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What are your hopes/expectations for the upcoming Eldar update? I'm personally hoping to finally getting a Gay Pride parade of doom.

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Good/Bright Eldar are the worst race in WH 40k.
Exept for Necron maybe.

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You mean, actually useful Aspect Warriors?

Yeah, that'd be nice... since even in the ancient times of 2nd edition it tended to be the exarchs ans PL who did the heavy work, with shuriken catapult/antigrav heavy weapons equipped guardians unloading massive dakka. The regular aspect warriors were pom-pom girling for their team most of the time! Except for Dark Reapers. Dark Reapers for some reason always managed to be useful.

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That's just what they want you to think.

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Saim-Han are the most awesome Eldar in 40k.

Pity GW won't give them propper looking models considering how their fluff portrays them. I want some fur cloaked, trophy-skull savages, goddamnit.

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Nay, Saim-Han are just racist faggots.
DE is way better 'cause they hate everyone else equally.
Why? Those pussy-ass half-extinct cocksuckers never ever done anything evil.

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I'd like to take some Eldar with my Chaos army, model them as slaves, sadly, it has to be Dark Eldar. Which might be even more ironic

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>Nay, Saim-Han are just racist faggots.
>DE is way better 'cause they hate everyone else equally.

Lol,wat!? Saim-Han are the fucking proud, honor-bound, barbarian mongol-eldar. With fucking fur-cloaks, warpaint, skull trophies, souped up jetbikes, and are awesome because of it.

Your just a dumb.

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And that is the bad side of otherwise perfect Dark Eldar race.
They really have their jimmies rustled when it comes to fighting or dealing with Chaos, especially Slaanesh.

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>I'm personally hoping to finally getting a Gay Pride parade of doom.
So... you're hoping they become space marines?

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Pardon, i really did mistook them for Biel-Tan racist faggots.
Never really was into all this "Almost extinct but really proud and gay pointy-eard fucktards".

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Oh man the tragedy of having Dark Eldar in a Slaanesh army would be amazing. Have them by the balls literally and figuratively

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I hope the Shred rumor is true.

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Oops, wrong picture.

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yfw "Rainbow Warriors" are an actual existing Chapter in the fluff...


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But i think that Dark Eldar are really, really rare species among slaves.

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I don't care about the Eldar, but they better keep their glittery hands off my Necrons.

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The DEldar have DEldar slaves, if that counts.

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Probably in reserves in case GW gets hit with some bad sexist PR campaign by a psychotic group of bored dusty feminists

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They stopped being cool ever since they turned from undead space zombies-annihilators into some kind of horribly OP mary-sue-traders and wanderers.

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That would explain where the Sisters have been.

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Well, i cant think of Dark Eldar who never was on receiving end of Agoniser dagger, if you catch my drift.
Well, exept for Incubi maybe, cause they are total badasses and shit.

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>"Almost extinct but really proud and gay pointy-eard fucktards".
Except that doesn't describe Saim-Hann at all. They're more like Mogolian Eldar Native Americans with RAPE written across the sides of their jetbikes.

Again... it's a pity GW just uses them as "Red/White color-scheme Eldar".

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>undead space zombies-annihilators i

They are still this and even more. The glory of the Necrons has no limits.

Personally, I like the conqueror Phaerons like Imotekh and the Crimsom Scythe. Now these guys are awesome.

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>Not playing the best race in 40k

M-muh pain and anguish!

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Superior Aztec Marines

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But DE Wyches jetbikes always had twice as much speed and infinity times more RAPE than Saim-Hann's.
Oh, and they are extinct, just like all other non-dark Eldar.

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I feel like the Eldar need to be re-established as the "Almost dead, but stupidly powerful" race, as opposed to the "glass cannon, universal punching bad" rep it gets now. These idiots are supposed to be the second oldest race in the Galaxy, hyper intelligent and powerful psychers. How did they end up being considered space pansies in every piece of GW canon

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More like superior Asstec marines.
Ever tried to look on their color scheme?
They are at least 20% gayer than Ultramarines, and damn, Ultramarines are fucking gay!

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There's a certain appeal to vagueness, the unkown, and horrible flesh-flaying robotic skeletons. When you start adding personality, names, and quirky "lolfunny" bullshit to them, they become saturday morning cartoon villains... With hefty spoonfulls of canon-stue wankery added in. Treating them as the old style "nameless robotic death", while still technically canon, is now considered the off-beat Necrons.

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I'm kind of angry that I get that reference since its only from shits like you spamming it all over the internet. Now get your horsefucking ass back to the /mlp/ ghetto.

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Cause they fucked so much (literally) that they ripped a fucking hole in warp and created Slaanesh.
Now they will eat all the stuff they shitted out during the Fall.

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"Scouts report, have the defenses been readied? the Chaos attack is imminent"

'No sir, the soldiers are still arranging their feathers and golden totems'

"Truly we are too fabulous for this galaxy.."

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Because they were just what you'd want them in second edition, both in fluff and on the tabletop. Then GW decided it was time to move on to third edition, and the Eldars got hit with an Exterminatus-level nerfbat strike, and never recovered. And the fluff evolved to follow the tabletop!

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Even more reason for the survivors to be exceptionally powerful and diligent to survive the incursion. It should have been the single greatest act of natural selection ever.

Picture related, snapchat I just got

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Well, i did watched MLP, and liked it. But what of it? I am still a fa/tg/uy who has a yearly MD supply and writes new OP characters for D&D on daily basis.

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>But DE Wyches jetbikes always had twice as much speed and infinity times more RAPE than Saim-Hann's.
Speed is questionable, considering now all bikes can turbo-boost. And even so, CE Jetbikes just suffer from having the same shitty models and an Ulwthe-lover writing the codex.

>Oh, and they are extinct, just like all other non-dark Eldar.
Um... do you even know anything about Saim-Hann? They're one of the far more populated craftworlds, and in no danger of going 'extinct'. They have fucking warrior clans waging war on account of personal glory. Farseers are treated as revered shamans who give council to the elder chieftains of the warrior clans. Saim-Han is like Craftworld Eldar: Awesome Mode.

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If there is one thing I dislike, it's how the Chaos gods have been so simplified by the fanbase.

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A declining dying race beset by its enemies and monsters. God forbid they should they actually dying off and declining.

The time of the Eldar is over. The time of the Tau has begun!

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They went from space zombie terminators to egyptians in space.

Tomb Kings in space. How abso-fucking-lutely boring.

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I want more Necron update

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Hey, come on. All Aztec Marines are cool.

And something I love is that the Space Wolves find the Rainbow Warrior name silly. They find it more of a subject for derision than the fact the Warriors are descended from the Ultramarines.
The Space Wolves find another name funny.

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Not that I dislike smexy eldar pics, dear anon, but how in the Galaxy is this a depiction of Eldanesh?

Quick reminder: Eldanseh is the Eldar who for some reason decided it would be a great idea to first listen to Khaine, then give him the middle finger, then challenge him to "mortal" combat.

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They should show them*

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I have a question, I want to do a diorama and really go all out. The idea occurred to me while I'm watching Laputa, castle in the sky one night.

I want to do a Wraithlord, sitting and meditating on a craftworld, maybe have some animals near on on him, some plant life growing on his body even, maybe a warlock mediating next to him or some Eldar children playing on him. Are there garden type areas on Craft worlds? Do wraithlords do anything like mediation?

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Forgeworld released a Necron update. The Flayer Dynasty.

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It means youre a faggot who needs to leave.

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I know

But I want more Necron

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There's plenty of garden and field areas on Craftworlds.

Wraithlords do meditate, but generally not with nature, given their souls are that of the priests of the bloody handed god.

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I agree, theres enough Egyptians in space in 40k already. zombie terminators was a much more interesting motif

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Read FFG Tome of Fate and the BL novels about Necrons!

>> No.24825709

maybe a chamber with some candles and whatnot then?

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Yes there are park like areas on Craftworlds, however I doubt a Wraithlord would much meditation considering it's simply a shell used for war and the soul that pilots it will spend all of its time in the Infinity Circuit when not fighting.

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If we excluded all themes and motifs just because some Space Marine chapter already had them, there would be no room for anything else.

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>Hey, come on. All Aztec Marines are cool.
Marines aren't cool.

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You know, I wouldn't have even known there was a reference there unless you brought it up.

Now, shall we get on with our discussion about rainbow coloured people ruled by powerful magic seers?

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Craftworld populations are in the low millions.

This means a single Tau city (Which can support billions) can house the entirety of the CWE populations. Think about it, there are more Tau in the galaxy than there are Eldar.

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Okay, fair. Aztec Marines are cooler than regular marines.

And far cooler than space wolves.

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>and the BL novels about Necrons!
So... you're suggesting marine-wankery novels... great idea, anon...

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I'm hoping to see the Imperium cut out Eldar competition on the housing markets.

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Necrons is better than marines

Pariahs 4 lyfe

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Novels that have Necrons in them rarely have marines in them and usually end in the Necrons winning.

Take ''Dead Men Walking'' as an example. The Krieg Korps vs the Necrons.

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You sound like such a cunt

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God this thread went to shit fast after that Dark Eldar faggot derailed it into 'Muh faction better than yours hurr'.

To get back on topic I hope the aspects can do their job without being baby sitted by farseers and exarchs. Needing constant support isn't synergy. Synergy should be more than the sum of its parts, a case of 2+2=5.

Banshees and Scorpions in particular need a buff. 6th edition is hard for CC in general and not having assault transport fucks them hard. Banshees need AP2 to fill their role of MEQ killers and need furious charge from the get go. Jain Zar could get a different special power to compensate like canceling out overwatch (fits the fluff about Banshees stunning their opponents on a charge). Scorps likewise need Stealth from the get go. 220 points for an HQ that makes them do what they're supposed to do is retarded. Karandras could grant +1S to his squad instead.

Phoenix Lords need a price reduction.

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I don't really have much of a preference in the choice of Oldcrons vs Newcrons, but I will say that the Newcrons don't need to be Space Egyptians if you don't want them to be. The thing about Newcrons is that their fluff makes it extremely easy for players to homebrew with, so they don't have to be Tomb Kings if you want them to be something else.

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>M-muh pain and anguish!
Speaking of that: What do Craftworlders do for fun?

>> No.24825834

>Craftworld populations are in the low millions.
Depends upon the craftworld. Not all craftworlds share the same population numbers. Some qre quite large, while others are barely scraping by. Iyanden is in the scant low hundreds of thousands... if that. Ulthwe and Saim-Hand are two of the most prolific, having actual militaries. Ulthwe's Guardians aren't even "citizen militia". They're an actual fucking military organization, and in the past were represented with WS 4 or BS 4 base (depending on type). And again, Saim-Han is broken down into warrior clans, led by chieftans. If anything, Ulthwe and Saim-Han are in the hundreds of millions as far as pop goes.

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>fucking up Slash Gordons heraldry
Come on, now.

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Go to restraunts, poetry recitals, skychariot races, art shows, anonymous sex with strangers, go shopping, get drunk, take drugs.

>> No.24825859

>Aztec Marines are cooler than regular marines.
No they're not. They're just more typical "-ethnic adjective- marines". Like how Ultramarines are "roman marines". Space Wolves are "viking marines". Or Black Templar are "crusader marines".

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They find fulfillment in their chosen Path, whatever role or craft it embodies.

Yes, this litterally means that an Aspect Warrior gets his kicks from being violent and killing.

>> No.24825862

Chill with harlequins.

>> No.24825863

BL is marine-wankery trash.

>> No.24825867

He's referencing Graham McNeill, I think. He said something about the most populous Craftworlds having populations in the low millions. He likened it to a ship the size of a continent with a population comparable to New York.

>> No.24825870

>why dont you like what I like
>you must be cunt

>> No.24825875


fuck harlequins

necrons better

pariahs rape harlequins with big robotic cock


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>mfw the eldar get a weak update
>new wraith unit and flyers are okay
>all the marine players still complain about it being OP

does.. does it really count as being strong if its actually weak? i mean the last update was just a copy paste with few changes but 4th edition made it strong

>> No.24825882

On the contrary, they don't.

Exarchs find fulfillment in war, death and blood.

Aspect Warriors spend their off time being rowdy bastards and upsetting everyone else because they do shit like talk loudly in restraunts.

>> No.24825892

It's a bit rigid and boring in most cases, I'd imagine. They can only have anything in moderation lest they attract the gaze Slaanesh.

As for the five major Craftworlds they're something like this:
Everyone has an immovable rod up their ass and gtfo when they turn 218. They are not a cheery bunch.
Militaristic assholes who want to enact genocide upon everyone who isn't an Eldar. They can be cheery, but only if filthy mon'keigh are burning in the background.
No one laughs here. Ever. Half the population is stuck in virtual limbo and the scenery is mostly trashed in some places. They're the toughest crowd a stand-up comedian could have. Cegorach couldn't make them smile.
A wild bunch. Among the CEldar they're basically the cool kids who ride on motorcycles and won't stop even after they start getting their pension. They laugh when they leave you in the dust or run you over like an animal.
Constantly under attack by whatever the hell it is the Eye of Terror is regurgitating this week. They are a bit more mystic and spiritual than everybody else and won't shut up about how deep and smart they are. They generally have a pretty good idea of what the future holds, but just enough to know that they're just stalling for time by acting on what they know. The scenery is pretty trashed by Daemons and because of said Daemons trashing the scenery when they show up, everyone is considered to be a soldier, even more so than on other Craftworlds. Because they spent time and effort decorating the place, and they don't take kindly to anybody who shows up to trash the place. You can make these guys laugh, but they have a very dark sense of humor.

Basically, everyone is an arrogant dickhead and you're all going to die. Until then there are no fun times to be had by anyone, only less boring or horrible times.

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Why is this thread mainly shitposting? It's like I'm on /v/.

>> No.24825904


I wrote "Aspect Warrior" didn't I? Shit, I seriously need sleep. I was thinking of saying: read the "Path of the Warrior" novel for more info about Eldar daily life.

>> No.24825920


It's also like you're a pissy Eldar

>> No.24825931

I wouldn't take anything Graham says without a heaping pile of bias and salt added to it.

Low millions is certainly correct... for most craftworlds. But it's been long established that it's by no means an average to apply to all of them. Hell, Ulthwe has an actual standing army. Not a militia. A fucking full-time army.

>> No.24825937

Summer time, and the livin' is easy

>> No.24825944


>Path of the Warrior
>Main character is a Striking Scorpion who's beginning to slip
>Scene where he's in a restaurant with some friends and says he's looking for something to kill time
>In reality he has said he's looking for something to kill, much to the horror of the surrounding Eldar

>> No.24825964

>Speaking of that: What do Craftworlders do for fun?
Saim Han craftworlders drink, fight, drink and fight, fight on different worlds, have games of skill, drink, fight some more, sex and rape are thrown in there as well, smoke each other out and have spirit visions, drink some more, and end the day with more fighting.

>> No.24825973

Actually, I am referencing the writer of the Path novels Mister Gav thrope.

>> No.24825975


What Eldar need is some units from the corsairs incorporated into the codex

if they had wasps , hornets and warp hunter tanks they would be infinitly more awesome

>> No.24825980


Sounds like a fantasy setting written by brits alright

>> No.24825984

Something I like is that most of the craftworlds arn't standard craftworlds, in that sense.

Ulthwe, for instance, relies more on a standing army supported by seers.

Biel-tann is a military state.

Saim-hann are semi-primitive clans who care more for family than for anything else.

We see the broad strokes painted by the codex, but within that there's a wealth of shades.

>> No.24825986

Ah, sorry, I meant that guy. I'm just a bit tired right now.

>> No.24825997

It's Gav the expert on Eldar fluff (He wrote a good piece of it himself). What he says should be taken without salt or any compliments and eaten raw!

>> No.24825999

I also love the bit where he asks someone for help and is confused as to why they're so hostile, until he replays it back in his head and realises he stalked her like an enemy and just appeared in front of her in a bunch of hostile poses.

>> No.24826003

>anonymous sex with strangers
>get drunk
>take drugs
A tad off there, the eldar don't do anything to excess like get drunk or take drugs. It's never been clear about sex though, but I think its more ritual then physical with someone they know.

>mfw thinking about an eldar stuck on the path of the college student becoming the forever graduate student

>> No.24826009

Yeah, the craftworld is basically "how to make a dying Elf-race faction that doesn't suck". They can be described as a bunch of mongolian/native-american drunks with a flying problem.

>> No.24826029

Weren't they based more on Celts, though?

>> No.24826040


It aint easy being green.

>> No.24826041

Gav, while good, has a larger hard-on for the Aspect shrines and particularly Biel-Tan. Saim-Han's never been in his interest. The last GW writer who did like Saim-Han, was way back in the day, and he wrote Necromunda and added in the Saim-Han Farseer. The model was pretty badass looking, with feathers and shit.

>> No.24826066

Gav (your so called expert) has only ever been interested in aspects. Which is half the reason why the 3rd ed codex had such internal balance issues. And heavily favored Biel-Tan, and it's "choose your favorite aspect" approach.

>> No.24826068


>doesn't suck

That's debatable

>> No.24826075



Spell it right or die.

>> No.24826085

>Eldar aspect warriors don't realize when they're starting to get so swept up in the whole "there is only war" thing that they're openly broadcasting it to everyone around them.
>When they think they're saying "How do you do? Lovely weather, isn't it?" they're actually saying "Hail Khaine! Slaughter you and all your kin!"

Peace through power.

>> No.24826088

Well, they certainly don't when compared to space marines.

>> No.24826092

>First day: Ok, I'll just camp out right here until the mon'keigh come passing by. This is gonna kick ass.
>Second day: Fuck this is sweet! I got a great view, my Red Bull, some Doritos and some mon'keigh who are gonna get their day ruined. They'll probably be here soon.
>Third day: Fucking shit, that itches!
>Fourth day: Is there anything fluffier than a cloud? Speaking of; those are some nasty looking clouds...
>Fifth day: I fucking hate rain...
>Sixth day: I fucking hate birds...
>Seventh day: Fuck! No more Doritos!?! *rumble* That doesn't sound good.
>Eight day: Where the fuck are the fucking mon'keigh shitheads?! *rumble* Khaela M. Fucking Khaine, I gotta take a shit.
>Ninth day: I fucking hate bir- Hold on! That's the mon'keigh fucks I'm gonna kill! Way over there in the distance! Get the fuck over here you pissdick f... They're... They're setting up camp... FUUUUUU!!!!!!! *rumble*
>Tenth day: Ok, come to Scorpy you DOUBLE MON'KEIGHS!!!!!
- Hey, listen...
~ I don't hear anything.
- I know, right? It's so peaceful out here. It's a nice change from the usual stuff we get assigned to.
~ Yeah, I guess. Anyway, we should get moving if we're gonna get there before nightfall. Sarge used up the last tp after some bad Doritos, and I ain't going natural.
- Y'know, you should really try to appreciate this while you have the chance. We don't get it this nice very often.
~ Whatev. Let's just get going.
~ Did you have some of Sarge's Dorit-

>> No.24826106

Man, they don't make good 40k porn anymore.

>> No.24826111

Nah, path of the outcast is explict on that front, and on Alaitoc, the craftworld with the largest stick up its arse.

Near the webway gate there's an area for visitors, with places where you can inhale narcotic vapours, or get drunk on alcohol.

As for the sex, I admit to being a bit glib, but they do often meet just for a bit of sex, then spiral off to engage in other persuits.

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>> No.24826141

>mfw i cant find a good pdf/torrent on these eldar/DEldar books
feels eldar man

>> No.24826191

http://www.mediafire.com/?c778pduu9u79nph - Path of the Warrior at least.

>> No.24826192



>> No.24826198

>being green

Naff off, pointy earz, you ain't 'alf as green as one of da boyz!

>> No.24826210


>mfw Striking Scorpions are orkier than orks.

>> No.24826213

I dunno, man, I ordered a steak rare and they got me an almost raw steak. It was one of the best steaks I've ever had. But he's wrong about the salt, though. You should always have salt within arm's reach.

>> No.24826219

>implying they arent the missing link between the two.

>> No.24826233

Considering the current state of Orks, and their fairly lackluster close combat proficiency right now... that's not exactly something to have a face over.

>> No.24826254

>sneaking around with a "fuck heug" chainsaw and heavy armor
the only thing that can top that is infiltrating a landraider or terminators

>> No.24826274


But the armor isn't heavy and the chainsword isn't that big.

>> No.24826291

Sure the armour is big. Just imagine that an anorectic beanstalk is wearing it.

>> No.24826298

You know that Huron can make a Chaos Terminator Squad with a dedicated Land Raider transport Infiltrate, right?

>> No.24826341

People talk a lot of shit about Path of the Warrior, but I feel like it did a good job at taking completely aliens concepts and making them seem realistic.

>> No.24826352

I meant heavy as in it gives 3+ armor compared to the other armor the eldar wear.

>> No.24826410

Yeah, because of the Eldar emphesis on speed and agility, their "heavy power armour" is equal to humanity's regular power armour.

Of course, it makes sense. Anything that heavy stops an Eldar being fleet, so a lot of them don't like that.

>> No.24826491


Gavin Thorpe has a peculiar writing stile, giving too much attention to pointless details even a die-hard fan might find irrelevant, and has the nasty habit of having his characters possess knoweledge they would not be expected to have, realize it, and then instead of rewriting said part, invent a reason on the spot as to why the char could possibly know said trivia, adding to the overall clunkiness of the text. (Although this is more a problem in the "Last Chancers" books than in his Eldar novels)

Second gripe is that his different "Paths" books are actually 3 time the same story, just from another character point of view, meaning that by reading the first, you automatically have read 75% of the others.

This being said, yes, the "Path" series is a pretty decent take a giving life to Eldar culture and way of life, and despite aforementioned shortcomings, an enjoyable read.

>> No.24826544

A lot of what you said is true, but I really liked the "three sides of the same story" approach. Reading Seer I sort of freaked out when I realized you were seeing the same conversation, but with the other characters inner thoughts and feelings instead. I have never quite seen that done before.

Also, I feel his going over every minute detail was actually really welcome because this is one of the only times we've seen inside of a craftworld and so he had a lot to explain. He could do "Path of Service" about an Eldar janitor for all I care.

>> No.24826604

Yes, they're clearly Celtic, with jetbikes standing in for chariots, Farseers as Druids. Clue is in the name.
I'm not sure where that guy got 'mongolian/native american' from, unless it's 'primitive/barbaric races known for their horsemanship'. But that's ok, as he's justly promoting the awesomeness of Samm-hann.
That said, what with the classical greek influence on Eldar, Scythians might be an an inspiration, as well.

>> No.24826613

Personally I wouldn't have minded seeing it from the eyes of someone on the Path of the Steersman.

I mean, they don't just pilot spacecraft, but jetbikes, transports, walkers, and even in the end Titans.

>> No.24826625

>I have never quite seen that done before.
It's not a new concept. I have, both in film and novel form.

>> No.24826628

The Eldar have a tonne of inspiration. Asian, Egyptian, Greek, Celtic.

I wouldn't mind if they added in some of fantasy's mesopotamian as well.

>> No.24826635

I never said it was new. I simply said I haven't seen it before.

>> No.24826688

I think every Eldar man should have at least a 5++

>> No.24826728

Yep, certainly. But Saim-Hann clearly draw more from Celtic, as Iyanden does from Egypt.

Fantasy Mesopotamian is and always will be Chaos Dwarfs, whose hats outdo even those of the Eldar.

>> No.24826793

Well yeah, I was meaning more with the dieties.

Specifically Ereth Khial and Ellinill,

>> No.24826825

Saim-Hann always seemed to draw more from Native American and Mongol, with the only Celtic maybe being in decorative runes. They're never shown to have Runic Knots, afaik.

>> No.24826908


Where are you getting Native American from? Chariots + elves +runes + druids are Celtic as all hell.

>> No.24826929

>not Celtic
You are confused.

>> No.24827111

what about the eldar women?

>> No.24827128

The name is the most celtic thing about them.

>> No.24827149

Except they're more mounted warriors (replacing horses with jetbikes), no celtic knots, and their farseers are more shamanic as opposed to druidic.

>> No.24827286

Would anyone recommend the Dark Eldar novels? I liked the Eldar Path series but haven't heard much about the Dark Eldar books until now.

>> No.24827364


But celts used mounted warriors AND chariots (hence vypers being a big deal in fluff). EVERY SINGLE PRIMITIVE WARRIOR CULTURE USED HORSES. How our native americans anywhere close to being the premier riders?

And Saim Hann farseers put emphasis on the drawing of blood, hence druids. Also ties in more with pre-fall Eldar reincarnation.

>> No.24827371


>> No.24827423

They're a "bad guy" faction. So... there is none. Much like there's no good Ork novels, or Tyranid novels. Except for Deff Skwadron, which is the only thing worth reading that concerns Orks from Black Library.

>> No.24827500

Vypers aren't really chariots. Only the old named character from the 3rd ed codex had a 'chariot-like' vyper, and even then his was literally the only one. There's also a lot of emphasis on furs, and feathers, and trophies. And I don't recall seeing any references to blood rituals with the farseers. And there's still no celtic knots anywhere in their iconography. Hell the dragon doesn't even portray typical celtic dragon stylizing.

>> No.24827541

Can we all please collectively stop using gay and faggy as pejoratives? Actual gay guy here, I don't want anything to fucking do with the Eldar

>> No.24827562

>>>/tumblr/ you faggot. Which has nothing to do with you being gay, by the way.

>> No.24827571

fuck off dirty faggot i do wot i want

>> No.24827609

Vypers, like Venoms, are developments of Eldar sky chariots.

And even aside from the Saim-Hann guy, in Epic you could get farseers mounted on Vypers.

I may be in the minority on this, but I certainly would like to see them become Chariots in the new codex carrying the gunner. (or as a transport for HQs)

>> No.24827635

Vypers are chariots. You stand on the back and blast dudes. I think they were even going to be given specific "chariot" rules.

And why are you so fixated on the knots? Not every single detail of a culture needs to be in place for a elven rider faction called SAIMHANN to be celtic in influence. Ultramarines don't need to mosaic to be considered Roman.

>> No.24827677


>So... there is none

Path of the Renegade
Path of the Incubus
Bellathonis and the Shadow King
Midnight on the Street of Knives
Mistress Baeda's Gift
The Treasures of Biel-Tanigh

>> No.24827701


faggot gay boy get out of this thread faggot

>> No.24827702


No offense, but this is 4chan. If you get buthurt about people making inflammatory comments about gays, you're in the wrong place. Seriously.

>> No.24827704

>You stand on the back and blast dudes.
Except only one guy stands on the back of a chariot. Venoms are more accurately described as 'chariots'. And currently, the CE themselves don't use them.

>I think they were even going to be given specific "chariot" rules.
If so, then that hasn't been the case since 3rd edition. And during that time, only Harlequins had 'chariot-like' units. And they were a retardedl broken Citadel Journal entry.

>> No.24827725


Not that Anon

>> No.24827728

Oh come on, even if there was something wrong with being gay, it doesn't matter who someone is if they're contributing.

>> No.24827745 [DELETED] 

It was a joke you idiot. You know, like "Calling you a swine would be offensive to boars everywhere."

He is saying calling Eldar Gay is offensive to homosexuals, because they are so much worse than gay.

>> No.24827758

Venoms arn't chariots according to the current rules, since they can transport more than one person.

>> No.24827772

Can Eldar ally with Necrons?

>> No.24827786


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>> No.24827797

Come the apocalypse.

>> No.24827801


No, they are mortal enemies.

>> No.24827808

>Except only one guy stands on the back of a vyper

>> No.24827813


gayin up this thred innit

>> No.24827819


Bisexual favoring females actually

>> No.24827852

>Venoms arn't chariots according to the current rules, since they can transport more than one person.

Except that Vypers are even less of a chariot, due to having a turret.

>> No.24827882

I'm hope that they will get more psyker powers.
But I'm guessing its not being done by Ward, so they won't be powerful.

>> No.24827889 [SPOILER] 

He actually isn't, though I'm glad it worked out this way and someone else had to deal with it.

>> No.24827894

True (apart from the vypers used as mounts for characters).

At the moment, they would get nothing from the chariot rule anyway. If you were to make the gunner a separate but connected part (like an exalted flamer), he would have some benefits.

>> No.24827903 [DELETED] 


u sound lik a fagot gayboi 2 me except ur sayin ur not a fagot gayboi becus u only lik 2 suk cok somtims but actualy ur just tryin 2 covr up that ur a faggot gayboi cos u r gay m8

>> No.24827929


Just kiss already.

>> No.24827934

Well, it's likely there'll be a farseer table at least (or they get access to telekinesis, as otherwise they're missing part of their schtick.)

Warlocks I can either see being kept ML0, or being demoted to a brotherhood of seers.

>> No.24827971

I wish more people would just do that. Everything would be so much easier for everybody.

>> No.24827982

>But I'm guessing its not being done by Ward, so they won't be powerful.
Ward's not generally an eldar fanboy, so they probably wouldn't get much if he did write the book. My understanding is it's in Phil's hands, and that's the best place. Phil's a huge Ulthwe player, and has been since the days where he worked for White Dwarf during 3rd edition.

>> No.24827993

You could always use a Vyper as a jetbike for a farseer/autarch.

>> No.24828025

>Phil's a huge Ulthwe player

Oh shit yeah, I forgot about that.
I'm hype now.

>> No.24828053

I think it's not so much of vypers being once character mounts a long time ago, but rather that the entirety of Craftworld Eldar always having strong Celtic themes. All of them, from names, to similar lores. Saim-Han is just another example of it. And Iyanden has a lot less of an egyptian theme than thousand sons or necrons.

Generally speaking though, any 'savage barbarian horse-lord' theme works for Saim-Han.

>> No.24828067

u fokin wot m8 im not a foking fagot gayboi u probly r y dont u kiss u probly like cos ur fag boi gay

>> No.24828091

>Frequent arbitrary genocide to avoid possible futures
>not evil

Xeno please.

>> No.24828124

Dunno about not fully enclosed Astartes plate. Seems like tech heresy

>> No.24828162

All I'm hoping for is awesome aspects. I want to be able to field striking scorpions, banshees and all the other aspects. I also wouldn't mind if guardians became useful.
I don't even care about the mech aspect apart from a way to get an assault vehicle and perhaps a small buff to the sword on a wraithlord.

>> No.24828296

Not even Dark Eldar?

>> No.24828429

Make guardian squads useful and not just cheaper shitting dire avengers

but not a horde tire pit unit Eldar should be small elite army given there low numbers stick

like change the fluff that they're not here to fight in the front but serve of rear guard and you know DEFENDING SHIT

like give them an upgrade to snap fire wend gone to ground or overwatch at a higher BS

exarchs have new powers that imply the how unit

Shuriken get a range upgrade (18 of guards and 24 for DA)

like striking scorpion can render and Dark Reapers ignore cover

>> No.24828479


I beg to differ! You're in luck, because normally it's your head for that, but I'm in a really good mood today!

>> No.24828489

Yeah but Phil Kelly said its hundred of millions

>> No.24828515

>but not a horde tire pit unit Eldar should be small elite army given there low numbers stick
It's ridiculous how 'hordey' guardians are/can be.
6 units of 20 storm guardians sounds so stupid, you can be outnumbering orkz.
It sounds fucking fun though

>> No.24828882

wish i had that picture of the eldar horde about to run over an ork boy right now

more d-cannons i say, the eldar are bound to die off; why not throw the universe into dark holes and kill everything first?

>> No.24828932

I'm not too fond of the d-cannons, I'd prefer more of the filament wire things.

>> No.24829182

I'm kinda hoping for more stuff on the craftworld internice warfare.

>> No.24829718

>404 not found
Repost it

>> No.24829736

More exotic weapons all around?

A lighter Wraithknight version of the Prism cannon. Filament Cannons on warwalkers. Heavy Distortion cannon on the tank chassis. Vibration cannon on Wraithknight?

>> No.24829743

I want /v/ to leave.

>> No.24829835

Sounds good enough, anything that is more interesting!

>> No.24831398

bump for Eldar.

>> No.24831795

>Shred rumor
>implying that terrible, barely disguised bit of wishlisting even deserves to be called 'rumour'

>> No.24831848


>> No.24832914

Woah I know these people, and by know I mean I've seen them around my college. Did you make that anon?

>> No.24832917


At least it's an interesting idea that meshes nicely with the fluff.

>> No.24833032

I did make that.

>> No.24833070

So you go to MU?

>> No.24833128

nope, that guy is my good friend, Sir Bradly. I play D&D with him.

>> No.24833237

Well that makes sense too. Anyways, rock on friend of a person I might have talked to once or twice.

>> No.24833243

false, in one piece of fluff there are less tau in a sect than the billions of imperial citizens in a single hive

>> No.24834959

I just asked my dad about it (he works for 40K) and he says a single Tau city has infinity trillion peoples in it, so I guess you're wrong

>> No.24838145

>Gay Pride parade of doom
i literally imagined the eldar getting male form fitting armor dancing into battle with swords like harlequins

>> No.24838744

congrats, you are every 14 year old ever.

>> No.24838857

False my arse. YOU LIAR!

In planetstrike book, a single Tau City had billions of Tau living in them.

>> No.24838871

living in it*

>> No.24838880

no no, the not liking what you like is coincidental, you are just a cunt

>> No.24839069

jesus shut up /v/. no one likes you for a reason

>> No.24839357

I'm scared. Eldrad is lurking in the shadows, ready to fuck up my Ahriman and Karios psychic fun time. I know it. I'm not ready for this.

>> No.24839411

Well my dad's Mat Ward and he says only four Space Marines can kill infinity trillion Tau peoples, so there.

>> No.24839535

You just wait.

If by some miracle the Eldar are restored to their 2nd edition glory and they suddenly remember why their boots all smell of ceramic power armour i.e. kicking so much marine ass the smell became permanent, the looks on the edgy teenagers faces would be priceless. After the usual pre-game banter of "u r gay, u play fag eldar" their precious sparkly vampire marines end up beaten so badly the player will deliberately wet himself at the mere sight of an avatar.

Although it's more likely the update will be a disastrous moneygrab that will leave the faithful mournful eldar player lamenting for a bygone age of greatness and unparalleled hegemony, in the spirit of his army.

>> No.24839748

they good. Read em

>> No.24839828

More likely eldar get a 6e dex like everyone else. Reasonably balanced, multiple viable options, things that do the job they're meant to without being too op, etc.

>> No.24839879

Apparently, Phil Kelly's doing it again. He did a great job with Dark Eldar, so I think we're in safe hands.

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