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Yesterday I posted a topic on Games-Workshop's removal of the specialist line, and I have to say there were some interesting ideas on how to run GW.

One I liked was the obvious one of combining all the Space Marines into one codex. Well one idea caught my eye.
Instead of having all these books all Space Marines come in one book and in it there would be lists of chapter specialized abilities. Each chapter would run like 3 to 5 (still haven't decided how many) very reminiscent of the Imperial Guard Regimental Doctrines from 3rd edition.

Here are some of the original posts.
>.The idea I'm working off of is:
FOC-wise, 1-3 "Specialists" (Apothecary/Techmarine/Chaplain) are an elite choice.
Your main HQ is a Force Commander. He may take *one* template on top (Chapter Master, Champion, Reclusiarch, Epistolary, Master of the Forge, or Chief Apothecary).

The chapter is created somewhat like a Religion in Gods and Kings. *Currently*, the base template is (any of these can be swapped for a Renowned Ability):
-Select one Minor Deviation
-Select a Major Deviation, or Minor Deviations
-Select a Geneseed Mutation
-Select a Dark Secret, or Major Deviation
-BONUS: Pick one of any category.

Minor deviations range from "Dual Leadership" (Force Commander can take 2 Templates; they may not be taken separately now;
Example: Chief Apothecary+Reclusiarch=Wolf Priest
Master of the Forge+Reclusiarch=Iron Father
Chapter Master+Librarian=Kyras.

>Other minors being "Street Sweepers" (Tacticals do not have option for a heavy, may take 1 special per 5 tacs), Armored Behemoths (Power Armor Marines may take Land Raiders as dedicated transports; the Blood Angels/Black Templar are examples, though others like the Aurora Marines are there), etc.

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>Major deviations would include riding warbeasts, or I dunno, having Leman Russes for heavy support. Bike or Jump Pack Troops are there too.

Geneseed Deviations range from Bestial Marks (aka Mark of the Wulfen) to Blood Rage, to "Unchecked Psykers". This is very much an "open area" for suggestions, and playtesting.

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So /tg/ what do you think?
If anyone one would be willing to throw around some ideas I could definitely start compiling them.

I think the best place to start is to consider what the major chapters would have and then start bouncing off from their.

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Making one MEQ codex is and always has been a retarded idea considering that 2E already started with multiple space marine codexes. It's literally as stupid as saying let's put all the armies in one book.

Which they are actually doing for Fantasy.

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Could even make rules for the Fat Marine Legion!

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How is it a bad idea?
It makes the army more dynamic when players can pick and choose traits they want for their army.
Makes it great for making new chapters or flushing out lesser known ones.

Also yeah it is a real shame what they are planning of doing to Fantasy.

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Because then you'd have to buy one huge clusterfuck of a book.

How would you like it if you were charged $100 extra for your codex just because you played non-MEQ or xenos? Because that's what you're proposing for MEQ players.

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This is homebrew so it is free.....

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You mean it's homebrew so it's worthless.

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I just thought it would be fun, but no go on being an pretentious ass it so suits you.

Better just label myself a heretic now

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Ever wonder why no one else is responding?

Not only is your idea stupid to begin with, your execution is shit. You destroyed our best slot (elites) and replaced it with shit that is worse than Sanguinary/Rune Priests, and BA and SW are already shitty armies. You somehow singlehandedly killed both the superior codexes AND the vanilla one in one autistic move.

I can't trust you to design anything even worth reading.

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He's right. Homebrew rules don't mean shit. If someone came up to you and ask to play a random game but using cool homebrew rules some random jerkoff online made, would you be down?

No. And if you say yes you are a bold faced liar.

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Those weren't my ideas. Tried to post them as quotations, but I made a mistake.

The reason I posted this so people could help cause I know nothing of the Space Wolves.
But I guess I will just make it myself :/

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No one really walks up to some one random and asks to play a homebrew game. It is for playing with friends.

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Seeing as how Sisters of Battle: Waffles Edition Codex went nowhere and had a shit ton more feedback and groundwork done, I don't think this is a worthy endeavor. Especially since you're fucking with everyone's bread and butter and not just Sisters.

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Too much on the deviations. Pull back. I don't want to have to spend five minutes explaining my chapter traits before the game.

Here's an idea; when you make an army, you pick one of the eight "Progenitors" and that gives you that Progenitor's unique rule. So, if you take Ultramarines, you get Combat Tactics, but if you take Blood Angels you get Black Rage, etc. But you still have access to all the different units.

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I just thought it would have been cool to have rules for the Space Marine similar to the old IG Regimental Doctrines ):
It was fun for adding a little flair to my vostroyans besides just looking cool.

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Well...Point taken, but still. I can't imagine its perfectly balanced. If you beat a friend, it will suddenly be broken and OP, if you lose, then maybe it "should" be an accepted ruleset. You get my point?

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Just copy the old codex where you could pick chapter doctrines.

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What edition?

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>let's put SOME of the armies in one book
>literally as stupid as saying let's put ALL the armies in one book
No. No it isn't. Stop messing with the word 'literally', anon.

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"Let's kill 40% of the Jews" is just as stupid as "Let's kill all the Jews".

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>one huge clusterfuck of a book
How big would it actually be? You can't just add up the existing Marine codices, because they duplicate a hell of a lot of stuff.

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Again, no, it really isn't. Also, that example is silly.

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Really fucking big. There is less overlap than you think. Even just the unit info pages would more than triple with all the different units and rules and restrictions.

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Yes, it is. Stupid is stupid. It's like calling futa half gay. It's either gay or it's not.

inb4 futa argument

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Turn it into a co-op!


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If there is that much animosity between friends, then you guys probably arent really friends. If the rules end up sucking, then they suck and you dont use them. Its not like you are gonna punch out your friend over a bullshit game or two while experimenting with weird rules.

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I'd say if there is a lack of animosity you're not friends because you don't feel close enough to each other to show it.

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I guess we are splitting hairs here, but you can say “Fuck you, that game was bullshit and these rules suck” without actually hating the person. Either way, there is really nothing to lose from toying with things. Its like playing Slappers Only in Goldeneye 64.

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Every game is slappers only...until someone finds a gun.

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I support your idea, OP. I can easily do this because I've seen it work before and, unlike the, mostly underage, drive-by faggots who seem to infest 4chan, I am here offer constructive advice: For a great insight into how a dozen armies with different themes can fit elegantly into a single, standard-sized codex, please review that Pete Haines masterpiece Chaos Marines v3.3.

The whole book was about generic Chaos Marine armies using all the available models (Black Legion, Red Corsairs, Renegade Chapters, etc.), with the 8 FF Legions getting 2pgs of love each. That's all. If you want to play vanilla? Not a Legion? Simply skip the FF section and read the rest. Playing a Legion, are we? Read the rest, then the TWO PAGES that cover all of your army's divergent traits. Simple, elegant, streamlined. Also, derided by the target demo as "too hard" to understand. Which brings us back to 4chan ...

Good luck, and have fun!

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It's stupid because the resultant sales spike of all the marines at one time will cause all future sales of not-space marines to look like shit for the investors.

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> Suggesting GW will only release one Space Marine codex

Bro do you even business

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