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Modelling, painting, lists, strategy, advice etc.

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Anyone got tips for weathering?

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Leave it outside for a few days.

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but seriously.

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brown and metal drybrushing? washes?

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I want to make an Iron Warriors Demon Prince. I've looked around for some inspiration but it looks like I'm going to be making it with plasticard, greenstuff, and flavoring it with parts from the demon prince box and helldrake box. Anyone have any tips?

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lots of metal. maybe just give it a fleshy head and one fleshed arm.
trying to make it as robo-demon as possible.
i look forward to seeing the results.

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Said this in another thread but got no feedback:

I play Tyranids. The deal is, my friends and I play 5th edition. Odd, I know. We're waiting until all the codices come out. So, here's my list. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hive Tyrant- Wings, twin-linked devourers, brain worm things
Hive Tyrant- HVC, Bonesword & Lashwhip

Genestealers(x8) with Broodlord
Tervigon- Crushing Claws
Warriors(x6)- VC, BS, deathspitters, 4 boneswords



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>We're waiting until all the codices come out.

GW very, very rarely updates all the books for each edition. Eldar and Orks, for example, are still on their 4th edition Codexes.

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as are templars.

SoB i beleive are still in 2nd ed.

what you're doing is stupid. stop it.
play the game properly.

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>GW very, very rarely updates all the books for each edition
The last time GW managed to update all the books in one edition, was 3rd. And even then half-way through they switched design philosophy, released 3.5 ed patches, and began re-releasing codices for older armies, updated to 3.5 rules.

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Well, this way we see it as all evened up. A poor excuse by itself but aside from that, half of our players are new and the other half have only played 5th up until now with the exception of one. There aren't many tournaments in the area so we aren't surrounded by other people playing 6th. Since it's kinda self contained and we're all learning and adapting against each other, there's no point in adapting just yet. We have integrated a few things like the alliance chart.

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I think GK is gonna stay as they are, this edition.

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As for the list itself;

Drop the Crushing Claws on the Tervigon, and the Raveners. Pick up some Hive Guard in their place, as your only ranged anti-tank fire is the Heavy Venom Cannon on the Tyrant, which is not a reliable way of bringing down vehicles. The Tyranid Warriors can probably go as well. It's a lot of points dumped into a unit which doesn't shoot very well and has a long way to slog into close combat. A Trygon would serve you better as a fast, shock CC unit.

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I would love to give you feedback but sadly I have never once, in all my years of 40k, played against a 'nid player. Flying Monstrous Creatures are awesome, but you're playing 5th, so who knows. That aside, what points level? What do your friends play?

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Thank you for the help. Well, that's a lot of units to get rid of completely. My warriors are magnatized and I'm really good at converting so I was going to turn them into raveners. Think they would be less of a waste that way? I would be using them to fill up extra points. Hive guard were going to be my next purchase but I was also thinking Doom of Malan'tai to tear at infantry and destroy tanks along with some more zoanthropes to counter my opponents' tanks

captcha: Dardshoo Thomas

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We're at 1200 but the seven of us are going to spend the next month evening up to 2000. Which is why I'm asking.

1 vanilla marine (my main opponent), 2 eldar, 1 Necron, 1 imp, and 1 Tau

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Raveners can work, but generally in broods of about 6, with Rending Claws. A bare-bones brood can't absorb any casualties (either from enemy shooting or being forced to strike at I1 when assaulting through terrain) and doesn't hit very hard anyway.

Zoanthropes would be a workable alternative to Hive Guard, and bring along extra Synapse. I'd advise against the Doom, though. He tends to either be completely useless (the opponent castles up inside infantry and terrain), or really not fun to play against (the opponent has lots of low-Ld, footslogging infantry).

If you want to run Warriors, take smallish broods of 3-5 models with Deathspitters and Barbed Stranglers. They won't actually do very much, but give you some backup Synapse, are scoring, and can harass infantry with their guns.

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>inside infantry and terrain

Inside transport vehicles and terrain, rather. Also, if you can find the points, put Toxin Sacs and Adrenal Glands on the Tervigon. She'll confer those upgrades to nearby Termagant broods as well, which makes them surprisingly dangerous in combat. Pumping the Termagant broods up a bit more would be worthwhile as well, so you don't get brutalised by No Retreat!.

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How can I into Eldar Corsairs?

Spam jetpacks?

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I'm gonna do this too, but I'm using the Forgefiend/Maulerfiend instead of a Heldrake.
Good luck man.

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Use jet's or thrusters instead of wings. Converted inhalers work well

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I wanna create an infantry based Chaos list. Preferably with one huge unit of cultists with three flamers. No huge vehicles, hellbrutes are badass though.

Any advice appreciated, thanks

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Even some bits of plastic sheet and straws would work well.

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Take Huron use his ability to infiltrate D3 units. 35 cultists infiltrating = bad ass.

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As the last thread did nothgin to help I'll try again

Just finished counting out all my Boyz and I've the following:

2x warboss
1 KFF Mek
1 Dok.
1 Wierdboy

30 Nobs
10 Burnas
10 Lootas

97-100 Slugga boys
30 Shoota boys
12 Big Shoota Boyz
20 Grots

8 Deffkoptas

1 Battlewaggon
1 Looted Basilisk
2 Trukks

3 Looted Rhinos
2 Looted Razorbacks

1 Baneblade
1 Leeman Russ Executioner
1 Deathstrike ML

Now being a BloodAxe fan It will get a handfull of Kommandos, Stomboyz and Big Gunz too, but is there material for a decent 1850 list
or is it lacking some major thing?

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C&C on:


Chaos Lord: - 172 p
Terminator Armor
Lightning clawx2
Mark of Khorne
Sigil of Corruption
Gift of Mutation
Veteran of the Long War

Chaos Sorcerer: - 160 p
2 mastery
Jump pack
M of Slaanesh
Aura of Dark glory
Force Sword


CSM: - 245 p
+5 models
Icon of Excess
2 CSM's change bolters to meltas
Champion has meltabombs

CSM: - 175 p

Khorne Berzerkers: - 154 p
+1 model
Icon of Wrath


Rhino x2: - 70 p

Fast attack:

Raptors: - 280 p
Icon of Excess
Power sword

Heldrake: - 170 p

Eavy support:

Forgefiend: - 175 p

Havocs: - 140 p
2 Autocannons
2 Missile Launchers

Total: 1746 p

Chaos Lord goes with berzerkers in a rhino, Chaos Sorcerer deeps in with Raptors. Slaanesh CSM are assault/anti-armour, the other group is all purpose. Heldrake is fuck yeah, Forgefiend is support from afar (and AA), as are the Havocs.

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Other then the Emperor Children and the Dark Angels, is there anyone who uses a "winged" symbol as their chapter badge?

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Blood angels often have winged blood drops.

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Tonight I played Zone Mortalis, Tau v Necrons.

It was intense as fuck. Stealth Suits getting chomped by Tomb Spiders COMING OUT THE GODDAMN WALLS before fleeing, a spider tearing down a hastily-sealed bulkhead to meet a badass unit of pathfinders who shot it to bits with rail rifles, the pathfinders getting flamed to fuck by a Harbinger of Despair and a Necron Lord Look Out Sir'ing wounds onto his Royal Court before eventually realising he hadn't thought his cunning plan all the way through as overwatch from a unit of pathfinders and a unit of plasma Crisis Suits killed his whole already-crippled court and left him out of charge range.

That Crisis Suit sergeant is getting one hell of a promotion after killing 2 Crypteks and 3 Necron Lords, all laden down with Tachyon Arrows, Fuck You Scarabs, Sempiternal Weave etc

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Some of us reminded you on the last thread that models with Terminator Armor cannot embark on Rhinos. Only Chaos Land Raiders may contain Terminator models but is generally a waste of points. Also, kit him with a power fist/lightning claw so that he can use either if the situation demands. Berzerker chainaxes are also a waste if your enemy doesn't have 4+ or worse armor saves

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oh yeah, I forgot about them boys.

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>tfw khorne berserkers now only have 1 attack base
>tfw all their killing power comes from on-charge USRs (that get countered by photon grenades), so after the first turn they're just little better (WS5) than standard chaos marines

Fucking shooty 6th edition. I just want to rape things in CC for the blood god.

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Orks gladly trade you an attack for two initiative.

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So, semi-new to 40k, my LGS is having an escalation tourney where every week you get 200 more points to play with. I did pretty badly at 500 and 700 - my own fault for the first one, and a combination of that and poor luck for the second - and I'm looking to do better at 900. What's the best 900 point list I can put together with these models?

2 Overlords with Warscythe
5 Lychguard with Warscythe
18 Warriors
10 Tesla Immortals
1 Ghost Ark
6 Canoptek Scarabs
2 Annihilation Barges

We don't really play WYSIWYG with HQs, so they can be outfitted with basically anything as long as they have the scythe.

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What's good for a BA list?
I already have 2x 10 man assault squads a librarian and a tactical squad.

>> No.24829860

How 'bout some termies with some ranged capability, deep striking.
Drop them in behind the enemy force and unleash the guns.
Then next turn go ape shit and dive on them, or just drop more fire power on 'em.

I am by no means an expert, but I think that would work.

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Storm ravens are always cool.
Couple of basic predators wouldn't be a bad idea.

>> No.24829934

I also have a furioso (talons or frag cannon/ blood fist) , forgot to mention him.

>> No.24829967

Anyone else rate this tactic?
I was thinking as I already have lots of CCW marines I'd be better with some more ranged nasties?

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Belial - 190 pts
Deathwing Command Squad: Assault Cannon, Standard of Fortitude, Champion w/ Halberd of Caliban - 330 pts

Dreadnought: 2x Twin-linked Autocannon - 120 pts
Dreadnought: 2x Twin-linked Autocannon - 120 pts

5 Deathwing Terminators: Chainfist, Assault Cannon - 245 pts
5 Deathwing Terminators: Chainfist, Assault Cannon - 245 pts
5 Deathwing Terminators: Cyclone Missile Launcher - 245 pts
5 Deathwing Terminators: Cyclone Missile Launcher - 245 pts

Total - 1,740 pts

Trying to bump my 1500 point Deathwing list up to 1850, but I'm not sure what to do with the last 110 points. I can either take a Terminator Librarian (he'd only be level 1 though) or another Dreadnought. In the case of a third Dread, I could drop the chainfists to give it autocannons too I guess...

I originally was going to make the two Dreads venerable... but anon said that's horrible for the cost increase. If Dread's aren't the way to go, I could always take another squad of Terminators and that will leave more points for the Librarian. What does /tg/ think I should do?

>> No.24830440

A librarian could be good. But maybe take some transport raiders, you have a lot of bodies but some good rounds of shooting and ranged weapons will pick you apart turn by turn.

>> No.24830453

The problem with the dreadnoughts is that they're going to be fire-magnets for all of the enemy's anti-tank guns and probably won't survive the first turn of shooting. I'd replace them with another Terminator squad, more bodies on the table is always good.

How is Deathwing this edition? With all of the easily spamable AP2 around, and only having 20 models on the table, it looks like suffering.

>> No.24830480

Land Raiders are too expensive for little impact, especially considering how attractive Deep Strike is for Deathwing units. He would be replacing tough, shooty, scoring bodies with huge useless metal bawkses.

>> No.24830492

I posted these unpainted in a progress thread last week, and the weather was good for photography today. Also read a comment on this board once that red-on-black is a bad, overused scheme. Sorry.

Replace one of its arms with a Defiler arm.

>> No.24830537

I forgot about them DSing my bad. Just the dreads to worry abou then.

>> No.24830544

Recently I've had to be careful with Crisis Suits running around with 2x plasma rifles, but otherwise I've been fine. It also probably comes down to insane luck, since I've either been able to cripple a squad when Belial comes down, or he's picked out a plasma gun to lessen AP2 return fire.

>> No.24830555

Look pretty cool man!

>> No.24830599


Your librarian doesn't need to pay for terminator armor unless you want to protect him from snipers and shit. The terminators he joins can protect him with their 2+/5++ if you just put him in the back.

>> No.24830823

Is there RPG stats for Kharn? or any of the other main champions really, but mostly kharn?

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I posted in the last thread.
Again, blood axe brofist.


>> No.24831210

> go to dinner
> come back, listcraft
> check
> no response

Here's what I'm thinking, then:

Warlord with scythe, weave and orb: 145

10 Immortals with Tesla: 170
15 Warriors: 195
- Ghost Ark: 115

6 Scarabs: 90

Annihilation Barge, Tesla Cannon: 90
Annihilation Barge, Tesla Cannon: 90
895 points

>> No.24831276


Nobody likes Necrons.

>> No.24831295

Why not? I understand hating Cron Air - I'm a necron player and I hate that list myself - but the whole army?

>> No.24831314

Oh neat, kinda figured it for dead.
Looks decent too, glad to see there's some armor in there as i do want to flash my Looted Chimera/Grille.
Realized grey uniform with green skin works wonders so a OrkSS theme's underway.

I'll likely ajust it a bit, to include both Zagstruk and Snikrot, but I appreciate the time n' effort.

>> No.24831338


You are mistaken if you think Scythes are the only OP unit in the book.

>> No.24831382

As opposed to Eldar using D-Cannons, GK using Dreadknights/Tau using a Riptide, or IG existing. I'm new, I like crons, and I'm looking for help. If I blunder into something broken, it's entirely by accident. Is there some reason I shouldn't get said help?

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>Necron player calling Eldar OP

That just made my week.

>> No.24831413

This is true, I was probably just going to have him hang back with one of the CML squads.

Belial - 190 pts
Librarian (Divination): Storm Bolter, Level 2 - 105 pts
Deathwing Command Squad: Assault Cannon, Standard of Fortitude, Champion w/ Halberd of Caliban - 330 pts

5 Deathwing Terminators: Chainfist, Assault Cannon - 245 pts
5 Deathwing Terminators: Chainfist, Assault Cannon - 245 pts
5 Deathwing Terminators: Cyclone Missile Launcher - 245 pts
5 Deathwing Terminators: Cyclone Missile Launcher - 245 pts
5 Deathwing Terminators: Cyclone Missile Launcher - 245 pts

Total - 1,850 pts

Gave the Librarian a Storm Bolter to match the range of his squad (for the most part). Will stick him in with a CML squad, since they'll have their boots on the ground. Belial will Deathwing assault with the command squad, the other two squads will either Deathwing assault when he does, or just deep strike as normal and hopefully come in early to make use of his homer.

>> No.24831439

yes, because 10 T7-against-shooting models with three Ap2 small blasts that wound on 2s, glance on 2s, and pen on 4s is totally balanced.

>> No.24831491


24" range

Predominantly infantry-based edition.

You are greatly misinformed to be labeling Eldar OP because of one weapon. They are one of the oldest and shittiest codexes. They don't even win tournaments without allying DE and I suspect they win because of jetbikes and Eldrad, not D-Cannons.

>> No.24831502


Here is a post in another thread which, coincidentally, covers it perfectly


>> No.24831511

See ya gotta play an army to know what's balanced in a one, stats are one thing real combat performance is another.

>> No.24831517

Except that a list of that, 2 squads of pathfinders, and a farseer won the 700 point tournament. If eldar suck so much and crons are so much better, please. Help me see the 'better'.

>> No.24831608

Both are damn good. I've fielded both.

Just drop the Nob, that free up 45 points right there. Use the power klaw for the Warboss and all the rokkits to bring Zagstruk.

Dropping all the klaws lets you bring Snikrot. Who is boss.

I make mine use a "desert" uniform. Let's of bright browns, oranges, and Whites. Looks good.

My looted chimera needs a repaint.

Still need to finish my Looted Vindicator.

>> No.24831645

>700 point tournament

Do you brag about winning locals for card games too?

Come back when you're ready to run with the big dogs.

>> No.24831667


Necron is the best army in the game and if you're too pissy to see that then you're beyond hope.

No other army can kill a Land Raider on turn one with a single troop squad using only standard wargear.

>> No.24831685

> ask for help in a 40k general
> get mocked for it

Ah, are most places like this? Like I said, I'm new, but I was sorta thinking /tg/ constantly talking about 40k would be the place to ask about it.

>> No.24831694


Spam lords with scythe, res orb, mindshackle scarabs, royal court, warriors, scythes, and wraiths.

>> No.24831704


Anything beneath 1500 ain't even a game.
Most armies don't get to bring signature units below that mark.

If you're playing a army considered easymode, yeah.

>> No.24831712


How does Eldar having to ally one of the newest codexes to do anything prove that they aren't shitty?

Everyone already knows E/DE and DE/E are good combos but that doesn't change anything.

>> No.24831739

> implying he said they allied

Guy may be a noob, but you can at least read what he wrote.

That said, yeah. Get the fuck out and make your own lists, kid. Adults are talking.

>> No.24831759

People are just pissy cause its not their army that is potentially op.

You have to remember /tg/ has a few neck beards that will always moan at something. Just ignore them.

>> No.24831824

>Except that a list of that, 2 squads of pathfinders, and a farseer won the 700 point tournament.

What else is it supposed to mean?

>> No.24831845


Whatever, the guy isn't even smart enough to Google "competitive necrons" and get all the answers he needs.

>> No.24831866

Man.. Allying with your won army should be punishable by scrotal bandsawing.

>> No.24831871

All of those models are in the Eldar codex.

>> No.24831891

Going to be playing an escalation league game here shortly. I'm playing Vanilla Marines. My opponent is fielding Necrons allied with Chaos Marines. The mission will be the scouring (fast attack is scoring). I know he's going to bring:
Flying Daemon Prince
2 Night Scythes
1 Doom Scythe
2 Annihilation Barges
3 squads of Wraiths (fast attack)
Destroyer Lord
Minimum 2 squads of 5 warriors

In an attempt to curb-stomp this dickery, I plan on borrowing some IG fom a friend who is not in the league. Nobody at the store plays IG, so nobody will see it coming.

-Squad of 2 vendettas. 1 has a veteran squad with 3 meltaguns (shotguns for everyone else).
-Command squad with an officer of the fleet to mess with his reserve rolls.
-Squad of 2 Hydras
-Space Marine Master of the Forge
-Thunderfire Cannon
-10 sniper scouts, cammo claoks
-5 Tactical Marines with a PW & Meltabombs
-Drop Pod
5 scouts with a Combi-flamer & Meltabombs
Land Speeder Storm with a Heavy Flamer
Stormtalon with skyhammer missiles

>> No.24831903

New to the 40k tabletop, but I've always had an interest in IG. Is this good enough for a 500 point HOLD THE LINE list?

>> No.24831914

I recently assembled a space marine captain, and I want to make a creative base, what should I use that wouldn't murder me since I am a beginner.

>> No.24831919

You moan at him for that, but not any of the other armies?

So you're a hypocrite too?

>> No.24831948

and I didn't even post it

Lord Commissar Power weapon, Carapace armor - 90 points

1 Platoon
Platoon Command squad, Colonel Straken - 125 points
Infantry Squad 50 points
Infantry Squad 50 points

1 Platoon
Platoon Command squad - 30 points
Infantry Squad 50 points
Infantry Squad 50 points

Aegis Defense Line - 50 points

>> No.24831965

Cork shaved into odd shapes, some sand and small stones maybe even make some some snow(bicarbonate of soda and PVA)?

>> No.24832013

My plan is to take the Land Speeder Storm flat out on turn 1 and get behind some blocking terrain. This will allow me to be in position to use the heavy flamer on an unprotected warrior squad on one of his back objectives a turn later.

The Officer of the fleet will make his air force come in in smaller waves where the vendettas and hydras can tear them apart.

The Stormtalon is just supposed to give long ranged ground support and go into hover mode later in the game to score objectives.

The main problem I'd have is it being hard to kill wraith spam. and hiding a flying daemon prince behind walls is a pain to deal with. I can only pray that my sniper scouts get a skyfire nexus objective behind their techmarine-fortified building.

>> No.24832049

What do they do against tough enemies?

There tonnes of armies with Discount Dreadnaughts, and no number of str 3 lasguns will even touch the shittiest av 10 model.

Nothign sucks like seeing a incoming unavoidable raping.
A Grenade/Missile launcher will help, also has options for frag blasts against hordes.

>> No.24832072


No, because I don't help anyone.

>> No.24832083

Actually, what are people's opinions on Deathwing Knights? My be interesting to see how they'd go in this list...

>> No.24832086

>implying "how should my 2nd HQ wargear look" is the same as "Necrons suck guys, I'm new, help me build my list"

>> No.24832091

I was hoping to sneak Straken out and charge any unruly big things and see if luck is my bitch, it's a little risky but it'd be hilarious watching Straken punch a Dread into oblivion

>> No.24832136


Buy a Carnifex, model it as a corpse, and glue the captain to its head.

>> No.24832137

> necrons suck guys
Pretty sure he didn't say that, just that they're not OP. Still a ridiculous claim, just better to get it right.

>> No.24832161


They are a deathstar. They'll either rape shit or get raped.

>> No.24832182


Straw man for life, yo.

>> No.24832242

How can anyone claim Necrons suck? They're pretty amazing in 6th.
-cheapest flyer is also a TRANSPORT that doesn't have to go into hover mode to toss out passengers.
-Twin-linked tesla is the best AA in the game and wrecks medium armor
-Mind Shackle Scarabs fuck over most things in CC
-Guass weapons eat heavy armor
-Re-animation protocols make it where you pretty much have to wipe out a squad in 1 turn to keep it dead.

>> No.24832352

Who claimed that necrons suck?

>> No.24832478

Chaos Lord = 100
Murdersword, MoS,
Daemon Prince = 230
Black Mace, Wings,

10 Noise Marines = 160
2 blastmasters, melta bombs, IoE
10 Noise Marines
2 blastmasters, melta bombs, IoE
10 Noise Marines
2 blastmasters, melta bombs, IoE
10 Noise Marines
2 blastmasters, melta bombs, IoE

Predator tank = 145
Lascannon, lascannon sponsons
Forgefiend = 200
Extra ectoplasm cannon
5 Havocs = 190
missiles launchers + flakk, MoN

5 Terminators = 252
2 Powerfist, 2 chainfist, lighting claws, Reaper autocannon, mark tzeentch,

This my list after my 3rd game, still new to this so I would like advice on what I should maybe add/take away. This is for a Emperors Children army by the way, that's why I got 4 squads of noise marines

>> No.24832888

deamon princes have to take a mark, not optional. the list looks fine but i would give the chaos lord a power sword instead, because the murdersword while awesome will make the foe run away instantly. maybe some term armor or 4/5++.

the noise marines, terms, predator, and forgefiend are fine

give the havocs autocannons instead, flakk missiles typically arent worth the cost vs more dice

>> No.24833160

Best weapon load out on a stormraven?

>> No.24833295

So, I just played two rounds of 40K as Imperial guard and I feel like I can't get my shit together. Any tips for it?

>> No.24833303 [DELETED] 

Here, I'll get it.

>> No.24833315

sammy in landspeeder
3 squads of 5 typhoon landspeeder and heavy flamers
2 bike squads of 6

1475 points

>> No.24833318

Roll better.

>> No.24833330

> sammy in landspeeder

>> No.24833351

Er, what?

>> No.24833409

because landspeeder is landraider as fuck and moves farther

>> No.24833426

That's the only way to get better at guard, is to just roll higher numbers. The rest of the army plays itself.

>> No.24833431

also only has a TL AC and a TL HB and that's it.

>> No.24833480

when your this cool it doesn't even matter

>> No.24833482

I'm rolling a commissar, ratlings, vet squad and a basilisk. I'm pretty sure that doesn't roll itself. Though I'm debating the merit of switching it out for a griffon.

>> No.24833509

Not this shit again

>> No.24833553


Either get more men and autocannons, or get more vehicles. You can't win without doing one or the other.

>> No.24833626

My CSM Khorne List, 1500 points. Should I replace the helbrute with a Khorne marked lord with plasma pistol and power sword? or what about 2 decked out rhinos for the tactical CSMs instead?

Kharn The Butt-Traitor (attached to the Zerkers in the Land Raider)

x9 berserkers, x6 chainaxes, champ has power fist

x10 CSM, x2 flamers, the rest have CCW/bolters, champ with power fist and plasma pistol, MoK

x10 CSM, x2 plasma guns, the rest have CCW/bolters, champ has power sword, MoK

vanilla helbrute

heldrake w/ baleflamer

land raider with dirge caster, dozer blades, extra armor


pic related, it's what I've painted of this list so far, obviously I'm new

>> No.24833947

Axe of Blinding Fury is better hands down.

>> No.24834052

Scratch helbrute for METUHL BAWKSES

>> No.24834386

replace 1 squad with a darkshroud
add 2 autocannon mortis dreads
add meltas

congrats now you wont get raped by armour or flyer spam and might actually kill something

>> No.24834507

I'm not sure how to model corpse's

>> No.24834865

Making an IG army with German models, so I'm looking to find some vehicles that would mix in well. What's the scale size or best scale size for vehicles in 40k? (Yes I know scales are messed up, I just need a general number).

>> No.24835163

1/35 is your best bet, nice and big. 28mm minis are something like 1/48 I think though.

>> No.24835250

How about some money saving tips for this oh so expensive hobby of ours?

(i.e. obligatory Ebay recommendation)

>> No.24835314

Thanks, also any nice looking or cheap brands I should look through?

>> No.24835476

Indipendant stockists usually have up to 20% discount.

Other gamers are your friends, get to know the community, and they will be happy to trade bits.

>> No.24836505

Third party models, scratch-building, creativity, trading in my old D&D books now that I just use PDFs

>> No.24836578

I was wondering, what do people use when they add little custom bits to their guys? As in the stuff the custom bits are made out of. Where can I get said stuff?

>> No.24836625

Old sprues from different models primarily. Just ask around, you should be able to get them off of people for cheap or free. Greenstuff sculpting is also a thing.

>> No.24837025

>priming models
>suddenly wind out of nowhere
>don't notice pic related


>> No.24837081

I fucking hate using white... because I'm lazy with shadows but because no matter what I do it comes out chalky and ruins shit.

>> No.24837094

what I do when I undercoat*

>> No.24837273

First real model I've been painting, I think it's turning out nice.

>> No.24837526

I still say you should put Adeptus Sororitas in suggestive poses on it.

>> No.24837530


Oh those poor drilled barrels, ruined.

Can't even see the chest iconography anymore.

What did you use, some cheap ass primer in an attempt to save money? Don't. Pony up for some Army Painter or something.

>> No.24837571

Heh, my painting skills aren't that good to get something like that on there, or I would.

>> No.24837582

I used Army Painter bone. The wind kicked up and sprayed a bunch of paint from what I was aiming to that guy. I didn't even notice.

Also that guy is someone else.

>> No.24837606

Is...is that...Is that a fucking pen cap? Jesus.

>> No.24837637

You can probably get printable transfer sheets somewhere, no?

>> No.24837680

That would be beautiful, but I just tried looking and its just the symbols no actual S.O.B.

>> No.24837682

On what paper would you print those?

>> No.24837687


Transfer paper, you nigger.

>> No.24837771

>Jesus that's clever
>Jesus, what a cockgobbling bunch of twaddle, get some real materials you scrub

>> No.24837822


I lol'd. I think it might be the second.

>> No.24837833

That's why I said printable :)
See >>24837682
The idea is you can find whatever SoB pics your heart desires online, print it onto blank transfer sheets (which are a thing) and have nifty detail pics that make you look like a totally boss painter.
It's okay, we'll keep your secret ;)

>> No.24837870

Jesus that looks terrible and you should kill yourself for making that abortion.

But seriously, it looks bad.

>> No.24837904

Honestly, if you can, see if you can remove the little metal bit off the pen cap.

>> No.24837940

It was.

Wanna see how I made my leman russ armored company?

Like this.

>> No.24837962 [DELETED] 

For what I have right now though any criticisms as far as details/in general goes?
After I got the coat of Scarlet over the plane, I took a rather beaten up brush and put scratches of silver along parts of the wings and general parts of the plane.
All that I have left now is the bombs and I honestly have no ideas in terms of what to do for them.

>> No.24837992

Hm... Ill have to think about that, I don't exactly have transfer paper sitting around.
For what I have right now though any criticisms as far as details/in general goes?
After I got the coat of Scarlet over the plane, I took a rather beaten up brush and put scratches of silver along parts of the wings and general parts of the plane.
All that I have left now is the bombs and I honestly have no ideas in terms of what to do for them.

>> No.24838019


>> No.24838032

Take the fact that nobody is giving you any critticism as a sign of doing it right so far. Or that nobody is on right now.

>> No.24838036

>10 Leman Russ

What the fuck? Is it an Apocalypse box or something?

>> No.24838063

See: The Bottom-Left corner of that box.

>> No.24838073



>> No.24838076

>Not getting a picture of a Big Shoota in a suggestive pose in a bikini
I'm sorry, my /k/ommando is showing.

>> No.24838095


Give the full list and then people can help! I don't think Ratlings are worth it for competitive lists.

They wound everything on 4+.... Even on Gaunts and Grots. Rending... Meh, but Melta's and stuff should be used on big stuff. Lots of competitive armies also have Fearless, so Pinning is useless. Next, they are T2, so instant-killed by most things. Also, Ld6.

So, use other Snipers, like Special, Vets and so on. You can also take a Vindicare using Allies rule (and it is really good).

>> No.24838101


Those gun porn threads are stupid. After being forced to scrub M16s for so many hours I would be glad to never see the inside of another chamber.

>> No.24838140

Sorry. You'll be happy to know I've just started killing myself with drink.

>> No.24838165


I'd drink too if all my demolisher cannons turned into Pentel caps.

>> No.24838224

Aww yeah. It was like almost $500 when it came out. I picked it up on release night along with 2 baneblades for $300.

Pays to have a friend that worked at GW.

>MFW Fucking GW employees used to get straight 50% off on everything in store. Everything.

>> No.24838316

>50% off
So they could just re-sell and make mad $?

>> No.24838335


Pretty sure they have rules and/or laws against that, but if you never get caught...

>> No.24838396

If they got caught, they would be prosecuted. One dude was caught. He was straight up reselling battleforces and megaforces. Last I heard he was terminated and actual escorted out of the store by a cop due to employee theft. geedubs don't play no shit.

As far as buying for friends, most managers didn't care as long as it was for even cost. Like the manager straight up rang me out under my friends name after closing. Gotta be cool with the manager I guess.

Keep in mind this was close to 4 or 5 years ago (wow) and back then they were lenient and had stores with like 4 or 5 employees.

Now its just one (usually over zealous) jackoff running the stores to cut costs and they are so not going to offer ANY sort of discount.

>> No.24838751

I remember when discounts were at the manager's discretion. Like 5-ish years ago the manager of the GW in my area sold me a Dark Angels mega battleforce, a few boxes of DA vets and paints and he threw in a box of Terminators and Terminator Librarian free.

>> No.24838819

That's pretty cool! Man back in the day shit could fly. I remember they got a huge shipment of Apoc books thinking theyd be flying off the shelves. They had overstock and the manager saw I didn't have one so he gave me one for free since I spent so much money there already and usually talked curious passersby into buying a starterbox if not just run one of the intro games.

Also one d-bag threw my piranha into the wall because he got mad I blew up his landraider. The store manager threw him out but not before giving me a 3 piranha box set right in front of him to replace the one he fucked.

I hope you're on here Clark. You still to this day suck at warhammer probably.

>> No.24838917

>threw my piranha into the wall
I know sometimes people can get angry. They can start getting grumpy and start muttering. Sure they can even start pounding on the board. But throwing a model? Who the fuck does that?

>> No.24838945

Manchilden do. They're more common than you think, especially in /tg/ topics

>> No.24838960

I know 'hurr autism' gets throw around a lot in these parts, but sometimes you gotta wonder.

>> No.24838961

>GW employees get 50% off

I can imagine this in Australia.

> Alright James, you should know that there are some perks to working here at GW. In addition to your pay you also have the privilege of being able to buy GW stock at the converted British RRP instead of the usual Australian one.

>> No.24838974


>> No.24840358

Nowadays don't GW staff HAVE to buy a certain amount of stuff each month? I mean, if you work there you obviously like the hobby, but forcing you to buy stuff each month is pretty stupid.

>> No.24840516

>Those girl porn threads are stupid. After being forced to lick cunts for so many hours I would be glad to never see the inside of another pussy.

>> No.24840520

>Lowest possible pay already
>HAVE to buy stuff with your hard earned money, no matter at how big a discount
>What are bills, what is food, what is a loan?

>> No.24840607

I have a 2000pt list here. It's not competetive as it's only for a group of friends (which is why there's no lootas in there. Yes I know, but I don't want to use them simply because I HAVE to, y'know?) but I want to know where the biggest weaknesses are in it.


Warboss (PK, Warbike, Attack Squig, Cybork Body) 150pts


7 Nobz (Warbikes, 2 PK's, 4 Big Choppas, Bosspole, Waagh! Banner, Painboy, Cybork Bodies) 470pts
20 Shoota Boys (Nob with 1 Big Shoota, Bosspole, 'eavy Armor) 145pts
20 Shoota Boys (Nob with 1 Big Shoota, Bosspole, 'eavy Armor) 145pts
20 Shoota Boys (Nob with 1 Big Shoota, Bosspole, 'eavy Armor) 145pts

Fast Attack

9 Warbikers (Nob with PK and Bosspole) 265 pts
2 Deffkoptas (Rokkit Launchas) 90pts
2 Deffkoptas (Rokkit Launchas) 90pts

Heavy Support

Battlewagon (Kannon, RPJ, Deff Rolla) 135 pts
Battlewagon (Kannon, RPJ, Deff Rolla) 135 pts
Battlewagon (Kannon, RPJ, Deff Rolla) 135 pts

I've still got 95 points up my sleeve for stuff. I'm considering using one of the wagons for Lootas since they ARE good, sticking a Supa-Kannon on it for some long range troop killing/armor threatening fun, throwing the boys that were in there in trukks and dropping the bikes and/or dropping a Nob Biker or 2. Thoughts?

>> No.24840652

Nice: Tamiya

>> No.24840701

Biggest weakness? The deffkopptas.

Sure they can be pretty good for taking out armor, specially with a buzz saw upgrade. But 4 wounds in each unit, str 10 will insta jib, has the 4+ armor and if they've moved, in the movement phase not a scout move, they get a 5+ cover.

I usually have them get taken out just because of leadership failing after losing some models and then the 3d6 flee. Speaking of bad fleeing, it sucks using 4d6 for storm boys fleeing.

>> No.24840781

What's /tg/'s opinion on Whirlwinds?

>> No.24840851

Play whatever you consider fun.

>> No.24840891

I've never fielded them, I just wondered if they were a waste of money or if they were actually useful.

>> No.24840902


would table turn 2

>> No.24840908

They do what?
Pie plates, right?
Against IG they probably do well...

>> No.24840974


>Taking Noise Marines
>Not giving them their 2/3 salvo cover ignoring bolters

>> No.24840980

IG, Ork, Nid, or just gambling a 3/4+ coming up short enough times.

>> No.24840996

Bs:4 ,armour: f11,s11,r10
They're pretty squishy.
Str5 AP4 ordanance1, barrage
Or Str4 AP5 o1 barrage, ignores cover.

I probably wouldn't field them.
Pretty below average firepower vs MEQs

>> No.24841030

How can I improve my Necron paint scheme?
I feel like the bone makes the yellow not stad out like I want to.

Should I lighten the yellow, give it an orange wash or dirty up the bone?

Also, should I add some sand and rust effects using powders?

>> No.24841040

Hardly the Whirley fault halve the dexes are Marines.

>> No.24841045


I feel the "wings" of the 'Scythe ends some streaking and maybe some rust effects.

Thinking of adding some larger chipping effects on the bone as well.

>> No.24841050

If I was you, I'd dirty the bone a bit and do some weathering on the exposed metal.

>> No.24841055

Has the infinite DA command squad exploit been FAQ'd?

>> No.24841069

Very true battle brother.
But it's great for killing SQUISHY XENO SCUM!

>> No.24841077

How's this Termie look?

Still need to drill the barrels though, and cut that flash, but it's the second termie I've painted.

>> No.24841092

Also here's one of the Guardsmen I've painted, which I've done a lot more of.

>> No.24841094


Looks good anon, I'd get some orange in on that yellow and try and make it more Heart-of-the-Guardian-y

Pic isn't very good but if you've played KOTOR you know what I mean

>> No.24841096

Might wanna pick the pube off his face, DA's look plenty gay as is.

>> No.24841102

Okay whirlys are out.
What about vindicators vs predators (autocan and las sponsons)

>> No.24841124

Triple thunderfire cannon is the only option

>> No.24841156


Yeah, I've darkened the metal with washes, thinking about adding scratches with a lighter metal colour.

Got some sand and dark earth weathering powders, will see how that looks on the bone-coloured areas.


Yeah, I've thought about it.
Thinking about going for this look in this picture.

But I've received so many positive comments on the yellow and I actually like the look.

>> No.24841169

That's not even in my codex...
Running BA.
So vindicator seems appealing. Zoom up BANG.
And the front armour 13 is nice.

>> No.24841194

there's an 800pt tournament at my local game club.. tempted with one of these (everything must be painted & based):

Typhus: 230
5 Chaos Spawn (MoN) 180
5 Chaos Spawn (MoN) 180
24 Cultists (Zombies): 106
23 Cultists (Zombies): 102

Big Mek (shokk) 95
Big Mek (shokk) 95
27 Grots 104
26 Grots 95
19 grots 67
3 Zzap Gunz (+6 Crew, +3 Ammo Runts) 171
3 Zzap Gunz (+6 Crew, +3 Ammo Runts) 171

Chaplain (meltabombs): 105
Tactical Squad: 90
scout squad (snipers): 75
Sternguard (10, sarge w p.wpn, p.pistol, Heavy Bolter, plasmagun): 295
Sternguard (8, Sarge w meltabombs, lascannon, lascannon): 235

>> No.24841208


Go for the orange. Molten necrons look awesome

>> No.24841305

Vidicators arent very good

with only a 24" range it is easy to deadzone and generally easy to pop before it can do any damage

Only use for a Vindicator is as a distraction from the rest of your shiney toys
Please pop this so my death company can move up unharrased

>> No.24841323

Predator it is then!

>> No.24841340

That is unless I can get a better ranged support option?

>> No.24841346



4 Plasma Cannons with a Sanguinary Priest.
Rapes the shit out of everything except heavy tanks..

>> No.24841360


No? Then tell me /tg/

Would you let somebody use it against you?

>> No.24841369

Can't say I'm familliar with it.
Care to enlighten me?

>> No.24841400

My friend is leaving GW so he's doing me some 50% off deals.

x1 Vampire Counts Zombies 10.25
x2 Vampire Counts Crypt Ghouls 15.50
x1 Forsaken 15
x1 Marauders of Chaos 10
x1 Nurgle Chaos Lord 4.50
x1 Beastmen Ungor Herd 7.75
x1 Chaos Space Marine Heldrake 22.5
x1 Imperial Guard Chimera 11.25


Would usually be 196.75 but feels good having a friend on the inside.

I'm going to give him a tip, 15% seems reasonable?

>> No.24841426

Forget the tip, buy the man a pint.

>> No.24841436

I was thinking about that.
I already have 1 plasma cannon, if I get a box of devs that'll be 2 more. Still need a 4th. Could ask my friends.

>> No.24841455

bitz sellers online.
While they still exist

>> No.24841458


If you have either the book or a scan of the DA codex available, a glance over the HQ section will yield a few interesting results.

-You can only take a command squad for every non Techmarine or other command squad of any type

-You can only take a Deathwing/Ravenwing Command Squad for every HQ mounted on a bike (this means you can take a RW squad with a bike techmarine)

-Servitor squads are separate options under the HQ section that are not named Command squads anywhere int he book, you can take them for every techmarine

-Techmarines can be taken for every non Techmarine or Command Squad of every type.

What happens is you take an HQ with a command squad, then take a Techmarine on a bike, then take both a ravenwing command squad and a servitor squad, and then working off the servitor squad you can take another techmarine and an ordinary command squad because Servitor squads are not listed anywhere as Command Squads.

Infinite techmarines and command squads and servitors. Heck you could ditch the command squads and field nothing but techmarines and servitors. The ultimate admech list.

>> No.24841470

But is that good?

>> No.24841471

I'm from the UK man. Rules here are different so I'm still good as far as I know.

>> No.24841476


Buy absolutely everything you can.

And buy your friend all the beer he can handle one night

>> No.24841549

That's not what the codex says.

For Command Squads it says "for each HQ choice in your army (NOT including techies or other command squads) you can include one CS.

DCS are the same but with termie HQ's and RCS is for biker HQ's.

Same goes to techmarines, you can take one for each HQ choice (NOT including other techies or command squads)

>> No.24841583


Exactly, but the crux of the matter is servitor squads, which are their own separate entity in the HQ selection that you can take for every techmarine.

Servitor squads are an HQ choice that is not described anywhere as a command squad, meaning you can take a command squad and a techmarine for every one. And for every techmarine you can take a servitor squad, and so on and so forth.

>> No.24841635

Ahh, now I see it. Funny, never really paid any thought to it.

>> No.24841637

GW has a new strategy though. They have been churning out codices in 6th edition in unprecedented speed.

Besides Tyranids are pretty high on the priority list, I wouldn't be surprised if Orks, Eldar and Tyranids all came out before Blood Angels.

>> No.24841684


Meh I think I'll just buy what I need for now for my army list (lost and the damned based hence all the odd buys)

I could buy some Ork stuff to reserve my investment in a Ork army.

>> No.24841687

Eldar are out in a month or two.
Nids shoudl get a WD update, Orks are rumored to be 2014 at the earliest.

>> No.24841744

We've seen one codex/book update each month now.
I hope they suddenly stop for whatever reason and start doing wd updates.

>> No.24841756

edlar -> Apoc -> Guard/SM -> SM/Guard ->Orks -> Nids
With the release speed they are doing now every book will get a hardcover update quickly, I doubt they would use a WD for this. (When was the last time they did use it for unit rules btw? Dakkajet that you could not get as PDF and had to wait for this flyer bullshit book?)

>> No.24841769


Second this. I play World Eaters CSM, so Berzerkers are core to my game play. Photon grenades seriously piss me off.

>> No.24841813


I'd consider dropping the Helbrute. Your multi-melta will be a dissapointment and miss more times than not. I field my Dark Vengeance Helbrute in Killteam and that's about it now; got a Helbrute with two power fists, two heavy flamers, that's good to take in some games (Nids, Orks, Tau etc)

Kharn in a Land Raider is always a good plan. Consider putting Possessed with him instead of Berzerkers, but only if you have the points to spare. Possessed with MoK are devastating.

Consider dropping the Plasma Guns in Squad 2. They'll be useful when you're firing from bolter range, that's all - a Melta or Flamer would be an option i'd suggest.

Icons - consider giving your first squad an Icon of Wrath, just to ensure they get the charge. Icons have saved me so many times.

It's not a bad list at all; Khorne Lord with Axe of Blind Fury would be my next suggestion for addition. Perhaps a Juggernaut Lord with 5 spawn = profit

>> No.24841847


Then just buy chainaxes.

>> No.24841873

So i need something killy for my BA army.
i already have lots of CCW stuff.
i need something with some ranged dakka for support.

auto-can, sponson las predator maybe?
or should i get a baal pred with the asscans?
i'm a noob and have no idea what's good.

>> No.24841888

Baal predators for anti infantry, autocannon las sponsons predator for anti tank. Alternatively, missile devastators

>> No.24841904

Get either and then cleverly decide where to use glue and where to use magnets.

>> No.24841905

ideally i would like something that could be used for both, but then i'd be diluting the power.

i can't say i see lot of people running tanks at FLGS. lots of flyers though. ass cannons are good at munching fliers. am i right in saying that?

>> No.24841947

twinlinked asscannons on a baal are good at krumping ravens, plus they get rend if i'm not mistaken.

>> No.24841948

Im repainting my Sa'cea Tau Army.
Im thinking i want either: Armor Military green, cloth black and markings orange. Basically Forest Sa'cea. Closest palett would be like MC from halo.
Or gray black mix with yellow markings. Think Belltower Security from Deus Ex HR.

>> No.24841964

Pic related.

>> No.24841971

Pic related.
Master Chief.
(Blue glow not included in the black, but it was the cleanest pic i found.)

>> No.24841984


>> No.24842038

Im not into the whole "My armor shines bright in the dark so the enemies know where to shoot!" Thing.
Ill gladly take suggestions. Just nothing outlandish.

>> No.24842098

No need to go all neon, but if you go too camo you'll waste all the sharp edges and geometry that gives Tau their striking aesthetics and just have muddy blobs.

MC's not a bad one though as it has muted color yet sharp detailing.

Look at the belltower without zooming the image, that abotut the size the models will be in gaming range.
See how they're more or less just greenish-grey blobs?
A terrible waste to have hundreds of dollars of models tun up meh.

>> No.24842099

sammael speeder - 200

3 land speeders typhoon w/ flamer - 225
3 land speeders typhoon w/ flamer - 225
3 land speeders typhoon w/ flamer - 225

mortis dread AC w/ extra armour - 130
mortis dread AC w/ extra armour - 130

Rw bike squad 3man 2 flamers - 90
Rw bike squad 3man 2 flamers - 90
Rw bike squad 3man 2 flamers - 90
Rw bike squad 3man 2 flamers - 90

took a theme list around speeders and tried to make it viable
mortis dreads can shoot flyers/rhinos at s7
9 typhoon shots at s8 can potentially kill raiders
total of 9 heavy flamers and 8 flamers can handle hordes/swarms or footslogging troops

how do you think it would do

>> No.24842128

An example.
Muted colours, yet it *pops*

>> No.24842154

I would ofcourse add contrast.
I would also try and add geometric patterns to my bigger models, vehicles and suits, on their armor plates.
I was thinking dark gray/black armor on FW with gray/dark gray cloth.
Then dark gray Armor on pathfinders with lightgray cloth.
Pretty stark highlights on both.

>> No.24842165

Oh man! I love it!

>> No.24842173

I might actually steal that.

>> No.24842196


If you've an airbrush an patience, Urban camo can really impress, even easy with a transfer sticker template for it, like in the link

>> No.24842217

But of you want inspiration Adv. Tau Tactica has tonnes of schemes, discussion and conversion ideas.

>> No.24842265

What about triangular or hexagonal patterns? Any tips?

>> No.24842324

The whole point of 6th is to give warhammer long term stable rule set, the major codexs will all get updates, notice how fast they are going with the releases?

Sisters may still be screwed though.

>> No.24842346

They had witch hunters in 4th ed, and then the WDex, if you count that, in 5th.

Any new codex will be designed for 6th and function oddly at best in 5th, if at all. I'd stick to codexes released before 6th.

>> No.24842412


>> No.24842430

Thank you kindly anon!

>> No.24842457

>Dat Northrend mousepad

>> No.24842769

New player here. Looking for some suggestions on how to improve my army.

Necron Army:
1 Overlord
Tachyon Arrow
Phaeron Upgrade

2 5xNecron Warriors

Heavy Support:
3x Doomsday Arks

3 5xFlayed Ones

>> No.24842798

No competition in choosing between the Strike Fighter and the Bomber, right? To me its a choice of a S8 large blast and a laughable S5 bomb (THAT MIGHT STOP WORKING FOR THE REST OF THE FIGHT), even with the markerlight and drones being detachable
I'd splash out and get a Barracuda to be a bit different (and because it looks better), but all the rules for it are outdated and ask way too high a point price

>> No.24842902

Get rid of the flayed ones. They suck so bad, that every other melee unit in the Necron Codex outshine them for their respective costs. No power weapon attacks, low initiative, no Fear makes a shit tier assault unit. Get a squad of Deathmarks or more warriors.

>> No.24843631

Chaos Lord: - 172 p
Terminator Armor
Lightning clawx2
Mark of Khorne
Sigil of Corruption
Gift of Mutation
Veteran of the Long War

Chaos Sorcerer: - 155 p
2 mastery
Jump pack
M of Slaanesh
Aura of Dark glory
Force Sword

CSM: - 245 p
+5 models
Icon of Excess
2 CSM's change bolters to meltas
Champion has meltabombs

CSM: - 175 p

Khorne Berzerkers: - 139 p
+1 model
Icon of Wrath

Rhino x1: - 35 p

Fast attack:
Raptors: - 280 p
Icon of Excess
Power sword

Heldrake: - 170 p

Eavy support:
Chaos Land Raider: - 230 p

Havocs: - 140 p
2 Autocannons
2 Missile Launchers

Total: 1749 p

Chaos Lord goes with berzerkers in a rhino, Chaos Sorcerer deeps in with Raptors. Slaanesh CSM are assault/anti-armour, the other group is all purpose. Heldrake is fuck yeah. Lan Raider transports Chaos Lord and Berzerkers. Havocs are support and AA.

>> No.24843713

Belial - 190 pts
Librarian (Divination): Terminator Armour - 95 pts
Deathwing Command Squad: Assault Cannon, Apothecary, Champion w/ Halberd of Caliban - 275 pts

Venerable Dreadnought: 2x Twin-linked Autocannon, Extra Armour - 155 pts
Venerable Dreadnought: 2x Twin-linked Autocannon, Extra Armour - 155 pts

5 Deathwing Terminators: Chainfist, Assault Cannon - 245 pts
5 Deathwing Terminators: Chainfist, Assault Cannon - 245 pts
5 Deathwing Terminators: Cyclone Missile Launcher - 245 pts
5 Deathwing Terminators: Cyclone Missile Launcher - 245 pts

Total - 1850 pts

Well, I think I got my list figured out. Going to see how the Dreads perform. They seem difficult to bring down... at least to me.

>> No.24844000

Anyone know where this model is? Not the rider.

>> No.24844041


I would argue that Barracudas are still the better choice. They are dead easy to shoot down but only slightly less durable that the other two which are xbox huge compared to it.

Additionally it is much better armed for taking on other Flyers and against other factions with low armour Fighters (Orks, Eldar and Dark Eldar) it's two 360 degree fire arc ignores cover saves S5 burst cannons are actually useful.

>> No.24844146


2 Units of 15 Necron Warriors the minimum number of points you should be spending on troops, even at 1000pts. At 1500pts you will want twice again that many.

>> No.24844329

+ HQ + (145pts)

* Commander (145pts)
Advanced targeting system (3pts), Crisis battlesuit, 2x Fusion blaster (30pts), Neuroweb System Jammer (2pts), Shield generator (25pts)

+ Elites + (392pts)

* XV8 Crisis Team (211pts)
* Crisis Shas'ui (55pts)
Advanced targeting system (3pts), Crisis battlesuit, 2x Fusion blaster (30pts)
* Crisis Shas'ui (55pts)
Advanced targeting system (3pts), Crisis battlesuit, 2x Fusion blaster (30pts)
* Crisis Shas'vre (65pts)
Advanced targeting system (3pts), Crisis battlesuit, 2x Fusion blaster (30pts)
* 3x Shield Drone (36pts)
3x Shield generator

* XV8 Crisis Team (181pts)
* Crisis Shas'ui (57pts)
Crisis battlesuit, Early warning override (5pts), 2x Missile pod (30pts)
* Crisis Shas'ui (57pts)
Crisis battlesuit, Early warning override (5pts), 2x Missile pod (30pts)
* Crisis Shas'vre (67pts)
Crisis battlesuit, Early warning override (5pts), 2x Missile pod (30pts)

+ Troops + (354pts)

* Fire Warrior Team (118pts) [x3]
11x Fire Warrior Shas'la with pulse rifle (99pts), Photon grenades
* Fire Warrior Shas'ui (19pts)
Pulse rifle

+ Fast Attack + (198pts)

* Pathfinder Team (99pts) [x2]
Photon grenades
* 7x Pathfinder Shas'la (77pts)
7x Pulse carbine with Markerlight
* Pathfinder Shas'ui (22pts)
Blacksun filter (1pts), Pulse carbine with Markerlight

+ Heavy Support + (411pts)

* Hammerhead Gunship (145pts) [x2]
Disruption pod (15pts), Railgun with submunitions (5pts), Twin-linked smart missile system

* Sky Ray Missile Defense Gunship (121pts)
Blacksun filter (1pts), 2x Networked markerlight, 6x Seeker missile, Sensor spines (5pts), Twin-linked smart missile system, Velocity tracker

>> No.24844369

Just gets dubious about how it interacts with the new codex or not. The page from Apocalypse has stats on the entry for the weapons, and I wonder do I replace the burst cannon with the assault 4 one, should it be able to fire an overcharged ion cannon shot, can it take upgrades from the 6th ed vehicle armoury...
Guess it's all stuff to check that the people I play against are cool with it all.

>> No.24844414


I use the stats present for it in my Battle Scribe army list builder and people don't question it because half the players in my local group use the battle scribe android app for all their 40k needs and none of us play in 40k tournaments anyway.

In said app the weapon stats are updated to the modern ones but the only vehicle upgrade options it can take are Seeker Missile like in the original.

>> No.24844837

Chaos Daemons 2000

Bloodthirster - exalted and greater gift - 300

Daemon Prince of Khorne - 2 greater gifts wings armour - 260

Daemon Prince of Khorne - 2 greater gifts wings armour - 260

Daemon Prince of Khorne - 2 greater gifts wings armour - 260

20 Bloodletters - full command lesser gift khorne banner - 245

20 Bloodletters - full command lesser gift khorne banner - 245

20 Plaguebearers - full command lesser gift - 215

20 Plaguebearers - full command lesser gift - 215

>> No.24846661



>> No.24846698


Updated Release List:

JUN: Eldar
JUL: 40k Apocalypse update
AUG: Lizardmen
SEP: Bloodbowl
OCT: Space Marines
NOV: Fantasy army release (likely DE)
DEC: Hobbit

Aw. I wanted Black Templars. So I could do an SoB + BT ally army, gloriously fluffly, but shit on table.

>> No.24846734

Seems ok.

>> No.24846745

hey guys check out my coooool KKK imperial preacher

>> No.24846758

and my Wehmacht themed Leman Russ

>> No.24846777

doin a whole white supremacist Krieg army

>> No.24846799

Dark elves, really?

That may or may not actually get me into Fantasy.

>> No.24847418

Why are you doing a white supremacist krieg army?

>> No.24847422

>JUN: Eldar
>OCT: Space Marines
Battlebrothers for Tau eyh?

>> No.24847641

No SoB update, damn you GW

>> No.24847897

Needs moar dakka. Can you sacrifice a squad of Letters for some Horrors? Also, for 2000 points, you should have a lot more bodies on the field than that.

>> No.24847909

Cause he's an edgy doofus with a middle-school level grasp on the world.

>> No.24848125

What weapon load out should I give my Baal predator for maximum efficiency?

>> No.24848244

Too generous.

>> No.24848328

I'm sitting here with the kit. Staring at my codex. And the weapon charts. Anyone got any mathhammer?

>> No.24848331

Rolled 7

So I'm wanting some more basing idea's/tips.

>> No.24848439

Compared to the regular predator VS anything AV 10/11 it wins through sheer volume of shots from the asscan/HB load out.

Not sure on the other variants

>> No.24848528

I'm heading into a tournament in a few weeks and I'm soon done painting my riptides, I usually play at 1500, so 1850 will be a bit odd for me and I'm not sure how to balance my forces for this (not that I'm taking a very balanced force), especially troops

1x Aegis Defense Line, Quadgun, 100 pts

[HQ] 242 pts
1x Cadre Fireblade, 60 pts
>He'll be with the firewarriors behind the aegis line and man the quadgun
1x Commander, Onager, Iridium, Missilepod, Missilepod, Drone Controller, Target Lock, 2x Markerdrone, 182 pts
>He'll hang with the markerdrone squad, can pop metal bawkses with some luck
>I'm not sure if this guy is worth it, but I do need markerlight with longer reach than pathefinders can provide me, BS5 makes them quite nice

[ELITE] 630 pts
3x Iontide, TL Fusion, EWO, VT, 210 pts
>3 Riptides, I'm not looking to make friends this tournament. Given the lack of suits, these guys might have to be mobile and hunt the enemy actively. I can possibly keep one of them in reserves for deepstriking if I meet artillery spam

[Troop] 318 pts
12x Firewarriors, 108 pts
10x Kroot, Sniper, 70 pts
10x Kroot, Sniper, 70 pts
10x Kroot, Sniper, 70 pts

[Fast] 122 pts
4x Markerdrones, 56 pts
6x Pathfinders, 66 pts

[HEAVY] 438 pts
3x Hammerhead, Railgun w/ Submunitions, TL SMS, Blacksun, Disruption Pod, 146 pts
>I love these guys, they take care of both heavy armor and blobs

[Total] 2000 pts

With 4 potent Intercepting Skyfire capable units, fliers and deepstrikers will melt unless they alphastrike HARD during a single round. Blobs will be blown away due to 6 large pieplates (and the ability to ignore cover), gonna need pic related. Kroot's can deal with MC's quite handidly, while Riptides will be my main MEQ/TEQ hunters. Riptides and Hammerheads will also obliterate heavy armor quite easily with their armament.

Question is, are there any glaring weaknesses I've overlooked?

>> No.24848636

orks/nids due early 2014

>> No.24848640

I'm trying to figure out what to add to my sisters to take them from 1500 to 1750. I have a small allied contingent of coteaz plus some cheap henchmen and I was thinking of taking either a tooled up dreadknight, or trading the henchmen for a unit of deathcultists and loading them on a stormraven.

I'm currently edging towards the stormraven to get a bit more flyer defense other than my aegis.

>> No.24848706


Vector trackers are trash on on riptides, 3 S7 BS3 shots really aren't very good anti-air.

>> No.24848789

Blacksun filter is almost pointless on sky ray. Markerlights don't care about nightfighting and neither does sms, so unless you are going to fire seekers blindly you don't need bsf here. Give those to hammerheads instead.
Also for that point limit you have pretty few troops. Maybe drop one fw team and squeeze points to get 2x10 kroots?
I'd take iridium instead of shield gen for commander unless you face s10 ap2 weapons constantly.

>> No.24848835

well quadgun can always fire first to see what happens. Also if the flyer comes within 18 inches there are those tl-fusions to go. But gotta agree with you, maybe not the best anti-flyer choice, but at least it's something.

>> No.24848869

no one responded earlier but it was morning, please give feed back thanks

sammael speeder - 200

3 land speeders typhoon w/ flamer - 225
3 land speeders typhoon w/ flamer - 225
3 land speeders typhoon w/ flamer - 225

mortis dread AC w/ extra armour - 130
mortis dread AC w/ extra armour - 130

Rw bike squad 3man 2 flamers - 90
Rw bike squad 3man 2 flamers - 90
Rw bike squad 3man 2 flamers - 90
Rw bike squad 3man 2 flamers - 90

>> No.24849164

let's see

Cadre fireblade is kinda meh, consider dropping him or making him an ethereal
over investment of mismatch gear on the commander
Drop an Ion tide for missile sides with VT, remove the VT from the riptides
kroot are really too few to actually do anything or hold objectives
consider increasing the amount of pathfinders
keep hammerheads as they are but consider finding points for seeker ablative armor
take missile sides with VT

>> No.24849183

Turbo boosts and flamers! You are slow! That mean you have slow evil! Turbo boosts and flamers!

>> No.24849195


That seems like a hell of a lot of flamers, you probably want to switch some to plasma and some to melta.

Also you scoring units are really fragile, most bike armies I see tend to take 6 man bike squads.

>> No.24849234

I'll agree that it might not be the best, but I need something. Keep in mind that the overlapping area of fire these guns create can be rather large. The idea is to hunt down the fliers with ripplefire if they survive the first shot from the mainguns, given the coverage these 4 guns have, there is bound to be a suit in range to finish the job.

Additionally, spacechicken isn't that good against this list. Multiple vendetta's however could be a pain if they take out my hammerheads.

>> No.24849242

In the entire list, you have ONE weapon with an AP better than 4. You also have zero weapons with Str 8 and up.

You'll be fucking slaughtered by any list with any vehicles, or terminators, or flyers, or even just 3+ armor.

3/10, fun for a laugh, once.

>> No.24849286

typhoons are s8 ap 3

>> No.24849361


Thanks. I face a lot of AP2.

Where I play 40k doesn't use a lot of forest terrain. Do you think the Kroot are still worth it if I don't expect to see any forests in most games?

>> No.24849429

You will still struggle with armor.
Mix in a few meltas/plasma to get some anti-MC/low save/mech punch, and you will be alright.
Never depend solely on volume of fire unless it has bonueses, like DE.

>> No.24849463

I'm probably a little late for this, but Cyber Demons from DOOM might be good inspiration.

>> No.24849467

Ah ok then.

That doesn't really help matters, because your most threatening weapons are now mounted on fucking LAND SPEEDERS. They will last about -1 seconds.

>> No.24849476


Your chances of even getting a single glancing hit with each of the riptides is pretty low, and it's a turn where they aren't shooting their large blasts which is the main reason to take an Ion riptide.

Think about it, you have a 50% chance of hitting so that's 1.5 hits with each riptide. then a 33% to take off a hull point on AV12 so that's 0.5 hull points removed per 210 point suit. Not very efficient.

For anti air you are far better off going with either a skyray (for skyfire markerlights) or missilesides.

>> No.24849515

Well they are dirt cheap and adds lots of scoring bodies to be handled. You can always try to hold them in reserves with outflank to save them for a round or three and pop them up to support frontal crisis suits.

>> No.24849564


Any ideas?

If it helps this is roughly my 1500 point list:

Saint Celestine (115pts)

Battle Sister Squad (191pts)
10x Battle Sister, Meltagun, Multi-melta, Combi-Plasma, Rhino, Searchlight
Battle Sister Squad (191pts)
10x Battle Sister, Meltagun, Multi-melta, Combi-Plasma, Rhino, Searchlight
Battle Sister Squad (191pts)
10x Battle Sister, Meltagun, Multi-melta, Combi-Plasma, Rhino, Searchlight

Fast Attack
7x Seraphim, 2x Two Hand Flamers, Power Axe

Heavy Support
Exorcist (145pts)
Storm Bolter
Exorcist (145pt)
Storm Bolter
Retributor Squad (85pts)
4 Heavy Bolters


Inquisitor Coteaz(100pts)

Inquisitorial Henchmen Warband (77pts)
Acolyte with bolter x7
Acolyte Plasma gun x3

Aegis with Quadgun (100pts)

>> No.24849572

>Cadre fireblade is kinda meh, consider dropping him or making him an ethereal
Ethereal doesn't have ranged weapon so he cannot use the quadgun. Also the firewarriors are supposed to stay behind the aegis wall until last turn dash for objective, making the cadres fire ability better than the etherials in many cases. Also he doesnt give up an addition VP when the tripple spacechickens slip trough the aa net
>over investment of mismatch gear on the commander
Im not sure the equipment is mismatched given his role, but I will agree that the role might not be the best use of my points
>Drop an Ion tide for missile sides with VT, remove the VT from the riptides
The Riptides are the only reliable MEQ/TEQ killers, they are pretty vital. I'll agree that the VT's are not exactly best spent here, but I need some volume of aa fire. Missilesides might still be a good choice, but I need to loose a hammerhead to open a heavy slot though
>kroot are really too few to actually do anything or hold objectives
They are a bit on the small side, as I said, troops are where I think I'm lacking
>consider increasing the amount of pathfinders
I would if I dropped the markerdrones, then again I need markerlights that can reach out further than 36", markerdrones being jetpack infantry can get to where I need them and still fire their markerlight on their own bs the same turn
>keep hammerheads as they are but consider finding points for seeker ablative armor
I'm not entirely sure how to add ablative armor on the hammerheads, they don't pass wounds to other units
>take missile sides with VT
If i drop a Hammerhead

>> No.24849578

Well, I recently thought about starting Sisters with IG allies, and made this list (mostly just to see if I can make a good list out of the most fucked over army in 40k).


Saint Celestine - 115pts


X10 Battle Sisters (Storm Bolter, Heavy Bolter) - 133pts
- Repressor (Blessed Ammunition, Laud Hailer) - 70pts
X10 Battle Sisters (Storm Bolter, Heavy Bolter) - 133pts
- Repressor (Blessed Ammunition, Laud Hailer) - 70pts

Fast Attack

X5 Dominons (x2 Meltaguns, Simalcrum Imperialis, Combi-Melta) - 100pts
- Immolator (Twin-Linked Multimelta) - 80pts
X8 Seraphim (x2 Hand Flamers, Power Weapon) - 175pts
X8 Seraphim (x2 Hand Flamers, Power Weapon) - 175pts

Heavy Support

Exorcist - 135pts
Exorcist - 135pts
X5 Retributors (x4 Heavy bolters, Simalcrum Imperialis) - 105pts
- Repressor (Blessed Ammunition, Laud Hailer) - 70pts


Company Command Squad (Lascannon) - 70pts


Platoon Command Squad (Lascannon) - 50pts
- Infantry Squad (Autocannon) - 60pts
- Infantry Squad (Autocannon) - 60pts
- Infantry Squad (Autocannon) - 60pts
- Heavy Weapons Team (x3 Lascannons) - 105pts


Aegis Defence Line (Quad Gun) - 100pts

>> No.24849604

3 squads of 3 with permanent 5+ cover saves and 2 hull points in 1500 point games and under

if there dedicating fire at my landspeeders than i can give attack with bikes and meltas instead of flamers or with my 8 s7 ap4 shots

>> No.24849783


Just a few points:

>X10 Battle Sisters (Storm Bolter, Heavy Bolter) - 133pts

These are pretty much the worst specials/heavy you get access to, take melta/multimelta or flamers. Heavy flamers are ok but over priced really. Also if you have to points free I usually give the superior a combi weapon, just to add a bit more fire power.

>Exorcist - 135pts

If you can find the points storm bolters are a pretty good upgrade, since in 6th weapon destroyed results are randomised which effectively give your main gun a 4+ save.

>X5 Retributors (x4 Heavy bolters, Simalcrum Imperialis) - 105pts

Whilst not explicitly illegal, the FAQ tends to suggest that you can't take an SI on a model with a heavy weapon, I guess it comes down to who play against as to how that's ruled.

>> No.24850018

If I can find the points (perhaps by dropping an Infantry Squad), I'll replace the Special/Heavy with maybe 2 Meltaguns or something on both squads. I'll also add a Retributor, just to avoid the grey area of SI on a Heavy Bolter model. Once those points are dealt with, Storm Bolters for the Exorcists.

>> No.24850082

I play Cheese Knights and Imperial Fisters. However, I'm planning on buying one of Forge World's Contemptor Dreadknoughts. Recommended colors/weapons? Don't really care what color or weapons it has as long as its practical (for the most part).

>inb4 Paint it GK or IF
>inb4 OP is maximum faggot

>> No.24850252


Can GK even take contemptors?

Also if you play IF... what's wrong with people suggesting you paint it IF?

>> No.24850305

Okay, we now have this.


Saint Celestine - 115pts


x10 Battle Sisters (Meltagun, Multi-Melta) - 145pts
- Repressor (Blessed Ammunition, Laud Hailer) - 70pts
x10 Battle Sisters (Meltagun, Multi-Melta) - 145pts
- Repressor (Blessed Ammunition, Laud Hailer) - 70pts

Fast Attack

x5 Dominons (x2 Meltaguns, Simalcrum Imperialis, Combi-Melta) - 100pts
- Immolator (Twin-Linked Multimelta) - 80pts
x8 Seraphim (x2 Hand Flamers, Power Weapon) - 175pts
x8 Seraphim (x2 Hand Flamers, Power Weapon) - 175pts

Heavy Support

Exorcist (Storm Bolter) - 145pts
Exorcist (Storm Bolter) - 145pts
x6 Retributors (x4 Heavy bolters, Simalcrum Imperialis) - 117pts
- Repressor (Blessed Ammunition, Laud Hailer) - 70pts


Company Command Squad (Lascannon) - 70pts


Platoon Command Squad (Lascannon) - 50pts
- Infantry Squad (Autocannon) - 60pts
- Infantry Squad (Autocannon) - 60pts
- Heavy Weapons Team (x3 Lascannons) - 105pts


Aegis Defence Line (Quad Gun) - 100pts

>> No.24850310

Anyone help me with this?

>> No.24850329


Kheres Patter Assault Cannons are by far the best option.

>> No.24850367

Is it possible to put very small LED lights in a necron mini (example warriors and immortals)?
Also, whats the best way to start a Necron army?

>> No.24850403

I'd considered painting it GK and using it as a regular dread, and the same for IF (I like how their paint scheme looks like a Power Loader/Hazard Suit)

>> No.24850405


Looks a lot better.

>> No.24850412


Fellow Blood Angels player here. Just the Assault Cannon and always outflank with it. TBH Predators are not a cost effective choice in my opinion due to only being able to fire two weapons while having to pay for three if you want the sponsons.

It should never be core to your tactics, just a scary diversion that can hopefully come in from the side, smoke a heavy vehicle in it's rear armour and draw fire on the next turn. If it dies it did its job.

>> No.24850424


I've seen it done, so yes it possible if you're willing to put in the time.

>> No.24850643

Speaking of Sisters, have any of you seen these conversions someone's done? They look pretty cool. I'm going to try and do as he did with his, though with some slightly different bitz...and likely with less skill.

>> No.24850712


Yeah those are awesome if you have the time and skill to do it.

>> No.24850747

You're wasting points on full command.
Strip the entire command upgrades as you're literally burning points.
You can use those points for a new unit.
PS. Slaanesh DP get 2d6 S6 rending attacks as a ranged weapon (default greater gift).
That being Said BT are the best GD from any other perspective.

You're also wasting points on the DP and BT, they don't need gifts to waste armies. Dump the gifts to save yourself points as it probably won't be worth it with so few models on the field.

With all those points you should be able to buy more stuff and keep your durability up.

>> No.24850848

Oh gosh, as an Eldar/DE player, it is my gods-given right to fucking hate Necrons, but that is just beautiful, holy shit. Really well done!

>> No.24851211

Fucking bullshit.

The Space Marines do not need an update as badly as orks do.

Fuck the beakies, I want Orktober back

>> No.24851268

>not updating marine books first

>> No.24851318

How about this?

Destroyer Lord (160pts)
Mindshackle Scarabs, Sempiternal Weave, Warscythe

Necron Immortals (85pts) x5
5x Tesla Carbine
Necron Immortals (85pts)x5
5x Tesla Carbine
Necron Warriors (180pts)
5x Gauss Flayer
Ghost Ark

Canoptek Wraiths (160pts) x4
Fearless, Phase Attacks, Phase Shifter, Wraithflight
Whip Coils (Whip Coils) x2

Annihilation Barge (90pts)
Annihilation Barge (90pts)
Canoptek Spyders (50pts)

>> No.24851494

Why are Solo Sorcerer HQs so rare? They're cheap (cheapest CSM HQ in fact in terms of base cost), they have space wizard powers, and they've got decent stats. Plus Force Weapon.

>> No.24853143


they are deemed 'non-competitive' by the intraweb kiddies and so everybody just sucks their dick though if you lie sorcerors by all means run them it is your list after all

>> No.24853193

What makes them non-competitive?

>> No.24853213

I hate intraweb kiddies. Biomancy Sorcerers are pretty damned useful.

>> No.24853220

I'm looking for advice as to how to build my list for a group a I game with.

I play regular space marines and the rest of the group normally fields ranged armies such as Tau and IG. Over the course of time my list has warped to favor deep striking tactics but that still faces the issue of having my units shot to bits before i can even assault.

What are some units that you guys would recommend and how should i go about approaching them?

>> No.24853241

Lore of Tzeentch sucks.
I don't play the CSMs so I don't remember the rest of the reasons.
That was one though.

>> No.24853261


I dunno lol ask the kiddies I see a use for everything...

>> No.24853327


No but seriously, Rhinos are good ways to make sure your troops make it to the fight in one piece. Unless they're packing Rail Guns. Which they are if they're a competent Tau player.

If that's the case, one funny trick I learned from a player was to deep strike those Land Speeder armed to the teeth with melta fun. It's a suicide unit, but let me tell you, there is little funnier than a little open hood flying car coming down from space only to blow up all the opponent's anti-tank stuff. Also, it makes it safe for Rhinos.

Another trick could be to take a Vindicator. Don't be fooled by these guys. Demolisher cannons are some serious stuff. Now you see 10 Nurgle Termies, now you don't.Anyone who knows about these things WILL try to kill the crap out of them, and seeing how they're capable of taking hits pretty well from the front, this is a good thing. They'll become a distraction, leaving the rest of your unit safe to move in close.

>> No.24853451


Usually because people want some sort of cult troop and sorcs can only offer the shittiest one: rubric marines.

>> No.24853521


Tau don't need railguns to pop rhinos or speeders.

>> No.24853526


just out of curiosity what would make TS better?

>> No.24853557

Price Reduction, better armor save, and/or the option to take Termie armor again. They're built to destroy Space Marines and anything with similar stats, but for what they do they're too expensive, can be outdone by other choices, and have limited options.

>> No.24853630


is 3+ armour not enough? what about an invul on top of 3+

>> No.24853743

It doesn't do much against hordes of guys, who granted, aren't the guys Rubic marines are meant to kill. But that's part of the problem. They have little to no flexibility. They kill Marines. That's it.

Zerkers kill everything with chain axes.
Noise Marines kill everything with noise toys.
Plague Marines can survive anything that isn't a dedicated anti-tank weapon or a demolisher cannon.
Rubic marines can survive against small numbers, can destroy small numbers, and that's it. The Sorcerer is nice, but not great. Also, because of how expensive they are, they make your numbers even smaller. They're slow and purposeful. They get wrecked by Termies with Assault Cannons. They're only good in small point games against marines, but they're so expensive that it's not worth it.

>> No.24853785

Also, I forgot. Remember how Zerkers and Noise guys kill everything? Marines are part of everything. They're cheaper too.

Plagues still have bolters, but they're a point more expensive than Rubic marines. However, their huge toughness makes them good. All of these guys are better than Rubic marines because of this.

>> No.24853918


If you are trying to run an all Drop-Pod force you are going to need other elements that will come in to either distract, tank, or sacrifice so you can get those important units stuck in.

Taking extra Drop Pods with beacons can help immensely when trying to deep strike other important duders like Assault Terminators and double HF Landspeeders.

Allies will also benefit from your Marines getting stuck in if they are of the shooting variety. Helps to be Battle Brothers.

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