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Been rewatching Redwall and now the thoughts of a game where the PC's have to protect a small fortification from a siege force plagues my mind constantly.

Anyone here ever played such a game?

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meanwhile, I'll dump fortifications and sieges

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Haven't played one. But are you willing to run one, is that why you're asking?

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I really just want to discuss the idea or get someone to tell of their game.

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>what time period would you set the siege in?
>what sort of fortification would the PC's have?
>Where would it be?
>What would the enemy forces be?
>Why are they trying to take the fortification?
>What strategies are they using ?

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I am actually running just such a game for my D&D group right now... "The Battle for Corrin Keep" is the name of the campaign.

Orc raids/attacks once a week... they've also gone out into the woods surrounding the keep on missions.

Its a lot of fun!

Nothing like a battle atop the walls!

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Well, I'm bored and willing to discuss the idea.

I'd suggest you'd have the PC's be

- A squad, with either an appointed leader or a DMPC leader who listens to the PCs' opinions on what to do

- Military leaders of the fort

- Squad leaders of their own

Because honestly, a single soldier can't get much done. Most sieges were just "Let's camp outside until those guys give up." in their mentality. Pretty boring to play, unless the PCs had to somehow survive inside until reinforcements arrived.

But things get interesting if the enemy is in a hurry to get inside, and a battle commences.

As for the actual battle, I'd suggest having loads of varying options for the assaulters to use, as well as fun things for the defenders. Say, ballistae, perhaps some logs they can drop if the castle/fortification is uphill. And the age old rocks. Boiling hot oil, too.

And several attacks from different sides, and perhaps one enemy group that has managed to get inside by infiltration or through some small hole an army couldn't fit through. Makes for interesting scenarios, when you suddenly have to fight people inside, too. Then find out where they came from.

Btw, lurking.

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As for these:

> Mid- or late medieval
> I was thinking about perhaps a citadel with three sets of walls, so the PCs have room to fuck up a bit
> Meh, some fantasy land
> Haven't thought about this, really. But all infantry, all day. Perhaps they'd have less archers, which would make a pitched battle not only stupid, but also completely useless. So, in they go.
> They need a power source inside ASAP
> Your usual medieval blitzkrieg. Come in with catapults, try to fuck up the gate, ladders and charge. I might have them even fling in a couple dead, rotten cows.

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Tell me more

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They could also be people of various backgrounds and skills that find themselves in a place, like an abbey, that suddenly is besieged and they can't get out. SOMEONE has to take charge, and PC's being PC's...
Also, yes. Just starving the defenders would be smartest, so you probably want to put the enemy comandant under some time pressure, for example, his mission is to take a series of forts along the border so he cant waste time on this one. Or just make him impatient and keen for foighting.

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Yeah, or that. But they'd still be in command, which was the point. But interesting nevertheless, to see how they'd RP that.

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I've also got xp being accumulated at 1/4 the normal rate, and the PC lvls are 3-4...

so they will stay lower level longer, as I find the best battles happen when you are constantly worried about your character dying... Plus it gives me the chance to throw lots of low-lvl CRs that aren't used a lot.

I have the orcs use various tactics, attacks of the usual siege type nature... with ladders battering rams, waves of attacks, rogues trying to sneak their way in, shamans raining down spells occasionally.

But the orcs not permanently set up outside the walls (YET, mwahaha) , so the PCs are sometimes asked to go out into the surrounding woods by the Lord of the keep to accomplish various tasks.

I have the orcs attack at random points in the day too...

Nothing like waking up the PCs with a major attack... so that they are caught without armor and screams to get to the wall fast before they are overrun!

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Good shit!

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This is sort of what's happening in my campaign... the PCs were brought to the keep via a powerful quest spell cast by a dying cleric...

They have to stay until the Orc threat is eliminated.

and the Orcs are just running distraction with the Keep at the moment... they don't want the humans to know what they are up to deep in the woods...

Which is a pitched battle with Drow that has the Orcs spilling out onto the surface...

So the orcs are building a dam to divert the water down into some caves to drown the Drow and cut them off from Orc settlements.

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So the attacks on the keep are just to keep the focus away from the PCs exploring too deep into the woods...

the Orcs have also cut off the Keep from getting reinforcements and fresh supplies...

The next session we play will be the PCs sallying forth to break up the blockade!

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and you think they'll manage?

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Right now my players are preparing for an orc horde plotting to attack a town by whipping the defenders into shape.
The town is WOEFULLY outnumbered/outmatched, and even with their plans, success is far from guaranteed. I place many barriers in their way, and they still have yet to deal with the orc quarter within the town they are defending.

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Aha? will they turn on the city and join the invaders?
And if they do, will the invaders accept them?

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I respect thine taste, knight.

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Well, given what I have planned for the campaign... I approved the request by my two of my 4 players to have rhinos for mounts.

Given what they have accomplished with them this far... they won't have them much longer... mwahaha

Orc High Command has heard the rumours and and then reports about the warforged and a dwarf riding around on rhinos... so (IF) after they break up the blockade (being held down by 75 goblins riding worgs) the High Command will be dispatching "Rhino Assassins" regularly until that threat has been eliminated...

then the Orcs go for revenge and lay siege to the keep!

I plan to introduce the drow PCs around lvl 8-9

which after taking 7 sessions to get from lvl 3 to lvl 4 could be sometime time next year!

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Those rhino assassins has GOT to be a pair of BIG WHITE HUNTERS.
One Australian and one British.

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sorry half thoughts there... I need morning coffee soon, lol

They likely won't have a problem with the blockade if they use some tactics beyond "CHARGE!"

Which is what they've done so far when out in the field...

They've even started to call it "Dwarven stealth mode"

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It came out at my gaming table that we all liked Redwall. My turn for GMing was up and they wanted to play a Redwall game. Not as some heroic woodland creatures questing to save Mossflower Woods, not as some dirty despicable vermin warband, they had their own idea.

They wanted a game to be gritty and realistic as opposed to heroic and childlike, they envisioned a Redwall Abbey a few hundred years after the books, one who's teachings had somewhat detached from the original teaching of Mouse Jesus Martin. A powerful and militarized abbey, launching on a crusade to exterminate every crawling, sliming, heathen Vermin in the land.

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED I though as I planned this horrid, bloody envisioning of the Redwall world. It started well, the players were military generals in the Abbey, lots of planning and tactics and logistics went in at the start before they trudged out with their personal warbands to fight the hordes and march to slaughter for the glory of the Holy Wheel. Lots of fighting followed, satisfying, dangerous, brutal and zealous.

After much trials there began a hatred for "Vermin filth", a name always spat in contempt, first in jesting character but after many sessions slowly more in earnest. Playing on that I opened opportunities to test that: orders given to butcher the fleeing enemy, then the wounded, then even those surrendered and begging for mercy and forgiveness, growing a fire in my players of all-encompassing hatred, and I'll be honest I had a good deal of fun in seeing what Serbian-level warcrimes I could get my group to commit before they started getting squeamish.

As it turns out, spiking infants was that line. Shortly after that session the players went off the whole deal, we agreed to end the game and organized to play the next one.

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Actually the first ones slated for the mission are a lvl 6 ranger, a lvl 6 shaman (cleric)... and a lvl 8 Hulking Hurler (lvl 5 fighter for the base class)

the lvl 8 orc has enlarge person made permanent on him... who favours large sized orc shotputs. 2d8+8 damage should chew through the rhinos' 70hp fairly quickly!

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The situation is very.... difficult.
The orcs in the town are the women and children, the survivors of the great orcish incursion, when The One-Eyed Beast united the orc tribes into a single army and waged war against... well, everyone. The scale of the battles, and the defeat, was such that the survivors of the orcs, in order to avoid being wiped out to the man, offered themselves as labor to the victors.
Guess where this lead? The orc horde approaching the town sent a missive ahead, declaring that they "were coming to right the wrongs and avenge the humiliations and indignities heaped upon their folk".
To wit, the orcs have some justification in their irate feelings, seeing their children and womenfolk used by the victors of the war. There is justice behind the them, and the players need to decide whether or not the fact they are orcs is enough alone to ignore the manifold cruelties heaped upon the less fortunate. The half orc player has already stated to me that if he finds the situation... to his distaste, he will wash his hands of it entirely, viewing the coming army as just deserts.

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Now dress them like this

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My group is currently defending the city of Critwall from an orc horde and a white dragon possessed by the spirit of the winter. Shit is fucking cash.

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Oh boy!

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g2b kees

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What about protecting an evil lair?

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Silly, this is not Dubrovnik. It's King's Landing.

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I played in one and could story time it for you, I also have 3.5 stats for Redwell creatures.

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Wow they made a redwall movie?
I loved the book whne I was young, how is the movie?

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TV series, actually-...

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Is this from some manga, or random art?

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random art

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This is a manga, however

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Why did I say I played in one? More like I DM'd one. My bad.

Anyway. It was a super casual 'Yeah let's just play some D&D, what the fuck ever' night with two of my friends. I set the stage.

The first player was a bard and the second was a ranger who specialized in melee. The bard was a royal envoy and the ranger had been sent as his bodyguard. They were to go to this swamp village and collect overdue taxes in person. When they got there they found not everything was as they expected.

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The first things they saw was that this rural village was actually fortified with palisades. They were shoddy and in poor condition, heavily damaged by water from the surrounding swamps. It was an indication that they'd been there for some time. As the two, now slowly, approached the village (the halfling bard was riding on a royal riding dog, adorned with all kinds of ridiculous bling) they found numerous graves dotted around outside and a single burial mound just away from the village entrance.

The ranger made his way into the centre of the village. Both of them could see villagers hiding in the rickety wood and stone buildings that surrounded the village square. The whole place was a large ring surrounding the square, really. The only significant building in the village was the moss-covered stone church.

The ranger loudly announced to the village that a royal envoy has arrived and that he wished to speak to the village elder. This prompted the entire village to rush out into the square. The bard hurried over and got off his riding dog. The pair then tried to pacify the panicked crowd and to find out what the fuck was going on.

It turns out the village has been isolated from the kingdom for a month now, and every other night they're harassed by the legions of the dead. The villagers are frankly shocked the pair even made it in. The players obviously had no clue as to what the villagers were talking about, this was all news to them.

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The villagers went on to explain that tonight the undead will be coming and that they have to defend the village, to which the players agreed upon – but not before they got what they came for. In spite of everything they'd just heard, the horrible living conditions and the sad state of the villagers, the players still rounded everybody up in the church and claimed their overdue taxes.

I had to hand it to them, they were professionals at heart. The villagers were exceptionally pissed off that their rescue had consisted of a taxman and his lacky. So with the money in the bag they went down to brass tacs. They said they'd stay and help the village repel the attack and then leave to get help from the kingdom.

They set about organising a few traps before the night fell. There were two entry points in the village; one front entrance with the path and one breach in the wall at the other end where the undead had breached. The ranger ordered the farmhands to dig a trench around both entrances, which he then later filled with hand-crafted wooden stakes, covering them up with leaves. The bard helped the villagers organise a last ditch defence solution. Both ranger and bard had agreed that the final defence point would be the church due to its more rigid construction. The bard had the women and children inside the church with a band of women upstairs ready with the church bell that had been severed off the tower. They planned to drop it on anything trying to breach the doors to the church.

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During this planning stage a druid revealed herself to the pair and offered her help to them. The players had an argument in front of her, with the ranger accusing the bard of being racist when he asked if she was one of those 'animal-shifting-people'. When she explained that she couldn't they opted to just have her brew up some potions for the villagers. The bard was packing a few heals (and they were only low level) so he was pretty confident he alone could keep himself and the ranger player alive. They wanted to make sure the villagers didn't take heavy losses. After this they then instructed her to remain inside the church to help defend if it gets that bad.

The players were ready and the night had fallen! The first of the wails were heard and the village militia readied themselves. The bard positioned himself opposite the church and in between two homes, so he could see both entrances. The ranger decided to take cover inside the rear trench, under the foliage he'd placed and amongst the stakes. The 17 militia were spread out with two groups of five at each entrance, a handful in the centre and a couple dotted around and two left inside the church.

There came a loud roar from within the swamp and through the marsh firns and heavy fog the ranger saw a huge figure shambling towards him. Behind the figure he could see the bright blue dots of undead eyes, marching towards them. They stuck to their plans and waited. The huge figure ambled over and the ranger could see that the thing was a hulking construct, stitched together from numerous corpses and reinforced with armour. This weight did little to aid it when it went crashing through the ditch and ended up impaling it's legs on the stakes the ranger had laid.

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The ranger took his opportunity and leapt up onto it's back, stabbing and slashing it to bits. The undead mostly passed him by, with one skeleton trying to drag him off it's back. The undead marched into the village and clashed with the militia! And by god did the militia roll poorly. They immediately took losses, with three men rolling around on the floor in agony, whilst only taking down a single skeleton.

The bard rushed over to intervene, but as he did he passed on a brilliant spot check to notice that those undead chaps were climbing over the walls! He ran into the centre of the town and called out for the militia there to go and aid those by the wall who were only just reacting to the undead above their heads. Taking a look over the front entrance, that was clear, the bard called the shot and ordered the men there to go and reinforce the rear entrance that was being hit hard.

Meanwhile the ranger was having a tough time of his own. The skeleton rolled really well and managed to drag him off the constructs back and on a natural 1 tumble roll the ranger fell onto one of his own spike traps, seriously injuring his leg. Things were starting to look quite shitty. The ranger lashed out and took down the skeleton. At least he could see, from where he was standing at least, that there were no more undead to come.

>> No.24823525

The bard began to belt out verse and strum tune to rally the milita currently fighting, which did do some good! They were able to fend off the skeletons present there, but at the cost of the front line that was originally there, 4 men were dead and a 5th was chugging away at two potions. The construct, while pinned, reared up and swung out at the ranger, critically hitting him and dropping him to 3 HP.

The ranger was starting to sweat bullets but wasn't done yet, apparently. He charged back at the creature and hit with both attacks, rolled max damage and butchered off the construct's head. The thing sagged and fell apart at the seams. The bard then forced his way through the remaining skeletons, slashing and blasting them over two turns until he got to the ranger. He spent his only two heals getting him back up to high HP.

At the centre of the village shit was getting pretty real. The defenders sent to protect the walls were all dead and the skeletons had shambled into the centre of the village. Some were even approaching the church! The bard, with his loud voice, yelled out for them to drop the bell on the skeletons.

Natural 1. The bell went careening down, almost dragging one of the girls off the edge with it. It smashed on the ground, missing all the undead and cracked in two. The players both IC and OOC cringed and held their heads in their hands.

>> No.24823536

The bard, now out of spells, rallied the remaining 6 militia men to attack the undead there. The ranger went with the group. The fight went very well; they were able to cut their way through the skeletons in the village square just in time for the undead to beat and bash the church door in. Hearing the panicked screams of the women and children the ranger went 'fuck it!' and barrelled into the backs of the undead with a huge flurry of blows. He managed to take down two and distract two more. The two struck back several times and dropped him right back down to half health. The militia rolled horrendously in their clash and the rear attack failed fucking dismally, as all six militia men died when the undead retaliated.

The druid lady and the two guards at the front began their push and absolutely dominated the rolls. They were able to forced the fight away from the front doors of the church and out a few meters into the village square. This push cost the lives of two of the village ladies inside, who were dragged out and brutally murdered when the undead were forced back.

The bard, ranger, friendly druid and last two militiamen surrounded the undead and hammered into them. A short and vicious exchange of blows left the bard also on half health, the ranger nearly dead but all of the undead were crushed.


Out of the initial group of 17 militia they'd gathered only 2 survived, one in critical state. With the undead that had come in and been smashed to pieces there was a lot to bury. The pair, now with the druid accompanying them, left the village to report what had happened to the king. The End.

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And here are the 3.5 stats for Redwell critters.


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did they ever finish that redwall mod for M&B?

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Ok that was pretty intense

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And they all paid taxes happily ever after.

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Where is this?

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Thank you anon, that was a great story!

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ironclad: the movie: the game

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>Your players will always choose to be special drop trooper snowflakes
>Your players will never want to roll against trenchfoottrenchfoot
>They will never be ordered to go over the ridge and charge a machine gun nest

We have different ideas about Only War, I guess

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i would play an only war campaign like that ever goddamnd day. only thing our characters have to look forward to each day is recaff and lho sticks, and getting to make a glorious charge at the enemies guns.

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Ookami no Kuchi: Wolfsmund

like 1 min in google

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