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So here's the deal: I've been into /tg/-related stuff for most of my life, fantasy, sci-fi, all that jazz. Been playing 40k for nigh-on 15 years by now.

I had never, though, played a pen-and-paper RPG before until last month, although I had always known what it was and what it entailed. My friend started a Pathfinder campaign with a few other people and I've been enjoying it a lot. And now that I've gotten the taste for it, I was thinking of getting into a 40k RPG. I would like to do something that can involve as many parts of the 40k universe as possible, so I'm wondering which system to use? Rogue Trader? Dark Heresy? Or something else?

tl;dr: 40k RPG, which system is best for including large parts of the 40k fluff universe.

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Honestly, RT would allow the largest cross section of 40k's setting.

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If you want to show people lots of the universe? Likely Rogue trader, if your going vanilla. However, its recomended that you use the combat rules from Only war, as their a bit nicer.

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Ok, noted.

How about when it comes to classes? Isn't RT kind of boring when it comes to classes. I feel it would be much more fun playing an Inquisitor and his retinue than a Rogue Trader and his merry men

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>Rogue Trader

If you can't figure out how to make playing a megalomaniac with a giant ship, vast wealth and a crew of total badasses seeking out untold riches and legendary adventure beyond the boundaries of Imperial space interesting, then I really can't help you.

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Hardcore mode: run a Rogue Trader game, a Dark Heresy campaign and an Only War campaign, all set on the same ship. The Rogue Trader characters are far above where the other games happen and blissfully unaware of the sinister phenomena taking place in the lower decks. The guard character hear rumors but never see evidence; they're too busy fighting the Captain's wars. The Dark Heresy characters are following indications that the Trader's ancestor was involved in some diabolical heresy, which the current trader is totally ignorant of.

You could even have a squad of space marines aboard.

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That sounds... really awesome!

Ok, further question: what will I need to play? Obviously the RT corebook, but besides that?

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>Dark Heresy?

Try Dark Heresy first.

It was one of the first games to come out, and is probably one of the widest roaming games. In a way, you will be sharing the same experience as all of us who were here before the expansions and i think it should give you the right juxtaposition of grimdark understanding of the imperium for later games.

In truth i think that OW is probably the shittiest expansion out of all of them. But it was needed so much by the community that it was axiomatic. Id suggest trying them all eventually.

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And hard for a noob.

Almost all games i see run never end, they just fizzle out. This is due to the GM having to prepare the next chapter every week.

Far better, if your a noob GM, is to fight the urge to run a new campaign, and run one of the pre-written ones from the back of the book. Then insert your own chapters as you want, and improve on the tests.

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dark heresy is definitely the best, except maybe for the psyker rules

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We say this because in dark heresy. The most wounds you have are 13 at the start.

And one bullet does 1d10+3 damage.

Nobody knows why they made it this way. Or if it even was a mistake.

But it just is.

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>thinking of your weekly sessions as prewritten 'chapters'
It sounds like you are over-reliant on prepared material. I love writing needlessly detailed setting notes that will never be important in the campaign, but in terms of actual plot points I find it best to stay flexible and only prod the players when they run out of steam. Especially in an investigative/mystery/horror game, it's better to let them sit and trade theories and get really attached to ones that are way off track.

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And, of course, if that d10 comes up 10, there's a chance of additional damage to push the target through the crit table into being dead.

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no, I just think the overall setting is better
that damage is easy to overcome with basic armor + cover

and also dodge saves, so it is not as deadly as it sounds

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