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GM Fatigue.

I'm very sorry, but it's really come to this. I can't continue to write the quest I started writing. It's been mentioned over the last half dozen threads or so that I've been moving away from an emphasis on farming, and that's more than a fair assessment. I've been focusing on character relations, and relic gathering much more than the farming, mostly because that's what I enjoy writing.

And I want to be fair to the people who make this quest happen every other night or so, (you), so I'm offering three choices.

1: I give up the mantle of GM, one of you takes over. You're free to take the story in whatever direction you want. This will obviously need to be discussed further to work out the kinks, but there'll be no hard feelings on my part. If you want A, and I'm giving you B, no one wins.

2: I write a one thread "closer". Keith and the girls continue farming into old age, happily ever after, cue sunset and fade to black. Simple enough.

3: I continue writing the threads in the manner I have been, with fairly minimal focus on farming. It won't be completely ignored, decisions will have to be made regarding it still, but the characters and the adventures will be 80% of the future quest threads. If it helps anyone I can change my trip to _______ Goddess, and the title of the threads to _______ Quest.

So, please, discuss.

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3, really.

Because come on, the farming in Harvest Moon games were just grinds after initial planning of the field layout and crop distribution.
As long as we are able to determine the size of the fields, and which crops go where, that's pretty much all a Harvest Moon game has.
We grind through it so that we can get to the character interaction and adventures in the mountains and in the mine.

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I'd prefer 3, I like the quest and how you run it.

There's a limit on how much farming we can include beyond broad strokes and adding new innovations and stuff to make to the pile. The actual work of farming is kind of monotonous. Once we get the field layout taken care of aside from the occasional emergency or us throwing in a innovation or doing something new like making pastries, different types of alcohol, or going out to find some wild hops or some other plants we want to cultivate it the work of farming is digging, weeding, and waiting, none of which really are that amusing to write about or read and ought to be glossed over to a degree.

The farming kind of has to be the backdrop because otherwise it simply doesn't work, posts that consist of "you dig a hole, put a seed in it, and cover it up. You dig another hole, put a another seed in it, and cover it up." are going to be monotonous.

The adventure and characters is going to take up most of the time and that's okay. As long as we still do keep on improving our homestead and don't neglect it I'll be happy.

Some of our farm projects take a lot of background time and we can skip some of the waiting and do other stuff as well. We won't be making pastries until we have wheat, we can't grind wheat super-efficiently until time passes and we get the water-wheel built. It's alright to skip over most of the day-to-day routine, though snippets of it could be nice and give us a general idea of how the farm is doing and provide some good character interaction moments.

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I've been a lurker in the threads when I can catch them, and I'd like to see them run on as they have been. The quest has overall seemed more like Rune Factory with farming being a small means to an end, and frankly I'm okay with that. I'm also curious as to what, if anything, you have planned.

The farming is a minimal part of the actual experience in terms of variety for the games - it's MEANT to be repetitive and habitual. Aside from ideas to try and the time it consumes affecting our day, the way you've handled it seems largely appropriate to me

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3, but try to widen our interactions with the town and it's people.

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might as well, since it will stop people complaining about there being hardly any farming, despite the fact that if we went more in depth about the farming than we already have, it would be boring as hell

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There were a couple of good points made at the end of the last thread about including the village more. We have an entire village of NPCs that we don't interact with save for commissioning tools or buildings.

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Adding a bit to my post here.

Most of the farm stuff should be backdrop, every once in a while general descriptions of how things are going, lines about how X plant is growing well, a sense of pride at a new birth from our farm animals, that sort of thing.

Also we've been neglecting the town a bit much, though we've done more town interaction the last couple threads, having people who live near by coming to visit or elaboration on our place in the community as a whole.

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And we could bring the village together to pitch into something they all could use. A public watermill or herb greenhouse will benefit ourselves and the village. Hell, we could someday run for mayor if were well enough liked and want to add another layer of depth to the quest.

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>are going to be monotonous
Not only, look at REAL farming simulation.

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I'm kind of hoping that this is the general consensus honestly.

Because I do enjoy the threads, I just can't make myself focus on the farming as much as some participants want.

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I will make an effort to include the townsfolk a bit more, though frankly, it's kind of a dull town.

People live there, and that's about it. It's a one horse town, except that there's no horses, just your three donkeys.

If you all want to we could go a bit sim city on it once we build up more cash flow.

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As long as there's more variety to the not-farming, keep doin what your doin, Goddess bro.

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I would pick choice 3.

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3, just mix up the waifu drama with other things a bit, doesn't have to be boring day to day farming tasks.

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I would recommend that next time you need to make an announcement, do it at the end of a preexisting thread, instead of creating a new one. It is better to do that, instead of having a metathread. Just a suggestion, sage for unrelated.

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I think your problem is you chose something that is *supposed* to be inherently boring or slice of life or episodic.

There's not really any major way to spice up a 'daily life' type 'quest', which ended up in you having to resort to waifu's and other shenanigans rather quickly

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Alright, alright.

I'm hearing a pretty universal consensus on this.

I have a few hours to kill still, do you want to have a thread proper, or shall we just adjourn for another night?

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I could go for participating in a thread right now if you're up for it.

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>being this petty about 4chan nettiquette

Get fucked mate.

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I would be up for a thread.

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A new day dawns. The lone rooster announces his presence, to your dismay. You were sleeping well, and having such wonderful dreams of electricity.

You spend the first half of your day watering the plants on your farm, some of the faster crops are really coming along. As usual, it looks like it's going to be a big harvest.


The work section of your day done, you plan out what to do with the rest of it.

[ ] Go to town, look for something to entertain you there
[ ] Look for things in the woods
[ ] Other

Also, do you bring anyone with you? You can bring everyone, if you wish.

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>[x] Other
Bury the damn hellcube before we forget about it again. Bury it deep.

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If we plant a tree over it the roots will stop the soil from eroding.

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And probably turn the tree quite evil over time.

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I think that today would be a good day to take the box and bury it, I don't want that hanging over our heads for any longer.

Invite all the girls to come along and help. It'll probably be us and Daliah sweating in a pit digging and passing buckets of dirt, probably using rope, up to the other two so we can get a properly deep pit.

Make sure to do it somewhere a decent distance away, just in case it corrupts the land around it, and not near trees as the roots will make digging a bitch. A nice clearing.

Bring shovels and maybe even a pick mattock.

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This, I don't want to risk summoning You-Know-Who.

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>[ ] Other
Bring along Daliah, and maybe Rezna, to find a place to bury the Hellcube. Maybe even Melissa.
They'll be able to judge where we should bury the cube.

Bring along all of our digging tools.

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So basically "Let's ignore the basic premise of the quest and turn it into waifu RPG or I'll drop it"?

Gee, I wonder what everyone's going to pick.

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So you want to be an anti-social dirt pusher?

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You remember that small puzzle cube you bought on a whim before christmas. Rezna quickly identified it as evil, and though all you have to go on is her word, you trust her. You figure now is as good a time as any to bury it as she suggested. "Hey, ladies!" You call over the farm. "Let's go for a walk and bury that silly little cube!" You go to gather up some shovels and such. This is going to be another sweaty day.


"Keith, since we're going on a fairly long walk into the woods, I thought it might be a good idea to bring some of the relics along, just in case."

Melissa made a good point, and you agreed to let everyone bring a Relic with them, just to ensure you're properly prepared for the unforeseeable. Daliah, of course, chose to bring Sow. Melissa carries Providence, as always.

Rezna looks up at you seriously. "The only Relic I'm any good with is the medallion, I want to bring that."

[ ] Mmm, nope. Choose a different relic.
[ ] I don't see why not, you're trustworthy
[ ] Pick a relic to bring yourself, if you want.

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Hmm well if containment is what we are after we should probably bury this in a cave somewhere and collapse it. Not much corruption can do to solid rock.

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Have you even ever played Harvest Moon, or Farm Simulator 2013?
The former is at least 40% to 50% grinding of watering the plants, feeding the animals, brushing the cows, taking the eggs, milking the cows for a minimum of 7 days, and if you're lucky you'll have maybe 3 or 4 hours to cut lumber in the mountains or spend them digging in the mines.
The latter at least you drive around in tractors and other vehicles, but that sort of doesn't work too well in a text only medium, does it?

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[X] I don't see why not, you're trustworthy
"Hopefully you won't have to use it."

Take Sisyphus ourself just in case things go horribly awry.

We might want to either put Risk/Reward on ourself or pass Risk to Daliah and Reward to Melissa, I'd prefer splitting it between the girls but I'm not going to kvetch about us taking them or just leaving them home.

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Bury it with only us knowing the location. Don't need anyone but ourselves to know where it is.

Also read the damn journal. Wives bought it for a reason.

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>[x] Mmm, nope. Choose a different relic.
Give her the gloves, she can be our save game.
Bring both the rings, in case we have to punch any mountains.

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"okay, but if I have to punch something into the sun, I'll expect you to give it back."

We take Reward and the Gauntlet, and give Risk ti Rezna.

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>[ ] I don't see why not, you're trustworthy
>[ ] Pick a relic to bring yourself, if you want.
"I just hope you won't have to use it. Please only use if the situation absolutely requires it, Rezna."

Take Sisyphus, Risk, and Reward. And our knife.

I've got the feeling that the Hellcube will know that we're trying to get rid of it, and it's going to send out a call for help.

>> No.24892139

>everybody picking more than one relic

It's really hard to create non-ridiculous encounters when you're stacked up like the greek pantheon :p.


"Sure Rezna, you can have the medallion, just promise me you'll be a good girl with it."

With that said, you don Risk and Reward, Sisyphus atop them, and you bring your christmas Gauntlet for good measure.

Before you all leave on the asses, you snag the journal your wives bought you for some light road reading.


"Early spring, 1st day, Daliah.
It's so muddy out here. We're not going to be able to get anything done. Days like this are so boring. Be less boring, husband!"

How disheartening.

"Early spring, 13th day, Melissa.
The mead is coming along sooooo nicely <3! I love you so much for letting me brew it, and all the other nice liquors we're planning. I'll reward you tonight for being such a good husband."

So that's why she was so forward that night...

"Early spring, 15th day, Daliah.
Spoke to father about hitting you, he said he wouldn't do it again. He has a lot more gray in his hair than I remember him having. Rezna swears she didn't do anything."

"Early spring, 17th day, Rezna.
You talk a lot in your sleep, Keith. I keep waiting for you to tell me you love me, but you don't. It's okay though, I can wait! I. Love. Youuuuuu! Let's play cards again sometime."

You put the journal away, in fear.


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Obviously we need to play cards more. Entertained Rezna and Daliah are less likely to cause problems.

>> No.24892175

Oh Rezna.

Make a mental note to tell her we love her as we're falling asleep, it ought to make her day.

And more card games and other things like that. Maybe put together a chess or checkers board in our free time and teach them how to play chess, ought to be a good way to spend time.

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This brings up a good point.

This is now Rune Factory Quest.

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Be sure to tell her we love her. Also, ask her about what we say in our sleep. It might shine a light on our mysterious past.

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A few hours later, you're in a large field near the swamp you dug ore from so long ago. There's no identifying features around for kilometers, just a gently rolling plain. You stop approximately in the center of it, and make a basic camp. The girls make busy lining up shovels and tying down the asses.

You begin looking for the perfect spot, stomping around the near field. It's a silly thing, but you might as well do it right. Once you find a place that feels right, you break ground with some amount of pomp. The girls clap, and laugh.


Hours pass, you and Daliah take turns being the primary shoveler, with the more tired one moving the thrown dirt away from the edge of the hole, to prevent refilling it too soon.

Melissa administers water, and Rezna holds on to the cube. She stares at it, as if in contemplation.

Daliah is in the hole, and tosses up a large clump of dirt, and a big rock as well. The dirt makes it, but the rock tumbles back down, and you hear a sickening crack. Peering over the edge, you see Daliah collapsed in the hole, bleeding heavily from her head.

[ ] What do?

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>"Early spring, 17th day, Rezna.
>You talk a lot in your sleep, Keith. I keep waiting for you to tell me you love me, but you don't. It's okay though, I can wait! I. Love. Youuuuuu! Let's play cards again sometime."

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Okay, don't burn Sisyphus yet, we only get one use of it and if other stuff comes up we don't want to not have it, worst happens we can still use it for this problem.

How deep is the hole currently? How wide is it? Could we safely get into the hole without landing on Daliah?

We do have rope, right?

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>Melissa administers water, and Rezna holds on to the cube. She stares at it, as if in contemplation.
>Rezna holds on to the cube. She stares at it, as if in contemplation.
Rezna with medalion and cube?

also, waifu portraits.

>> No.24892334

eeh, without waifu portraits because they have already been posted without me noticing, GO ME!
And I don't have the Melissa image on this machine.

>> No.24892337

Damnit. Okay, gotta stay calm and not panic.
First, we gotta get Melissa and Rezna down there, with Melissa using Providence, and Rezna using only her regular blood magic and Reward. We don't need the Medallion yet.
Providence, should make reduce the severity of the concussion and make any healing more effective.
Rezna's blood magic will be boosted by Reward, and should concentrate on healing the wound and making sure that there's no lasting damage.
She doesn't need to heal it all the way, just enough so that there's no danger of a concussion or internal hemorrhaging.

>> No.24892344

Call Rezna over to help. Get her out of the hole.

>> No.24892353

>Making a post to express your GM Fatigue

Goddamn, why didnt I think of this back when I was running a quest. Instead, I ended it on a pretty bad note.


>> No.24892367

The hole is nine feet deep, and four wide. The width is only to accommodate proper digging. You can get in no problem, out won't be too hard either.

>> No.24892371

>moving patient that is bleeding from the head and most likely has a concussion
I don't think that's a good idea.
We have access to magical items and magic, let's use them in an intelligent manner without going overboard on them.

>> No.24892372

Probably because it feels like whiny bitching. "writing is so hard u guise srsly"

>> No.24892373

Let me guess, Shy-Chan Quest?

>> No.24892384

That would be the one

And yeah, that is pretty much it.

>> No.24892398

I'm >>24892301 and I'm worried about trying to get three people in the hole, might not fit well depending on the depth and width.

Considering she was digging and a rock she threw out of the hole fell back on her head it's probably a pretty damn deep hole.

If it really is that deep we can't just pick her up out of it, if need be take rope, tie it into a harnessy thing and have Rezna and Melissa lift her out of the hole with the rope as we're in the hole lifting her up gently.

Then we apply medical care via Rezna.

Okay, given that I don't think we can all happily fit in the pit, as long as we're careful getting her out and don't jostle her and make it a smooth lift and make sure to support her head as we lift her out she should be fine.

>> No.24892400

So you all want to use blood magic instead of sisyphus? Just checking.

>> No.24892407

Still better than ending a quest after being raped by our best friend.

>> No.24892414

This is a pretty great idea, and make sure the hellcube doesn't come anywhere near Daliah before we are sure she is healed.
Yes, but not the medallion if it can be avoided.

>> No.24892427

You have been raped by a close friend, I just haven't put it in the smutbin yet.

>> No.24892443

Only the regular blood magic that Rezna can do, while boosted with Reward, and maybe even Risk.
The Medallion could be a corrupting influence, and we don't want Rezna having a relapse.

>> No.24892446

Actually, this is a closer approximation to

Us being in the position of Friend-kun. Good thing we pulled Delilah out of her Autism before we rap- I mean had sex with her.

>> No.24892458

This isn't something I'd worry too much about using or not using the medallion for, it's not just a small cut, it's a head wound that knocked her out, her natural blood magic isn't meant for something quite that big.

Can't rape the willing.

>> No.24892462

This sounds like it's a trap, on second thought.
But what if we need to use Sisyphus for something else?

>> No.24892469

Hamad, no! Stahp!

>> No.24892483

So THAT'S why he's being so tsun tsun lately.

>> No.24892493

Yes you have, right after the card game.
I still think Rezna in contact with the medallion and the cube is a bad combination though.

>> No.24892515

Have her put the cube down before she comes and help.

>> No.24892520

That's nothing.

>> No.24892536

You panic a bit, but manage to project some calm.

"Rezna, Melissa, come here. I'm going to jump into the pit, then Rezna, I'll catch you. Hopefully Melissa will be close enough to influence your blood magic. Daliah needs your healing pretty badly."

Rezna sniffs and drops the cube where she sits. "Of course she does."

You shuffle over the edge of the pit on your ass, and land fairly easily. Rezna weighs next to nothing, so catching her is easy. She immediately goes to work on Daliah, getting a sense for the wound. "How is it Rezna, can you fix it?"

Rezna shakes her head a bit. "Not on my own. It's bad. I can maybe stabilize her, but head wounds have a funny way about them. She could sleep forever, or come back as dumb as you. I need more power, or nothing is certain."


[ ] Let her use the medallion
[ ] Give her natural blood magic a go with Reward
[ ] Use Sisyphus
[ ] Other

>> No.24892537

Then maybe have her put the Hellcube down?
Like, if we need to bring Melissa and Daliah both up from the bottom of the hole, then we'll need Rezna's help so that the ascent is smooth.

>> No.24892554

[x] Other
Give her natural blood magic a go with Risk and Reward.

>> No.24892578

First, stick Reward on her finger, just do this no matter what.

[X] Let her use the medallion

"I'm pretty sure that she'd be okay with just your natural magic and Reward, but I don't want to take that kind of risk with Daliah."

>> No.24892588

Yes I just wanted to point it out so that Goddess didn't drop a hell portal crazy witch something encounter on us while Daliah was down.
This but without Risk. It comes with a risk now, no reason to risk it when the Medallion and Reward covers it.

>> No.24892614

let her use the medallion with reward.

>> No.24892634

You slip off your gloves, and remove Reward.

"Here, Rezna. Try your blood magic with this ring on. Just...be careful. Last time I used them together shit got crazy."

"Mmm, more power? I like it, Keith."

With that, Rezna grips the medallion tightly, and holds it to Daliah's head.

Hold on to your butts.

d100 please fellas. First one takes it.

>> No.24892635

Medallion and Reward, offer to use our blood if necessary.

>> No.24892651

Rolled 76

Oh god, this is going to fail miserably.

>> No.24892660

Rolled 81

This better not suck.

>> No.24892669

i believe we roll 2, if i remember correctly

>> No.24892686

Rolled 36, 71 = 107

forgot the damn dice

>> No.24892689

No, you roll one and I double it.

>> No.24892702

and that's why we never trust my memory.

>> No.24892716

Nice job not fucking it up.

>> No.24892718

Rolled 20

I dropped a couple of 93s in a quest that requires low rolls, I'm sure to get a 4 or something now.

>> No.24892746

With a relatively low amount of bloodshed, Rezna focuses herself through the medallion and pulls Daliah to her feet, well and whole.

"What happened? Why are you down here?"

You hug her tightly. "It turns out your head is not thicker than a rock, I'll have to go back to the drawing board." You're relieved at her apparent health. "How many fingers am I holding up?"

"As many as I'm going to stick up your ass later." You make a quick fist. "I'm glad to see you're perfectly well." Turning to Rezna, you hug her too. "That was perfect, thank you so much!"

As you let go, Rezna stares at her hand. "Keith, this power, you have no idea. You must let me keep the ring for a while, it's so...enriching."

[ ] Oh hell no, give it back and let's pop the cube in the hole and go home
[ ] Sure, I suppose, let's just bury the damn cube and be done with
[ ] Other

>> No.24892779

[X] Oh hell no, give it back and let's pop the cube in the hole and go home.
Not letting a repeat of what happened to her.

>> No.24892790

Well Reward has a passive effect similar to Providence, so it might actually be a good idea.

>> No.24892791

Rolled 11

"Only in exchange for the Medallion. Power makes you do crazy shit."

If she agrees, give the medallion to Daliah.

>> No.24892800

>[ ] Sure, I suppose, let's just bury the damn cube and be done with

"well, okay, but you have to promise not to get carried away with it and only use it when you need to."

>> No.24892805

Please don't use that roll.

>> No.24892813

[x] Other
"Rezna, dear, put the ring and the medallion away. Once you keep the power for its own sake, then forever will it dominate your destiny, and consume you and everything you hold dear. Yoda warned of it, and its starting to rear its head now."

>> No.24892836

[ ] Sure, I suppose, let's just bury the damn cube and be done with

>> No.24892839

We should reference modern pop culture more often.
Take the medallion, let her keep the ring, make sure she stays away from the cube, don't word it like >>24892791

>> No.24892840

"Rezna, I want you to look at this objectively. Is this the good type of enriching or the bad type of enriching? Do you like the power because of the feeling of power or because of being able to help people with it?

We're dealing with Relics here, not only that but combining them and we know very little about how they interact with each other.

I don't mind you keeping Reward on you for now, we'll probably switch who is wearing it depending on who needs it the most at the time, but I want you to keep a close eye on how you feel and to keep us all up to date so if anything bad starts to happen we can help."

I don't think giving the Medallion to Daliah is a good idea, it's a bad one to spread around.

>> No.24892853

Rolled 1

You're heavily conflicted. You trust her, but corruption from power is a simple truth. Rezna makes up your mind for you though by hopping out of the hole with Melissa's assistance.

You grab the proffered staff as well, and with some difficulty Melissa pulls you out of the hole too.

And then you see a problem.

>> No.24892863

>then you see a problem.
Oh no. What did Rezna do?

>> No.24892865

Oh god, everything is going to end in tears.

>> No.24892871

Rolled 63

Guys, we are royally screwed.

>> No.24892882

She left the cube unattended.

>> No.24892902

But the Hellcube can't just sprout legs and walk away.
...she was fiddling with it.
Did she solve it?

>> No.24892924
File: 432 KB, 500x300, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

well, gentlemen, it was nice knowing you

>> No.24892942

>But the Hellcube can't just sprout legs and walk away.
Are we sure of that? There's also been powerful magic in the vicinity now.

>> No.24892979

Over by your temporary camp, a group of ten rough looking men are rifling through your belongings. They're eating your food, and untying your asses. They're all armed, some with spears, others with axes. One man looks to be a de facto leader, he's wearing the most armour, certainly. And he's bouncing the cube around in his hand, sneering at you.

"What's yours is mine. Your clothes, your donkeys, your tools, this trinket too."

Suddenly he leers at Melissa. "And your women too. Give em over, and we'll kill you quickly." Melissa clings to you in fear, but Rezna walks over to the men.

"Rezna, wait!" You can't believe what you see. Rezna goes straight up to the lead ruffian, and begins rubbing up against him.

"Finally, a man of true strength, come to take me away from this pathetic wimp. I can sense your greatness, O Lord."

The bandit laughs coarsely. "You're that pathetic, eh boy? Even your women look down on you! Perhaps I won't even kill you, because your life is sorrier than any afterlife!" He continues laughing, as Rezna intertwines herself around him. He's really heavily armoured. Like a Roman Legionnaire, but obviously not a part of any standing army.

His men line up beside him and join him in derogatory laughter.

[ ] What do?

>> No.24893011
File: 29 KB, 462x320, 1360807437015.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>getting NTR'd in a harvest moon quest thread

>> No.24893045

Rezna still has the Medallion and Reward? She COULD be doing this in order to get closer and backstab the sonofabitch, but it's also possible she's been overtaken by the power of Reward and the Medallion intermingling.

We have Risk, the Gauntlet, and Sisyphus.
Dariah has Sow, but is still in the hole.
Getting Dariah up here is our first priority.

"Melissa, get Daliah up here. There's some standing wheat that she needs to reap."
While Melissa helps Daliah up, we'll cover them.

>> No.24893050

I say it's an act.
And it's time to kill us some bandits.

>> No.24893057

>not Rezna preparing to blood witch kill all the bandits horribly
We have Risk, we have the gauntlet, I say we falcon punch the leader in the face, if we are lucky we might be able to rough them up enough for them to leave without Rezna killing everyone.

>> No.24893065


but tell her to not fatally injured them, just beat them unconscious.

hey, when you have a Yandere, you best use it, if at a fraction of the power.

>> No.24893072
File: 853 KB, 1124x675, 1325098626503.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh Rezna, she's gonna slit his throat and use his blood to kill the other bandits, isn't she?

>> No.24893079

Either the cube has made Rezna go full evil, in which case fuck, or Rezna knows exactly what she's doing, I say trust the Yandere. She's yandere for us, when she said she would never let anyone hurt us she meant it.

Daliah is in the hole currently, does she have Sow on her?

Tell Melissa to help Daliah out of the pit, hopefully we have the Gauntlet on us, and we still have Risk and Sisyphus.

Stay calm, keep an eye on them, wait for Daliah to get out of the hole and back us up before we start hostilities.

>> No.24893084

Nah. Bandits need to be killed in order to prevent them from killing others.
Keep one alive, though to lead us to their hideout.

Actually, we should tell her that.
"Keep one alive!"

>> No.24893095

Don't give the plan away until the bandit leader's choking on his own blood.
So don't yell it out until much later.

>> No.24893097

Don't yell that out, let her keep up the facade.

>> No.24893123

the facade is only going to be there for like 5 more seconds

let them wonder what you mean by "Keep One alive" in those 5 seconds

>> No.24893125

Your stomach turns at the thought of Rezna possible meaning what she says, but you have faith.

Daliah is stuck in the hole, and Melissa is clinging to you in fear.

"You're right, sir. I am undone. I just wish there was some kind of blood which would keep one alive!"

The bandit laughs more, "Your blood is clearly weak, you're hardly a man at all!"

Even at this distance though, you can see Rezna smile. You've judged very, very well.

Give me another d100, I'm going to take the best roll on this one, so keep rolling until I say stop.

>> No.24893132

Rolled 25

Rolling. And getting Daliah out of the pit would be good.

>> No.24893141

Rolled 42


>> No.24893154

Rolled 60


>> No.24893158

Rolled 62

Come on, Rezna!
Please don't be yandere enough to kill them all; I want one alive.

>> No.24893160

Rolled 3


>> No.24893161

Rolled 96

come on lucky me

>> No.24893162

Rolled 23

*thump thump*
*thump thump*

>> No.24893169

Rolled 86

>Rezna smile
Oh those bandits are so dead.
I suppose we should call her Lina Inverse as a sort of joke.

>> No.24893173

Uho! ii otoko.

Stop rolling.

>> No.24893184
File: 1.97 MB, 399x249, PAWNCH.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 24

We gonna get them good!

>> No.24893187

I'm pretty sure that doesn't carry the same connotation in Japanese...

>> No.24893203

kuso miso technique.

Google it.

>> No.24893234
File: 278 KB, 400x279, 1362405990628.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Rezna's fw

>> No.24893262

Didn't get the reference, and now I know the sauce of that image. Woop.
A literal translationg of good boy could be ii otoko, which as you already gathered through that manga carries a different connotation.

>> No.24893303

Rezna speaks again, and runs her left hand up the head bandit's back.

"Tell me, oh Lord, would you crush this man's heart? Would you take the ones he loves away from him?"

One more time the bandit leader laughs, a harsh sound. "I'll take everything he has, even his life, he means less than nothing to me! And maybe when I'm done I'll get around to having my way with you! And then Lerz can have you, and the Uhai can have you, and so on, and so on."

You see a faint glint in Rezna's hand, and suddenly, the sky goes dark. The chief looks up, exposing his neck. Rezna takes full advantage of this, and drags the medallion across it slowly, but deeply. Time slows, and the sky darkens even further. It's like midnight without stars, the weak sun only casts enough light to glint off the flow of blood, and the medallion. There's so much blood, and it flows over her hands like slow water.

Rezna begins to laugh her worrisome laugh, quietly at first, and then louder. The man she holds turns his head to look at her, and instantly regrets it. His skin splits off his body, peeling away as though subjected to a great heat originating from Rezna, who continues to laugh like breaking piano strings. The sound echoes loudly in the meadow.

[ ] Look away
[ ] You can't help yourself

>> No.24893305

Rolled 7


>> No.24893323

[X] You can't help yourself

She's doing this for us we ought to witness it at the very least.

>> No.24893337

[x] Keep looking.
Because we're going to have to stop her, if she loses control.
It's not that we can't help ourselves, it's that we accept this responsibility.

>> No.24893348

Hide Melissa from seeing this.
She's got a weak stomach for blood.

>> No.24893350


>> No.24893371


>[x] You can't help yourself


>> No.24893382

I'm >>24893323 and that is a very good idea. We should see it, but Melissa is a gentler soul.

>> No.24893418

[X] Keep looking

>> No.24893426
File: 77 KB, 352x198, tumblr_m1ml5oYwt11r0tc2q.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24893460

I'm >>24893337
and I'm switching to >>24893348
We might have to watch this, but Melissa shouldn't have to.

>> No.24893472

i'm not sorry, but that made me immediately think of this.

>> No.24893477

The sight is horrifying, but you watch on, silently. You move your hand to cover Melissa's eyes though, this is far too barbaric for her sensitive nature.

The bandit in Rezna's arms burns away at the speed of cold molasses flowing, and then she turns her attention to the others. There's practically no part of her that isn't soaked in blood, and you're afraid of what kind of power that grants her. She moves unimpeded by the slowing of time, though she does not hurry. She relishes in the kills she makes, pulling more and more blood from each victim in turn. The meadow runs with it, you can hear her footsteps splashing in puddles. The second man she attends tears in half, from groin to skull, slowly. The fifth man simply ceases to be, though his entire circulatory system hangs in the air for a while, before it joins the growing pool of blood Rezna draws from. The ninth bandit Rezna simply walks through, and you can sense a certain kind of absorption took place. There's a hole in the bandit the size of the waifish girl, and then he dies too. Rezna comes to the last bandit, and grabs him by the collar. His eyes are wide, like a horse trapped in a barn fire. She pulls him slowly, dragging him by two fingers, over to where you and Melissa stand. She drops him, and he falls slowly to the ground. Rezna lifts her blood soaked hands and grabs your face. She draws you in for a long kiss. When she pulls back, she smiles. "Thank you for trusting in me Keith, I love you."

The day brightens, and you feel time resume it's natural course.

Daliah shouts up from the hole, "What's going on? What'd I miss?"

[ ] Say something?
[ ] Other

>> No.24893511

>"How many fingers am I holding up?"
>"As many as I'm going to stick up your ass later." You make a quick fist.

I didn't know Keith was into that kind of thing.

>> No.24893516

If we don't tell her we love her back right now, we deserve the worst kind of fate.

>> No.24893530


I love you to is probably the best answer here...

>> No.24893535


"Oh, just a potential problem being resolved fairly permanently."

Now wonder where they came from.

>> No.24893537

"You missed Rezna saving all of our lives. Well done."

>> No.24893546

(The "Well done." is directed sincerely to Rezna, not sarcastically to Daliah, if that wasn't clear.)

>> No.24893548

[x] Say Something
"There's been a fight, Rezna took care of it.
"Melissa, could you please help Daliah out of the hole?
"Rezna, I love you and all, but we don't have a washing machine let alone bleach and Shout detergent. You should get yourself cleaned up with Melissa and Daliah's help, though I'm afraid that all of that is going to stain.
"As for YOU."
Make sure to bind the last bandit's arms behind him and tie his feet, then drag him away.
"We're going to have a little chat."

>> No.24893569
File: 138 KB, 844x1200, ac3da4ff31e346e2bb9b4e7969ed6327.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24893570

First and foremost pull Rezna into a hug. Pick her up and hug her against us while kissing her. "I love you too Rezna, and of course I trusted in you, I always will."

Then to Daliah "Stuff happened, situation resolved, will explain in full later."

Ask Melissa to help Daliah out of the hole. We'll deal with the bandit in a bit.

>> No.24893572


sure, that was scary as fuck, but we need to be brave and not hold it against her.

and remember, she did hold back. the fact that one is left alive if proof enough.

I like this one

>> No.24893584

oh hush you, this is completely different

>> No.24893603

"I love you too."

"Oh, uh, not much. By the way, I think we might need to make the hole bigger. I'll handle the rocks this time."

>> No.24893612

In a little late here, but reiterating a few things I posted at the end of last thread (http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/24872188/):

I think you've got the right balance, at the moment. You're grabbing any interesting farming idea we come up with and running with it, which is very encouraging for coming up with more. We're doing many of those things in parallel, including brewing, growing, and building. There isn't a lot more you can do farming-wise.

I definitely don't want to see the quest end anytime soon; I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I feel like there's a main plot here that we're just scratching the surface of, including the relics, Daliah's past history, the Goddess, Keith's past, the mysterious little space-time bubble with these towns in it...

I think it's working well to have exploration/adventure, character development, and farming. Any one of those alone would not suffice. The combination of the first and last makes this a Harvest Moon quest, and the character development is something you can do far better than any game can manage.

Please do keep going like this. Just keep taking farming ideas into account like you have been. We're getting closer to the point that we can do some more fancy inventing, baking, and other interesting tech-tree advancements. We'll soon have fig rubber, and sugar.

Think of this a little like a civilization-building quest, but with farming in addition to building, and inventions and cooking as your tech tree. Any decent civilization-building quest is going to need some adventure and exploration in addition to the building and advancing, otherwise it becomes far too mechanical. You have to find the right balance.

>> No.24893621

A few more ideas:

So far we don't have many well-developed NPCs other than Daliah, Melissa, Rezna, and very slightly Hamad. Every shopkeeper, bartender, and random town denizen has a name, a face, possibly a family, a home, background, history, motivations; we just don't know most of them yet. It's a small everyone-knows-everyone town; we should make with the knowing. No more biblically, though.

We haven't heard from the other town for a long time.

We don't know exactly how we got here, or what/where "here" is.

And all of that leaves aside whatever overarching plot devices you already have in mind.

Don't worry too much about the "back to farming" notions; as long as we have at least some farming-related stuff in every thread, I think we'll do fine.

To some extent, the non-adventure portions of the quest don't have to be easy-mode either, where we have access to anything we need and can succeed at most of the things we try. Combining that with an aversion to the adventure/relic/exploration/etc bits would turn this into too much of a sandbox, and that leads down a dangerously uninteresting road that other quests have fallen into in the past; it's a disturbing failure mode.

In any case, I'm really enjoying the quest. I think many of the people advocating the expansion of farming are trying to recapture the awesomeness of some of the earlier threads where /tg/ delved deep into farming details to your great surprise and amusement. I don't think that has played itself out, but it's difficult to get there due to farming and adventuring occurring on very different timescales.

>> No.24893652

>3: I continue writing the threads in the manner I have been, with fairly minimal focus on farming. It won't be completely ignored, decisions will have to be made regarding it still, but the characters and the adventures will be 80% of the future quest threads. If it helps anyone I can change my trip to _______ Goddess, and the title of the threads to _______ Quest.

For what it's worth, I think you're building something entirely in the spirit of the Harvest Moon games here, and I don't see any reason why you should change either your trip or your quest name.

>> No.24893686

You grab Rezna and bring her in for a second kiss.

"I love you too, Rezna. You're my favorite little Death Star."

Rezna jumps for joy. "You said it! You finally said it! Oh Keith, you don't know how much that means to me! Don't you ever worry about anything, I'll always be here to protect you!"

She skips off to collect the cube and tidy up the camp. You pry Melissa out of your coat, and check on her. "You okay?" She nods. "What little I saw was fearsome, but it IS good to know where she stands. Now, help me get Daliah out of the pit before it fills with blood."

You turn and reach your hand down the pit, and grasp Daliah as she leaps. Your arm is slick with blood, a hazard of contact with Rezna, but you pull Daliah up all the same.

"What. The. Fuck." It's a fair statement, given what she's seeing. "You should have been here five minutes ago, Daliah."


The cube is buried, and with it the bodies of the bandits. All that remains is to fill in the pit, and go home. But first, you have some questions to ask the surviving bandit.

[ ] Ask away, he's pretty pliable right now.

>> No.24893687

Let's go with this.

>> No.24893719

"so, what have you learned today?"

>> No.24893736
File: 31 KB, 257x202, Rory is amused.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Do you have a base camp? Where is it? Are there more of you? Who were you preying on before coming here?"

I wonder if we could get gothic loli dress for Rezna.

>> No.24893765


I would not be surprised if during her isolation she DID become a demi-god of death...

>> No.24893772

Now I'm afraid that the bandits will rise again as evil zombies.

"Hello there Mr. Bandit. What's your name?

Why don't we have a nice little chat? You can start by telling me everything you can remember about your little operation? How many of you are there? Where are you based? What supplies do you have? Who else have you miserable scum preyed upon?

Are there any other groups in the area? Tell me about the surrounding area, in general terms."

>> No.24893773

Equip our Gauntlet, and calmly ask him if there are other bandits around. And by calmly, I mean in a subtly intimidating manner.

>> No.24893784

It would suit her quite well. She'd be absolutely adorable in one of those.

>> No.24893862

You lean down to the bandit's eye level.

"So, listen. You're going to tell me what I want to hear, right?" He nods emphatically.

"How many of you bandits are there in the area?"
He raises a single finger.

"Oh you were all travelling together, eh? Smart, strength in numbers. So, do you have a base camp, or do you just travel around?"

"We're from Barbado, we were from Barbado. We were sent out to look for resources...the town isn't doing very well."

Hmm, another town exists. "Where is Barbado?" The bandit shakes his head. "Please, no. I have a wife and kids there. I could never tell you."

[ ] Convince him
[ ] New question

>> No.24893892

"I would never dream of holding a family responsible for the actions of one member."

(And while we shouldn't tell him this quite yet, we aren't necessarily going to kill him after we finish questioning him.)

"Let's start with something simpler, though. Why isn't the town doing well?"

>> No.24893898

[X] Convince him
You know pillaging people get a lot of people angry and a lot less profitable than trading. Maybe you should have looked for other towns to trade with.

>> No.24893901


do you want to die in the most painful way imaginable?

>> No.24893903


"Why banditry? Could you not have tried trade?"
we will come back to the towns location question...

>> No.24893920


[x] Convince

"Unlike you lot, I'm not after other peoples' property, lives, or anything of the sort. The only reason your friends lost theirs is because they wanted to take instead of make what they need.

Besides, your family was not here, threatening to kill me and take everything I hold dear. They're blameless...unlike you. So if you want to see them again, be nice enough to inform a relatively new resident to the area what's around here."

>> No.24893930

[X] Convince him

"We aren't going to hurt your wife and kids, they haven't done anything to us.

Why is Barbado in so much trouble? In enough trouble that they would send people out to raid. We might just be able to help, prevent things like this from having to happen again.

So I'm asking you again, where is Barbado?"

>> No.24893956

A combination of these sounds good.

>> No.24893999

I'm going to laugh if our blasting of a mountain had something to do with this.

>> No.24894027

"I'm not taking no for an answer. If you want to see your family again, you're going to tell me where that village is."

A glimmer of hope lies in his eyes, all of a sudden.

"Two weeks walk west of here, on the seaside. I...the town is overrun by pirates, it has been for years. They bring in much gold, but you can't eat gold. We were told to look for villages to trade with by land, but we've found nothing yet."

You think to yourself. You don't want New Bounty to be discovered by ravaging pirates, even you might have trouble dealing with that.

Letting him go might be difficult, if he goes home, they might launch more exploration parties.

[ ] Any more questions?
[ ] Kill him, or don't.

>> No.24894083


Don't kill him. More information first. Numbers, especially, even a rough estimate. And this trading, is it forced? Do the pirates seem like they're content there, they just need food?

We may end up going Utawarerumono on this. Warlord for goodness.

>> No.24894090

"see, now that wasn't so hard, was it?"

and definitely not kill him, maybe knock him out and leave him there, so that he doesn't follow you and find out where you live

>> No.24894097

Ask about the pirates' forces, leader, and position, the number of non-pirate townsfolk, and how the pirates maintain control.

>> No.24894100


"If you were sent to look for trade, why did you attack us? Is it not more benificial to set up a lasting trade deal than raiding?"

>> No.24894104

>[ ] Any more questions?
"That bandit leader. Was he a pirate as well? "Because honestly, what did you think was going to happen to you, by being bandits instead of traders?
"Second, what do the pirates prey on?"

>> No.24894124

wait, can Rezna hear his heart beat? if so, she could make a good lie detector

>> No.24894137

"Well your little welcoming party just fucked up any chance of getting help here. Go back to your town and try two weeks distance in the opposite direction. And if I ever see you again, I'll make what happened to your friends look merciful. Get out of my sight."

>> No.24894147

While I agree, think about what having Rezna touching his chest might do to his heart right now.

>> No.24894190

eh, good point.

I say let him live, but knock him out and leave him so that he doesn't follow us back to town

>> No.24894208

>going Utawarerumono on this
Or Drifters.

/tg/ will do as /tg/ always does in these situations.

>Gunpowder! More gunpowder!
>How you like my breechloading cartridge-based bolt-action rifles now?
>More gunpowder!

>> No.24894232

We are Adolf Hitler.

>> No.24894236



Forgot about that since the bastard updates so infrequently.

>> No.24894265
File: 71 KB, 806x197, What TG always does in quests.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>We are Adolf Hitler.
No, we're Nobunaga.

>> No.24894268

"The pirates, tell me more."

"Well, sire, they arrived in Barbado about ten years ago. They quickly overwhelmed our minor forces, and installed a "Regional Governor". They tax us heavily, and take our children on their ships as galley boys, as needed. The leader of my search party, Franz, was a pirate, as were several of the others. But not all."

He pauses, emotionally.

"They call it trading, but in truth it is only raiding. They call it cultural enrichment, but it's really rape and pillaging. I'm so sorry."

You stand.

"If I let you live, what will you do? Will you go back to your town? Will you tell your pirate lords of what happened here?"

The bandit thinks deeply. "No, sire. I will go back to my family, but I think I shall have them leave the village. I do not know where we shall go, but I do not think that town is safe anymore. No where is safe, anymore."

With that, he falls silent again.

[ ] Other.

>> No.24894320


[x] Other

"Then good luck to you. You will leave here first. We will watch you go, so we know you're not going to follow us. Fair?"

>> No.24894322

"You will accompany me back to your village, and help us with its unpiracy. Then if you still want to leave the town, you may."

>> No.24894328

[x] Other
"We might be able to accommodate you. Having a town that has access to the sea to trade with would be nice for ours. But these pirates will simply have to go.
"I'll have to think of how to best approach this.
"Tell me; how much of the town supports the pirates versus how many would want them kicked out and are willing to fight? How many of the pirates are there?
"And finally, what weapons do they have? Do they have flintlocks and muskets?"

>> No.24894357

Ho there, that's two weeks journey either way, not that I mind, but that's going to significantly impact farming content in the next few threads.

MAJOR DECISION is what I'm saying.

>> No.24894363

god, this is tough. we can't just let him know where the village is, because he could be lying and lead the pirates straight to us.

but if he's telling the truth, what will happen to him and his family?

>> No.24894365

No, then more bandit groups will simply begin raiding the region, and other towns will be in danger; and there's no guarantee that another raiding party won't come to New Bounty while we're still on our farm and can't help.

We need a plan first, though.

>> No.24894366

PURGE WITH HOLY FLAME AND BLOOD MAGICS. I think it's time we tried out the Gauntlet.

>> No.24894374

>we tried out the Gauntle
The Gauntlet is just a gauntlet. Very nice, but no magic in it.

>> No.24894379

"I only have a few more questions. How large a town is it? How many pirates are there? What are they armed with? How many townspeople are there and would they fight for their freedom?"

I'd rather not go against a town like that without more information, more power, and more of a plan.

>> No.24894386


That all depends on his honesty. Which make sit unfortunate our makeshift lie detector would throw off the testing of this bugger.

>> No.24894388

I know, that's why we keep at least Risk on under it.

>> No.24894391

I'm assuming that any time we leave the village, we have someone doing basic maintenance on the farm for us, at least keeping things watered and alive.

And I'm kinda assuming that two weeks' travel is something we'd timeskip most of, modulo adventures along the way. Seems like something we could get most of the way through today, and be finished with in time for some more farming before the end of next thread, unless something goes horribly wrong. (inb4 something goes horribly wrong.)

I'm up for it, in any case.

>> No.24894402

>I'd rather not go against a town like that without more information, more power, and more of a plan.

We can ask more questions of him along the way, we have a ludicrous amount of power already with all the relics with us, and we'll plan once we have the additional information.

>> No.24894412

Actually, plants grow pretty well in New Bounty. Your presence is just a nice addition. It'll rain, then the sun will shine, rinse repeat. Someone will feed your animals for you, you've got an enterprising young lad from the village on tap.

>> No.24894413


We nearly lost a wife digging a simple hole in the ground, albeit deep. Something will inevitably 'go wrong'.

>> No.24894419

yeah, we have tons of power, but they have tons of people.

>> No.24894442

They've got an entire village and we're 3 people. And just because we can kill some pirates by throwing either Rezna or Daliah at it doesn't mean we can solve the problem. They won't have their problems solved just through murder, they need trade partners and we aren't big enough to really help their core problems.

Also we shouldn't just say we're going on an adventure without discussing it with our wives first and getting their take on it.

>> No.24894449

I blame the cube.

We're talking hundreds-of-years-ago tech, here. Weeds will grow pretty well too, and there's not much alternative to removing them manually.

>> No.24894472

okay, I say we take him back with us, and take a few days to plan and get help from the towns people.

we want a decisive victory, with minimal to no losses

>> No.24894479

>Also we shouldn't just say we're going on an adventure without discussing it with our wives first and getting their take on it.

That much I'd agree with wholeheartedly.

>They've got an entire village and we're 3 people. And just because we can kill some pirates by throwing either Rezna or Daliah at it doesn't mean we can solve the problem. They won't have their problems solved just through murder, they need trade partners and we aren't big enough to really help their core problems.

The pirates are their biggest problem. Once we've handled that one, I think the trade issues shouldn't be too hard to negotiate.

>> No.24894495

"Tell me, if someone wanted to cleanse your town of pirates, how many people would they have to defeat?"

The bandit looks surprised.

"Well, sire, there's about 100 pirates, give or take, and maybe another 30 loyal townsfolk. It's been hard, you see, some folk got used to the pirates being in power."

You nod. "And what sort of weapons do these pirates use?"

"They use curved swords, sire. Curved. Swords. But their leader has this....no, it'll sound a lie, I'm sorry I even mentioned it."

[ ] Press him
[ ] let it be

>> No.24894510

>I think the trade issues shouldn't be too hard to negotiate.
For that, we really do need to talk with Hamad.

And then there's the question of Shady River. Has enough time passed that we can get them to work with us again?

>> No.24894533

>one month of weed growth

Even if the village boy didn't take care of it, and he would as he loves silver, it wouldn't be catastrophic. The effect of Providence on the farm lingers somewhat when it leaves.

>> No.24894565

[x] Other
"Let me guess. A tube and stick that shoots thunder and fire, and can strike a man dead.
"A flintlock pistol, most likely. Single-shot, hard to reload quickly during a fight.
"I highly doubt that he could possibly have an M1911 Pistol or, if the Fates really want to be funny, a phaser or some kind of blaster pistol."

>> No.24894574

"I think at this point, I'm willing to believe almost anything. what does he have?"

>> No.24894594

"Tell me, damn you!"

By the way I don't think were anywhere near ready to take on a hundred pirates, and taking him with us is too big a risk. Tell him not to follow us, knock him out, and head back home. We have our own village to worry about first.

>> No.24894595

>[x] Other
>"Let me guess. A tube and stick that shoots thunder and fire, and can strike a man dead.

>> No.24894652

I'm guessing either a gun, or a Relic. Or both.

>> No.24894687

"If you hold information back....Rezna might be upset. What, does he have some magic stick that makes men dead?"

The bandit whimpers.

"They say it's a magic helm, sire. He always wears it, and though it looks normal, they say it's more than that. I...I don't know any details for sure."

Well, that's disappointing. You were damn sure they had guns.

"I see. Let me speak with my wives, for a time. Please, fill in the hole while I do so."

The bandit nods wordlessly, and fills in what he expected to be his own grave.

The girls weren't far off, and they were listening carefully. "Keith, that helm, it could be a relic." Daliah starts. "That poor village, I know what it's like to have your town ruled by mad men, we must do something." Melissa adds.

You expect Rezna to say something, but she just smiles. She sees your expectancy, and giggles. "I go where you go, my love. Forever and Always."

[ ] Decision time

>> No.24894722

"I don't see how we could be any more prepared than we are now. Those pirates will only grow in strength and threat. Let's end them now; we have two towns to save."

>> No.24894744

Best-case scenario: we manage to challenge the leader directly, one on one, for control of the pirates.

>> No.24894754

"We should, and need, to prepare first. Not to mention letting New Bounty know that there are raiding parties around, and that they should be wary until the pirates are put down.
"So, let's go back first, get supplies we need, warn the village and Hamad, and then have this guy guide us back to Barbaros and clean up some pirates."

>> No.24894768

we should probably head back to town, see if we can get any help from the towns people, and arrange to have our farm tended to.

we should also tell the former bandit to try and get the rest of the villagers who aren't loyal to the pirates to wear some kind sign, something that the pirates would overlook but we would recognize, like a certain color arm band

>> No.24894790

"Well, the growing plants can take care of themselves and the possibility of a Relic, and the fact that they're not very nice people, makes it a good idea to go.

Fucking pirates.

I'm not going to promise we'll be able to fix the town, we can't just solve the economic and trade problems, but we might be able to do something about the leadership, and the friendship of a port village could come in handy at some point.

We'll go and help them out, but first we're heading back home. We need to set things up for our absence, warn the others about what is out there, and get supplies for travelling. Though we can probably get the rations, tents, bedrolls, and so on that we need by looting the bandit's camp."

>> No.24894797
File: 117 KB, 900x825, 1346146965778.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I take it were gonna try to be the hero? This better not bite us in the ass. Lets at least try and get a one-on-one dual with the pirate captain.

>> No.24894827

>the friendship of a port village could come in handy at some point.
Salt, man. We have no supply of actual salt.
The port town could be the source of salt New Bounty needs.

>> No.24894847

"Daliah, Melissa, Rezna, I think we have to stop this piracy before it affects New Bounty, and there are likely innocent people in Barbado as well. The only question is whether you think we could get any more prepared with a trip home, or if we should just head directly there."

>> No.24894863

>get a one-on-one dual with the pirate captain.
I really don't think these are the romanticised pirates like Jack Sparrow or others.
He'll likely shoot us as soon as we drop our knife and say "I thought we could settle this like men."

>> No.24894876

Let's try to find out before we try it. We can ask the former bandit here (whose name we have yet to ask), and try to scope out the town.

>> No.24894879
File: 21 KB, 336x269, 1347138423249.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does this mean were gonna go Ten Plagues on their asses?

>> No.24894902

Nah, why would we harm innocent donkeys? We're going to give the town a piratectomy, though.

>> No.24894903
File: 323 KB, 585x544, 1368693592942.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You come to a decision.

"We'll go home, and take this one with us. We'll show him to Hamad, and have him explain what's going on. That way, Hamad can raise the local defense force, and we can get that boy to watch our farm for us. Then, we prepare, and set out for Barbado."

The girls nod. "Wise husband." Your wives chime. Rezna hugs you, dried blood cracking as she does. "What a perfectly selfless man I love!"

Oh god, she's so cute, but so scary.


"You there, man. What is your name?" The bandit replies quickly, "Haz, sire."

"Haz, you have a choice. Feel lucky this day. You can stay here, and die. Or, you can come back to our village. There you will explain everything to our mayor. Then, you will take us to Barbado, and you will help us liberate the town from the pirates. Then you will help establish a trade route. A salt road, if you will."

The choice is made in record time, and you all head home. It's going to be a long night.


Thread end, discussion time.

Questions, Comments, Concerns?

>> No.24894907

yes. yes it does

>> No.24894940
File: 7 KB, 200x200, 1314504028925.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24894943

I wonder what Rezna could do with a bull sacrifice, Risk, Reward and the medallion...

>> No.24894951

>mention kuso miso technique earlier
>tenshinhan faces everywhere

>> No.24894963

Assuming crit success?

Bad shit man, bad shit.

>> No.24895046

So what's happened to Shady River?
Have the people there simply drifted away?
Can the town be redeemed?

>> No.24895067

Does Rezna usually sleep lying on top of us?

How much lesbianism is there between Rezna and the other girls?

I'm actually surprised we hadn't told Rezna we loved her before now. Because she is pretty lovable.

Is Rezna even cuter when she's covered in blood?

Do we ever just carry any of our girls on our shoulders for long periods of time to show off our manliness?

What would've happened if you rolled a different number on the d10?

Does Keith ever spend slow days without much farmwork to do just lying in bed, napping and having sex?

When should we expect more smutbin either canon or non-canon?

Do Daliah and Melissa speak in stereo a lot?

>> No.24895081
File: 7 KB, 251x164, 1314988787126.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you not pleased?

>> No.24895085

The town still stands, but it's still not the friendliest place. Not evil, but Gregor's influence still holds sway in some minds. You could work the differences out, but it'd be rather difficult.

>> No.24895152

Maybe after we liberate Barbado.
Though just what are the pirates raiding for all of that gold?

>> No.24895163

>does Rezna sleep on top of us
Well, she lays there while we sleep, yes.
Some. Not much, but some.
>is rezna even cuter when covered in blood?
I certainly think so.
>what about different numbers on the d10?
It was inversely related to the number of bandits that would have been there. We could easily have subdued a bandit, or two.
>does keith ever relax?
Of course. If you had three willing girls to bang, you'd slack some days too.
>when can we expect more smutbin?
Soon. Ya'll can write some fanfics too, and I'll add them to my smut collective. I'd appreciate it, honestly.
Often enough.

>> No.24895248

Now available in surround.

>> No.24895342

I thought the GM fatigue thing you started the thread with was a good idea. Instead of just dropping the quest or trying to write something you didn't like which would lead to burnout and unhappiness you chose to converse with your readers about the current situation, share your concerns, gauge where we all were at and move from there.

Which of the girls likes cuddling the most?

Can Keith pull of maniacal laughter or mad cackling?

Did Mr. Evilface McBandit manage to solve the cube? Not a big deal considering he's super-dead now.

Will the cube make the bandits raise from the dead and become corrupted zombies of corruption?

>> No.24895408

Thanks, I was hoping a frank discussion would be the right choice.

I think Rezna is the cuddliest, she's pretty much attached to you. Melissa is the next cuddliest. Daliah cuddles when you're alone together.

Keith could try to do an evil laugh, but he'll always be second best at it. It's just not in his nature.

The bandit didn't solve the cube, and there will be no serious repercussions regarding the corpses. Perhaps, over eons they will gain some semblance of life, but we're talking about nine decrepit skeletons that won't be uncovered for millions of years, maybe. The bandit leader really shouldn't have said what he did to Rezna.

>> No.24895433

Well, technically, Rezna is not your wife.

You're not really too sure what your relation to her is. But leaving that sort of thing open to interpretation probably won't be harmful.

>> No.24895487
File: 78 KB, 306x446, AMERITOLD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just realized that Keith is going to be going all United States of America on this pirate port town.
And I'm talking old-school "What did you just say, Pirates of the Barbary Coast? Say that again when the US Marines are overrunning your cities".

>> No.24895511

Mistress perhaps? No real point in putting a name on it beyond it being amusing.

We're married to two lovely girls both of which are beyond okay with us fucking, loving, cuddling, and otherwise being in a relationship with Rezna, that's the important bit that all the people involved in said relationship are happy with it.

How has Rezna's clinic business been doing?

>> No.24895537
File: 583 KB, 2000x1500, moe 102837 blood gintama kagura transparent_png vector_trace.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>but he'll always be second best at it. It's just not in his nature.

>> No.24895539

>Hey stranger, who are those girls you're travelling with?
>These are my two wives, and this is Rezna.

Just saying.

The clinic is doing well, she's learning actual medicine, but she's been doing it pro bono. Should we have her start accepting donations?

>> No.24895546

Every. Single. Thread.

That damn youtube link. I'd hate it more if it wasn't so dead on.

>> No.24895566
File: 1.99 MB, 400x242, 1357718683762.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

inb4 our girls seduce a hot milf on accident.

>> No.24895634

>Should we have her start accepting donations
Maybe a donation jar. Just what people can afford.
It can go into keeping the clinic working, and maybe training an apprentice to help gather medicinal herbs.

>> No.24895639

At least were not in this kind of relationshipyet.

>> No.24895662
File: 16 KB, 294x400, BloodRite_JLMeyer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>training an apprentice

>> No.24895683
File: 28 KB, 640x477, keikaku.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Can Keith pull of maniacal laughter or mad cackling?
>Keith could try to do an evil laugh,

>> No.24895703

We aren't? What quest have you been following? Rezna is full Gasai Yuno mode.

>> No.24895722

It's not like money is a big problem and the good will gained from helping all the people is worth a lot anyways. Though putting up a donation jar shouldn't change that, if they have spare cash they could give some that would go into setting up an herb garden, medical supplies, and things like that.

As for the wife/mistress/??? thing, that's a good point. We can bring it up at some point, see how they want to define our relationship to the world.

"Girls, the loves of my life, welcome home. Where have you been and who is that with you?"

"Her name's Selene, she followed us home. Can we keep her?"

>> No.24895736
File: 53 KB, 680x560, Lets-do-it-Jake.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry, I missed the part where she strapped us to the bed and crippled us.

>> No.24895738
File: 359 KB, 800x979, 1368799425265.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24895755

Just give it a few more smutbin updates and we'll be there.

>> No.24895770
File: 2.39 MB, 1920x1080, 1367246112039.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24895801

Well one of the possible extra-canon smutbin ideas is pretty much that, tying us to the bed so we're all hers, but with less focus on the crippling and more on cutting us and using our blood to make sure she can fuck us for hours upon hours.

So yeah.

She's pretty far off the deep end, totally loony. But she loves us a lot, and I think she loves Daliah and Melissa as well though not necessarily in the same way as she loves us or to the same extent.

>> No.24895876

If anyone wants to know anything specific about Rezna, feel free to ask. She's kind of a wildcard, as it stands.

All you have to go on is "crazy+blood=magic"

>> No.24895899

Not friendship? I always through friendship was magic.

>> No.24895911
File: 68 KB, 630x316, 1367281833263.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My Little Rezna: Love is Blood Magic

>> No.24895915

"But, she's old enough to be my mother."
"But she's not."
"... My swag will be the end of me."

>> No.24895939

Exactly how loyal IS Rezna?

Is there something that could cause her to turn on us? We need to know so we can knock her out before she powers up, should that ever happen.

>> No.24895953

Leaving her would probably lead to a crippled on bed scenario.

>> No.24895975

How wet is water?
>implying there'd be anything left of you if you abandoned her
You slept with her, now she owns you. More or less.

>> No.24895993

She's what 5 feet tall? Weighs around 100 pounds give or take?

Does she read many books other than the medical and herb books she's been studying?

What's her favorite food that we know of? Does she have a sweet tooth and like honey?

Does she sit on Keith's lap whenever possible? Does she ask him to wash her hair when taking baths?

Does she like head pats or getting her hair played with?

Does she have sensitive nipples?

Does she ever tug on Keith's sleeve while looking adorable to get his attention?

Has Keith ever seen her sleep?

Does she tell Daliah and Melissa that she loves them?

Well the things I can think of that would get her to turn on us would be stuff we aren't going to do. Hurting her, Daliah or Melissa, threatening to leave or abandoning her, telling her we hate her.

She might have to work out a time share with Daliah and Melissa, we kind of belong to all three of them.

>> No.24896132

Yes, she's five foot zip. She's put on a bit of weight since you found her, she was downright unhealthy. 100 lbs is a fair estimate.

She doesn't read much, other than the medical texts, because she can't look at a page and you at the same time.

She like raw meat the best, though cooked meat is a close second.

She's not always on Keith's lap, though she is always within arms reach. She washes his back, and he washes hers.

Her favorite pastime is to trace words onto Keith's back with her finger, and have him guess what the word was.

She has average nipple sensitivity, though her overall skin sensitivity is low, due to the scarring.

She doesn't intentionally use her cuteness against Keith, that would be dishonest.

Keith has never fallen asleep after her, or woken up before her since they brought her home.

She's never said she loves the girls, but she treats them like close family. Love is a very strong word to her. Power Word: Love is right next to Power Word: Kill in her Player's Handbook.

>> No.24896177

Are you planning to change the name of these threads? Relic Quest or something?

>> No.24896215
File: 1.56 MB, 2000x1657, moe 182131 animal_ears bunny_ears kimono kotoba_noriaki.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Japanese Bunny Rezna anyone?

>> No.24896216

If enough people come to a decision, I'll change the thread name to whatever they decide.

For example, if we decide to go linking up all the towns into trade routes, we could call it "Settlers of Harvest Moon Quest" or, if we go all feudal warlord, "UtawareruMoono Quest".

For now, people seem content as is.

>> No.24896239

Has about the right Kawaii, but not the right amount of Kowai.

>> No.24896275

But she probably does accidentally use her cuteness against Keith. It just happens because she's adorable.

You said in the Rezna smutbin that her scars are fading a bit and her hair was starting to look better. How far along is that currently? Is this due to the power of love, Providence, blood magic, or a combination of factors?

Has Keith been growing out his hair or does one of the girls cut it for him?

If she keeps eating properly and spending time in the presence of Providence will she gain a bit of cup size and ass while still remaining DFC/waifish or is she not going to fill out at all?

Has Rezna expressed any boob envy concerning Melissa?

>> No.24896288
File: 5.91 MB, 2133x3030, moe 182011 active_mover eyepatch paper_texture takashina_masato thighhighs uniform.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24896331


I MIGHT try my hand at some smutty fan writing featuring Daliah x Melissa, I have very little confidence though so i wouldn't expect much, or anything at all.

>> No.24896338

Rezna is looking nearly human again, and it's due to a multitude of factors as you surmised. She looks her best when she's happy with you, recently blooded, well fed and near Melissa.

Keith has been keeping his hair fairly short with the help of Melissa and a pair of scissors.

Rezna may become more feminine than Daliah if she's allowed enough resources, but she'll never attain Melissa's level of bounty.

Rezna also never compares herself to the other girls. She believes true love is all she needs, and is what she has.
Follow through with the implied action, you homosexual.

>> No.24896347

Right amount of scary, but wrong type.

>> No.24896402

The problem with fiddling with the name like that is that it might lead to confusion with archival and so on. I just like keeping things consistent.

Do it. Give it a shot.

>> No.24896449

I'll leave the name as is then. Hopefully one of you feels like setting the inevitable "Why do you call it harvest moon if _____" people straight every single thread.

>> No.24896501
File: 1.79 MB, 1820x1456, 142-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm finding lots of folders I forgot I had.

>> No.24896516


>need more info

would Daliah and Melissa refer to each other as wife?

Melissa: "Daliah my dear wife"


"Darling wife, I do believe our dear Husband is trying to tell us something." Melissa muses as she traces a finger along the books cover.

>at this rate i might as well try...
>oh god.

>> No.24896523

If you zoom in on just the character art, and cut out all the other weird shit in that image, you have a pretty good character shot of Rezna. Add scars, and boom.

>> No.24896532

Wife, sister, and sister wife would probably all be appropriate.

>> No.24896561

Is Rezna evil?

>> No.24896582

Good question.

>> No.24896585

Yes, let the smut flow through you.

My personal guess would be sometimes, when we got married they might not have, but they probably are comfortable with it by now.

We should probably come up with consistent pet names for all of the girls, we can't exactly say beloved wife when we want to refer to a specific one.

Maybe call Melissa 'Honey', Daliah 'Sweetheart', and something for Rezna. I'm tempted to go for Kitten or Cutey.

She's absolutely insane, and she used to be evil. As for right now, who knows? I'd say maybe, but her main alignment would be love.

>> No.24896636
File: 1.43 MB, 2130x1508, 061-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seems like Rezna borrowed Sow.

>> No.24896712
File: 314 KB, 1920x1200, 1329602224240.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think I found a pretty good image.

>> No.24896864
File: 76 KB, 600x600, 1362726185172.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>burying Cube and the Bodies in the same hole

>> No.24896879

Evil Zombie Pirates, just means we have something to look forward to.

>> No.24897028


>Pirate lich
>looking for revenge.

he better not ruin our harvest.

>> No.24897388

>Well the things I can think of that would get her to turn on us would be stuff we aren't going to do. Hurting her, Daliah or Melissa, threatening to leave or abandoning her, telling her we hate her.
>Implying she wouldn't know that those were only due to current situation and it's really different.

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