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So, /tg/.

Explain to me why Commorragh hasn't been sacked/destroyed/looted/pillaged/invaded/annihilated by the Craftworld Eldar, Orks, Tau, Tyranids, and especially the Necrons.

I mean, the Crons fucking HAAAAAAATE the Eldar. They hate the Deldar even more than that. On top of that, they have some major Webway access from gates left over from the war with the old ones. So whats stopping the Doomsday Phalanxes and Aeonic Orbs from up-and-over annihilating the dark city from the Webway entirely?

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It's being hidden under some thick security restrictions.

Everyone wants to blow it up, but the Deldar have taken countermeasures.

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but that would advance the plot

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Countermeasures such as?

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The only people with access to Comoragh are CE and Necrons.
CE dislike DE, but don't want to wipe them out.
Necrons lack the cohesiveness and numbers to properly assault DE on their home turf, not when they have many tomb worlds to bring back up while dealing with Nids and IoM.

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The Imperium I can understand, but the Nids avoid tombworlds like the plague.

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Imagine what the military does at it's checkpoints, now just change it to a space military doing the same things, in space.

They also scan for psykers and others who could communicate with the outside and reveal their position.

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I wasn't talking about infiltrating Commoragh. I mean mounting an open war/invasion of the damned place.

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They can shut off individual parts of the webway, locking whatever's inside in there and then dropping a chaos invasion or whatever it is they want inside. Then they can go fuck off and laugh all the way to a part of the warp slightly to the zth direction.
It's happened in the fluff, it's also how Vect deals with clans or cities that annoy him too much.

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You think the DE would just sit back and let them destroy their home turf right?

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Am I the only one who thinks "lulz Necrons use the webway" is unspeakably retarded and prefers the explanation that they're the only ones who use true FTL instead?

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But the Webway is /massive/, sealing off every single passage or way into Commoragh would be beyond any of the Kabal's capabilities.
There'd always be a hidden nook or cranny somewhere that hey didn't notice.

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No, not really, but I'm saying I doubt they'd be able to put up much of a fight against the Crons once they managed to find a way in their city.

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You're definitely not alone there. I'm of the opinion that the Webway should only be Eldar turf, with occasion chaos incursions.

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CWE may dislike DE but they don't want to see them destroyed, it's arguable they even could.

Orks can't access the Webway, same for Tyranids and Tau, Tau probably destroy Commorragh either.

Necrons are just waking up and reclaiming their former worlds is more important.


It's better that the Necrons have to rely on the Webway, with FTL there is nothing stopping them from swarming Terra.

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Why wouldn't they be able to? The Necrons are no more unified than the DE are, and they don't have home field advantage.

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Bigger fish to fry. DE are assholes, but they aren't really posing an immediate threat to the existence OF existence like some of the other factions. It'd be an enormous PITA to try hunting down every last one of the little bastards, too.

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Didn't the Orks once invade Commoragh during a huge WAAAGH?

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Sure they might not have the home field advantage, but remember that the Cron's technology is plain off the charts. Their Crypteks can timetravel, bend reality, create singularities, and build weapons that harness the power of friggen supernovas.

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the luaghing god and harlies can find. but grimdark elve raping each other on cocaine is, well, pretty funny. so he leaves dems be for lols

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I'm pretty sure the Dark Eldar could find horrible ways to torture the Necrons just as painfully as any other idiots who would choose to enter Commorragh

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I don't recall, if they did it was a random occurrence or one of Vect's ploys, perhaps both.

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They did, and caused a lot more damage than they should have, because rival kabals kept trying to turn the situation to their own advantage. They were defeated though, and many thousands were kept in wych arenas.

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>They have no souls
>They are nothing but machines with no organic fleshy bits at all

What the fuck are they gonna do? Install Windows 95 on them?

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Run crysis on them

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They can't catch them anyways. Necrons phase out or disintegrate upon destruction.

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and Dark Eldar regularly fire anti matter at people, create subrealms of reality, and Vect captured a black hole and "gifted" it to a rival, so it's not like Necrons have that huge of a tech advantage.

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>Craftworld Eldar
Not enough numbers, not unified, no real reason to
Insufficiently unified
Insufficient numbers
Only just arriving into the galaxy in large numbers, and can they even into the webway?
Only just waking up in large numbers, not unified.

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I would imagine that the Dark Eldar have farseer-equivalents of their own and use their farsight to selfishly avoid annihilation.

Besides, don't they have like no aspirations in the grand scheme of the universe? They're just hedonistic assholes who just want to have an endless torture-party. Even Slanneshi followers have greater aspirations.

When you don't give a fuck as much as the Dark Eldar don't give a fuck about themselves, it's hard for the other races to give half a shit.

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>tfw everyone thinks Dark Eldar are just a niche version of craftworld eldar, when really the craftworlders are a bunch of dieing has-beens and the Dark Eldar are the true destination of the species
>tfw CE are to jews as DE are to christians

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Well first of all I'd like to say that actually containing and firing antimatter would be nigh-impossible since the moment it touched even a single solitary atom it would kerplode.

As for the others, yeah, they /can/ do that, but they don't incorporate those technologies on a massive scale into their weapons and armies like the crons do.

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>Implying DE wouldn't have dickery that would interfere with a necrons phase out protocol while in another dimension.

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No other faction seems to have that kind of technology, and its never been mentioned, so...

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>I would imagine that the Dark Eldar have farseer-equivalents of their own and use their farsight to selfishly avoid annihilation.

DEldar don't have psykers.

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>can't refute that his army would get obliterated by anti-matter
>only defense is to claim that DE wouldn't actually be able to use their own technology
>citing laws of physics in 40k

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Anrakyr uses inertialess FTL, I think.

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The Dark Eldar don't use psykers. All Dark Eldar essentially have atrophied psyker powers - the ones that don't are ruthlessly killed. Eldar psykers are like a giant beacon of tastiness for any daemons that may be lurking, and a daemon incursion is one of the few things that makes the various kabals unite in any sort of way.

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Dark Eldar have no psykers, partially because centuries of unuse has caused their psychic abilities to atrophy, but mostly because it's a sure way to immediately attract the attention of Slaanesh.

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if Craftworld Eldar have farsight then why are they so frequently manipulated by the Dark Eldar into having their relations with the imperium get fucked over?

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I'm just saying.
Anti-matter is pretty dangerous stuff. It's what caused the big bang.
I doubt something that energetic and that volatile/reactive would be very reliable or safe to handle.

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Necron have fucking non-warp FTL. They have fucking pocket dimensions and time travel, along with worm hole travel, tachyon fields, and inertial FTL.

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That doesn't mean that they don't have it by GW's canon.

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Dark Eldar don't manipulate Craftworld Eldar, they take advantage of the Imperium's inability to distinguish between the two in order to cause friction.

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>and Dark Eldar regularly fire anti matter at people
So do Necrons.
>create subrealms of reality
>Vect captured a black hole and "gifted" it to a rival
Tesseract Ark.

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Necron and Dark Eldar both have mastered Anti-matter.

Only Necron are slightly higher on the science scale as they finished science.

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I'd say the power harness the essence of the multiverse/ big bang makes non-warp FTL look like kiddy shit

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They apparently have both Webway and inertialess FTL. Most Necrons apparently are limited to Webway, but examples of inertialess FTL are still around (Anrakyr).

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You mean a singularity?

That's nothing, Necron have zero point energy.

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Why doesn't the Emperor's Children invade Commorragh and open up a massive daemon incursion?

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Well if we are going to talk about realistic physics here, then most things in 40k are impossible, so let's not get into that.

Dark Eldar do incorporate these technologies when situations call for them, as the fluff is filled with DE doing things like this. A haemonculus coven messed with a planet's water just so the inhabitants would be swollen biomass snacks for a tyranid hive fleet. A kabal captured a nob, poisoned him, and then used his infected spores to weaken all the other orks and make them easy prey on a planet.

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But Muslims are growing much faster.

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The whole fucking passage with them saying webways came down to how the War in Heaven was fought.

The Old Ones made the Webway and used it for stealth attacks on the Necrons as they couldn't detect them. Necrons were never able to open them until the C'tan showed it, which meant they could travel straight through the Old One's defenses and slaughter them.

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Commorragh is ridiculously huge. It has swallowed up all of the realms around it, bleeds into still more nearby, and holds so much sway over them that they're almost Commorragh extensions.

Navigating these realms and the webway passages that run between and through them for an attack is extremely difficult outsiders (though plenty try).

40k fluff is written so that each faction has a reason to fight every other faction and themselves too. Each race is powerful enough to overwhelm all the others if they'd ever come together as a single cohesive fighting force.

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Can I get a sauce and page number for that

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Why would the DE want to help the Tyranids?

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But that's all biology and whatnot.

I'm talking about physics, harvesting quantum mechanics, entangled particles, and creating singularities.

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>Explain to me why Terra hasn't been sacked/destroyed/looted/pillaged/invaded/annihilated by the Craftworld Eldar, Orks, Tau, Tyranids, and espcially the Necrons

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The Necrons finished biology, too.

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Because the Dark Eldar like to get off to watching Tyranids eat whole planets worth of people. Even though they're not directly doing the killing, it probably still counts towards the whole torture-revitalization thing.

>> No.24796684

>Each race is powerful enough to overwhelm all the others if they'd ever come together as a single cohesive fighting force.
Craftworld Eldar.

>> No.24796691

Actually they almost did, they never learned how to be psykers.

>> No.24796693

They wanted to capture Tyranid creatures for their wych arenas. I think the passage said something about using "runic hexcages" to capture bio creatures, and then pulling them back to Commorragh.

>> No.24796698

So they want to get nommed, then?

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They agony that would come from that much destruction would probably traumatize Slaanesh for a couple hundred years

>> No.24796768

Psykers have jack shit to do with biology. They're Warp conduits.
But hey, the Necrons have managed to perfect anti-Warp tech, at least.

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Implying the Eldar as a species have a future.

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It would take a unified Necron faction, or at least most of it to pose a truly significant threat to Commorragh. I'm not saying that they don't have a technological edge, but it isn't significant enough that any random Lord/tomb world/dynasty could just walk on into Commorragh and kill everything. DE have the numbers, very significant tech, and it's their home.

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>traumatize Sleenesh
"Long shall be your suffering. Joyous be your pain."
– Asteroth, Daemon Prince of Slaanesh

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The secret to immortally that the Necrons wanted comes from being a psyker.

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>DE have the numbers
There are millions of Tomb Worlds.
Millions. Plural.
>very significant tech
Still like children compared to the Necrons.
>it's their home
The Crone Worlds were also their home once.

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Dude what.
They're already immortal.
They just want their bodies back now.

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Well Asteroth, and therefore Slaanesh, would be feeling pleasure. They're not joining in on the agony, whoever is being tortured gets every slice of the pain pie.

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Did you read my post?
>There are millions of Tomb Worlds.
Millions. Plural.

The Necrons aren't anywhere near unified.

>Still like children compared to the Necrons.
Not from what I've read and seen, Necrons aren't that great, sorry buddy.

>The Crone Worlds were also their home once.

True, but the destruction of the Eldar Empire had nothing to do with military conquest, which is what you're talking about here.

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Holy fuck are you retarded.

Do you know why the War in Heaven began? The Necronty wanted the secrets to immortality and the Old Ones denied them it, so they had a war, lost, met the C'tan and started it up again.

>> No.24796969

they're going crazy, their power is limited, and they haven't reached self-fulfillment. It's basic magical morality: they're trapped by earthly concerns even they don't fully believe in (they keep cheating at this big "honor code" thing) and just keep trying to rebuild their empire because they were told to. The Old Ones, on the other hand, because they were psykers, could ascend to a godlike state of happiness and self-control.

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How are the Dark Eldar like children compared to the Necrons when they basically have the same technology (antimatter and multiverse dimension manipulatio)?

Who fucking cares that the Necrons can use non-warp FTL travel. Maybe that would matter if everyone and their mom didn't already have warp travel?

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Dude, pain is a sensation. Slaaneshis love pain.
That's why Feel No Pain started as a Slaanesh thing.

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Yeah, and they managed immortality without being psykers, so gg.
Yet the Old Ones lost the war.

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>Yeah, and they managed immortality without being psykers, so gg.
Half of them have gone mad and are fucking insane.

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And do you know why they didn't bother to do this? After all their pastime was uplifting races and give them clues on how to become magicians.
Because the Necrontyrs were a bunch of narrow-minded, angsty assholes too obsessed with catering to their dynasties' needs and duties that they wouldn't even care about that stuff, let alone find the time to exploit it.
Plus, it seems they never had much psychic potential to begin with.

>> No.24797025

Yeah, and neither are the Dark Eldar.

Then you've not even read the goddamn codex.

I'm saying it has jack and shit to do with whether they're going to win.

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pain is the opposite of pleasure. slaanesh is pleasure incarnate, and the dark eldar bind pain to their own souls to stave off slaanesh and become immortal.

maybe that would make sense if it was called "feel pain."

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They... don't?
I'm saying the Necrons have the same damn thing except better, plus way more tech besides.

>> No.24797047

re-read this post

They haven't reached a satisfying form of immortality, they're just living the same demanding, alienating "life" as before, only they can never escape it now.

>> No.24797054

They had mastered science when they asked for it.

They weren't some child race like humanity. They had finished science.

>> No.24797064

No, Slaanesh is sensation and excess incarnate. He's best compared to the Cenobites.
Also, Dark Eldar armor is held on via hooks pierced into their flesh.

>> No.24797090

No, Slaanesh is transgression. That includes transgressing the opposition between pleasure and pain, male and female, all that stuff. It happens to make him pleasure-themed, since it's how he lures people into his service, but at the core it's just transgression.

>> No.24797110

That doesn't make sense. How would subjecting yourself to pain repulse Slaanesh if Slaanesh liked to feel pain?

>> No.24797122

Only the insane have strength enough to prosper; only those that prosper truly judge what is sane.
Their problem isn't being immortal, it's being robots, which isn't really living.

>> No.24797123

And that granted them eternal alienation. They lost all their potential freedom as they acquired material power.

>> No.24797149

I'll admit that I haven't read the codex, but from what I've seen from newcron fans, it's probably a good thing. Why is it that necrons are able to be defeated both in game, and in fluff if they're so powerful? Either it's because they aren't a unified faction as I said, or they aren't that fucking great. Probably both.

>> No.24797162

It doesn't. The pain acts as a buffer between their souls and Slaanesh because Slaanesh eats it first.

>> No.24797183

The Dark Eldar Haemonculi, Wracks, Grotesques, and Talos/ Cronos are direct rips off of the Cenobites. Yet, they're a part of the Dark Eldar army, not the Slaanesh's Chaos

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>> No.24797191

More importantly, it's not being free anymore. They're now conditioned by protocols, altered by glitches, and more importantly, regular psychosis. Being robots or being eternal fleshbags is incidental, they'll still end up crazy and angsty if they don't follow the same path as the Old Ones.

>> No.24797201

Because few of them have woken up and fewer still are unified.
I don't even play Necrons, but they really are that great.

>> No.24797211

The Silent King is rounding up forces to fight the Nids because if the Nids nom everyone they can't get their souls back or something

>> No.24797223

>It's what caused the big bang.

No its what came after the big bang. Annihilation of matter and antimatter was a big thing during the initial matter formation phase but it didn't cause the initial near infinite energy concentration and rapid spacetime expansion that we refer to as the big bang

>> No.24797224

How is that relevant?
Slaanesh is all about sadomasochism. Why do you think Lucius the Eternal mutilates himself?

>> No.24797232

Which was my point to begin with. They can't destroy Commorragh because many haven't woken up, and they aren't unified. It sounds like if they were a unified, cohesive faction, then they'd win against anything. Not just Commorragh.

>> No.24797235

They very much aren't. They have a common purpose, but most dynasties (or alliances of dynasties) have different means of achieving it. Conflicting means. So they're not united.

>> No.24797238

Slaanesh doesn't eat pain or pleasure, Slaanesh eats the soul of whoever is feeling pleasure and can't swallow the soul of whoever is in pain

>> No.24797241

>There are millions of Tomb Worlds.
IIRC most of them haven't woken up yet and they're not united.

>> No.24797242

Says who?
The Slaugth don't age, and they seem to be doing just dandy.

>> No.24797267

You tried to say that Slaanesh is like the Cenobites, when the Dark Eldar ARE literally the Cenobites.

>> No.24797273

That's utter horseshit.
Slaanesh is constantly eating their souls. The DE don't eat pain, they eat souls, to replenish their own. Pain is just the way they do it, because it's DIRECTLY LINKED TO SLAANESH.

>> No.24797275

Necrons feel pain and fear.

>> No.24797285

Because he's so obsessed with showing how much of a badass he is and how he can escape death through skillz that he's come to associate minor wounds with achievement and seeks to reproduce that feeling artificially by scarring himself.

It's not a kink. It's not even about submissiveness or self-degradation, or martyrdom. He's just trying to feel more badass.

>> No.24797290

DOOMED TO ISOLATION indicates that the Necron FTL is shit

>> No.24797294

But they aren't literally the Cenobites. They have Cenobite aesthetics. Meanwhile Slaanesh exists to explore pleasure and pain, like the Cenobites.

>> No.24797310

No, just because it happens to be more intense and tasty.

>> No.24797321

I'd argue that they'd all join forces to kick Commorragh's dick in. They really hate Eldar.
That's what I... said?
He was saying the DE have more numbers. Which is wrong.

>> No.24797325

You realize the Dark Eldar DO NOT LIKE SLAANESH? They don't want to be LINKED TO SLAANESH.

I didn't say the DE eat pain. They inflict pain on themselves and eat the souls of the tortured so that the pain acts like bug repellent.

>> No.24797337

Because Wormholes are shit

>> No.24797345

>He was saying the DE have more numbers
No, anon was saying DE have the numbers to beat
>any random Lord/tomb world/dynasty
not every Necron ever.

>> No.24797356

Who said anything about submissiveness?
They like to feel pain. Fulgrim himself is shown in his eponymous novel having a red hot awl shoved up his ass.

>> No.24797362

That's because they never had to face mortality and futility the way necrontyrs had to. Now, necrons are trapped in the same mindset and their immortality only enforces that.

The Slaugth are just naturally, healthily ultraviolent and cruel, it makes a fine occupation when you don't age.

>> No.24797382

so the options are bug repellent and covering yourself in honey. im gonna go with the repellent as the superior choice

>> No.24797389

Where the hell are you getting this? The fact it's linked to Slaanesh is the entire point, because that's the part he's eating.
Outdated fluff.

>> No.24797403

Yeah, if all the Kabals joined forces.
Which is exactly as unlikely as it sounds.

>> No.24797409

A bug repellent against boredom=starvation, a.k.a a food.

>> No.24797429

their newest codex, and logic.

>> No.24797450

>Outdated fluff
oh then please show me when it is contradicted in the recent dark eldar fluff.

They're eldars. Eldars are naturally inclined to like extreme, violent feelings. Pain and torment are easily-producable intense, violent feelings.

>> No.24797451

They're all in the same super-city, no? If that city's being invaded, they don't even need to 'join forces'. They just need to not want to be killed.

>> No.24797457

So then the Necrons don't need to be psychic, they need to just be both immortal and biological.

>> No.24797479

you mean baseless thematic extrapolations and inference.

>> No.24797490

About as likely as every dynasty joining forces. Besides, I'd say that if DE knew they were facing imminent obliteration, they'd get their shit together. You're also not counting CE and Harlequins that would help not out just because they're an eldar kindred.

>> No.24797502

Yeah, and feeling those feelings aren't what feeds them.
I've read it. Do not recall it saying that Slaanesh is repelled by pain.
FNP was a Slaanesh thing specifically because they were deadened to pain from all the pain they'd inflicted on themselves. Hell, in Ciaphas Cain the Slaaneshi cultists moan in pleasure when set on fire.

>> No.24797519

The difference is that they don't eat souls anymore for their own self interest, they do it because it's their only means of survival against the monster their ancestors recklessly created

>> No.24797532

The Craftworld Eldar are a rather large force the whole "dying race" is more in the terms of what they used to be

they used to have hundreds of thousands of worlds with trillions of people now its a few thousands craftworld with millions living there each

doesn't help the fact that the eldar fluff is everywhere like why do Eldar seem to have IG tactics if they're dying out? And the fact that Phil Kelly and Gav Thorpe seem to have different veiws about the Craftworlds Phil says massive world like ships with millions and thousands out there while Gav says hundreds

>> No.24797537

No. As I just freaking said, they had to experience mortality and their culture is a gigantic, clumsy attempt to repel the fear of death through artificial concerns that only make them more obsessed and neurotic.

The slaugth were always immortal, or at least didn't have such an unhealthy culture and society.

>> No.24797540

They didn't join forces when the Orks or the Salamanders invaded.
So no.
CE generally hate the DE's guts. Seriously, name one time they went and helped the DE instead of vice versa. Harlequins just kinda do their own thing.

>> No.24797541
File: 134 KB, 397x348, 1310680427224.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Craftworld Eldar kite Slaanesh, by eschewing all but the most ritualistic forms of sensation and emotion and making themselves as small of a target as possible.

Dark Eldar tank Slaanesh, by coating their souls with a thick layer of delicious torture porn that Slaanesh just HAS to appreciate by slowly licking it off before really digging in.

Slaanesh is both pain and pleasure. People sign up for the non-stop coke orgies, but stay for the sadomasochistic circlejerks because by that time they've been partying so hard for so long that it's the only way they can really FEEL anything anymore.

>> No.24797542

Can The Orrey destroy the stolen stars in the Dark City?

>> No.24797552

take out baseless and you've got it

>> No.24797572

>Yeah, and feeling those feelings aren't what feeds them.
they very much are
since that's why they go to arenas: they feed on the emanations and thrill-power of fights, not just on the souls of the warriors that die.

>> No.24797573

And I'm saying that it wouldn't be so artificial if they were biological.

>> No.24797584

A thousand spess mehreens? Oh no, that's surely a threat to everybody...

>> No.24797606

Considering all the ass they kicked, and the fact that Vect did it specifically to consolidate power because he counted on them kicking ass? Yeah, pretty much.

>> No.24797618

Not sure I'd agree with this. The Dark Eldar are the ones who make themselves a small target, they've forsaken their own psychic powers and given up a normal life of non-pain.

>> No.24797623

Not so much, but still a great deal. Before the biotransference they were already a bunch of morose, melancholic wrecks.

>> No.24797632

>Vect did it specifically to consolidate power
So what you're saying is it was in no way a threat to the entire city/all DEldar, then.

>> No.24797637

And... that's a really small amount of people on a galactic scale.

>> No.24797646

Of course they wouldn't be. Normally. But then fucking Vect happened while everyone was shooting each other to try and capture/kill the salamanders for themselves.

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All bets are off if HE gets involved.

>> No.24797655

The Orks and the Salamanders didn't threaten the whole city, just small sections of it. You're underestimating how huge Commorragh is. Several kabals did take part in those fights though.

I mentioned that they would help because they are eldar kindreds. That doesn't mean they like them. A farseer could see the invasion coming, and muster forces to help. Harlequins have strong ties to all eldar factions, and would undoubtedly request aid from the craftworlds, which most likely wouldn't be refused.

>> No.24797662

Yes, because the feelings that emanate are what replenish what they are constantly losing.
They're not fed by personally feeling those feelings.

>> No.24797683

The DE were ALWAYS like that. The CWE don't actually feel feelings anymore outside their specific paths.

>> No.24797687

Baseless extrapolations.

The codex just says that as long as they keep hiding in the webway, they're relatively safe and Slaanesh cannot suck their souls whole. As soon as they venture into realspace, they have to act fast if they don't want to be detected.

They just do it to compensate for Slaanesh sucking their souls.

>> No.24797694

And I'm asking why the CWE would give a shit.

>> No.24797700

>Writes shitty codex for his favorite army
>Suddenly MILLIONS of tombworlds
>Lol better than everyone at everything
>Necron fans everywhere rejoice

>> No.24797710
File: 154 KB, 624x644, 1355689147659.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>childlike races piddling about whose science is the best

The true masters of science will have the lot of you for brunch.

>> No.24797715

The Farseers would see that they need some DE to survive. Bam. CWE out the fuckin wazoo

>> No.24797721

They also are, since boredom is said to make them wither and die. That's why they don't spend their entire time torturing people, they also torture themselves and try to experience extreme things.

>> No.24797726

The Dark Eldar did not exist before Slaanesh. Why do you think there's so many regulations against using psychic ability? They don't want to attract Slaanesh, not with pain, not with psychic ability, not with anything.

>> No.24797730

And people tried to claim that he's an Ultramarines fan, when he's never played them and he just copied 2e fluff.
This is what favoritism is like.

>> No.24797746

10/10, laughed out loud

>> No.24797772

Yeah, but Illuminor Szeras is working on actually making them immortal in a natural way.

>> No.24797789

Their pastime was making races to be their goddamn servants. See the Slann.

>> No.24797811

in an appropriate way, rather. He has the intuition that being a psyker is necessary in some way but he doesn't know how it works. The answer, of course, is alchemy. And not the materialistic pseudo-alchemy they practice.

>> No.24797832

Deldar hate Psykers to the extreme

>> No.24797845

They WERE the slanns. if they bioengineered slave races out of themselves, no problem. But even to those slave races, they gave indications on how to practice magic and improve themselves.

>> No.24797856

Have the Farseers ever been right about anything ever?
No, the boredom isn't what makes them wither. Slaanesh is what makes them wither, because the boredom means they're no longer replenishing what he eats.
Yes they did. They're living the exact same way the Eldar Empire did, just sans psykers.

>> No.24797865

It is said that it's doubtful that any force in the galaxy can stand against a chapter worth of Space Marines.

-Marine Codex.

>> No.24797866

No, they don't. They just view them as walking nukes and don't want them wandering around in their city.

>> No.24797891


no one can out mary sue the marines!

>> No.24797893

Nigguh, Deldar are using straight-up Old Ones Tech, give or take tech advancement
Crons and Deldar are Technologically Equal or Deldar have the advantage.

>> No.24797897

I bet he came in his own mouth when he finished writing it, too.

>> No.24797899

The Ultramarines thing was clearly an in-joke. There was a White Dwarf interview with him in which he says 'no, really, they're the best of the best!' and you can just picture his ruseman face. I suspect it was a studio in-joke that neckbeards took far too seriously... unless he was deliberately trying to ruse the neckbeards, in which case he gets a solid 10/10.

The millions of tomb worlds thing sounds so silly. The Eldar must have been running the shittiest clean-up operation ever.

>> No.24797906

Still, they can replenish it through self-entertainment rather than soul-sucking, that's why sentencing a dark eldar to tedious, boring work is a dreadful punishment.

>> No.24797911

Whether the Farseers are right is irrelevant as to wether CWE will show up. If a Farseer tells them to take five steps to the right, every eldar on a craft world will take five steps to the right before asking why out of sheer habit.

>> No.24797918

>It is said

>> No.24797921

Eh, it's become a toss-up whether they were Slann or the Slann were their chief servant race.
But why would being a psyker be necessary? Yes, the Slaugth are just naturally assholes who never had to deal with mortality, but they're psychic blanks. Doesn't that mean that psychic powers are unnecessary?

>> No.24797948

I totally agree about the tombworlds. It retcons a ton of old fluff, and just doesn't make any sense.

>> No.24797959

And Old One tech was less advanced than Necrontyr tech. And Dark Eldars are using optimized/repurposed but outdated chinese knock-offs of Old One tech.

>> No.24797969

That's funny, considering that tediously cleaning up Slaanesh's realm is a punishment to disobedient daemonettes.
Surely the two are not related.
Even then, not every craftworld is going to show up.

>> No.24797972

So peeling potatoes is either an extreme sport or a death sentance? I'm okay with this.

>> No.24797981

And Deldar have fastest atmospheric technologies, experience with an infinitely large, non-euclidian geometrical city, antimatter, black holes, and biological war machines and reincarnations.

>> No.24797982

>The millions of tomb worlds thing sounds so silly. The Eldar must have been running the shittiest clean-up operation ever.

It is said in the Necron Codex that the lesser primitive races did more damage to the Necron Empire than the vengeful Eldar.

The Eldar have failed their original mission and continue to do so.

>> No.24798011

In the Marine Codex, yes.

So it's truth. Rarely can any force in the galaxy stand up to the Space Marines. A single Chapter can do tremendous damage on its own unsupported.

(Zeist Crusade) example.

>> No.24798016

Nah bro.
The Dark Eldar are significantly less advanced than their old empire, which wasn't ever as advanced as the Necrons because they were psychic and thus cheated.

>> No.24798024

Depends. If you're beyond the point where mere entertainment isn't a sufficient fulfillment anymore, you're gonna need to be a psyker and do some alchemy. Alternatively, you could become an insect like the slaugth, who never had to face this problem to begin with.

>> No.24798039

Wait, I thought the Mehreen Codex line was 'It is said...'. I am confus.

>> No.24798045

Zeist Campaign was elements of like six Chapters.

>> No.24798064


>> No.24798065

The WILL be a small crowd of CWE huddling in the middle of a bunch of DE if a Farseer says they need to kill shit together. I'm not saying that its gonna be popular by any means. They're running home and taking a billion showers as soon as possible

>> No.24798078

Er, the Necrons have every single one of those expect "experience with a city".

>> No.24798084

They were a Chapter worth of marines, more or less.

1000 Marines vs a sector wide invasion Tau force. These thousand marines beat back tens of thousands of Tau on dozens on planets.

>> No.24798100

The Eldar that inhabited the webway were corrupt and appetitive before, but after Slaanesh's birth they learned that their methods would also protect them.

You can't say "sans psykers" like it's some meager, insignifcant detail. they fact that they've abolished psychic powers makes them incredibly more diverse than the craft worlders. If they were the same they would just use soul stones or whatever they fuck they're called

>> No.24798102

They are related, but only in this way:
dark eldars need extreme feelings because they're freaking eldars
daemonettes need extreme feelings because they're fragments of the Chaos God of eldarness.

It's not because of slaanesh's taint, it's because they're both eldarish.

>> No.24798107

Infinite Gravity is more powerful than Infinite Energy

Also, NO ONE IS NOTICING THAT DARK ELDAR ARE THE ONLY ONES WITH EXPERIENCE WITH NON:EUCLIDIAN GEOMETRY! Fighting Deldar in Commoragh isn't only fighting Taliban and All Queda in Pakistan, it's like fighting a 3d person when you are 2d!

>> No.24798135

>tens of thousands of Tau
>a significant 'force in the galaxy'
Uh... what?

>> No.24798138

That's never been their problem, it was the problem of the Eldar.
Their problem by this point is that they can't feel things so they're not really living. Their old problem was supercancer.

>> No.24798145

>a billion showers
Sliscus almost literally does that right after he has to be in the vicinity of lesser races.

>> No.24798146

This is completely wrong. The Dark Eldar have only continued to develop better and better technology. The Eldar that occupied the webway were never slowed in their technological or societal advance

>> No.24798156

That's probably the funniest mental image I've had in a good month.
Thank you for that.

>> No.24798174

CW Elder almost did once, I believe
Or was that to assassinate the Emperor?
Anyways, they almost did it, but then the head Career saw that doing so would doom everyone to die by Chaos

>> No.24798185

But... waystones WORK on them. There was a DE in Path of the Eldar who repented of his evil ways and wore on.

>> No.24798200

Yea, but the difference is that he showers using pure Eldar-Testosterone. The CWE are going to soap themselves raw and be in the care of those who walk the path of the therapist for decades.

>> No.24798203

>Necron Overlord : UNLEASH THE C'TAN!

Then the Dark Eldar are no more.

>> No.24798207

So then, both Slaanesh and DE like pain. Glad we agree on this.

>> No.24798231

The Necrons use non-Euclidian geometry all the fucking time in Tomb Worlds, Monoliths, et cetera.
Also, Tesseract Ark.

>> No.24798235

Are the Dynasties hostile to each other?

>> No.24798243

It's completely right. They've only got better in the field of biotech.

>> No.24798253

If Slaanesh likes pain then he is mentally retarded. But I'm pretty sure he's not retarded.

>> No.24798261
File: 10 KB, 630x592, 1367467743610.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>slaanesh's taint

You shouldn't have done that.

>> No.24798262

War, conquest, scientific research and various hubristic pursuits were their entertainment. You have to take the term in its pascalian acceptation here. And they can very much still feel stuff. That's not their main problem, mostly just a reminder of how they're trapped in this state.

And it's precisely because they used to be obsessed with cancer and how to make their short lives count for something that their culture evolved this way, and that now that its driving problem has disappeared, they have nothing interesting left to do (since they can't feel as much stuff, it limits their options even more) so they just keep doing the same stuff they did before, without reason.

>> No.24798280

No. The Dark Eldar never regressed.

>> No.24798286

No, he literally scrubs himself so clean his skin is translucent.

>> No.24798297

And you're wrong to be so sure about that.

>> No.24798300

Oh...come on.

That would be the most pleasant thing in the galaxy. Just ask Draigo.

>> No.24798301

There was the fluffy piece that the nids invaded a tomb world, so the Crons and Blood Angels become super best friends to wipe out xenos. You see, two genocidal species can put aside their differences long enough to squish some space bugs and through doing so, learn the true meaning of friendship.

>> No.24798306


>> No.24798325

You're thinking of when Farseer Alladrios Kulcassian of Craftworld Alaitoc found out where the hidden Culexus Temple was, and was going to wipe it out when he saw that doing so would lead to the destruction of Alaitoc, probably in retaliation by the Imperium.

>> No.24798333

Hey, I only specified that he uses eldarstosterone instead of water. I didn't comment on how many times he rinses, washes, and repeats.

>> No.24798346

Yes they did.

>> No.24798350

stop reading 1d4chan
read the codices
the Silent King did this half because he couldn't afford losing a potential ally, half because honor code protocols forced him to let them go away. He didn't have a choice.

>> No.24798363

Nigger, the Dark Elder have tech ripped straight FROM THE OLD ONES. That means that Crowns are only a bit far ahead.
Commoragh is Non-Euclidian, that means it's pretty much impossible in its Geometry - try fighting a guy in there when it's his best fighting zone
Also, the Crons still have to WAKE UP, which'll take the better part of a few milleniums, while the CW Eldar are eradicating any sleeping Tomb Worlds they can find, AND Imperium is swamping Tomb Worlds on their turf with Imperial Guard, Space Marines, Or do Xenos, and even calling in Exterminatus if need be.

>> No.24798387

>, probably in retaliation by the Imperium.

It was in the Oldcron Codex and the implication was that the Necrons will harvest more Pariahs now that the Imperium lost its ability to recruit them effectively. This wuld bring DOOM to all including that Eldar's Craftworld

>> No.24798391

He loves pain. Deal with it.

>> No.24798403

Says in the Chaos Daemons codex that no Grey Knight has ever fallen.
Deal with it.

>> No.24798423

Ah. Never read that codex.

>> No.24798437

Slaanesh is Sensation and Excess, both pain and pleasure, and go by the idea that enough is NEVER enough.

>> No.24798447

So... if they were alive, then wouldn't they be able to enjoy that stuff again?

>> No.24798474

They sure would be. They'd still have the nagging feeling that it isn't enough but they'd enjoy it more genuinely because it would matter more directly.

>> No.24798486

Well, if they were mortal.

Not organic-immortal or undead, but mortal.

>> No.24798492

>Nigger, the Dark Elder have tech ripped straight FROM THE OLD ONES. That means that Crowns are only a bit far ahead.
Bullshit. The Old Ones made the Webway. They can't do anything like that.
Also, every Tomb World ever is non-Euclidian. They really like pulling the "bigger on the inside" trick.
Further, the Eldar have never succeeded at anything ever.

>> No.24798498

Yeah like I said its same compare to other races

like for all we know there is a hundred billion eldar with a small of grouping birth rate which is just the population of a single hive world let along the thousand+ in the whole IoM

>> No.24798507

And they're very much aware of it, that's why many of them want to become mortal fleshbags again.

>> No.24798525

Well, that's really all they need to do, then.
Why do they need to be able to die?

>> No.24798536

If I recall there's like a hundred thousand hive worlds easily in the IoM.

>> No.24798548

Why I'm confused is because that's what I said.

>> No.24798550


>> No.24798569

Similarly, there's an Exodite Incubus in Path of the Renegade/Incubus who does exhibit the symptoms. The soul-siphoning is apparently not genetic, but may happen if enough time is spent without wearing a soulstone or living near a worldspirit.

>> No.24798580

Read Lexicanum bio
Yet embarrassing yourself

>> No.24798586

No, you said they'd be fine if they were immortal but organic. They certainly wouldn't be.

>> No.24798623

Because it makes them able not to get bored. It gives their over-demanding, absurd culture useful and somewhat fulfilling. Being immortal removes the usefulness of pursuing achievable goals. They're themselves sure that they'll end up dominating the galaxy. But what next?

>> No.24798628

Anyone else wonder if OP started this to distract us from invading Commorragh?

>> No.24798647

once they've fallen they're no longer grey knights

/renounce their chapter affiliation right beforehand

>> No.24798655



>> No.24798662

But they don't want to die, either.

>> No.24798676

Remember to warm-up before making a stretch like that.

>> No.24798678


>> No.24798688

I'll keep reading the 5th edition codex, thank you

>> No.24798708

Well, there's more than one galaxy.

>> No.24798714

And then?

Nah, seriously, just getting psychic powers and doing the Old Ones' thing would be much easier and grant them happiness without most of the drawbacks.

But it's true that being organic and immortal would be a bit better, since they wouldn't have the protocols and lobotomy reducing their freedom directly.

>> No.24798715

because 40k is dumb

Not saying it's bad... just really dumb

>> No.24798719

Please, a single WAAAGH!, as mighty as it is, won't destroy Commoragh
Also, if crap went down the gutter with Salamanders (who were taking large casualties) Vector would have sealed that area and opened it to the Warp

>> No.24798726

then let them do some meditation like the Old Ones.

>> No.24798731

All this time I thought Dark Eldar were ironically the true Martyrs of 40k... The one true enemy of Slaanesh. I feel as humbly violated as Draigo right now.

>> No.24798742

Then they can REALLY finish science and become the Downstreamers, natch.

>> No.24798762

Much less than many other fictional universe that pride themselves with logical consistency and coherent worldbuilding but don't have anything vaguely resembling depth. Because there's some in 40k. It's mostly embryonic but it's there.

>> No.24798770

Everything the DE do feeds Slaanesh.

>> No.24798774

They finished Science 1. Some of them are currently inventing Science 2.

>> No.24798779

I believe that some Necrons are aiming to something much higher. They aim to achieve godhood becoming C'tan-like beings. Orikan and that science guy are close to achieving this.

>> No.24798784

I mean a bit better than mechanical undeads
but still less cool than being basically gods.

>> No.24798789

heh that's an interesting idea, thanks for putting into words

>> No.24798810

A single Waaagh! led by a Warlord called the Beast almost wiped out the whole damn galaxy.
Yes it will.

>> No.24798813

Orikan is trying to become a C'tan and is currently at Shard level, and Szeras is just beginning to understand that you have to be a psyker and do some special stuff but can't figure out why necrons can't be psykers.

>> No.24798821

Necron heads cut off by Khornates go to the skull throne. Not exactly technology, but still a fine example

>> No.24798839

Well, your logic seems to make sense, but don't they just need to learn Warp tech then?

>> No.24798845

they're the psychic reflections of the act of murdering someone specific, not literal skulls

>> No.24798868

they need souls for that. According to the new fluff they probably don't anymore and according to the old fluff they can't use them since they're made out of psyk-out material.

>> No.24798869

We need Darker Dark Eldar for that.

>> No.24798909

They only finished mundane science. Not everything.
Dude, the Downstreamers make the Xeelee look like cavemen.

>> No.24798961

That one Black Pariah from the Horus Heresy had a daemon bound into his skin.
Not really sure about that.

>> No.24798971

Clearly, the Exodites are the Muslims.

>> No.24798977

That's what I mean: Science 1. Science 2 will skirt right along the edge of the supernatural without quite falling into Warp fuckery.

>> No.24799002

No, I mean their own souls. Themselves.

But maybe they can regrow one. After all virtually any object has a warp reflection and can grow a self and free will if it's charged with enough intentions and experiences.

>> No.24799004

Know what I want now? Amish Exodites.

>> No.24799008

Knew it was somewhere on Terra

>> No.24799013

they're already very much doing that

>> No.24799046

They're kind of already doing that. They just haven't finished it yet.
I man the same thing. Pariahs have negative souls and he was still using daemon power.

>> No.24799064

They pretty much are Amish.

>> No.24799067

It's on some little speck of a moon somewhere.

>> No.24799079

Pariahs are kinda like lares given corporeal form; if you follow the basic magical analogies, it's not impossible that they might grow a proper self; some can do that if they're fed and turned into lemures.

>> No.24799085

For the love of god I want to see that
I need to see the one who is Bigga an Betta than Mag Uruk Ghazgkhull Thraka

>> No.24799089

Probably still in the Sol system.

>> No.24799141

I really need to re-read my fluff, goddamnit
Nahrp, its in some obscure inhospitable system in the IoM

>> No.24799167

>currently inventing

Science 1 was realspace technology to the extent non-gods can reach. Science 2 will be ascending to C'tan, "We can bring the material universe to its knees with our GIGANTIC DICKS" status.

We're pretty much in agreement on this, I've just caused some confusion by trying to be cute in my phrasing.

>> No.24799195

What does that even mean.
Nah bro. It's mentioned the main Assassin Temples are all in the Sol System.

>> No.24799229

There have been plenty of Warlords who were better than him.
In fact I'm pretty sure the Arch-Arsonist of Charadon is supposed to be the size of a dreadnought.

>> No.24799245


>> No.24799262

it's just an analogy. Pariahs are usually depicted as devoid of personality and motives beyond basic animalistic ones. They just sorta absorb psychic energy but beyond that they're devoid of intentions. Like lares. And lares can develop intentions and peronality if they're bred the right way.

>> No.24799273

Was intended towards
Sorry bout that.

>> No.24799291

"a planet, still distant, hurled into deep space by the death of its sun."

So, not the Solar system,

>> No.24799559

Hmm. Where's that said?

>> No.24799565

>facial hair
bottom lel

>> No.24799575

What the fuck is a lare?

>> No.24799595

I'll bargain for fake beards at this point. Such is the extent of my want.

>> No.24799638

3E Necron Codex, in the passage containing the scene we're discussing. Pg 9, top paragraph.

>> No.24799669

Well, I'll take your word for it.

>> No.24800103

spirit from Roman religion. So are lemures.

>> No.24802666

Only Eldar know how to work Webway portals. There might be a few others who know how to do it, but there are very, very few outside the Eldar who know how to even open a portal up. And the Craftworlders don't want to invade Commorragh, even if they had the force to do so.

The Necrons have their Dolmen Gates, but most of those have either been sealed off from the rest of the Webway, or they have fallen into disrepair. The 'Crons might be able to open up new ones, but we can't be sure about that. Most of the Dolmen Gates currently don't connect to the greater Webway, but there might still be a few left that do.

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