind disgusts me.

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Yeah, you did, you put the / on the first one too. Funny, seeing as you did a successful spoiler early on.

I thought the chat was one of those generic chat box things, can't remember the name, you don't need to registered but it makes noises when somebody "posts".

I don't like futa, Yuri for me, but Bible Black has an interesting story line and the production of quality is good. The only one I've seen come close to it is... Well, I don't think I should keeo posting about hentai on here.

If you want to keep talking, throw us your email or whatever, or join the /tg/ Steam group I've seem to inadvertently made..... or not. Whatever.

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there's a /tg/ Steam group?

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As I said, it isn't Streaming, they say it is, but it isn't. It's like YouTube.... They just offer Streaming to new stuff IIRC. Which I don't care about, not being into hentai much. I watch if a friend recommends it or it has Yuri in, but since Japan has decided Yuri isn't taboo enough... You're lucky to find any scenes anywhere.

Sorry I disgust you, but I don't watch Streams... Not even LiveStreams of Beta....

But, why don't you like it?

As for the topic of words and such, Language is forever evolving, I've decided to try and roll with it, with American spelling now taking over with Honor, Valor, Armor and so on.

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I bet you're one of those cunts that spells suphur with an f too you fucking scum.

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>all those ...
What are you? A teenager?

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Well, it wasn't made to be one, but it sort of is now.

I can remake it as the title can't change, but if you want in to the current group then wait till the new one is made by myself, you're welcome. As is everybody else.

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Nope, afraid not, I just like ellipsis. I use it when it's a pause. Where it could either be a comma or a new paragraph. It's a bad habit, but it's there. Sorry it upsets you so.

suphur is supposed to be sulphur? But no, no I don't spell it with an f.

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Well, it's there, look for /tg/ Official Group.

Only has a few people in, but, just join and will spread it around.

If this is a different person to the other poster, then, same applies.

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This. Hentai anime are fucking horrible, your average fan-service show has higher quality T&A.

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Why are you going to release my shit on the internet you asshole!!!!!! I will kill your mother and rape her, maybe then I will lose my v-card you fucking douchebag!!!!!!!!

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Nice try but that guy said he was saving it and your words are too coherent and correctly spelled.

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My god.

He raped and killed t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m.

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Just press Ctrl+S to get the tags.

Also, high-five, another Eastern Europe fag here.

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there aren't that many of us here. Then again, it's not that important on most of the boards, so who cares. Where are you from?

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It's a royal pain the ass to find any online RP though: majority of everything are in Americas.

"FUCK TIMEZONES" is like my motto by this point.

Also, Belarus

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>loves as hell cybering
>is virgin by chioce because he would be able to have sex if wanted

this guy is afraid as hell of dst and having kids or what?

>> No.24900666

>or what?

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It's more accurately called, BULLSHIT.

Since the human body is literally, physically incapable performing such a feat.

>> No.24900727

О, у меня папа из Беларуссии, мы туда периодически наведываемся к его отцу
true, the timezones are a bitch. You could try 2ch, they sometimes organize online groups too. Then again, 2ch is slow as fuck, threads stay there for months

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Seen a vid with that, bro.

>> No.24900764

Squirting is actually them pissing themselves from pleasure, porn starts fill up on water for it specifically

>> No.24900799


Wow, I even missed .ru dying.

>> No.24900821

ah, I meant .hk not .ru http://2ch.hk/bg/wakaba.html

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I didn't mean squirting you FOOLS!
I meant making a girl cum twelve times in TWENTY MINUTES!

>> No.24900866

And yes I am a Saturday Morning Cartoon Villain!

>> No.24900878

Yeah, I found that too (lurkmore helped)

>> No.24900880

Maybe she has premature ejaculation And is a he As in himself

>> No.24900898

Then how the fuck did that girl squirt all over me?

Seriously, fucking girl juice just shot out of her.

It's real.

>> No.24900919

It was her water, she was pregnant and not just fat and leaked it over you

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Or I will unleash my nuclear powered bio-droids upon New York City.

>> No.24900974

I can't work out what accent would produce a GARSH

>> No.24900975

Even the most premature ejaculator of men or women has not the physical capability to do such a thing.
The only thing I can think of was reading this case years ago about a lady who was so sensitive she could be brought to orgasm by touching her arms. But that's a 1 in a billion sort of thing.

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Travel the mid and north west more.

>> No.24901021

Well I suppose it doesn't matter in the context because he was lying. Also I remember hearing about people having eletrical devices placed in their brains to give them a shock if they press a button embedded in their hand, some of the patients had the side effect that the shocks gave them an orgasm and one woman pressed the button so frequently that she wore a hole in her hand

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I think the midlands and northwest would say fukken shite or something in jordie

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I already saw a video with that.
the video had a girl, big boomboxes playing hardstyle
and they (many guys on the video) used big vibrators to make the girl squirt allot
but they used items
and the girl looked like a drugged one, maybe thats was the point of the hardstyle song playing, make the girl look like a drugged girl on rave

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Why? Do you think you're important enough for me to hit refresh before I reply to you?

That's pretty arrogant bro.

>> No.24901099

Guess what, porn isn't real.
Shattering I know. I expect you'll go cry into your lap pillow now.
Of course I'm that important. My very next breath is more important than your next twenty thousand!

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>Czech Republic or Russia
>first language Russian
>somewhat right

Hmmm... Polka?

>> No.24901108

What? I don't think I've refreshed a page in years, and from what I've heard the official extension auto updates too now

>> No.24901133

nope, I just meant that the Russian part is somewhat right

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.... oh shit, I've been here two years and never clicked that little auto button.

This is just like when my friends showed me the built in reverse image search.

>> No.24901202

Well it's only been there for half a year, I use 4chanx though

>> No.24901220

The built-in what?

>> No.24901252

>Go to google.
>Click images.
>Click the little camera at the end of the search field.

>> No.24901258

Click settings in the top right corner.

Some Crazy shit there.

Even easier then that bro.

>> No.24901266

The best setting is to turn it off

>> No.24901281

Oh that thing.
I prefer to google. On my own terms.

>> No.24901287

Nah nigga, I know 'bout google. I jus' didn know about the built-in.

Amusingly, I have perused that menu, but somehow missed the search options among the rest.

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