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hey /tg/
Two things:
1) does anyone have that 'wanted' poster for the dragon?
and 2) does anyone want something of theirs that is fantasy related advertised in a shitty zine I am making for funsies?

Im just bored and going to make a bunch of copies of a Zine and then publicly distribute it for free wherever I feel is appropriate for a fantasy based zine to be distributed. if your selling something it is free advertising.

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this is everything i desire to be

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bump for posterity

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Fuck, I love power metal (only Rhapsody & Blind Guardian though) but I won't deny it's the gayest of metal.

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Is there somewhere I can find more (all) of these?

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now can you find me a sweet wanted poster for a dragon

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I'll look. Gotta go play a board game right now.

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>not loving Manowar
Do you even sign legal documents in blood?

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this one?

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thx qt

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If you guys want folk metal, you absolutely have to check out Falconer. So fucking good and I can never find other people who have heard of them

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It's nice to hear someone complain about a band they like not being well known rather than trying to brag about it.

Good on you.

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Decided to check them out. Not liking the vocals at all.

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Tell you what, I'll check out Falconer but you're going to listen to Scythia

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Which song? They did one album with a dude I don't like then went back to their normal singer.


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Listening now

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The song was Lord of the Blacksmith. I'll check out your link now.

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You should try some Freedom Call (makes you feel like you can punch a moose, get kicked by the moose, then share drinks with the moose and laugh about the time that the two of you beat each other bloody).

Alternatively, you could go full-fabulous and give Aquaria a go. Lux Aeterna is about as fabulous as power metal gets, which is to be expected of Brazilian power metal.

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There is no way they're trying to be serious about anything they're doing.

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If you into power metal check out Cryonic Temple


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And let us not forget Alestorm.

Not like any of us had, I'm sure.

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Just finished Spirit of the Quest video. Holy shit I did not expect an oboe. The song was decent, but I can't tell whether the video is a joke

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They just got signed to a record label that is based 1 hour from my house. I found out through some guys I know that are signed to the same record label. but then all their tours are still in the EU... so im wondering wtf is up

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You should go hang out with them. They're always up for it.

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Let's get a little fantasy metal in here.


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I will if I meet them. I have an in aswell with the dudes I know that I am going to fully take advantage off (lol)

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The feeling I've gotten from them is they're having a lot of fun while taking most of their music seriously (they do have a song about a trader).
I hadn't, Swashbuckle is awesome live

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Alestorm's OK, but then I'm more fond of clean vocals so I don't tend to listen to a lot of folk metal. I keep wishing Fairyland would do more nautical stuff, but there's only a couple tracks out of Score to a New Beginning that really go there. And even then, they could've done more with the melodies...

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Fairyland is awesome. I like their wars of asyria and fall of an empire albums.

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I just wanna make sure we're all on the same page. Korpiklaani are the kings of folk metal, correct?

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Whelp, I've found me.

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As a big fan of thrash and death as well as absolutely anything King Diamond does I'm not bothered at all by unusual vocals so it brings it to a tie between Alestorm and Tyr for my favorite in folk metal.

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Korpiklaani is pretty goddamn awesome, yeah. They're definitely my favorite folk metal band.

Been listening to some Finntroll lately, is anyone into them?

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In the same way that Jeoffry Baratheon is a king.

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The kid is adorable.

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Fuck yeah Finntroll.

They're extra fun for me because my old DM looked like their singer.

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non cater to my love of classic 70s and 80s metal

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This all reminds me of how bad I need to get an eight string guitar soon.

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Finntroll is so fucking good

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>eight string guitar
Just, why?

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A few of the riffs were pretty awesome, but I don't think I could listen to that all the time

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idk, korpiklaani is pretty good, but what about heidivolk


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Because of this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCgsqVThEkQ

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Warriors - Freedom Call
This song is the closest thing we have on this planet to Solar Exalted.

Spirits of Light - Aquaria
This comes in at a close second.

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This thread is now about /tg/-related metal.


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>Viking metal
Rebellion is a must

>Power metal
Pathfinder and Iron Fire.

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Time to throw in a little horror.


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How can you fools have a folk metal thread and not mention Ensiferum? Shame on you.


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I work out to Manowar 4 days a week. I refuse to lift to anything else.

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Because they're about a 6/10 on their good stuff.

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Here's some more pirate metal.


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bretty good, though I got pissed at the short haired guy singing along. does he do anything besides look like a jackoff?

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the fat short haird guy? hes the one harmonizing with the dude. he sings

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I don't disagree with this statement. That said, I have a real hard-on for "From Afar".

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You knew this was coming.

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yeah i know he's harmonizing, then for half the song he looks like he's about to start a stroke

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If that's not them doing the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme I'm going to be pissed.

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I would expect nothing less. Brofist me, brother.

You too. You have immaculate taste.

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Never go to war without a unit of Turisas

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Okay, not Bel Air, but hilarious anyway.

I haven't listened to them much since Captain Morgan's Revenge. Been more on Tom Waits and The Silent Comedy for a while now.

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What do you work out to the other 3 days?

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Bro fist indeed.

If anyone liked Running Wild make sure to check their song "Bad to the Bone."

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Tom Waits? Good man! Definitely not a standard musical style, but amazing nevertheless. I make it a point to introduce piano-playing friends to his work.

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>a cappella metal

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Can we all agree that, as it stands, Rifts is the most metal game without being carefully crafted to be such.

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Got to love some Van Canto, though Bard's Song isn't my favorite. My first exposure was their cover of Fear of the Dark, and it's still excellent.

>> No.24892023

Their fans aren't the brightest

>> No.24892036

Any Iron Savior fans around?


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The bards song is literally what made me start writing music. I heard that song and the next weekend I went out to a bunch of pubs and bought a mandolin from a pawn shop and have been writing bard song esque music ever since

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Now that you mention it:

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I fucking love Tom Waits purely for his role as Mr. Nick in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus... but I really don't like his music. I mean, I appreciate it as art... but listening to it for music's sake just doesn't work for me at all.

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My nager.


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Wow. Anyone want to help me find my sides?

>> No.24892097

I just finished up my massive end of the semester paper. Thanks for keeping me company. I have been sitting at my work desk for 14 hours. Ill be back after I drive home.

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Just for the record, I want this song to be played during the credits of Pacific Rim.

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>Gamma Ray
>Iron Savior
>Demons and Wizards

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Gamma Ray's album cover are sweet as fuck

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Got a request, I'm rolling up a Paladin right now. Need something to inspire badassness, with tones of fighting oppression. Currently have Hold the Heathen Hammer High going

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Truth. All of Gamma Ray's album art seems to be as ridiculously awesome as possible.

Not 'Made of Metal'?

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How bout one of my favorite Van Canto pieces: If I Die In Battle.


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beauty, thanks bro

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All my friends hit that stage back in highschool. It was weird being the only guy who didn't dress like that in the group, but I fit in fine.

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I think Rhapsody/Rhapsody of Fire deserves special mention here. Honestly, I can take or leave their music, but Christopher fucking Lee has been known to work with them, so they get bonus badass points.

Speaking of Christopher Lee, how about his rock opera about Charlemagne? Fucking unreal.

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I've listened to a few songs. It's honestly pretty weird. I can't get into it

>> No.24892314

Really, that whole album might help. The whole thing revolves around Norse mythology, with a fusion of music and spoken word that kicked all manner of ass. Probably one of my favorite Manowar albums.

>> No.24892338

Warriors (link in >>24891808) is a good one.

Hymn to the Brave (the Live Invasion version) is also a solid pick for paladins who are members of knightly orders as opposed to individual holy warriors.

I do love me some Rhapsody of Fire for that delicious Luca Turilli goodness... but Christopher Lee isn't a particularly picky man. I mean, just look at this...

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All this talk about metal and no one even bothers mentioning the best genre of metal. Not even in the deviant art Metal 101 gallery.

>> No.24892365

At twenty two years old I'm a mix of all these guys.I still have my battle best and my tattoo is from Lovecraft.I can even post pics haha

>> No.24892379

All true. Like I said, I'm not hugely into their music, I just think Chris Lee rocking out at his age, after all the shit he's seen and living he's done, is pretty damn cool.

Sorry, I know I've spammed a few, but one more: Manowar's Swords in the Wind.


>> No.24892382

It's a great album, I can't help but laugh at God of Fire though. It reminds me of bad church songs
Definitely helping, thanks bros

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>Christopher Lee Sings!

What the fuck is that video

>> No.24892418

His spoken word in Dark Avenger sends chills up my spine every time

>> No.24892425

Two words


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>> No.24892444

Yeah his voice is so fucking good. It's crazy when you think about how much he's done in his life.

>> No.24892463

If wikipedia is the be believed, the it's part of the climactic battle of a cheesy Australian comedy that grossed about $55,000 USD at the box office and managed to become one of Terry Pratchett's favorite movies.

I think we might be able to blame Pratchett's Alzheimer's on it.

>> No.24892468

Exactly. I think killing a Nazi with a knife gives you presumptive metal god status. Especially with a voice like his.

>> No.24892481

Doom Metal?

>> No.24892488

He's the absolutely best part of the Wicker Man.
>dat speech about God being dead and irrelevant

>> No.24892490

Whatever happened to Hail and Kill? That project was so awesome.

>> No.24892492

Nope. Try again.

>> No.24892501

>Rifts Being the most metal game.
>Not Duel Masters where Heavy and Metal are the fucking hands of Death.

>> No.24892512

Surely you don't meant prog metal.

>> No.24892521

Let's hope not

>> No.24892524

God no. One more time, surely you'll guess it

>> No.24892542

Not that guy, but what's wrong with prog metal? Blind Guardian hit their peak with A Night at the Opera and that's fairly solidly prog metal.

>> No.24892545

Power metal is fucking autistic as shit, so is basing your wardrobe on a genre a music.

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>> No.24892551

>Prog Metal
I will raise up Dio and David Gold to hand you your entrails.

>> No.24892552

I have no idea. I probably disagree, though.

>> No.24892556

Classic? Pre "Metal-as-a-concept" Metal?

>> No.24892562

The pics aren't a guide, they're observations of existent trends. That is, they're descriptive, not prescriptive.

>> No.24892566

Nothing's wrong with it. I like a few bands in the genre. It just doesn't fit the thread and most people who are super into prog metal are really fucking annoying about it.

>> No.24892571


>basing your wardrobe around a genre a music

Anon, are you telling me that you were never an impressionable youngin' that wanted to fit in with a group?

>> No.24892576

Yes, because these images are pages form an instruction manual.

>> No.24892580

It's metalcore. I don't care if you disagree, it doesn't make it less true

Dio and Iron Maiden are legit though.

>> No.24892585

Doom metal?

>> No.24892597

I'm guessing European Hair Metal.

>> No.24892603


Symphonic black metal with a raging erection for Lovecraft and ham it up like crazy.

>> No.24892607

Not that anon, but I remember seeing all the wristbands and necklaces and shit in high school. I wanted it, but I didn't at the same time cause I knew it looked retarded. Good thing Folk saved my fashion life

>> No.24892609


Leave here.

>> No.24892610

Don't care if you think so, doesn't make it any more true.

>> No.24892613

Make me.

This guy gets it

>> No.24892620


I was socially maladjusted enough to think it looked cool and "badass". Thank god I was poor as shit. These days I dress like a lumberjack (flannel, jeans, and boots all day and everyday).

>> No.24892623

Spatial Architects has one of the best riffs of modern power metal.

>> No.24892632

I know some of you must listen to Summoning. Though I'm not sure if they can strictly be called metal.

They made a song entirely in Black Speech. It's one of their less heavier songs.

>> No.24892648

Rolled 19


I'm trying, but it's not working.
The power of Christ compels you?

>> No.24892665

Yeah the poor definitely helped. Jeans and boots baby, I'm comfy and ready to help move stuff without notice.
Also taking this chance to reply to other post
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASmqBUnm8rQ Here's a song about defending your shit

>> No.24892680

Black Metal is best metal.

>> No.24892687

Fucking hell man watch were you aim that Christ shit

>> No.24892690

>Spatial Architects has one of the best riffs of modern power metal.
Fuck. I just gave it a listen.

Now I'm pissed that money's tight this month and my music budget is completely wiped out by Random Access Memories. Goddamnit.

>> No.24892697

Quick question did anyone see the new Finntroll video?I gotta say that is how I changeling now

>> No.24892706

Excluding the slower ones (Wicked Witch, Loves Tragedy Asunder, Down Where I am), they really have some amazing lyrics on that album too. I'm a sucker for coherent lyrics, though.

Going to go listen to Spatial Architects now, because I can't remember this riff you're talking about and it sounds worth being aware of.

>> No.24892719

What's everyone's (current) favorite metal band that they're listening to?
Mine is pic related.

>> No.24892730

haven't seen the video, but loving the picture

>> No.24892744

Always and forever, with Tyr and Amon Amarth close behind

>> No.24892745

I can halfway agree. Metalcore is one of those interesting genres that are generally terrible but when it's good it is fucking amazing.

See; BTBAM, Converge, Earth Crisis, Starkweather

>> No.24892769


Also, that album you posted's artist is really awesome, I'm considering getting some of his designs as tattoos.

>> No.24892771

>Fighting about music labels

Who gives a fuck? Listen to what's good.


I rather think The Exploited fits Shadowrunners nicely. You're the bottom of society, and by all that matters, you're fucking angry as hell. Time to make some motherfuckers pay.

>> No.24892775

Wait, are we counting the good bands of each genre or every band of each genre in this thread? Because if it's the latter then no one wins.

>> No.24892780

I saw those guys in Montana! Ended up talking to them after they found me and my buddies drove 6 hours from Wymoing to see them. I'm currently listening too my previous pic and this one. Finntroll

>> No.24892782

Graveland or Veles

>> No.24892785

That font is so bad

>> No.24892795

>Not naming your Bard "Ayreon" and playing him as a blind guy

>> No.24892802

It's almost as if they're trolling with those superfluous fins.

>> No.24892804


I don't think anyone is actually fighting, at least not in a non-good natured way.

I approve of Strapping Young Lad. And the artist is John Baizley, right? I might have gotten his last name wrong.

>> No.24892809

Neither, I was just listing examples of amazing metalcore as an inconspicuous way of recommending things. Though if you haven't at least heard of BTBAM, I don't know what to tell you.

>> No.24892814

Who cares, throw something up

>> No.24892819

That and Universal Migrator Part 1 are among the best prog albums out there.

>> No.24892831

And it turns out that Spacial Architects is considered a bonus track by Amazon, so the only way to get it is to buy the whole album... and the only other song on the album that's remotely interesting to me is their cover of The Immigrant Song. I might just buy that track and one other song I don't give a shit about, then pirate Spacial Architects and figure I'm even.

>> No.24892841

Would not be surprised.

>> No.24892844

Yeah, you spelled it right. Goes by aperfectmonster online, generally. He has some fucking cool designs with a lot of potential for tattoos.

Have you listened to any other Devin Townsend stuff? I like basically everything he's done.

>> No.24892849


Space prog metal. 2legit2quit.

>> No.24892860

They're pretty awesome, I've seen them live a couple times, too bad their sets are usually only like 5 songs.

Trying to think of the last good metalcore album I bought that isn't mainstream KSE (amazing) or AILD (more of the same). Uh, Jeff Loomis "Zero Order Phase" Is phenomenal if you like instrumental stuff. I fucking love Machine Head, the Blackening is one of the greatest metal albums of all time but idk if you can consider them metalcore, they're more thrash. Uh, Destroy the Runner is pretty good. Both of their albums are different.

>> No.24892869

I'm a big fan of The Human Equation, but that's largely because it has Devin Townsend and Mikael Akerfeldt on the same album, which is basically my dream.

>> No.24892893


Just watched it. That was pure unadulturated awesome.

>> No.24892901

Hey, guys.

>> No.24892903

Just watched it, this is a lesson in how to be hardcore brutal and have a shitton of fun lol

>> No.24892908


Behold. One of the greatest metal videos of all time.

>> No.24892925


Am I the only one who can't help but think of Lordi when listening to Sabaton?

>> No.24892943

>Viking Metal
>Pirate Metal

>> No.24892986

Did you know Christopher Lee has a symphonic metal band?

>> No.24893018

>Sumerian Metal

>> No.24893029

How come nobody posted bolt thrower yet, it's the most /tg/-related band I can think of


>> No.24893055


Wow. I actually really enjoyed this, both song and video.

>> No.24893081

Bolt throwers awesome, I just can't help picturing..........

>> No.24893092

No. Not to be an edge lord here, but after being excluded from the moment I entered public life, I had no interest or desire in emulating the people around me.

Why do you think I play RPGs?

>> No.24893098

>Space prog metal
>not posting Star One
Do you even worship the Starchild?


>> No.24893119

I don't like Star One, but I respect your opinion.

>> No.24893120

>ITT: /tg/ being better at /mu/ than /mu/

>> No.24893127


That doesn't make you an "edge lord", mate. I didn't dress like the aforementioned groups either (was a poorfag), but I was lonely enough that I wanted to be part of a group, even if it was a group that most everyone else disliked.

>> No.24893134

/mu/ is my homeboard. I can agree with this. Although they are far more versed in the actual musicians, /tg/ actually enjoys music.

>> No.24893135


/tg/ is love, /tg/ is life.

>> No.24893139

Whenever someone starts a sentence with "Not to be an ass" or "I don't want to sound racist, but" etc, it means they're about to be exactly what they said they weren't.

>> No.24893143

It sounds like somebody got their Creed in my Jeff Wayne.

>> No.24893145

Stat me

>> No.24893153

To be fair, /tg/ is by far the most civil board I post on.

>> No.24893159


I owe you a boon. I'd never heard of A Forest of Stars before, and I've quickly and surely fallen in love.

>> No.24893171

Str: 8
Dex: 7
Int: 13
Wis: 12
Cha: -4
Con: 7

>> No.24893186

The album that song is from, A Shadowplay for Yesterdays, is really good. But I prefer the preceeding album, Opportunistic Thieves of Spring.

Not often you find a themed band that treats their theme as more than a gimmick.

>> No.24893188

I wish I could say the same, but I just can't comprehend that sentence. It's Arjen Lucasson, Russell Allen, Damien Wilson, and Dan Swano, with some Floor Jensen for good measure. What's not to like?

>> No.24893198

I am aware that it sounds incredibly edgy. How else could I qualify that statement?

>> No.24893207

>-4 Cha
So, he's in a coma?

>> No.24893208

Cyberpunk is a genre. So I am going to invite punks to join this. We're not that distantly related you, and I, oh metalheads.


If Shadowrun had a theme song, this would be it.


This would be the song played during the end credits.

>> No.24893211

>Star One

>> No.24893212

You can say the exact same thing in a non-edgy way

>> No.24893220

It's a joke because Jeff is presumed to have autism. Aren't I funny?

>> No.24893222


What is their theme? Like I said, I'd never even heard of the guys before. Is it related to the video?
Just, Jesus Christ, this is really fucking good. I'm currently listening to A Shadowplay for Yesterdays (Prey Tell the Church of Fate just finished), and I don't think I'm going to be able to stop until I've listened to everything on their discography at least twice.

>> No.24893230

Is that the official rule for <1 CHA?

>> No.24893244


"Edgy" is a stupid fucking term and I wish we'd all just stop using it. The guy obviously didn't mean anything by it and has been more than civil, so I'd rather we not mess up what has been a really good thread by further delving into the merits of what is or is not "edgy".

>> No.24893246

Really grimy victorian. Not steampunk, but a really grim take on the victorian schtick. They go well with Unhallowed Metropolis.

>> No.24893263

It was as plainly said as possible, but then again, I'm not a wordsmith. In any event, the notion itself is what usually would be considered edgy

>> No.24893264

>Although they are far more versed in the actual musicians, /tg/ actually enjoys music.
Sounds about right. I pop up there every now and then, but holy fuck it's like nobody there actually listens to music because music is awesome. Right now it's like every other thread is just people bitching about how Random Access Memories is "pleb shit" instead of recognizing that the album is simply beautiful.

I made the mistake of posting before I was done listening. The track really picked up in the second half. If it's any consolation, I tend to feel like Creed isn't half bad without Scott Stapp (as proven by Alter Bridge).

>> No.24893282

RAM is boring.

>> No.24893310

I'm a writer, and I wish papercuts to the genitals of anyone that uses that word.

>> No.24893315


How do you feel about Bad Religion, punkbro? I personally enjoy them, but some of my friends who are more into punk than I am seem to view them with some disdain. I'm more into metal myself (surprise), so I was wondering if you had any elucidation on that. Perhaps it's a common thing in the punk scene? Like I said, I don't know.

>> No.24893321

I apologize.

This HAS been a great thread. Anyone into Sonata Arctica? They're not quite folk/fantasy metal but they're pretty awesome.

>> No.24893332

>I'm a writer
>I hate it when people use flavourful language
Sup Hemmingway?

>> No.24893340


Not metal. But I consider it metal. It has a black metal aesthetic to it.

>> No.24893341

In most systems.

>> No.24893376 [DELETED] 

Fair enough. I suppose most of the longer songs do take a bit to get going, although I think that stylistic choice usually suits the subject material quite well.

>> No.24893383

Pretty unconventional power metal from Russia.


>> No.24893400

Fair enough. I suppose most of the longer songs do take a bit to get going, although I think that stylistic choice usually suits the subject material quite well.


>> No.24893424

Speaking of Russian metal, there's a group called HMKids that does a lot of 40K tribute stuff. Some of it is actually pretty good:


>> No.24893433

"Wordsmith" isn't flavorful. It's hackneyed and all-too-often used by non-writers as a way of dismissing how much careful thought goes into actually producing something worth reading. That is, it dismisses the skillset as being one of intuition rather than one of intellect.

Then again, it may come from being absolutely sick of being handed barely legible gibberish from my Indian co-workers and being told to "wordsmith it" so that it's actually legible to my bosses' bosses.

>> No.24893444


I enjoy their Iron Warriors song. It's not great stuff, in my opinion, but it sounds like they're having fun and putting themselves into it, which is mostly what I look for in my music.

>> No.24893445

Honestly? Never listened to them. My way of acquiring punk bands to listen to is by word of mouth, wikipedia scrounging, and local shows. They've never come up. I'll check out a couple songs and get back to you, k?

>> No.24893466


Only ostensibly punk. But I think it's really good.

>> No.24893489

Speaking of /tg/ having good taste in music in a Shadowrun thread i discovered Outrun Electro type music (like lazerhawk, powerglove, mitch murder).

/mu/ hatred of Dragonforce even before they became "mainstream" is what got me into them and by extension POWER METAL and Folk metal.( as an aside getting a new singer was the best thing to happen to Dragonforce since they got on Guitar Hero 3)

>> No.24893493

Agreed. Whenever they manage to hammer out a solid melody, though, it's usually pretty good. Lorgar and Imperial Fists, for example.

>> No.24893518

I picked up It Won't Fade a while back when it was in one of the free music bundles Google Music does every now and then. It made it into regular rotation in my metal playlist, but I tend to have the same problem with Sonata Arctica that I have with Epica: unnecessary death growls. They have this nasty habit of immaculately constructing this beautifully heavy and intricate track and then muddying it all up with death growls that sound fucking awful.

>> No.24893529

By first impression, they're kind of pop-punky in sound. A bit on the overly polished and artificial side (no flaws to their music, no DiY sound). I'm also always leery of Epitaph bands. But none of these things are inherently bad.

Someone listening to them wouldn't make my raise an eyebrow, but they're not my thing.

Say, you ever listen to poison girls? They're a 70s anarcho-punk band with a rather feministic focus to their lyrics. I don't agree with most of their music, but their frontman (I'm not changing that term, damnit) has a fucking goosebump worthy voice.


Try to sit through the awful trilling at the start, it quickly stops.

>> No.24893553

Kamelot, anyone?
Tommy Karevik is a great addition, but I can't help but miss Roy Khan.


>> No.24893554


To each his own, I guess. I'm not the guy you're responding to, but I usually really enjoy melodious music interlaced with death growls. Early My Dying Bride is probably my favorite example of this.

>> No.24893564

This album always gets me in a pnp mood for some reason.


>> No.24893579

Fanfuckingtastic power metal. Memento Mori holds it's place as one of my favorite songs in the genre.

>> No.24893588

Time for me to go full pleb and run this out there:

>> No.24893604


>goosebump worthy voice

That is an absolutely perfect way to describe that.
Thanks for giving me your opinion by the way, just didn't know if that was a common thing, because, from my understanding BR's albums like Suffer and Against the Grain were considered god-tier punk albums.

Got any other punk you could recommend? Local stuff, weird shit you enjoy, whatever.

>> No.24893611

I know what you're talking about and I usually hate that, too. Not many of their songs have it. And yes, they have a lot of really beautiful heavy songs. Unia is such a unique album, very few things sound like it

>> No.24893646

Tom Waits fan back here with some Gamma Bomb for everyone.


>> No.24893658

Posting worst album cover in existence.

>> No.24893682

Ironically, it's one Iron Maiden's best albums.

Anyway. Who wants marine biology metal? Everyone, that's who.


>> No.24893696


Why is Eddie drawn and everyone else is poorly modeled in 3d? Are they trying to make a point with it or something?

Sort of related, some of my favorite album art

>> No.24893730

Looks like the same guy that made the dancing baby animation

>> No.24893749

I just don't like where they've been going thematically these days. They've become more gothic prog than power prog, and I feel like Karevik is further encouraging the change. They need to get back to their roots.

>> No.24893785

The computer-generated cover art was provided by David Patchett,[9] who allegedly asked for his name to be removed from the album's credits after the band decided to use an unfinished version,[10] which was received negatively.[11]


>> No.24893788

Didn't the singer from Kamelot have a huge freak out or quit the band? I remember hearing something from a friend that listens to them

>> No.24893790

Hell fucking yeah, Cannibal Corpse.

>> No.24893799

Good Charlotte

I kid, I kid.

Gogol Bordello is fucking amazing.


Leftover Crack, now defunct is pretty damn good.


Star Fucking Hipsters, featuring the same frontman is pretty damn decent, it and Leftover Crack are good examples of modern anarcho-punk.


Inepsy has more of a thrash sound that's clearly inspired by Motorhead, but I love them to pieces.


DOA is an undersung classic of Hardcore, and from my home province no less. I try to avoid covers, but this one is amazing.


Probably not worth mention, since they're rather legendary, but Crass is always worth mention.


And because I like laughing at people I hate, Skrewdriver actually has a surprisingly good sound if you can stomach a white power band.


The Pogues are icons of Celtic punk. The Dropkick Murphys an feel free to get lost in a septic tanks


And, since it's something of a recent "thing" I mention Wingnut Dishwasher's Union (a Johnny Hobo project) as an example of folk-punk. Fair warning: they can often go into the hippies with mohawks territory. You might have to check your privilege if you dig too deep.


Though you are correct, oldschool Bad religion is considered to be one of the iconic bands.

>> No.24893801

I think it was god's fault he left.

>> No.24893825

Here's some Outworld, a band that was not around NEARLY long enough.


>> No.24893867

>They need to get back to their roots.
Eh, honestly I think it's fine for bands to go in new directions. It's far better that they should go where the inspiration takes them and hope that the fans follow or that new fans jump on board than to stagnate intellectually.

>> No.24893879

He quit for unspecified reasons; there were rumors of a burn-out or a religious reawakening or something. It's a shame, really...he's such a talented vocalist. But I guess if the darker themes in Ghost Opera and Poetry for the Poisoned were any indication of what kind of place he was in mentally before he got religion, it may well be for the best. Better alive and retired than depressed and dead.

>> No.24893896


>Gogol Bordello

Oh my god. OH MY GOD.
What the fuck is this and where has it BEEN all my life?! Punkbro, I really appreciate all the effort you've put into this. Seriously, you didn't have to do all this (finding an example for each band and such), but I want you to know that I sincerely appreciate your help.

>> No.24893907

No problem man, I love sharing good music.

>> No.24893912

Yeah, I loved his voice when I listened to him. I still hate when bands change singers, for any reason. It always makes me disregard some albums

>> No.24893922

Gogol Bordello is the shit, nigga. You're in for a treat.

>> No.24893938


>No Blackbird Raum


God-tier folk punk.

>> No.24893940

Oh fun note about Gogol Bordello, the frontman is Ukrainian/Roma and spent a good chunk of his life in refugee camps following the Chernobyl incident. This is apparently where he came in contact with Roma and developed his particular sound.

>> No.24893946

Just be glad that metal as a genre will never lose a vocalist remotely as awesome as Freddie Mercury. I mean, I fucking love metal... but the day Freddie ascended from this plane of existence, the planet became a measurably worse place to live.

>> No.24893962

We already lost Dio, dude.

And Rob Halford can't live forever.

>> No.24893973

Folk punk by and large isn't my thing. I've looked around, and it seems to have a distressing incidence of that "hippies with mohawks" bullshit that I find off-putting going on.

I can't help but find it hilarious that I can stand music from an ideal I hate (white power) but have difficulty with the music of an ideal that actually has some points I can agree with (modern progressivism).

>> No.24893994

I would have rather loved and lost ...

>> No.24894014

So you're a giant cunt?

>> No.24894022

Fair enough. I'm pretty damn far left and I have a soft spot for NSBM, so I can appreciate your conundrum.

I still love Blackbird Raum though. They have an almost Pete Seeger like sincerity to them.

>> No.24894023


Yeah, the day Dio descended back into his home realm was a tremendous blow indeed... Don't even remind me of how old Halford is.

>> No.24894040

And Lemmy should have died like 30 years ago.

>> No.24894048

Dio gave his best long before the grave claimed 'im. Freddie had much more to give.

Again, this isn't to say that Dio was a small loss. It's like comparing the brightness of a white dwarf with the brightness of a star going supernova. If you're on the surface of either one it's all academic, but they're still orders of magnitude apart.

>> No.24894051

Man, I am so glad Tom Waits is immortal.

>> No.24894054

Though this stuff is delightful.

Also, thank goodness it wasn't Andrew Jackson Jihad. At least I can see traces of punk in this.

Though AJJ did produce a couple good songs.


I've spent many a drunken night singing along to these two.

>> No.24894059

Fuck yes Gogol Bordello, home of the only guy with a handlebar mustache that shouldn't be punched.

>> No.24894062

I know, right?

He may have a bad liver and a broken heart, but he's still going.

>> No.24894069


Nope, not listening, Dio's still alive man, he just, stopped being here in a physical form.

>And don't you dare remind me how old the guys in Maiden are.

>> No.24894071

That's like, just your opinion, man.

Yeah, it's pretty excellent.

>> No.24894072


Not even that guy, but I can clearly see his point. I'm a fairly left leaning guy, but being into metal, I'd be a lot more able to enjoy the musical style of a metal band with white power lyrics than a Grateful Dead-hippie-jam-fest-2000, even if the latter had lyrics I more agreed with.

>> No.24894076

You clearly haven't heard of "The Silent Comedy" yet, then.


>> No.24894084

>Dear diary, today /tg/ was /mu/.
>It was a good day.

And just yesterday I was on thrash/heavy metal band gig. If anybody willing to take a dip in Polish metal scene, check out Hunter. And also Jelonek, which is a must to everybody.

>> No.24894085

He wasn't talking about lyrics, he was bitching about fashion.

>> No.24894093

You get the right to wear one by not being a pampered middle class kid. The more hardship you've experienced, the fancier the mustache allowed.

>> No.24894096

Only kind of related. But as a socialist this song made me cry.


Not punk. But it has a punk mentality with its lyrics.

>> No.24894109

Meant for

>> No.24894115

Lemmy will outlast us all. He's like an old boot.

I just give thanks to Odin every day that Eric Adams is still going strong. His pipes are truly divine.

>> No.24894122

>Bruce Dickinson is fifty, and opening a pilot's school.

I agree. It's terrifying beyond belief.

>> No.24894130

>Lemmy will outlast us all. He's like an old boot.
He mentioned lately that he feels like he doesn't have much left in him. They're touring so much right now because he wants to die on stage.

>> No.24894152

I saw clips from the DVD they made involving Bruce Dickinson flying them around on the tour, and I'm fairly convinced he's a Lich.

Either that or stopping the wild parties and shit way before his peers is really paying returns.

>> No.24894158


As utterly metal as that is, I just don't know that I'll be able to take it man...

>> No.24894169

Have to agree here, and thanks to fucking Ben Gibbard and Robin Pecknold the local music scene seems to have decided that having an aching vagina is better than having fucking balls.

>> No.24894171

Well, I'm glad to see that concern for the workers extends past smug ass liberals and college kids.

Here's hoping we see more of the Makhno variety of socialist and less of the would-be Lenin variety.


More Inepsy because I love them.

>> No.24894176

I hope it at least happens while they're trying to record a video or something.

>> No.24894177

Burn his pyre on stage!

>> No.24894186

No I wasn't. Hippies with mohawks is a criticism leveled by the Misfit's frontman about modern punk ideology.

>> No.24894210

Danzig or Only?

>> No.24894213


Not that it matters, but Danzig, Graves, or Only?

Just curious.

>> No.24894220

>stopping the wild parties and shit way before his peers is really paying returns.
You've hit on the great secret of rock'n'roll longevity. >>24894115 noticed it too; Eric Adams is still going strong because he takes care of himself and his voice, and keeps his indulgences to a moderate low, if anything.

>> No.24894243

Can't remember for the life of me. Not a big Misfits fan. It's just a term that I feel well covers the concept.

>> No.24894262

On the very same album as that Panopticon song is this;


That Inepsy track was badass as hell.

>> No.24894272

I was just thinking that, except they'll have to burn down the entire hall instead, with everyone still in it. He'll need an audience for the Great Gig in the Sky, after all.

>> No.24894286

As opposed to Keith Richards, who has, by and large, pickled himself.

>> No.24894287

This is just your reminder that not only does time not heal all wounds, it can also ravage the fuck out of someone.

Take care of yourselves, fa/tg/uys.

>> No.24894289

Dickinson's indulgences involve fencing and piloting. He doesn't moderate them, he just directs them in a productive manner.

>> No.24894299


>> No.24894313

I love this band.

>> No.24894315


Oh man, I have such a soft spot in my heart for the Ozzman. He could probably go full Breivik and I would forgive him.

>> No.24894316

>One hand blurred from rapid movement

Oh, Ozzy.

>> No.24894339


I'd like to find the interview or wherever where he said that, because I pretty much agree with that assessment. Plus, I'm a pretty big Misfits fan.

>> No.24894340

So yeah, don't know why I just keep coming back to this album.

>> No.24894343


What even... Why?

>> No.24894346

After some therapy after the wreck he speak again.

>> No.24894347

I was using indulgences as a euphemism for drugs and alcohol. Fencing and piloting are hobbies or interests.

It's a good thing we don't have to listen to him try to sing.

>> No.24894352

Damn, I could lose myself in that song. Thanks man.

Have something a bit more jaunty.


>> No.24894384


They're a good band. Pretty much death metal 101, I believe.

>> No.24894389

Do you have paper cuts yet?

>> No.24894405

Don't let the name fool you. Much of their content is political and social commentary (with the exception of their very early work, which is indeed edgy shit.)

>> No.24894433

I'm just baffled with the band name.

>> No.24894455

This is damn good. It's so refreshing to talk to somebody that isn't a libertarian, of which /mu/tants emphatically are.


Italian anarcho-punk that likes mashing genres together.

>> No.24894462

Try >>24894389

>> No.24894465


You haven't seen anything.

>> No.24894491

See; All goregrind, pornogrind bands.

Those names man, those names.

>> No.24894509


>> No.24894515


I saw.

>> No.24894549

>isn't a libertarian

I am, but only in the absolute most classic of senses. I'm a mutualist, favoring the writings of Proudhon and Kevin Carson with no small dash of Max Stirner thrown in and a fair bit of respect for Kropotkin.

As ashamed as I am to admit it, I'm running out of bands to recommend. I haven't gone music searching in far too long. Thanks for the new one. I offer more Poison Girls, possibly their weirdest piece.


>> No.24894563


Aborted, Carcass, Cattle Decapitation, etc. etc. As a fan of stupid horror movies that offer little beyond massive amounts of poor quality gore, I can at least appreciate those bands.

>> No.24894582


>classical libertarian

High five on that one.

>> No.24894634

I've no issue with classic libertarianism, I tend to agree sometimes. The issue is the self-entitled modern libertarians.


More along the lines of eco-anarchy, but it's still pretty relevant.

>> No.24894639

To you too. I detest the fact that American minarchists have co-opted the term. It's especially funny considering that one of the major formative theorists of the ideology (Murray Rothbard) was an anarchist, and strongly disagreed with the notion of a slow reform to libertarianism. In fact, many of the early theorists did (Samuel Konkin III, founder of agorism was also very critical of this notion).

Gonna move away from punk, I do have other tastes, so have some melodic death metal.


I think I might be the only one here who likes Amon Amarth since I never see it mentioned in these threads.

>> No.24894647


Ooooooh Cattle Decapitation. Everyone should have to watch this video.

>> No.24894673

They're okay, the guitar work is good, but I prefer either clean or beauty-beast vocals, cookie monster tends to grate on me after a couple minutes.

>> No.24894678

>mfw I'm not sure if the link is going to be music by a group named Cattle Decapitation or that video of that Pakistani guy lopping a cow's head off in a single blow with an oversized kukri

>> No.24894709

It's a band called Cattle Decapitation. The song is "Forced Gender Reassignment."

They decided to just go nuts on a gross-out video for it and it's pretty great.

>I need a link to that video you're talking about.

>> No.24894716

The problem with modern libertarians is described very well by Kevin Carson with his notion of the 'vulgar libertarian'.


An oddly fair article from rationalwiki that sums it up rather succinctly.


GWAR is always classic. I've wanted to crib the subject of this song as a villain in a ww2 tech level fantasy setting since I first heard it.

>> No.24894723


I always assumed that most of /tg/ at least appreciated Amon Amarth, because Vikings and metal. Personally though, I love them. The link you posted was my battle song for quite a while.

>> No.24894728

I developed an admiration for it when I learned that it actually takes some skill to sing like that. It's pretty hard to maintain a consistent sound doing that, and very hard on the vocal cords.

>> No.24894741


If you like melodeath, I recommend cypecore.

>> No.24894750

When I first started learning it my throat felt like a nightmare for a while.

>> No.24894779


Oh man, this is hilarious. I love silly shit like this.

>> No.24894784

In my humble opinion. TotTG is Amon Amarth's best album. But yes, away from politics, it's getting me angry as politics are wont to do.

I've been spinning this album recently.

Black metal as done by Comus and High Tide.

Those aren't cookie monster vocals.

These are cookie monster vocals
With bonus pig squeals!

>> No.24894791

Sabaton did a pretty good cover. It really only gest growly in the slow bit.


>> No.24894814

I was just about to fall asleep, and then I sat bolt upright in bed.

I realized I had forgotten to post Candlemass.


>> No.24894816

>These are cookie monster vocals
we must go even more brootal m8

>> No.24894832

True that, but it's just my preference, If you can stay clean and hit the Halford-Dickenson notes, I have a bit more respect since those also have a tendency to fuck up your vocals.

>> No.24894840

You're calling all that pussy shit Cookie Monster?

Prepare thine anuses!


>> No.24894849


Oh, oh, oh man, you are my nigger.
I love me some Candlemass, and I am utterly ashamed that I haven not mentioned them once this thread.

>> No.24894855



Really fucking good melodeath in the vein of Cynic.

>> No.24894884


I actually preferred with Odin on Our Side. My only complaint was that the final track was weak. I'd have swapped Under the Northern Star and Prediction of Warfare personally. The best thing TotTG did was put Embrace of the Endless Ocean as its final track, though it's all around a very solid album.

Because I don't like not including music I mention:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8pfRzD8ZIo - Under the Northern Star
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nNvYtRfaSA - Prediction of Warfare
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xf8vFNQPnh0 - Embrace of the Endless Ocean.

>> No.24894906


>> No.24894910

Hey man, to each their own. I like growling to a limit. Like, when I cannot understand them no matter how hard I try, it's off-putting.

>> No.24894915


Nigga do you even omnomnomnomnom.

>> No.24894919


Melodeath gods here.

>> No.24894935


I see your pig squeal and raise you this!

>> No.24894967

Fuck, you win.
I did it to bring about the inevitable I.A.I. post.

>> No.24894996

Eh, I like Demilich better.

>> No.24895044

Looked up some of Abominable Putridity playing live and I DEFINITELY like Demilich better now.

>> No.24895047

It's ok, we kinda take it for granted how awesome they are.
Obligatory lament for the fact that Johan Langqvist only ever did one album for them.

>> No.24895115

Autopsy is an outlier in my tastes. I have absolutely no idea why I like them since I normally dislike black metal, but here we are. Anyone else like 'em?


Also, Arkona. They're a Russian pagan metal band named after the last pagan castle-city to fall in Russia.


Controversy apparently has something to do with some dude beheading a couple immigrants to this song in Russia. Arkona wound associated with Russian nationalism.

Also, god damn do I love pagan revivalism and music. I'm very fond of the idea that gods exist in the minds of men, and paganism just seems to be the most fitting to that notion. I myself am rather fond of the Norse gods. Each is larger than life, wise, strong, and great in their own regards. But they're also fallible. Doomed to an eventual, inevitable, and horrific death, that every attempt to escape just further realizes. Odin, for all that he knows, can do nothing to halt Ragnarok. I can't help but find it incredibly beautiful.

>> No.24895142


>> No.24895225

Are we still on deep gutterals?


>> No.24895320

>No Bal-Sagoth
I'm still notsure if they were serious or not, especially with track titles like:
>And Lo, When the Imperium Marches Against Gul-Kothoth, Then Dark Sorceries Shall Enshroud the Citadel of the Obsidian Crown
>The Dark Liege of Chaos is Unleashed at the Ensorcelled Shrine of A'Zura-Kai (The Splendour of a Thousand Swords Gleaming Beneath the Blazon of the Hyperborean Empire Part II)
>Cry Havoc for Glory, and the Annihilation of the Titans of Chaos (The Splendour of a Thousand Swords Gleaming Beneath the Blazon of the Hyperborean Empire: Part III)
>Into the Silent Chambers of the Sapphirean Throne (Sagas from the Antediluvian Scrolls)

(Draconis Albionensis)

>> No.24895333


>> No.24895355

I'm not gonna harsh on your tastes, but excluding one song I found Bal Sagoth kind of hilariously bad. No offense man.


Also, I rather enjoy this AMV, and I'm not normally a fan.

>> No.24895382

Lets have something nice as a chaser.

Lets see how Robert Downey Jr's album is.

I'm a minute in and so far he sounds like Phil Collins playing Warren Zevon's music.

>Notably the good ol' Tony Stark wrote most of the album, does the majority if not all of the piano playing, and is the vocals as well.

>> No.24895393

Always thought they had a boner for the Arkham Circle (Lovecraft, Howard, C.A. Smith, Lieber) in general.

>> No.24895414

Not one of my favorites, but they can do some good instrumentals, and fuck if they're not a gold mine for good old Sword and Sorcery city/area names.

>> No.24895513

Not begrudging your tastes. There's lots of stuff I like that I feel a slight hint (but only a slight one) of trepidation at the prospect of showing off. So feel free to enjoy what you find to be good music. I'll give it this: it isn't Alestorm.

>> No.24895558

Not much is Alestorm, then again I find them to be on the cheesy side of music, in much the same vein as Bal-Sagoth and Type O Negative.

>> No.24895579


>> No.24895625

See I just can't take it seriously, it's just so cheesy, but in a good way.

>> No.24895660

Oh it's cheesy as hell and that's one of the best things about it.

>> No.24895713

That's the best thing about any genre of metal, the cheesier acts tend to be more enjoyable the longer you listen to them.

>> No.24895762

Not that anon. But I tend to enjoy the more serious forms of metal.

Take this for example.

>> No.24895764

Remember when they were opening for themselves as "Christian Balestorm?"

>> No.24895775

You sound boring.

>> No.24895810

While I am fairly boring. Being serious doesn't mean you can't have fun with it, or that it can't be enjoyed in a way that doesn't involve basking in superfluous complexity.

>> No.24895821

Here, take this and stop talking. You sucking the fun out of the room.


>> No.24895883

But I don't like Sunn O)). As far as drone is concerned, this;


is infinitely better.

>> No.24895909

No one cares.

>> No.24895944

Well now you're just being difficult.

>> No.24895957

No one wants to listen to you be a prick about how you only like serious metal. That shit just murders conversations.

>> No.24895988

I didn't say I only like it. I said I prefer it. I was hoping to get some sort of exchange of recommendations going. But obviously you would much rather fixate on a single aspect and attack it rather than suggest something.

>> No.24895991

No one cares.

>> No.24896023

Whether or not you care doesn't change the fact that I will still be posting links. Now get over yourself.

>Psychadelic thrash metal from down undah.

High-energy and frantic.

>> No.24896029

No one cares.

>> No.24896060

Here's all of "De Virmis Mysteriis" by "High on Fire."

I especially recommend "Madness of an Architect."

>> No.24896114

Were you linking to something or just suggesting? Either way, De Virmis is fantastic.

>> No.24896191


>> No.24896330

Are you ready for a FUCKING BROOTAL experience, /tg/?

>> No.24896391

Rolled 68, 59 = 127

Why the hell not.

>> No.24896496

Just suggesting it to everyone.

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