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People who bitch about the lack of Sisters of Battle support are annoying. Get over yourselves and pick a new army.

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/tg/ should stop compmaining of things they hate. Just ignore it, hide it and move on. You're spoiling it for the rest of us.

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Cool story bro. Also, this is now a sisters thread. Post some sisters.

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Bolter Bitches should just fuck already and spawn a new chaos god.

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>The Star Child is born through a galaxy-wide SoB orgy.

Now that's some advancement of the plot I could get behind.

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I find these threads and the idea of creating threads just to bitch and moan utterly pointless.

There, I said it.
I like you. Lets get soft tacos later.

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The Sisters don't have the orgy, though. The Grey Knights do. They kill the Sisters and use their blood as lubrication.

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Really fleshes out the SoB backstory, too.

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Get out of here Khorne, you and your Knights aren't welcome here.

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If Sister Stern ''The Daemonifuge'' is popular among the Sisters of Battle as a saint, despite being in a relationship with an Eldar, does that mean Xeno love is A-Okay with the Sisters?

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I like the alignments in D&D

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Sister X tau pics plz

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As I understand it from /tg/'s SoB fluff, Sisters are regularly capturing eldar women to molest.

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Half-Eldar are okay with the Ultramarines and Obiwan Sherlock Clouseau is okay with the Inquisition, so why not?

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Whenever they aren't going on awkward dates with a techpriest.

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My DM needs to get his shit together, ever boss we've faced in his campaign has either been killed or utterly trvialized in one round, totally on accident.

Like the aquatic ooze variant that was hit with dust of dryness, or the dread pirate who ship sank when we abused the levitate spell with ballast, the cleric boss whose retinue was ganked almost entirely by one fireball during their own surprise round, the other cleric who failed a will save to dominate person, or the dragon whose evil plan involved getting in meelee range of all the tanks, but not the spellcasters, before sacrificing his surprise in revealing himself, then getting beaten into the dirt.

Gordian knots are fun, but they shouldn't be this easy

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>Dat purity seal bow.
Emperor have mercy, that's adorable.

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I dislike how Slaanesh has been reduced to SEX AND DRUGS XD Same for the Dark Eldar and the other Chaos gods aren't much better.

I dislike how people do not understand the Bloodtide.

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All P&P systems have flaws, but a select few become /tg/'s pinatas. All aboard the hate bandwagons.

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Dora the Sororitas.

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Techpriest X Sister best pairing.

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Troll thread, sage hide and dont reply.

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> heretics

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I made a Black Crusade Renegade of Slaanesh who specialized in jump pack combat, who lived for the thrill of pushing his aerial skills to the limit, screaming through the air with all the safety features turned off and everything tuned up to maximum carving up loyalists with a pair of chainswords.

Someone told me he wasn't slaaneshi enough, and he should have some slave girls or something. My jimmies were rustled hard.

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> OP's face when he triggered the Sisters art posts

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Hey dm I would really love it if you didn't completely incapacitate me in every combat. I mean, I said I would reroll if I had too much raw power. . . you said you were fine with it. Now I get to put up with getting eaten, knocked out of my eidolon, grappled by everything and everyone. I've got a way to make it permanent now, I'm scared to see what shit you're going to throw at me this week.

This is the only problem I have with your game, I love your story, your NPCs, the plot twist, and yes, I know I can struggle a bit with the social aspects of things. . . but, I'm trying my best.

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Do not pursue!

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Probably the most badass Sisters artwork I've seen.

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>I dislike how people do not understand the Bloodtide.

Then explain the Bloodtide

Go on....EXPLAIN!

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4e is terrible and those in the fan base are the most min-maxing, bunch of teens you could never want at your table

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>SoB defense force defending their shitty army

Your tears are delicious.

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Taste is entirely subjective and yet I still want to punch people who like things I hate.

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No-one's really mad though. Just posting art and talking about sisters.

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No, don't you understand? Any response at all is pure win! Who says that trolling's standards have slipped?

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>Y-You m-mad, right
>S-So trolled
Keep crying, bitch nigga

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Well, every four weeks, give or take, the sisters of battle get just a bit more zealous in purging the enemies of The Emperor...

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How do you feel about the other way around? I remain largely unrustled if people like what I hate, but if people hate what I like, I want to punch them...

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Yep, shows how civil SOB players are ;good going girls more art!

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>translation: y r u faggits shittin up my thred, i just wanna drink ur teers XDDDD

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Sister that's not how you wear the blessed panties of the Emperor.

What are you doing, Sister.

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It is not win if we are having good discussion ,sharing art and having fun

Not as planned eh OP?

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For that one it depends on their reason. The more arbitrary the reason and the more they pretend that it's an absolute fact, the more I want to hurt them.

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This one reminds me of Ulysses from New Vegas.

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>I remain largely unrustled if people like what I hate, but if people hate what I like, I want to punch them

Yeah, that's me in a nutshell. Why I'm on the internet where they feel a need to pick apart and complain about everything I can't explain.

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Spilled blood from a person (Especially if that person was "pure") having mystical properties is a common theme in human mythology.

The Grey Knights killed the Sisters so that they could use their blood to protect themselves and vanquish the Bloodtide.

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After they did it didn't some GK Librarian turn round and go: "Lol sorry guys, actually I can protect us without the blood, my bad."

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That is clearly a standard issue Sororitas helmet. Do not think you can lecture the Brides of the Emperor, foolish Guardsman.

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Sisters of Battle are for perverts who want all the BLAM jokes of the Imperial Guard or Space Marines but still be able to fap to it. I wouldn't have cared 10 minutes ago, but nothing is more pathetic than trying to hijack a thread just because one guy doesn't like you guys.

REAL THING: I totally fucking regret spending nearly 8 years of my life on Warhammer as a hobby.

>tfw trying to save up for moving out to a different state, knowing the money I spent on 40k can never be saved up for this

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I believe that this was his plan all along...

We obviously have a closet Sororitas fan here.

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>nothing is more pathetic than trying to hijack a thread just because one guy doesn't like you guys.
You must be new here. Or not remember -4Str threads.

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Space Marine fans and their "hurr suffer not the xenos to live!" or "HERESY!", and their self-entitled attitudes, are what drove me from 40k to begin with. My wallet only thanked me afterwards.

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40k tabletop is fucking garbage and I would rather be eaten by a rapist than listen to faggots bitch about how their spiritual liege is fucking them over with the new codex or what not.

The RPGs however are pretty decent.

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Anon: expert armchair psychologist expert.

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I cannot unsee it right now, damn that is indeed true.
Good catch profiligate.

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people that go "BAWWWW stop hating what I like /tg/ is for everything would you prefer this thread being another WH40k or MtG thread" they are the cancer killing /tg/

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>spending nearly 8 years of my life on Warhammer as a hobby
>knowing the money I spent on 40k can never be saved up for this
8 years and you don't have enough shit to make several hundreds of bucks via reselling?

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No, the only thing mentioned is a trio of Librarians lead the attack and recite a chant to dispel/drive back the Bloodtide.

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The problem is, grey knights are already immune to the effects of chaos.
So the khornate ceremony was useless.

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Is that the word of the day or something?

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I've always wanted to try and run an all SoB game of Dark Heresy, equal parts purging heretics, navigating the ecclesiarchy's politicking, and ministering to the faithful.

Could be fun, with the right group.

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Though this one comes pretty close.

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Wizards are for power gaming faggots and nerds who feel the need to self insert. Sorcerer master race.

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Pathfinder is, over all, the best fantasy RPG available.

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>Wizards are for power gaming faggots and nerds who feel the need to self insert.

But in real life I'm not a wizard.


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Draigo falling says otherwise.

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>casters in D&D are for power gaming faggots and nerds who feel the need to self insert

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Caesar's Legion say it in Fallout New Vegas. It's a derogatory word for people who aren't a part of their society.

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I think seeing Slaanesh in person is a special case.

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Both sides in the netdecking argument are equally stupid and their analogies are only their to make themselves look smarter without actually saying anything important.

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Yugioh would be a better game than Magic if it wasn't for the fanbase.

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>implying it was draigo and not a troll

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but munchins don't have the patience to wait until level 30 before buying off the virginity disavantage.

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Call me when the artwork isn't awful.

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See here,>>24868869

They are immune thanks to both their, selection,their training and their hollow armor.

Cutting up faithfull will only delight the chaos gods. And none of thier number has ever fallen to chaos, i am ignoring the whole ridiculous dragio buisness. Even if we accept it seeing slaanesh is certainly a special case.

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Also, check out Faith and Fire and Hammer and Anvil if you haven't already. Only SoB books in Black Library, and they're pretty awesome.

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>implying magics artwork isn't awful
It used to be good.

>> No.24868974

Red and Black, a prequel audiobook, is also pretty great.

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>tfw we will never get any other style than lol unified cgi

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Which one of those is it where a single Chaos Dreadnought slaughters a whole planet of Sisters, including a Living Saint, then Space Marines turn up and save the day?

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I don't play PnP RPGs.
I don't play tabletop wargames.
I don't play CCGs.
In fact, I've never played any of those in my life.
I come to /tg/ for the general fantasy & sci-fi discussions, for the game design discussions (as they're often also relevant to vidya), and for the worldbuilding threads. And I USED to come for the hentai as well, before we had mods. /tg/ was great for filtering out the dross on /d/ and delivering the best stuff on /tg/.

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I quit using both /d/ and /h/ after discovering gelbooru and sadpanda. It doesn't help that the quality of both boards has plummeted in recent years.

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I prefer VtM to VtR in every single way and I'm still mildly pissed about the transition nearly 10 years later.

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True dat. Also, it'd be nice if Konami would be at least a bit subtle with the power creep.

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They still give good links to porn.

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You don't like d20. I hate you for it.

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Neither. Both portray the Sisters as competent and badass.

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>Black Library

Pick one and only one.

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Gotta agree with you. BL is pretty much trash. Unless you have a raging hard on for marines or IG.

>> No.24869104

I feel your pain.

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> Good portrayal of SoBs
> Not awesome
Pick one, anon,

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This one is part pirate.

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1) I literally cannot comprehend how people think 3.5 was the best edition of D&D, when 3.0/3.5/Pathfinder generally seem to be the most poorly designed out of all of them. Say what you will about 4E, at least it functions well enough for what it does. That said, I don't bother people about liking 3.x. I like plenty of terrible stuff, too.

2) I really want to use non-standard races and settings in my fantasy, but everyone just complains that it's not standard. I'm incredibly sad to see the genre go from "Anything you can imagine!" to "Anything Tolkien might have been able to imagine if he was particularly tired that day." Or "X, but with Orcs."

3) I irrationally dislike people who argue that adding gunpowder and simple arquebus to fantasy that has magic in it would suddenly (almost magically!) make magic pointless. You have a very narrow idea of what magic does. Of your magic is invalidated by a simple black powder weapon, maybe you should make your magic more than just a fancy gun you have to wiggle your fingers to fire.

>> No.24869224

I don't like nWoD Mage. The mechanics don't match the fluff - what should be "I need to be fucking Batman and plan my every move in advance" becomes "oh, I have a spell to get me out of this situation" - and playing a mixed supernaturals game with a Mage player is a nightmare as they spend 10 minutes flicking through their book to find the spell they want to cast whenever the ST finishes a sentence. I'm aware this may just be due to the people I'm playing with, but I've been in a fair few games with different people and never had a good experience with Mage.

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I passed my bluff roll easily, but I have to act out what I bluffed. And I fail if "it isn't convincing enough." I hate you Jim, die in a fire.

>> No.24869254


Unless the world is one of those "magic cancels tech and vice versa" worlds like Arcanum, how the fuck does that argument even work?

In a battle between a guy with a musket and a fucking fireball tossing wizard with magical armour spells, I'd put my money on the wizard winning 99/100 times.

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>I literally cannot comprehend how people think 3.5 was the best edition of D&D, when 3.0/3.5/Pathfinder generally seem to be the most poorly designed out of all of them. Say what you will about 4E, at least it functions well enough for what it does. That said, I don't bother people about liking 3.x. I like plenty of terrible stuff, too.

Do you really want to know? It's because I would rather have the most poorly designed car in the world than the best designed tricycle.

>> No.24869284

I don't know... Tricycles have developed further than you'd think.

>> No.24869318

>>Buttmad poverty-fag projecting harder than a penitent engine to the face.

Threadjacker here. Great success.

REAL TALK: Why doesn't your job pay your relocation costs? Sounds like a shit gig.

>> No.24869327


I read bad review about
them but i will trust in your judgement anon,i will buy them.
Oh shut up codex fag who does not ready any 40k books and still thinks themselves expert in lore.

>> No.24869333

3.5 is less a poorly designed car, and more a car that has several gears that do nothing, a few that say they are useful and then cause the car to stall, one good one that does more than it needs to do, the car itself takes more than 20 minutes to start up, and if you don't start it up right that entire drive is irreparably fucked.

Meanwhile, the tricycle trundles safely along.

>> No.24869421

Hardly. 3.5 is totally playable. You may not like it but it works.You've just got to tweak it here and there. It's more like a rusted out pontiac. It's a piece shit, you may have to fiddle with the starter and it's not too comfortable but it's get you across state lines. Meanwhile the kids with their tricycles are still riding around in circles on the playground.

>> No.24869451

Then play the older editions. you have no excuse to pathfinder.

>> No.24869461

Not to mention that the people inside those cars are shouting out the windows at other drivers, calling everyone else a pleb as they sputter and stall. All the while, they insist their car runs perfectly fine, as long as you take out all the useless levers and duct-tape this thing to that thing over there. It's not their fault you wanted something that worked as given.

>> No.24869462

So is this one.

>> No.24869465

Cool. You won't regret it, anon.

Oh, and Fire and Faith comes before Hammer and Anvil, btw.

>> No.24869491


>being a "codex fag" for recognizing bad writing

Black library shitty writing isnt something only hardcore 40K fans recognize you know.

>> No.24869497

>Do you really want to know? It's because I would rather have the most poorly designed car in the world than the best designed tricycle.
This. Fucking exactly this. At least 3.x is an RPG and not baby's first battle simulator.

>> No.24869528

Why the fuck is everyone who lives around me and plays PnP or tabletop anything so fucking odd. Just act like a normal human being motherfuckers.
I share common interests with these people, but they are so awkward all the time, and all my normal friends hate this shit. its like some kind of fucking joke.

>> No.24869545

Don't look at me, I don't even like D&D that much. I'd probably prefer 2nd Edition AD&D to 3.5 OR 4e, but ideally I'd prefer another system that accomplished being an RPG better for what I enjoy doing. I just harbour a special dislike for 3.5, because its fan-base seems to insist that it's the best RPG out there despite all its flaws.

>> No.24869565

Welcome to my life.

>> No.24869577


>not recognizing that to your other friends, you are just as awkward.

>> No.24869606

It's not you particularly I understand why people don't like 3.5 it's just I really fucking hate 4e and the MMO crowd it attracts.

>> No.24869648

It's weird how that is isn't it? I wonder if it's not some sort of self fulfilling prophecy. Also the bronies. I really feel uncomfortable around them. It's just too weird.

>> No.24869654

2e was my first rpg. I mostly play GURPS these days.

>> No.24869659

>Grew up with a cool gaming group of older people, basically I joined my dad's group, all of them are functioning members of society with stable jobs, wives/long term girlfriends, etc.
>Discover that the University I'm doing a part-time evening course at has a gaming group, and since I'm technically a student, I decide to go along.
>Hit a wall of stench when I enter the common room being used, this wasn't a sealed room, this was an open area, and yet somehow the stench remained. I was surrounded by horrifying stereotypes in cheeto-stained clothing.

I was too naive, /tg/, I thought it was just a joke, I didn't realise there really were people like that.

>> No.24869665

So gais...

When are we fluffing up a new chaos god spawned from SoB?

>> No.24869681

As soon as someone fluffs up the preceeding SoB galactic orgy.

>> No.24869688

>Hit a wall of stench when I enter the common room being used, this wasn't a sealed room, this was an open area, and yet somehow the stench remained. I was surrounded by horrifying stereotypes in cheeto-stained clothing.

Alright. I asked this last night and couldn't get an answer. WHY THE FUCK DON'T THESE PEOPLE SHOWER REGULARLY? If you or someone you know is one of these people I would very much like an answer.

>> No.24869689

I like how 4e accomplished losing some of the convoluted and bloated rules, and I like that it's more balanced, but I also think it could stand to be a little less basic. 3.5 had its share of MMO crowded, too, though. Hell, it even got made into an MMO, but I guess now 4e's making an attempt as well.

I don't think that 4e deserves the hate it gets, and I don't think 3.5 deserves the love it gets. 4e is probably a more solidly put-together system, but as I said, it's a little basic. 3.5 on the other hand has a lot of flexibility in theory, but in practice it focuses on builds and the lack of balance really hurts class and race options, limiting it severely.

Both games could stand to be better, both games aren't anywhere near as bad as their detractors state.

>> No.24869712

I only have one and it kind of sucks. I mostly just saved it for novelty. I know one thread was trying to make tau Sisters of Battle where some Water Caste decided to emulate the Sororitas in order to help convert guelas into guevesas, but the Space Marine guys were upset that their Tau Marine thread was getting derailed so it kinda died.

>> No.24869728


The only possible answer I can think of that comes close to a legitimate excuse is hydrophobia.

>> No.24869734

Look where the Sister is aiming her bolter.

>> No.24869737


My hypothsis is that they dont recognise their own smell.
It is that simple really, and people dont remind them of that frequently.

>> No.24869740

no way dude, 4e needs to be massively simplified. It's way too complicated as it is, there's so many interacting fiddly bits.

>> No.24869771


That and it's fucking awkward to say to someone "dude, you smell of piss".

>> No.24869772

She is also staring at them bodacious Banshee breasts as well.

>> No.24869778

>>Being a 27 year old post-neckbeard.
>>Not being able to find a single normal fucking group my own age to game with.
>>Being relegated to the internet not because I'm too weird, but because I'm TOO DAMN NORMAL.

>> No.24869783

>tfw no matter how much I washed I smelled
I went to a doctor for it and found out it was due to some kind of bacteria that used my body hair to grow so now I shave them all and there's no smell anymore

>> No.24869789

I don't know, I'm dyscalculic and I understand 4e just fine. Usually that means something is too simple.

3.5 had a lot more rules bloat, though, regardless of what 4e has. It was a lot easier to fuck up a character if you built them wrong, too. Hell, just choosing a fighter was a big mistake if your DM planned on throwing certain enemies at you, or anyone played another class and knew what they were doing. Supplements made it better, but all the supplements and splat books also made it even more complicated.

4e is pretty straightforward by comparison.

>> No.24869790


Everytime i see of this picture i think of the banshee seeing that she got caught stops dead in her tracks, puts he feet slowly down.

Sister confused at the moment of hesitation of her opponent, does not shoot.

Banshee look in her eyes,
Sister looks in here eyes.
They stand at that position for long minutes looking at each others eyes, than slowly one of them lowers her weapon and start making out with the other.

>> No.24869806

Here you go, now you don't have to imagine it.

>> No.24869831

In comparison, but you still have a buttload of options during character classes and more and more obscure feats and battle conditions and shit to track as the battle goes on. At least coming up with an encounter was easy, but that was easy in 2e and 1e too. That's not a feature, it's a requirement.

>> No.24869834

People who complain about a lack of support for their army should get over it and learn to hobby and houserule.

>> No.24869849

I have a confession to make.

If I'm not planning on leaving the house or meeting with anyone, I only shower once every two or three days. Sometimes I even forget to do it for a week if I'm home that long.

Nobody knows this, because as I said, any time I leave the house or meet with someone, I shower.

>> No.24869862


>Hell, just choosing a fighter was a big mistake if your DM planned on throwing certain enemies at you

Pic related

>> No.24869866

This is just speculation but here's what I think. You know how kids don't like to take baths? Yeah? Well you know how your parents fucking made you and over time you got to like it and it just became a routine hygiene thing? Imagine, if you will, that your parents were the same kind of lazy passive "nothings wrong with my little angel" fucks that so often spawn these types of grotesque neckbearded abominations. Now these parents never force their children to bathe so it never becomes a habit. And with virtually no contact with the real world these neckbeards grow used to their stink and never realize that it's fucking disgusting.

TLDR; It's a lazy parent thing.

>> No.24869869



I recognised that i kinda get smelly fast not becouse of fat but a genetic thing(i am pretty average weight) so i take baths every two days to not bother people.
ı seriosly cant understand how those other people coudlnt think that they would get smelly, ask your mother or father for gods sake and organise your shit so you dont smell to other people.

>> No.24869871

Actually we've been all up on that.

Tricksy hobbit......

>> No.24869876


>> No.24869889

I shower every day because it feels good. Sometimes twice a day.

>> No.24869895


But imagination was more fun !

No seriosly , this is nice, thansk anon.

>> No.24869904

Careful, I knew a guy who showered that often and it ended up giving him some sort of flaky skin condition.

>> No.24869910

I think that's a problem with D&D in general. Battles are incredibly long and complex. The whole system could stand to turn down the complexity in favour of more simple battles.

It's because the game was originally a battle game where you played individuals instead of armies, I think. It's still trying to move beyond that, but combat is still a heavy focus in the D&D system.

>> No.24869944


>tfw gaming group of normal people

>> No.24869955

Let me guess. Not American?

>> No.24869974

Good lord no

>> No.24869976


>>24869659 here, I'm not American either.

I'm British though, so it's not like it's any better.

>> No.24869982

>Implying non-Americans can even find gaming groups without the internet.

>> No.24869986

Shit, where are these normal British roleplaying groups?

My area is completely barren.

>> No.24869996

dude early d&d combat is crazy simple, combats go super fast and you can do a ton of them in a day, simple in the sense that once you know how it works you can bang out battles, because sometimes the rules are laid out strangely. Mostly because, like you said, it's based on wargames, so players are expected to have 1-2 retainers that they can control in battle like their own character, it means that battles are much larger and necessarily simpler in the older editions. The complexity creep didn't really, really start until third.

>> No.24869997

Knew it. Welp back to my FLGS infested with bronies and furries.

>> No.24869999

>not finding one through the internet

Seriously though I'm very fortunate and have nothing but sadness for those who aren't and hope they may one day find it for themselves

>> No.24870007

West Midlands

Group is in Wolverhampton.

The LAST place I expected.

>> No.24870017

>>British roleplayers

So you guys like... pretend to be American?

>> No.24870026

Like, let me put it this way. The reccomended number of players for early D&D is anywhere from 4-10. You can reasonably run 10 character combats vs like 15 goblins and it still runs about as fast as a 4e fight.

>> No.24870030

No, they pretend to have teeth.

>> No.24870042

I've had terrible luck finding games through the Internet. The few I have had have fallen through very quickly, or the GM's been a cunt. It's a sort of grab-bag deal, finding games online, especially when timezones and schedules limit your available pool.

>> No.24870054

Oh well, I'll be down here on the south coast in Brighton not having any fun.

>> No.24870062


>About to get angry for racist stereotyping
>Looks in mirror


>> No.24870070

Hey, I have teeth.

They're just crooked as fuck.

>> No.24870078

Hah, a joke about nerds and hygiene from an American.

>> No.24870118

Games that use point buy systems for attributes are not in the spirit of real RPGs. Having a character concept before you roll dice is for people who should play video games, instead.

>> No.24870129

My teeth are in good health thank you very much, in fact until recently they were in double figures.

>> No.24870138


In all seriousness, I really think American nerds are the worst. I don't know if it's that we're such a pluralistic and accepting society that to be ostracized from it you need to be REALLY FUCKING WEIRD, or what, but man. Prove me wrong foreigners.

Who has the worst neckbearded underclass?

>> No.24870150

Wow, even for a thread like this that's a prissy attitude to cop.

>> No.24870156

The Ainu

>> No.24870163


>> No.24870183


Hmm, but forcing your children to take a bath might make them detest it and activly hate it and try not to do it.

>> No.24870188

The Japanese probably.

>> No.24870190

Our underclasses are just welfare dependent, drug addicted and living in council estates so y'know.

You win there

>> No.24870198

That was pretty fucking spot on the ball anon. Good show.

>> No.24870200

Hey at least they don't like TV shows for little girls.

>> No.24870233

Nah tough love is best love

>> No.24870234


If only we could gitmo them instead.....

>> No.24870249

People can rarely smell themselves.
me too anon me too

>> No.24870272

I kind of have to shower if I plan on having other people see me. You can easily tell how recently I've showered by how dark my hair is.

>> No.24870285

>I don't know if it's that we're such a pluralistic and accepting society

I get the exact opposite impression. America seems very cliquey and judgemental. If you're not dividing yourselves up on ethnic lines it's 'winners' and 'losers'.

Just look at american high schools - you have the nerds, the goths, theater kids, the blacks, the asians, the jocks etc. In Europe we don't have those kinds of divisions. At most we'll have popular kids, normal kids.

>> No.24870292

Real talk. I'd rather be roomates with the Boston bomber than a bronie. At least he wouldn't embarrass the fuck out of me whenever I'd have girls over. Also, you know it'd make a damn good story after the fact.

>> No.24870306

>People can rarely smell themselves.
Really? I always can tell I stink when I havn't showered in a while.

>> No.24870308

Are you me?
Whenever i go out or meet with other people i shower, but when i'm by myself i don't.
I have sandy blonde hair that turns brown after a few days of no showering

>> No.24870326

Good god. Am I talking into a time machine or something? Have I accidentally entered some sort of parallel-universe 4chan?

>> No.24870331

It's like when you take a shit. you can smell it at first but after a while it's not really noticeable.

>> No.24870361

I won't ask your name for fear of blowing both our minds. Good luck and godspeed anon.

>> No.24870368


Eh, it's really not that bad. We just give the impression that we're teetering on a razor's edge of class/race/religious warfare at all times because primary elections are vastly overemphasized in our political system. It rewards people for saying the most insane shit possible and then quietly shuffling back to the center later on. Mostly we all get along.

Except for Alabama, but we pretend not to know them when Canada comes over.

>> No.24870437

Same here.

>> No.24870480

>Mostly we all get along.
Except when we don't.
Then we shoot each other

>> No.24870511

I don't like the idea/fact that the Black Templar are probably going to be folded into the vanilla SM codex. I don't like this because I have a preconception that most 'nilla SM players are chodes or absolute shit. And I like having a codex for my army by itself

>> No.24870544

Well fuck yea. That guy had a gun, what was I supposed to do?

>> No.24870614

AdEva is a really bad game that attracts a lot of really weird people. Shame, because BMJ and some of the people who work on it are genuinely cool guys.

When I'm bored I go on Omegle and pretend to be a girl. Half of the time I don't even transform into a Level 11 Wizard halfway through the sexy talk.

Most of my GMing is on the fly and almost none of it is planned out in advance.

>> No.24870633

I used to play Raven Guard for a while when the Chapter Approved article came out for them in like 2003 or someshit. I was pretty terrible at the game being 15 and all but I did feel like a fucking boss playing a legal but special snowflake marine army.

But before that I made up my own chapter, however because such a thing didn't exist ruleswise I just gimped myself on unit selection to fit the theme.

>> No.24870655

Nothing's confrimed yet, anon.

If it makes you feel better, there's also plenty of rumours that they're scheduled for a redesign.

Honestly, nobody knows for definite, so don't let it get you down. Even if they get folded in, a lot of places will probably let you use the old codex still.

>> No.24870730

same here.

>> No.24870746

Also sometimes instead of pretending to be a girl I pretend to be Doctor Byron Orpheus from The Venture Bros.

>> No.24870941

Whenever I hear people diss the lawful-chaotic good-evil alignment system, it makes me want to cut a bitch.

Seriously. I get it. It implies an objective morality, and it really shouldn't be used for things other than D&D. We know.

>> No.24871142

>Based on a true story

>> No.24871168

And I hate the idea that every fucking chapter needs their own codex to feel special. In my eyes, you guys are much more chodelike than the Nillarines.

>> No.24871284

People who take 40k fluff remotely seriously deserve to be laughed at.

i have actual trouble comprehending why there are so many books published in the warhammer setting and all of them are played unflinchingly straight to the point of absurdity.

you're writing a book series for neckbeards playing a game of plastic spess muhreens, retard bugs, elves, some other elves, some blue elves, and goblins with brain damage. RED WONS GO FASTA and that other ork garbage that qualifies for humor on this board is awful.

and so is muscle wizard or "so manly xD" or any of the other overtly machismo tripe that gets pushed around here.

i'm glad i got this off my chest.

>> No.24871370

I think the amout of dorfwankery that goes on is fucking ridiculous, especially since most neckbeards who idolize them are nothing like them. They don't toil all day, they have no strong sense community, and they most certainly aren't as strong as the average dwarf.

>> No.24871385

I just spent 2 hours rolling Will saves, with a substantial, arbitrary modifier. My total turn time equaled about 3 minutes. My character actually walked, in game, cause the bullshit was just too tedious.
Fuck 3.x

>> No.24871679

I really want to DM a game for internet friends but I have no fucking clue what I want to DM, to the point of it actively aggravating me.

First world fucking problems, jesus christ

>> No.24871928


Ask them what they'd want to play, save you all the worry AND you know they'll not complain.

>> No.24872088

It's a little more complicated than that. Sorry, I never actually expected to get a response. By 'internet friends' I was just kidding, I really mean 'organize a brand new group on the internet with strangers' (+1 friend I DO know, but he's also a guy I just know on the net) And I'm in one of those moody funks where I'm browsing through a wonderful wealth of systems and campaign ideas and I'm just going "No. No. No. No." to them one after another. That's the situation I'm in, in full.

>> No.24872318


Damn, that sucks.

>> No.24872356

>sucksna cleft
Captcha knows what the sisters do behind closed doors.

>> No.24872448

I would do anything for love
But I won't do that

>> No.24872734

Don't get me started on either group. The store brony is a ragequitter of epic proportions(mid 20's flipped out and threw his MtG deck across the room because his SUPER AWESOME combo didn't go off.), though the furry is at least a good sport, and doesn't proclaim he has a Fursona or anything like that.

The thing I want to get off my chest. Brony: Every time you lose, you bitch. Stop it. It's pissing off everyone. Threatening to throw someone through one of the store's windows because they told someone else how you lost in Hordes isn't the answer, either. Cut the shit before I slap the everloving shit out of you.

>> No.24873179

Too bad she's a Japanese westaboo

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