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Didn't see one in the catalog, leave a request - and maybe someone will draw your request!

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requesting someone to draw a young female in this type of armor with long wavy hair

and a cyber sword

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Drawfag here

What do you mean by cyber sword?

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its liek a sword

but glowy and futuristicy

like a cyber katana, but more western

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I played a Jawa Scoundrel in Star Wars DND last year, his name was Bizit. He was also a techie/mechanist and did nothing but hack computers and build shit. Later in the campaign we happened upon a broken R5 unit, so we gutted it and put me inside. I would love for someone to draw Bizit in a tricked out R5 unit with him popping out of the top.

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Fuck that request.
Draw crab jesus

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Can someone draw this young man casting a spell? Bonus points if there's a spell circle in front of his casting hand. Thanks!

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A halfling rogue with short, curly hair wearing a heavy gingham scarf, with brown trousers and vest over a white undershirt.

Everything is riddled with pockets and pouches and there are poorly "hidden" knives sticking out everywhere.

He's holding a crowbar in one hand and holding a gemstone the size of a walnut in the other. There's a jewelers lens in one of his eyes, and a wide, shit-eating grin on his face.

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I would like to request my spy character. He's a dark haired, somewhat gangly man who looks more like a university professor than a secret agent. His sideburns are a bit long, and he looks like he probably broke his nose years ago and it never healed quite the right way (I had stephen fry in my mind when I thought of that)

He'd definitelt be rocking the tactical turtleneck... "the tactleneck."

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Requesting a dragon made out of dicks.

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Why not. It'd be neat if I had a picture of this.

In my setting, professional adventurer types travel into radioactive, mutant monster filled ruins for the shards that power modern magic. And they've been romanticized enough that a popular rebellious youth fad is wearing mismatched elements of clothing and armor inspired by famous treasure hunters.

So if a kind drawfag is interested, would you draw one of these misguided idiots?
They typically wear:
Knee-high leather riding boots (similar to cowboy boots I guess) with a buckled strap over the ankle.
A leather kilt like garment.
A huge belt, usually around six inches across, going from the tops of the hips to the bottom of the rib-cage. It usually has a giant cast iron plate on the front, and lots of little hooks, buttons, straps and little pouches.
The belt is held up by suspenders that connect to shoulder pads that support these rectangular pieces of armor. Basically a rectangle of lacquered wicker attached to the shoulder/arm, with the top edge riding an inch or two higher than the top of the shoulder.
Elbow pads.
A forearm sleeve with 3-6 hexagonal iron rings around the arm.
And a really wide brimmed hat with a straight-sided crown. Kind of like the hat worn by the titular character of Vampire Hunter D.

I apologize for describing something so hideous. Thank you if you try.

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This girl here. Doing something silly and robotic.

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I request a pic of Xeno receiving robot-themed spam mail directly in her head.

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Wow. this is actually a very nice picture of Xeno.

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Can I get a bunch of guardsmen? Problem is they're in Japanese School uniforms (With flak armour over it).

They're all male, all have pompadours, and look like Japanese delinquents in attire and attitude. They're hanging out by their squad's chimera, smoking, gambling, delinquent stuff.

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Jesus, Moses, and Mohammad at a pig feast

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there are some

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Yep. that's extra heretical.

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Will this suffice? I feel out of my element with robots, sci-fi, spess-themed stuff, etc.

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That is fucking perfect. Thank you so much.

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A halfling ninja wearing an outfit similar to Bang's, with a bit more leather to it and with the inclusion of a hood. Her hair is similar to Ms Frizzle. It's pathfinder so she's got the hobbit feet. I like the idea of foot wraps that kind of hide much of the feet. Oh, and she uses wakizashi and not giant nails/gauntlets.

She's usually got a smirk on her face.

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This thread started pretty late where I am, so I'm done for now. I'll work on some more stuff tomorrow if this thread is still up and running.

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Bless you, drawfriend.

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Could I get a rendition of this character?

Yeah, that's a sword and scabbard. He uses both.

I'm not a weaboo I swear

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you're posting on 4chan

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I'm still not one

I swear

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I'm watching you.
This is..Weaboo watch.
Also where did you get your characters template at?

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/tg/ draw your party threads. It pops up now and then, with the templeta always on the first posts.

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Playing a cat folk warrior in an industrial magic setting. (critter people are common here. Pic related as to build of character and ratio of Cat to Folk)

He uses a ring that transforms into his weapon. (pretty common in setting, though some guys use bracelets or necklaces or whatever) Rings are interchangeable, though they always produce a single weapon type for their user. For my guy its a Guan Dao.

Usually he wears pair of boots, some loose pants, and a robe secured by a thick leather belt that has a large bronze plate. (he wears chainmail underneath the robe for protection.)

Long story short he's one of like 40 guys in the line for rulership of his people and he's trying to find something extra ordinary that'll help him claim the throne.

Cat dude, like in the pic. Wears a robe, some boots, and a belt with a hueg bronze decoration on it. Wields a magical Guan Dao

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>Weeaboo watch
>Persona 4 reaction face
Nigga, not sure if I should hate you or love you.
There's been a shit ton more Persona on /tg/ lately, no idea why.
Anyone found/made a homebrew Persona game? That's not super-shitty proboards freeform?

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This is what I got to start, I didn't know how to represent the wicker shoulder guards or the hexagonal rings.

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Gamma World 4th ed seems like a good candidate for Persona 1-4 style play. that's just my thoughts though....

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Ever bump is a gentle caress.

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Continuing with this under the assumption that you're asleep.

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Not the OR but I like it.

As for the arm rings have you thought of using armlets that look kinda like nuts? (of Nut and Bolt fame)

thats what the ORs description brings to my mind anyway.

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As in somebody took a bunch of old nuts and tied them together as a makeshift armor?

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As in giant nuts that you could fit your wrist through.

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Ah I see, that does makes a lot more sense.

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Rageborn the Angerfist. A mountain of a man who only knows anger.
No references as I prefer interpretation.

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A small request for Gundam AGE Quest.
A tall, athletic guy with a stubble and short black hair, wearing a cape and Kamina glasses, giving a piggyback ride to a small, red-haired and confused kid.
He wears an unbuttoned shirt (you can see some MANLY chest hair), and usual pants and sneakers, while in the background a huge Gundam stands watch.

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Not a drawfag, did this by hand, uphill, in the snow, in the 100 year war of MSPaint, but here you go.

I hope you enjoy my shitty attempt

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Not the OR, but I shall tell all I encounter of your noble sacrifices in the making of this materpiece.

>His torved

and so will captcha

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pffft haha ha ha

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Added the nut-based sleeve.

>> No.24802656

guy who suggested the nut-armlets here.

I think it looks very striking.

But I'm not the OR...

any chance you're doing more requests before you hit the sack?

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I hope it's good enough for you

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Could someone draw the character on the top-left, grinning and brandishing an abnormally long cleaver whilst using a bent-over zombie as a chair?

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Requesting a succubus teacher instructing her students in the proper drawing of wards. She is standing facing the students and is pointing to various diagrams on the blackboard. Her hair is black and jaw length, with bangs. She has glasses and pointy ears, but no horns. She has on a black suit jacket over a white blouse, and black tie. Her pencil skirt is of a modest length. Her winds are full sized, and if you plan on coloring the picture she probably has painted the claw bits of her wings purple.

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Working on it right now mate.

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I have a humble request for my Dark Heresy character.

His name is Solomon.

He is an Arbitrator. Basically, mix Judge Dredd with Dirty Harry and you've got this guy. He's a lanky fellow with black hair and blue eyes. His skin is rather grimy. He's wearing what looks like riot gear and is leveling a FUCKHUGE revolver (Callahan Hand Cannon, if you get the reference). Kind of the pose in the pic, but with a revolver instead of machine pistol and the helmet is optional. Ultimately, I trust your artistic license.

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Could you have a go at drawing a heavily augmented Iron Warriors Chaos Lord? Old fashioned Terminator armour, a huge bushy beard, cybernetic arms and wielding a pair of power swords.

Alternatively a Demon Prince with masses of mechanical parts - Cyberdemon style robot leg, mechanical claw, organic arm holding a giant mace made of gears and industrial detritus and armour made of bits of machines (Dreadnoughts, Tau battlesuits etc).

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Awesome, thank you so much. There is a singular pain to having a very visual mind when it comes to creating characters, but zero talent artistically.

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I've got a character I'd like drawn, from Dark Heresy.
He's basically advice techpriest, with a lasgun, a medical servo arm mounted over one shoulder, and a servo skull. The only really unusual aspect is that the servo skull has a pimpin' musketeer hat (they were on a planet with near constant rainfall, and it was the easiest waterproofing solution he had....). Anyhoo, if someone would be so kind as to draw me something like I described, I'd be most grateful.

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Could I please get Cardinal Ximanes (the middle one) as a proper 40k Inquisitor. Can he be carrying a flamethrower and his face be covered in scars and burns.
That would be awesome.

>> No.24803476

Aaaaand done. I had a greeat tme drawing this, thanks Anon!

I hope you like it.

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Fuck yes. That's awesome. Thanks a bunch, drawbro.

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bump for more requests, I want to draw some more.

>> No.24803721


is still here. If you don't like that. What would you like to draw?

>> No.24803742

I am still around.

>> No.24803750

If you do 40k stuff there's >>24803398 and
>>24803149 among others.

Otherwise could you have a go at:

A slightly steampunk-y sea-captain. Young and fresh faced with long blond hair wearing a legionnaire's cap, greatcoat with lots of braiding over an overly ornate uniform, kid gloves and tall boots.

If possible he's with a Chinese girl with an ornate hairstyle wearing a light blouse and harem pants.

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A nomadic looking sort of young man, with bandanna/long hair/poncho, drawing the string of a big-ass bow made of twisted oak, the tips of the bow decorated with black feathers. Wrapping her arms around him and helping him pull a string is a black haired spirit of a woman, wearing a dress of the same kind of feathers on the ends of the bow.

>> No.24803767

It's not that I dont like it, it's just I'm not really a 40k/Dark heresy pro, so those requests are not for me. And in some earlier thread i drew some beholders with monkeys, so almost anything.

>> No.24803828

It'd be cool if you could draw one of the dudes from my Dark Heresy campaign. Basically the closest thing you'll get to a literal Space Cowboy. Face similar to pic related, and dressed in a pretty traditional cowboy getup; hat, leather duster, the work, but feel free to work modern elements into the design to make it more obvious he isn't a literal cowboy. He should have an Inquisitorial Rosette (The standard big =I= symbol) pinned to the chest/lapel of his coat.

Both legs have been totally replaced with augments. Bare metal, it's blatantly obvious they're not real limbs. He fights with two looted Dark Eldar pistols, and one of their barbed Agonizer whips, so if you could put those on his belt or in his hands or whatever, that'd be cool.

Feel free to take as much artistic license as you want with the design as long as it vaguely conforms to those instructions. Thanks!

>> No.24803837

Started this

>> No.24803861


Thanks bro! Should I feel bad getting two requests in a row?

>> No.24803922

What about Shadowrun? I need a drawing of a orc biker girl. She's got a middling build, braided ponytail, leather jacket, tattoos, the works. She's got her own custom racing bike (optional, but if you feel like getting creative with it...), a sidearm (plus a backup handgun and a taser), and lastly a pair of frikken sweet cybergoggles. If it helps, she's also a pretty easygoing sort of person, though with a serious addiction to speeding.

>> No.24803946

Sorry, couldn't finish it, have to go to work, and I forgot about it, fuck yeah.

>> No.24803964

I will definitely draw this, but now I have to run to work. I really like your concept, I hope the thread will still be alive until i get back.

>> No.24804007

Been playing a modern fantasy game, and my character is a martial artist who wields tonfa.
She has long hair in a tight braid and wears a cheongsam blouse with baggy cargo pants and sneakers.
Mind drawing her in some kind of exaggerated martial arts pose?

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>> No.24805242

Re-requesting >>24798435

>> No.24806234


>> No.24807552

If you can redraw Pic Related so it looks more like a machine with constant leg length. The more mechanical the better.

>> No.24807597


Yea I'll see what I can do.

>> No.24807788

A fat balding pirate with horrendously goofy pants

>> No.24807907


Sweet, brother. If you plan on doing color, (which I don't expect), his armor is black with red accents. Forgot to say that.

>> No.24808355

I'm going to re-bump my request, just in case.
Only bump i"ll do, cheers.

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Requesting Solaire of Astora as a Solar Exalted.

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>> No.24808617

Rebumping my request, with bonus offering of chocolate elf.

>> No.24808640


Dude... I... I love you.

Great work, my friend. You certainly have my thanks.

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A grizzled orc chieftain, with scars, an eyepatch, cracked tusk, the works. Make it female

>> No.24808905


I'll take this request.

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Hah finally. I am pretty sure I've seen your request more than 10 times.


>> No.24809191

>I am pretty sure I've seen your request more than 10 times.

I have been requesting him since... the beginning of February if my memory serves correctly. However, I'm nothing if not patient.
>pic related

It was worth the wait.Now I just need a group :_(

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A chaos space marine driving along a highway

Suddently looks into rear mirror, sees car labeled 'Warp'

Drives past him on left side


>> No.24809431


Not the requester, but Plank should be driving the Warp car. Just a thought.

>> No.24809439

Requesting brown muscle elves.

>> No.24809463

Not OP, but fap fuel?

>> No.24809475


When are elves anything but fap fuel, regardless the type?

>> No.24809491

Please someone draw this


It must be equipped with a DROP POD LAUNCHING CANNON


>> No.24809497

When some dumb bastard actually plays one?
When they're done right?

Though you do have a point.

>> No.24809552

For a Star Wars D6 game i'm going to run:

Lady Molish, Clawdite Sith Infiltrator

Shapeshifter, sith, femme fatale and (literal) heartbreaker, Lady Molish is all that and much more. She uses her sith powers along with her natural charm and manipulation skills to influence her victim's minds, diverting their suspicion from her and making them distrust their allies instead.

Either a pic of her in her clawdite form or a pic of her shapeshifted into a 1950s pinup-esque lounge singer with blood red hair and a stunning gala dress to match

References on clawdites

>> No.24809612

>Now I just need a group

Oddly, I am reminded of this.

>> No.24809818

I'm still here...

>> No.24809964


I'm still monitoring this thread in case my ol' request gets done.

>> No.24810173

Anyone willing to give my lad mage a try?
Maybe trying to get past a city guard, who's at least twice his height?

>> No.24810189

Huh, forgot my picture!

>> No.24810370

Thanks, and I'm glad to see the thread still alive today. I'll keep an eye out for your return.

>> No.24810602

Requesting a musclebound female tiefling vampire in cargo pants and a tank top. She has narrow slits in her forearms where her bone-blades retract and a mark of Khorne scarred into her left cheek.
"SNIKT!" optional.

>> No.24810755

I literally cannot hold all that Mary Suism.

>> No.24810831

It does sound like something out of DA, complete with one of those terrible likes/dislikes bio pages that reads like an awful dating service profile.

>> No.24810892

Heck, I might draw her if she also happens to wear diapers.

>> No.24810955

I have yet to see a DA character bio that includes a neckbeard with a fedora. So I am guessing your experience with awful dating profiles is limited.

>> No.24810985

The character was designed 100% fetish bait, but in our campaign I've been tragically out-Sue'd by the Human Chosen of The Emprah and Lost Primarch Aasimar. I've completely given up on being the ironic comedy angst puppet. With the exception of Brosimar and Bromerc, nobody else in the party cares about my character at all when I'm not soaking up dozens of bullets or dueling a Clanmaster.

>> No.24811001

I meant the way they list out age, height, weight, eye color, the whole likes/dislikes thing, all sorts of other mundane shit, and finally the godawful profile that tries way too hard.

But you can keep being pedantic if you want.

>> No.24811101

A drawing of an airship using this general design. Doesn't matter about interior, just show us what you think of, use your imagination dear drawfags!

>> No.24811153

Well of course there is going to be mundane things. in DH they make you roll that stuff, it is part of the character. If the whole things was just them talking about how awsome the character was it would be worse.

I am comfortable being pedagogical, you can keep your misuse of the word pedantic to yourself.

>> No.24811160

The best way to troll Mary Sues is to be Oscar.

>> No.24811176

This isn't /tg/ related in the slightest and I apologize, but can someone draw Rei Ayanami and Granberia (from Monster Girl Quest) being cute and holding hands?

>> No.24811522

I wasn't expecting anyone in our group to actually play a Mary Sue archetype, so I thought playing a parody sue (constantly shifting between wangst and sexual frustration, occasionally mid-sentence) would be funny.

Cue two bastards fighting for story prominence in a plot that doesn't involve either of their backstories, and suddenly I'd rather be playing a smug pragmatist like the Mercenary. When I try to play my character any way I envisioned, 2-3 other players bitch about a devout follower of KHORNE insisting on HONORABLE COMBAT.

>> No.24811790

>honorable combat

>> No.24811950

Ya tryin' ta lick me honey, m8?

>> No.24811990

Requestan a short (like five foot nuthin) guy with shoulder length black hair. Wears a loose black over a white tunic and baggy black pants. Wears beat up shoes, has a tatoo on his forehead that looks like cat's eye. Uses a chakrum as his weapon.

Just a sketch will do oh mighty drawfags...

>> No.24812086

Requesting Halfling(or gnome) wizards casting spells from behind the battlement-like pauldrons of the party's half-ogre fighter.

>> No.24812283




>> No.24812385

Iron Within!
Sideburns Without!

>> No.24812421

Not the OR but...damn

>> No.24812579


I'm gonna get something to eat and then do this one.

>> No.24812603

Goddamn, drawfriend, that's amazing!

>> No.24812731

For what it's worth (OR here) here's the model I use for that character on the tabletop.

Excellent job!

>> No.24812752

Bloody phone turning it sideways...

>> No.24814252

Any takers on this one?

>> No.24814312

Much appreciated! Theres very little good female orc out there. If you do more than a profile, be sure to give her some muscle.

>> No.24814468

pretty great, first thing I saw was robotnik

>> No.24814515



That's it from me tonight.

>> No.24814579

Anybody want to be a bro and try any of my Black Crusade group?
A Tzeentchite human psyker (bald with a chin coverage and an eye tattoo on his forehead, other than that you can make him look however)
A Slaaneshi human heretek (mechadendrites have dildos, other than that you can make him look however)
A Plague Marine with lower weapon skill, intelligence and willpower but high fellowship and agility (a fast retard)
A Khorne Berzerker in Crusade armor and War Hounds regalia.
A Nurglish Apostate (felinid, lowest desire, some bro already drew a human picture of him)

>> No.24814587


>> No.24814845

Reckon any drawfriends could draw this Inquisitor for me? He is dressed in a formal shirt with a single Inquisitorial rose adorned on his breast. His hair is tied up in a bundle of dreadlocks that form a plume. He wears a lot jewelry on his hands.

>> No.24815013

Could anyone be a bro and draw the guy on the far right, but without a smoke, more d&d like and without a weapon looking all smug and shit?

>> No.24816300


>> No.24817255

A picture of my new Dark Heresy character would be pretty rad. She's a street ganger (class is Scum), heavily based on the glam rock/hair metal style of House Escher from Necromunda (see pic related). Similar hair to pic related. A lot of piercings, although not to a completely ridiculous level.

Clothing wise, she should be wearing a black leather jacket with some metal studs, and some gang iconography if you feel like getting a bit creative. Feel free to take some creative license with the rest, as long as it fits the over the top 80s style. Some tattoos on any exposed skin would be pretty rad too.

Her gang name is Kix, and her gang is the Volg City Angels, if that helps with design any. Take as much artistic license as you need.

>> No.24817496

Can any of you draw a cute blonde elf girl?

>> No.24817589

Hailing from this thread >>24817467
Would anyone mind drawing a picture of a dryad and a guy strolling through a park enjoying some snowcones together?

>> No.24817737

Here's my request: could you draw a tech-priest ala the one in this picture?
The defining traits are that he's a relatively new tech-priest, so he has most of his skin still. He's kind of gangly, and he has blue hair in the style of this: http://images.wikia.com/fallout/images/6/62/Raider_Armor.png , while the other half of his head is metal and has wires stretching to a power pack on his back. Also, he has a really shiny (comparatively) bionic arm.

>> No.24817836

Guess I'll pitch in a request for a woman in this gear, helmet tucked under her arm. Late 20s, freckles, auburn hair up in a bun to make wearing said helmet properly easier.

>> No.24818115


Fuck yeah.

This will be the new BBEG in my next campaign. He'll have every single defense against every form of magic attack, have tons of physical resilience and strength, and will whose sole avocation will be to fuck your shit up (and anybody else who stands in the way of him doing this)

>> No.24818181

>blue hair
Why would a techpriest ever dye?

>> No.24818262

Former ganger who hasn't lost their hair yet?

>> No.24818281

>Former ganger
That's a huge stretch. Generally techpriests are pretty much born into their roles.

>> No.24818330

I'm not the guy who was requesting it, I was just trying to make it work. Though I doubt the Admech would refuse someone if they showed up asking to become a servant of the machine god, it just likely doesnt happen much because most people think techpriests are freaks.

>> No.24818384

Eh, the AdMech are pretty exclusive and elitist. I could see them turning back most applicants. They generally get born into their roles on Forgeworlds, because on Forgeworlds, you're pretty much groomed for whatever role you've been deemed appropriate for from birth.

>> No.24818433

Even elitists need bitches who have to preform the holy rite of unclogging the toilet every day. These would be the kind of guys who, ehen they get captured by tau, cant tell you how anything works because they dont actually know how anything works, they were just told the ritual. But I see your point all the same.

>> No.24818467

Requester here. The blue hair happened because of rolling on Dark Heresy charts for Rogue Trader characters. In character, this PC is pretty close to being a heretek, and has the the criminal background from the origin path, so he's trying to disguise himself I guess.

>> No.24818492

>rolling character traits
Whatever floats your boat I guess. Never saw the appeal myself.

>> No.24818535

The people in my group find it tons of fun to roll for lots of random, miniscule things, but it keeps them happy.

>> No.24819142

Bumping. Any drawfags around?

>> No.24819829

yeah. listening

>> No.24820092

Do you do 40k?

If so could you have a go at drawing a female Tau commander, outside her Crisis suit, looking scarred, tired and seriously angry.

If you don't do 40k, I've an alternative request.

A power armoured superhero, think a more anime Iron Man. His suit has a "28" stencilled on the torso, rocket skates, a stun baton/tonfa on one arm and a wrist mounted machine gun on the other. The head should be subtly styled like a Guy Fawkes mask.

It's for a cyberpunk game where the character is anarchist Iron Man, a renegade mech engineer trying to bring down the military industrial complex and start a popular revolution with cheap weapons he designs.

>> No.24820222

Hope it's good enough, here you go

>> No.24820260

I like your requests, thinking about doing both. But I only saw a few pictures about Taus (I'm not really into 40k) So could you post references please?

>> No.24820381

I'll post what Tau stuff I have, sure!

>> No.24820391

Still interested in getting this drawn, if any drawfags are around.

>> No.24820392

I'd like to request an incredibly old male human swordsage, upwards of ninety, sitting on a throne in semi-regal clothing. Still powerful and everything, but just insanely old.

>> No.24820411

Here's the one "official" female Tau character GW has.

As to clothes for the picture, just a plain space suit would be best.

>> No.24820443

And /tg/'s slightly prettier take on female Tau

>> No.24820464


Fire Caste Master Race.

>> No.24820514

I'd like a pic of a Half-elf Jetstream Sam. Roman body armor thing instead of that cyber suit, elven curve blade instead of katana (really, it's a katana with a different hilt/guard), cool helmet instead of that face thing, shit eating grin that transcends genres.

>> No.24820742


>> No.24820928

Can someone draw me a blowfish, the sexiest fish in the seven seas please? He's (or she's, I'm open-minded like that) acting all coy and thinks about holding hands.

>> No.24821219

here is the power armored superhero-freedom fighter. Was awesome to draw, starting the Tau girl

>> No.24821234

Thanks a bunch!

>> No.24821321

methinks I see a bonding knife neath that there loinclothe of hers

>> No.24821460


>> No.24821628


>> No.24821631

It's my first 40k drawing ever, so forgive me if it has any mistakes

>> No.24821654

not that guy but totally saved

>> No.24821670


>> No.24821681

Nice Cyberpunk Iron Man there, don't suppose anyone might be interested in something sorta similar?

A fully bodysuited assassin type, no skin showing, very minimal armour, like a toned-down Boba Fett. He's wearing a fully fitted mostly featureless mask with several lenses and focuses on the front, small antennae coming off the back.
His arms and legs are armoured cybernetic replacements, and he has a second pair of arms underneath the first.
His second arms have unfolded from where he should have his intestines, and all that is left there is some armoured spine and ribs, kinda like an emaciated robot. He is fully "sealed" though, no viscera to see..
The lower hands are holding guns that are wired into the thigh compartments they came out of (kinda like Robocop), and the upper hands holding paired katana..
Standard tech, armour, a rifle on his back..

Thanks everyone!

>> No.24821691

Any more request? (I'm glad you guys like it)

>> No.24821696

who doesn't like muscle(xeno)girls?

>> No.24821764

Okay, I got one. A fallen paladin who turned his back on faith at the moment of his death and fulfilment of his destined service. As he struggled with the fear of death his god's nemesis appeared in the way gods usually do to mortals, not in an obvious and cloud-breaking fashion, but subtle and enigmatic. In his confusion, our dear Paladin renewed his pledge of service to the wrong goddess and was given new life- of a sort.

Hideous with a face to stop a man's heart cold, twisted by living undeath, and besmirched by the sun, he wraps himself in heavy cloth and his old, war-tattered and piecemeal armor; a well-kept blade hangs at his side, the last relic of his service. A soft healing glow emanates from his hand, the blessing of the gods that guaranteed his apprenticeship to the Paladin Order so long ago.

>> No.24821789

I'm not sure what kind of pose I'd want, maybe uncovering his face to take a bite of a fruit and glancing sidelong at the camera like he's just been spotted and the jig is up.

>> No.24821823

Awww yeah. The perfect picture to sum up my army's commander (currently in the campaign I'm in regrouping after a righteous smashing by Necrons)

>> No.24821868

please see
He's actually a member of a dark dragon clan and transforms into a drake that has a single eye and six legs.

We're part of a supernatural themed marvel RPG campaign and he's the tank of the group. (transforms into the dragon. Otherwise he just sorta... sulks since hes kinda emo)

>> No.24822225

Here you go. I went ahead, and designed the drake's head too. You said he's the tank, so I went with the massive, brutal style.
I hope it's good enough.

>> No.24822292

That sir, is quite excellent.

I was thinking more "Croc legs and a cyclops eye" but I'm really digging you "Ray Harryhausen meets breath of fire" cyclops-dragon.

Thanks a bunch!

>> No.24822376

I'm glad you like it. Now, I got to go, I hope that when I get back, this thread will still be alive.
Be excellent Anon.

>> No.24822403

It's hard to keep threads alive on /tg/, back in /d/ you could leave for a few days and find your thread one or two pages down; here, you leave for five minutes and it's already gone back to page eight

>> No.24822483

Keeping this alive.

>> No.24822526

An undead ghoul in black plate armor with a large black halberd. Without a visor.

>> No.24822552

Warforged Druid. He's one with nature to the point that he's got roots growing through his body, with leaves sprouting on him and everything. Wears a green cloak with a hood, and has a big backpack loaded with adventuring gear.

>> No.24822943

I think I'll take a stab at this.

>> No.24822971

Skreee!! Is the draw friend that drew pic related here today?!

>> No.24822984

grippli alchemist, quarterstaff and blowgun. vest and lots of belt pouches. named smipply

>> No.24823007

also, for eclipse phase. future samurai with a red katana, heavily augmented but doesn't look much different from a human. 5 knives on chest.

>> No.24823014

Awesome, thanks!

>> No.24823038

It really bothers me that the text is backwards in this image. It's right-to-left.

>> No.24823209

Still looking for this if anyone feels like drawing some 80s glam-rock ganger

>> No.24823221

This will get ignored, but I might as well continue requesting this.

>> No.24823318

Okay, Deadlands character. Picture your stereotypical vaguely steampunk influenced mad scientist. Skinny, spindly frame. White, unkempt hair. Goggles. All that shit.

Now add on some Wild West human augmentation. Dude has two massive, steaming, barely held together robotic arms. They're pretty much perpetual works in progress on the verge of falling apart. One has a gatling gun built in; the hand folds back and the gun comes out of the wrist. The other one is a Bionic Commando style grapple, the hand more closely resembling a claw than a traditional human hand.

>> No.24823368


>> No.24823610

Bit of concrit, anatomy seems a bit janky at the waist.

>> No.24823737


It's fine, actually. Armor isn't skin and muscle, it's not going to bend and curve when someone leans forward like that.

>> No.24824201


Had gone to bed; I like it, thank you.

>> No.24824555

Keeping this alive.

>> No.24824582

bumping this request

>> No.24824925

Okay, how about this. A Vespid who's joined up with an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor. So basically, a Vespid with some more nondescript, Imperial looking Carapace. Has a translator helm like you'd expect for a Vespid that needs to communicate with humans, but if you wanna modify it a little to reflect aftermarket modifications by Inquisitorial techs, go ahead.

He's a melee specialist. Power fist on one hand (three fingered to suit the alien physiology), with a Tau pulse rifle either slung over his shoulder or held in his other hand. His armour should look a little battle scarred, if you want to go into that much detail.

>> No.24824947

Rebumping my request

>> No.24825055

bumping for more requests

>> No.24825065

Do none of the multitude of unfilled requests fit your requirements?

>> No.24825074

a lot of them are 40k, maybe they don't want to draw 40k

>> No.24825104

Man, 40k is so diverse that bitching about a request being "40k" is shaky at best. You'd have to have an actual hatred for the setting to have any real reason to bitch.

I mean, let's see.
Bug alien with a giant metal gauntlet.
Gangly priest with some robot bits.
Hair metal gangster chick.
Generic noble dude.
Giant fucking mech.

>> No.24825125

Ugh, this took way too long, sorry 'bout the wait.

>> No.24825155

Nice man, I love the vines as a sort of cloak idea you've got going on, hadn't thought of that myself.

>> No.24825162

Alright how about this? I do not draw 40k, becouse I don't know jackshit about it. Yeah, there are people out there like this too. I don't want to fuck them up, and when they ask for a "Vespoid who is an ordo xenos inquisitor" I rather choose an other. Is it really such a big problem?

>> No.24825182

I'm still here at >>24817589

>> No.24825192

Not at all, just saying, a few of those requests require very little actual 40k knowledge, they give enough info to work with. Not trying to be a dick, just trying to point some stuff out, no harm meant.

>> No.24825239

This sounds cute. I give it a try

>> No.24825268

Draw me a dwarven fighter holding a large halberd in one hand and a kite shield in the other while riding on top of a rust monster, the rust monster has to have a warforged pinned down, dissolving its faceplate, on the end of the halberd, a spider-like clockwork construct impaled on the end. The dwarf has to be wearing a chain mail vest and pants with a robe over the vest, he is also wearing sandals. If he has oil splattered on his face and is doing some sort of warcry, that would be wonderful. Also, typical dwarf features, glorious beard and all. Pic related, rust monster. I will cry if this is drawn for me.

>> No.24825299

Forgot pic, god I suck

>> No.24825310

Non-40k request here.

I've got a Shadowrun mage I'd like drawn. He's a huge showman, has a career as a professional magician outside of his running, he's all about illusion spells and spectacle. All his magic is based on showmanship and traditional magician shit, too. Conjuring up cards to throw at people Gambit style, pulling fireballs out of conjured hats, all kinds of dumb showy shit. He's also got savvy business sense; acts as his own agent, and has a lot of corporate contacts for when he's on missions.

As for looks, he's a blonde, tall, lanky and well groomed dude, in a suit like pic related. Keeps a bluetooth headset style thing on at all times like a good businessman should (can't have augmentations fucking up his magic). Maybe some shades, up to you really. As long as he fits the personality outlined, I'm cool with it.

>> No.24825389

Requesting a young elven ranger. Her hair is long and unkempt, simply tied back to keep it out of her face. The right side of her face is burn scarred, her right ear damaged and an eyepatch covering her now-useless eye. Her attire is a mixture of conventional clothing and pelts, and to reflect her choice of weapon a quiver is hanging from her hips.

>> No.24825403

Open question to Drawfags. What makes you pick a request out of the lot? What makes one request seem so much more attractive than the 50 others?

Does detail of the request play into it?

>> No.24825548

Bumping my Deadlands request.

>> No.24825604

No real reason, I pick the request that sounds fun to draw. Level of detail doesn't really figure into it.

>> No.24825648

Fret not friend, I'll go ahead and make another thread after this one- then you can try again.
That's really the best you can do, bumping a request more than once usually eliminates the possibility of anyone drawing it at all, just gotta stay- persistent.

>> No.24825649


I look through the requests and pick whatever seems the most fun to draw. If people then ask me to do their requests, I have a hard time saying no.

Level of detail usually isn't an issue, since I'll just ask a few questions to get a better mental image.

>> No.24825665

what kind of things do you like to draw?

Cute things?

Action things?

>> No.24825757

To whoever archived this on suptg, don't do it in the future. LL will just delete it anyways and foolz automatically archives everything anyways. Besides, now suptg wont get anything past the point you archived it at unless the thread survives another 2 hours.

>> No.24825869


I don't have a preference to cute or serious, really. As long as the concept seems fun or interesting, kind of like the image I accidentally posted.

I can't speak for my fellow drawfags, but I find myself going into drawthreads with a servant's perspective. By this, I mean I end up taking almost any request if people ask me, since I figure it's something they would genuinely want to see drawn.

It's why I don't participate in these things too often, unless I see a request interesting enough for me to get involved and I have nothing else important to do that day.

>> No.24825890

Could I get the main badguy of a homebrew drawn?

He's a tall, thin steampunk-styled technomancer guy with mid-length black hair and pale skin. He wears a high-collared blue longcoat, glowing green engineering goggles, a spooky amulet with a black gem in the middle and fancy gauntlet contraptions that aid his spellcasting, similar to Rasputin's glove in hellboy.

thanks in advance!

>> No.24825891

In that case, do you think you can draw my martial artist here?
She gets ignored in every thread.

>> No.24825928

I also forgot the most important thing...Please.

>> No.24825934



>> No.24825950

Thanks. I feel like she gets passed over for being boring, which makes sense as she's meant to be an ordinary person who gets dragged into extraordinary circumstances.

>> No.24826477

If someone feels like drawing some tonk, I've got a request.
An Atlas (the Leman Russ ARV variant), banged about, covered in mud and weighed down with lots of kit- bedrolls, kitbags, jerry cans etc. It should have a pintle-mounted flamer and on the side in big curly letters is the name "Blessed Relief".

Optional: Next to the name, could there be a drawing of a priest on the loo? I can imagine IG having a good sense of toilet humour.

Thanks in advance!

>> No.24826558


Should be done with it before too long. I'm kind of distracted with some stuff at the moment, but I have it all sketched out and just need to go over it with proper linework.

>> No.24826654

Part-time draw-fag here, I have to say that a post with 3 paragraphs of extreme details is usually a big turnoff for me but other than that level of detail isn't usually an issue. Generally I pick a request based on something I want to practice, from women to armor to dynamic actions. It really just depends on what I feel like drawing.

Note that I'm only one drawfag, I can't speak for others these are just my personal opinions.

>> No.24826724

Just a tip so don't take this the wrong way, but you might want to tone down how much is going on in the pic if you want it to get done. That'd be a shit-ton of work with all of the action happening and the drawbros might be intimidated by it and therefore ignore it.

It sounds really cool, but like I said, you might want to make it a little less specific if you want it fulfilled.

>> No.24827154

bumping this because I just woke up

>> No.24827223

Not a drawfriend, but you should probably use less poetic language to describe exactly what you want.

>> No.24827352

Okay, I'll put it sweetly.
>Fallen Paladin
>wearing slap-dash pieces of armor from multiuple differing sets, he's more or less bought and scavenged what he needs as the older bits wear into uselessness, so it'll all be in various states of disrepair
>he wears a simple, well-maintained short sword at his hip
>his body is half-undead, weakened and burned by direct sunlight, and ugly as sin so he's wrapped up in heavy pieces of cloth/canvas like some hybrid of a desert nomad and a European mercenary
>he may or may not have the mark of a death goddess on his body somewhere
>his left hand glows slightly with an always active 'stabilize' spell that he's had since birth

>> No.24827395

Bumping this.

Any takers? Sounds too boring maybe?

>> No.24827510

Christ that is jittery, here take this friend.

>> No.24827540

For something I plan to do in about seven months for /tg/, I'd like a picture of IG+SM(or some other faction/factions) celebrating Christmas in the trenches, ala that one day in WW2(1?).

>> No.24827545

I don't think there's any drawfags about friend, probably best just to wait for the next thread at this point...

>> No.24827991

surely they shall return

>> No.24828402


Sorry it took so long. Juggling a few things at once at the moment

>> No.24828435

I don't know for sure, but don't call me Shirley.

>> No.24829211

Thanks man, looks awesome.

>> No.24829314

Splash woman making out with a Sister of Battle

>> No.24829321

Sorry it took so long I just got off of work. Hope you like it!

>> No.24829553

Alright, here's an odd one.

Looking for a female adventurer of indeterminate age, who managed to survive being lit on fire. Any exposed flesh is burn-scarred and haphazardly wrapped in bandages. They do nothing to hide her sardonic smile of course. A sheathed sword dangles at her side, its straps wrapped around her hand.

As for clothing, look to the attached pic; something inspired by the hunter's outfit, with a single gauntleted arm from the knight.

>> No.24829589

I'm looking for a half-dragon/half-elf female bandit character. Sorceress, so no armor. Also, blue scales if you color. Otherwise, feel free to go nuts.

Really wish I had any reference pictures.

>> No.24829695

I was wondering if someone would draw my latest character.
Half minotaur orc with more muscles than a muscle tree.
I imagine he looks something like a very muscled and hairy orc with minotaur horns and even more bestial face than the normal orc face.
An important detail is that he has look rather sad, like the puppy in picture related.

>> No.24829940

Requesting a female twi'lek sith. She has green skin and purple eyes. She is wearing some purple eye makeup, and lipstick. The black sith tattoos on her face and lekku(Headtails) do not extend to her body. Her two lightsabres are purple, and she has on a skimpy black and purple slave dancer's outfit. On her wrists and ankles are manacles where the chains are broken. She is mid swing, her arms and headtails forming almost a star shape. If you want to draw some bits and pieces of the slavers she is attacking that is fine. The idea is motion, and the idea that something can be graceful even if it is killing everything around it.

Attached pic is just a facial tattoo ref.

>> No.24830003


Why do all Twi'Leks have to dress like strippers? Less a comment on your request there and more on SW canon art.

>> No.24830094

My best guess is that their home planet is teeth chattering cold year round and they've evolved so that any temperature above freezing feels sweltering hot to them. Thus needing to expose as much skin as possible to cool off.

Either that, or Twi'leks have no nudity taboo.

>> No.24830202

Does /tg/ have any pixel-artists?

>> No.24830436

>Twi'lek culture comprised of a lot of slavery, especially females, so most of them are already used to wearing revealing clothing.
>Most of the culture behind the Twi'lek's revolve around dancing, eroticism, and art related to the body.

But besides that:

>Incapable of growing hair, and your entire body is nothing but smooth bare skin.
>Since your culture relates to dancing and Ryloth contains scarce, but nutritional source of plant life, the body of most Twi'lek's are slim and slender.
>You're species is appealing to almost every race in the galaxy.

Shiiiiittttt.. If I was a Twi'lek, I'd go naked.

>> No.24830438

Still waiting, if you're there.

>> No.24830529

Twi'leks live at the equator of their planet where it is not as bad. Supposedly the fact that resources are scarce is why they sell their daughters into slavery. I think it is a dumb idea, but they cam up with the entire Twi'lek culture after Oola. So they really needed a reason for Twi'lek females to be dancing around in very little clothing.

>> No.24830547


>> No.24830568

Nice cameltoe.

>> No.24830575

That's one the reason why I think Star Wars is shitty. Once you make one character, like Jabba the Hutt, then every Hutt there after is somehow related to Crime and criminal syndicates.

>> No.24830576

Theres actually a pair of former twilek slave bounty hunters who acknowledge this fact and basically kill all their marks by being sexy at them and then gunning them down because when a pair of twilek twins asks you if you want to fuck, its pretty hard to say no, even when you know its totally a trap.

>> No.24830605


Funny how unsubtle the subtle character is.

>> No.24830632

And then you have that one Hutt jedi/jetpack using bounty hunter who makes up for the rest of it.

Besides, I kinda like the campiness of it all. Its by no means strong sci-fi, but its fun to have an entire species of sleazebags or strippers from the planet Slut.

>> No.24830635


I think here it's a little different, since not ALL Twi'leks are slaves or slavers and there's a legitimate reason for them to be born into it (a lot of Twi'leks were captured by other species IIRC). Aside from that fact, not all Hutts are criminals (there's even a Hutt Jedi IIRC), but living a life like that is seen as high society in Hutt culture. While it's probably not the best or most realistic representation of a society it's not like it's entirely unjustifiable and a good reason to hate the media (besides, there's way better things to insult Star Wars for).

>> No.24830636

I am no fan of Hutts, but I get what you are saying. It would have been better to treat Jabba as a fluke, and not as the template for all Hutts.

>> No.24830702

Campyness aside, the Twi'lek background makes for really easy sith. Getting sold into slavery is a good way to make someone angry, knowing that most of the females of your species are sold makes for a spree of justifiable homicides.

I am kind of surprised there are not tons of female twi'lek dark force users. Force sensitivity is not all that rare for them.

>> No.24830749

Actually, a good deal of the notable sith you run into in KOTOR are all twileks. And then theres the bounty hunters I mentioned earlier for that justifiable homicide.

>> No.24830789

You will have to refresh my memory. The only one that I can think of off the top of my head in that game was Yuthura Ban

>> No.24830844


You're right..if I could just get the dwarf riding the rust monster, holding the halberd and the kite shield, I will be happy..if any drawfags want to do that for me, I'll cry.

>> No.24830867

I have to agree with that, I understand that they got lucky, or they really planned out the way the Twi'leks were made and making it fit into why almost every Twi'lek is a slave, but I can't understand the Hutt Part, and every Hutt being a crimelord.

>> No.24830902

Fuck, me too. I remember there being more than her, though.

>> No.24830906

Hahaha, fuck yes, this is beautiful man. Thanks heaps!

>> No.24830915

Its explain in SWTOR, many Twi'leks were sold to be Sith, but many of them did not survive or were killed off.

>> No.24830977

Well the empire is not particularly nice to aliens. I am a little confused that more npcs in SWTOR don't call my sith warrior ass out on it. I am guessing they just did not put in the different dialog options for when you unlock a race.

>> No.24831017

Its the reason why Twi'lek are one of the main Species to choose as a Sith Inquisitor. All that rage, and anger just fumes out of a Twi'lek Slave brought into a sith academy. Many Twi'lek were shipped there for that reason.

>> No.24831155

My first sith inquisitor in beta was a Twi'lek. I am not particularly grand at playing the inquisitor, and as a warrior I get Vette to tag along with me. Two Twi'lek are always better than one.

>> No.24831159

There is that one part as a Sith Inquisitor Twi'lek where Darth Zash says that she finally got a Twi'lek pet as an apprentice. But its basically like that for every race in SWTOR. The game was meant to be played as a Human for every profession.

>> No.24831197

cyberpunk fighter pilots holding a funeral for a drone squadron-mate that was too badly damaged to repair.

>> No.24831227

Choosing a Chiss Imperial agent and not getting known for choosing that species, swtor is wack yo.

>> No.24831313

I remember some interesting dialog things for my sith pureblood, but not as many of them as I would have expected. Pretty much anyone who was not a pureblood should have had their lips surgically attached to my ass, but I just got a little nod from other purebloods on occasion.

>> No.24831614


To be fair, it was probably mostly done by writers as a call back to THE Hutt, not to define the Hutts as that...and then it just sorta stuck.

>> No.24835534

So, I was wondering if anyone could draw me a sorcerer looking dude with a black robe with long wide sleeves with spiders crawling out of them. Along with that, I'd like a hood drawn over his head darkening his face except for his eyes and wide menacing grin.

>> No.24836279

Damn, I guess I'll wait for the next thread to happen.

>> No.24836313

Panda beastfolk fighting against a hobgoblin.
I will suck your dick and eat the man gravy if you do this.

>> No.24836323

OP of the thread here, I'll make sure to put one up as soon as this on prunes, rest assured,

>> No.24836614

Thanks man. Any estimated time til that'll happen?

>> No.24836709

You dont happen to be the one working on the dryad picture, do you?

>> No.24836749

Sorry I requested >>24796920
, not a drawfag

A new thread will take as long as it takes.

>> No.24836779

Why are you spoilering?

>> No.24836810

You're not a drawfag, but you're going to create a drawthread? What the fuck anon, you're just going to get a bunch of people's hopes up when they see a drawthread but later find out there's no artist.

>> No.24836825

To the guy in that character art thread who wanted the flowery knight, I hope you get this.

>> No.24836836

No clue.
B-But art got done didn't it?

>> No.24836913

Yes, but other artists won't show up in every drawthread. It's really inconsiderate to create a drawthread without knowing for sure that an artist will be taking requests.

>> No.24836932

o-okay I won't make another thread.

>> No.24836962

I need a satyr named Felicia the Goat.

>> No.24836972

Then again, that's just my opinion of it. Other anons might disagree.

>> No.24836990

Can I get a thri-kreen and an aarakocra hanging out, wasteland style?

>> No.24837075

I'm the guy from the thread, thanks!

>> No.24837096

No, you got it in one. Its considered rather rude to do.
Dont stutter like that. Its quite retarded and makes you look like a faggot. This may seem rude, but its something you should know.

>> No.24837153

This may seem rude, but I don't care.

>> No.24837233


Guys stop

>> No.24838762

>People getting mad over the idea of starting a drawthread
Never change, /tg/

>> No.24839043

Nobody was mad over that, they just said it would be rude to. Any frustration seemed to occur over people t-t-t-t-typing l-l-l-l-l-like t-t-t-t-t-t-this.

>> No.24839245

>rude to give drawfags a wide array of suggestions to tackle when they decide to jump onto the board

>> No.24839281

So the frustration was over nothing...
Is it summer already?

>> No.24839544

>getting mad over other people not getting mad over pedantry

>> No.24839633

Pedantry, for when you think Meticulous is not insulting enough. Quit using that word people.

>> No.24840462

He's sad because he only has four fingers, see.

>> No.24841023


>> No.24841422

Oh, we already hit the bumplimit.
Any other threads?

>> No.24841689

Haha, Thank you!

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